DesertBus 7 - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 7 - Day 1

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
00:00--MilestoneDESERT BUS GOES LIVE
00:03PrankOverlay Shenanegins --
00:05OtherIntroductions and Explanations--
00:06MilestoneThe 1st Driver is Bond--
00:06Driver Shift ChangeJames begins bussing--
00:09TechnicalMEGAVISION --
00:09TechnicalStream freezes--
00:12AuctionTally annouces Silent Auctions --
00:15TechnicalJer shows off the Desert Bus for Hope app on the iPhone--
00:1800:20RDP30-second Random Dance Party (RDP) button is pressed for the first time[✓]
00:2101:00Drive/GiveawayUncut sheet of Foil M14 Commons Donation Drive for $14. Winner: Invariel - $6846 raisedInvariel--
00:3100:35TechnicalKathleen explains Donor accounts & Graham explains email accounts--
00:3500:37Drive/GiveawayTally shows off DB007 patches and talk about shipping --
00:3800:38Behind the ScenesGraham shows off the wonderful sewage pipe
00:3800:39FlushingAudible flush counter introduced--
00:4000:41Enter/ExitAndy enters announces he is here ALL THE TIME.
00:4100:41Dance Dancing ensues--
00:4100:42Milestone$10K raised!--
00:4200:43RDPRDP: Just Dance
00:4400:46OtherSpotting the Dogg (LION) (ZILLA)[✓]
00:4700:47OtherExplaining Challenges again--
00:4800:49OtherFangamer shirts explanation--
00:4900:49Enter/ExitEnter LeeLee--
00:4900:50PosterGraham explains the Mike Lunsford Poster--
00:5100:51FlushingFlush number 2--
00:5200:52OtherGraham mentions the video strike team
00:5200:55OtherChild's Play explanation--
00:5600:56FlushingFlush number 3--
00:5700:57FlushingFlush number 4--
01:0001:01OtherA rivalry is born (AGDQ)
01:0401:04PrankDoges everywhere on the overlay--
01:0801:08SkitAlex Underestimates the Power of the Dark Side of the Force
01:0801:08FlushingFlush number 5--
01:1201:13OtherJames talks about the stuff happening on his shift--
01:1601:16GuestLeeLee drives the bus--
01:1701:23SkitAndy does "Papers Please" improv[✓]
01:2201:22Enter/ExitHarry the Creepy Doll appears!--
01:2301:28SongIan as Skeletor singing "Wrecking Ball" by Miley Cyrus[✓]
01:2901:29Song"Poops today" Crapshots song sung in a slow sober manner
01:3101:41PhysicalJames busses upside-down--
01:3501:36DanceDancing to Persona 4 Golden Intro Music (with excessive Kathleen planning)
01:3701:39DanceThen the "Stayin' Alive" version of the same--
01:3701:37OtherPassport for the Creepy Doll mentioned in chat.
01:4001:40FlushingFlush number 6--
01:4101:41PrankDoge overlay unleashed[✓]
01:4401:48SongAndy sings "Tucson or Bust" with Bonus Dance Party
01:44--OtherFlush Counter down - it doesn't go higher than 6--
01:5301:55OtherWhat? LeeLeemon is evolving into Kathlar is evolving into Kateinite!
01:5601:57SongDucktales Theme Song in English
01:5902:00SongDucktales Theme Song in "Finnish"--
02:0002:21AuctionDuck Tales Golden Cartridge & Lunchbox Live Auction. Sold to asty for $3,500asty[✓]
02:22--TechnicalSimulated camera glitch out! --
02:23--TechnicalKathleen and Tally and Jer plug the web site and app (Matt too)--
02:23--AchievementAchievements unlocked!--
02:2703:00Drive/GiveawayJames Story Challenge for Pink Pig - 50 word story about James Bond Pig Adventure.--
02:28--OtherChat names the pig Brimley--
02:3302:39SkitGraham and Andy - Who's On First?
02:43--OtherIntroducing (naming) those in the room--
02:4402:45DanceAlex does a one-person mosh pit (LRR metal remix)
02:5102:55SkitAndy gives a Rob Ford press conference from the near future
02:5802:58RDPRDP: Devo - Whip It
02:5802:59RDPRDP: Aqua - Barbie Girl--
03:00--FlushingFlush number 10--
03:0003:01Other"10 Poooooos" explained--
03:0403:05PhysicalJames gets hit by the 90s; Graham gets reprimanded by Ashley[✓]
03:06--OtherEngineering dons top hats--
03:0703:50Drive/GiveawayDesert Bus Claptrap plush $7.77 giveaway. Winner: StoffernStoffern--
03:1103:14SongCrew sings the pokemon theme
03:1703:18GameMr. President get down! (a game of "Secret Service")
03:2003:21RDPRDP: Salt-n-Pepa - Push It
03:2603:27StoryLeeLee makes everyone afraid of Herpes
03:27--OtherChallenge: Say "UPS Links Smalltime" into the camera--
03:2803:31MeltdownGoing to the Store is played, then Late for Meeting is played
03:33--Enter/ExitEnter Mike and Mia - Bloggers--
03:3303:39StoryWinner of 50-word James/Bond/Brimley Pig story is announced - 7 finalists read aloud. Winner: Will Goodwin
03:42--Enter/ExitExit Mia and Mike--
03:4203:46DanceCreepy Doll Dances a Sensual Tango with LeeLee (Creepy Doll's legs played by Kathleen)
03:46--PhysicalJames wears his hat at a slightly jauntier angle--
03:5103:52Drive/GiveawayWinner Stoffern of the Claptrap plush (raised $1911.42)Stoffern--
03:54--OtherWe get mentioned again!
03:54--Enter/ExitEnter Dammit Liz--
03:5403:56DanceLiz teaches Andy the sexy dance
03:57SongAndy sings "King of the Forest" from The Wizard of Oz
04:0004:01RDPRDP: Nancy Sinatra - These Boots Are Made for Walkin'
04:0104:03OtherSilent auction rundown--
04:0304:26GuestKris Straub call-in
04:2204:25SkitKathleen and Kris have a commercial-off. Kathleen wins
04:2704:28RDPRDP: Bee Gees - You Should Be Dancing
04:3704:41GuestAndy drives the bus--
04:4104:52M-M-Multi Challenge!10 Challenges in 10 minutes:
04:4104:46PhysicalFor 5 minutes James drives with two people (LeeLee & Bill's Mom) in his lap--
04:4104:44SongSing a sea-shanty of your choice - Sandwiches--
04:4404:46SongDucktales theme with Desert Bus lyrics--
04:44PhysicalPaul puts things on other people's head--
04:46--OtherDesert Bus dragon shout--
04:46SongDix sings Love Shack--
04:47DanceDo the YMCA while blindfolded--
04:4404:46?Rock Paper QWOP--
04:50DanceDescribe the Rob Ford situation through the medium of interpreitve dance--
04:51OtherGraham as the World's wost salesman pitches Desert Bus and Desert Bus accessories--
04:53PosterFirst poster update:
04:5805:30Drive/GiveawayPlants vs Zombies Coasters $8 Challange--
05:00--Enter/ExitExit Bill & Bill's Mom--
05:0105:03OtherRadio Silence attempt #1, ended in failure.--
05:07--Game EventBugsplat! (#1) --
05:1105:14SkitKathleen attempts to recite the poo-pourri commercial without laughing
05:1505:17Technicalspace bar breaks chat, Dix intervenes--
05:18TechnicalCamera Angles Shown Off--
05:20OtherWelcome to new viewers--
05:2705:33SongPaul and Jer sing "Mariner's Revenge"
05:34--Drive/GiveawayWinner of the Plants vs Zombies Coasters - Riolan wins (raised $728)Riolan--
05:36--MeltdownKathleen spills water on the computer--
05:4006:00Drive/GiveawayD&D Package Giveaway for $6.66 challange--
05:44--MilestoneOne Desert Buck!--
05:4505:47SkitGraham & Paul do the Spring LRR sketch but about Desert Bus[✓]
05:4705:54GuestDammit Liz drives the bus--
05:48--MeltdownKATHLEEN SMASH--
05:51--RDPRDP: Cobra Starship ft. Sabi - You Make Me Feel...
05:58--$7 SuperherosIntroduction of the $7 Superhero Challenge and James describes Highwayman and sidekick Turnpike
06:0306:04Drive/GiveawayMorris wins the D&D adventure and book challenge ($1172 raised)Morris--
06:0406:07OtherKathleen Rambles about what her superhero would be
06:0706:08OtherFernwood Coffee Shoutout and Megacynics Shoutout--
06:0806:10TechnicalShowing off terrible "like 1980s transitions" and other tech schenanigans
06:1106:12RDPRDP: Benny Benassi - Satisfaction
06:17--OtherBuscam on the greenscreen & greenscreen shanangins
06:17--Enter/ExitExit Andrew--
06:18--DanceGraham does one twerk--
06:1906:20TechnicalRoom spins upide-down then flips backwards, and all craziness--
06:21--OtherKate questions the Flush Log--
06:22--Enter/ExitMany people enter--
06:2306:25SkitJames and Kathleen debate if "There is no such thing as a stupid question." Graham Moderates
06:25--PhysicalJames sticks a pen up his butt and concedes the debate.--
06:2606:31PhysicalJer and crew acts out the floor is Lavabears
06:26StoryGraham talks about buying the Moonbase couch--
06:2806:29SkitSmall Ian, Dammit Liz and Tally enact death by lavabear--
06:29--PhysicalTally walks up to the camera and says hi to Chris--
06:3106:35DanceThrift Shop Bus Actual Song & dance party.
06:3906:40PhysicalAshley cries over James not shaving--
06:40--Enter/ExitExit Paul--
06:4106:43StoryGraham tells about a past job when they looped Zombie Nation (Link to Idiot Room episode)
06:43DrawingJames announces an Art Challenge: Draw Highwayman vs Roundabout--
06:4406:54OtherTry to go for 10 minutes without anyone dancing or otherwise being sexy
06:4707:00SongInfinite Jukebox of Kernkraft - Zombie Nation --
06:48--OtherAshton frumps and cries--
06:5106:54OtherKathleen cosplays being dead--
06:5206:53PhysicalEveryone pats their heads and rubs their tummies--
06:5407:00DanceDancing to Kernkraft - Zombie Nation--
07:01--Enter/ExitEnter Beej--
07:02--PhysicalJames gets attacked by the 90's again
07:0507:06AuctionShowing off the Gypsy Danger and Kaiju plushie auction lot.--
07:0607:13GameIan and Beej play a game of Blarneystone. [✓]
07:1307:53OtherSteampunk Engineering--
07:17--Enter/ExitPika Enters and Exits--
07:2008:00Drive/Giveaway$5 Donation Drive: The very 1st Fangamer DB007 shirt--
07:2208:30DrawingPrize and Time for Superhero Art challenge announced: Sleigh of the Wicked Art by inkwelllooter--
07:2807:30StoryJames tells about how he forgot Matt Fraction's last name at Wootstock--
07:30TechnicalChat servers are restarted to try and fix maximum derpage--
07:31--SongKathleen sings her stream of conscious--
07:3207:35TechnicalJer extolls the virtues of the iOS app, demos it in real-time--
07:3707:38SkitNaruto vs Sasuke reenactment (music: The Raising Fighting Spirit)
07:3907:40StoryJer and Tally story about Jer doing something in bed Ash has never done--
07:4007:45Skit5 minutes of extreme sarcasm
07:44--PhysicalAshton hugs James and touches his Ball--
07:4607:48SkitThe crew has an intervention for James and his pirate hat wearing habits
07:5307:53SkitGraham reads Shakespeare in a '20s gangster voice
07:5407:54AuctionTally shows off some Silent Auctions--
07:5707:58SkitJames goes through Pirate Hat withdrawl
07:57--Enter/ExitEnter Matt--
08:0008:01SkitJames calls his mom to tell LeeLee to give back his hat. His mom owns him.--
08:0008:26GuestMatt Fraction call-in
08:0308:05GuestMatt Fraction talks about his comic, "Sex Criminals".--
08:0508:07GuestMatt Fraction introduces himself--
08:07--Game EventJames gets the first point of DB007--
08:0808:18GuestQ&A with Matt Fraction--
08:1808:22$7 SuperherosMatt Fraction's $7 superhero: The Variant - Ability to pluck things that should have been made from Alternate Realities--
08:2208:23GuestJames tells Matt about how he failed to introduce him at Wootstock. Matt doesn't remember.--
08:2408:25GuestMatt Fraction talks about what got his children into comics--
08:28--Drive/GiveawayWinner of James's $5 challenge for the 1st Fangamer DB007 shirt - Ceris75 (Raised $1840)Ceris75--
08:29--Enter/ExitExit LeeLee--
08:3008:41GuestSmall Ian drives the bus--
08:3208:33Enter/ExitEnter Cam. Exit Cam--
08:3408:34Shame TicketJohnny explains about Johnny Brickfeet[✓]
08:3708:42SongKathleen "sings" "Lady in Red" (And later "Graham in Blue") as badly as is humanly possible.
08:4308:45StoryKate and crew tell Bar Stories
08:43--Enter/ExitEnter Pika--
08:43--MeltdownKate Curses like twice--
08:4608:52StoryTales of road trip and the offensive shirts they made for it
08:51--PosterNew poster preview--
08:54--Enter/ExitExit Dix--
08:5409:29Drive/GiveawayHealth Meter Friendship Braclet & Defense Grid Poster: Vine challenge--
08:54--AchievementGhost Ride the Whip - Achievement--
08:55--AchievementOn the Road Again - Achievement--
08:5909:00RDPButtdance RDP: Alphabeat - Fascination
09:0109:02MeltdownListen without Laughing: FAILED--
09:03--SongHorrible melodica(sp?) cover of Jurassic Park. Semi-breaks Graham--
09:0609:07MeltdownGraham and Kathleen sing the themesong to MASK in Gibberish--
09:08--Enter/ExitExit Pika--
09:13--OtherThe Overlay becomes sentient maybe--
09:17--OtherAshton is praised for being awesome like usual--
09:18--OtherMatt enables James' Pirate hat addiction--
09:1809:19StoryGraham explains "Balls to the Wall"--
09:2009:22SkitLeeLee calls in to tell Matt to take James's hat away. James "blackmails" LeeLee--
09:2509:27SongGraham and Jer sing "Wolf Island Ferry" by The Arrogant Worms
09:2709:31DrawingFinalists in James's Highwayman Art challenge shown off. Winner: KvinnaKvinna--
09:34--GuestDammit Liz drives the bus--
09:3709:53AuctionLive Auction: Pacific Rim Plushies with Bonus Chat Derping (Winner: Oliphaunt, for $1,850)Oliphaunt--
09:5409:56Drive/GiveawayVine Winners announced--
09:5810:45Drive/GiveawayJames' Super Special Giveaway: Glass Mario Enemy Statues ($8.40 challenge)--
10:0310:39OtherCam and Kathleen and Matt "Looking Good and Eating Right" Q&A
10:2410:25RDPRDP: Billy Ocean - Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car--
10:28--Drive/GiveawayJames Sweetens the Pig on his Giveaway: Knitted Flying Pig added--
10:2910:35GuestGraham drives--
10:4010:43PhysicalDress up as Vikings and act all Viking-y while Ride of the Valkeries plays in the background while messing around with ALL THE FILTERS
10:4410:46PhysicalThe Elaborate Stark Family handshake
10:47--PhysicalChallenge to hug stressed-out Ashton--
10:48Drive/GiveawayGlass Mario Figures giveaway goes to No Name Entered???--
10:50--Drive/GiveawayHalo code giveaway. Codes will be put in chat when total raised in James's shift hits $30k--
10:5111:17Drive/GiveawayDanny The Minion Plush ($5 challenge)--
10:54--RDPRDP: Bon Jovi - Livin' on a Prayer
10:55--Enter/ExitExit Brett / Enter Pika(?)--
11:0511:12SkitNew College Bowl Sketch by Key & Peele. Engineering QWOPs the bus out
11:13--OtherThe christmas hat accidentally gets triggered--
11:14--DanceNot so Random Dance Party: Geddan--
11:17AchievementAchievement unlocked: Prize Pig--
11:1711:18Drive/GiveawayWinner of James's $5 challenge for the minion plush - FungiDoctor (Raised $825)FungiDoctor--
11:20--RDPRDP: Olivia Newton-John - Physical
11:2811:29PhysicalEveryone hugs Matt to show that he loved. Matt demands that people hug him--
11:3011:50Drive/Giveaway$13.37 challenge: Penny Arcade signed prints and stickers. Winner: ChiefstraubChiefstraub--
11:3511:36RDPRDP: Missy Elliott - Work It
11:3711:41DanceCrew dances to O-Zone - Dragosta Din Tei
11:40--Enter/ExitEnter Alex, dancing like a motherbusser--
11:41--Enter/ExitEnter LeeLee--
11:43--RDPRDP: Blumchen - Bicycle Race
11:4411:46OtherNormal Guy, Normal Driving.
11:4712:00DanceEpic Sax Guy for the final 13 minutes of James's Shift, Ashton Gandalf nod ensues. Everyone Gandalf nods.
11:52--Drive/GiveawayChiefStraub wins the Penny Arcade prints and stickers (Raised $1230.40)ChiefStraub--
11:54--TechnicalLow Res Bus--
11:55--TechnicalStream Restart--
11:58--TechnicalStream goes back up--
11:59--Enter/ExitEnter KiaOra--
12:00--Driver Shift ChangeJames' shift ends and Cam's Shift Starts--
12:00--OtherGraham almost mentions the Video Strike Team, but is cut short by the shift change--
12:00--MeltdownCam executes James--
12:02--SkitAlex pays off the crew--
12:05--OtherAlex switches to the Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff (Homestuck) MS Paint overlay--
12:06--Enter/ExitEnter Beej, dressed all dapper-like--
12:0712:08RDPRDP: Prince - 1999--
12:0912:09RDPRDP: Gloria Estefan - Conga
12:1112:23OtherAsh, Kate and Kathleen give horrible advice
12:1412:17TechnicalVideo goes low-res again, gets fixed and then sound dies, sound comes back with everyone swearing--
12:26PlugGame of Thrones blanket shown off--
12:2823:06Drive/GiveawayEdison's Nightmare Signed Print art challenge. Draw someone you find inspiring. Winner: Jessie JuniperJessie Juniper--
12:3112:36SkitCam and Kathleen complain about how Desert Bus and everything in general used to be better in the old days
12:38--MilestoneBus switches to nighttime--
12:4012:42Drive/GiveawayTally shows off some books for a donation drive $6.01--
12:42RDPRDP: Beyoncé - Single Ladies
12:4412:45OtherAlex asks Matt these questions three
12:4612:48SkitCam reads Magic fanfiction in a serious manner--
12:48--Enter/ExitJer and Tally Exit--
12:49--RDPRDP: Beastie Boys - No sleep till brooklyn
12:4912:50PhysicalMatt and Cam try to have a staring contest but Matt sucks
12:5112:55AuctionFreeform Jazz Time! With Ian on Kazoo--
12:52--PhysicalGraham climbs a ladder--
12:52--OtherAlex says MEANWHILE--
12:5812:59SkitMatt does something I DONT EVEN UNDERSTAND "I am captain Bosh Von Ronsenberg of Dalmasca"
13:0013:30AuctionLive Auction: Game of Thrones Chest - Winner: Keyote ( for: $2625 )Keyote
13:08--Game EventBugsplat! (#2) (estimated, no mention in the logs)--
13:31--Drive/GiveawayBlake McClain wins the Children's Books--
13:3113:32RDPRDP: Walter Murphy- A Fifth of Beethoven[✓]
13:33Drive/GiveawayPathfinder Rise of the Runelords $7.17 donation drive--
13:3411:35PrankKathleen makes all the faces behind Cam--
13:4013:45SkitAlex plays KITTY! (Kitty was Ian Horner)
13:45--OtherChallenge: put space cat on the overlay--
13:51--Enter/ExitExit LeeLee--
13:5214:00OtherKathleen educates the chat on good music
14:0014:03DanceEveryone dance to Johnny Rivers - Secret Agent Man Kaleidoscope Filter Fun Times--
14:0314:04RDPRDP: Katy Perry - Roar
14:07--Enter/ExitExit Kathleen and Graham--
14:08--AchievementAchievement unlocked: Somebody Has to Change--
14:11--Enter/ExitExit Ian H.--
14:13--OtherChallenges Purged--
14:1314:20OtherPeople have to draw a duck or a lemon. Alex, Matt, Pika, Kate
14:2114:26Drive/GiveawayRise of the Rune Lord game giveaways drawing Won by Anonymousless (Raised $795.87)Anonymousless--
14:3315:21Drive/Giveaway$6.30 Big Bag 'O Dice #2 Giveaway - 407 dice--
14:3914:41SkitJohnny and Alex provide Olympic-style commentary for the game of desert bus
12:4212:48OtherBeej goes around the room and tells people about an anime until someone guesses the name--
14:53--Enter/ExitEnter Andre--
14:5414:58SkitQuestions Only at West Edmoton Mall improv
15:0215:04SkitBeej does any Rowan Atkinson skit of his choice (he chooses Welcome to Hell)
15:06--RDPRDP: Christina Aguilera - Your body
15:0815:20PhysicalEveryone sit on the floor for 10 minutes--
15:1415:17PhysicalPattycake as an extreme sport with color commentary. Alex vs Beej. Alex wins
15:1815:26OtherEach person names a treat they enjoy--
15:2715:30DrawingGiant dice bag giveaway drawing - FiZi wins! (Raised $1474.24)--
15:3115:36OtherThe Floor is Lava for 5 minutes
15:38--AchievementAchievement: Accident Free unlocked--
15:4316:33Drive/Giveaway$13.50 Pathfinder RPG Pack - Winner: No Donor account! (Raised $594)???--
15:44--RDPRDP: Michael Jackson - Thriller
15:4515:53OtherRadio Silent attempt #2: SUCCESS! 2 minute silence :D[✓]
15:53--RDPRDP: Zio zane – Ain't no stoppin' me
15:58--AchievementAchievement: C-C-Combo Breaker--
16:00--OtherReview of finished silent auctions--
16:0016:08OtherTalk about video games & platforms time--
16:08--Game EventPOINT #2 - Cam's first point--
16:10--Enter/ExitExit Johnny--
16:1016:14OtherAdvice for someone about to start a retail job & horror stories time--
16:1516:21StoryCam gives a 5 min lecture on Natural Chemistry
16:2416:36Physical$20 to dress Pika in as many normal sized jackets as possible, Alex is DESTROYED, 9 jackets total![✓]
16:31--RDPRDP - to MC Hammer - Can't Touch This--
16:32--RDPRDP - to Girls Just want to have fun--
16:34--RDPRDP - to Baby Got Back - Sir Mix A Lot--
16:4516:56SkitBeej & Everyone do Scenes from a Chat
16:56--Drive/GiveawayLRR mix by Big Giant Circles introduces Facebook givaway challenge run by Kate for Big Giant Circles album DL's--
17:0018:00Drive/GiveawayDress Dapper photo challenge contest for DB 6 poster Winner: Jack DalyJack Daly--
17:00--Physical Internet hugs from Pika for chat--
17:03--OtherAlex proposes to Cam--
17:03--PosterNew Poster Update (fat pika added)
17:0517:06?MMM HMMMMMM--
17:0617:20StoryEveryone's secret favorite movie
17:2117:39PhysicalPika Drives the Bus--
17:2317:25ReadingActive Silent Auction review with Matt--
17:25--Enter/ExitAndy RETURNS!!!!--
17:2617:29SkitAndy & Beej - Golden Eye - Q showing 007 things as pirates
17:3317:39SongBeej sings: The Real Folk Blues from Cowboy Bebop
17:39--OtherCam Resumes driving the bus--
17:4217:45SongAndy sings: At Least You're Not Dead
17:49--OtherArt challenge reminder from Cam--
14:52--RDPRDP: some techno with kaleidoscope filter (Music from Electronic Super Joy)
17:52--RDPRDP: to 'heya' by outkast
17:5317:54SkitAndy reacts to missles being fired into Arstotzka--
18:0118:05SongMatt "sings": Everyone's a Hero from Dr Horrible
18:0718:56Drive/Giveaway$5 Donation Drive for:custom Journey figurine Winner: ???iamFish??? (Raised $690)iamFish--
18:11--Enter/ExitKate Leaves to get some sleep--
18:1218:15SongHarmonica time with Andy Beej joins in with his guitar
18:16--OtherPika challenges chat to donate in creepy manner - helped by Alex--
18:17--Enter/ExitA wile Mya appears--
18:2018:22SongBeej Sings: The Stonecutters song from The Simpsons
18:2418:26OtherFreemason information time with Beej--
18:2718:29SongDix sings: Can't Take the Sky from Firefly
18:3318:34GameClearly speak a tongue twister w/o sluring ( I wear an irish wristwatch )
18:3718:39PhysicalAlex drives while Cam ties a bowtie on him--
18:40--RDPRDP: to: ????
18:41--RDPRDP: to : Hit Me Baby One More Time by Britney Spears
18:4218:47OtherQuestions from chat time
18:4818:54OtherIntroductions time--
18:5819:00StoryCam talks about Counterspell (the MTG card) for £20
19:00--Enter/ExitEnter Ian--
19:01--RDPRDP: to : Holla' Back Girl - Gwen Stefani
19:0219:10GameAlex does "Is it playable is it not" with the chat & Cam joins in
19:1219:57Drive/Giveaway$6.66 challenge for Baulder's Gate: D&D Adventure Winner: KingCrynos(sp?) (Raised $273.06)KingCrynos--
19:1719:19SongAndy sings: "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park" by Tom Lehrer
19:20--MilestoneMonumental 100th flush! (courtesy of Maya)--
19:2319:25SongPika sings: Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid
19:2719:31SongAndy sings: Make a Man Out of You from Mulan
19:3419:37OtherSilent auction review time with Matt--
19:3819:39SongEveryone sings: The Gospel Truth from Hercules
19:3919:41MeltdownAlex adds big brother poster with his face on it to overlay--
19:4319:55OtherBeej describes an Anime to chat, for every description that takes chat longer than 70 seconds to guess, $5 donation - FAILURE
19:45-- Enter/ExitEnter Mia--
19:56-- OtherCam's driver challenge remineder--
19:57--OtherAlex changes big brother poster to nightmare vision--
19:58--Enter/ExitEnter Paul--
19:5820:00OtherGoing to the Store / Late For Meeting fun times--
20:0020:02OtherBeej tries the Anime to chat thing again - FAILURE
20:05--OtherPika takes controll of the DESK--
20:05--RDPRDP to:??????
20:06--Enter/ExitEnter James--
20:07--Enter/ExitExit Matt--
20:0820:15TechnicalPaul attempts to fix Bus Cam and succeeds!--
20:12--Enter/ExitPika exits for sleepytimes--
20:12--DanceMia dances to Caravan Palace - Suzy
20:1620:58Drive/Giveaway$7 challenge for DB007 Towel Winner: chaosavenger0 w00t! (Raised $518)chaosavenger0--
20:28--PrankAlex is informed that he has been volunteered to take part in a sketti challenge And shows face of fear--
20:29--OtherPut a top hat on Cam--
20:2920:33PhysicalEveryone talks and walks like animals
20:3320:35SkitAndy vamps
20:3521:35OtherChat challenge - "Mike" will Donate 1 dollar for each person that donates in the next hour --
20:3720:40SkitAndy does the speech from V for Vendetta
20:4120:41PhysicalEveryone in the moonbase jumps at the same time--
20:4320:44SkitEveryone talk like a DALEK for a minute--
20:4921:11OtherBeej can only speak in memes. This causes him anguish
20:5120:55SkitAndy does the speech from The Great Dictator
20:5922:02Drive/Giveaway$20 Challenge: From the Vault: Exiled -- Winner: Identity (Raised $4580; $2180 of that from the auction )Identity--
21:00--TechnicalDoge overlay--
21:0521:12AuctionLive Auction: Custom Painted Warhammer Army is explained and goes on standby due to lack of Fugi/Ashton--
21:09--Game EventBugsplat! (#3)--
21:1321:14RDPRDP: Welcome to the Jungle - Guns 'n Roses
21:14--OtherTest Challenge. Ignore FAILED
21:1521:16DanceDo the Harlem Shake
21:1721:18GameMister President, get down! (Secret Service)--
21:2021:36OtherEveryone dress in "traditional" Canadian clothing--
21:2221:36AuctionWarhammer Live Auction: For Realz Winner: Akeela Sold for $2180.00Akeela--
21:2921:32TechnicalStream goes down for some people--
21:46--Enter/ExitEnter Thomas--
21:5121:55M-M-Multi Challenge!5 challenges in 5 minutes:[✓]
21:5121:54OtherTie ties on Paul: 30 ties[✓]--
21:5121:54StoryPaul Saunders:The Whole Story--
21:54--OtherPaul says "Dingos ate my baby"--
21:55--OtherDo something that has never been done before - Halls in ear and mass tie removal--
21:5621:57PhysicalJames and Andy have a 3-legged "race"
21:58--OtherStrike Team tangentially mentioned--
22:0622:12SongThe Talkin' Alien Abduction Blues with Andy, Beej, and Paul. APB are confirmed as best band
22:1422:15SkitA PSA from Alex about The Train with enthusiastic intreptation by Andy
22:15--Enter/ExitExit Alex--
22:1622:35GameNFL Prediction based on anthropomophizations of team names [9 Correct, 5 incorrect, 0 correct scores.]
22:17--Game^ Jets vs. Bills (choice: Bills by 4) [Actual Result: Jets: 14, Bills: 37; Correct, scrore off by -19]--
22:19--Game^ Ravens vs. Bears (choice: Ravens by 14) [Actual Result: Ravens: 20, Bears 23; Incorrect, score off by -17]--
22:20--Game^ Browns vs. Bengals (choice: Bengals by 40) [Actual Result: Browns: 20, Bengals 41; Correct, score off by -19]--
22:22--Game^ Redskins vs. Eagles (choice: Eagles by everything) [Actual Result: Redskins: 16, Eagles: 24; Correct, score irrelivent]--
22:23--Game^ Lions vs. Steelers (choice: Steelers by 7) [Actual Result: Lions: 27, Steelers: 37; Correct, score off by -3]--
22:24--Game^ Falcons vs. Buccaneers (choice: Buccaneers by 17) [Actual Result: Falcons: 28, Buccaneers: 41; Correct, score off by -4]--
22:26--Game^ Cardinals vs. Jaguars (choice: Jaguars by 3) [Actual result: Cardinals: 27, Jaguars: 14; Incorrect, score off by -16]--
22:27--Game^ Raiders vs. Texans (choice: Raiders by 7) [Acutal Result: Raiders: 28, Texans: 23; Correct, score off by -2]--
22:28--Game^ Chargers vs. Dolphins (choice: Chargers by 7) [Actual Result: Chargers: 16, Dolphins: 20; Incorrect, score off by: -11]--
22:30--Game^ 49ers vs. Saints (choice: Saints by 4+9) [Actual Result: 49ers: 20, Saints: 23; Correct, score off by -10]--
22:31--Game^ Packers vs. Giants (choice: Giants by 7) [Actual Result: Packers: 13, Giants 27; Correct, score off by: -7]--
22:31--Game^ Vikings vs. Seahawks (choice: Seahawks by 7) [Actual Result: Vikings: 20, Seahawks: 41; Correct, score off by -14]--
22:32--Game^ Chiefs vs. Broncos (choice: Chiefs by 7) [Actual Result: Chiefs: 17, Broncos: 27; Incorrect, score off by: -17]--
22:33--Game^ Patriots vs. Panthers (choice: Tie) [Actual Result: Patriots: 20, Panthers: 24; Incorrect, score off by -4]--
22:36--Enter/ExitExit Andre and Photographer Andrew--
22:3723:02Drive/Giveaway$7 Giveaway: Limited Edition Duelist game branded for DB pack #1. Winner: BionicShoulder (Raised: $1162)BionicShoulder--
22:4322:49OtherMustache James--
22:4622:47RDPRDP: LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem
22:4822:49SkitJames and Paul recreate feed dump stinger. Link Paul stabs Cucoco James repeately
22:5222:55AuctionPaul hypes an auction--
23:00--Enter/ExitExit Beej--
23:06--DrawingJessie Juniper announced winner of Cam's art Challenge--
23:07--MeltdownCam realizes he has taken his socks off at some point. Cam needs sleep.--
23:0923:55Drive/Giveaway$14 Challenge: N7 Prize Pack (Silica Gel becomes a thing) Winner: RazerDough (Raised $??)RazerDough[✓]
23:1623:17RDPRDP: Cypress Hill - Jump Around
23:2223:25SongCrew sings the Truck (Bus) Driving Song by Weird Al Yankovic
23:2823:32SongCrew sings "Weird Al" Yankovic - Frank's 2,000" TV
23:3623:39SongAndy sings Cy Colman - The Best is Yet to Come
23:40--Enter/ExitEnter Tally--
23:43--StoryTally talks about her Mom and Thomas--
23:4423:47OtherCam drives with feet--
23:46--OtherEveryone issues a formal appology to Exploding Lobster--
23:47--Enter/ExitEnter Bill's Mom--
23:49--Drive/GiveawayScribblenauts hat revealed as N7 lot sweetener--
23:5223:52RDPRDP: Morning Musume
23:5324:13TechnicalStream goes Wonky --