DesertBus 6 - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 6 - Day 5

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
96:00--Driver Shift ChangeBill stops driving, Graham starts--
96:0196:26GuestScott Kurtz live call-in #2
96:0496:23AuctionLive Auction: Guest Appearance in PvP, 4 PVP books with sketches in the front, phone call, skull plush, and Scott raps Wild Wild West live - Raiger wins for $1,800.00!Raiger--
96:15--Game EventBugsplat! (#12, 1 in a row)--
96:24--Other$6 secret: Scott Kurtz's first rap was the Bare Necessities--
96:32--Enter/ExitBill & Bill's Mom depart--
96:37--Drive/Giveaway$27 Raffle: Return to Ravnica: Uncut Full Foil Sheet - Commons--
96:4897:14GameDouble Jenga time! (2 Jenga's on top of each-other) With: James, Graham, Liz, - Graham falls the tower immediately the first time, and later the 2nd time
97:1897:19OtherSuprise Magic the Gathering original card art live auction unveiling--
97:2297:26SongIan & Beej play I'm Yours Lyrics by Jason Mraz to Lyrael, DB5 marriage proposal-ee
97:33Drive/GiveawayCommander's Arsenal art challenge: Draw Graham Stark, Planeswalker. Winner: SimonSimon--
97:4897:52SkitAndy does The Great Dictator Monologue (done by Charlie Chaplin originally) while Kate, Kaylee and Kathleen Caramelldansen
97:57--Enter/ExitExit Liz--
97:5898:36Drive/Giveaway$5 challenge for Darkness II && Prototype T-shirt && Download Codes (3 winners)--
98:0998:13SongIan sings He-Man's version of What's Up by Four Non Blondes[✓]
98:1798:44GameDouble Jenga time #2 with Beth, Andre and Brent - Brent destroys the Tower
98:25--Enter/ExitExit James and Ian--
98:37--PrankQWOP Cam returns!!!--
98:48--Enter/ExitExit Brent--
98:48--Drive/Giveaway$10 - Fangamer Giveaway (4 winners) - Fangamer Zelda Pack & 3 other random prize packs--
98:5098:59MeltdownGraham, and Cam loose their minds while reading Movie Titles That Describe Your Poops from chat
99:02--Enter/ExitExit Beej, Cam and Alex--
99:1299:13SongAndy Sings Modern Major General from Pirates of Penzance
99:15--Game EventGraham Scores a Point pt:cr: 8/8
99:2199:26SongJer & Tally sing: Jackson by Johnny Cash & June Carter
99:35--Enter/Exitexit UberBeth--
99:46--Drive/Giveaway$7.50 - Dubs Drags (Double Dragon) MTG: From the Vault: Dragons, and Prototype 2--
99:5099:51Other60 seconds of Kathleen saying "Tumor Meat"--
99:5499:58DanceOppa Gangnam Style! #2, including fun overlay time
99:59100:01DanceGraham, Kathleen do a dance based on Weekend at Bernies--
100:00--Milestone100 hours!--
100:03100:05ReadingDan from Extra Credits reads Now is the Winter of our Discontent from Shakespeare's Richard III in his EC voice
100:09100:12ReadingAndy reads: To Be or Not to Be from Hamlet (re-written for DesertBus) in patranizing British dialect
100:16100:18DanceKathleen dances to Gummy Bear song
100:19100:21DanceKathleen dances to: disney's Gummy Bear theme song
100:23100:23StoryKathleen story time about being forced to go to school dances
100:24100:26StoryGraham horrible valentines dance horrible childhood story--
100:26100:35DanceAwkward slow dance to: (Poopin') In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins
100:27--Technical-- Stream Crash -- --
100:31--TechnicalStream return to just creepydoll and Graham Dancing by himself with Phil Collins still playing, followed by ANOTHER stream crash--
100:33--OtherStream return to more Phil Collins--
100:39100:44Other5 minutes of Sarchasm - Kathleen cannot force sarchasm
100:46100:50SongKara & Andy sing: Somewhere Out There--
100:58100:59ReadingGraham reads a journal entry from Evil_Jim while Kathleen balances things on her head--
101:01101:09Drive/Giveaway$9.99 Level Up Studios League of Legends Pack--
101:06--OtherKate was watching QWOP cam on the way to the store and walked into a bench--
101:09--OtherPika are we there yet?--
101:11101:15SongAndy & Kara sing: Agony by Stephen Sondheim
101:19101:24DanceEveryone dances to Love Shack, while Graham is in a dress with fake breasts
101:24--Enter/ExitExit Andrew (Photographer) --
101:26101:27OtherStory about French from Graham--
101:28101:57SkitQ-Q-Q! W-O-P! NORMAL GUY, NORMAL WALK! This is QWOP Line! (goal for 250k)[✓]
101:30--CrashGraham crashes the bus - pt:cr - 8/9, new character: Kefka--
102:02102:03SkitGraham, Kathleen is it playable: QWOP--
102:03102:04SkitOpen the Door, Get on the Floor, Do the Dinosaur
102:04--Enter/ExitExit Kate & Friends--
102:04--$6 SecretsAndrew's $6 Secret: Charlie Chaplin's granddaughter was in Season 2 of Game of Thrones--
102:05102:06OtherIf You Laugh You Lose--
102:15--Drive/Giveaway$5 Gears of War 3 Xbox 360 Controllers & Gears of War 3 Art Book--
102:17102:25OtherPika in a box--
102:18102:19DanceGraham and Andy do the Sloppy Swish--
102:20102:22ReadingAndy reads: The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost--
102:21102:26OtherGraham Explains some poetry(s)--
102:26102:28OtherTalk in a crappy Australian accent for an entire minute--
102:28102:35DanceDance to Magic Dance by David Bowie (from the movie Labyrinth )--
102:29--Enter/ExitEnter Dale--
102:35102:37SkitGraham does the Cake or Death skit--
102:43102:44OtherKathleen full rant to chat--
102:45102:49SongAndy sings: Springtime for Hitler --
102:51102:54SongDale, everyone sings: This is Halloween from The Nightmare Before Christmas--
102:56102:58SongAndy, Dale sing: Oogie Boogie's Song from The Nightmare Before Christmas--
103:02103:11AuctionLive Auction: hand-blown glass Pac-Man Ghosts - winner: TinyGhostOfEmilyCarr for $1,600.00!TinyGhostOfEmilyCarr
103:15103:17StoryKathleen tattoo show & tell time--
103:18103:20Drive/GiveawayPhoto Challenge - for - MTG cross-stich buttons :: Title: Fill This Man With Cream--
103:26103:30SongDale sings: Oops I Did It Again by Britney Spears--
103:33103:34ReadingDale reads: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like (Old Spice commercial)[✓]
103:35103:36DanceDance to Narwhals Naturals --
103:36103:37OtherWhat is your name, what is your quest..... --
103:37103:40SkitGraham does Three Dog from Fallout 3 (turns in to full on radio show)
103:40103:42SkitGraham does a test drive of the bus in the theme of Top Gear
103:42103:43SkitGraham ad for Dave's DesertBus & Moonbase--
103:43105:10OtherGraham Drafts MTG whole driving the bus
103:46--OtherPika says some random Japaneese phrase--
103:48104:06OtherAsk Kathleen & Corey & Pika QWOPing Balls Edition--
103:57--Enter/ExitEnter Ian, all peppy n'shit--
104:11--Drive/Giveaway$5 challange for a Signed copy of Ready Player One--
104:12104:16Songsing Money by Mystery Skulls--
104:18104:22Songsing At The Gala from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic--
104:24104:25OtherIan and Corey transfer Pika piggyback w/o letting her touch the ground--
104:29104:31SongPika sings: Chobits theme song with backup dancers--
104:42104:46SongGraham sings: Everyone's a Hero from Dr Horrible--
104:52104:55SongAndy and Pika sing: A Whole New World from Aladdin--
104:57105:06OtherAndy speaks in a German accent for 3 min--
104:58104:59Physical4 person high five--
105:00--Enter/ExitEnter Paul--
105:03105:08ReadingKathleen reads the back of the prize box in a New Zealand voice--
105:04--Drive/Giveaway$6.65 D&D Red Box challenge for (2 winners)--
105:13105:19PhysicalPaul & Kathleen have a balance-off Ian makes Paul lose
105:24105:28DanceGraham & Pika do Paparazzi by Girls Generation
105:30105:34SongIan, Dan, Andy, Graham, Andre - sing Everybody (Backstreet's back) by the Backstreet Boys--
105:36--OtherPhoto Contest winners for Filling this man with cream shown
105:46105:47PhysicalPaul balances a redbox on his head while Graham is on the green screen--
105:49105:50SkitAndy - Avery Brooks Fake IBM commercial
105:50--Enter/ExitEnter random baby--
105:57--Enter/Exitexit Andy--
105:58--Drive/Giveaway$8.50 challenge (2 winners) : Level up studio's Level Up Studios “Nintendo Nouveau” Poster & Level Up Studios “Cause of Death” Poster--
106:10106:12SongPika sings: Reflection from Mulan
106:19--Enter/Exitenter Serge--
106:22106:23StoryShow & Tell Graham at a very old laptop--
106:24106:27SongPika & Graham sing: Beauty and the Beast(Tale as Old as Time)
106:28106:35SkitQWOP line in the morning
106:32--Game EventBugsplat! (#13, 1 in a row)--
106:59--PosterPoster update - v10 -
107:02107:14PhysicalGraham wears ugly hat for 10 minutes for $20--
107:12--Drive/Giveaway$6.66 challenge for Darksiders 2 Death Mask & Mustache Monocles from Geek Sheek --
107:24107:32DanceGraham does WoW dances
107:30---CrashGraham crashes the bus - pt:cr - 8/10, new character: Mog--
107:35Drive/Giveaway$9 giveaway: Complete Foil Innistrad MtG set--
107:43107:46DanceDance to Cotton Eye Joe wearing as much Country clothing as possible
107:54107:58DanceDance to Y.M.C.A, dressed appropriately
107:58108:01PhysicalTHE FLOOR IS LAVA
107:59108:01SongEveryone sings "What I Got" by Sublime
107:59--MilestoneMatt has been lapped! $263,296
108:01--Enter/ExitEnter Tally--
108:03120:00Driver Shift ChangeTally's driver shift starts--
108:11108:45Drive/Giveaway$5:16 giveaway: Signed Desert Bus edition of Gloom--
108:29108:36OtherPika has a caffiene-induced freakout
108:36--Enter/ExitExit Pika, Graham, Kathleen--
108:36--Enter/ExitEnter Nels Anderson, he drives the bus--
108:52OtherNels' $6 secret: Once put underwear on a ceiling fan to prevent freezing to death one Christmas--
109:06--OtherBeth's $6 Secret: Seeking a Friend for the End of the World made her cry her eyes out.--
109:07--Enter/ExitExit Beth--
109:37110:09GuestMike Robles call-in with guest Tifa Meyen
109:53109:55Other$6 secret: If Call Me Maybe is on the radio, Mike Robles won't change the station. Tifa Meyen wrote intro pack text--
109:57110:07AuctionAuction: playsets of Cathedral of War, Supreme Verdict, Avecyn Restored binder signed by R&D, Magic: The Gathering themed shoes, Scars of Mirrodin lunchbox, original moonveil dragon sketch. Sold for $1800 to StrobelStrobel--
110:10--OtherEveryone leaves, abandoning Nels for a minute.--
110:15112:07Drive/GiveawaySend in a picture of you in your best costume for a random draw for a mini forth Doctor Who scarf. Kia-Ora wins.Kia-Ora--
110:20Drive/Giveaway$10.31 - XL MtG PAX T-Shirt--
110:41110:44StoryNels tells his Christmas Day roadkill redneck story stuck in DuBois WY in which underwear is placed on a ceiling fan.
110:48--OtherTally resumes driving.--
110:51--Enter/ExitExit Nels--
110:53110:55SongTally sings the Tigger song
111:00111:11AuctionAuction: Link and Zelda paintings. Sold to DeathOfRats for $1,515.15DeathOfRats--
111:15StoryTally waxes philisophical about sewing and crafting--
111:18111:23SongDance Magic Dance: Paul, Serge, James, Baby --
111:25111:27OtherPaul's $6 secret: the scar on Paul's hand is from slashing his hand on a ceiling light fixture in James' house whilst playing Wii tennis.--
111:32--GameJames and Dan play Magic: The Gathering pack war Dan goes first and wins--
111:40--Drive/GiveawayTally introduces her driver giveaway: an R2D2 plush--
111:50111:51OtherJames is broken after talk of poutine--
111:59112:34Drive/GiveawayMystery prize: $8.05 challenge. Winner: BobZ, Prize: metool hat--
111:59113:00Drive/GiveawayMystery prize: art challenge: design the "Desert Buck" ($22,805 bill or coin), for two winners.--
112:02--Enter/ExitEnter Cam--
112:05--OtherIan's $6 secret: The Canadian telecom company Ian worked for had Batman and Darth Vader as clients in their directory for live testing purposes.--
112:24112:28SongPaul sings Old Brown's Daughter by Great Big Sea
112:31--Game EventBugsplat! (#14, 1 in a row)--
112:41112:45DanceEveryone frump dances--
112:42--Enter/ExitEnter Kate--
112:52112:56SongPaul sings The Field Behind the Plow
112:58113:35GuestAaron Forsythe call-in
113:13--OtherAaron Forsythe's $6 secret: Wizards of the Coast has considered doing a Dungeons & Dragons themed expansion of Magic: The Gathering--
113:27113:34AuctionReturn to Ravnica uncommon foil sheet auction. Sold to Omega_Lairon for $4,050.Omega_Lairon--
113:40--Drive/Giveaway$6.40 challenge: Piranha Plant plush--
113:41--Milestone1.1 million lifetime total!--
113:58--Drive/GiveawayDesert Buck and Coin Design Winners. Dollar bill winner: "Daniel". Coin Winner: "Darcy". Prizes: Mario pipe pack and Metroid fan packs from Fangamer.--
114:05114:09DanceDance party to Steppenwolf's Magic Carpet Ride
114:09114:13DanceDance party continues with Play That Funky Music--
114:22--CrashTally crashes the bus. Whoopsie! - pt:cr - 8/11, new character: Terra--
114:39114:39Dance10 second dance party--
114:41114:41OtherTally explains why she dislikes the macarena--
114:43--OtherKate said "Going to the Store" so we go back to the store.--
114:44114:49DanceThe Macarena to Tunak Tunak Tun --
114:51114:56OtherAsh gives a 5 minute lecture on why Speed Racer the Movie rocked
115:03115:03MeltdownChat server dies--
115:06115:28GuestAmateur Pixels, creators of the Desert Bus iPhone app call-in
115:16--ReadingAmateur Pixels' $6 secret: Amateur pixels is an anagram of the two developers' online handles--
115:33115:37DanceCelebratory Gangam Style
115:37StoryGangnam Style Stories--
115:45116:39Drive/Giveaway$12.34 Mystery Box Donation Drive begins.--
116:01166:35AuctionLive Auction: Magic the Gathering Uncut Rare Sheet Sold to Peskyeye for $6,750Peskyeye
116:35116:35DanceGangnam Busters dance--
116:36116:37Dancepeople are spun around as they dance to Gangnam Style--
116:42--Drive/GiveawayContents of the mystery box are revealed: Gears of War 3 controller, Xbox 360 bundle, and art book. Won by VaryaVarya--
116:44--Enter/ExitExit Paul--
116:44--Milestone$300K broken--
116:46116:49StoryAnother story for the Hosks: The Very Hungry Caterpillar, modified for Desert Bus, as read by Daddy Ashton
116:55117:00StoryTally's $6 secret: Tally had a dream she was dating Matt before she met Jer. Tally and Matt end up making out in the closet during the dream, also dreamed she was dating Jeremy at the time.
116:58116:58GuestPrincess Greyskull Kitteh interrupts story. Meow! :3--
117:00--Enter/ExitEnter Jer, also interrupting the story. Also Beej!--
117:05--OtherCrew yells "one million dollars!"--
117:10117:14SongJer serenades Tally with Men in Black
117:24OtherJer can't find his work phone--
117:26--Enter/ExitEnter Graham--
117:33--Enter/ExitEnter Pika (decaf), Kathleen--
117:40117:42PhysicalIan and & Beej's epic rock paper scissors, part 2. Beej is the champion.
117:46117:49SongCrew sings Come Together
117:52117:56PhysicalCam does something undignified -- burps--
117:58118:03SongRainbow Connection!! Gibb makes an appearance!
118:03118:26GuestDoubleclicks Call-In.
118:17--Other$6 secret: Angela doesn't watch Dr. Who and The Doubleclicks' main musical influence at one point in time was Veggie Tales--
118:22118:26AuctionDoubleclicks Auction: Custom Song sold to ks for $1,221.12ks--
118:32Drive/GiveawayWeb Ad Consulting Winner: Mother of ChaosMother of Chaos--
118:34ReadingOne Million Dollars and they scare a baby--
118:36118:37SongPerform the Mortal Kombat Theme quacking and clucking
118:41--PhysicalKathleen Waddles--
118:46118:50SkitSkeletor gives dating advice, and knife advice
118:50119:11SkitScenes from a Chat--
118:53--Enter/ExitEnter Andy--
119:12119:12Drive/GiveawayR2-D2 Giveaway winner reveal: No Name Given! --
119:15119:22SongRoom sings (Beej plays guitar) to Mariner's Revenge by The Decemberists
119:29--Game EventBugsplat! (#15, 1 in a row)--
119:30--Enter/ExitEnter Alex--
119:31119:35SongTally sings the Zombie Song
119:38--PhysicalKathleen does a somersault--
119:40--PhysicalGraham suplexes Kathleen--
119:44119:47PhysicalProfessional Wrestling silliness--
119:49119:52SongRoom sings Smooth Criminal
119:54119:58DanceRoom sings and dances to Raise Your Glass--
119:59120:00DanceRoom dances to 2012 Loading Ready Run Remix