DesertBus 8 - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 8 - Day 2

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
24:0024:00Enter/ExitExit Beej, a cloud of shame tickets in his wake--
24:00--Driver Shift ChangeJer begins his shift! DAY 2 HYPE--
24:00--Shame TicketAndrew is shamed for his phone alarm going off--
24:0224:03SkitJer starts his shift as the DM of Desert Bus
24:02--Drive/GiveawayGiant D20 made of Tree Wood $7.09 (Raised $2850.18)Ailurus--
24:1224:12RDPRDP: Edge of Apollo (Lady Gaga x Hardwell) - The White Panda
24:13--OtherJames calls "12", then proceeds to roll a 12 on the Giant D20--
24:1524:20SkitJer is challenged to explain why Desert Bus is actually a good game with a great story
24:16--OtherJames throws a skull at Andrew's camera--
24:22--The DeviceTHE DEVICE - Cruise Control--
24:2324:24StoryDM tips for resolving disputes
24:2524:27SkitAre bees out for world domination?
24:2924:30GameTicTacToe on SkullCam--
24:3124:31RDPRDP: Glittering Cloud - Imogen Heap (while Jer shouts to use space jump)
24:34--Drive/GiveawayEvery donation of $10+: Jer makes a saving throw for the device. DC = # of donations, $50+ donations give Jer a +1 modifier--
24:3924:46SkitJer hypes silent auctions in the style of Powerthirst (using the App)
24:49--The DeviceJer fails his roll (9 on a DC 24) and the device is engaged - lefty for 36 mins--
24:5224:54Video/ImageSnowing on overlay--
24:56--PlugShowing off the Test Chamber 75 and 99 lightboxes (Wheatley Ambush and 99 problems)--
25:0025:56GuestPhil Plait call-in
25:08--Video/ImageOverlay snow again. ...Snowverlay amirite?--
25:3225:52AuctionPhil Plait auction (Sold for $2,600)omega_lairon
25:5727:05Drive/Giveaway75 and 99 Problems light boxes $9.90 giveaway (raised $10,355.40)Visible--
26:0026:02TechnicalJer shows off the iPad app and shows how to zoom in on graphs--
26:01--OtherJer fumbles his iPad Mini--
26:0326:08StoryKristin explains where the Child's Play money goes, chat gets "feels"y
26:07--Enter/ExitEnter Matt, Exit James--
26:1026:10RDPRDP: Whoa! - Black Rob
26:1126:11RDPRDP: Rhapsody in Blue - Gerswin
26:1226:12RDPRDP: Brobots - Homestuck vol 8
26:1326:13RDPRDP: Universal Dance - Vib-Ribbon OST
26:13--MilestoneBroke DB2 total--
26:1826:20PlugShowing off the Chocobo and hyping the portal giveaway again--
26:2026:22OtherRundown of who's in the room?--
26:22--Enter/ExitEnter Tally, at some point--
26:2326:38DiscussionEveryone recommends a film they like that everyone else hates into general bad movie talk
26:2526:25TechnicalStream goes down, then quickly recovers--
26:37--Shame TicketAshton is shamed for having his phone go off--
26:3826:38RDPRDP: Physical - Olivia Newton John
26:3826:39RDPRDP: Moonstyle (Ducktales Moon Theme Remix) Nintendo Remix - bLiNd
26:38--Enter/ExitEnter Simon--
26:40--OtherJer swears--
26:4426:47SongJer sings the poke-rap in spanish
26:55--MilestonePassed DB7's total of the same time last year--
26:5726:59SkitReenact literally any scene from The Simpsons - The Land of Chocolate w/ Matt as Homer
27:0027:00RDPRDP: Slide in - Goldfrapp
27:00--Other"Card Kingdom Sponsored this Hour" Hour--
27:00--MilestoneSuddenly ALL THE MONEY ($76K get)--
27:07--Enter/ExitJer acquires nourishment, tags out bus driving to Lee Lee--
27:08--AuctionTally shows off the Chocobo for Auction--
27:08--AchievementMight of the Masses, Shut it Down, What's in the Box?--
27:1427:23PlugShowing off the silent auctions--
27:2528:59Drive/GiveawayKhans clans shirts art challenge: The viewer artisitcally renders themself dressed like a member of one of the clans of Tarkir Winners;
27:2827:28RDPRDP: Jerk it Out - The Caesars
27:3028:07Drive/GiveawayNemesis T(iny)-Type: $2d6 - $8 (Raised: $??)Xantheros--
27:3927:42PhysicalThe floor is velcro!
27:4627:49SongJer sings Ballad of the Fanboy
27:5527:56RDPRDP: Brains! - Voltaire
27:55--Enter/ExitEnter Khoo and Maya/Felix--
27:5828:06SkitPeople sit on Startup SantaJer's lap and describe what they want him to make for Christmas[✓]
27:58--SkitPaul wants a 30" retina screen that fits in his pocket--
27:59--SkitMatt wants a watch with step tracking, Calorie tracking and VR--
28:00--SkitTally wants a pony she can paint and play with[✓]--
28:02--SkitChris (Chrusher) wants highly parallelized portable computing--
28:04--SkitAshton wants a box full of "devices"--
28:0628:08PlugNew silent auction rundown--
28:0828:09Drive/GiveawayRoll for the donation drive--
28:1028:12OtherMatt fails at time--
28:15--Enter/ExitExit Paul and Matt (Wiggles)--
28:1728:21StoryKhoo talks about his love of Final Fantasy which devolves as per usual
28:2228:22TechnicalPlanned stream restart--
28:2328:24PrankStream comes back, everyone is zombies except Khoo
28:2428:24TechnicalTo fix lag issues, stream has switched from 29.97 fps to 30 fps--
28:2528:26RDPRDP: Bright Lights Bigger CIty - CeeLo Green
28:2728:35SkitStartup Santa (Jer) has to pitch his startup idea to a skeptical VC (Khoo)
28:31--Enter/ExitEnter James and Ashley--
28:33--Enter/ExitEnter Graham (Lord Candy)--
28:3528:41AuctionHandmade Chocobo and accessories - $1300lizardman175
28:40--Enter/ExitEnter Kathleen--
28:4228:43RDPRDP: Gimme Sympathy - Metric
28:4628:51SkitKathleen becomes the Romanian moon princess, stories of Kathleen's firings ensue
28:5228:55SongWhat Would Brian Boitano Do? from The South Park Movie
28:5628:56ShoutoutVST Shoutout!
29:0129:03DiscussionTalk about Beej's crashes, the DEVICE--
29:01--ShoutoutFangamer DesertBus t-shirts--
29:01--Game EventBugsplat! #3 (1 in a row)--
29:0429:07SongEveryone sings Last Saskatchewan Pirate - Arrogant Worms
29:0929:10ShoutoutGraham mentions the VST & Spreadsheet team
29:17--Enter/ExitEnter James--
29:2029:24SongJeremy sings Men in Black
29:2729:27MeltdownThe ladies QWOP over planning the Bus King Contest--
29:4030:02GameBus King Contest (Matt and Serge)[✓]
29:41--PhysicalRunway walks--
29:44--SkitSkill testing questions--
29:50--Enter/ExitExit Dan--
29:55--SkitTalent section!--
30:02--OtherJames swears--
30:0430:18OtherBus King contest Judging - Matt wins raising over $430 :O Winner gets a copy of Limbo collector's editionCastlewise
30:10--CrashJamie get distracted during judging and crashes the bus (Crash #9)--
30:11--MeltdownJamie curls into a shame-ball...then gets Shame Ticketed--
30:13--Shame TicketSerge is shamed for denting a mic and hitting the other. Matt is shamed for trying to ursurp Ash's power--
30:13--MilestoneDriver Name Jocko--
30:19--StoryMatt explains how he was prom queen at his senior prom--
30:20--Enter/ExitEnter Alex--
30:2330:26PhysicalJamie has to take a sobriety test for crashing the bus[✓]
30:2830:30SkitKathleen promotes Mike's trivia nights and records a celebrity trivia question for Mike
30:3230:37SkitTally and Roscoe reveal a Roscoe onesie for Jer to wear
30:3730:37OtherTally begs chat to make sure that Jer has to wear the onesie--
30:42--OtherLordHosk wants people to tweet nice things to his wife @Lady_Hosk--
30:4230:42MilestoneHeavy hitters donate $4k in a few minutes to meet the Jer Onesie challenge (Tymaret The Murder King and Omega_Lairon)
30:4430:48SongBe Prepared with Tally and the room
30:48--Shame TicketShame ticket: James tried to run Jamie over with a chair, then ran and hid in the women's bathroom--
30:5130:51Enter/ExitJer is shamefully walked into the room in his duck onesie[✓]
30:51--Video/ImageShowing picture of theyadda at 18 months using Amiga computer--
30:5230:53DanceDancing to the Duck Tales theme ensues
30:54--AchievementAchievement Get: Saturday Morning--
30:5530:56SkitKathleen recites the roster for Super Snorsh Brothers for the Weagle U as the Snorsh lady
30:5631:02DiscussionTally discusses the making of the Duck Onesie and Jer discusses how much he hates it
31:0231:51GuestMolly Lewis Call-In, sporting a penguin onesie[✓]
31:10--DiscussionMolly has 13 ukuleles now--
31:3431:50Drive/GiveawaySocial Justice Class Buttons $8.23 (Raised: $1157.19)dericwadleigh--
31:3531:48AuctionMr. T duck and autobiography and assorted rare games (Won for $3,000)Anonymousless[✓]
31:39--AuctionSweetened with signed Avengers and Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog--
31:42--AuctionSweetened with Battletoads arcade board--
31:5231:53RDPRDP: Fel Del Av Gården - Movits!
31:5331:53RDPRDP: We Got The Beat - The Go-Go's
31:5431:55PlugGraham hypes the Silent Auctions--
31:5531:58DanceThe entire room does the Caramelldansen in celebration of $90K raised!
32:00--OtherEveryone mishandles Garruk's Axe while trying to show it off--
32:03--AchievementAchievement Get: It's So Cute--
32:05--Enter/ExitEnter Dix--
32:1432:15StoryJer tells us about when he made an Alucard cape with staples as a child. Katheen perverts it.
32:16--PosterSpoopy Poster Update -
32:17--OtherGraham swears--
32:17--PosterPoster Update -
32:1832:23Song64K (Graham & Jer) sing "2013"sektor88
32:2632:28OtherMorgan update--
32:28--MeltdownTally QWOPs--
32:3132:45AuctionMagic the Gathering Garruk Nerf axe and black & silver SDCC planeswalker cards (Won for $7150)DoctorBobtastic[✓]
32:4732:47TechnicalStream dies for a little while--
32:5032:51StoryTally tells story about realizing all three uncut sheets were rare/mythic--
32:54--OtherMike BURNS Graham--
32:54--Drive/GiveawayContest: Video Game Trivia, Giveaway prize Scholarly Gamer book packalonhnot--
33:0233:32OtherPika drives the bus while Jer ducks out--
33:02--Enter/ExitJer ducks out for a bit, Mike goes back to blog writing--
33:0433:08SongKara sings Let it GoLord_Hosk
33:1033:10RDPRDP: Alone - Karen Devito
33:1233:12RDPRDP: Raver's Fantasy - Tune Up!
33:1533:16PlugGoing over the silent auctions--
33:17--Enter/ExitEnter Simon, and exit Simon--
33:20--StoryKathleen reveals that she went through therapy and it didn't take--
33:2233:26SongLook, We're Bussing Again -
33:2733:28RDPRDP: I Want You Back - Jackson 5
33:2933:29OtherKathleen invents an entirely new and innovative joke--
33:3033:32TechnicalLights fall over but Jordan ninja catches it--
33:3133:33TechnicalMultiple "false auctions" are triggered by Johnny and Ian; Dance Party/Auction button is now broken--
33:31--Enter/ExitEnter Ashton--
33:3333:33Technical4:3 mode engaged accidentally--
33:3333:34Shame TicketJohnny gets a shame ticket for busting up everything--
33:3433:42TechnicalIan fixes the button on stream--
33:35--Enter/ExitEnter Billzmom--
33:37--OtherThere are 4 lights!--
33:3833:39SongChris introduces the galaxy song--
33:38--Enter/ExitPika returns with nekomimi ears--
33:3933:42SongGraham sings the Galaxy Song from Monty Python's Meaning of LifeChris
33:4233:42Technical4:3 due to reconnecting the Button--
33:4333:44RDPRDP: Ain't Nothing Wrong With That - Robert Randolph and the Family Band
33:45--Drive/GiveawaySpace Invaders Touque as modeled by Graham for $7.77 (Raised $1530.69)ChiefSOB--
33:5233:52PlugSilent Auction recap--
33:54--Enter/ExitSimon with Dumle--
33:5634:00DanceJer, Pika, Dix, and Chrusher crabcore to Nano & Vin's version of PONPONPON sektor88
34:03--The DeviceTHE DEVICE: Lefty--
34:0534:09GameAnnouncement of Newlywed Game time - 5PM Sunday--
34:0934:35GuestCall-in with Michael Davis, creator of THE DEVICE
34:1934:22The DeviceTHE DEVICE: Reverse--
34:20--The DeviceDEVICE: Slippery is explained--
34:2234:24The DeviceTHE DEVICE: Slippery--
34:23--MeltdownPeople react to Slippery--
34:24--The DeviceJer tries to use the Konami code on THE DEVICE--
34:2534:26The DeviceIan assumes direct control of the game via THE DEVICE's backend--
34:26--CrashIan walks away during direct control - REDACTED (Crash #10)--
34:27--Shame TicketShame ticket: Ian: "I played God"--
34:28--TechnicalIt is revealed that Jer's use of the Konami code actually caused the Crash - shame ticket is passed to Jer--
34:30--The DeviceTHE DEVICE: Veer is enabled, prohibiting Jer from entering a name--
34:31--OtherDriver Name Icarusa--
34:34--Game EventBus Stop #6 (1 in a row)--
34:3635:04GameVideo game trivia quiz - Part 1[✓]
34:40--GameBig Rigs finish line words - You're Winner (no one)--
34:42--GameScott Pilgrim - Team Microsuede (middle couch)--
34:43--GameSonic The Hedgehog 2: right couch (correct answer: Miles "Tails" Prower)--
34:43--GameWhat are the only 3 games in storage at the Smithsonian? Pong, Dragon's Lair, Pac-Man ()--
34:45--GameWhat device was orinially a peripheral for the N64 (they meant SNES)? - PS1 (Team Floral - left couch)--
34:46--GameCaused the game crash? ET (Team Driver)--
34:47--GameMatt gets a Sham Ticket: DUN GOOFED--
34:47--GameAge of Empires (Team Driver)--
34:48--GameNintendo's First Product: playing cards (team driver)--
34:48--GameWho said "sega" and "sonic" aren't cool enough: uniracers?--
34:48--GameWhat games led to ESRB creation? Night trap & Mortal Kombat (Left and Middle Couches)--
34:49--GameValve had the idea for this game playing against knife bots in CS: Left 4 Dead (Team Driver)--
34:50--Shame TicketShame Ticket: Leelee swears on camera--
34:51--GameHidden music in Halo - Siege of Madrigal (noone)--
34:51--GameJoseph D Kucan is the longest running voice in gaming. Who is his character? - Kane (C&C) (Right couch)--
34:52--GameClassic arcade game from 1981 remade for Genesis and SNES - Frogger (noone)--
34:53--GameSpace Quest Main Character name: Roger Wilco (Team Driver)--
34:54--Game"This gene codes for--" "Sonic the Hedgehog" (right couch cheating quick answer)--
34:55--GameTeam 17's most successful series: Worms (Team Stripes - Right couch)--
34:55--Game2nd & 3rd best N64 games: Goldeneye (andrew) & Mario Kart (Matt)--
34:56--GameWho was pokemon's originally planned mascot? Clefairy (no one)--
34:57--GameGTA's Rock Star North/DMA created what other classic franchise? Lemmings (Team Driver)--
34:58--GameSega is based in Tokyo, but where did it originate? - Honolulu, Hawaii (Right couch)--
34:59--GameDB company went bust, because of prior game failure. What character was game based on? Goofy (Graham)--
35:00--Game"Little Rocket Man" HL2 cheevo won by: (Jordan, not on a team, or LeeLee, left couch)--
35:01--GameOrange Box actor in every game: Ellen McClain (no one)--
35:02--GameGraham met Ellen, is she nice? Yes (Graham)--
35:02--GameMinecraft single block in a grid is called? Voxel (Left couch)--
35:0436:05Drive/GiveawayD&D Lover's Lot $5.55 (Raised $9645.90)Duaiwe--
35:0935:14GameTrivia Part 2!
35:10--OtherWhich holywood composer did CoD: MW2? Hans Zimmer - (Team Microsuede)--
35:10--OtherCat-based mascot for Accolade: Bubsy (Jer)--
35:11--OtherContest Winner: During Riven production, large commisioned prop, who made prop? Adam Savage (Kathleen)alonhnot--
35:1435:15OtherRoom watches the $$$ counter tick up to $100k--
35:1535:15RDPRDP: Go! - Tones on Tail
35:1535:16RDPRDP: Super Bass - Nicki Minaj
35:1535:17Milestone$100K GET!
35:1635:17RDPRDP: The horrible version of "Build me up Buttercup" Andrew suggested - Rhymefest & ODB
35:17--Enter/ExitEnter Kate--
35:1935:19Technical4:3 mode briefly--
35:2335:33SkitKathleen aka Julian Noir gives everyone PUA tips but turns it on its head
35:2435:32MeltdownThe rest of the room loses it--
35:3335:35SkitPika & Maya/Felix have a conversation as Pikachu and Sunkern
35:3635:38OtherGiveaway reminder--
35:38--OtherMeta gif shenangians with Jer--
35:39--Enter/ExitEnter Cam & Juliee--
35:4335:43OtherMoment of silence for Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson--
35:4635:51DanceDance party to 2NE1 - I am the best
35:4935:50Enter/ExitEnter Surprise Morgan! (Who was in fact the one in chat who told Graham to "Eat a Dick")
35:5536:01Song1337 - 64K[✓]
36:04--TechnicalJer mentions app--
36:0536:05TechnicalAshton explains that Hotmail doesn't get DB emails--
36:06--Enter/ExitEnter Tally in penguin onesie, Jer is frightened[✓]--
36:0636:08Enter/ExitJohnny raises into frame wearing an Oculus rift playing VR Desert Bus[✓]
36:07--Enter/ExitEnter Ian with iPhones taped to his eyes--
36:07--Driver Shift ChangeSWEATERVEST SHIFT (Ian & Johnny)[✓]--
36:1036:12OtherGraham and Kathleen are presented with sweatervests--
36:1136:13DiscussionSweatervest discussions--
36:14--Enter/ExitExit Morgan, to return tomorrow--
36:15--ShoutoutDid you know Tim Schafer is calling in this year?--
36:1636:21Drive/GiveawayPhuzzy Comics Vol 1 - Draw Johnny and Ian's Stands from Jojo's Bizzare AdventureJoeVick--
36:2436:25PlugSilent Auction recap--
36:2536:28OtherFrumpCat Matt with Necomimi ears
36:2536:30DiscussionGraham explains Labatt's devious plan to astroturf Shock Top via Matt
36:2836:32ReadingMatt reads Shocktops' internal marketing memo
36:3136:52The DeviceLow Gear--
36:3436:35PhysicalFondling of the cheesehead
36:3436:41SkitCameron & Kathlen give addresses to send complaints ala Feed Dump
36:36--Enter/ExitEnter Mia--
36:37--Enter/ExitExit Pika--
36:40--PhysicalTally receives the cheesehead--
36:4236:48SkitCam attempts to recite the periodic table in order, but with only one chance. +$1 for each correct answer (36 in a row!)[✓]
36:4538:46SkitLNDF #6: Coco Ad--
36:50--Video/ImageBabylon 5 Joke:
36:5236:53ReadingCam reads the winner from Beej's poetry contest
36:5536:56SongAlex "listens" to Stand Against the Devil by FamilyPCGames
36:5636:57RDPRDP: Here We Go - Jason Gocin
36:56--Enter/ExitEnter Synaptic Chaos Theatre Dan--
37:0037:06Drive/GiveawayAndrew shows off DB photo book - Start $8.22 - Drive Raised: $2860.56SpaceCore--
37:03--Shame TicketAndrew gets sham ticket for not crediting Serge--
37:0637:20AuctionGoT Stuffed Head of Drogon (Won for $3650)hascow[✓]
37:10--TechnicalStream blips immediately as auction starts--
37:2237:23Game EventIan gets a bus stop (#7, 2 in a row)--
37:2237:24AchievementAchievement Get: Crash the Gates, We <3 Handmade, QWOPing Balls (forgot to trigger earlier)--
37:22--Video/ImageNew batch of 84 photos!--
37:2537:25RDPRDP: Kick Ass (We Are Young) - Mika
37:2937:37StoryEveryone's favourite beers
37:3737:40ShoutoutShoutout to Screencheat, DB Game Jam--
37:39--CrashIan Crashes the Bus, FAIL. Icarusa flew too close to the sun (#11)--
37:41--Enter/ExitExit Chris (Chrusher)--
37:4237:45DiscussionMore beer talk - Kate talks about beers people like
37:43--MilestoneDriver Name Joestara (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure reference)--
37:46--Enter/ExitExit LeeLee--
37:4837:50DiscussionBeer Talk #3 Tara talks about her beer, people talk about Vancouver Island
37:5237:54OtherScreencheat codefall--
37:52--Enter/ExitEnter Beej, Heather--
37:5337:54OtherTalking about, showing off photobook--
37:5637:56OtherBeej puts on sweatervest--
37:5638:12GameGraham names Star Trek TNG episodes for $0.25 per ep
37:56--ShoutoutShoutout to Andrew's wife, who is watching the stream from D̶i̶d̶n̶e̶y̶ ̶W̶o̶r̶l̶ Disney Land--
38:00--Enter/ExitEnter & Exit Jer (again)--
38:07--MeltdownWho even knows in Engineering--
38:18--Enter/ExitA Skeleton in a suit (Possibly Q {As in Mia's BF})--
38:2138:22StoryJohnny apparently will turn 40 this year! Everyone asks HOW?--
38:2438:24PrankAlex ran past Graham peeing and yelled "Cross the streams!"--
38:2438:25StoryMAKE WAY FOR PISS
38:2738:29SkitLNDF #1: Amagi Brilliant Park--
38:2938:33SkitLNDF #2: Danger UXB--
38:3438:39SkitLNDF #3: For Better or for Worse animation--
38:4038:42SkitLNDF #4: Japanese Anti-piracy Ad--
38:4238:44SkitLNDF #5: Carvel Ad--
38:4538:45PrankGraham goes mad with tech power--
38:4738:48SkitLNDF #7: Orson Welles advertises a camera--
38:4838:52SkitLNDF #8: Prometheus--
38:5338:59SkitLNDF #9: Tōhō Theatres--
38:59--MeltdownGraham, Beej, Alex react to what they just did--
39:0039:04SkitLNDF #10: My pet monster--
39:0539:09SkitLNDF #11: InoBato (When Supernatural Battles Become Commonplace)--
39:05--Enter/ExitEnter Cam--
39:1039:14SkitLNDF #12: The Smurfs--
39:1740:06Drive/GiveawayBlack velvet Kodamas painting for $9.99 (raised $????)LoreScholar--
39:1939:24OtherTalking about the Porco Rosso DVD, Ghibli movies, and anime in general--
39:24--OtherGraham suddenly blurts out "Timescape!", in reference to the TNG thing earlier--
39:25--Enter/ExitEnter Jaime--
39:2639:27OtherKate is touched when Graham reveals that she is the reason he couldn't handle Grave of the Fireflies--
39:3039:30RDPRDP: Dark Side - Tim Minchin
39:3139:32Video/ImageCrew members don't know what "KITTY!" is, they watch the crapshot--
39:3339:52GameKitty - Chat chose Cam from strawpoll, Alex guessing
39:3539:38Drive/GiveawayDraw Johnny and Ian's Stands from Jojo's Bizzare Adventure - Runner's up & Winner reveal
39:4039:41SongLullaby version of Mazinger Z theme song
39:5039:52PhysicalHorse Graham and Alex have a spray bottle battle -
39:5239:55The DeviceIan enables autopilot using reverse Konami Code, Graham explains--
39:53--ShoutoutSilent auctions, Kathleen swears--
39:5639:57PlugSilent auction review time--
39:59--Enter/ExitExit Andrew--
40:0040:00RDPRDP: Fly Away - Panty And Stocking OST
40:0140:06StoryGraham and Kathleen talk about where the bear hat came from
40:07--Enter/ExitExit Dan--
40:0840:08Meltdown"Why is the horsehead so wet?!"--
40:0840:14DiscussionJokes and stories about bicep show-offs--
40:1140:12PhysicalEveryone jumps at the same time
40:1240:13RDPRDP: Work It - Missy Elliott
40:1540:23PhysicalNormal Graham, normal arms
40:1840:19RDPRDP: Money (Turntable Turnabout) - Mystery Skulls
40:2040:22SkitGrathleen cracks a pack--
40:2041:02The DeviceTHE DEVICE: Cruise Control--
40:2340:25PhysicalIan hat stack
40:25--Drive/GiveawaySigned copies of Calculus/Recursion books for infants + Wiggles pin & Minecraft pig for $6.28 (raised $282.60)Yogev Levey--
40:2740:27RDPRDP: Remember Dre (Booty Breaks Mix) - DJ Defkline & Red Polo
40:3040:31RDPRDP: Get Down On It - Kool & The Gang
40:3040:32PhysicalWeird Conga line
40:3140:32RDPRDP: Twist and Shout - The Beatles
40:3240:33SkitAlex the chicken explains a Kalashnikov rifle
40:3540:35DiscussionKoshering salt is not kosher--
40:3640:41SkitEveryone is sarcastic for 5min
40:40--MeltdownSarcasm + Silent Auctions breaks Graham--
40:4140:41RDPRDP: 1999 - Prince
40:42--ShoutoutDB Shirts--
40:4440:47DanceGee - Girl's Generation
40:4640:48PrankIan head in heart on overlay--
40:4940:51PrankGroup hug of Dix while whispering false reassurances
40:5240:54Video/ImageWe take Tara to the store and she passed?
40:5440:55RDPRDP: Moustache - Twin Twin
40:5841:01DanceRun Devil Run - Girl's Generation
41:0241:06ReadingCam reads:
41:0941:12Video/ImageVarious goat videos break Kate, starting with "Clyde"
41:09--AchievementAchievement Get: Fifty Shades of Eh--
41:1241:15ReadingSuper-caffinated energy drink description, accompanied by Ian on the theremin
41:12--OtherIan swears at random device activation challenge--
41:1441:17DiscussionEnergy Drink weirdness discussion--
41:14--PosterPoster Update -
41:1741:19DanceZeta Gundam (Alex's suggestion)--
41:1741:23DanceSuggested Team Zeta theme songs--
41:1941:23DanceHoliday Rap - MC Miker G & Deejay Sven (Kathleen's suggested theme song)--
41:2441:26PhysicalAlex, Dix sample Vigor and Razor energy drinks
41:25--TechnicalVolume levels go haywire--
41:2741:34SkitKate and Kathleen give horrible advice
41:2941:30The DeviceRandom device time: Veer--
41:33--TechnicalStream can't even--
41:34--Enter/ExitExit Kathleen, pulled by Graham--
41:3541:36SkitJamie describes desertbus for hope without saying "video game" or "charity"
41:35--Enter/ExitEnter Jamie--
41:3641:41Other5min of every sentence ending with "Mr Bond"
41:37--Enter/ExitFood arrives, people leave to avoid saying Mr Bond. And cookies, Mr Bond.--
41:3941:42OtherJaime sets a challenge for Corgi pictures, Mr Bond.--
41:4041:40SongEveryone freestyles, Mr. Bond.--
41:4341:47Drive/GiveawayWikipad for $7 (raised $1414)antitonic--
41:4741:47PhysicalAlex hugs and chest-bumps Beej
41:4741:48RDPRDP: The Reflex - Duran Duran
41:4841:48OtherAlex brings the light of our lord Cheesus to Kate
41:4941:50SkitCam gives an inspirational speech to his X-Com rookies
41:5141:51RDPRDP: Barbie Girl - Aqua
41:5241:52ShoutoutMia thanks particles & waves listeners--
41:5441:54OtherIan summons biscuits--
41:5641:58ReadingCam reads a Night Vale quote -
41:5942:03Video/ImageJamie shows corgi pics
42:05--Enter/ExitExit Jamie--
42:0742:10PlugSilent auction review time--
42:1242:14DanceSpooky Scary Skeletons dance around Alex the skeleton racist
42:1542:17StoryHeather explains Beej's love of artificial sweetener
42:1742:18SkitAnti-drugs PSA from Batman
42:1942:19MeltdownAlex freaks out at a planted skeleton
42:1942:23SkitBatman voices
42:2342:24PhysicalDix does ~14 push-ups--
42:26--Enter/ExitEnter Beej--
42:2942:31Shame TicketShame tickets: Beej is not Jesus; Beej steals the funny; Alex fires skulls at the driver--
42:3342:34Shame TicketAlex is shamed for chat's sins--
42:3542:37PhysicalEveryone struggles to find a comfortable position in their seatHaltgamer
42:37--The DeviceTHE DEVICE: Reverse--
42:37--OtherSick Mia burn--
42:3942:39RDPRDP: Negimanix - DJ Doll's Renaissance
42:40--Shame TicketShame Ticket: Kelly critically hit the couch--
42:43--Game EventBugsplat! #4 (1 in a row)--
42:4442:49Skit"Is it Playable?" with Cam and Alex
42:48--Enter/ExitEnter Jordan--
42:5042:56ReadingCam reads Narcissus -
42:56--Game EventBUS STOP! (#8, 1 in a row)--
42:5843:05GameJohnny plays Desert Bus in 3D on the oculus rift
43:0543:08PlugGoing down the silent auctions--
43:0844:03Drive/GiveawayKeyboard and Mouse and Glasses for $13.12 (Raised $2309.12)SoldieroFortune--
43:08--Enter/ExitExit Mia--
43:16Drive/GiveawayDrawing challenge: 4-koma of Desert Bus-tan for the Lenticular gifs of Ian and JohnnyBrandon/Jeffrey--
43:2043:24ReadingAlex and Beej read German tax law
43:25--GameJohnny accidentally hits the windows key but doesn't crash, seeking escape from the "Horror that is DB"--
43:2743:31SkitAlex and Cori play Numberwang!
43:3443:34Video/ImageWatching an animated dolan duck thing--
43:3543:37ReadingReading the wikipedia entry for the commodore 64 ... in Dutch
43:3643:39PhysicalPeople try to get their fitbit numbers up by running in place--
43:3843:39SongSuper Mario 2 Theme - Zeta Edition
43:38--Enter/ExitExit Dix--
43:39--OtherVR Bus: Johnny crashed in 3d getting a bus stop because Windows is the dumbs (1 Crash 2 bus stops)--
43:4343:43RDPRDP: Faidherbe square - ProleteR
43:43--GameIan enters the rift to play 3D desert bus--
43:46--The DeviceReverse--
43:47--OtherVR Bus: 1 crash, 2 stops (Ian)--
43:47--CrashJohnny immediately crashes to Reverse, New Driver Name: DIO (#12)--
43:5043:50PhysicalEveryone boops Johnny3203
43:5143:51OtherPeople say "Gary" with various inflections
43:5343:54PhysicalJohnny plays while hopping on one foot for one minute
43:55--Shame TicketShame ticket: The floor stole Kate's tea--
43:55--MilestoneJohnny finally resumes driving (name entering problems)--
43:55--Enter/ExitEnter Paul--
43:58--OtherVR Bus: Ian crashes at a bus stop IN 3D! (+1 crash, +4 bus stops(some stops were uncounted because Ian was cheating))--
44:0544:09SongIan sings Concrete Road (Mimi wo sumaseba)
44:14--Enter/ExitEnter James--
44:15--Drive/GiveawaySigned toonami shirt for $5 (raised $1915)antitonic--
44:16--Shame TicketJames gets shamed for his wife making him late (revoked)--
44:16--Shame TicketAshley gets shamed for vanity making her late--
44:1844:19RDPRDP: Fuschia Ruler - Homestuck
44:2444:29SongBarrett's Privateers - Stan Rogers
44:30--AchievementAchievement Get: Choral Reef--
44:3344:35StoryJohnny recounts how he was a champ BMX racer until he got a career-ending injury
44:42--Enter/ExitEnter Pika--
44:4545:00GameDB8 calls football results -- Totals: Correct (100% accurate): 0, Partial (Correct outcome): 5, Incorrect: 8
44:46--DiscussionTexans vs. Browns - Kate Says The Browns by 3 [Actual Result: Texans 23, Browns: 7; Incorrect, score off by -16]--
44:47--DiscussionVikings vs. Bears - Beej says The Bears by 14 [Actual Result: Vikings: 13, Bears: 21; Correct, score off by +6]--
44:48--DiscussionBroncos vs. Rams - Johnny says The Rams by 7 [Actual Result: Broncos: 7, Rams: 22; Correct, score off by -8]--
44:49--Discussion49ers vs. Giants - Fugi says 49ers by 7 [Actual Result: 49ers: 16, Giants: 10; Correct, score off by +1]--
44:51--DiscussionRaiders vs. Chargers - Heather says Raiders by 12 points [Actual Result: Raiders: 6, Chargers: 13; Incorrect, score off by -19]--
44:52--DiscussionPackers vs. Eagles: - Jordan says Eagles by 17 [Actual Result: Packers: 53, Eagles: 20; Incorrect, score off by -50]--
44:53--DiscussionFalcons vs. Panthers - Ashley says Panthers by 7 [Actual Result: Falcons 19, Panthers: 17; Incorrect, score off by -9]--
44:53--DiscussionBengals vs. Saints - Paul says the Bengals by 3 [Actual Results: Bengals: 27, Saints: 10; Correct, score off by -14]--
44:54--DiscussionSeahawks vs. Chiefs - Cori says tie [Actual Results: Seahawks: 20, Chiefs: 24; Incorrect, score off by -4]--
44:55--DiscussionBuccaneers vs. Washington - Ian says Redskins by 7 [Actual Results: Buccaneers: 27, Redskins: 7; Incorrect, score off by -27]--
44:56--DiscussionLions vs. Cardinals - Alex says Lions by 2 [Actual Results: Lions: 6, Cardinals: 14; Incorrect, score off by -10]--
44:57--DiscussionPatriots vs. Colts - Pika says Patriots by 20 [Actual Results: Patriots: 42, Colts: 20; Correct, score off by -2]--
44:58--DiscussionSteelers vs. Titans - James says Titans by 17 [Actual Results: Steelers: 27, Titans: 24; Incorrect, score off by -20]--
45:00--Enter/ExitExit Alex--
45:0245:06OtherJudging the strip search art competition
45:09--OtherIan Swears--
45:09--Game EventBus Stop (Ian) (#9, 1 in a row)--
45:1145:12PhysicalPika uses Rollout
45:1245:15DiscussionChoices of padding: Padded room, trampoline floor, or skydiving tunnel
45:1645:18OtherRadio silence--
45:1845:18RDPRDP: D.A.N.C.E. - Justice--
45:1945:21PhysicalPaul folds a t-shirt in less than 10 seconds
45:2345:38Behind the ScenesIan, Beej and Johnny describe the new tech at DB8starnerf
45:3845:38RDPRDP: My Own Worst Enemy - Lit
45:40--Enter/ExitExit Beej and Heather--
45:43--Drive/GiveawayPhotoshop of Johnny doing things at DB that he doesn't remember - pig sweetenersCultist Rat--
45:4645:46OtherJames challenges Paul for control of LRR
45:4645:48PhysicalCori and Pika joust in wheelie chairs
45:4845:50SkitGood or "good" christmas present ideas
45:5245:53PhysicalCori and Pika fight Creepy Doll to the death
45:5445:54PhysicalPika does a cartwheel
45:5645:56TechnicalStream freezes--
45:5745:57ShoutoutVideo Strike Team Mention--
45:5846:02SkitExplanation of how Admiral Memo became an Admiral
46:0346:09SkitBeard Talk
46:1047:05Drive/GiveawayAfterglow wireless headphones for $5.10 (Raised $836.40)ThatFuppinDonator--
46:1446:18Song"All About That Base" (Team Unicorn's Star Wars parody)...with Ian on theremin
46:1846:22OtherSweater Vest Talk
46:2546:30OtherBread Talk
46:3246:33RDPRDP: Flame is Love - The Presidents of the United States of America
46:3246:33PhysicalJames gets spun in a chair and tries to walk the straight line
46:3546:37SongSkeletor sings "A few of my favorite things"
46:38--MeltdownJohnny breaks -
46:41--PlugSilent auction rundown--
46:5046:50RDPRDP: Matador - Los Fabulosos Cadillacs
46:50--Enter/ExitEnter: Dammit Liz--
46:5446:54SkitJames impersonates Adam
46:5446:55RDPRDP: Just Dance - Lady Gaga
46:54--Milestone$123,456 donated! -
47:0047:00Shame TicketPride ticket for the chat for getting to $123,456--
47:0247:03PhysicalSweater Vest Knife Fight: Ian VS Johnny -[✓]
47:03--MeltdownJohnny breaks again--
47:0647:09DanceLiz sexy dance to the Spice Girls to reach $20,000 for Ian/Johnny's shift
47:0947:14PhysicalEveryone combines their belts into a giant belt, then surrounds everyone with it
47:1347:14RDPRDP: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper
47:1447:14Shame TicketEveryone is shamed for being tone deaf--
47:1648:00Drive/GiveawayTiny Hodor doll - $4 (Raised: "Exactly $1000")Rachel--
47:1947:21SkitEveryone becomes Hodor for 1 minute
47:21--Enter/ExitExit Kate--
47:2247:23PhysicalJames and Johnny switch vests
47:2347:24DanceJames and Ashton slow dance
47:2547:30Video/ImageWinners of Johnny's photoshop challenge shown
47:26--OtherAn "AAAFRICAA" from Dammit Liz is narrowly avoided--
47:3347:36PlugGoin' over silent auctions--
47:40--The DeviceCruise control--
47:4347:48DanceLine dance badly to Achy-breaky heart
47:44--CrashJohnny crashes again... on cruise control (#13)--
47:45--Shame TicketJohnny for crashing the bus. --
47:47--OtherDriver name "CRASH"--
47:4947:49SkitIan puppeteers Hodor
47:4948:00MeltdownJohnny melts down.
47:5347:54OtherManual seizure chicken followed by actual seizure chicken -
47:58--MeltdownContinued Johnny QWOPing--
47:5947:59OtherSerge reassures Johnny that everything is fine