DesertBus 7 - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 7 - Day 4

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
72:00--Driver Shift ChangeAlex's shift ends, Tally's shift begins--
72:0072:03SongTally enters, singing DB version of Material Girl[✓]
72:02--Enter/ExitEnter Jer--
72:04--MeltdownAlex loses it--
72:0572:06GuestAl Jezeera producer comes in to show off her knit endless road scarf
72:0872:08OtherGoing to the Store with Tally and Al Jazeera, Al Jezeera is not impressed.--
72:0972:10OtherPaul transforms into a hipster--
72:12--OtherThe alarms were sounded--
72:1272:28GuestTeller call-in, announces $500 donation :)
72:18--Game EventTally scores point #9. "Teller's Point"--
72:20--Enter/ExitExit Kate--
72:2472:27$7 SuperherosTeller's $7 superhero: Waffleman: Carries a waffle iron, feeds his foe waffles. They become so delighted with the waffles that they become good people, or he hits them with the waffle iron. Sidekick: Maple Syrup. --
72:3172:41GuestPenn call-in! Donates $500.01--
72:3872:40$7 SuperherosPenn's $7 superhero: Chickenhead: has a chicken for a head, later became Manfoot. Understands that context is everything.--
72:4474:30Drive/GiveawayArt Challenge: Waffleman & Maple Syrup vs. Manfoot for a Scribblenauts hat, DS case, stylus. Winner: ?????--
72:46--Enter/ExitEnter Molly and Ben--
72:5174:00Drive/Giveaway$6.54 challenge: needle felted Star Wars gnomes. Winner: Patrick (Raised: $850.20)Patrick--
72:5672:56RDPRDP: Carl Douglas - Kung-Fu Fighting (again)
72:56--OtherChallenges purged--
72:58--OtherTally has SECRETSES. Ashton must HACK THE PLANET to find what they are.--
72:5973:44GuestPaul and Storm and Orion (cat) call-in
73:04--AuctionPaul and Storm review Auction items--
73:14--$7 SuperherosPaul & Storm's $7 Superheroes: 83 Cents Man: Once a day he can reach into his pocket and pull out 83 cents. Valdez: Can drink an infinite amt. of any liquid. Super Visor: Wears a green transparent visor with a HUD on it that displays info on people. Arch Enemy: Quarterly Review. Jeans Hackman: Can always hail a cab but can never get into any formal occasions.--
73:2773:42AuctionPaul and Storm Auction (Sold to Doh for $1000)Doh
73:44--Enter/ExitEnter Kristin Lindsay from Child's Play--
73:45--RDPRDP: Kung-Fu Fighting into Get Lucky into Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
73:47--OtherJohnny reveals that Ian can trigger RDPs remotely.--
73:48--ReadingTally's brother texts her and Jer shames him--
73:5373:57OtherAl Jazeera interviews Jamie about Child's Play--
73:5874:24GuestChat questions for Child's Play
74:26--RDPRDP: Cypress Hill - Jump Around
74:2775:45Drive/Giveaway$12.34 M14 Uncommon Sheet Giveaway. Winner: Tofun(sp?) (Raised $7,983)Tofun--
74:33--RDPRDP: Kesha - TiK ToK
74:33--OtherJohnny explains why the RDP button broke: they went through all 126 songs.--
74:3674:36Drive/GiveawayJudging Waffle Man, Maple Syrup and Manfoot arts and showing the winner. (Winner's name not said)???--
74:40PhysicalCreepy Doll (helped by Kristin) drives the bus
74:42--TechnicalCameras go negative while Creepy Doll drives--
74:4574:46PhysicalEpic chest bumps
74:5074:56SongTally and Kara sing "Defying Gravity" from Wicked
74:56--Enter/ExitEnter Graham--
74:58--OtherReporter is confused.--
74:5975:05OtherReporter runs through a tease several times..--
75:0575:05RDPRDP: Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend
75:0675:10ReadingReporter Allen from Al Jazeera gets speech-jammed, succeeds amazingly. Graham shows him how to derp.
75:1375:19OtherTally is interviewed while driving. Yay TV Production!--
75:18--OtherKristin gives a shoutout--
75:2275:23SkitAndy does a David Letterman style Top 10 list of things men can be filled with.
75:2675:32SkitBen does a fashion show.[✓]
75:35--Drive/GiveawayShowing off the Foil Sheet again--
75:3675:46GuestScott Kurtz call-in
75:3875:40OtherBen untucks one shirt tail, pops his collar with maximum frump.--
75:4275:45OtherScott Kurtz auction preview.--
75:47--RDPRDP: Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby
75:50--Enter/ExitEnter Bill--
75:5275:53RDPRDP: Beyoncé - All the Single Ladies
75:5375:56DanceButts (Maya) vs Lobster (Kristin) dance-off to Beat It. Maya bites the lobster and wins.
75:58--PhysicalBen frumps again.--
75:5876:22AuctionPinny Arcade pins (Bidding begins at 76:05) Winner: rckr, for $5,005rckr
76:03--Enter/ExitEnter Kathleen--
76:21--AchievementAchievement Unlocked: Bid For Power (Auction going over $5K)--
76:22--CrashMolly causes the first Crash of Desert Bus 7 :(--
76:22--AchievementAchievement Unlocked:Don't Stop Me Now (Bus Crash)--
76:2476:25RDPRDP: ABBA - Dancing Queen
76:30--Shame TicketTally and Molly are shamed.--
76:32--Shame TicketJames gets shamed for shaming without permission.--
76:35--MilestonePassed Desert Bus 4's total--
76:3777:15Drive/Giveaway$4.99 challenge for The Thing Beneath the Bed - by Patrick Rothfuss. Winner: Amake (Raised $?)Amake--
76:4276:45ReadingAndy attempts "The Pandorica Opens" from Doctor Who with the speech jammer, owns it.
76:45--Enter/ExitEnter Cam--
76:4676:53SkitAndy and Paul do the dead parrot (lobster) sketch, breaks the lobster even more.
76:5476:56SongTally sings Adele - Skyfall while the backup lobster swims in front of the camera[✓]
76:54Shame TicketAndy is shamed for breaking the lobster more[✓]--
76:56--Shame TicketAsh is shamed for going mad with shame power[✓]--
76:5776:58OtherExamining Paul's beard--
76:58--Enter/ExitExit Paul and Andy--
76:59OtherJer describes the origin of the hipster glasses --
76:5977:00RDPRDP: Rock Lobster
77:0177:04OtherJer explains apps AGAIN!--
77:0577:08DanceGraham dances to Shakira - Whenever, Wherever with backup dancers
77:1177:12SkitKathleen interviews Harry about stealing from his friends while Tally tries to get the controller remote back.
77:12--OtherFootball picks made $29 and change for the children--
77:14--OtherGraham does a shout-out to Can't Wear Hats for the Kerbal Space Program bus on the mun--
77:14--OtherBill is tall on camera--
77:16--RDPRDP: Funkytown
77:2277:26SongDancing Queen (ABBA), sung by Kristin and Jamie
77:3077:31SkitBill tries to talk with the speech jammer. Tries to say his full name: [REDACTED]
77:33Drive/Giveaway$11.23 Challenge for Molly Lewis stuff -- two winners! Winners: Trevin and Karak Sindru (Raised:$2763)Trevin && Karak Sindru--
77:34--Shame TicketGraham is shamed for shaming people's butts without permission.--
77:36--SkitMolly does a Public Service Announcement on why she shouldn't drive the bus
77:3877:40SongMolly does a cover of the punk rock song Against Me! - Baby, I'm an Anarchist!--
77:41--Shame TicketSerge is shamed for not being able to find packing tape--
77:4377:46DanceMore Caramelldansen! Power metal version
77:4674:54OtherTally can only speak in R2-D2 Bloops for 5 minutes
77:4977:53OtherJeremy runs down the silent auctions--
77:5578:01SkitCam (as Johnny from Rapidfire) explains Microwaves to Johnny using random props
77:56--CrashTally crashes (Crash #2)--
78:01--Game EventTally stops at the bus stop! (Bus Stop #1 of the run)--
78:0378:22GuestScott Kurtz and puppies call-in again for auction
78:1178:19AuctionScott Kurtz laser-cut cell and original comic art. Winner: Trevin for $1,852.95! (Cell final comic link)Trevin--
78:2378:26DanceEveryone dances to PSY - Gentleman ($200k Dance Party)
78:2478:39PrankJames continues "dancing" while standing on the back couch (later joined by Ashton)--
78:34--RDPRDP: Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up
78:3778:49ReadingCam reads bedtime stories for Little Ladies Hosk[✓]
78:5080:00Drive/GiveawayChallenge: Draw R2D2 crashing into a monster 2nd Place: Murder in Baldur's Gate - Winner: Daniel Zader R2D2 in to wearbat 1st Place: Limbo (special edition) - Winner: Mike Atrium R2D2 into Xenomorph --check blog for name spelling?Mike Atrium && Daniel Zader--
78:5279:00OtherBill takes over driving as Tally is told to leave the room--
79:0079:09GameGame of "Newscaster" (green screen game) Tally is the Reporter. Clip is Captain Kirk fighting a Gorn, Tally does not get it.
79:1280:00Drive/Giveaway$11.27 Challenge of: Sentinels of the Multiverse including promo cards - Winner: Omega_Lairon (Raised $???)Omega_Lairon--
79:1679:24GameAnother game of Newscaster, Ian is the Reporter. Clip is an episode of Samurai Pizza Cats (Let the Cellar Beware), Ian doesn't figure it out.
79:2679:29TechnicalFeed goes dark, still has audio, then goes down--
79:30--TechnicalFeed goes up--
79:3679:42GameGame of "Newscaster" with Graham as the reporter. Clip is an episode of Red Dwarf (Ace Rimmer: what a guy). Graham nails it.
79:43--Enter/ExitJamie returns--
79:5079:55SkitKathleen & Jamie berate Tally in the manner of Mike & Jerry during a Strip Search elimination
79:58--RDPRDP: Icona Pop - I Love It
80:0181:35GuestMikey Neumann call-in[✓]
80:0181:35GuestReturns to Weeping Angel & Mikey Neumann call-in (Part #2)
80:01--Enter/ExitEnter Molly Lewis--
80:11--OtherKathleen gives her sexy look in response to Mikey's--
80:15--OtherMikey announces possible new web series with Kris Straub--
80:31--OtherMikey frump--
80:3480:36TechnicalAudio issues, stream goes down, then returns--
80:38--TechnicalStream goes offline for an equipment reboot--
80:45--TechnicalStream is back with perfect audio, everyone is not wearing silly hats.--
80:45--PrankEveryone is wearing silly hats after the feed comes back--
80:4681:05AuctionMikey Neumann's Cool Stuff Collection. Winner: Omega_Lairon (evolved to Omega_Aggron!) for $6,412.63! Mikey Sweetens multiple times during the auctionOmega_Aggron[✓]
80:58--OtherSPICE MUST FLOW (Mikey offers to throw in his award-winning chilli making tips)--
81:0781:31AuctionMikey auction #2: Fully annotated Virtual Boy manual (by Mikey) and custom artwork on the Virtual Boy from the Gearbox team. Includes 4 games! And the stand! Winner: mugenity for $3,015!mugenity[✓]
81:31--OtherBen is confused as to where the umbrella hat goes :D--
81:32--$7 SuperherosMikey's $7 superhero: Disorder: Suffers from multiple personality disorder (dissociative identity disorder), each one has a different power. No way to control which personality is active when.--
81:34--OtherMikey announces his desire to be at Desert Bus 8!--
81:4283:00Drive/Giveaway$6.66 Challenge for Weeping Angel doll or Neil Gaiman Bookmark or DB Duelist Game. Winners: ElPolloDiablo, Huylen, ShadowXVII (Raised: $4,329)ElPolloDiablo && Huylen && ShadowXVII--
81:48--OtherJer previews the next call-in, who will be calling in from his D&D game--
81:52--OtherDaddy Ashton tells chat to work with him--
81:54--CrashTally crashes again :( (3rd time in her shift, 2nd time on her own)--
81:5582:00SongEveryone sings Toto - Africaaaa and during breaks in the song dance the Mass Effect Shepard Shuffle
81:57--Enter/ExitEnter Dix--
81:59--Game EventBus Stop! Tally gets a 2nd bus stop (#2 of the run)--
82:01--Shame TicketJohnny is Shamed: He was too sassy to the shipping volunteers--
82:0282:15AuctionLotR: Thror's Map. Sold to ks for $3,131.59!ks
82:1982:21PhysicalFrump-off too see if they will be an acceptable replacement for Matt
82:25--PhysicalMatt frumps because he missed the frumping--
82:2582:40M-M-Multi Challenge!10 Challenges in 10 minutes: SUCCESS! First multi-challenge completion?[✓]
82:2782:29PhysicalForm a 4-layer human pyramid - success!--
82:2982:31OtherGraham has Gibb behind the driver chair doing commentary--
82:2982:31DanceDo the Macarena to Nyancat for 1 min (counts for 2)--
83:3182:35DanceGraham leads in a Gangnam Style dance--
82:3382:37PhysicalMatt Frumps throughout on buscam FAIL -> RECOVERED!--
82:3682:38SongMolly sings song of her choice--
82:3682:38OtherFuneral for the broken lobster. Ashton bites the lobster.[✓]--
82:3882:39PhysicalEveryone hugs engineering for all their hard work--
82:3982:40DanceGraham and Kathleen have the ultimate twerk-off (FAILED -> Recovered!)--
82:3982:40SongMolly sings Animaniacs - Yakko's World very fast!--
82:4282:48Drive/GiveawayLooking at the finalists and deciding a winner for the R2-D2 crashing into a monster art challenge. Winners: Daniel and Mike.Daniel && Mike
82:4982:51StoryMike's story of meeting Kathleen for the first time
82:5182:54StoryStories about people from Kathleen's past--
83:0383:33GuestMike Mearls Call-in from his D&D game with other WotC people.
83:2583:30$7 Superheros$7 Superheroes: Americanman: doesn't understand the metric system. Mr. Moneybags: hits people with a huge sack of cash. ROY G. BIV: Fires his rainbow gun for justice. The Hubtroller: causes mineaturized crashes wherever he goes online. The Commuter: knows the bus schedules for any city he's in. Exact change man: always has exact change in his pocket.--
83:28--StoryOne WotC guy made a M&M character named blackout, ended up having narcolepsy--
83:37--OtherKathleen got a gold star for rinsing out her dirty dishes--
83:39--OtherJames cleaned the food table specifically to get a star--
83:4184:00Drive/Giveaway$11.23 Challenge: Chocolate Dragon Eggs and other sweets Winner: BillTheCat (Raised:$494.12)BillTheCat--
83:43--OtherKathleen proclaims herself the best person at Desert Bus
83:4583:46DanceGraham does the Shepard Shuffle
83:46--Enter/ExitEnter Mia--
83:47--OtherTally squees--
83:49--PhysicalMike does some fancy walking--
83:50--PosterNew Poster Update--
83:5283:54PhysicalMike and Graham combine to form...THE STRIPPER POLE!
83:5383:54DanceLadies dance around stripper pole--
83:55--OtherJer has gelled hair, does a Blue Steel pose with Tally[✓]
83:5583:59SongEveryone sings Mother Mother - The Stand--
84:00--Driver Shift ChangeTally's shift ends, Ian's begins--
84:00--Enter/ExitIan enters to classy fanfare, carrying a glass of "brandy" (apple juice). Shots are had.--
84:0884:11OtherCoriander Dickinson is awesome. Baulders Gate iPad--
84:1285:00Drive/GiveawayMurder in Baldur's Gate + Sweetners $9.80 Challenge. Winner: Nic1n Raised: $2,597Nic1n
84:14--OtherKathleen goes mad with prize sweetening power without Tally there to stop her--
84:15--MeltdownKathleen puts star stickers on her chest region, QWOPs momentarily--
84:1784:20SongGraham and Kathleen sing Mountain Goats - No Children
84:19--OtherKathleen suggests No Children as a wedding song, Graham breaks momentarily--
84:21--OtherJames also goes mad with prize sweetening power, adds 4 download codes, and Ian adds actual sugar--
84:23--RDPRDP: $225k dance party to Calling (Lose my mind)
84:2584:27OtherGraham rants about King Arthur movie
84:2784:30SongEveryone sings Men at Work - Down Under while the video is upside-down--
84:33--Enter/ExitAshton's name is said, he appears!--
84:33--Shame TicketAshton gets shamed--
84:3584:35RDPRDP: David Guetta feat. Sia - Titanium--
84:3684:41SongA "New Zealand" song: Split Enz - Six Months on a Leaky Boat
84:41--OtherKathleen has unreasonable expectations about Kiwi Pride--
84:41--OtherEveryone just wants to go home--
84:4284:46DanceDance to Neon Genesis Evangelion x Space Jam
84:44--PhysicalIan is a Basketball hoop--
84:4784:52DanceJapanese "Shots" (Enjo G- Bubble bee ??)
84:49--Enter/ExitEnter Alex--
84:5284:56SongOne night in bangkok from Chess
84:57--OtherAshley claps for Africa like a trained monkey--
84:58--OtherAlex Herps a Derp upon hearing that Tally crashed 3 times--
85:0585:24AuctionLive Auction: Megacynics/Ash Lot - Winner: POOTman for $1,700.00POOTman
85:09--OtherThe Ash triumvirate comes together--
85:18--MeltdownKathleen prematurely sells an auction--
85:26Enter/ExitThe name of Beej hath been envoked--
85:2686:32Drive/GiveawayGoomba Pillow and Goomba's Shoe Blanket 19.88 challenge: Winner - Myzruin. Raised: $5467Myzruin--
85:2785:29PhysicalGraham Jumps with the blanket Goomba's Shoe, prime .gif oppertunity
85:28--Shame TicketPika is shamed for forgetting to headcount--
85:32--OtherJer talks about the app.......again--
85:3485:35OtherBeej is a horrible husband--
85:35--RDPRDP: Aqua - Barbie girl
85:36--RDPRDP: The Go-gos - We got the beat
85:38--RDPRDP: Olivia Newton John - Physical
85:41--Milestone1.5 Million Lifetime
85:4285:45SongBigGiantCircles LRR Remix
85:5285:58SkitKathleen & Cam debate if Chairman Mao was good for China or not Kathleen has to be for, Cam against - Kathleen loses
85:5986:00SkitKathleen & Graham re-enact a fight they once had but play eachother--
86:0186:04DanceDancing to ???? (japanese rap)
86:04--Enter/ExitExit Tally, Jer and Sol--
86:0786:14SkitGraham/Ian/Matt/Taka/Alex discuss a random wikipedia topic they have no knowledge about (Dzhinli).
86:1586:16OtherThe room tries not to to squee or swoon to babies with puppies - Success
86:2086:22SkitKathleen and Cam debate if chairman Meow is the best. Cam wins
86:2386:25PhysicalMia juggles so that her parents donate $180. Also with horsehead on--
86:2586:27PhysicalThen Andre Juggles--
86:26--OtherGraham mentions the Video Strike team. Calls them amazing, again.--
86:2786:28SkitGraham does a Dave's ad for Dave's Creamery and Crematorium
86:3786:38OtherDix mentions the VST while Mia juggles more
86:3887:40Drive/GiveawayIkea TARDIS prints $10 challenge giveaway - Winner:ThatJerkRMED (Raised $760)ThatJerkRMED--
86:4186:45SkitGraham SpeechJams Hamlet's Soliloquy - he's cured of speechjamming!
86:4986:52SkitCam SpeechJams Act1Scene1 from Henry V. Graham qwops out. Cam has trouble with Horse--
86:51--MeltdownGraham takes a trip to QWOP town--
86:5486:57DanceKathleen Reads Shakespeare while carameldansen. Takahorse Tebows
86:58--Game EventBugsplat! #10 (1 in a row)--
87:0187:05SkitBeetlejuice dub (Beetlejuice in court) Matt wins--
87:0687:08SkitLovelab dub (Camping trip planning) Graham wins--
87:0987:13SkitMy Little Pony Tales dub (Metal?) Taka wins--
87:14--Behind the ScenesKathleen mentions the VST
87:1487:18SkitDreadnought dubs (patient and doctor) Cam wins--
87:1987:24SkitMtG Introductory Video dubs (Teaching to play MtG) Beej wins--
87:2787:29SkitAmbienCR Commercial dubs (Chicken in the butt) Katheen wins--
87:2987:30SkitSquishy Baff dubs, Graham breaks Dix--
87:3287:34SkitStella Artois ad dubs (Returning war hero) Beej wins? Ian doesn't say--
87:3587:36SkitAT&T ad dubs (no theme?) noone wins?--
87:3787:44SkitRussian thing Ian can't pronounce dubs (Arztotska Space Station)--
87:4487:47SkitTeddy Ruxpin (Expendable) Graham wins--
87:4887:50OtherSilent auction review time--
87:50--MeltdownAlex QWOPs out
87:52--Enter/ExitExit Graham and Kathleen--
87:53--RDPRDP: The Baseballs - Tik Tok?
87:5788:00TechnicalMatt misdraws the giveaway for the Ikea TARDIS and it has to be redone, resulting in a shaming--
88:0690:27Drive/GiveawayArt challenge: Write lyrics for the rest of Caramelldansen Prize: Desert Bus goodies pack from Cakes Cove Winner: badgerspritebadgersprite--
88:0888:18MeltdownMODWAR IN CHAT. Kate breaks (ongoing, heh)--
88:10--OtherGet back twerk!--
88:1289:07Drive/Giveaway$11 challenge for Plants vs. Zombies prize pack - Winner: Gomez (Raised $374)Gomez--
88:16--MilestoneDesert Bus 1, 2, & 3 combined total suprassed!--
88:19--RDPRDP: Katy Perry - Roar
88:20--RDPRDP: Van Halen - Jump
88:2188:31SkitTaka and Alex Jammed Arguments part 3 Bleach vs Naruto, Fugi vs Kroze, Carmen Sandiego vs Waldo, Star Wars vs Star Trek, Pokemon vs Digimon
88:3288:33Game EventIan stops at a bus stop, and thinks he has crashed when he can't start; actually he just hadn't closed the door
88:3688:38SkitMia does the V for Vendetta speech while jammed
88:4088:46OtherSilent auction review time with Matt--
88:4888:54SkitImprov: It is December 2012: police nation brought about by the events of DB6. (Derailed by linked .gif)
88:5488:55SkitLeague of Legends impression by Taka
88:5588:56SongEveryone humming Epic SAX guy to summon Saxy Beej
88:5688:58SongSaxy Beej--
89:0389:04RDPRDP: Katy Perry - Roar
89:06--Enter/ExitEnter Cori--
89:0889:10OtherPika is accused of eating all the chocolate toppings of a cake, is clearly guilty
89:1189:12PrankGiant epic sax guy thanks to green screen--
89:1289:14PrankAlex reads a spoopy comic - gets the crap scared out of him
89:17--RDPRDP: Girls Just Want to Have Fun
89:18--PrankAlex suprises Mia with the horn--
89:2090:31Drive/Giveaway$7.11 challenge for LadySeph's Mario Mushroom Pillows & Digital goods from Kate. Winner: MrGuy (Raised: $1258.47)MrGuy--
89:23--PhysicalKate cuts her tongue on a plastic fork--
89:26--Behind the ScenesMention of strike team; dubfight upload--
89:2689:42GameAndre in charge of a game of Werewolf, wolves win!
89:4389:44RDPRDP: Missy Elliott - Work It
89:44--RDPRDP: ??
89:5089:51SkitTaka puppeteers Dix while Alex (wearing a minecraft head) narrates
89:5289:53PrankThe contents of the mystery tube are revealed! POGS!!!![✓]
89:5390:00OtherPog admiring--
90:00--Game EventPoint #1 post-crashes, Point #10 overall--
90:0190:02Game EventIan stops again! Successful bus stop #2 for his shift (#4 over all, 3 in a row)--
90:0390:17GamePog slamming. (close-up play starts after 90:06) Kate and Dix tie for the win!--
90:0690:07SongSax time with Beej, Cori is not happy with this--
90:0990:15SongKatamari Damacy x Space Jam mashup--
90:15--SongTetris Song #1 (Korobeiniki) x Space Jam, briefly--
90:19--PrankAndre scares Mia with the Steve head--
90:2090:23DanceLive version of Caramelldansen, everyone is confuse, Alex is driving the train to DerpTown
90:25--OtherIan is served a full breakfast - from his butler
90:31--RDPRDP: David Bowie - Let's Dance
90:3691:30Drive/Giveaway$12.11 challenge for TARDIS Hat and Scarf Set - Winner SerFabry (Raised $472.29)SerFabry--
90:4390:54SkitCam insults oldspice and snuggies and powdered eggs and milk and other "great" ideas
90:46--MeltdownPika CRAVES the sausage--
90:5590:58OtherSilent auction review time with Matt--
91:0191:17AuctionThe longest Doctor Who scarf - Winner: pimento for $2,131.36pimento
91:15--Game EventIan gets bus stop #3 for his shift! (#5 over all, 4 in a row)--
91:2091:21RDPRDP: Wham! - Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
91:2291:27SongBeej plays Linda Linda by The Blue Hearts and sings with Ian
91:27--Behind the ScenesBeej mentions video strike team
91:28--Enter/ExitEnter Andy--
91:29--RDPRDP: ???
91:30--RDPRDP: Flo Rida - Club Can't Handle Me
91:32--RDPRDP: Not the Bees (some Nicolas Cage Wickerman song?)
91:3491:40PrankAlex durps up the overlay--
91:4191:45ReadingAndy does a dramatic reading of Fresh Prince
91:4591:47SkitAndy gives an acceptance speech--
91:4791:48ReadingAndy reads Wakefield - Everywhere You Look--
91:51--Enter/ExitEnter Maya--
91:5391:54SongAndy sings Ain't Misbehavin' - Fats Waller
91:55--Enter/ExitEnter Paul--
91:56--PrankMott Woggons appears on the overlay--
91:5793:00Drive/Giveaway$9.99 Challenge: Diablo 3 Art Book - The Book of Cain. Winner: No Donor Account (Raised: $849.15)???--
92:0093:00Drive/GiveawayDrawing Challenge: Draw a 3 Ian Moon feat. Ian H, Small Ian, and Dix to win a wooden Huntsman Knife--
92:03--Enter/ExitExit Cam and Mia--
92:06--RDPRDP: ??
92:06--RDPRDP: Survivor - Eye of the Tiger
92:08--Enter/ExitPinchy and Grinchy enter (Maya's lobster puppets)--
92:0992:10TechnicalStream reset for VST--
92:12--Enter/ExitEnter Jimjam James, Ashley, and Andrew--
92:1592:19SongPaul sings Future Soon, by Jonathan Coulton
92:23--Enter/ExitExit Matt - eventually and Kate--
92:23--MilestoneMaximum time confusion achieved--
92:26--RDPRDP: Blumchen - Bicycle Race
92:28--OtherEveryone delcares glory to Arstotska--
92:2892:29SongEveryone sings Happy Birthday to Garrus! That's me! (Tyranic-Moron)
92:3192:32SongThe Three Ians sing God Only Knows from barbershop quartet version from Bioshock Infinite
92:36--Behind the ScenesIan mentions the VST
92:3392:39SongDix sings Stars from Les Mis
92:40--OtherNobody laughs like Alex does
92:4792:52SkitThe four Yorkshiremen
92:53--RDPRDP: We Like To Party - Vengaboys
92:5492:59MeltdownAlex goes crazy on the video switcher to Masayoshi Minoshima feat. 綾倉盟 - Round and Round
93:0793:13SkitDead Alewives D&D sketch ARE THERE ANY GIRLS THERE?!
93:1393:15Drive/GiveawayIan judges the 3 Ian Moon art challenge--
93:1893:48Drive/Giveaway$5 Challenge. Chainmail dice bag and DB 5 and 6 Poster #2. Winners: McIrishJihad and BachMaentor (Raised: $1250)McIrishJihad && BachMaentor--
93:2193:22RDPRDP: Backstreet Boys - Everybody (Backstreet's Back)
93:2593:27OtherIan goes through the silent auctions, Ian cannot distinguish hundred from thousand--
93:2893:29Meltdown"No no no no no" Cat. Maya is in shock
93:30--OtherIan gets a cola from jeeves--
93:3293:39M-M-Multi Challenge!5 challenge challenge challenge:
93:3293:36ReadingDix reads the Canadian Income Tax Code part 1A as old time newscaster, sportscaster, phone sex operator, batman, ??, cthulhu, and female phone sex operator--
93:3293:37PhysicalIan plays DB as if it is interesting and exciting--
93:3293:37OtherJames wears a mustache--
93:3293:37OtherAndy and Beej have a suit-off--
93:3293:37GamePeople in the background play duck-duck-goose--
93:3693:39SongDix sings Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up, everyone else dances--
93:4293:48$7 SuperherosCosplay as as many $7 superheros as possible: James is 83 Cents Man! Andy is Harmony Lad! Beej is Nyanman, he throws cats at people who is set on fire, (93:47)
93:42--OtherBeej carries around KFC money and Canadian Tire coins--
93:49--RDPRDP: The Sweet - The Ballroom Blitz
93:56--RDPRDP: Jackson 5 A-B-C
93:57--RDPRDP: Pink - Raise Your Glass
93:57--Enter/ExitEnter Bill's Mom (Kate)--
93:5995:00Drive/Giveaway$5.47 Challenge: #47 Original Wasteland Print. Winner Zer0motivation (Raised $1274)Zer0motivation--
94:06--AchievementTriggering old cheevos--
94:07--RDPRDP: Blondie - One Way or Another
94:0894:09OtherOne at a time, everyone goes and hugs Alex and thanks him for his work.
94:0994:10RDPRDP: Michael Jackson - Thriller
94:11--Enter/ExitEnter Johnny--
94:11--MeltdownPoll Sonders first appears. Alex loses it.
94:15--OtherThe true Poll Sonders with suit--
94:1894:23SkitRe-enact a sketch from season 4 picked at random: Secret Life of Toast (Beej is Matt, Bill's Mom is Tally)
94:2494:27OtherDammitLiz Enters and asks if we can go to the store and part 2!--
94:2994:41OtherEveryone puts on Rejected WiiPlay shirts for 10 minutes--
94:2994:31OtherMaya takes everyone to the store
94:3294:34SongBeej plays Blueberry Hill while everyone sings along
94:3434:35PhysicalEveryone holds their breath and exhales loudly--
94:3594:36SongIan sings the first bit of Every Rose Has It's Thorn as Skeletor
94:3794:39PhysicalDix gets taken to the Gay Bar by everyone while trying not to smile. Ian is unusually sexual about it and Bill's Mom gropes and then tickles him.
94:4094:42OtherPaul shows the Wasteland print--
94:4494:48SongEveryone sings Tenacious D - Tribute, Beej plays guitar
94:4994:51SongEveryone listens to Twerk Your Turkey and tries not to laugh.--
94:52--MeltdownPaul explains how to make a sandwich using the metaphor of making a sandwich. Alex goes fetal
94:5494:55SkitEveryone makes seal noises
95:5895:00PhysicalSlow-mo fight scene while Desertbusception LRR remix plays
95:00--Game EventBugsplat! #11 (2 in a row)--
95:1095:24GuestJimmy Hinson (Big Giant Circles) call-in
95:23--$7 SuperherosBGC's $7 superhero: Jurassic Justice: Fights bad drivers by shooting dinosaurs out of his hands--
95:2495:28SongBGC New Album Song Preview--
95:2995:58Drive/Giveaway$7.77 challenge: High Command / Warmachine lot. Winner Dito. (Raised $?808.88)Dito--
95:3495:39SongBGC New Album Song Preview #2. Lobsters and horsehead Liz dance along
95:35--Enter/ExitEnter Molly Lewis & Ben--
95:40--Enter/ExitExit Alex and Andre--
95:47--OtherIan intensifies, Molly joins in--
95:47--Behind the ScenesBeej Mentions the strike team
95:4895:52SongBeej & Molly play / sing Jason Mraz - I'm yours
95:5696:01PhysicalEveryone does the infinite wave, intensifies