DesertBus 7 - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 7 - Day 3

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
48:00--Driver Shift ChangeJohnny's shift ends, Kathleen's shift starts--
48:01--Enter/ExitExit Johnny--
48:0248:03StoryKathleen explains how her kitten Baxter hates Desert Bus and minorly injured her in the night--
48:0348:04OtherKatheen talks about her shift plans--
48:07--Enter/ExitEnter Jer--
48:0948:13StoryJer talks about D&D Next alpha using the Temple of Elemental Evil. Kathleen shares D&D charater stories.--
48:1360:00DrawingArt challenge: draw Kathleen's D&D character Pel for Baulder's Gate D&D Adventure--
48:14--Game EventKathleen gains the 6th Point of Desert Bus--
48:17--PosterPoster update--
48:1848:29OtherLive Commentary of NASA Launch[✓]
48:2248:24OtherSidetracked from NASA launch into Discussion of Discworld series--
48:22--Enter/ExitEnter Tally--
48:2448:26OtherContinued NASA discussion--
48:2648:27SongTally has a rocket launch song for kids--
48:3048:38StoryStorytime about Kathleen's D&D character
48:41--Enter/ExitEnter / exit Glenn (The landlord)--
48:42--RDPRDP: FLO RIDA - Club Can't Handle Me
48:43--Enter/ExitExit Johnny (For realz)--
48:4448:46SongPaul tells us why he's Paul (This is Why I'm Paul)
48:4848:46Drive/Giveaway$5 Challenge: Japanese Famitsu Persona 3 Portable Guide. Winner: MadTheorist (Raised $11280)MadTheorist--
48:55--RDPRDP: FLO RIDA - Club Can't Handle Me (again)
48:5649:00DanceDance to Arcade Fire - Reflektor
49:0049:41GuestStepto Call-In
49:1349:26StoryStepto Na-No-Wri-Mo Crime Story--
49:2749:37AuctionSigned Stepto manuscript and main character naming rights. Winner: BobTheGreatAndPowerful for $725BobTheGreatAndPowerful--
49:38--$7 SuperherosStepTo's $7 Superhero: Harmony Lad. For any song, he can sing the perfect harmony. Disarms villains through pure shock value. Only works with songs the person likes.--
49:5149:53SkitAndy does the Dr. Who "I am Talking" speech
49:5549:57SkitKathleen does a Persona 5 commercial
49:5750:08GuestKathleen Skypes with her cats--
50:0950:12SongJer, Andy, Ian and Brent sing Beastie Boys - Sabotage, in spoken word
50:1350:14RDPRDP: David Guetta ft. Sia - Titanium--
50:1551:01Drive/Giveaway$5.23 challenge: MTG From The Vault: Dragons. Winner: Zaranthir (Raised $2,913)Zaranthir--
50:2050:26DanceKathleen and the entire room do some Caramelldansen. Perfect loop gif!
50:2950:37OtherThe ladies have a panel discussion on appropriate strategies to defeat the Borg from the perspective of their fields of expertise.
50:39--Enter/ExitEnter Ian H. and Taka--
50:41--OtherSerge throws down the wig. Taka responds in kind. (Crossdressing challenge accepted)--
50:4950:52SkitAndy & Ian speak David Bowie - Space Oddity (Major Tom) while others act it out
50:5250:53RDPRDP: David Guetta ft. Sia - Titanium (again)--
50:57--OtherTina Fey Kathleen--
51:02--RDPRDP: David Guetta - Play Hard--
51:04--OtherTina Fey Taka--
51:0851:11DanceRefined and elegant (?) lady dance-battle to Cat Groove by Parov Stelar. Kathleen v. Maya. Maya wins.
51:12--Enter/ExitEnter Molly & Ben--
51:1751:18SongVita Moris Careo choir song Desert Bus version
51:20--Enter/ExitEnter Graham. He don't want none of this crazyness until his coffee is done.--
51:2151:24PhysicalMusical chairs with Matrix music. DammitLiz wins!
51:2752:45Drive/Giveaway$8.53 Challenge: Batman his & hers Jewelry. Winner: BadgerSprite (Raised $15??.92)BadgerSprite--
51:28--PosterPoster update--
51:3253:00OtherSupergirly funtime.--
51:34--RDPRDP: Duck Sauce - Barbara Streisand
51:4051:42SongThe girls sing: I Enjoy Being a Girl By Sandra Allen
51:4251:46OtherKara explains her hair maintenance system--
51:4651:47TechnicalStream goes down for the video strike team, returns--
51:4751:57OtherMore hair talk with Tally, Molly, Maya, and Liz--
51:51--PhysicalHair-flipping contest--
51:5752:01StoryHair dye stories--
52:0652:12AuctionHouse Targaryen Banner - Winner: badgersprite for $1,356.27BadgerSprite[✓]
52:06--Enter/ExitEnter Bill's Mom--
52:12--Enter/ExitEnter Mia--
52:1452:17StoryMore hair stories--
52:2052:25DanceThe girls do Liz's sexy dance to Girls Generation - The Boys
52:2852:43OtherMakeup times with Kathleen, Mia, Ashley, Kara, Bill's Mom--
52:4752:52SongEnd of SuperGirly Fun Times - The girls sing Lady Marmalade
52:52--Enter/ExitLet the boys back in--
52:5653:00SkitThe boys are Bond girls, the Girls are James Bond(s)
52:57--SkitTaka as Bond Girl--
52:59--SkitBlog-volunteer Matthew as angel Bond Girl--
53:01--PhysicalJer's Bond Girl Walk
53:0353:35GuestMolly drives the bus--
53:0153:18ReadingThe room reads Full Life Consequences with the speech jammer
53:18--RDPRDP: Katamari Damacy
53:16--Game EventBugsplat #7--
53:2054:15Drive/Giveaway$12 Challenge: Penny Arcade First Party Jacket. Winner: GWG8420 (Raised: $1548)GWG8420--
53:22--OtherGraham is sexy on the catwalk (with a CatQWOP)
53:23--Enter/ExitEnter Andrew the photographer and Landlord Glenn (again)--
53:2953:32DanceCrew does some Caramelldansen, Molly is confused[✓]
53:32--OtherTaka has broken the lobster, sings and dances about it[✓]--
53:3553:35RDPRDP: Donna Summer - Hot Stuff
53:36--Enter/ExitEnter Kate & Exit Bill's Mom--
53:38--OtherSecret Teased--
53:4053:48OtherDr. Kathleen and Dr. Kate give horrible advice again (Kate actually gives good advice about bartenders)
53:5954:07M-M-Multi Challenge!As many challenges as possible in 10 minutes! (Kathleen wants to do 15 or more)
53:59--OtherSaying good luck to the artist formally known as?--
53:5954:00SongMolly sits in a pillow fort and plays All The Single Ladies on Ukelele--
53:5954:00SkitEveryone does the All the Single Ladies dance--
54:01--PhysicalBrent, Brendan and Mia make a human pyramid--
54:01--SkitKathleen does an ad for Hotel Californa--
54:01--SkitJer does dragon impressions--
54:02SkitIan, James, Liz, Brent and Kathleen do a one-word-per-person story--
----DancePeople dance to a Super Junior K Pop song (MISSED?)--
54:03--DancePeople dance to Hey Ya--
54:0354:04PhysicalJeremy juggles ducks--
54:03--Enter/ExitEnter James--
----PhysicalGraham changes his shoes like Mr. Rogers (didn't see but heard mentioned)--
54:0454:05SkitTaka reads the strong bad email--
----OtherKathleen sums up the plot of Persona 3. (MISSED?)--
54:0454:07DanceEveryone dances to Utah Saints - Something Good '08 --
54:07--RDPRDP: Wham! - Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
54:08--OtherYay Joe! Joe sends an edible arrangement. "Here's some food. It's for eating. - Joe"--
54:1154:12PhysicalKathleen and Jer bounce for donations--
54:12--RDPRDP: MIKA - Kick Ass
54:1454:33GuestMolly drives again--
54:1454:15RDPRDP: Marina & the Diamonds - How To Be A Heart Breaker
54:16--MilestoneFirst 100 items shipped--
54:1854:19PhysicalMr. President Get Down! (On Driver Molly). Molly looks unsafe
54:2554:33DanceTriple Carms! Caramelldansen x2 finished with double-speed Caramelldansen
54:3654:59AuctionLive Auction - My Gimpy Life Season 2 Script -- Winner: Omega_LaironOmega_Lairon
54:5955:00OtherGraham praises the Video Strike Team. Including a note of how we always put up vidoes of him mentioning us.
55:00--RDPRDP: Tom Cruise Crazy--
55:01--OtherGraham makes a note of the above note in the spreadsheet (meta much?) (all the meta) (meta meta)--
55:0355:36GuestBobak Ferdowsi Call-In
55:2055:21$7 SuperherosBobak's $7 Superhero: Brainosaurus: super-intelligent, would solve all mysteries of that time period--
55:2355:35AuctionSurprise Bobak Auction! -- JPL Pack -- Winner -- doh ($3000.00)doh--
55:30--DanceGraham moonwalks--
55:40Drive/Giveaway$6.42 Challenge: The Last Nuisance. Winner: Driosenth (Raised $1227)Driosenth--
55:46--MilestoneDesert Bus 3 total officially surpassed--
55:47--TechnicalVideo Stream goes 4:3 again and is quickly fixed--
55:48--TechnicalApp gets an update: Schedule Fixes--
55:49--OtherChallenges are purged--
55:49--OtherKate describes what she will do to Serge--
55:52--SongKathleen gives a Hotel California preview--
55:5455:59SongMolly plays Stephen Fry Song On Ukelele
56:02--RDPRDP: Pink - Comin' Out
56:0356:00OtherSilent Auction review time with Jer--
56:0456:04OtherHotel California dubstep--
56:1256:15DanceJeremy, Graham, Kathleen, and Johnny crabcore to the metal version of the LRR theme
56:1256:15GuestMolly drives again--
56:15--Game EventKathleen scores the 7th point of #DB007--
56:18--Enter/ExitEnter Johnny--
56:19--OtherJohnny explains helix Bus Time Theory--
56:1956:20StoryAn explanation of "Let's Nope! with Kathleen and Alex"
56:2656:28OtherSarah Jean (female Serge) is unveiled. Kathleen is FLOORED
56:2956:32SkitPeople try Respectful Pickup Artist tips on Serah Jean. Ian & Tally join in.--
56:3556:36OtherGirly Serge looks just like Liev Schreiber in Mixed Nuts--
56:3656:39SongGraham sings the Galaxy Song without lyrics
56:3956:40OtherWinston the Spider Update--
56:4456:52StoryKathleen tells more stories about Pel (her D&D character)
56:5056:51RDPRDP: ?
56:51--Enter/ExitEnter Pika--
56:5357:36Drive/Giveaway$7 challenge: Skylanders Giants Starter Pack (7 skylanders total). Winner: Raiger (Raised: almost $1K)Raiger--
57:0157:02PhysicalMolly armwrestles Jer. Jer wins, but Molly put up a great fight.
57:0357:04RDPRDP: Jackson Five - ABC
57:0457:06DanceDance party: Jamiroquai - Canned Heat
57:07--Enter/ExitEnter Kim, disguised as Maya (creeper Hoodie)--
57:11--OtherJer sneaks in another App plug--
57:1457:18SongThe room sings Hotel California. Molly accompanies on ukelele. Kathleen has a screaming solo and slightly breaks after everyone immitates her.
57:21--OtherKathleen calls UPS Lynx a chump for not sorting his socks.--
57:2557:25PhysicalTallest person stands back-to-back with the shortest and the shortest tries to prove that they are taller.
57:2957:30OtherKathleen hypes the giveaway with an ad.--
57:3457:38DanceDance to a Romanian Eurovision thing while keeping a straight face.
57:4057:41PhysicalKathleen demonstrates a frump and Molly attempts one but fails. Frump Force 1 assembles!
57:40--Enter/ExitEnter Matt--
57:4659:00Drive/Giveaway$6.23 Challenge: Rare Behemoth Collection: Signed Castle Crashers figurine, Alien Hominid GBA cart. Winner: AnanziP1 (Raised: $5285)AnanziP1--
57:50--MeltdownKathleen becomes fixated on bobcats, is going mad. Go to bed, Kathleen. Background music by Molly Lewis throughout.--
57:5159:00Drive/GiveawaySimultanious $6.23 Challenge: Signed Oatmeal Print: Meowry Night. Winner: Braininator (Raised: $5285)Braininator--
57:5557:57OtherAsk Dr. Kathleen
57:5758:01OtherKathleen is fed a strawberry, very sensually, and then spits it out. A second attempt is made. Kathleen has forgotten how to eat. Then Kathleen is fed cake. Kathleen can't handle more cake ;_;--
58:04--OtherGraham explains why Garrus and other things are on the poster
58:0558:06OtherLooking up the pronunciation of Dog again, and other words, including "Desert Bus" by SimonAJ--
58:0658:07RDPRDP: ABBA - Dancing Queen
58:0858:10SongIan plays the Pacific Rim theme on Kazoo. Pika and Serge have a Kaiju / Jaeger battle, then Serge carries Pika into the rift
58:10--OtherKathleen frumps while eating cake--
58:1258:18PhysicalFor every second Kathleen stands on one foot, her challenger will donate $1, up to $250 maximum. Kathleen refuses to stop even after far surpassing 250 seconds.
58:1458:15SongEye of the Tiger on Ukelele and Kazoo--
58:1658:18SongMolly Plays upbeat Radiohead - Creep while Kathleen hops around.--
58:1858:21ReadingSerge plugs the donation drive while using the voice jammer. He starts strong, but falls apart.
58:2358:27ReadingGraham reads Repercussions of Evil (Doom fanfic) while using the voice jammer.
58:26--MeltdownAshton breaks--
58:29--ReadingMolly tries to do the star tours patter while using the voice jammer.
58:3258:33SongMolly tries to do Radiohead - Creep with the speech jammer.--
58:3558:37ReadingAshton reads about the silent auctions with the speech jammer with his Afrikaans accent
58:38--Shame TicketTally is shamed.--
58:4158:42MeltdownKathleen wants the D (Where D is for Dix.)
58:4258:45SongDix sings Barenaked Ladies - One Week with extra special shakycam--
58:46--TechnicalEverything goes shaky and then upside-down--
58:4758:48PhysicalGraham and Kate have a Stark-off
58:5358:59SkitStar Tours with Molly Lewis, and the ride on the greenscreen
59:0460:00Drive/Giveaway$5.05 Giveaway: Limbo Set or Children's Books by Omi. Winners: Insaneiac and Jiopur (Raised $1040)Jiopur--
59:0559:34GuestGrant Imahara Call-In
59:20--Enter/ExitEnter Alex with a shame note--
59:20--Shame TicketAlex is shamed--
59:32--$7 SuperherosGrant's $7 superhero: Captain Forgetful: Makes people forget any 10 second span of time--
59:3759:40PhysicalKathleen attempts to sharpie Matt, this leads to SHARPIE JOUSTING in lab coats. Kathleen wins.
59:4159:43OtherA message from the reigning money raised champ! Jer proclaims himself eternal Desert Bus champ!
59:48--Shame TicketGraham is shamed for messing up the moonbase--
59:5260:00Drive/Giveaway$9 Challenge: Pac-man mosaic mirror and Kathleen's epic mix CD. Winner: Arthurboo (Raised: $675)Arthurboo--
59:5560:00PhysicalKathleen jumps up and down for money. While Aphex Twin - Windowlicker plays.
59:56--MilestoneKathleen surpasses James' total--
60:00--Driver Shift ChangeKathleen's shift ends, passing the torch to Alex Steacy
60:0060:01MeltdownSteacy Opening Animation :O--
60:02--Shame TicketAlex didn't read the e-mail to bring down his prizes and is shamed.--
60:0260:03SkitJer and Kathleen exchange words. Kathleen promises to come back stronger and more powerful!--
60:03--Enter/ExitExit Molly Lewis--
60:06--OtherAlex brought props and his mom. Be afraid. Lock down your jimmies.--
60:07--Enter/ExitEnter Mrs. Steacy (Alex's mom)--
60:0960:11Drive/GiveawayKathleen's D&D Character art for Pel finalists are shown and a winner is picked. RoseNightshade wins!RoseNightshade--
60:1360:15MeltdownSwitch to MSPaint overlay.--
60:1561:00Drive/Giveaway$14 Challenge: The full set of foil Magic 2014 giveaway, pack of Homeland, pack of Chronicles & signed cards. Winner: LackingSanity (Raised: $7,812)LackingSanity--
60:17--Enter/ExitExit Mrs. Steacy (Alex's mom)--
60:2160:24PrankMatt Frump Face from the DB6 poster is put on the greenscreen, followed by a gif of alex eating tacos--
60:24--OtherThe theme of Alex's shift is Spoopy Sleepover--
60:26--OtherAlex becomes dealwithit.gif--
06:2806:28RDPRDP: Beyonce - Ring the Alarm
60:31--OtherAlex gets digital Deal With It glasses via overlay--
60:32--Enter/ExitEnter Pajama Pika--
60:33OtherPreview of prizes to come via Matt--
60:3760:39GuestLoki appears (Taka)[✓]
60:3960:39Shame TicketLoki is shamed for destroying half of New York because he has daddy issues--
60:39--OtherLoki hits on Alex and pretends to kiss Graham on the cheek--
60:4060:48OtherCrack the oldest Magic packs: Homelands and Chronicles
60:4660:48ReadingGraham starts using the speech jammer while reading cards--
60:5160:53SkitLoki does his "kneel" speech from The Avengers under the influence of the speech jammer
60:54--OtherBusiness Pac-Man appears n the overlay--
60:54--OtherTaka as Alucard wishes Amber a happy birthday--
60:5660:57RDPRDP: BEP - Tonight's gonna be a good night
60:57--OtherAlex explains why people should donate while using the speech jammer.--
60:57--MilestoneHour with the most donations achieved!--
60:5861:06ReadingGraham cracks the pack of Chronicles using the speech jammer
61:11ReadingJer jams himself while plugging silent auctions--
61:16--Game EventBugsplat! #8 (determined from logs)--
61:1963:30Drive/GiveawayArt challenge: Draw DesertBus-Tan. Reward: Capcom 30th Anniversary Character Encyclopedia. Winner: Simon BodoinSimon Bodoin--
61:2462:25Drive/Giveaway$8 challenge for Plush Mr. Saturn - Winner: Omega_Larion (Raised $1936)Omega_Larion--
61:27--OtherAlex completely zones out--
61:3161:59SkitLive Feed Dump!
61:33--Enter/ExitExit Jer and Tally--
61:42--RDPRDP: Toto - Africaaaaaaa
61:5861:59OtherGraham becomes a horse, has a slapfight with Taka--
62:00--OtherBeej says thanks to Graham (not Stark) from Little Jumbo for donating $3 from every desert sold--
62:0162:02RDPRDP: Backstreet Boys - Backstreet's Back With Loki dancing
62:0662:11SongLoki and Skeletor sing a love duet
62:11--Enter/ExitExit Loki (but not Taka)--
62:1162:24AuctionRare Behemoth Auction - Winner: Omega_Lairon for $1,400.00Omega_Lairon[✓]
62:16--Enter/ExitExit Brent--
62:25--DanceDance party to ???--
62:26--PrankAsh tied Matt's shoelaces together--
62:2862:34OtherOuija Board to determine which item to give away first - Bioshock Etched Glasses (by BrainStew!)[✓]
62:3463:35Drive/Giveaway$8 Challenge for Bioshock Infinite Vigor Glasses. Winner: FlyingDuchman (Raised $1688)FlyingDuchman--
62:3962:49StorySpoopy Stories with Alex and Kathleen
62:40--OtherWinston update. He has covered the front of the camera with webs apparently (not the lens).--
62:5162:52TechnicalExperiments with the video mixer--
62:53--RDPRDP: The Knife - Heartbeats
62:54--OtherKeep it down! Beej has work in the morning!--
62:54--SongHappy Birthday to Chris!
62:5562:56PrankEveryone vanishes! 2 spoopy 4 me--
62:5862:59OtherCospy Boopball--
62:59--Enter/ExitEnter Taka--
62:5963:03GuestPizza guys come in and say hi to chat! Josh delivered tenticle pizza last year. Free Pizza! And they donate money!
63:0463:05SkitMatt and Graham reenact all the major plot points from twilight in under a minute--
63:06--Enter/ExitExit Kathleen, Cori, Graham, and Pizza Guy (Morgan's brother!)--
63:10--OtherPeople lose it over Beej gif--
63:1063:12OtherTaka puts on the horse mask and Alex explains why it's there: Alex will drive with head on and people can vote for him to wear it or take it off with bids.--
63:13--RDPRDP: Corey Hart - Sunglasses At Night
63:1463:17OtherEach person needs to wear the chicken hat and become a chicken while they wear it.
63:17--DanceArrested Development chicken dances--
63:19--RDPRDP: Carola - Fångad av en Stormvind
63:1965:21OtherSilent auction review time with Kate & twitter give away--
63:2263:24DanceCorgi Song(woof woof by dan deacon) and Dance Time
63:26--Enter/ExitExit Andrew--
63:2763:31OtherAlex assigns Homestuck jobs and classes to everyone in the room
63:30--OtherMatt purges challenges--
63:3163:34StoryPika tells chat a lovely bedtime story and tucks them in to a bed--
63:34--PrankTowlie makes an appearence on the green screen--
63:36--Drive/GiveawayKate will throw out Xbox live codes for #DB007 trending on twitter, anywhere--
63:39--RDPRDP: Robert Palmer - Simply Irresistable
63:4663:48OtherSilent auction review time with Kate--
63:4863:50DanceDance Party to 1980s TMNT Theme!
63:5054:54Drive/Giveaway$10.90 Challenge: Pyth Plush. Winner: Edgarware.exe (Raised:$937.40)Edgarware.exe--
63:5664:04OtherReview of Alex's Drawing challenge, 14 finalists, Alex has a VERY hard time deciding. Simon Bodwin wins![✓]
63:58--RDPRDP: Survivor - Eye of the Tiger
64:0564:08SongDix sings the very sorry song with chat
64:0964:10OtherKate wants more #DB007 tweets--
64:1064:12PrankGreen screen horror show time MY BRANNNND and a cat has too many hot dogs--
64:16--TechnicalStream cut at the request of Strike Team--
64:17--TechnicalSteam resumes--
64:17--Game EventPoint # 8--
64:2264:23DanceDance party to: 'Anime is for Dumbs' around Alex
64:2364:26DanceDance party to: ???? some japanese music
64:2664:29SongAlex tries to defend anime (it's still for dumbs)--
64:2964:34AchievementTrending achieved (Star Trek skit as a result)
64:3564:37StoryDear Dr. XXX time (questions from chat)
64:37--RDPRDP: The Drill - The Drill (Ian uses his phone next to the camera to start it)
64:3764:38RDPRDP: The Spinners - Spaceballs theme
64:4164:48OtherOuiji board used to determine if Kate hands out AOE2, Rome2, or Music keys With Dancing skeletons on the green screen--
64:49--OtherChallenge for dix to change his nic to Dix_E_Normous--
64:5464:55MeltdownMental breakdown time! YEYEYEYEYEYEYEYEYEYE
64:55--RDPRDP: Ice Ice Baby
65:01--MeltdownThey are destroyed by this .gif--
65:0265:06StoryAlex gives everyone feels (also mentions survivors), Mia joins in with another story[✓]
65:0266:00Drive/GiveawayContest: Paragraph of a positive experiance for Brainslug fascinator - Winner: Harmendale2 (65 total submissions)Harmendale2--
65:0665:07PrankFlashing horsehead on auction light for the lulz--
65:0965:12StoryTaka tells a depression story--
65:1365:30OtherMore pronunciation guide fun, Taka: 1 right, 1 wrong, Mia: 1 right, Pika: 1 wrong, Alex: 1 right
65:3065:40OtherSilent auction review time--
65:3365:40OtherMatt tries reading silent auctions with the Speech jammer. It is not effective
65:4065:41PrankPitched down babies - Taka takes a trip to QWOP land--
65:4466:30Drive/Giveaway$12 challenge for PennyArcade The Tithe (print & full pages, all signed) - Winner: MikeLunsford (Raised $2340)MikeLunsford--
65:45--RDPRDP - ????????
65:57--DancePika dances with the skeletons on her shirt
65:5966:02Physical$1->$5 per rep (from multiple people) of Dix benchpressing Pika, results in a Pika toss, 20 reps in a row 26 total!
66:05--PhysicalMatt hugs Alex for a challenge--
66:0866:11OtherSilent auction review time with Matt--
66:12--ShoutoutWe get mentioned again
66:1666:18OtherMia donates $1 for every positive experience story submitted--
66:29--RDPRDP: Party in the USA - Miley Cyrus
66:3166:34SongDix sings Danger Zone while in a flight helmet
66:3867:11Drive/Giveaway$6.62 challenge for: Trial of the Clone An Interactive Adventure book & Full poster decision chart (signed) Winner: Space_Titanium (Raised $???)Space_Titanium--
66:4267:45Drive/GiveawayBuild a monument to creeper victims in Minecraft then send 1 screenshot to win: Plush Creeper Doll--
66:5267:14SkitDerpline #1 - Call-ins & What's in my hand
66:56--RDPRDP: Crocodile Rock - Elton John
67:04--Enter/ExitExit Taka--
67:06--RDPRDP: I Love It - Icona Pop
67:22--PrankBeej tells Alex to eat his lasanga and go to bed because he has work in the morning--
67:2367:24OtherSilent auction review time with Kate--
67:2867:32OtherPreview of the Owl Bear for the upcoming live auction--
67:30--MeltdownMatt breaks thanks to this .gif--
67:33--RDPRDP: Raise Your Glass - Pink
67:3667:37Drive/GiveawayKate issues a challenge for 2k in the next hour to get Xbox live codes - failure - extended to 68:30:00--
67:37--MeltdownSeizure Chicken hat Mk2 sings 'We Are Santa's Elves'--
67:38--Enter/ExitEnter Andy--
67:4167:43SongAndy invents and sings a new Australian national anthem (in a french accent)
67:44--MeltdownSeasonal Seziure Chicken returns!--
67:46--MeltdownNew preview poster causes engineering to break--
67:4767:48SkitBeej (as Dr Chronos) tries to kill Alex
67:4968:45Drive/Giveaway$7.77 challenge for either a 3DS, PS3, or Xbox games from Naruto and DBZ game pack. Winner: Anubis169 Raised: $326.34Anubis169--
67:55--Enter/ExitEnter Paul--
68:00--RDPRDP - One Way or Another - Blondie
68:05--Enter/ExitExit Matt--
68:08--Enter/ExitEnter James--
68:0968:12SongDrunken Sailor led by Paul
68:1768:22SkitAndy takes feedback from chat about his audition - it DESTROYS Alex (multiple times) and others
68:19--ShoutoutAndy mentions strike team
68:2368:29OtherSilent auction review time with Paul--
68:30--Drive/GiveawayCreeper victim monument winner announced, TechnomancyTechnomancy--
68:32--RDPRDP: Maroon 5 - Moves Like Jagger
68:34--Milestone$172,000 reached - Kate gives out an xbox code and a BGC code--
68:37--Otherlocal hotel shoutout--
68:39--Enter/ExitEnter Maya--
68:4468:46SkitBeej sits and gets rickrolled while he sings it as Christopher Walken while an ever-moving pillow fort forms around him and a DBZ Fight happens in the background that Andy narrates.
68:51--OtherJames wants to do a gif challenge where they recreate fameous gifs suggested by chat.--
68:5268:53RDPRDP: Girls Generation - ??
68:5568:58DanceDance to Pump Up the Jams with crazy filters
68:59--SongAlex's Auction Song breaks the stream for a moment for some people--
69:0069:08AuctionOwlbear Auction goes to MadTheorist for $1000 (with Dix bids and auction calls)MadTheorist[✓]
69:1469:28M-M-Multi Challenge!James wants to re-create classic gifs:[✓]
----PhysicalPaul does a derping Skyrim dragon--
----PhysicalAndy and James do a dog handshake--
----PhysicalThomas does a beard stroke[✓]--
----PhysicalDix and Andre do karate lod chased by a chicken--
----PhysicalJames does epic cartoon rocker--
69:17--Game EventBugsplat! #9--
----PhysicalDix does the fameous Orson Wells clapping--
----PhysicalAlex does a cat forgetting how to cat--
----PhysicalMaya does a running thing?--
----PhysicalAndre does Neo dodging bullets--
----PhysicalBeej and James do a low blow--
----PhysicalJames and Alex do some shampooing--
----PhysicalBeej is a cat hanging up laundry--
----PhysicalAndre headbangs--
----PhysicalPaul and Rosco are Ash and Pikachu--
----PhysicalBeej is abducted--
----PhysicalPaul wants you to shut up and take his money--
----PhysicalDix and Pika are a dog and its owner--
--69:28PhysicalBeej is Khaavren getting a sticky note afixed to his face--
69:2669:50Drive/Giveaway$6.49 Challenge: Pipe Dreams Dragon Duo. Winner: KlausVonNomNomBitterson (Raised: $194.70)KlausVonNomNomBitterson--
69:29--Enter/ExitExit Thomas, Enter Bill's Mom--
69:3269:38PhysicalPaul balances book on head
69:33--MilestoneJames triggers achevements--
69:36--OtherFacebook post to try and get 1000 likes--
69:3769:38RDPRDP: Cee-Lo - Bus You
69:38--GuestWinston update.--
69:4069:41OtherMore discussion of achevements--
69:4269:42OtherPlug for poster and shirt--
69:44--OtherDessert bus (Little Jumbo) and Fernwood coffee plug --
69:4869:49StoryBill's Mom casually mentions how she sat in an Apollo shuttle during US bicentennial celebrations.
69:51--Enter/ExitEnter DammitLiz, exit Sarah--
69:5669:58OtherWhat shall we do to Beej--
69:5769:58PrankDeal with it shades flying around--
69:5870:00OtherBeej carmalldansen, with an apple in his mouth and doing trust falls.[✓]
70:00--MilestoneWe start reaching halfway points if people stop donating.--
70:03--RDPRDP: Michael Jackson - Beat It
70:0570:09RDPRDP: Daft Punk - Get Lucky (full song)
70:07--PhysicalAndy does the worm then has James on his back for pushups--
70:1070:15SongJames, Dix, and crew sing Elton John's Rocket Man.
70:15--TechnicalAshton announces updated giveaway times.--
70:1770:20SongEveryone sings Queen - Don't Stop Me Now
70:2170:22DanceEveryone one-legged hops to Epic Sax Chiptune--
70:2470:27SongEveryone sings Rainbow Connection
70:2770:30ReadingAndy recites The Walrus and The Carpenter, with haste
70:3070:55Drive/Giveaway$9.33 donation drive for G.I. Joe Cobra Commander Figurine. Winner: Jiopur (Raised: $195.93)Jiopur--
70:32--PrankFunny faces and clucking in response to sudden comic book filter--
70:3470:38SongEveryone dance sings to Take on Me by A-Ha
70:3970:40SongEveryone applauding to Take on Me karaoke version with no singing, stops mid-song; James' fault!--
70:40OtherMaya has to do the correct challenge, becomes Sheeva and mirror filter shenanigans, also dancing--
70:4470:47OtherDr Who themes. ALL OF THEM. Maya is the Doctor
70:48--Enter/Exitexit Bill's mom--
70:4870:51SongPaul and Andy sing The Muppets - Follow Me from the opening to Fraggle Rock
70:50GuestCameraman and Newsman enters, takes shots of game and moonbase (Al Jazeera America)--
70:51--OtherDesign a duck Magic card--
70:53--RDPRDP: Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby
70:54--SongSpontaneous I Believe I Can Fly - A Capella--
70:5570:56OtherKara introdces Al Jazeera and explains that they will be around for the next couple of days - weird things, clam your tits
71:01--RDPRDP: Avicii - Good Feeling
71:01--RDPRDP: Madonna - Material Girl
71:0371:09SkitLive X ways to Hitchhike from Las Vegas to Tucson
71:09--Enter/ExitExit Pika and Andre?--
71:1071:13SongHakuna Matata--
71:1171:13TechnicalFeed goes black - still have audio--
71:1371:20TechnicalFeed goes down to fix camera issues "We're going down for a sec guys"--
71:20--PrankFeed returns. Horse is driving (it's James!)--
71:20--GuestJamie from Child's Play appears!--
71:26--RDPRDP: N Sync - Bye Bye Bye
71:29--Enter/ExitEnter Mrs. Stark, Graham's and Kate's Mom--
71:3071:30RDPRDP: Chipzel - Focus
71:3271:37OtherPaul talks about the Silent Auctions--
71:39--DanceAndy shimmies--
71:39--RDPRDP: Cindy Lauper - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
71:4171:45DanceDance-off to Darude - Sandstorm
71:43--MeltdownKate realizes that James has promised that they will dance for up to 20 minutes--
71:4671:49DanceEpic Sax guy dance feat. twerking Alex horse twerk-off with Ashton
71:47--OtherReporter takes a photo of the madness--
71:4971:54DanceSpace Jam. Alex makes it rain, then goes all Flava-Flav
71:5471:56DanceLa Bamba