DesertBus 8 - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 8 - Day 3

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
48:00--Driver Shift ChangeJohnny's Shift Ends, Kara's Begins--
48:0148:03Behind the ScenesIntro to Kara and What She Does--
48:08--Enter/ExitExit Ian and Johnny--
48:0948:12SongEveryone sings Ashton Happy Birthday, in the traditional Canadian manner -
48:09--PhysicalAshton is dressed up for the birthday song, as is tradition--
48:12--Enter/ExitEnter Lee Lee--
48:18--OtherKara explains 3-hour shifts--
48:2048:23ShoutoutPaul & Ashton mention the VST, at length :D
48:21--ShoutoutKara calls the VST "ninjas"--
48:2348:23RDPRDP: Girls Just Wanna have Fun - Cyndi Lauper
48:2850:00Drive/GiveawayRayman/Bilbo/LEGO Dance 50 word story - PS4 Family Prize LotMorgan_Slade--
48:2948:29RDPRDP: Too Many Cooks (Jordan weeps)
48:3148:35DanceJames and Serge Slow Dance to Lady in Red while Liz gets in the middle - Liz
48:3648:39SongEveryone sings / dances to Everything is Awesome
48:3948:43DanceAshton does an interpretive dance to Ylvis' "What Does the Fox Say?" -
48:4348:44SkitJames does a spot-on impersonation of Adam
48:4448:48OtherSilent auction review--
48:4948:49ShoutoutShoutout to BGC / Jimmy Hinson in the Twitch chat--
48:4948:53SkitJames describes a traditional Canadian Christmas--
48:5548:56The DeviceThe DEVICE: VEER! --
48:5648:57RDPRDP: Electrobank - The Chemical Brothers
48:57--AchievementAchievements: Ring-ding-dingerdingding, Hot Swap--
49:0049:35GuestMike & Tifa of the Lady Planeswalkers' Society
49:0250:14Drive/GiveawaySDCC black & silver planeswalker cards $20.11 (Raised $8747.85)metal_spoon--
49:26--ShoutoutShoutout to Big Giant Circles--
49:3549:36RDPRDP: Smooth Criminal - Alien Ant Farm
49:3649:36RDPRDP: The Rockafeller Skank - Fatboy Slim
49:3849:55The DeviceThe DEVICE: Autopilot--
49:4049:43ShoutoutT-Shirt, Poster, and Coffee Sponsor Shoutouts--
49:4249:46OtherSerge pours out samples of the Fernwood Coffee "Cold Brew", coffee is then discussed by room
49:4549:46PhysicalJamie tackles Ashton after learning it's his birthday--
49:4749:51SkitPaul as a supervillain talks about the silent auction items
49:5149:52RDPRDP: Bye Bye Bye - N*Sync
49:5549:55DanceInpromptu Music-less Caramelldansen in background--
49:5649:58SkitTally becomes Kara's therapist
50:0350:08SongKara sings Somewhere That's Green - Little Shop of HorrorsQuarterNote_
50:1150:14StoryHitchhiking / boonie stories
50:1550:32ShoutoutJamie talks about Child's Play, time for feels
50:20--TechnicalStream Hiccups--
50:25--Enter/ExitEnter Matt--
50:26--Shoutoutmalfunct for donating his birthday to Child's Play--
50:3350:33PhysicalJamie hugs the chat--
50:3451:00Drive/GiveawayTwo dozen custom cookies $4.44 (Raised $386.28)Vanara--
50:34--Enter/ExitExit Jamie, hugging everyone--
50:3850:43SkitJordan does a solo performance of Monty Python's Travel Agent sketchJordan's family
50:38--PrankCreepydoll assists with the performance--
50:4350:43ShoutoutVST shoutout from Kara--
50:4550:45RDPRDP: Bambous - Caravan Palace
50:4650:47ShoutoutKara shoutout to DB chat and Random Dance Party song pickers and uploaders (Quarternote, Silpho, sinisterduck)--
50:4850:49SkitSerge describes Desert Bus without using the letter 'e'
50:5050:51RDPRDP: We Will Fall Together - Streetlight Manifesto (Matt Solo)
50:5150:51RDPRDP: Shining Star - Earth Wind and Fire (Matt Solo)
50:5450:54RDPRDP: Walk This Way - Run DMC & Aerosmith
50:5651:00SongEveryone sings Love Shack but replaces "Love Shack" with "Bus Stop" and occasionally "Love Stop" and "Bug Splat"
51:0451:09OtherAshley receives a companion to accompany her on her shift[✓]
51:04--Driver Shift ChangeKara's shift ends (first crashless shift of DB8!), Ashley's shift begins.[✓]--
51:0951:14OtherSarah models her Journey scarf silent auction; silent auction recap--
51:1151:13OtherTally explains how to clean a Creepy Doll--
51:11--Enter/ExitEnter Simon--
51:1651:16SkitAshley pontificates on who should take over for who should take over as Iron Man after Robert Downey Jr.LadySephiroth
51:1751:17TechnicalTHE DEVICE breaks the overlay--
51:17--The DeviceTHE DEVICE: Auto-honk--
51:1851:18PrankBucket on Ashley's head because she is so loud
51:1951:24StoryAshley tells the story of winning Bros Clubbing Bros forever -
51:2051:21OtherJames is poked in the eye by LeeLee, and is given eye protection -
51:21--Shame TicketLeeLee is given a shame ticket for poking James in the eye--
51:2551:26TechnicalStream goes to test pattern, returns--
51:2851:30ReadingKara reads the top 3 50 word stories entries
51:28--OtherSimon dons the cheese hat--
51:3051:33DanceLiz dances with Creepy Doll at his prom (Rod Stewart - "Forever Young")
51:3351:34TechnicalStream hiccups--
51:3451:35SongTally Sings "Soft Kitty" while petting James (who is wearing the Nekomimi ears)
51:3551:35OtherJames-cat is angry, because Liz is bad at cats--
51:3651:37StoryPika recounts putting cat ears on Yahtzee at the Escapist Expo
51:3851:39OtherJames asks the room what time it is. The answer? IT'S SPAGHETTI TIME!
51:3851:40PhysicalPaul does Things On My Head with the Nekomimi ears on - The Devicehengeguardian
51:4352:50Drive/GiveawayWedding version of Love Letter for $4.12 (Raised $1,388.44)impsylove--
51:4451:44OtherSkullcam shows 2 Skulls with a note "Til Death Do Us Part"--
51:4651:46RDPRDP: Living in the sunlight - Tiny Tim
51:47--Enter/ExitEnter Jer--
51:5051:52DanceAll the single guys dance to Little Wrecking Ball (Mumford & Sons / Miley Cyrus mashup)
51:5251:53Enter/ExitEnter Billzmom, with bonus green screen!
51:5651:57OtherSimon shows off his holographic card that almost happened
51:5751:58StorySimon talks about how DB helped him quit smoking!
51:58--ShoutoutSimon gives a shoutout to KidSpanner--
51:5952:00RDPRDP: Red Sweater - Aquabats
52:0052:04PhysicalMatt is wrapped in the green screen cloth
52:04--Enter/ExitEnter Kathleen--
52:0552:09SongAshley & Ashton sing Baby Got Back by Sir Mixalot -[✓]
52:1252:32GuestMoMoCon call-in
52:1952:31AuctionAvatar: The Last Airbender Blue Spirit Mask (Sold for $8,000!)madtheorist
52:3252:32RDPRDP: The Impression That I Get - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
52:3352:38Milestone$8K Donation comes in immediately, shatters $140K. Ashley Freaks (jump from $139,266 to $147,266) and deafens people. Ashley's shift is currently the highest trending shift of all DB8 shifts, also breaking DB3--
52:40--AchievementCheevo Get: Accident Free--
52:42--Enter/ExitExit Paul--
52:4452:46OtherTalk about upcoming newlyweds game, Tally makes a suggestion and her nekomimis go crazy--
52:48--Game EventBugsplat! (#5 of the run, 1 in a row)--
52:49--Enter/ExitEnter Graham--
52:5252:52OtherEveryone reacts to gif of LeeLee poking James' eye--
52:5252:57PhysicalCharades with Matt "Desert Bus 7"
52:5653:00OtherSergue_thorien from Chat donates Murchie's tea for afternoon tea party--
52:5752:58MeltdownTally reacts to the cat ears while thinking about crafts
53:0454:09Drive/GiveawayPaper Mario cutouts for $10.23 (Raised $1043.46)Anon Zach--
53:06--PhysicalCharades with Tally: Andrew wins, Practice Makes PerfectLordbrat4--
53:09--PhysicalCharades with Andrew: ShocktopLordbrat4--
53:11--PhysicalCharades with Tara: Rocky Horror Picture ShowLordbrat4--
53:12--PhysicalCharades with Emily: Grim ReaperLordbrat4--
53:13--PhysicalCharades with Kara: Monopoly - "there has to be a charade symbol for game!"--
53:18--PhysicalCharades with Kathleen: two birds with one stone--
53:19--PhysicalCharades with Cori: InterlacingLordbrat4--
53:2053:22StoryKathleen tells a funny Charades Story about "Reproduction"
53:2253:27OtherMatt does Silent Auction free verse with Lovely times (Baleric Sunset Chill Mix) - Rob Nujes background music--
53:2753:27RDPRDP: Hip Hop Horray - Naughty By Nature
53:2853:28ShoutoutSerge "smoothly" segues into Fernwood coffee plug--
53:3653:36RDPRDP: Bill Nye the Science Guy (Theme Remix) -
53:3753:38$8 EatsKathleen's Mac and Cheese ground beef recipe--
53:4153:45DanceEveryone dances to Bill Nye the Science Guy (Theme Remix) -
53:41--OtherMike and Tally transform into the flag of Ireland--
53:4653:47RDPRDP: Sandstorm Flutedrop Remix
53:47--Meltdown"We've broken Andrew"--
53:4853:56MilestoneBirthday Celebration: Ashton
53:48--Shame TicketShame ticket: Birthday Boy--
53:4953:50OtherFailed Music?--
53:5053:52SongSandstorm - Darude
53:50--OtherPIZZA FOR EVERYONE! :D With "Happy birthday Ashton" written in peppers--
53:5253:52SongHappy Birthday
53:53--ShoutoutShoutout to Josh (Morgan's little half-brother) at Alibaba for donating all the Pizza--
53:53--Enter/ExitEnter Maya/Felix, exit LeeLee--
53:5553:56StoryHappy Birthday Banner has some history (it's 9 years old)
53:5653:57RDPRDP: Poison - Bell Biv Devoe
53:57--The DeviceTHE DEVICE: Auto-honk--
53:58--OtherJames wearing 3 party hats, then 5 party hats--
53:5954:05SongEveryone sings Africa, by Toto. Engineering is based. Ashley sneaks one in at the end
54:00--Enter/ExitEnter Billzmom--
54:05--Driver Shift ChangeAshley's Shift Ends, Liz's Begins--
54:0654:07SongToo Many Cooks
54:08--OtherLiz experiences Fear--
54:1354:17SkitDramatically reenact Philae approaching and landing on Comet 67P (Pika is given a piggyback)
54:1654:17SongMusic: Also Sprach Zarathustra (2001: A Space Odyssey version)
54:1854:19RDPRDP: Crocodile Rock - Elton John
54:21--TechnicalJer mentions the app--
54:2355:50Drive/GiveawayMaze of Games - $6.66 (raised $2404.26)Squijum01--
54:2654:31SongKathleen and Jordan *attempt* I Can Show You the World with a "South Park Canadian" accent, and failBraininator
54:3154:33SongGraham and Jordan recite A Whole New World and crush itBraininator
54:3454:35RDPRDP: Shake Your Coconut - Junior Senior
54:3554:39MeltdownLiz experiences TRUE AND UTTER FEAR
54:36--OtherKathleen as an Angler Fish -[✓]
54:3754:39SkitKathleen dances to The Angler Fish song by Hank Green while wearing a giant anglerfish costume -[✓]
54:3954:40RDPRDP: Hot Stuff - Donna Summer
54:4354:43TechnicalStream freeze--
54:4554:45StoryLiz explains how she hurt her ankle
54:4754:49SkitGraham and Jer dramatically reenact getting the sword in Legend of Zelda
54:5254:53TechnicalDB Homepage and Stream both go down briefly--
54:52--OtherLarger box of pig sweeteners is revealed--
54:5454:54RDPRDP: Safe and Sound (RAC edit) - Capitol Cities
54:55--Enter/ExitExit Jordan and Pika--
54:5755:01DanceThe Device Has Been Modified v2 - Victims of Science w/ THE DEVICE dance movesMc_bertzz
55:02--Enter/ExitEnter Josh (creator of the Birthday Pizza), Cori and Ian--
55:0355:06DanceSeamonster Caramelldansen
55:0655:48GameNewlywed Game with the gracious host Billzmom! (Ian & Cori, Graham & Kathleen, James & Ashley, Ashton & Kara, Jer & Tally)[✓]
55:11--GameQuestion 1: What is your Lady's Favorite Simpson's Episode?--
55:14--GameQuestion 2: Wife is asleep in a pool of drool, do you? A) Post to Social Media B) Draw a Cat C) Ice Bucket D) Call her Mother--
55:17--Enter/ExitThe Girls enter, with Halos and Devil Horns (depending on if the couples are married or sinners)--
55:19--GameIan & Cori: 0 - Ian guessed "Monorail", Cori said "One of the Halloween eps"--
55:20--GameGraham & Kathleen: 1 - Monorail!--
55:21--GameJames & Ashley: 0 - James guessed "The One With Homer", Ashley said "Monorail"--
55:22--GameJer & Tally: 0 - Jer guessed "Tally can't identify an episode", Tally said "A musical episode"--
55:23--GameAshton & Kara: 0 - Ashton guessed "Kara can't identify an episode", Kara said "A musical episode"--
55:24--OtherStation Identification Break - Donation drive reminder--
55:25--GameAshton & Kara: 0 - Ashton guessed D, Kara said B--
55:27--GameJer & Tally: 1 - B!--
55:28--GameJames & Ashley: 1 - A!--
55:28--GameGraham & Kathleen: 2 - A!--
55:29--GameIan & Cori: 0 - Ian guessed B, Cori said A--
55:30--Enter/ExitTHE MEN LEAVE!--
55:31--GameQuestion 3: Your Man's 1st Computer (Make and Model)--
55:33--GameQuestion 4: Other than the precious metals what is your man's favorite element--
55:36--Enter/ExitEnter Men!--
55:38--GameJames & Ashley: 1 - Ashley guessed "The one you got from CompuSmart", James said "The one with the monitor"--
55:40--GameGraham & Kathleen: 3 - Commodore 64!--
55:41--GameIan & Cori: 1 - Apple IIc!--
55:42--GameAshton & Kara: 0 - Kara guessed "The one you used to format disks for your dad for money", Ashton said "The one in the box"--
55:43--GameJer & Tally: 1 - Tally guessed "Commodore 64", Jer said "Macintosh Classic"--
55:45--GameGraham & Kathleen: 3 - Kathleen guessed "Argon, cause it's so noble", Graham said "Mercury", but CALLED the joke--
55:46--GameIan & Cori: 1 - Cori guessed "Hydrogen", Ian said "Windmill slam Tungsten"--
55:46--GameJames & Ashley: 1 - Ashley guessed "Helium", James said "Iron"--
55:47--GameJer & Tally: 2 - Roentgenium--
55:48--GameAshton & Kara: 0 - Kara guessed "Hydrogen", Ashton said "Mercury"--
55:4955:50RDPRDP: Calling (Lose My Mind) - Sebastian Ingrosso
55:49--GameGraham & Kathleen win!--
55:49--Game EventPOINT GET - #2 for run! (Liz)--
55:5055:51PhysicalAshley tries to throw packets of silica gel through James' halo
55:5155:52RDPRDP: Katamari on the Rocks - Katamari Damacy
55:5255:55OtherSilent auction review--
55:5555:56OtherShould I get Wendy's or Taco Bell? - Room is evenly split, so both!HamsterCable
55:5756:04StoryFeels Time with Liz -- Why is DB Important to Her, followed by hugs
56:0456:31OtherLots of feels stories in chat--
56:0556:05RDPRDP: Cheesecake - Irving Fields (as performed by Louis Armstrong)
56:0656:07PhysicalAshley and James throw the pug cushion back and forth
56:0857:00Drive/GiveawayMLP Rainbow Dash Hooded Cloak $6.20 (raised $1,227)PongoSapiens--
56:1156:12PhysicalCori dons horse head to model the towel
56:1456:15SongIan plays the Jurassic Park theme on CAHzoo
56:1956:23DanceKathleen dances to the FFX-2 Opening cutscene
56:2757:00Drive/GiveawayXBOX Games - Make a Vine of "Your own Superhero" (runner up: "Dogermang", winner: "kill... SAVE all humans")Evil Jim--
56:3156:32OtherLiz "peed" on the driver chair--
56:3256:32PhysicalFailed Hi-5 by Tally & Emily
56:3256:38SongTally & Emily sing "Total Eclipse of the Heart"
56:3956:40OtherTara introduces herself (again)--
56:4256:56OtherTally and Matt craft a Twister board on-stream
56:4356:43SkitKathleen and Graham relive their marriage proposal
56:4356:44StoryGraham recalls telling James and Jer he is going to propose to Kathleen
56:5056:50ShoutoutSomeone mentions the VST--
56:5157:03The DeviceThe Device - Lefty--
57:0357:03SongAsh enters to Deththeme - Dethklok[✓]
57:03--Driver Shift ChangeLiz's shift ends, Ash's shift begins--
57:0457:15GameTwister (involving animal onesies and sweatpants) + Too many Cooks + Ash Berates Chat + Twister - Weird Al + SMB2 Overworld Music (original & OCRemix)[✓]
57:2058:02Drive/Giveaway"2 tickets to any PAX" Donation Drive $11.04 (Raised $4824.48)Chef Steven--
57:2157:43GuestBob "MovieBob" Chipman call-in
57:21--Enter/ExitEnter Matt, right after Graham says "We're 2:38 away from a full 12 hour shift with no crashes"--
57:3757:38$8 EatsRice + hot sauce + a *bus*ton of Powdered Cheese Flavoring, add veggies & seasoned beef. Tastes like nachos--
57:44--TechnicalJer mentions the app--
57:4557:45RDPRDP: Skeletor's Dick - Bag Fries
57:46--OtherShowing off Ghostbusters poster--
57:4857:54StoryAsh tells the story of the Ghostbuster's poster
57:48--Shame TicketMatt: "I pretended Ash's Amazing Art was my simulated junk"--
57:51--AchievementDiabetic pig, Who's Cutting Onions?, Who's that?!--
57:5457:54OtherJeff shows off his bio-mech sleeve tattoo
57:5557:58Video/ImageLiz shows the Vine challenge runner-up (Dogerman), and the winner (kill... SAVE all humans)
57:56--MeltdownMatt throws the stuffed Angler Fish at Liz, who screams--
58:0058:01RDPRDP: I Got a Feeling - Black Eyed Peas
58:0058:01OtherAsh's friend shows off his proton pack
58:0158:01SongGhostbusters - Ray Parker Jr
58:0358:03PlugKathleen plugs a live auction as Spoopifer--
58:0458:09AuctionGhostbusters Goodbye Egon Poster Signed By Dan Aykroyd (Sold for $4100)AdmiralMemo
58:08--OtherOverlapping music, Ash blames Matt--
58:1058:10RDPRDP: Pass This On - The Knife
58:1258:14OtherGame of Thrones Cosmetics Demo--
58:1459:00Drive/GiveawayLRR Crew Makeup Art ChallengeAzralorne--
58:17--OtherMatt manages to get two lint rollers stuck together--
58:1858:20ReadingFlorida Man story
58:2158:22StoryEmily story about Muttart Conservatory
58:2258:22SkitIan on the life and times of doge.QuarterNote_
58:2258:22OtherLiz reveals to everyone that Tara was in a Flash & Go (laser hair removal) commercial--
58:2358:26StoryKathleen explains the passive voice
58:2658:30StoryTara recounts filming the Flash & Go commercial, with photo
58:3058:33StoryKathleen tells a story about being enrolled in a childhood modeling class
58:3158:36PhysicalTara demonstrates a modelling walk, others join in (song: Vogue - Madonna)
58:3658:37PhysicalLiz demonstrates the "sexy walk"
58:3658:37RDPRDP: Shake Your Rump To The Funk - The Bar-Kays
58:3758:38RDPRDP: Goodbye, goodbye - Oingo Boingo
58:39--OtherSimon drives the bus, continues being cool--
58:4158:44SkitDix & Simon provide ESPN commentary on an intense pattycake match between Max and Jer (song: SportsCenter Theme)
58:4558:46RDPRDP: Ice Cream - Battles
58:4758:47OtherAsh shows her Riddler tattoo
58:4758:48ShoutoutAsh plugs Megacynics--
58:4958:51OtherSilent auction review--
58:50--OtherGraham talks about how tasty the donuts are. Mmmm...donuts...--
58:51--OtherJer challenged to speak in Kobold voice for "5 minutes", leaves shortly after with promise to sing as Kobold--
58:5259:06SkitEveryone states their case for having the tickets
58:5260:09Drive/GiveawayPAX badge drive (Voting game - Who has the winning envelope?) (Raised $3022)MJAnderson, geoper--
58:57--TechnicalStream temporarily blips to 4:3 mode--
59:06--TechnicalStream cuts out temporarily--
59:0759:17SongJer sings the Mariner's Revenge in the "Hraxis" kobold voice and in character
59:13--MeltdownAshton giggling at the singing kobold Hraxis--
59:16--MeltdownThe *room* loses it during the "traditional kobold dance" due to "retroactive continuity"--
59:1759:18TechnicalVote for Ian overlay shenanigans--
59:1859:20StoryAsh explains how she met her half-brother, Steve Dengler
59:20--MilestoneTwilight on the bus--
59:2159:23OtherBooth Boys for Megacynics
59:2259:23OtherBooth Boy Ian shows off belly, dat azz.--
59:2359:24RDPRDP: Move Your Boogie Body - The Bar-Kays
59:2459:27OtherAdditional PAX ticket argument persuasion--
59:2759:27OtherTally goes full horse -
59:2959:30OtherIan delivers a stealth burn against Mike, who fires right back--
59:3159:34SongEveryone sings & dances to Weird Al's "Tacky" while wearing the tackiest outfits imaginable
59:3959:40PhysicalLive never before filmed Crapshot: Jazzercising (aka Dinocise) (music:[✓]
59:4059:40PrankIan joins along with a bad accordian version of the Jurassic Park theme--
59:4159:41OtherKathleen reveals what the "blood" was. It's hot sauce!--
59:4359:47Video/ImageLRR Crew Makeup Art Challenge Results
59:43--Meltdownwhole room breaks looking at art challenge pictures--
59:4859:48RDPRDP: Scatman - Scatman John
59:4959:50RDPRDP: Forget You (Radio Edit) - Cee Lo Green
59:5059:50RDPRDP: ABC - Jackson 5
59:51--The DeviceThe Device: Cruise Control--
59:5259:54DanceKathleen flailcore dance to The Bigger They Are The Harder They Fall - Machinae Supremacy
59:5859:59RDPRDP: Give Heart Back to Music | Shounen of Nazareth (Daft Punk & Justice x Eureka Seven) - Shoopfex
59:5959:59RDPRDP: Rollin' - Limp Bizkit
59:59--MilestoneGirl shift becomes most profitable shift--
60:0060:03SkitKathleen interviews "teen girls"
60:0360:04RDPRDP: Simply Irresistable - Robert Palmer
60:0460:04PrankJohnny is "late" for his "shift"
60:0560:07Driver Shift ChangeAsh's shift ends, Alex's shift begins! (in the best way possible) -
60:0760:08SkitKathleen interviews "teen girl" Alex
60:0760:13Drive/GiveawayGraham draws the "contestants" for the PAX Ticket Draw - $3022 total raised
60:07--Drive/GiveawayPAX Ticket Draw - Emily ($5.01) - contestant drawn: Jiopur--
60:07--Drive/GiveawayPAX Ticket Draw - Tall Matt ($5.02) - contestant drawn: Phoenix Fox--
60:07--Drive/GiveawayPAX Ticket Draw - Tally ($5.03) - contestant drawn: MJAnderson - winner!--
60:07--Drive/GiveawayPAX Ticket Draw - Ian ($5.04) - contestant drawn: Jiopur - winner!--
60:07--Drive/GiveawayPAX Ticket Draw - Kathleen ($5.05) - contestant drawn: Anonymous--
60:07--Drive/GiveawayPAX Ticket Draw - IQ2000 / Mike ($5.06) - contestant drawn: Swashbuckler Jim--
60:0960:10PrankSkulls ambush Graham, Liz informs him something is wrong, Graham thought she was talking about his math
60:17--Enter/ExitEnter Nelson and Trevor--
60:1960:23GuestNelson and Trevor discuss Planeswalkers for Diversity
60:20--MeltdownAlex freaks out over the game going into night mode--
60:20--MilestoneNight mode in the game for the second time of DB8!--
60:2461:01Drive/Giveaway2 MTG booster boxes (THS & BNG) + bonus Polluted Delta and Windswept Heath - $6.69 drive - Raised ($5,037)mc_gigglepants--
60:2860:28OtherAlex reveals his Desert Bus pro strats
60:2960:30The DeviceAlex narrowly avoids THE DEVICE by coinflip--
60:3360:33RDPRDP: Defying Gravity - Wicked (Musical)
60:3460:35SkitGraham, Alex, and Ian have a conversation (respectively) as Gary, Hodor, and Groot
60:3460:35RDPRDP: Money - Mystery Skulls
60:4260:44MeltdownAlex gets a pizza from an adoring fan (LordSparks) - "Why is Pizza?"
60:4460:47DanceEveryone dances to Gentleman by PSY, Alex slams some pizza
60:49--Game EventBugsplat! (#6, 2 in a row)--
60:5061:01StoryEveryone shares their strange family traditions
60:52--AchievementAchievement Get: Emergent Gameplay. Alex pretends to be an alien assembly line worker--
61:0061:01OtherBeej does the reverse Riker
61:0261:03RDPRDP: Fantastic Baby - Big Bang
61:0461:05RDPRDP: Daft Punk Medley - Pentatonix
61:0561:19AuctionPsychonauts - Raz Custom Figure (Sold for $4500)mrphlip[✓]
61:2061:20MeltdownWATCH AND PRAY
61:21--Enter/ExitExit Andrew--
61:24--Drive/GiveawayJund 'Em Out Staple Card Art challengelbd--
61:2861:28OtherAlex learns the "K" in CMYK stands for "Key"
61:3061:31OtherGraham puts on Dad pants to tell chat newbs to get gud w/r/t knowing whats up with the Bus
61:3161:38SkitKathleen, Beej, and Alex reenact the true pudding ending of Hatoful Boyfriend (Beej as literal Okasan, Alex as interpreter)
61:4061:43OtherSilent Auction review--
61:43--Enter/ExitCam Enters--
61:4461:46Video/ImageAlex imitates Clyde the Goat and the Room watches said Goat
61:45--ShoutoutShoutout to Featherweight, who is streaming "Arting Along for Hope" - currently drawing
61:4761:47Video/ImageA baby making fart noises--
61:4861:52OtherGraham and Kathleen debate what to sing, Graham doesn't know Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (ಠ_ಠ)
61:5261:54SongG&K sing Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better (In traditional fashion for them)
61:54--ShoutoutKathleen BURNS tastylaksa--
61:5561:55ShoutoutShoutout to chat mods--
61:5661:56OtherTorgo Theme
62:0062:04SkitSkeletor Debates Alex "Noted Skeleton Racist" Steacy (Using the Speech Jammer)
62:00--Enter/ExitEnter Pika, Jordan, Skeletor, Chrusher--
62:01--MeltdownGraham Dies from Alex on Speechjammer--
62:0462:05MeltdownIan is Jammed So Hard
62:0762:07OtherBeej Makes Danish joke--
62:0762:08DanceWhat the Fox Says[✓]
62:07--Enter/ExitSurprise entrance from 70s Simon -[✓]
62:0962:10MeltdownMore Jamming Ian Hard (this time as Skeletor)
62:1062:10OtherSimon uses the speech jammer and attempts to say rødgrød med fløde
62:1463:02Drive/GiveawaySigned Bioshock Infinite Motorized Skyhook Replica ($8.88 donation drive) (Raised $4404.48)Eclipse--
62:1862:19OtherMurica Jokes
62:2062:22PhysicalSMASH THE STATE!!!!
62:2362:39OtherDriving is passed to Engineering--
62:2362:39OtherDriving is done from "The Battle Bridge" (engineering) (by Thomas who has never driven before)--
62:2462:25The DeviceThe Device: Reverse--
62:2562:25RDPRDP: Cell Block Tango - Chicago
62:2762:27RDPRDP: Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice
62:2862:29RDPRDP: Hooked on a Feeling - Blue Swede
62:28--AchievementAchievement Get: Battle Bridge--
62:3062:31ReadingKathleen reads Andrew Ryan's final speech from Bioshock as Spoopifer
62:30--Enter/ExitExit Johnny, Sarah--
62:32--OtherThomas was alone--
62:3462:38DanceMia teaches the room The Charleston - Ian plays kazoo (SMB2 Overworld Theme, Imperial March)
62:3962:40PlugRecapping Current Giveaways--
62:4162:42Enter/ExitAlix - The madness (Alex enters in a dress)[✓]
62:4362:49StoryAlex tells people about homestuck
62:47--OtherAlex swears--
62:4962:49OtherAlex plays Desert Bus like it's SMOD
62:5062:50TechnicalQWOP-cam is simulated
62:5062:51RDPRDP: It's Not Unusual - Tom Jones
62:5162:51OtherBeej tries the Carlton
62:5262:55DiscussionGraham, then Cam explains why Fetch Lands are relevant
62:5662:58PlugGraham recaps the Bioshock donation drive--
62:5862:59SongMore spontaneous SMB2 theme
62:5962:59TechnicalRave cam
63:0063:01RDPRDP: Indestructable (SF4 Theme) - Exile Feat Flo Rida
63:00--AchievementAchievement Get: Gender Fender Bender--
63:0263:03Behind the ScenesKathleen recaps updated DB house rules
63:03--OtherKathleen swears--
63:0463:05RDPRDP: Eple - Royksopp
63:0663:07DanceThe Chiptune Legacy - Big Giant Circles
63:12--Enter/ExitExit Graham, Kathleen--
63:1363:15PlugSilent Auction review--
63:1563:47Meltdown(Un)Condensed Mainlined Zeta Shift (JAPAN HAS TOO MANY MOTHER 2 RAPPER ANIME IRON STOMACH COOKS)
63:1563:47PhysicalIron Stomach Challenge (Eating japanese DIY instant food)--
63:15--Enter/ExitTons of people--
63:1863:19DiscussionAlex, Beej & Ian discuss anime characters from Amagi Brilliant Park
63:2263:30SongToo Many Cooks music and dancing while they prepare the Japanese food
63:27--Meltdownpls crazy killer is on the loose--
63:30--TechnicalStream can't handle Too Many Cooks--
63:3463:39Drive/GiveawayMother 2 Starman figurine ($8.04 donation drive) (Raised $651)sag3error--
63:3963:40Discussionthe chefs explain the burgers and fries--
63:4063:47PhysicalThey eat the tasty tasty treats[✓]
63:4263:44PlugSilent Auction Recap--
63:42--Enter/ExitEnter Morgan--
63:5063:50OtherBow down before Dix'htgn
63:5063:50ShoutoutTeam Codefall in chat--
63:50--Game EventAlex gets POINT (3rd of the run, 2 in a row, 1st for Alex)--
63:5163:55StoryBeej's favourite anime
63:5464:01TechnicalSteam gets spotty, people keep buffering--
63:5663:57DanceMia dances the Charleston as Harry to the tune of SMB2
63:57--TechnicalTest card goes up momentarily--
64:0464:05RDPRDP: Love Shack - The B-52's
64:0664:08OtherArt challenge winner showoff--
64:12--PhysicalThe Chefs prepare Sushi!--
64:1364:14OtherThe outstanding Armatron box--
64:1364:14RDPRDP: In A Big Country - Big Country
64:1364:50The DeviceTHE DEVICE: Cruise Control--
64:1464:15OtherThe Armatron shows us Alex's Lenticular Gif--
64:1564:16StoryAlex tells us about Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff
64:1764:20SkitCorrectors Commentary of Prometheus in a universe where it is amazing
64:2264:26SongEveryone sings Oasis' Wonderwall
64:2864:29SkitRe-enact a scene from Star Wars Episode 3 as sarcastically as you want
64:3064:30RDPRDP: Round and Round - Masayoshi Minoshima
64:3164:33Skit2001 A Space Odyssey re-enactment with The Device as monolith
64:34--OtherAlix is Moist--
64:35--OtherThe Room attempts to use reverse psychology to encourage donations--
64:3664:38SkitIce Bucket Challenge, no ice
64:4064:43SongThe Digimon Theme Song from the Movie OST - Mega Greymon on screen
64:4664:46SkitMorgan makes the chat pregnantQuarterNote_
64:4864:48OtherEveryone introduces themselves--
64:4964:54Drive/GiveawaySigned Dead Rising 3 game and chocolates ($8.12 donation drive) (raised $????)No Donor Account--
64:5464:55SongEveryone hums zombie nation
64:5564:56SkitThe floor is lava, but everyone is an Italian mobster shaking down a store owner for protection money
64:5764:58DiscussionA discussion of bacon and bacon grease
64:5964:59OtherIan "toots his own horn"
64:5965:01SkitPeople act like spaceships while the Robotech theme plays
65:0165:03DanceMia, Pika, Dix, Beej, Morgan dance to the Silverhawks theme
65:0365:06PlugSilent Auction Review--
65:07--PosterPoster update -
65:0965:11SongPika sings the Pokémon Theme while speech-jammed and people put hats on her and is confused by headphones
65:1265:14ReadingKate and Ian read giveaway descriptions while speech jammed
65:1665:20SkitAlex answers questions while speech jammed
65:2165:22SongEveryone sings to the Sesame Street 12 and Pinball song, Alex is still speechjammed
65:2265:27SkitKate as Bob Ross uses Fugi as a canvas for 5 minutes - x2
65:2665:26PrankShow me on the Pika where Kelly "tauched" to you
65:2965:29RDPRDP: Low Rider - War
65:3065:30RDPRDP: Music Land - Silly Symphonies
65:3065:31RDPRDP: Rock the Casbah - The Clash
65:3065:32DancePika leads some dancing
65:3165:32RDPRDP: The Australian National Anthem - Adam Hills
65:3265:32DanceMorgan dances with no music
65:3265:34DanceSmells Like Teen Spirit - The Moog Cookbook
65:3465:34OtherAlex proclaims he'd like to eat some mushrooms
65:3665:40Video/ImageGALosengen - Policeman
65:4165:44SkitMen solve problems like they're MLP ponies
65:42--Enter/ExitIan makes his daring escape--
65:4464:45The DeviceBonus autopilot as part of the skit--
65:4565:45SkitPika greets the chat
65:46--MilestoneDesert bus is on the front page of twitch--
65:4765:48StoryChrusher talks about his experience in hospital as a child
65:4865:50StoryBeej tells the story of how he fractured his pelvis
65:5165:52RDPRDP: Cooler Than Latch - White Panda
65:5365:57SongEveryone sings "Everything Is Awesome" with Kate in speech jammer
65:5765:58SkitBeej reviews the giveaway prizes while being speechjammed and is completely unaffected--
65:5866:01SkitSpeechjammed Beej explains why the sky is blue
65:59--Enter/ExitAlice returns to driving--
66:0266:09Video/ImageThe crew watch a playlist of "pronunciation guide" videos
66:06--MeltdownThe pronunciation guide videos murder Kate--
66:1066:15Drive/GiveawayBig Bag o' Dice! ($10.66 donation drive, raised $7504.64)StarShock--
66:1566:20Drive/GiveawayGuess how many dice are in the bag - Prize: Alex IRL GIF (307 dice in bag)Clinton--
66:2166:21RDPRDP: Intergalatic - Beastie Boys
66:2366:50SkitKate makes Popin' Cookin' sushi--
66:2966:33DanceCider Cider - Tempura Kidz
66:3366:33RDPRDP: Conga - Miami Sound Machine
66:3866:40ReadingSimon pronounces Caramelldansen
66:4066:43OtherMaking "salmon roe" with dark magic (and chemistry)
66:4366:45DiscussionAlex Explaining texture tiling
66:45--ShoutoutThanks to chat mods, including IRL hug for Dix--
66:4666:49Video/ImageEveryone watches a video and says their thoughts
66:4966:59SkitDear Dr LRR and eating the "sushi"
66:5967:04PlugGiveaway and silent auction review--
67:0567:05RDPRDP: It's the End of the World - R.E.M.
67:0567:06SkitAlex talks about the design of Prayer Warriors
67:0667:07SkitMorgan Space Jumps Alex
67:07--?Chrusher shouts something at Alex--
67:0867:08RDPRDP: Soul Man - Blues Brothers
67:12--ShoutoutShoutouts (and going to post codes) for screencheat, Big Giant Circles--
67:1367:18DanceSimon vs Morgan DANCE OFF to Tight Pants - Leslie Hall
67:2167:26SongDix, Kaliegh sings Bug Splat (Love Shack)Tyranic-Moron + others
67:2567:55MilestoneWE JUMP TO 204K!!!--
67:25--MeltdownEveryone reacts to jumping up to 204k--
67:28--OtherCodefall on facebook--
67:32--Shame TicketSimon is shamed for swearing--
67:3367:34RDPRDP: Rock It For Me - Caravan Palace
67:3467:35RDPRDP: Night by Night - Chromeo
67:3567:36RDPRDP: DVNO - Justice
67:3667:36RDPRDP: Chandelier - Sia
67:3667:37RDPRDP: Acid Damage - Green Light Go
67:3767:37RDPRDP: In the Mood - Glenn Miller Band
67:3767:38RDPRDP: Pop Culture - Madeon
67:3867:40DanceZED by USAO -
67:38--MeltdownVST: DIX PLS--
67:4067:40PhysicalDix does pushups
67:4267:43SkitEveryone tells Morgan that it's ok, Daddy's here.
67:4467:44RDPRDP: Miss Jackson - Panic! at the Disco
67:4567:55Milestone2 MILLION LIFETIME TOTAL (master video)
67:4667:50SongGangnam Style - Psy
67:46--Milestone$2M Lifetime $$$$ GANGNAM STYLE $$$$--
67:47--MeltdownAlex breaks down into tears--
67:49--Enter/ExitAndrew arrives to take pictures--
67:5067:50OtherGroup hug for Alex--
67:5167:51OtherAnother group hug--
67:5267:53SkitSlow clap and Chat chant--
67:52--MilestoneBeat DB4--
67:52--MilestoneZETA VICTORIOUS--
67:5367:55OtherAlex with the major feels
67:5567:55PhysicalEveryone hugs Alex and tells him he's the best driver--
67:55--MeltdownCreepydoll "killed" by everyone's kindness--
67:5767:59StoryFunny D&D Story: The Head of Vecna
67:58--Enter/ExitPaul arrives, EVERYTHING IS FINE--
68:0168:01SkitNothing interesting happened, we just hit 170k
68:0268:02PrankAndrew finds the Dickbutt on his camera
68:0368:04Shame TicketBeej is shamed for touching Andrew's camera and bragging about it (revoked by Andrew for bad wording - he wasn't bragging)
68:0569:22Drive/GiveawayNeedle felted Wiwaxia ($9 donation challenge) (Raised $342)erugalathon--
68:1568:18SongKaliegh sings Popular from Wicked (while giving Kate a makeover)ekimekim
68:18--Milestone$40k for Alex's Zeta Shift!--
68:19--Enter/ExitAlice leaves to stretch legs--
68:20--Enter/ExitJames arrives--
68:2168:29The DeviceTHE DEVICE: Lefty--
68:2268:22TechnicalStream blips--
68:24--Enter/ExitAlice comes back--
68:27--Enter/ExitEnter Simon--
68:2868:28SkitBeej and Alice have a derp-off
68:3168:33SkitRadio silence in the Lunar Module
68:32--Enter/ExitEnter Pika, who immediately falls asleep--
68:3368:33RDPRDP: Bicycle - Blumchen
68:3468:40PlugSilent auction review--
68:4368:43SongThe room sings the theme from "Freakazoid"
68:4568:45SkitBeej, Jordan and Kelly mention CandleJack from Freakazoid then pretend to get kidnappe-
68:4668:48SongJames sings "Soft Kitty" and lint rollers Alex to put him to sleep, then all sing it as creepily as possible
68:4968:49ShoutoutShoutout to VST - also Jordan mentions that we'll upload this because they mentioned the VST
68:5168:54SkitIs it Playable?
68:51--Game EventBUGSPLAT (baby, bug splat) (#7, 3 in a row)--
68:56--ShoutoutAndrew drops the photobomb--
68:56--Enter/ExitEnter Andrew--
68:57--AchievementAchievement Get: Dress Classy, Dance Cheesy--
68:57--ShoutoutCode distributors in the chat--
68:5969:04SkitJordan sings/dances to Play It Out by Instalok dressed as Invoker from DOTA
69:0469:04Shame TicketJordan shamed for getting salty when he's losing at DOTA--
69:0569:06PlugPlugging the Wixwaxia giveaway--
69:06--Enter/ExitEnter Pika--
69:0769:09DiscussionThe room debates the merits of Desert Bus as a video game
69:0869:10SkitThe room goes "Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"
69:1169:11RDPRDP: 9-5ers Anthem - Aesop Rock
69:12--Enter/ExitAlex steps out--
69:1369:14RDPRDP: Roar - Katy Perry
69:13--ShoutoutNew Photos--
69:1669:21SongPaul and Pika sing Future Soon by Jonathan Coulton
69:24--Enter/ExitAlice: Alex Returns--
69:25--Enter/ExitExit Mia--
69:28--Shame TicketPika gets all the shame tickets: Sleeping at the LEM, slept through 2mil, got 3 shame tickets in a row--
69:2969:30DiscussionRoom talks about Goat Sim MMO
69:3169:34PhysicalMorgan spins in chair and does a field sobriety test
69:3469:34OtherBeej recites the alphabet backwards
69:4069:41DanceDancing to some Get Lucky mashup?
69:4169:41RDPRDP: You Should Be Dancing - Bee Gees--
69:4369:49SongDix sings RE: Your Brains by Jonathan Coulton
69:5269:57SongKelly sings "Blue" by Eiffel65 as Kermit the Frog and vamps for songs
69:5770:01SongKelly sings Still Alive as Kermit the Frog, impromptu Morgan dancing
70:02--Shame TicketMorgan swore in Chat--
70:02--Shame TicketAdmiralMemo gets a shame ticket for banning Morgan when he swore
70:02--Enter/ExitExit Kelly--
70:0370:05SkitAlex gives an abridged commentary on Stalker as if it were a bus tour
70:06--ShoutoutPhoto shoutout--
70:0870:10Video/ImageAlex is shown the Goat Simulator MMO trailer
70:1070:15PhysicalEveryone crams onto one couch to simulate the environment of the moonbase from Desert Busses prior
70:1270:14SkitBeej combs Alex's hair whilst giving him styling tips
70:1470:16PhysicalSerge Planks on everyone on the couch
70:1570:15RDPRDP: Dragons - Caravan Palace
70:1570:16RDPRDP: Let's Groove - Earth, Wind, & Fire
70:1670:18DanceA conga line ensues
70:16--Shame TicketJordan gets shamed for stealing Serge's sharpie/power--
70:16--TechnicalAccidental 4:3 mode occurs--
70:18--Technical4:3 reoccurs--
70:2070:31PhysicalLimbo contest!
70:3270:32ShoutoutVST shoutout!--
70:3470:34OtherSimulated toilet flush--
70:34--Enter/ExitSusan enters--
70:3670:42SongPaul and Kaleigh sing The Mariners Revenge
70:4370:54SkitATTN: Twitch CEO--Fugi's Complaints
70:43--ShoutoutPhoto dump--
70:43--Enter/ExitBeej/Heather exit--
70:5670:57RDPRDP: Got to be Enough - Con Funk Shun
70:58--Enter/ExitExit Thomas--
70:59--ShoutoutPhoto Dump--
71:0072:01Drive/GiveawayMagic the Gathering M15 uncut rare foil sheet for $8.88 donations raised $14,145.85Tofum--
71:0771:09OtherAnnouncing Sunday's NFL predictions 5/12 with the Monday game yet to be decided--
71:1171:16DiscussionAshley lists the top 5 things that James does that annoys her. James kisses her afterwards.--
71:1771:17DanceDo the Macarena to acapella "Jingle Bells"
71:21--Shame TicketSerge is too good looking--
71:22--The DeviceThe Device: VEER--
71:2471:25SongDix sings the "The Scientist Salarian"
71:2771:28SkitThe room convinces Alex that "EVERYTHING IS FINE!"
71:29--PlugJames reviews the silent auctions--
71:30--Milestone220K GET--
71:30--Enter/ExitEnter Liz--
71:3371:33RDPRDP: Fakeout! Cricket noises
71:3371:34RDPRDP: Cantina band (BLOD remix DUBSTEP SWINGSTEP) - Star Wars
71:3571:35SkitJames whispers to Alex to "go left"--
71:3671:36SkitAlex debates the medical value of poison--
71:3671:38SkitAlex gets told to Go Left, discusses poison and recites cat pls poems
71:3971:43DanceAlex dances to Crayon by G-Dragon
71:42--MeltdownSerge and Kate BSoD at Crayon--
71:4371:44RDPRDP: No Sleep Til Brooklyn by The Beastie Boys
71:4471:44RDPRDP: I Predict a Riot - Kaiser Cheifs
71:44--Enter/ExitKen Steacy Enters!--
71:45--TechnicalJames mentions the app--
71:4871:49SkitAlex explains the virtues of skeletons
71:50--PlugSilent auction review--
71:5271:52Game EventAlex gets his 2nd point in a shift! (#4, 3 in a row)--
71:5471:54Game EventBus Stop (#10, 1 in a row)--
71:5471:57SkitPaul and Serge act as shoulder Angel/Devil with bonus Dragon James
71:54--Milestone13 2s appear on screen at the same time--
71:5771:57RDPRDP: Good Time - Owl City
71:5972:00Enter/ExitKathleen enters with anglerfish helmet, is magnificent