DesertBus 6 - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 6 - Day 2

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
24:01DanceCrew dances to BBC news music
24:01OtherPika drives because Matt is missing--
24:04Driver Shift ChangeMatt's shift begins for realz--
24:11Drive/Giveaway$7.69 / PNY (Pony) challenge--
24:13SongLeeLee and Kathleen sing Super Effective Theme--
24:14--PrankMatt is Frumpin' on all Cylinders[✓]
24:20SkitKate and Kathleen Give Horrible Advice[✓]
24:32OtherMatt narrates the game as he plays--
24:35SkitEveryone reacts to the chat like a studio audience--
24:38CrashMatt Crashes the Bus (Crash #2)
24:40OtherKate & Kathleen's sass-off
24:48SongGraham sings the Animaniacs' Nations of the World a 2nd time
24:50OtherSecret Handshakes--
24:58GuestGraham's Parents drop by--
25:15Drive/GiveawayArt challenge: draw what the actual driver of the bus looks like.--
25:19SkitGraham / Snake and Taka / Nappa 1-800-contacts commercial. MY BRAND!
25:23SongAmazing Grace lyrics to tune of Gilligan's Island / Amazing Gilligan
25:28OtherNaming as many Pokemon as possible
25:32SkitGraham talks like Tommy Wiseau from The Room
25:42ReadingMatt reads the first article in the Declaration of Human Rights in the style of ERMAGERD--
25:46DanceSmall Ian does slow motion chicken dance to In Your Eyes[✓]
25:52OtherGraham activates the seizure chicken
25:57DancePon Pon Pon Dance
25:59PhysicalPika LeeLee Totem[✓]
26:02AuctionAscending Championship Belt from Taka--
26:13SongMatt sings The Perfect Stallion (twice)
26:19PhysicalPika gets taken to the gay bar by Kathleen and wears the cone of shame[✓]
26:20CrashSecond Matt crash during Gay bar (Crash #3)
26:25StoryPika tells a story, and impersonates Lil Bub
26:30SongAlex sings D City Rock
26:38Enter/ExitExit Kathleen--
26:41SongTally sings Popular from Wicked to Matt
26:47SongGraham and Ian sing the Alternate Chorus Lyrics to Carmelldansen, with backup dancing
26:52Enter/ExitEnter Jer
26:53ReadingGraham reads DOOM: The Repercussions of Evil as Alex acts it out
26:56SkitTally and Cori describe a Day in the Prizemines
27:04SongTake Anything You Want of Zuiikin' English
27:09OtherEveryone is Matt - Overlay play
27:10PhysicalFit as Many People as Possible on the White Couch (turns out it's everyone and Matt still didn't crash)
27:20DanceDance the Macarena to the Imperial March
27:23Enter/ExitExit Dammit Liz
27:30Drive/GiveawayArt challenge: draw what the actual driver of the bus looks like. - Given to Simon SweetmanSimon Sweetman
27:30Drive/Giveaway$5 Challenge - 30 Minutes - D20 necklace & D8 earrings, Googly Eyes, Glass Piggy keychain
27:33Drive/GiveawayAll Donations (so far) Giveaway - Science! Test tube Christmas lights
27:35SkitScenes from a Chat
27:36Enter/ExitThe Return of Legged-Harry
27:50SongDan Sings Chip and Dale
27:52PhysicalPut Shoes on Matt's Head
28:00Drive/Giveaway$5 Challenge - 30 Minutes - D20 necklace & D8 earrings, Googly Eyes, Glass Piggy keychain - Given to
28:00OtherDear Dr. Matt
28:05SongIan sings The Engineer's Drinking Song
28:10SkitWeird/Pirate Hamlet
28:28SkitMatt's NFL (2012, Week 11) Picks of the Week, Results: 7 right, 7 wrong, 1 Exact score prediction
28:28--DiscussionPackers vs Lions (choice: Lions by 6) [Actual Result: Packers: 24. Lions: 20; Incorrect, score off by -10]--
28:28--DiscussionCardinals vs Falcons (choice: Falcons by 8) [Actual Result: Cardinals: 19, Falcons 23; Correct, score off by -4]--
28:29--DiscussionBuccaneers vs Panthers (choice: Buccaneers by 1) [Actual Result: Buccaneers: 27. Panthers: 21; Correct, score off by -5]--
28:29--DiscussionBrowns vs Cowboys (choice: Browns by 5) [Actual Result: Browns: 20, Cowboys: 23; Incorrect, score off by -8]--
28:30--DiscussionEagles vs Redskins (choice: Redskins by 4) [Actual Result: Eagles: 6, Redskins: 31; Correct, score off by -21]--
28:30--DiscussionJets vs Rams (choice: Jets by 3) [Actual Results: Jets 27, Rams: 13; Correct, score off by -11]--
28:31--DiscussionBengals vs Chiefs (choice: Bengals by 22) [Actual Result: Bengals: 28 Chiefs: 6; Correct, score off by 0!]--
28:31--DiscussionJaguars vs Texans (choice: Jaguars by 6) [Actual Result: Jaguars: 37, Texans: 43; Incorrect, score off by -12]--
28:32--DiscussionSaints vs. Raiders (choice: Saints by 7) [Actual Result: Saints 38, Raiders: 17; Correct, score off by -14]--
28:32--DiscussionChargers vs. Broncos (choice: Chargers by 3) [Actual Result: Chargers: 23, Broncos: 30; Incorrect, score off by -10]--
28:33--DiscussionColts vs. Patriots (choice: Patriots by 4) [Actual Result: Colts: 24, Patriots: 59; Correct, score off by -31]--
28:34--DiscussionRavens vs. Steelers (choice: Steelers by 2) [Actual Result: Ravens: 13, Steelers: 10; Incorrect, score off by -5]--
28:35--DiscussionBears vs. 49ers (choice: Bears by 10) [Actual Result: Bears: 7, 49ers: 32; Incorrect, score off by -35]--
28:36--DiscussionDolphins vs. Bills (choice: Dolphins) [Actual Result: Dolphins: 14, Bills: 19; Incorrect]--
28:36--Other^ Spawns a Bill fighting a Dolphin art challenge--
28:38OtherMatt's CFL Picks of the Week
28:45Drive/Giveaway$7 Giveaway - The Elements of Harmony - My Little Pony signet ring set
28:55SongGroup sings Captain Planet
28:58PrankEveryone pretend that a year has gone by and it is now Desert Bus 7 to confuse the next person that walks in.
29:10Milestone3 DesertBucks ($68,415.00)
29:12SkitMatt is Alex's pet dog.
29:16Enter/ExitExit Dan
29:18SongGraham (and others) sings Kermit's The Rainbow Connection
29:23Enter/ExitExit Jer
29:27SkitGraham and Ian : Mitchell and Webb - Avocado Bathroom
29:33SkitIan does Mitchell and Webb - Football
29:43SongGroup sings The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny
29:52SongForget(Bus) You with Kazoo
30:02PhysicalAlex recreates Going to the Store[✓]
30:04Drive/Giveaway$7 Giveaway - The Elements of Harmony - My Little Pony signet ring set - Given to FireFuryFireFury
30:17Drive/GiveawayArt challenge: Bill Fighting a Dolphin - Glass Octopus 2nd
30:33SongAshton sings Call Me Maybe in his Afrikaans accent
30:40Enter/ExitExit Graham, Kate, LeeLee. (Pika made honorary stark, by chat at least. There Must Always Be A Stark In The Moonbase.)
30:45--PosterPoster Update - v4 - (James doesn't like it)--
30:49SongGroup sing the text of the wikipedia History of Estonia to the tune of Gilligan's Island
30:50CrashMatt crashes the bus. A third time. (Crash #4)
30:53MilestoneBus Has Restarted!
30:58SongMatt (with group backing) sings Like a Virgin
30:59--PosterPoster Update - v5 - (joke update) [Frumpin' on Everyone]--
31:03--OtherDIDNEY WORL![✓]
31:04MilestoneBreak DB2 total ($70,423.00)
31:08SongBeej sings (and plays guitar) Run with Us
31:16Drive/GiveawayArt challenge: Bill Fighting a Dolphin - Glass Octopus 2nd - Won by
31:16Drive/Giveaway$13.37 Giveaway: Emily's Rainbow Dash Cutie Mark in Stained Glass
31:24--OtherBurmaShave - The Comeback Tour, starts--
31:31SongGroup sings (and Beej plays guitar) Harvey the Wonder Hamster
31:35SongGroup sings Dare To Be Stupid
31:40SongGroup sings Another Rides The Bus
31:43Drive/GiveawayMatt's Challenge: Place the Giant Grumpy Matt Face on/into great moments in history.
31:49SongTally sings This Is Why I'm Paul
31:54OtherJohnny makes the giant Matt head talk
31:55Enter/ExitExit small Ian--
31:56SongGroup sings The Happy Birthday Song, with Bass Drop at the end.
31:58SongGroup mumblecores I Don't Want to Set The World On Fire
32:02Enter/ExitExit James
32:02GuestCall-in Notch (23 minutes)
32:23--$6 SecretsNotch's $6 Secret: Every 10,000 launches of Minecraft the title screen screws up and it's called Minceraft
32:27Enter/ExitExit Johnny
32:32OtherMatt's $6 Secret 7th grade nickname: Millhouse
32:33Drive/Giveaway$13.37 Giveaway: Emily's Rainbow Dash Cutie Mark in Stained Glass - Given to Alamanat - Raised $600Alamanat
32:35SongBeej plays guitar and sings When I Fall
32:47--$6 SecretsAndre's $6 Secret: He's hugged a Lion & a Giraffe
32:49SongTeam Zeta sings I'm a Member of the Midnight Crew
32:54ReadingAlex performs Half-Life: Full Life Consequences
33:07--Enter/ExitExit Greg (for the year)--
33:10SongKara sings Defying Sanity
33:28SongGroup sings The Tale of Matt Wiggins
33:33SongMatt sings Winter Wrap-Up
33:38Enter/ExitEnter Kathleen--
33:40--OtherKathleen wants her likeness on the poster ( ) engraved on her tombstone
33:43SkitAlex and Pika have a Pokemon battle with Kathleen and Matt as the trainers
33:46SongPika, Kathleen and Matt sing the Pokemon Theme Song
33:52Enter/ExitEnter Dammit Liz, Exit Alex
33:56SongThe group sings Good Morning Tucson
34:0434:35Drive/GiveawayDesertBus BurmaShave ads for Book lots 2 Winners--
34:14DanceGroup dances to Going to the Store
34:22OtherPika drives the bus again. (18 minutes)
34:24OtherKathleen's French Toast Recipe
34:30SkitEveryone says a pick-up line to Fugi and winks. He decides that Kathleen has the best pick-up line.
34:40GamePlay Ninja
34:43PhysicalSurge lifts Pika
34:46OtherKathleen uses her Political Science degree to talk about first-past-the-post voting systems and single-member district representation.
34:52OtherKathleen watches Live Kitten Cam
34:56Drive/Giveaway$5 - Mugs! Pokeball Mug and Fangamer E-Mug Pack--
34:57AuctionInvincibility Star Blanket Auction Sold to Dave_Pi for $2,150.30Dave_Pi
35:15SongMatt and Pika sing Find a Pet
35:25Milestone$900k Lifetime
35:29SongKathleen (and Matt) sing Danger High Voltage
35:37Drive/Giveaway$5 - Mugs! Pokeball Mug and Fangamer E-Mug Pack - Given to Asty and Mr. GuyAsty && Mr. Guy
35:38Enter/ExitEnter Cam - Bringin' da class
35:51DanceKathleen, Andre and Pika (and Cam {and everyone standing}) carmelldansen to make Matt see Twilight
35:54--Game EventBugsplat! #4 (1 in a row)--
36:00Driver Shift ChangeMatt leaves. Cam takes the driver seat. Dapper shift begins.
36:13OtherCam's $6 secret: His true name.
36:19Enter/ExitExit Surge, Enter Taka, Exit Pika--
36:22PhysicalNo moving, no talking for 3 minutes. (Engineering and Cam's hands are exempt)--
36:29OtherMaya is exposed to QWOP
36:30Drive/GiveawayMatt Frump Face winner announced - Afghan Girl from National Geographic wins
36:34SongSong Going to the Store with "QWOP" as the lyrics
36:39Drive/GiveawayBurma Shave Winner Announced[✓]
36:43Drive/GiveawayFrom the Vault: Exiled Magic Cards Giveaway: Cam's Shift--
36:51Drive/Giveaway$5 Challenge: XCOM:Enemy Unknown giveaway (PS3) and download code for Stacking (PC), packets of googly eyes, pig key chains, pig soaps, etc--
36:59Drive/GiveawayArt Challenge: Magic: The Gathering Cam themed cards--
37:00SongTaka sings "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" as Alucard
37:05SongTaka sings "Be Prepared" as Alucard
37:14ReadingTaka speech as Loki
37:18SkitScenes from a Chat III (failure)
37:21Enter/ExitEnter Ian
37:23DanceDapper Dance Party for 80k to Boney M - Rasputin
37:24Enter/ExitEnter Morgan (Dapper)
37:34OtherCam shows us how to tie a bow tie
37:38OtherDapper "What Is Love?" Headbob
37:42ReadingCam gives an impromptu science lecture about helium
37:46DanceMorgan becomes The Lord of the Dance for 5 minutes
37:54DanceZuiikin english video - diarrhea
38:00SongTaka sings "Sweet Transvestite"
38:11DanceTaka and Creepy Doll waltz
38:13GameKathleen acts as a secret service agent for Cam / "get down mister president" silent challenge
38:15OtherBeej and Ian play a trust game
38:19OtherCam doesn't crash the bus.
38:21GameBeej and Ian play strip epic rock-paper-scissors
38:26OtherFive minutes of ending every sentence with "For the Alliance / Horde"--
38:34Drive/GiveawayCam as a MTG card
38:36SkitIan, Warrior Princess
38:40StoryBeej's LRR Backstory in the voice of David Attenborough
38:44Enter/ExitEnter Ash--
38:46GameKathleen plays Kitty
38:51Drive/Giveaway$7.78 Second Signed Halo Reach Legendary Edition + Dead Rising stuff--
38:52OtherIan brings Hokkaido Fruit Tomato Caramels and Everyone Eats them--
38:54Game EventCam gets a point! (Point #3 1 in a row)--
39:11OtherIan spontaneously plays "Going to the Store" on kazoo with the appropriate dance--
39:16Drive/GiveawayCam accepts a challenge to eat a spoon of Mayo if 100k is accomplished during his shift and 2 spoons for 120k (Cam HATES mayo)[✓]
39:19SkitMorgan yells at Cam about Space Jump until he turns red
39:21OtherCam explains something scientific in two sentences or less (Microwaves)
39:23Drive/GiveawayCam agrees to do something to his hair, for an as of then undecided amount of money (crowdsourced)
39:24OtherCam debates the Kathleen Loves Kitties Party for Supreme Ruler of the World
39:32Enter/ExitEnter Kate--
39:35Drive/GiveawayBespoil our glorious coiffed Cam begins (haircut / hairstyle challenge)--
39:39Enter/ExitEnter Graham Looking Like A Bond Villain
39:42SkitKathleen and Kate do 5 minutes of so in. "Sooooo in"
39:57OtherMatt crashes his car IRL into the stairs outside the Moonbase.
39:59GuestPhil Plait Call In
40:16--$6 SecretsPhil's $6 Secret: He has more hair in person--
40:17AuctionPhil Plait Auction: Bad Astronomer gift Pack to kiyote for $1400kiyote
40:37AuctionPhil Plait Auction: Meteorite and Tektite Pieces to boxorox for $1750boxorox[✓]
40:53GuestEnter Kristen Lindsey from Child's Play--
41:08Enter/ExitEnter Krumpmaster Tiny (James)--
41:30Drive/Giveaway$9.99 challenge: Portal 2 Wheatley scarf--
41:35SongGraham sings Weird Al's "Hardware Store"
41:42SongGraham sings Weird Al's "Amish Paradise"
41:50SongGraham sings Weird Al's "White and Nerdy"
41:56OtherKristen Lindsey gets all dapper.--
42:03Drive/Giveaway$9.99 challenge: Portal 2 Wheatley scarf Won by RegexenRegexen--
42:05GuestEnter Dengler and Ash to fanfare and raucous applause -- Dengler takes over Desert Bus and donates it back to Desert Bus[✓]
42:16OtherGraham and Dengler Play Questions (Graham loses)
42:18OtherDengler unveils Dengler and Butts poster SIGNED
42:30OtherDengler takes questions from chat--
42:33--$6 SecretsTaka's $6 Secret: His first attempt to be funny was a comic about eyes talking to eachother about being eyes--
42:36Enter/ExitTaka leaves DB6--
42:40Drive/GiveawayPhoto challenge: best detective pose and outfit--
42:51DanceThe crew does the Carlton Dance from Fresh Prince to It's Not Unusual[✓]
42:54OtherFunny Star Wars/Disney Crossovers
43:02--GuestThe Maker of the Custom N7 Jacket (Kathrine) calls in--
43:05ReadingGraham and Dengler read a Megacynics comic
43:06AuctionMass Effect custom jacket auction, sold to asty for $7,177.asty[✓]
43:30AuctionMass Effect custom jackect auction is duplicated, top 2 bidders get a jacket, dostro gets the 2nd jacket for an additional $7,177dostro
43:31Enter/ExitLeelee enters--
43:35Drive/GiveawayMayo stomach challenge begins. For every additional thousand dollars before the 100k mark tagged for the challenge, an additional member will eat mayo with Cam.--
43:48PhysicalGroup Hug For Steve for Being Awesome--
43:52OtherSteve gives out Steam Codes online via stream and Twitter for Double Fine Bundles--
43:56--Game EventBugsplat! #5 (2 in a row)--
44:01DrawingKathleen Draws Matt's Frump Face in 5 Minutes
44:02OtherEveryone shows off their best frump faces. Frump off between Matt and Kate.--
44:06Enter/ExitEnter Tally looking fabulous--
44:15SongTally Sings Skyfall[✓]
44:18OtherEveryone does their Blue Steel face and catwalks[✓]
44:21Milestone105K Get!--
44:26Drive/GiveawayCam + 7 others eat a spoonful of mayonnaise. For the children.
44:38PhysicalFugi eats a jar of mayo.[✓]
44:45--PosterPoster Update - v6 -
44:48OtherIan makes candy sushi on camera--
44:59Enter/ExitExit LeeLee and Matt--
45:00OtherDengler drives the bus--
45:15ReadingDengler waxes about Airplanes and flying--
45:33Drive/Giveaway$5 challenge: Warmachine and Hordes Giveaway. Won by no donor account and madrak_the_red raised $2800No.Donor.Account && madrak_the_red--
45:40OtherEating the candy sushi--
45:43Enter/ExitEnter Pika--
46:02GuestMikey Neumann Call-In
46:21--$6 SecretsMikey's $6 Secret: His book (The Returners) came about because of Wil Wheaton--
46:24AuctionMikey Newmann Box of Goodies Auction: Bandit Mask, Plush DB Claptrap, BL Comic, Zero Poster, BL Mouse, Loot Chest, Strategy Guide, etc Winner: Keyote for $5200Keyote[✓]
46:39AuctionMikey Neumann Auction: Lost Season 1 signed by Abrams/Lindenoff, Firefly Shooting Script for Shindig (Larry Drake) Signed by Jane Espinson (if 10K Mikey will throw in Firefly sword) Sold to Dengler for $10,000! (via Fugi)Dengler[✓]
46:54DanceThe Crew slow dances to "When A Man Loves A Woman" at Mikey's behest
46:56Game EventSteve Dengler scores a point! (Point #4, 2 in a row)
47:00CrashLiz crashes the bus (Crash #5)
47:1547:35Drive/GiveawayDB themed Valdeleyes challenge--
47:19OtherCam explains how to fold a fitted sheet--
47:19OtherPika wears Steve's N7 jacket, yells Fugi's name.
47:21OtherTally hugs Pika to see if Pika stays under her chin
47:21SkitThe Moonbase is the bridge of a starship. Enact a scene.
47:37SongSteve and Ash sing Barbie Girl with Skeletor Ken
47:47SongGraham sings the theme to Bucky O'Hare and the Toad Wars
47:56Song"Cam and the Holograms" theme