DesertBus 7 - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 7 - Day 5

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
96:00--Driver Shift ChangeIan's shift ends, Graham's begins--
96:0396:05DanceEveryone dances to some rap?
96:03--MilestoneEnter Graham, he takes the wheel from Ian--
96:06--OtherGraham does a strike team shoutout.
96:0896:55Drive/Giveaway$5.55 Challenge: Too much free time pack: Skyrim, Batman, Elder Scrolls Anthology. Winner KarakSindru (Raised $1148.85) KarakSindru--
96:10--Enter/ExitEnter Tally and Jer, Exit Ian--
96:1499:00Drive/GiveawayLRR Lot art challenge: Fanart of Graham's cat Baxter - Winner: SiSweetManSiSweetMan--
96:2096:21RDPRDP: Guns n' Roses - Welcome to the Jungle
96:2896:32SongAndy sings Misty Mountain from The Hobbit
96:3596:38SongPaul sings Great Big Sea - Excursion Around The Bay
96:4096:46OtherEveryone discusses 24 vs 48 fps films--
96:46--RDPRDP: Britney Spears - One More Time
96:5096:53SongPaul and Andy sing Mary Mack with background dancers.
96:5596:57SongGraham sings Heywood Banks - Toast with Andy on percussion and everyone doing the chorus.
97:0297:43GuestPhil Plait (Bad Astronomer) call-in
97:17--OtherPhil's $7 superhero: Hotel Curmudgeon Man: Silences people walking thorugh the halls of a hotel at 2 AM, as well as the ability to not think about what covers the walls and celing of said hotel rooms.--
97:3097:39AuctionBad Astronomer lot auction. Winner: scottgoblue314 for $2,005scottgoblue314
97:4498:30Drive/Giveaway$10.18 Challenge: MTG Commander's Arsenal. Winner nt3rp (Raised $3,644). Winner had only one entry as well.nt3rp--
97:49--Enter/ExitEnter Al-Jazeera again--
97:50--RDPRDP: Cotton-Eye Joe
97:51--CrashGraham crashed on thle left (Crash #4)--
97:53--TechnicalJohnny cleans Winston's web off of the lens--
97:56--Game EventGraham stops! (Stop #6 overall, #1 for his shift)
97:5697:59OtherEveryone discusses the technical aspects of Desert Bus
98:00--OtherJer sneaks in yet another app plug--
98:0098:05OtherGoing through the silent auctions--
98:1298:13RDPRDP: some kind of march?
98:1398:14OtherGraham is molested by a lobster puppet and frumps
98:1698:18OtherGraham talks in the voice of Macho Man Randy Savage, Andy responds in kind.
98:1998:23SongAndy does "Ya Got Trouble" from The Music Man
98:2598:29ReadingMolly reads through Mr. T's book while others act out the action to Miles Davis jazz
98:29--Enter/ExitEnter Kathleen--
98:3098:32DanceEveryone dances to Steel Samurai music from Phoenix Wright
98:35--OtherJer explains "the gmail + trick"--
98:37--OtherAngelic Graham with evil laugh.--
98:39Drive/Giveaway$10.09 Challenge: Men of Science Puppets. Winner: Oliphaunt (Raised: $??)Oliphaunt--
98:40--RDPRDP: Michael Jackson - Beat It (with the Men of Science Puppets)
98:4598:48SkitPuppet show with lobsters, the Men of Science, and a horse head.
98:47--Enter/ExitEnter Reporter Allen--
98:4998:50OtherGraham is surrounded by puppets, he goes through a series of emotions.[✓]
98:50--SongThe horse head sings Mr. Rogers - Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood--
98:5598:58SongThe room sings / dances to The Proclaimers - 500 Miles
99:01--OtherKathleen talks about current events / life outside of the Desert Bus bubble--
99:0499:29GuestHarisson Krix call-in
99:09--Game EventGraham successfully stops the bus for stop #2 (#7 over all, 2 in a row)
99:1199:25AuctionVolpin Props Splicer Mask. Winner: DutchGuy for $2,050.00DutchGuy
99:14--OtherHarrison Krix does Bioshock Splicer quotes in the mask, with a wrench--
99:21--TechnicalAl-Jezeera driver cam goes live to some NYC control room--
99:2699:27OtherHarrison Krix's $7 Superhero: The Temporal Mechanic: Can fast-forward or reverse the passage of time on any man-made object (anything with movable parts, but not a cup for example).--
99:30--PrankGraham plots to give Al-Jazeera the full Desert Bus experience--
90:34--OtherGraham suggests chat records Al-Jazeera and post it online in front of the cameraman and reporter--
99:35--RDPRDP: Marina & The Diamonds - How To Be A Heartbreaker
99:37--OtherEveryone dons hats for the news report--
99:38--RDPRDP: Ring the Alarm
99:41--MilestoneGraham announces that he got stop #2 during the auction!
99:4399:45OtherAl-Jazeera Teaser
99:43--OtherGraham cannot stop laughing about the camera man's butt being in shot. We are mature.--
99:4699:47OtherAnother teaser intro is filmed--
99:48--PosterPoster update with cameraman butt--
99:4999:51OtherAl-Jazeera Live from the moonbase! Everyone goes crazy on live TV. Then back into 1000 Miles
99:52--OtherGraham again suggests that people pirate Al-Jazeera, in front of people from Al-Jazeera--
99:52--RDPRDP: Florence and the Machine - Shake It Out
99:5499:56OtherAl-Jazeera gets taken to the store. Allen is privy to GTTS.
99:58--OtherAngelic Graham, with chorus.--
99:5899:59SongTally sings Walk With You By Della Resse & The Varity All-Stars
100:01100:04TechnicalRoom is mirrored--
100:02100:03SongRoom sings Cee-lo Green's "Bus" You by clucking
100:06100:09SkitAndy & Liz have a lobster duel against the greenscreen The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Theme plays in the background
100:09--OtherCreepy doll eclipses the sun--
100:10--OtherGraham mentions that the video strike team has uploaded 600 videos so far.--
100:11101:00Drive/Giveaway$11.50 Challenge: All the Penny-Arcade books! and stickers. Winner: Wuppie (Raised: $1380)Wuppie--
100:16100:24TechnicalFeed goes down for audio fix--
100:24--OtherFeed goes live. Graham bussing in a swivel chair--
100:27100:31DanceOl' hat dance-off. People dance for 30 secs with a hat on, Chat votes on winner.
100:29--Enter/ExitEnter Jamie--
100:31--Enter/ExitEnter Chris (Bill's step-dad, sort-of) with a package--
100:32--PrankGraham gets clubbed!--
100:32--Enter/ExitEnter Bill--
100:33100:34OtherChris gets taken to the store--
100:34--AchievementAchievement unlocked: Clubbing a Dead Horse (first clubbing of Desert Bus 7)--
100:35--Enter/ExitExit Chris--
100:36100:39Drive/GiveawayBaxter fan art finalists and winner are shown--
100:40Drive/GiveawayArt Challenge: Make best loopable gif of yourself using vine. Winner: Paul JenningsPaul Jennings--
100:43--Game EventGraham gets stop #3 for himself (#8 overall, 3 in a row)
100:50100:51OtherAndy announces he will try and make it back for the end of Desert Bus, says we need to hit $290k or we lose his trust.--
100:51--Enter/ExitExit Andy--
100:53100:57SongMolly plays Somewhere Over the Rainbow while Thomas, using ASL, and Ben, using whatever comes to mind, sign the song.
100:57100:59OtherThomas shows chat how to say "Excuse me, rabbi, you're standing on my penis" and other ASL bits.--
101:02--Enter/ExitExit Paul--
101:07--RDPRDP: Simply Irressistible
101:10101:14OtherEveryone watches the Al-Jazeera video
101:16101:20GuestAllen the reporter gets driving tips from Graham, then drives the bus.
101:18--OtherAllen's Superhero: Jib Guy: Uses the power of the wind to sail and spread good faith.--
101:20101:22SongMolly and Kara sing Patience And Prudence - Tonight You Belong to Me
101:24--Enter/ExitExiy Molly & Ben, after a group hug, with selfie--
101:28102:28Drive/Giveaway$12 Challenge: Dice roller box. Winner: NimrodXIV (Raised:$1740)NimrodXIV--
101:33--RDPRDP: That song from Austin Powers (Soul Bossa Nova)
101:34101:38SkitExplain the plot of the Metal Gear series in a Rapid Fire Johnny manner
101:38--OtherGraham missed a bus stop.
101:40101:50GuestAllen the Reporter drives again
101:45101:50OtherAl-Jazeera goes live again, Graham talks to Allen with the horse mask.--
101:50--OtherAllen the Reporter almost crashes.--
101:57102:14AuctionM14 Mythic/Rare Uncut Foil Sheet - Winner: AdmiralMemo for $8,172!AdmiralMemo
101:16--TechnicalGraham calls camera roll call, and borks it--
102:23--Enter/ExitExit Cori--
102:26102:33GameAllen plays Newscaster. (Clip: The Moonlanding). Doesn't figure it out, but takes it in great stride.[✓]
102:38--OtherShipping is musically summoned.--
102:46102:49SongTally & Kathleen sing Linkin Park - In the End
102:53102:54OtherGraham does a smooth silent auction description while Kathleen is being interviewed by CBC--
102:54103:00SkitGraham narrates Yoga poses in the smooth DJ voice--
102:58--Game EventBugsplat! #12 (1 in a row) (estimated, from point)--
103:02--Drive/GiveawayHalf hour extension on the Vine challenge -- Graham goes back over the rules--
103:03--Enter/ExitEnter Cam--
103:05--PosterNew Poster Update--
103:05--ShoutoutGraham tangentially mentions the Video Strike Team
103:05--RDPRDP: Bee Gees - You Should Be Dancing
103:08107:36Drive/Giveaway$5.20 Challenge: Len Peralta custom portrait. Winner: Admiral_Nemo (Raised: $??) Challenge delayed thanks to paypal crashAdmiral_Nemo--
103:09--Game EventGraham gets a stop, but doesn't open the door, still counts THIS TIME (#4 for Graham, #9 Overall)
103:15103:17OtherCam must write a sonnet about winston the spider, heads off to write it.--
103:19103:24OtherAl-Jazeera films ANOTHER tease.--
103:20103:24DanceEveryone dances to Lil' Wayne - All My "Busses" Love Me and learn how to dougie
103:25--RDPRDP: Nicki Minaj - SuperBass
103:28--Shame TicketGraham is shamed for being Johnny Brickfeet--
103:28103:32SongBill dances with Harry the Creepy doll, while tally sings Bastion - Build that Wall (Counts for 2)
103:33103:34OtherCouple's frump with Graham & Kathleen
103:34103:36OtherGraham wrongly defines the word of the day a la The Idiot Room and a previous word of the day.--
103:38--OtherA moment of silence for an old friend - winamp, it was shut down today :(--
103:39--Enter/ExitExit James--
103:40103:42PhysicalGraham and Jer have an air guitar-off to the same music that they used in a competition 7 years ago: Minibosses - Ninja Gaiden
103:43--Enter/ExitEnter Ian--
103:45103:49OtherTally reveals her secret project: Tally will donate $8 for each parent they can call and get an embarassing story from.
103:46103:48StoryFirst up: Johnny's story about kissing a bully.--
103:49103:57GuestReporter Al drives again for more video, Graham tries to pick up tips from the DP and talks about trying to get drink sponsorship.
103:51103:52GameJamie & Kathleen play crabfight. Gif from Al-Jazeera!--
103:53103:54DanceCaramelldansen plays. Only Jamie dances, kind-of.--
103:55103:56OtherAllen does some interviewing while driving the bus, Johnny wasn't mic'd or maybe he was chat is indecisive. Shot of Johnny--
104:00104:30GuestBen "Yahtzee" Croshaw call-in. He is a bulldog. He has 1 full-sized coin-operated gumball machine.
104:27104:28OtherYahtzee's $7 superhero: The super-invisible man. A man who can turn invisible only while playing a trombone, and the trombone is still visible.--
104:31--Game EventGraham gets another stop (#5 for Graham, #10 Total)
104:31--TechnicalDonation drives are temporarily suspended--
104:34--Shame TicketSerge gets shamed for thumping a lot--
104:41104:41RDPRDP: Whitney Houston - I wanna dance with somebody
104:44104:53Drive/GiveawayVine contest runners up and winner shown
104:45--Enter/ExitEnter Bill's Mom--
104:48--OtherGraham is impressed by simon's new gif--
104:53104:55OtherAshton gets a round of applause for his hard work with Paypal --
104:56--OtherChallenges purged--
104:57104:58PhysicalKathleen picks up Jamie, Jamie picks up Kathleen
104:59105:02StoryGraham talks about how awesome Saints Row 4 is--
105:05105:07SongGraham sings Old Man River - stops midway through--
105:08105:09PhysicalGraham gets filled with cream--
105:13--Enter/ExitEnter Kate--
105:17--RDPRDP: N Sync - Bye Bye Bye
105:18105:20PhysicalPretend the couches are pirate ships and fight.
105:20--SkitThe Rooooooooooooooooooooooooofffff from the tiny tower sketch--
105:20106:22Drive/GiveawayPhoto Giveaway: Murder in Baldur's Gate: Dress up as a D&D character. Winner: JoveshTheLooterJoveshTheLooter--
105:25105:30OtherTally and Jamie give advice on how to sew lace into a slit in a dress
105:30105:32ReadingCam reads the sonnet he wrote about Winston, with classical music playing--
105:32105:37ReadingCam and Kara sing Summer Lovin'--
105:42105:46SongTally sings Regina Spektor - Samson
105:47--Behind the ScenesGraham mentions the strike team once more :D--
105:48105:55PhysicalThe floor is lava!--
105:48105:54PhysicalGraham tears jeans - more at 11 when we fix jeans live on camera! Tally and Jamie discuss repairing them.--
105:50--RDPRDP: We are strong
105:55--Enter/ExitExit Serge--
105:56106:00SongKathleen sings Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds in the style of William Shatner
105:59--Game EventPoint! (#1 since last crash, #11)--
106:00--Game EventGraham almost crashes on a stop.successfull stop #6!!! Total stops: 11.
106:04106:06StoryTally tells 2 of Ian's embarassing stories.
----Story#1: Ian loves order, when he was ~1.5 he was pushing dirt back into dug deck holes believeing that he was helping.--
106:06106:06Story#2: When he was ~5 he broke his arm jumping out a window trying to fly like superman.--
106:09--Enter/ExitEnter Al-Jazeera again--
106:12106:13SongChorus of dudes sing The Bear and the Maiden Fair from Game of Thrones
106:14106:15SongA chorus of dudes sing The Rains of Castamere--
106:16106:33AuctionImproptu live auction! Inkwell Looter original art for zombie tokens. Winner: doh for $800!doh
106:20--OtherGraham waves back to H-Moon!--
106:23--OtherThank you jiggles everyone giggles (see line 51 of the quote page)--
106:36106:36OtherAl-Jazeera does another check-in tease. Push the button!
106:36--RDPRDP: Beastie Boys - Intergalactic Planetary
106:41106:48M-M-Multi Challenge!10 Challenges in 10 minutes (completed!)
106:41106:42DanceDance Party to "Daft Punk Medley" by Pentatonix - A Capella Lightswitch Rave--
106:42106:43DanceRockette Dance Line--
106:43106:44DanceJer does the Charleston--
106:44106:46PhysicalZoolander Catwalk Contest to I'm too Sexy--
106:46106:46PhysicalPantomime a Lion Fight--
106:46106:46PhysicalBest bodybuilder poses whilst Ian armpit farts and Jer yells at Graham to space jump (counts for 3)
106:47106:47PhysicalKathleen high fives everyone in the room--
106:47106:48ReadingCam reads ?? something adapted from night vale? in best storyteller voice--
106:50106:58OtherNew Al-Jazeera shoot (Ali-J)
106:52--PrankKara puts on giant glasses and pretends to be old--
106:58--RDPRDP: ????
107:00--Enter/ExitEnter Ashton--
107:03107:24GuestMovie Bob Call-In
107:14--Game EventSuccessful bus stop #7 for Graham (Total stops 12)--
107:21107:23OtherBob's superhero: Cheese Man has power over cheese (manipulation & lactose!)--
107:26107:27OtherDesert Bus perscription for Ocelot
107:28--RDPRDP: Chipzel - Focus
107:30108:00Drive/Giveaway$7.77 challenge for: Nerdist Prize pack && signed Andy Gavin novels - Winners BurnHavoc && BurnHavoc (Raised $2100)BurnHavoc--
107:38107:39OtherAlex tries to club Graham with a club on a stick, club #2 of the run - 6 burps total
107:42107:46OtherSilent auction review time with Kathleen--
107:43--Enter/ExitAl-Jazeera exits--
107:48--OtherGreenscreened Angelic Graham--
107:51--RDPRDP: Never have I ever with lighting effects
107:51--RDPRDP: Gimme Sympathy with lighting effects
107:52107:54DanceGraham dances to Girls Generation - Gee
107:54107:57DanceGraham Dances to Girls Generation - Supernova--
107:57--OtherGraham's total surpasses Tally's--
107:57108:01RDPSaints Row 3 Holdin' on for a Hero--
107:59--Milestone290k goal before the end of his shift met with seconds to go--
108:00--Driver Shift ChangeGraham's shift ends, Ashton's shift begins--
108:02--Enter/ExitDaddy Ashton arrives to take over to classy version of Baby Got Back (by Richard Cheese), instantly shamed for not sleeping before his shift, instantly clubbed, instantly bear.
108:02--Shame TicketDaddy Ashton is shamed for not sleeping before his shift--
108:04108:05OtherAhston instantly clubs Dix, DIx chugs it LIKE A MAN, relieves with a massive belch--
108:07108:08StoryStory from Graham's mom, via Tally, about his childhood
108:13109:30Drive/Giveaway$16.15 challenge for: A Freakin' Computer (custom built gaming PC) - Winner: asty (Raised: $16,682.95) asty feels bad about winning both this and live auction, donates an additional $1000 for the childrenasty--
108:28108:31DanceEveryone dances to Mystery Skulls - Money
108:33108:48PhysicalDress Sarah in as many clothes off the rack as possible--
108:35108:38StoryCam tells a bedtime story to the spider, Winston (Excerpt from: Sum: Forty Tales from the Afterlives)--
108:40--OtherAndrew gives a photos update--
108:41108:44OtherFriendly Giant & Mr Dressup nostalgia time--
108:45108:48PhysicalAssisted striptease to ???? to get Sarah out of the challenge clothing--
108:50108:52OtherMagic cards review with Saul
108:55108:56OtherGraham reviews and announces the winner of his photo contest.
108:59109:03DanceCouple's dance contest, Live Auction delayed BECAUSE KATHLEEN SAYS SO--
109:03109:21AuctionLive Auction for: L'il Wil plushie with Knit Accessories - Winner: asty for $1,405.05asty
109:04--Shame TicketAshton to be shamed for bringing down his live auctions--
109:26109:27OtherGraham proposes to Kathleen (a 3rd time)
109:30109:46PhysicalJENGA TIME! (game starts at 109:38) - Alex, Matt, Pika, Jamie - Matt ruins EVERYTHING
109:33109:33PhysicalGraham gives Matt some butt rubs
109:33109:34SongFreakazoid theme for vamping--
109:48110:12PhysicalJENGA round 2 - Kathleen, Graham, Jamie, Dix - Jamie ruins EVERYTHING--
109:56--Enter/ExitEnter Taka--
109:57--OtherAshton plugs the App--
110:04--Enter/ExitExit Brendon & Johnny--
110:13Drive/GiveawayGreen screen challenge "Place sad cowboy Paul somewhere" for: Duelist prize pack - Winner: CyonoCyono--
110:19111:23Drive/Giveaway$11.23 challenge for: Dalek: Exterminate collage - Winner KittyKibitzer (Raised $561.60)KittyKibitzer--
110:24110:28DanceDix dance party where Dix can't smile, Dix immediately fails thanks to Ian's song choice of ?????
110:35110:50SkitQWERPline! - Featuring the stylings of Graham and Alex
110:45--MeltdownAlex is DESTROYED by Graham ( I will not say how, spoilers)--
110:53110:56DanceSaber Dance time (Pika on Kathleen's sholders) - turns in to Kathleen/Pika t-rex time
110:56OtherAuction review time with Matt & Taka--
110:59--Game EventBugsplat! #13 (2 in a row) (determined from logs)--
111:01111:03ReadingTaka reads the Hamlet "What is a man?" speech as Alucard, speechjammed
111:03111:06ReadingTaka reads Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven alternating between Alucard and Nappa each stanza--
111:08111:10ReadingDan Reads Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven - is nearly uneffected--
111:12111:17SongMumblecore to Skyrim theme
111:24111:27SongAndre, Dix, Dan, Jeff, Kara, Mia, & Kaliegh sing: RENT - Seasons of Love
111:24--Enter/ExitExit Graham, Kathleen--
111:36111:39SongJeff and Kara sing The Song That Goes Like This from Spamalot
111:40111:42SkitAlex pretends Ashton is Santa (and is there till he figures it out)
111:42111:45OtherSilent auction review time with Matt--
111:42111:45Drive/GiveawayAshton chooses the winner of the Sad Cowboy Paul contest--
111:45111:46RDPRDP: Daft Punk - Get Lucky
111:46111:47RDPRDP: Hip Hop Hooray
111:48--Enter/ExitExit Andrew--
111:51112:30Drive/Giveaway$6.27 challenge for: Fleece Piggy Mask made by Tally's mom - Winner: Anubis169 (Raised: $106)Anubis169--
111:58112:01SongTaka sings Jack's Lament from Nightmare Before Christmas, Alex is a spoopy ghost
112:03112:05SongIan sings A Rewrite of 'Part of Your World' from The Little Mermaid
112:07112:08PrankBEEJ has twerk in the morning! GET BACK TO TWERK
112:10112:13OtherSilent auction review time with Matt (everyone loves BrainStew's glasses :D)--
112:14112:16SongDix & everyone sing: One Jump Ahead from Aladdin
112:17112:20SongJeff and Kara sing Be Prepared from Lion King
112:21--RDPRDP: Material Girl by Maddonna
112:24--Enter/ExitExit Ian--
112:26--PrankAlex causes Dix to QWOP out
112:26112:30SongDix sings In The Navy with backing dancers Alex and Taka in Navy outfits--
112:34--RDPRDP: Pon De Replay - Ciara
112:39112:42SongMatt, Dix & Kara sing: A Man's gotta do what a man's gotta do from Dr Horrible
112:47--RDPRDP: The B-52's - Love Shack
112:48--Enter/Exitexit Beej--
112:48112:49RDPRDP: Cobra Starship - "You Make Me Feel..."
112:50113:54Drive/Giveaway$8.99 challenge for Special Edition of Limbo - Winner: Space_Titanium (Raised $1483)Space_Titanium--
112:55113:01SongEveryone sings Journey - Don't Stop Believin'
113:03113:04RDPRDP: Creepy Bowie - Let's Dance
113:05--OtherOverlay QWOP time--
113:09113:54Drive/Giveaway$17.98 challenge for SIGNED Lords of Waterdeep - Winner: Allerio? (Raised $1222)Allerio--
113:15--SkitEveryone runs around to Yakety Sax, QWOP Beej retuns!--
113:15--Enter/ExitEnter Beej--
113:17113:26StorySpoopy scary story time
113:27--PrankAlex boops Matt--
113:29--PrankDix expertly clubs Alex - club #3 of the run--
113:32113:37SongAshton sings: Jo-co verion of Baby Got Back
113:42--Prank??Intensify while Beej workis on something??--
113:43113:48SongBeej & Everyone sing Run With Us by Lisa Lougheed (The Racoons)
113:51113:56SongBeej plays & sings: Hybrid Rainbow from FLCL
113:58113:59OtherDesert Bus Kittens
113:59114:08OtherSilent auction review time with Matt--
114:00--Game EventPoint (#2 since last crash, #12 overall)--
114:08--Enter/ExitExit ????--
114:17114:27OtherQ&A time with Jamie from ChildsPlay--
114:28115:00Drive/GiveawayDoge Haiku for Time Lord Swag poster - Winner: InfiniteJestInfiniteJest--
114:35--RDPRDP: Bon Jovi - Livin' On a Prayer
114:36--PhysicalDix can fit his fist in his mouth!
114:37--OtherJamie's Doge--
114:40--RDPRDP: I keep dancing on the floor ??
114:42--RDPRDP: Aint Nothing Wrong With That
114:47114:49OtherThe crew tries to not laugh at Simon's video (they fail)
114:52114:56SongJamie sings: The Reading Rainbow Theme Song
114:54--Enter/ExitExit ????--
114:57114:58PhysicalPantomime challenge
114:59115:03OtherDix drives the bus--
115:00--RDPRDP: Gangnam Style
115:02115:05DanceDance/Sing to Larger Than Life by The Backstreet Boys
115:06115:33OtherEnd every sentence with "for the children" till Jamie leaves--
115:06115:10DanceDance/Sing to Bye Bye Bye by N'SYNC
115:12115:13PhysicalGroup hug for the children.--
115:13116:13PhysicalFor one hour Dix must respond in an nice and agreeable manner to everyone in the moonbase and chat for the children--
115:14115:16SongBeej plays a random song for the children (NWA - Straight outta Compton)
115:17115:21SongTaka sings A Professional Pirate from Muppet Treasure Island for the children
115:22--TechnicalStream reset for VST (that's us!)--
115:23--TechnicalStream resumes--
115:23RDPRDP: The Last Night of our Lives
115:24115:27DanceDance to Cottoneye Joe
115:29115:30Drive/GiveawayReading runners up and winner for Doge poetry contest--
115:33116:37Drive/Giveaway$14.01 for Serenity perler bead art - Winner: Raiger (Raised $336.34)Raiger--
115:41115:44$7 SuperherosJamie's $7 Superhero: Captain Corgi - Has the ability to summon a herd of corgis at will,who will either overwhelm the enemy with cuteness or ferociousness.--
115:41115:44$7 SuperherosCuteness--
115:41115:44$7 SuperherosFerociousness--
115:47--RDPRDP: Holla Back Girl
115:47--Enter/ExitExit Jamie--
115:50115:53OtherMatt runs through the silent auctions.--
115:54115:55SongMatt explains why he is Paul through the medium of rap (This is why I'm Paul)
115:55--OtherMatt watches the Matt children of the sky video.--
115:57115:59SkitTaka has a 3-way conversation with himself using Nappa, Alucard and Loki voices
115:59--Enter/ExitEnter Paul and Maya--
116:05116:06OtherPaul watches Paulquest Paul says: "Nice."
116:12116:18OtherPaul runs through the silent auctions.--
116:14--Enter/ExitExit Matt and Kate, Enter James--
116:21116:22SkitDBZ Fight between Taka and Beej
116:23--TechnicalAll challenges older than 30 mins cleared--
116:27--Enter/ExitExit Taka--
116:29116:31SongPaul sings re-written Bear Necessities as "Bus Necessities"
116:38117:30Drive/Giveaway$6.39 Challenge: Children's Book Set or Flamethrower Grizzly Poster. Winners: Rebass and ScottJ (Raised $434.52)Rebass && ScottJ--
116:48--AchievementJames puts pants on his head for the achievement, Paul goes through and marks cheevos complete--
116:48--AchievementCheevo: Fancy Hat--
116:50--AchievementCheevo: Who's Cutting Onions? --
116:51--AchievementCheevo: Winter Wonderland (for overlay snow)--
116:55116:58SongPaul sings The Book of Love by Magnetic Fields
116:59--RDPRDP: Grease Lightning
117:00117:28AuctionLive Auction: Emily's DB7 Stained Glass Suncatcher - Winner: Raiger for $4000.00Raiger
117:34118:36Drive/Giveaway$7.77 Giveaway: Desert Bus Blanket. Winner: Chuzzle (Raised: $2579.64)Chuzzle--
117:42--RDPRDP: Can-Can
117:42117:43RDPRDP: Satisfaction
117:43117:45OtherRaiger gives Dix the stained glass[✓]
117:48RDPRDP: Capital Cities - Safe and Sound Capital Cities
117:49--RDPRDP: G-DRAGON - CRAYON (크레용)
117:49--OtherDix says thanks. SO MANY FEELS
117:50--RDPRDP: Louis Armstrong - Cheesecake
117:52117:56DancePika does the hustle while Maya gives a speech to her lobster minions, everyone else acts like Pokemon, NO TOUCHING! James will spin in his chair.
117:56117:58PhysicalEveryone on Drivercam, slowly smiles
117:57--Enter/ExitEnter DammitLiz--
117:59118:02SongEveryone sings Cake - Short Skirt Long Jacket
118:03118:06SongEveryone sings Third Eye Blind - Semi Charmed Life to annoy Maya at James's request--
118:11118:19SkitAshton and Dix do Fayili's slash with James narrating
118:21118:26SongWeird Al Polka Your Eyes Out Medley
118:28118:33SongPaul sings The Bear Song by Chris Elliott
118:33118:35OtherPaul and Pika debate the pronunciation of gif, Paul has the jif side.
118:35118:36OtherAshton has 1 minute to run through the technology that runs the DB site--