DesertBus 8 - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 8 - Tech Test

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
-12:48-11:17MilestoneTech Test Live!--
-12:48-12:46OtherIan Test Card--
-12:46-12:46OtherSkullcam cuts in--
-12:46-12:46Behind the ScenesNormal view / room view reveal--
-12:46-12:46Behind the ScenesNew engineering cam view reveal--
-12:43-12:40Behind the ScenesGraham takes us through the new setup
-12:39-12:39Behind the ScenesCam Bot reveal--
-12:38-12:37RDPRDP: Pharrell Mashup - Happy Get Lucky (cover by Pomplamoose)
-12:34-12:34OtherThe crew discusses what Harry the Creepy Doll is made of (old T-shirts, they forgot)
-12:32-12:32TechnicalBlack Screen HOW DO I FIND TIME ON A BLACK SCREEN PANIC!!!!--
-12:32-12:32TechnicalBrief cut to Ian Test Pattern--
-12:32-12:32TechnicalVideo feed returns--
-12:31-12:30TechnicalOverlay cuts out--
-12:30-12:30PhysicalTally and Cori play catch with a stuffed chicken
-12:28-12:15TechnicalTroubleshooting the microphones--
-12:23-12:22Video/ImageOverlay Video: Pomplamoose - The Internet is Awesome
-12:22-12:22TechnicalFeed cuts out, ian test card--
-12:22-12:20TechnicalBlack Screen again--
-12:21-12:20OtherJohnny whimpers, Alex finds chips inside the computer--
-12:20-12:19TechnicalIan Test Card, stream returns--
-12:19-12:17OtherEveryone has hats--
-12:19-12:18TechnicalStream goes down (planned)--
-12:17-12:17TechnicalStream Returns--
-12:17--Enter/ExitDix Driving, first driver change & Snowflakes--
-12:17-12:14OtherVideo filter and camera shenanigans
-12:14-12:09AuctionAuction Test--
-12:11-12:11Other[SKULLCAM INTENSIFIES]--
-12:11-12:11OtherSilica Gel makes its first appearance
-12:10-12:07OtherOld-school Desertbus (4:3 broadcast)--
-12:09-12:09TechnicalOverlay bids now working--
-12:07-12:06TechnicalStream goes down (planned) - Alex stares at camera w/ horse mask while stream stops--
-12:06-12:06TechnicalStream goes live and more Alex horsehead--
-12:05-12:05TechnicalShiny auction Sold! overlay animation is demonstrated--
-12:04-12:04OtherAlex gets the first swear of DB8--
-12:01-12:01OtherGraham will never forget Dre as he has a calendar alert--
-12:01-12:00DrawingAlex draws something on green whiteboard (<3 chat and the awesome face)--
-12:00-12:00TechnicalBus Stop - overlay animation is demonstrated:
-11:56-11:54OtherHow To Bid explanation from Ashton
-11:55-11:55CrashDix crashes the bus (Total count: 1)
-11:54-11:50MeltdownAlex becomes giddy over a homemade Cards Against Humanity Homestuck expansion, laughs hard whilst being read some of the cards.
-11:53-11:50OtherThe bus gets towed--
-11:51-11:51TechnicalSega CD reset--
-11:48-11:39Video/ImageCNC crash videos
-11:46-11:46TechnicalSega CD Returns--
-11:42-11:42MilestoneDix gets a Bus Stop! (Total count: 2)--
-11:39-11:39CrashDix crashes again (Total Count: 2)
-11:37-11:37ShoutoutGraham mentions the VST and how we got something wrong last year. OUR GREATEST SHAME--
-11:37-11:33Behind the ScenesJames Skype Test
-11:36-11:36TechnicalSPOOPCAM - chromakey failure--
-11:34-11:33TechnicalLow-Denglervision again (4:3)--
-11:34-11:34OtherJames Gets the Second Swear in--
-11:33-11:33MilestoneDix Bus Stop #3--
-11:31--Enter/ExitEnter Cam & Andrew--
-11:30--Enter/ExitEnter Tally--
-11:28-11:27OtherSkullcam feat. an accidentally broken Mass Effect chocolate gun--
-11:28-11:22TechnicalJames Skype Test - take 2. James freaks out at hearing himself whilst reciting stock trends
-11:26--OtherJames has chocolate stuffed in his mouth to shut him up--
-11:25--OtherAshton and Alex photobomb James--
-11:23--OtherJames' eye--
-11:22--OtherJames hangs up Skype, his phone was getting warm--
-11:20-11:18RDPRDP: Backstreet's Back - Backstreet Boys
-11:18-11:18TechnicalNASACam interlacing problems--
-11:17--MilestoneTech Test Ends. DB8 hype intensifies!--