DesertBus 7 - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 7 - Day 2

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
24:00--Driver Shift ChangeCam's shift ends, Jer's Shift Starts in glorious SD--
24:00--RDPRDP: The Sweet - Ballroom Blitz
24:0224:03SongJer sings a thing about DB morning based on some Kanye song--
24:0724:08Enter/ExitExit Cam and Lars, Enter Dammit Liz--
24:10--Game EventJer gets point #3--
24:1324:45OtherJer intoduces his donation system to decide if he stops the bus or not which ties into the giveaway--
24:14--Enter/ExitEnter Ian H., graphics fixed!--
24:1424:45Drive/Giveaway$5-6-7 Challenge: Signed Lords of Waterdeep - Won by: (Raised $4837)???--
24:2324:25SkitDesert Bus infomercial
24:2524:26PhysicalEveryone plays "I'm not touching Dix", he is not amused. And then tickle.
24:26--Enter/ExitEnter Rosco--
24:26--OtherReturn of Pirate James (He definitely doesn't have a problem)
24:2724:32SkitJer is Axe Hand for 5 minutes and drives with his feet--
24:30--PrankJer has ducks for both hands--
24:3124:32PhysicalDix becomes the overly-attached girlfriend[✓]
24:35--OtherJer makes sexual innuendo about his wife--
24:44--PosterPoster Update
24:26--OtherDix IRL bans James for spamming--
24:47--Enter/ExitEnter LeeLee--
24:48--Drive/GiveawayNot stopping wins! James cries in happiness--
24:49--OtherLeeLee takes the pirate hat from James again--
24:5124:51OtherJer talks to Siri. It does nothing.--
24:52--OtherPaul rolls a die for Lords of Waterdeep donation drive, rolls to conserve the point total ($7) - he is literally Guy With A Cellphone Man--
24:55--TechnicalFeed breaks again, is quickly restored--
24:57--RDPRDP: G-Dragon - Crayon (크레용)
24:58--Behind the ScenesIan reveals to Jer that they have a remote RDP button--
24:5824:59PhysicalJames struggles with LeeLee to kepe his pirate hat--
25:0025:01PhysicalMia stands on one foot for Mrs. Lord Hosk--
25:0225:14PhysicalJer plays upside-down--
25:0225:05AuctionTally runs down the current Silent Auctions--
25:04--GuestJames names Winston, the spider on the camera--
25:0625:09SongTally sings Upside Down by Paloma Faith
25:1625:22PhysicalJer drives the bus with socks on his hands--
25:17--RDPRDP: Naughty By Nature - Hip Hop Hooray
25:20--PhysicalStack hats on Paul $5/hat -- no final hat count because they cheated
25:3026:00Drive/GiveawayChallenge: Make a character sheet for Rosco's relative for D&D and 50-word origin story: Murder at Baulder's Gate--
25:3426:00Drive/Giveaway$5 Challenge: 4 Custom Dicebags. Winner: Bumsteg (Raised $1275)Bumsteg--
25:37--Enter/ExitEnter Takahata101--
25:4025:46OtherJer drives blindfolded, only allowed to correct driving when Creepy Doll touches his face--
25:4125:43OtherDix explains military radio protocol
25:4425:45OtherTally has crafting supply recommendations--
25:45--PhysicalMaya Steamrolls Taka--
25:46--Enter/ExitEnter Dan, from Card Kingdom--
25:49--Enter/ExitEnter Ashton--
25:5025:50RDPRDP: Greased Lightning
25:51--MilestoneDB2's total passed. James gets his Pirate hat back--
25:5525:58OtherThe room is the bridge of the USS Enterprise
26:05--Enter/ExitExit Dix--
26:1126:12OtherPreview of Normandy model for live auction--
26:1526:16OtherMTG Future Sight banner revealed as a $7.77 challenge--
26:18--Enter/ExitEnter Kathleen (Big LeeLee) and LeeLee (Mini-Kathleen)--
26:20--OtherMini-Kathleen and Big LeeLee--
26:2026:23SongEveryone sings May the Turtle Be Unbroken & Drawing of Turtle
26:20--Enter/ExitEnter Dale!--
26:27--Enter/ExitEnter Graham--
26:2726:30SongDale sings O Better Far to Live and Die
23:31--Enter/ExitEnter Bill & Bill's Mom--
26:3226:34OtherDale and Taka have an evil laugh-off
26:3426:35RDPRDP to: Florence + The Machine - Shake it Out
26:36--OtherJames spins in the chair to achieve perfect loop gif completed
26:39--DanceLeeLee & Kathleen random caramel dance in the back--
26:39--OtherChallenges Purged--
26:4626:47OtherEveryone does their best Wilhelm scream--
26:4626:47PrankMr President Get Down! / Secret Service--
26:48--RDPRDP: Jonathan Coulton - Tom Cruise Crazy
26:5327:01SongHistory of the USSR set to Tetris
27:03--Enter/ExitEnter Serge--
27:0627:21GuestCall-in by Momocon who donated the Signed Normandy Model - will match the first as much as possible for the auction[✓]
27:1027:21AuctionLive Auction for Signed Normandy Model - Winner: Tyranic-Moron (as GarrusVakarian) for $5000GarrusVakarian[✓]--
27:23--OtherDale reveals the purpose of Pirate Dale (his eyepatch): atrophic retina--
27:2828:30Drive/Giveaway$7.77 challenge for: MTG Future Sight banner - Winner: Donald - (Raised: (??)$2,369.85(??), total off by at least 5k)Donald--
27:30--Enter/ExitExit Dale--
27:35--RDPRDP: Bee Gees - You Should Be Dancing
27:36--RDPRDP: Carl Douglas - Kung-Fu Fighting
27:3727:42ReadingReading of Jer's contest for Rosco's relative's backstory to win Murder at Baldur's Gate - Winner: Artsygrrl[✓]
27:4427:46SkitTiny Kathleen (LeeLee) does a Kathleen style podcast intro
27:4727:48SkitGraham and Paul say a thing.--
27:50--Drive/GiveawayPig Sweetened for the MTG Future Sight banner (if 75k is reached before 28:00:00) with Penny Arcade Stickers--
28:01--Enter/ExitExit Mia--
28:0229:02DrawingTiny Kathleen & Big LeeLee do a Wastebasket of Broken Dreams Elimination Challenge. The subjects: 1980's Tom Hanks & Mishap--
28:0528:25GuestCall-in: Louis, who helped create the DB7 iOS app
28:2228:24$7 SuperherosLouis' $7 superhero: Nyanman: Ability to summon flying flaming kittens.--
28:2928:29RDPRDP: Eiffel 65 - Blue
28:4128:45SongCrew sings Get Lucky parody, "Get Bussing"
28:4428:46OtherRobot Graham--
28:5028:52OtherSilent auction review time with Tally--
29:0032:29Drive/Giveaway$5.10 challenge for M14 uncut commons sheet. Winner: Identity (Raised: $7,624.50)Identity--
29:0029:17GuestCard Kingdom Sponsored this Hour Hour starts, Dan drives the bus--
29:0729:14OtherCrew dresses up Bill's Mom as a new planeswalker. Jer assesses her playability, becomes: Billzmom, Matron of Giants[✓]
29:10--Game EventBugsplat!--
29:17--OtherJer resumes driving--
29:17--Enter/ExitEnter Ash--
29:2032:41Drive/GiveawayCard Art challenge draw: Billzmom, Matron of Giants for Card Kingdom fancy art cards. Winner: CitricAcid83CitricAcid83--
29:2629:35DrawingKathleen & LeeLee reveal their completed Challenge of Broken Dreams drawings - Winner: LeeLee & Kathleen (exact tie)--
29:3329:33RDPRDP: Nicki Minaj - Super Bass
29:37--Enter/ExitExit Paul--
29:3829:44StoryDan tells a story about Card Kingdom. James describes with interpretive dance
29:47SkitJer gives a DM narration of a Desert Bus RPG--
29:47--PhysicalFace massage--
29:48--MeltdownStream Explodes and goes offline--
29:5529:57MeltdownStream Live but black screen, flickers live, then fails again--
30:10--MeltdownStream RETURNS!!! and immediately flickers, and crashes--
30:19--MeltdownBuscam goes down too--
30:22--TechnicalProblem identified as a Twitch stream key problem, is actually with the ISP--
30:28--TechnicalBuscam back up--
30:48--TechnicalDrivercam Back up on Graham's phone - Down for 60 minutes--
30:55--Drive/GiveawayUncut Card Kingdom sheet sweetened with a pig, as a sorry for the downtime--
30:57--RDPRDP: Never Gonna Give You up - Camtwist crash
30:58--Enter/ExitEnter Cam & Kate--
31:0331:04PhysicalEveryone takes a deep breath and holds it. Ashton wins(?)
31:0531:07OtherStarwipe shenanigans with Jer--
31:0631:13SongEveryone sings Bohemian Rhapsody acapella.
27:42--DrawingArt Challenge of Jags / Creepy Rosco announced--
31:2131:31AuctionLive auction for custom hand-drawn DB7 playmat from Card Kingdom. Sold to AdmiralMemo for $816AdmiralMemo
31:32--TechnicalStream goes down intentionally to a chorus of butts--
31:37--TechnicalStream comes back up, also to a chorus of butts
31:4231:43RDPRDP: Spice Girls - Wannabe
31:4531:47OtherSilent auction review time with Graham--
31:53--TechnicalGraham reviews the conversion algorithm--
31:5531:57SongEveryone sings The Canada Song from MST3K
31:57--Enter/ExitA wild Matt appears, with mocha--
31:5932:23GuestBill Corbett call-in
32:0132:26Drive/Giveaway$15.27 challenge for Tom Servo plushie. Winner: SweedChef (Raised: $885.66)SweedChef--
32:11--Game EventJer gets point #4--
32:2132:23$7 SuperherosBill Corbett's $7 superhero: Mr. Tamborine Man: Man who is a tamborine, can transcend time and space. Can petrify & shatter dinosaurs--
32:3532:36Drive/GiveawayPatrick Rothfuss signed books shown--
32:37--Enter/ExitExit Card Kingdom Dan and James--
32:3832:40Drive/GiveawayWinner & runner-ups for the Blizmom, Matron of Giants announced. Winner: CitricAcid83CitricAcid83--
32:41--RDPRDP: Mystery Skulls - Money
32:42--Enter/ExitEnter Matt & Taka--
32:4732:49SongGraham sings the Elements Song
32:5032:54OtherSlient auction review time with jer--
32:5532:56SongGraham & Ian sing the countries song from The Animaniacs
32:5933:40Drive/Giveaway$7 challenge Patrick Rothfuss signed books drive - Winner: Tohru_Tohru (Raised $2,842)Tohru_Tohru--
33:0233:06GameCrew plays the Kitty Game - Kate is looking for the Kitty. It was Taka.
33:04--RDPRDP: Michael Jackson - Beat It
33:0733:10DanceMicroKathleen & KaijuLeeLee Caramelldansen
33:1133:12SkitLeeLee sternly talks to the chat about how disappointed she is in them for 1 minute. --
33:14--PhysicalLittleKathleen fools Graham into thinking she's Real Kathleen by hugging him from behind--
33:14--Enter/ExitExit Tech Guy ? (Thomas)--
33:1733:20SkitLeeLee & Kathleen hatch a villainous plan to steal all the world's cats whilst nefarious music plays[✓]
33:2233:32OtherKathleen reverse motorboats Graham--
33:2633:27SkitGraham reads the back of a yoga book from Commodore Hustle - Homebrew Hobby in a powerthirst voice
33:28--OtherShoutout to Sasha
33:3233:38DanceEveryone dances to Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
33:4333:43DanceKathleen's white girl dancing gif request
33:4535:00Drive/Giveaway$8 challenge: The smallest Craterhoof Behemoth made by Tally. Winner: Professor_STAFF (Raised $1,680)Professor_STAFF--
33:5035:00DrawingJags origin story drawing challenge.--
33:51--PhysicalHUGS for LeeLee--
33:52--OtherLeeLee says "Florida" and "Orange" in a Long Island accent--
33:5433:56SkitSuper Effective with Kathleen, LeeLee, and Kate: ROB FORD EDITION
33:56--PhysicalLeeLee stops, drops, and rolls--
33:5733:58SkitLeeLee apologizes to the chat for 1 minute--
34:0134:06OtherUsing a speech jammer on LeeLee and Kathleen and Graham
34:0734:07PhysicalFinal battle between MiniKathleen and KaijuLeeLee.--
34:07--Enter/ExitExit LeeLee--
34:0834:10OtherTaka fights the speech jammer
34:1034:11OtherCam attempts the speech jammer, experiences fear--
34:1534:15OtherGraham jams Dix. Dix wins!--
34:1634:19TechnicalKathleen takes control of the control boards. Insanity is peppered throughout the next bit--
34:17--RDPRDP: Montell Jordan - This is How we do it
34:18--OtherGraham jams himself. Come on and Graham, if you wanna jam.--
34:2234:25SongTally and Jer sing Bastion Soundtrack - Setting Sail, Coming Home (End Theme)
34:2634:30SongTally and Jer sing Mother Mother - Arms Tonite
34:31--AchievementAchievement unlocked; Spot the dog
34:32--Enter/ExitEnter Alex--
34:3534:36SkitSpot the dog gives a PSA on putting babies in tupperware, as done by Taka
34:3634:38OtherUse the Gary soundboard to do a remix of Hungry Like the Wolf by Duran Duran--
34:4034:41OtherAlex gets jammed, QWOPs--
34:4334:45PhysicalTaka massages Alex in an intense manner while the Attack on Titan theme plays
34:4534:47OtherDammitLiz gets jammed. "It's not fair!"--
34:5034:54SongEveryone sings ABBA: "Jackie Chan's on me"
34:5935:00SkitAlex reenacts the Fist of the North Star crapshot 'The Technique' ( GIF)
35:0035:01OtherGraham tries and fails to sing the Elements Song with the speech jammer--
35:0535:30Drive/Giveaway$8.40 challenge: Gentleman's Super Mario Bros. Scarf. Winner: Wayfinder (raised $????)Wayfinder--
35:10--FlushingFlush 200!--
35:1135:13DanceThrift Shop Bus Infinite Jukebox dance party
35:1735:18DrawingJags origin story drawing chalenge winner & runners up shown[✓]
35:2235:25DanceMatt dances to dubstep, especially Skrillex (Bangarang)
35:25--OtherRespectful Mosh after the controller is almost unplugged
35:2635:27DanceMatt dances to Thomas the Tank Engine Dubstep[✓]
35:2835:29PhysicalMatt and Taka have a staring contest while Duel of the Fates plays in the background. Matt wins!--
35:3035:33DanceWhat Does the Fox Say? RINGDINGDING! With fox hat.--
35:34--OtherJames issues challenge: Beat year 3's total by 6 AM, he will personally host a 20 minute long rave--
35:35--MeltdownFugi brings down the chat over disgust of "What does the fox say?"--
35:4135:48OtherMatt attempts the jammer. Survives. Even more speech jamming.
35:4236:00Drive/Giveaway$5 donation drive for Behemoth Things - Winner BurnHavoc (Raised $415)BurnHavoc--
35:48--Enter/ExitExit Dammit Liz--
35:5035:53SongDix and Sarah sing "YOLO" by Lonly Island
35:5335:58OtherTally, Maya, and Kate attempt the Jammer.--
35:5836:00OtherGraham shows off prizes while using the jammer on himself--
36:00--Driver Shift ChangeJer's shift ends, Johnny's shift starts--
36:0938:10Drive/Giveaway$9.12 Donation drive for: Chocobo plush--
36:1236:13RDPRDP: Flo Rida - Wild Ones
36:1936:22DanceGraham dances to "Oh!" by Girls' Generation and kills it
36:2536:30SongJer fails to sing Jamie T - Calm Down Dearest while using the voice jammer
36:30--Enter/ExitEnter Pika--
36:35--Enter/ExitExit Brett--
36:35--RDPRDP: to Robert Randolph - Ain't Nothing Wrong With That
36:39--MilestoneAndrew photographs Winston--
36:4036:49AuctionLive Auction for Bladezz's (from The Guild) Munchkin Tunic - Winner: badgersprite for $638.40badgersprite
36:5137:01OtherEveryone tries singing with the speech jammer
37:01--Enter/ExitExit Jer and Tally--
37:0238:10Drive/Giveaway$6.66 Challenge: Doubleclicks stuff. Winner: Famout (Raised $1395)Famout--
37:0237:11GuestAngela Webber from the Doubleclicks call-in
37:07--DanceEveryone dance to meow meow meow EDM from hell--
37:11Drive/Giveaway$6.66 challenge for Doubleclicks prize bag - Winner: KevinCole (Raised $???)KevinCole--
37:1537:16OtherAuction review time with Kathleen--
37:13--Game Eventbugsplat #5 (time updated from logs)--
37:1837:21SkitTaka and Alex debate X-box One vs PS4 using the speech jammer[✓]
37:2237:25DanceGraham Dances to dubstep gun music from Saints Row 4
37:27--OtherGraham proposes to Kathleen (again)
37:3037:34DanceGraham and Mya dance to Run Devil Run by Girls' Generation
37:34--PrankAnime is for duuuumbs star wipe revealed--
37:3638:28GuestSuprise callin: Mikey Neumann from Gearbox Software and all around cool guy
37:4737:50DanceEveryone dances to Mikey & Kris's new rap song "Put 'Em Up"
37:58--RDPRDP: Men without Hats - Safety Dance
38:0138:07SkitTaka and Alex Debate: Mikey Neumann of [random] with the speech jammer
38:07--Enter/ExitEnter Beej--
38:0838:09ReadingBeej tries the speech jammer, becomes Christopher Walken
38:13--RDPRDP: Robyn - Dancing On My Own
38:25--PrankMikey and Pika gross Graham out to the point that Ian puts up the splash screen--
38:26--RDPRDP: Shout!
38:30--OtherSilent auction review time with Graham--
38:3038:35OtherWatching the new LRR video time (Pokeproblem)
38:36--Enter/ExitExit Corey, Graham, & Kathleen--
38:3740:01Drive/GiveawayArt challenge: Design your own FTL ship for: FTL poster signed by the game's creators - Winner: LLyamLLyam--
38:4438:47SongMatt & Kara sing: The Internet is for Porn
38:5140:02Drive/Giveaway$9 challenge for Fingerless Link Gloves - Winner: Byer (Raised $846)Byer--
38:5439:00TechnicalDB7 technology tour
39:02--RDPRDP: Sir Mixalot - Baby Got Back
39:0539:07PhysicalDix demonstrates a "Proper Military Pushup" & teaches Matt how to do them
39:0739:08DrawingIan "draws" a "Rocket" on the screen--
39:0939:16DanceAlex, Andre, Dix, Pika crabcores to: Polyhymnia by Scout McMillan & Attack Attack
39:1839:20OtherSilent auction review time with Kate--
39:21--OtherMatt clears the challenges--
39:2739:29SongDix sings the Canadian national anthem w/o consulting the lyrics beforehand "close enough"
39:3139:33PhysicalPika attempts military pushups - FAILURE (not even 1)--
39:38--RDPRDP: Haddaway - What is Love
39:39--PhysicalDix attempts a pushup with Pika on his back - Failure
39:40--OtherDessert Bus revealed! $3.00 per dessert ordered from local shop Little Jumbo--
39:4639:49SongBeej and Ian do the 007 theme on Guitar and Kazoo
39:5239:53Drive/GiveawayKate givez away 10 DL codes for The Miracle of Sound via Facebook--
39:56--RDPRDP: Nelly - Hot in Here
39:5940:01OtherFTL entries reviewed by Johnny, winner shown on screen--
40:0340:04RDPRDP: Gangnam Style! as Ian departs
40:04--RDPRDP: to Just Dance - Lady Gaga
40:04--PosterNew Poster Update--
40:10Drive/Giveaway$7 challenge drive for Signed Molly Lewis prize pack (CD & poster) - Winner: MagicCid (Raised: $119)MagicCid--
40:13--Game EventPOINT #5 Johnny gets his first desertbus point--
40:13--RDPRDP: Jump
40:16OtherKate drives for Johnny--
40:1640:36MeltdownPronounciationManual time! People try to guess what the word is w/o looking at the screen Kate is DESTROYED[✓]
40:36--MeltdownQWOP o'clock arrives--
40:38--RDPRDP: Third Eye Blind - SemiCharmed Life
40:40--PrankGET DOWN Mr. President!--
40:44--OtherStar Trek attacked time!--
40:4540:49StoryDix tells the story of him getting to DesertBus
40:5040:56OtherJohnny, Kate, small Ian, Pika, Andre try the speech jammer while talking about DB tech
40:58--RDPRDP: Third Eye Blind - SemiCharmed Life
40:59--RDPRDP: R-E-S-P-E-C-T by Aretha Franklin
41:0041:01SkitBeej Requests ridiculous items from shipping
41:0141:13OtherBeej, Johnny, and Andrew(the photographer) play space team - They make it to level 7
41:07--OtherCreepy Dix stare time--
41:1941:21OtherSilent Auction review time with Kate--
41:25--PrankEveryone abandons Johnny (for a challenge & cheevo)
41:27--PrankGet DOWN Mr. Presiden (on Pika)--
41:30--PrankGet DOWN Mr. President (on Beej)--
41:31Drive/Giveaway$6 Challenge for Crocheted Moogle - Winner DoctorGyarados (Raised: $1524)DoctorGyarados--
41:3741:46OtherSarah drives the bus (for the first time ever)--
41:3841:41SongBeej / Everyone sings Garnet's Homemade Beer
41:43--RDPRDP: Somebody to Love
41:4841:49OtherSilence overtakes the moonbase, with Intergalactic - Beastie Boys playing the background
41:5441:59SongEveryone dresses up and sings Macklemore - Thrift Shop (Desert Bus version)
42:0142:03DanceBeej / everyone Dance party to:Bangarang by Skrillex while vacuuming happens
42:03--OtherSilent auction Journey Scarf preview[✓]
42:06--MeltdownAlex goes insane thanks to this .gif
42:07--OtherApeture Science / Castle Koopa Lightbox from Super Mario Labrotories - preview--
42:0942:10PrankTrolling Maya with Third Eye Blind--
42:20--RDPRDP to Shoop by Salt and Pepa
42:2342:25DanceMaya has to dance to the Third Eye Blind song she hates
42:2742:28StoryStory time--
42:3042:39AuctionLive Auction for: Castle of Koopa lightbox - Winner: DorthLous for $1,650.00! - 4 bids for the ENTIRE auctionDorthLous
42:41--PhysicalMia steam rolls Dix & Andrew--
42:4542:52SongBeej plays / sings Blurry Eyes by L~arc~en~ciel with alternative lyrics with his guitar
42:5242:56StoryBeej describes how he decides which anime to watch
43:01--RDPRDP to Salt-n-Pepa - Shoop
43:03--DanceNyan cat time!
43:0443:06GamePronounciation Guide for Desert Bus is found - Kate guesses right!!!
43:07Drive/Giveaway$7.22 challenge for Scibblenauts giveaway - Winner AntiTonic (Raised $218.58)AntiTonic--
43:1243:15StoryTech tough with Johnny
43:1545:18PhysicalSpinnich challenge described: 45 min for Beej, Brendon, Dix, Andre will eat 1 gram of spinnich for each dollar donated[✓]
43:1943:30StoryQuestion time with chat changed in to The Legend of Korra discussion time then back to question time
43:37--Otherupside down stream time--
43:4043:44DanceDance Party to One Million Views by Goldfish
43:4443:57OtherSilent Auction review time with Matt--
43:58--Enter/ExitExit Andrew & Kate, Enter Andy--
44:0947:00Drive/Giveaway$9.75 Challenge: Neverwinter Box. Winner: Ast_16 (Raised $3003)Ast_16--
44:10--Enter/ExitEnter James--
44:14--PhysicalFill these men with greens! Beej, Dix, Small Ian, Maya, Andre, and ? eat 1976g of spinach--
44:18--Enter/ExitExit Matt--
44:2044:23OtherJohnny fills James in on the night's events.--
44:23--RDPRDP: ??
44:23--OtherAndre drops his spinach by tripping on the stairs :(--
44:2745:00Drive/Giveaway$5 Challenge: Smeagol Figurine. Winner: dewknight (Raised $720)dewknight--
44:33--OtherPaul Says "The video strike team are awesome!"--
44:3844:39StoryEmbarassing childhood stories. Johnny tells a very sad story about his former life as a BMX champ :'(--
44:4844:50M-M-Multi Challenge!5 Challenges in 5 Minutes:[✓]
44:4844:50SongAndy sings Animaniacs - 50 states and their capitols as Smeagol (that's 2)--
44:4844:50OtherWear the most shameful piece of clothing. Andy wears the Canadian olympic track suit.--
44:4844:50OtherTape Ashley to Andy while someone puts different hats on them (also 2)[✓]--
44:4944:50MeltdownJohnny starts to lose it--
44:5146:30Drive/GiveawayDraw what superhero the combined Ashley/Andy taped being is for the Plants vs. Zombies risk. Winner: Alexandra CravenAlexandra Craven--
44:53--RDPRDP: Can-can
44:56--Enter/ExitExit Alex--
44:5745:01SongAndy and Ashley sing "Suspend Your Disbilef" while still taped together.
45:04--OtherBeej announces Desert Bus by Little Jumbo. $3 of every desert sold will go to Desert Bus--
45:07--OtherPaul tangentially mentions the strike team.--
45:08--RDPRDP: Cotton-Eye Joe
45:11--OtherJame challenges chat to make a gif quickly.--
45:13--OtherJames tangentially mentions the strike team--
45:1745:21SongPaul leads everyone in Barrett's Privateers
45:17--Game EventBugsplat #6 (time updated from logs)--
45:2845:37SkitPaul does a Whole Story starting on the wikipedia entry for Francophone and continuing on to random articles.
45:30--Enter/ExitExit Dix--
45:3845:41SongAndy sings something over "Stars and Stripes Forever" in a Russian accent
45:4245:44SongAndy sings "The Star Spangled Banner" in a Russian accent
45:43--Enter/ExitEnter DammitLiz--
45:44--MilestoneIt's Andy's Birthday!--
45:45--RDPRDP: Louis Armstrong - Cheesecake
45:46--RDPRDP: Carl Douglas - Kung-Fu Fighting
45:47--OtherJames and Beej scare Pika--
45:48--SongHappy Birthday to Andy! Andy is given cake!
45:5045:43SongJames, Pika and Beej sing Luna's Boat Song from Silver Star Story.
45:5546:30Drive/Giveaway$5.38Challenge: Embroidered Dice Bag. Won by: OcelotOnABus (Raised $?)OcelotOnABus--
45:5946:01OtherJames runs down the silent auctions--
46:0646:07OtherBeej describes an anime and chat tries to guess what it is.--
46:0746:10SkitAndy and Paul make a movie based on the year 2074 (the challenge #) as a 1980s macho action movie
46:11--RDPRDP: Britney Spears - Work Bitch
46:1646:17OtherWriting a cover letter for a job as a Santa cleaner one line at a time.
46:2146:22OtherConversation with Meme Beej while he rides the exercise bike
46:2246:26SkitA short 1980s-style exercize video geared towards geeks
46:2746:31PhysicalEveryone bikes for gif mosiac[✓]
46:3146:32DanceDance party around the bike to Queen - Bicycle--
46:41--RDPRDP - Tell Your Girlfriend
46:44--OtherDelivery man refuses to say hi, foiling achievement--
46:45--RDPRDP: French Caravan Palace?
46:4646:46OtherJames speaks "With Somebody Who Loves You" to Shipping--
46:5346:55GuestBeej Drives--
46:5546:56OtherCommentary over previous DB video (DB2 Barrel Roll Video)
46:5947:05DanceEveryone dances to One from Chorus Line
47:0747:08OtherJohnny explains Desert Bus and how stopping works--
47:08--Enter/ExitExit Beej--
47:0847:13OtherMagic M14 crack-a-pack analysis. $1 per cmc in the pack is donated
47:1547:19Drive/GiveawayAndy/Ashley Superhero art finalists shown and winner picked.--
47:18--RDPRDP: Daft Punk - Get Lucky
47:2147:53Drive/Giveaway$12.34 Challenge: Resident Evil Pack: Racoon City sign, PS3 sharpshooter, RE games. Winner: SteelFraud (Raised $2283.90)SteelFraud--
47:25--Enter/ExitExit Pika--
47:25--OtherSiri transcribed room conversation --
47:2847:32OtherPaul runs down the silent auctions--
47:3247:33RDPRDP: Barry Manilow - When The Good Times Come Again ?
47:3647:41SongPaul and Andy sing King of Spain
47:4247:47Enter/ExitEnter Nelson, Exit shortly thereafter--
47:4247:42RDPRDP: ??
47:48--Enter/ExitEnter Kathleen--
47:5448:00DanceEveryone slowdances, then raves while limboing under the controller cord