DesertBus 8 - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 8 - Day 1

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
00:00--MilestoneDesert Bus For Hope 8 BEGINS--
00:0400:05TechnicalIan Test Pattern--
00:0500:05SkitMeanwhile at the Moonbase... - Opening credits scene with Graham and Ian in the moonbase
00:05--OtherShift to room--
00:0600:09TechnicalGraham Explains Stuff Like New Place and Buscam and Overlay --
00:09--Driver Shift ChangeJames starts the game up--
00:09--MilestoneJames Names the Driver: Octobus --
00:1000:11PrankKathleen and Alex tell James to JAM ON THE GAS~
00:1200:13ShoutoutVST Mentioned for the first time
00:1300:13TechnicalIntroduction to Engineering--
00:1300:14TechnicalIntroduction to Driver Cam--
00:1400:15PosterSmashcut to a bleached white skullcam[✓]
00:1500:15OtherSlippery and Sold animations appear on the overlay--
00:1500:16ShoutoutDiscussion of Victoria General Hospital's involvement in Child's Play--
00:15--TechnicalHours bussed timer fixed--
00:15--TechnicalNASA Cam introduction--
00:17--ShoutoutJames Plugs the DB Twitter and Vine --
00:2000:20ShoutoutModel of the Shirt by Alex, Billzmom, and Tara--
00:21--OtherBillzmom presents compasses (that point in different directions) to Graham and James--
00:2300:26StoryJames, Graham explains the concept of Desert Bus For Hope--
00:26--OtherJames Sax Mans, Alex Jams out
00:2700:27TechnicalJames mentions the app--
00:28--PlugAnnouncement of first sheet of uncut MTG cards for giveaway--
00:2900:30PlugGraham gives rundown of silent auctions--
00:2900:30PlugJer plugs the App (the first of many plugs!)--
00:3000:31ShoutoutJames shouts out the shipping team--
00:3100:31Shoutout"The Device" mentioned--
00:31--TechnicalRounding issue fixed on Overlay--
00:3200:33OtherExplanation of donor accounts--
00:3300:33OtherExplanation of challenges--
00:3700:37OtherAlex tells James to Git Gud--
00:3700:37TechnicalNasa Cam to show SegaCD--
00:3700:40OtherAlex wears a minecraft head--
00:4100:44StoryLets talk Whiteboards, and the history thereof
00:4200:42StoryGraham tells the story of the blueprint room--
00:4500:46StoryGraham explains why everyone is called Doctor ______--
00:4700:47AchievementFirst achievement unlocked! Fake PHD--
00:4900:49OtherSpot found--
00:4900:51ReadingAlex does a dramatic reading of the backstory of Prayer Warriors
00:53--OtherStrawpoll for your first desert bus -
00:57--StoryPaul and Graham cannot remember how they met --
00:59--ShoutoutShoutout to WotC--
01:0002:08Drive/GiveawayFirst Giveaway of DB -- Uncut Sheet #1 of Foil Rare/Mythic Magic Cards for $8.88 (Raised: $10,851.26)Anubis169--
01:0201:03OtherPaul is a Monster--
01:0501:06RDPRDP: Secrets - Mary Lambert
01:0601:07TechnicalRandom Dance Party Button Explanation by Ian[✓]
01:0701:08OtherIan, James and others first swear--
01:0701:08RDPRDP: Superman - Goldfinger
01:1001:12PosterRobert Khoo stares disapprovingly at the camera[✓]
01:1201:13PhysicalGraham races Alex around the James
01:1501:15CrashFirst Crash (James), Due to The Device--
01:1501:15The DeviceTHE DEVICE / spin the wheel: LEFTY--
01:1501:21TechnicalThe Device is explained and DB8 is revealed as The Year of the Crash[✓]
01:1701:17MilestoneJames names the driver FFFFUUUU--
01:2301:24OtherLiz hugs a cleaned Harry the Giant Creepy Doll--
01:23--Enter/ExitLiz Enters--
01:23--Enter/ExitSimon enters--
01:2401:24OtherLiz Spills water almost on Dix's Laptop--
01:2501:27StoryKathleen's Dreadful Hair: 14 year old Kathleen wanted dreadlocks--
01:2501:34StoryKathleen's Kringe Stories, Part 1
01:2701:29StoryAlex's oil fire story--
01:2901:33Story3 Guys, 1 Barf: Kristin tells motion sickness barf stories--
01:3401:38GuestSimon BURNS EVERYONE and shows off his lenticular DB7 gif cards
01:3901:40StoryKate's food poisoning story--
01:39--Enter/ExitSimon leaves--
01:3901:52StoryKathleen's Kringe Stories, Part 2
01:4001:42StoryAndrew once explained Desert Bus (in detail) to Ashton without knowing Ashton was involved in Desert Bus--
01:4301:46StoryTally talks about the time her mother called the police because she thought Tally was abducted--
01:4701:48StoryDix sticks a pea up his nose to stop an itching sensation--
01:47--AchievementCheevos Fire: Don't Stop Me Now, Dog Catcher, Fake PHD, Mr. Ed's Cousin, Don't Anger the Box--
01:4801:50StoryBillzmom wipes out on her brand new bike as a child--
01:50--AchievementAchievement Get: Gather Around Children--
01:5301:58StoryKathleen and Kate each tell one Cat Tale
02:0002:05PhysicalAbraham Lincoln Skull drives the bustalosparoxi[✓]
02:0302:03RDPRDP: K Town Stomp - The White Pony feat. Lady Smita
02:03--Enter/ExitEnter Pika--
02:0402:05RDPRDP: Faster - Janelle Monae
02:0502:06Shame TicketAndrew gives Ash a Desert Bus shame ticket--
02:0502:06Shame TicketJames gets a post it note of shame --
02:05--Enter/ExitEnter Ash and Serge--
02:05--OtherKathleen swears--
02:0902:10The DeviceThe Device -- Autopilot!
02:11--AchievementAchievement Get: Johnny Brickfeet, Excellent Posture--
02:1902:20TechnicalDaddy Ashton explains how to bid on live auctions--
02:1902:22OtherMYSTERY BOX! It's full of candy from Sweden! And Magic cards. AND A CHICKEN HAT!
02:2302:24TechnicalFood Donations are explained --
02:24Drive/GiveawaySilica Gel Pillow with additional Silica Gel $5.55 (Raised: $3,357.75)David Barrett--
02:28--OtherCrack-a-pack M13 from Sweden--
02:2902:29PrankCreepy Doll is Creepy at James--
02:3502:47PhysicalJames Drives with Feet with Bonus Licking of Controllerdeleteoption (licking)
02:4002:40OtherFlip a coin for the DEVICE--
02:4002:41RDPRDP: Sorairo Days - Tokyo Brass Style
02:4002:47The DeviceTHE DEVICE - Auto Honk--
02:40--MilestoneYear 1 beat!--
02:4202:44StoryThe story of the Child's Play phone number - Child's Play Communications: The Whole Story
02:45--Enter/ExitEnter Dan and Carrie from Extra Credits--
02:4702:47The DeviceTHE DEVICE - Reverse--
02:4802:50PrankWHATS IN THE SECOND BOX (It's Dick Butt) [On A Cake]--
02:4902:57StoryThe Life and Times of Dickbutt
02:5602:56SkitTally lets everyone know that EVERYTHING IS FINESektor88--
02:5802:59TechnicalAshton whispers to chat about donor accounts and bidding
03:0203:03RDPRDP: Mas Que Nada - Sergio Mendes
03:0503:06TechnicalExplanation of the auction keys
03:0603:25AuctionForever Mining Painting (Sold for $1919.19) (Music: Redline OST)deathofrat
03:2603:27RDPRDP: Amoeba - The Adolescents
03:26--PosterPoster Update -
03:3003:30Shame TicketShame tickets: Serge & Liz. Serge Spilled cake everywhere, Liz is not authorized to shame.--
03:30--AchievementAchievement Get: Prize Pig--
03:3203:36PrankCreepy Doll gets creepy with Tally
03:3403:34OtherBillzmom 'creates fire' with a lighter--
03:34--PrankCori plays with the sound levels of Desert Bus--
03:3503:37Skit"Girlfriend" Tally explains why Desert Bus isn't the worst game, but the most boring--
03:38--Video/ImageVenom Honks the Horn--
03:3903:39OtherThe entire room does a "Yes Adam Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!"Sektor88--
03:4103:44ReadingGraham does a Dave's Ad about 'Diamonds are the hardest metal known the man' -
03:4503:45OtherKristin whispers "Hail Hydra"--
03:4603:48DrawingAlex draws on greenboard[✓]--
03:4603:48StoryKristin et. al explains Hail Hydra
03:50--Enter/ExitExit Dix--
03:50--OtherIan cracks open a new Kazoo for DB8!--
03:5203:54SongWhat Do You Do With a Tired Driver (Sea Shanty)
03:5603:56ShoutoutGraham mentions the VST and how they're awesome
03:5603:58OtherTally and Kristen show off 10 year anniversary PAX pins and limited-edition PA pin with skull antics--
03:5703:59MeltdownSkull breaks Alex...multiple times--
04:0004:04TechnicalKathleen is sarcastic about the App + Silent auction descriptions--
04:04--Enter/ExitExit Jer--
04:0604:17SkitGraham and Paul interview Robert Khoo to be a LRR intern. Khoo subverts it like a boss.captmakr
04:1704:17RDPRDP: Bonkers - Dizzee Rascal & Armand Van Helden
04:2004:31PhysicalFrump Tournament. Matt is the defending champion[✓]
04:20--ShoutoutFirst Batch of DB8 photos--
04:2604:27TechnicalToo much frump freezes the feed--
04:3104:31Shame TicketMatt is shamed for too much punning--
04:3204:32RDPRDP: Till The World Ends - Britney Spears
04:3204:32Shame TicketSerge is shamed for abuse of power--
04:3304:42OtherEveryone takes a selfie with James, one person at a time. #dbselfie
04:34--Enter/ExitExit Paul--
04:3704:37Shoutout@Meta_bus is mentioned--
04:4304:44DanceRoom dances to #Selfie(club mix) by The Chainsmokers
04:43--Enter/ExitExit Matt--
04:4404:47PhysicalAlex is turned into a strange tiger then does a zoo race vs GrahamQuarterNote_[✓]
04:4704:50DanceThe Desert Bus crew Turns Down for WHAT?
04:5004:51OtherTally explains challenges--
04:53Drive/GiveawayMTG Chainmail Coasters $7.77 (Raised $1266.51)metal_spoon--
04:5505:01ReadingWelcome to Night Vale reading (Episode 13: A Story About You)
05:0205:03RDPRDP: All About that Bass - Meghan Trainor
05:05--Enter/ExitEnter Ken Steacy w/ Food, quickly exits "So, you guys want me to come do stuff?"--
05:06--Enter/ExitExit Alex--
05:0705:22PhysicalEveryone choose a hat for the person on their left--
05:07--Enter/ExitEnter and exit Maya/Felix--
05:08--TechnicalAshton plugs new app URLs: &
05:0905:12MeltdownAshton has become the horse
05:1305:16DanceA dance fight ensues ala West Side Story to Kung Fu Fighting, by Carl Douglas
05:1605:19StoryKathleen makes up a cringe story about James Kancho-ing MattLady_Hosk
05:20--OtherMatt's new name is Wiggles --
05:2105:21OtherAshton's horse identity leaves Ashton traumatized -
05:23--Enter/ExitEnter Simon (WHO IS SUPPOSED TO BE SLEEPING)--
05:24--The DeviceTHE DEVICE - Cruise Control (No need to hold down the accelerator!)--
05:2805:28CrashJames' controller stops working due to (unconfirmed) interference from THE DEVICE - Crash #2
05:2905:33SongThleen Dion "Sings" My Heart Will Go On w/ Bass James and Ian on Kazoo and surprise Skeletor
05:34--OtherJames names driver " "--
05:3805:38RDPRDP: Choo Choo Ch'Boogie - Louis Jordan explained--
05:42--Drive/GiveawayJames' Art Challenge: Photoshop his bobbing head onto other people throwing things. Add trombone, make it a gifHatswearcats--
05:4605:46ShoutoutBlaine shoutout for donating pig sprinkles--
05:4805:59GuestMikey Neumann surprise preview call-in!
06:00--MilestoneSerge drives the bus for the first time!--
06:0306:04RDPRDP: Shake it Off - Taylor Swift
06:0506:06OtherDB Real Talk with Serge and Jamie--
06:0606:12SkitWorld Domination with Teacher Kathleen -- The Secret is Cats
06:0806:09PrankCat-Tally raises into frame--
06:1206:17SongSkeletor sings "Let It Go" by Idina Menzel
06:1806:19SkitSerge reads a warning label in a sexy voice
06:2006:20RDPRDP: Robots FTW - Portal 2
06:2106:24SongMore Trombone Toss + Return of Gandalf headbob and skull makeout
06:24--ShoutoutGraham anounces new Temple of the Lava Bears episode--
06:2506:28SongKristin & Jamie sing "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?" + surprise Graham!
06:2906:42The DeviceTHE DEVICE - Lefty--
06:30--ShoutoutFeatherweight and Stolen Jokes shoutout--
06:31--ShoutoutAdam demands a "Yeees, Adam, YEEEESs"--
06:3206:34OtherCheese Chat and other assorted Small Talk--
06:3506:36MeltdownJames whines about Lefty Mode--
06:37--PhysicalGraham steals a seat on the couch--
06:3806:40PlugPimping those Silent auctions--
06:4106:42RDPRDP: A Sky Full of Stars - Coldplay
06:41--ShoutoutPicture Dump #3--
06:4407:02SkitDirector Graham Stark (w/ various "Too Many Cooks" Titles) talks with chat, Kathleen on Talkin' Cheese[✓]
06:4807:01SkitTalkin' Cheese (Minor Qwopping ensues)--
06:48--PhysicalMaya/Felix tries on the cheese hat--
06:50--PhysicalPika / Liz slapfight--
06:5506:55RDPRDP: Run to the Hills - Iron Maiden
06:5907:00OtherAshton likes his cheese hard
07:0207:04SkitJames interviews The Creepy Doll
07:0507:05ReadingCheese Prayer--
07:05--OtherGrilled Cheese Recipie--
07:0607:06RDPRDP: Sweet Home Chicago - The Blues Brothers
07:0807:10OtherPika is cute with the pig --
07:1307:26M-M-Multi Challenge!22 challenges in 10 minutes! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA?![✓]
07:13--Other1: Andrew takes Pics--
07:13--Physical2: James drives pants on head, shirt on legs, socks on hands (Counted as 3)--
07:1807:18PhysicalKathleen leads stretches--
07:20--Physical11:Serge throws shoe onto table with only foot--
07:20--Dance15: Pika interpretive dances as someone overly caffinatedQuarterNote_--
07:20--Other3: Andrew does awesome hairography--
07:20--Shoutout4: Everybody waves and says hello Katherine--
07:20--Song5: Barbie Girl--
07:20--Physical6: Matt and Thomas furiously RPS--
07:20--Physical7: Liz and maya/felix hot potato with Harry--
07:20--Physical9: Jamie unwinds toiletpaper by spinning[✓]--
07:21--Physical10: Graham pulls wrestlemania moves on Serge[✓]--
07:21--Skit13: G describes DB film noire (Counted as 2)--
07:21--Physical17: Cookie on forehead into mouth no hands--
07:22--Physical12: Dress kathleen unsuitably for driving in the desert[✓]--
07:22--Physical18: Serge does 20 pushups--
07:23--Dance14: Macarena (sung correctly in spanish)--
07:23--Drawing16: Kathleen draws James throwing a trombone on the whiteboard--
07:25--Physical19: HI FIVES ALL AROUND--
07:25--Physical8: Stack change on someone (Pika)--
07:3208:07Drive/GiveawayJamie talks about her first party jacket and other first party gear ($6.78 Challange) Raised: 1,484.82noDog--
07:35--OtherJames goes barefoot--
07:37--ShoutoutTara comes on down to drive and James beats DB1 for just his shift--
07:3907:40RDPRDP: Intergalactic One : Beastie boys vs Ratatat (Jingles Mix)
07:4707:50SongKathleen and Tally sing "Sound of Silence" by Simon and Garfunkel
07:48--TechnicalFeed goes ... insane --
07:51--Enter/ExitEnter Cam and Juliee (Kathleen scares them away)--
07:5407:56PlugSilent Auction Runthrough -- Items Ending Soon! --
07:5707:57RDPRDP - Come and Get Your Love - Redbone
08:04--The DeviceTHE DEVICE - Low Gear (slowed driving by pumping brakes)--
08:05--DiscussionKathleen Insults the Chat and Advocates for Bees--
08:0908:10StoryKathleen's fake cringe story for James
08:09--Enter/ExitExit Jamie and Kristin --
08:11--Video/ImageThe BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEJ--
08:1308:14DiscussionKathleen talks about Tally and Cheesus
08:15--Enter/ExitJames returns!--
08:1608:18ShoutoutTwitch Hype and ViaTech Hype--
08:19--ShoutoutFanart and other stuff to
08:2108:21DiscussionJames admits to pooping in the League of Legends servers
08:22--PrankJames has a ghost that attacks Grahams Genitals--
08:23--DiscussionGraham reads Destiny Patch notes and James explains how to crash--
08:2408:25DiscussionThe room discusses Shaving Challanges--
08:2508:26RDPRDP: Heads Will Roll (A-Trak remix) - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
08:2908:29SongKathleen and co. sing the Junes theme from Persona 4--
08:3008:32SkitSnorsh News w/o Cheese Hat and w/ B/W Stream
08:3308:33PhysicalJames drives for 30 seconds with eyes closed--
08:3408:34SkitTally, Kathleen, and Ben pantomime a scene from Princess Mononoke--
08:34--The DeviceTHE DEVICE - Veer Mode!--
08:3508:35RDPRDP: Never Say Never - Basement Jaxx
08:3608:41Drive/GiveawayJames's Gif runners up and winners, accompanied by Epic SaxHatsWearCats[✓]
08:36--Enter/ExitEnter Mike--
08:37--Enter/ExitEnter Dix--
08:42--OtherThe room is aware of Too Many Cooks--
08:4308:44SongAcapella Epic Sax Guy--
08:4408:44RDPRDP: Fuschia Ruler - Homestuck
08:4508:48SongPika sings I'm Just Your Problem by Marceline from Adventure Time
08:4808:49RDPRDP: Bacon Pancakes / New York Mashup
08:5008:51SkitCrew explains why Desert Bus 8 isn't canon and is actually a fanfic
08:5208:52Dance3 seconds of carameldansen--
08:5508:58OtherCracking a pack of Modern Masters, donor will donate = to CMC of cards if Mythic DOUBLE ($39)--
08:5909:00RDPRDP: Domino - Van Morrison
08:59--Enter/ExitEnter Alex--
09:0109:03ReadingAlex does a Shakespearean reading of "What Doth the Fox Say?"
09:0209:04MeltdownJordan QWOPs balls--
09:04--Video/ImageActual fox noises distress the room--
09:0509:06OtherPronunciation Manual Vamping--
09:05--ReadingGraham reads the word of the day: Slubber--
09:0609:06MeltdownAlex Forgot about Dre--
09:0609:07PhysicalGraham & Alex get their faces in the skull cam--
09:0809:09PhysicalDix teaches Pushups and is all Military and stuff, does FIVE pushups with Pika on his back
09:1009:10OtherPeople show off the DB8 shirt with jazzhands--
09:1009:45Drive/GiveawayFangamer DB8 Tshirt ($5.01 Challenge) Raised: $746.49Randomgerbils--
09:1209:12Physical3 or more people fondle Graham's beard
09:14--Enter/ExitSuddenly Ashley being a creep--
09:15--ShoutoutVST MENTION--
09:1709:17GameApollo Mission trivia from Chris--
09:19--DiscussionIan explains Rolling--
09:2009:20PhysicalAlex and Pika do a Sailor Moon Toast Race
09:2109:22DiscussionJames Explains LRR to someone's girlfriend, Mara.Canageek
09:2209:29PhysicalSeveral people take the Saltine challenge
09:23--AchievementKid Gloves, Feed Dump achievements unlocked--
09:3009:31Video/ImageTally tells about her Brother whining--
09:32--Enter/ExitEnter Jer--
09:3309:34SkitGraham impersonates Mark Rosewater (Head Designer of MTG) being excited about a pizza
09:3409:36MeltdownDix finds Grahams Impersonation spot on--
09:37--ShoutoutApp plug via louis_theapp--
09:37--ShoutoutJer's Extra Life D&D campaign--
09:3809:55The DeviceTHE DEVICE: Lefty--
09:4009:41SkitDan impersonates the other Dans (sort of)
09:4809:49DanceRandom engineering dancing (no music), Ian claims to be a wizard (FitBit competition)--
09:5009:54SongGraham and Jer sing Fisheye Lens from Homestar Runnerlunik1
09:5409:57Other"I wouldn't put the long piece there"keelhauledbyuseridpirates
09:54--TechnicalIntroducing the WAUGHMP WAUGHMP button--
09:5809:59PlugGraham expains current silent auctions--
09:58--Enter/ExitEnter Khoo--
10:0110:01ShoutoutShipping Team--
10:0210:24AuctionPinny Arcade Pins (Sold for $5500)Omega_Lairon (but gives it to James)[✓]
10:12--OtherMassive bid jump 2.1k -> 4k from Omega_Lairon (he doesn't even collect them), people react--
10:14--OtherSpace bid to $4005, Omega_Lairon offers to donate them to James--
10:25--Milestone$40K! Exactly!--
10:2610:26AchievementAchievement Get: Can you STEP?, Bid For Power--
10:2610:26RDPRDP: Mambo no. 5 - Lou Bega
10:2910:29DanceKathleen does the Feed Dump/Desert Bus Victory Dance
10:3110:32StoryKathleen explains asparagus urine's funny smell--
10:3310:34PhysicalAsh wears the bear hat and Kathleen teaches her the DB Victory Dance
10:33--PosterPoster Update -
10:34--Game EventBugsplat #1--
10:3510:35RDPRDP: Like it or Not - Architecture in Helsinki
10:35--AchievementAchievement Get: Insecticide--
10:3910:39Video/ImageCat picture - Dr. Venkman aka Space Kitty--
10:39--MeltdownJamie and Maya/Felix can't handle a thing--
10:39--Enter/ExitLeeLee arrives on a James--
10:4010:45PhysicalMaya/Felix cracks their nose and it is the worst. Ears will roll. Then more Nose Talk and Billzmom licks nose
10:4911:34Drive/GiveawayPS3 Game bundle art challenge: give Harry the Creepy Doll a nosecultistrat--
10:5310:54OtherHarry flails around--
10:5410:56PrankGraham "innocently" holds the Nintendo Sign over James' head and explains the origins of the joke--
10:5810:59PhysicalAlex falls to the floor and screams NYOUP, room also cries NYOUP--
11:0011:01ReadingSpoopifer reads Ozymandias
11:02--Shame TicketAsh gets a shame ticket for slamming doors--
11:0311:05PhysicalTHE FLOOR IS SPIDERS
11:0411:05SongKathleen's Makeshift Spider Song based upon Blister in the Sun--
11:0411:05RDPRDP: Blister in the Sun - Violent Femmes
11:0711:07PrankAlex is trapped in the overlay camera--
11:0711:16OtherLeeLee drives for James--
11:08--PrankRobert Khoo on captured heartcam without him knowing it--
11:09--PhysicalGroup Hug!--
11:1011:26The DeviceTHE DEVICE: Low Gear--
11:1111:12RDPRDP: Safe and Sound - Capital Cities
11:1211:16DanceCoordinated Dance Party / Danceoff with chat to Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5
11:1611:19PlugKathleen reviews the silent auctions while engineering plays with the transitions--
11:2011:20SkitThe room NONONONONONONOs in unison--
11:2211:23OtherKathleen's ASMR Contest
11:2211:24PrankJames's head becomes creepydoll--
11:23--Shame TicketAlex shows shame ticket, then is frightened by the creepydoll James head, then becomes creepydoll--
11:23--TechnicalBrief Feedback--
11:2511:26DiscussionJer discusses James' shift with him--
11:2611:34Drive/GiveawayWHATS IN THE BOX!!!! (It's the Pink castle crasher Knight) - $13.37 Raised $1,2??.??DandyAndy--
11:2711:27PhysicalGet Down Mr. President--
11:32--PrankMultiplying James--
11:36--Enter/ExitEnter Beej--
11:36--Enter/ExitPika and Matt "Thew" (not Wiggins) Exit--
11:37--ShoutoutFRESH PHOTOS--
11:3811:44SongThe YVR boys (Ashton, Andrew, Matt, Mike) sing It's Raining Men amazinglyAn Eric
11:4611:49OtherSimon distributes Tyrkisk Peber and more sick burns
11:50--OtherSimon hugs the chat--
11:5211:54StorySimon explains rødgrød med fløde and Graham fails to pronounce it
11:56--ShoutoutBetsy shoutout--
11:5711:57RDPRDP: Don't Mean A Thing - ProleteR
12:02--Driver Shift ChangeJames' shift ends having raised $35483.79, Beej's shift begins!--
12:0312:07The DeviceThe Device: Autopilot.--
12:03--Enter/ExitExit James--
12:04--DiscussionBeej is called a scrub (1)--
12:07--Enter/ExitYellow helmet guy and the woman next to him?--
12:0812:10PlugGraham introduces the prizes to be released in Beej's shift--
12:1112:15StoryJer describes his 3DS method for back alley vision therapy and other eye talk--
12:1512:20PosterNose finalists are shown - Beej is told to choose since James leftcultistrat[✓]
12:20--StoryLeeLee describes how her shoulder isn't set in her collarbone properly--
12:2212:26SongIan and Beej sing Mazinger Z and God Handsektor88
12:24--ShoutoutFRESH PHOTOS--
12:2713:55Drive/GiveawayEyrewood prize pack for $7.12 (Raised $1146.32)dedwrekka--
12:29--Enter/ExitEnter Mia--
12:31--TechnicalJer mentions App --
12:3612:41SongAlex sings All Star as Shrek with a special guest[✓]
12:43--Enter/ExitExit Tally & Jer--
12:4512:50SkitLaser-eyed flying wolf story, breaks Alex right at the endWolfgangCloud
12:5012:51PhysicalKathleen cracks her back--
12:5312:56SkitKathleen as the Snorsh tourism lady talks about Snorsh's knockoff Desert Bus
12:5612:57SkitAlex mimes the CNC crash, Beej provides sound effects
12:5712:58SkitGraham tells Alex that he bought a Jeep
13:0013:01Behind the ScenesKathleen explains the challenge system--
13:0213:02SongAlex and Kathleen do a 2nd verse of Jam on the Gas--
13:0413:04StoryAlex explains what Goon is--
13:0513:08Video/ImageGraham shows the extreme sports bonus video. Extra dancing to Phillip Glass music (Koyaanisqatsi)--
13:0913:10RDPRDP: Petty Language - Porter Robinson vs Carly Rae Jepsen
13:1013:14SkitKathleen sells us on The Worldmtvcdm
13:14--TechnicalStream goes down for a moment--
13:1513:19SkitTorg and Krog fulfill a challenge, describe Desert Bus
13:2313:28SkitAlex vigorously defends his position that "animmmme issss forrrr duummmmbs" against Kathleen, goes full speechjammer
13:2913:34SkitJordan tries the speech jammer, Graham tries his luck with it again since DB7
13:3713:37RDPRDP: Shatner of the Mount - Fall on Your Sword
13:3713:38Game EventPoint Number 1! (Acquired by Beej)--
13:3713:40OtherBeej names as many badges from Paper Mario as he can--
13:4113:45SkitBeej explains how to beat the final level of Microsoft Excel
13:41--AchievementAchievement Get: Fancy Hat, On The Road Again, Two Heads Are Better Than One--
13:43--OtherDriver changeover graphic revealed--
13:4613:46DanceGraham & Jordan dance like their Destiny characters
13:4913:52SongJordan Sings All About That Bass in a falsetto voice. Beej shakes itLambmower
13:55--Enter/ExitEnter Small Ian--
13:5813:58OtherKathleen engages masterful counter-trolling
14:0514:05RDPRDP: Bollywood - Neil Patrick Harris
14:0514:15AuctionLive Auction for: Under the Weirwood Tree quilt and pillowcases Won for: $750.00dedwrekka
14:15--Enter/ExitExit Ash and Andrew and Simon--
14:15--ShoutoutNew Photos--
14:16--Video/ImageMike lundsford gif:
14:2114:24DiscussionTalking about finding RPG groups online--
14:2414:26SongSpontaneous Mario Theme
14:24--ShoutoutDBIRC shoutout--
14:24--Enter/ExitExit LeeLee--
14:2616:34Drive/GiveawayMario star pilllow with secret pocket Art Challenge: Super Princess Beej"Michelle"--
14:3114:42The DeviceThe Device: Delay--
14:3314:34MeltdownKathleen whips out some inuendo, she has entered QWOPtown
14:3514:38Dancekernkraft 400 Zombie Nation (non remix) dance break
14:3814:39StoryJordan explains his Destiny Bladedancer Boss Challenge
14:39--SongSing: Blade Dancer song--
14:4014:44StoryFavorite pigeon to date in Hatoful Boyfriend?
14:4414:46SkitBeej makes everyone slightly uncomfortable
14:4514:51Drive/GiveawayTotoro Button, Plush Jack Frost, 2 Silica Gel - $6.66 giveaway - Made $799.20No Donor Account--
14:5214:52RDPRDP: Cotton-Eye Joe - Rednex
14:5314:54OtherGraham feeds Beej--
14:5514:57PhysicalGraham puts a hat on Beej like it's Surgeon Simulator
14:5915:00SkitBeej compares Densha De Go to Desert Bus
15:0115:05StoryJamie tells stories about her dog Ranger
15:0515:06SkitAlex talks about cat ears as a weapon in a "S.T.A.L.K.E.R Voice"
15:0715:10SkitDave Sketch: "What's Goin' On in My Desert Bus"
15:0915:10MeltdownAlex cracks during the Dave Sketch--
15:1015:11RDPRDP: Never Going To Give You Up - Rick Astley
15:1115:13Behind the ScenesAnother tour of where the screens are and what the crew can see--
15:13--Enter/ExitJohnny Exit--
15:1715:22PlugSilent Auction Runthrough -- Items Ending Soon! --
15:2215:36OtherJaime drives while Beej is in the bathroom--
15:22--Enter/ExitEnter Sir Digbychickenseizure--
15:2515:25Behind the ScenesGraham explains the various whiteboard drawings--
15:2615:36SkitDerpline #1! With your host, Alex Steacy (feat. ravines)
15:43--ShoutoutFernwood (?) coffee company for coffee sponsor--
15:4515:52SkitA Catastrophic and Embarrassing Toast at a Wedding (The Best Wedding Ever)
15:50--MeltdownDriver, crew, chat and VST can't operate due to laughing--
15:5415:54OtherKathleen has fwee weqwests for Ian--
15:5515:56SkitBeej explains what it means to beejQuarterNote_
15:55--Shame TicketShame Ticket: Blogging computer: I don't sync with tablets--
15:5615:59SkitOne word naughty bedtime story
16:0216:07PhysicalHat Tower on Heather
16:02--Enter/ExitExit Graham and Kathleen--
16:0716:09Song90's TV Theme Song - Hammerman
16:08--Enter/ExitEnter Andre--
16:09--OtherJudging Princess Beej--
16:1316:14SongIan Kazoo Solo to the Gummy Bears cartoon theme
16:1716:23Enter/ExitExit Jaime--
16:2016:21RDPRDP: Ugly Boy - Die Antwoord
16:2316:24RDPRDP: Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It) - Beyonce
16:2517:02Drive/Giveaway$9 Ajani "Johnny" Goldmane Pack Giveaway (Raised $1440)Monolithius--
16:28--Enter/ExitExit Ian--
16:29--AuctionAjani Pack gets sweetened--
16:30--ShoutoutModeling the DB Shirt: Kate and Dix--
16:3316:34Video/ImageBeej shows winner of his art projectMichelle Benoit-Souza
16:3516:36RDPRDP: Turn Down for What - DJ Snake and Lil John
16:3717:01The DeviceTHE DEVICE - Reverse--
16:37--AchievementAchievement Get: Ghost Ride the Whip--
16:3916:41OtherHOW DO THE SHIRTS FIT?--
16:4316:46SkitTetris with bodies on the floor, and covering as much of the floor as possibleQuarterNote_
16:4616:50OtherAlex and Beej talk about the anime Upotte!!
16:5116:55Song"What's Going On" by four non blondes (aka. "HEEEEYEYEY")
16:5617:02AchievementAchievement Get: Radio Silence (30s)--
17:0317:03RDPRDP: Dance Commander - Electric Six
17:0617:06Behind the ScenesIntroduction to Kelly, blogger and Zeta event manager--
17:0917:09SongHello My Baby
17:0917:10RDPRDP: Theme from Octodad - Ian McKinney
17:1117:11SongHappy Birthday: Thor--
17:1318:20Drive/Giveaway3DS Prize pack with Limited Edition Adventure Time game ($10.17 drive) (raised $1078.02)Catangular1?--
17:1717:18PhysicalA pillow fort is constructed while chat is looking the other way...then collapses
17:1917:19Shame TicketHeather gets Shamed--
17:2117:25DanceFugi does the Caramelldansen alone while getting dressed upekimekim
17:2717:27PrankBeej is unleashed to the tune of YOU WA SHOCK[✓]
17:3317:34RDPRDP: The Future Freaks Me Out - Motion City Soundtrack
17:3417:34RDPRDP: Since U Been Gone - Kelly Clarkson
17:3717:41SongTank - The Seatbelts
17:37--TechnicalStream goes down for a moment--
17:4317:47SongDix sings "Do You Wanna Build A Snowman" w/ Acting by Alex
17:49The DeviceTHE DEVICE: Low Gear--
17:5417:54DiscussionBeej talks about streaming and plugging things--
17:5618:45Drive/GiveawayBest Dad Ever Mug $4.44 (Raised: $??)Ricin--
17:5918:02SkitBeej is suddenly alone
18:0518:08SongBeej and Alex sing "My Heart Will Go On" with more vibrato than necessary
18:05--MilestoneNight time!--
18:1118:12SkitBeej and Alex discuss Killing a Cow
18:1518:16DiscussionDix does pushups and Mia talks dresses--
18:1718:18ShoutoutAlex mentioned the VST--
18:1818:18ShoutoutShoutouts to Mike Lunsford and the poster--
18:1918:19ShoutoutShoutouts to Stolen Jokes / Featherweight--
18:2118:22SongBenny Hill Theme
18:2318:32DiscussionAnime chat and recomendations--
18:3318:40StoryPet Stories and Mia's first shame ticket
18:39--Game EventBug Splat #2 (2 in a row)--
18:4118:43Video/ImageCat humidifier gif and cat gif talk -
18:43-MeltdownCat gifs break Mia--
18:4618:46RDPRDP: Hey Ya - Outkast
18:4618:48DanceAlex dances to "Cat, I'm a kitty kat"
18:52Drive/GiveawayNintendo DS game prize pack Region Free $5.18 (Raised: $890.96)Aracuda--
18:5518:56RDPRDP: Vogue - Madonna
18:5718:59PlugGoing over the silent auctions--
19:02--Enter/ExitExit Alex--
19:0319:04RDPRDP: Bom Bom - Sam and the Womp
19:0619:07StoryBeej + Heather marriage story
19:0919:18SongDix and Mia sing Paradise by the Dashboard Light - Meat Loaf
19:2219:25M-M-Multi Challenge!5 challenges in 2 minutes
19:23--Other1: Flip a coin; heads is dance button, tails is device --
19:23--Physical2: Beej Drives upside-down for 5 minutes --
19:23--Physical3: Mia spins the whole time, bonus if she doesn't fall down (she deed it!)--
19:23--Physical4: Dix and Heather do butt-sumo--
19:23--Physical5: While the floor is lava--
19:23--The DeviceThe device: veer--
19:2619:26OtherDix flexes his admin powers in real life--
19:2819:31PhysicalDix leads everyone in the room in a workout while singing "I'll make a man out of you" from Mulan
19:3219:33DiscussionDix explains the ranks in the US army--
19:3319:38StoryHeather tells embarassing stories about Beej and Beej explains how he joined LRR
19:4319:44PlugGoing over the silent auctions--
19:5019:50RDPRDP: Yakety Sax
19:5119:52RDPRDP: Wake Me Up Before you Go-Go - Wham!
19:53--ShoutoutVST Mention/ GIF Team mention--
19:54--Enter/ExitEnter Dammit Liz--
19:5719:57SkitBeej does a crazy/maniacal laugh
19:57--Enter/ExitPaul enters--
20:0020:37Drive/GiveawayBeej Poem ContestMagicPokey--
20:03--Enter/ExitEnter Jordan/Pika--
20:0420:04RDPRDP: Short Skirt/Long Jacket - Cake
20:05--ShoutoutPaul mentions the VST--
20:08--Enter/ExitEnter James--
20:1020:11RDPRDP: Dancing Queen - Abba
20:12--Enter/ExitEnter Ashley--
20:1320:14RDPRDP: Sunglasses at Night - Corey Hart
20:14--CrashBeej Crashes - Crash #3--
20:1920:21DiscussionDix Explains how to stop the bus at a bus stop to Beej
20:2120:24SongAnother one Rides the Bus - Weird Al Yankovic
20:21--Game EventBeej gets a bus stop, first stop of the run!--
20:2520:53PhysicalRebelliousUno teaches James how to play Jenga and the crew start playing
20:48--PhysicalJames performs Jenga moves that should not be physically possible--
20:5521:02PhysicalThings on Paul's head
20:5921:00RDPRDP: Mmmbop - Dreamz
21:0521:06TechnicalGuy with a cellphone man appears, plugs the app--
21:06--AchievementChilling Out--
21:0821:11Physical200 Pushups collectively in 1 hr, Paul:28 Dix:56 Kelly:29 Pika:1 Serge:54 Jordan:20 Beej:10 Brett:3 James:10
21:1321:15DanceLiz Teaches Kelly the Kraken
21:13--OtherSomeone will donate 1% of the next hour's donation total--
21:1621:17The DeviceLow gear--
21:1721:25The DeviceReverse--
21:1821:19RDPRDP: Wannabe - Spice Girls
21:2021:21PhysicalSerge, Jordan and Pika chip in some pushups
21:2421:25ReadingBeej reads the winning poem from his challengeMagicPokey
21:24--Enter/ExitExit: Mia--
21:2521:26PhysicalBeej does pushups while playing desert bus, then Brett does some
21:2721:28PhysicalPaul and Pika compete in the patty-cake championships
21:2921:33DanceThe room sings & dances to the Ghostbusters themeLuna_LeBleu
21:3321:34Shame TicketShame Ticket: Pika has no rhythm--
21:33--OtherOverlay shenanigans, Pika frumps--
21:3521:35PhysicalPika does 5 pushups on top of Kelly who actually does 5 pushups
21:3621:39PhysicalMoar Pushups! Dix goes full military, Dix and Serge finish out the 200-pushup challenge
21:36--Shame TicketJordan is shamed for illegally writing a shame ticket--
21:4421:44RDPRDP: Light Up The Night - The Protomen
21:4521:46Physical10-person human pyramid
21:4921:53PhysicalGif reenactment
21:5421:54SkitDix chews James out as a drill sargeant--
21:5521:56PhysicalPillow fight! (Gang up on James)
21:5622:01$8 EatsSharing recipes; dessert and dinner (part 1)
21:59--Enter/ExitEnter Billzmom, Kate--
22:0022:02TechnicalStream freeze, then crash--
22:02--TechnicalStream restored--
22:0322:09$8 EatsSharing recipes; dessert and dinner (part 2)
22:05--AchievementHouston, We Have a Problem--
22:08--Enter/ExitExit Kate--
22:1022:18Drive/GiveawayOgre $13.37 Giveaway (Raised $3609.90)MiracleKnight--
22:1822:25PhysicalThree-legged time trials
22:2022:32OtherBills's Mom drives the bus--
22:25--Enter/ExitExit Dix--
22:2722:28RDPRDP: Dec 4th Oh What A Night (Jay-Z vs Frankie Valli) - DJ Topcat
22:2922:31SkitJames is a strip of bacon, Beej is Elvis and Paul is a jar of peanut butter
22:3121:31CrashBills's Mom gets distracted by the licking of peanut butter (Crash #4) --
22:3222:32Shame TicketShame ticket: Billzmom crashed the bus--
22:3422:37SkitWhy CantWearHats can't wear hats
22:34--OtherNew bus name: Device--
22:3522:35Game EventBeej Bus stop #2 :O (1 in a row)
22:37--Enter/ExitEnter Kristin--
22:3922:40OtherKristin drives the bus as Beej goes shirtless (Safely behind the chair)--
22:4122:43SkitBeej explains where the orbiting underground moonbase came from
22:4322:47Behind the ScenesSilent auction rundown with bonus Math--
22:4922:49PhysicalEveryone drives the bus for 2 seconds each
22:4922:53StoryRecap of the Desert Bus 8 shirt and poster--
22:5622:56OtherBeej can't find his shirt--
22:5722:57Shame TicketShame ticket: despite being told not to, Beej took his shirt off--
23:0023:00Shame TicketShame ticket: Liz went into the tech area--
23:0123:02ShoutoutThe room promotes women in Tech--
23:0423:05RDPRDP: Semi Charmed Life - Third Eye Blind
23:04--Enter/ExitExit Thomas--
23:0623:10StoryDescription of Point Roberts and other areas around Victoria--
23:1323:15M-M-Multi Challenge!10 Challenges in 5 mins
23:13--Skit2. Beej talks about how much he loves nintendo--
23:13--Song3. Pika sings Sailor Moon--
23:13--Physical4. Creepy Doll does a handstand--
23:14--Skit5. Floor is bees except kristin who LOVES BEES (counts for 2)--
23:14--Physical6. Half of the room dances to YMCA--
23:14--Dance7. DDR dancing to button--
23:14--Physical8. Serge goes MAD WITH SHAME POWER--
23:14--CrashBeej gets distracted, crashes the bus (Crash #5)--
23:15--Other1. Raise $58,000--
23:15--Physical9. Everyone jumps--
23:18--MilestoneBus keeps the driver name Device--
23:2023:20Game EventBus Stop #3! (1 in a row)
23:21--CrashBeej crashes for achievements! - He wants 5 bus stops (Crash #6)--
23:2523:25Game EventBus stop #4! (1 in a row)
23:24--MilestoneBus driver name Cheatr--
23:26--CrashCrash -- on the left! (Crash #7)--
23:27--The DeviceAutopilot -- It's our only hope!--
23:2923:43StoryKristin tells a "fake" cringe story about PA
23:29--MilestoneDriver name DEVICE--
23:3023:30Game EventBus stop #5! (1 in a row)
23:32--AchievementSomebody Stop Me--
23:4423:46PhysicalSee how many people can be stacked on one another
23:4523:46SongBeej dances to No Scrubs by TLC (such a scrub)sektor88
23:45--OtherPaul explains where he hid the bodies - at the bottom of the stack--
23:46--DanceEveryone in the pile Gangnam Style--
23:4723:49SkitBeej is Meme Beej while Paul interviews him about his upcoming heavy metal album
23:47--OtherBeej doesn't remember Memes anymore, since he got "fixed"--
23:4923:52SongThe room sings Foil by Weird Al Yankovic
23:5323:58SongRappin the silent auctions
23:54--CrashBeej crashes yet again while beat-boxing, That's number SIX. (Crash #8 overall)--
23:56--MilestoneDriver name Crasmo, not starting till Jer arrives in 4 minutes--
23:5824:00PlugJer plugs the DB mobile app--
23:58--Enter/ExitEnter Jer--