DesertBus 6 - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 6 - Day 6

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
120:00132:00Driver Shift ChangeTally's shift ends with hugs, Alex begins driving--
120:03120:05MeltdownFeed goes down for restart--
120:05--MeltdownFeed is up!--
120:10120:24AuctionFallout New Vegas signed poster auction. Sold to Safetybrick for $3,100.Safetybrick[✓]
120:26--OtherPizza arrived from simonAJ--
120:32--$6 SecretsMamma Stark's new $6 Secret -- The G&K's greatx2 grandfather was knighted by both the British and Japanese navies--
120:37--$6 SecretsAlex's $6 Secret: Alex drew a milestone pic and Morgan got a $500 challenge to get a DB tattoo, he got one of Alex's art.--
120:43121:49Drive/Giveaway$12 challenge: Magic: The Gathering Chinese set of Worldwake. Admiral_Memo wins.Admiral_Memo--
120:57121:00SongAll the girls sing Wanna Be by The Spice Girls
121:04121:07OtherRoom ends their sentences with LLLLLLLLLLadies for a few minutes--
121:07121:11DanceAlex and everyone in the room gets their "Cray on" ( Crayon by G-Dragon )
121:11--Enter/ExitExit Lizz--
121:14121:24OtherCam and Beej tell us how to tie a tie
121:24121:35OtherCam leads a discussion about fashion, dieting.--
121:40--PhysicalGraham licks Alex's wig--
121:40121:49OtherThe room gives a dieting and health talk, continued.--
121:45--Enter/ExitExit Kelly--
121:51122:28Drive/Giveaway$5.37 challenge: Fallout New Vegas signed by the dev team for PS3 / 360. Winners: Chantzzzzz and FrankChantzzzzz && Frank--
121:51122:11OtherCam and Kathleen give "healthful" advice.--
121:54--Enter/ExitExit Jer--
121:56--Enter/ExitExit Andrew (Photo-mang)--
121:58--OtherGraham says hi to Mila, the carmel-dancing youth--
121:59--Enter/ExitExit Tally--
122:13122:13SkitGraham and Pika act out a Penny Arcade strip
122:16122:20OtherIan tells us how to make a delicious steak, Kathleen offers another solution.--
122:22122:27ReadingGraham recites The Night Before Christmas as the honorable Judge Pimp Santa.--
122:29--Game EventAlex gets a point! 9:11 pt/cr--
122:34123:30Drive/GiveawayBorderlands 2 Art challenge: draw a Borderlands 2 character of your choice "going to the store".--
122:42Drive/Giveaway$17 challenge: Really big bag of dice (apx 901 dice counted by Kate and Cam)--
122:59--PrankAlex gets "clubbed" (it's fizzy water)--
123:12--Enter/Exitenter Andre--
123:15123:21PhysicalAlex plays DesertBus for 5 min in a cushion fort
123:16123:22SkitMock court room--
123:24123:26SongSing "Don't put it in your mouth"--
123:27123:28OtherAlex nononono, then everyone in the room does that for 30 seconds--
123:29123:30SkitAlex drives the bus in the style of Man Cooking--
123:30123:30PhysicalSmall Ian Pika spin--
123:34123:39SongAndy sings: My Way by Frank Sinatra--
123:42123:46SongIan sing "The DesertBus" (in the theme of Lady Gaga's Poker Face)--
123:48124:09GuestBonus call-in: Octopimp!!! - ( masteryorgi on youtube )
123:53--Other$6 secret he was able to win all the auctions he won in DB3 was because he was given money to donate to a charity and chose to do so via DB--
124:10--Enter/ExitExit Ian--
124:11124:12OtherPika desrcibes her first caffeine crash or lack there of
124:13124:14PhysicalGraham, Kathleen - ministry of sillwalks--
124:13--Other$6 secret - Kathleen's "stretchy pants" are actually jeggings--
124:15--Enter/ExitExit Ash--
124:15124:17OtherAlex announces the winners of his "Going to the Store" challenge--
124:19--Drive/GiveawayAnyone who donates challenge for Awkward Zombie book for 1 hour--
124:21124:23ReadingAlex does erm m' gerd of Henry the 5th opening
124:24124:28SkitAlex and Graham do Crapshots - The Grinder--
124:31124:34SongAndy sings: At Least You're Not Dead from LRR season 2--
124:39124:43SkitGraham tries to sell things around the room in the theme of Rapid Fire--
124:44--Other$6 secret - Graham likes Girl's Generation--
124:44124:48DanceDance to (So Nyuh Shi Dae) - Hoot by Girl's Generation --
124:50--Drive/Giveaway$5.20 - Brain slug give away + tin of googley eyes--
124:53124:54OtherQWOP out time / Don't Break to GO! BWAH--
124:54125:00PhysicalEveryone wears hats and Cam gets the weirdest hat--
124:57125:00DanceEveryone (especially Small Ian) dances to dubstep remix of ?????--
125:02--Enter/Exitexit Cam--
125:04125:07DanceKate & Kathleen & everyone Caramelldansen--
125:07--Milestone325k get!--
125:09125:13DanceFilter dance party time! Starting with QWOP CAM! to "Everybody Dance Now" remix
125:15125:18DanceKathleen, Kate, Corey, Andre, Andy do the Boogie Bam Dance --
125:28--Drive/GiveawayPhoto Challange "Prettiest Princess" for: Space Bunny T-shirt & Level Up Studios “Nintendo Nouveau” Poster 1--
125:36125:36OtherGraham explains why Jokulhaups is the greatest magic card ever created--
125:40125:42SongPika sings: Still Alive
125:51126:02SongGraham & ?Maya? sing "Albuquerque" by Weird Al--
126:12--Drive/Giveaway$12.55. Challenge for: MTG: Conflux complete set in foil--
126:21126:22SongAlex herps a derp to the Freakazoid theme
126:22--Enter/ExitExit Small Ian--
126:24--Enter/ExitExit Kathleen--
126:24126:25StoryAlex says Chemtrails are great while everyone bobs about behind him--
126:32126:38DanceRandom dance party to: The legend of Zelda remix
126:38126:54GameDouble Jenga TIME! (again) - kate ruins the tower, with her butt--
126:46126:53SongGraham, Pika and Andy sing: Suspend Your Disbelief from LRR--
127:00--MilestoneFinally hit night time on the game again--
127:02127:13GameDouble Jenga (again) try #2 with Kate, Andre, Kim and Alex - Kate falls the tower
127:06--Drive/Giveaway$6.00 donation drive for a Creeper scarf--
127:14127:16DancePika and Kate dance to ??? (some anime thing according to graham)--
127:23127:30OtherComplements time--
127:27--Other$6 secret: Graham and Kate have not actually connected a high-5 in years--
127:30--Game EventBugsplat! (#16, 2 in a row)--
127:34--Enter/ExitExit Pika & Graham--
127:36127:46GuestLive Call-in: Kroze
127:38--Other$6 Secret: Kroze has been trolling the chat with his IPAD asking about Pika so they have to drink--
127:47--Drive/Giveaway$8.50 Donation Drive for: Level Up Studios Clothe Your Body with Haloz Pack & Piggy Soaps--
127:55127:58SongAndy, Kate, Corey, Alex, Kim sing: I'm A Member of the Midnight Crew by Eddie Morton
128:00128:02DanceKate, Corey, Kim, Andy dance to: ???Elevator Music???--
128:03128:07DanceKate, Andy, Kim, Corey Dance party to: Club Extreme Hardcore 8
128:11128:24OtherKate finds: The "How to Pronounce" series on youtube, and completely QWOPs her balls off, Graham in the chat also loosing his mind
128:12--PosterPoster update - v11 (all the filters update) -
128:28128:30SongAndy sings The Candyman Can from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory--
128:37--Drive/Giveaway$25 donation drive for: Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collection Chest--
128:40128:43Dancedance/sing party to push for 330k to Take On Me by A-Ha--
128:47--Physicaleveryone hugs Alex while he drives--
128:51128:51PhysicalEveryone sit on driver cam chair w/o touching the driver--
128:58--GameRadio Silence attempt -- success--
128:59129:04Danceeveryone, STOP! Hammer Time! (You Can't Touch This by McHammer ) with Andy in HammerPants
129:03--Milestone330k GET!--
129:09--Enter/ExitEnter Paul--
129:13129:14PhysicalAndre does as many push-ups as he can in 1 minute -- he does 59--
129:28--Enter/ExitKate departs, Team Zeta for life!--
129:31--Enter/ExitEnter Ian, He states: stage 3 desertbus is an erotic dream about Matt--
129:41129:42OtherIan is a man composed entirely of scarves
129:44129:48SongSong: Mining All Day Long by Miracle of Sound--
129:54--Enter/ExitExit andy--
129:55130:00SongSong: Baby Got Back by Jonathan Coulton
130:01--Drive/GiveawaySuper Meat Boy Limerick Writing Challenge for: Level Up Studios Super Meat Boy Pack--
130:08130:10OtherRecreate the sound of your dialup modem from your childhood--
130:16130:20SongPaul sings I'm Too Sexy by Right Said Fred--
130:24130:27OtherCube (the game) Commercial time--
130:31--Game EventAlex scores a point! pt:cr updated to: 10:11 (2nd point for his shift)--
130:35130:41SongCelebrating good times ( Kool & The Gang )
130:37--Enter/ExitEnter Serge--
130:42--Drive/Giveaway$5 or more for: Giveaway: 8 copies of.. Papo & Yo & 1 Copy of Spec Ops: The Line, anything over $5 applies--
130:43--Enter/ExitEnter James & Ashton--
130:48--MilestoneCheevo get: Hammertime--
130:48130:52DanceMinecraft Style time
131:08131:19StoryRecount your worst D&D stories--
131:23131:30SkitDesertBus specific Who's on First skit--
131:33--Enter/ExitEnter Andrew Ferguson (Cameraman)--
131:36--Other$6 Secret Roundup--
131:38--OtherAshton cannot roll Rs--
131:38--OtherJames has played every single North American release of Final Fantasy but never beaten one--
131:40--OtherLiz lies to get into shows--
131:42--OtherSurge figure skated when he was young so he could be a better hockey player but never played hockey--
131:44--OtherCori said the original Baulder's Gate shipped with dev voice files still on the disk--
131:47--Drive/GiveawayMystery Prize! Donate $6.97 for a chance to win--
131:45--OtherHeather thought that all cartoons were live action people in costumes until she was about 7 or 8.--
131:52132:00DanceDance party to get Alex to beat James & Ashton
132:00--MilestoneAchievement Get: Winter Wonderland! (Camera effect)--
132:00--MilestoneAlex's shift ends. Temp driver: (who?)--
132:03144:00MilestoneMorgan's shift begins--
132:04--Other$6 secret: Cameraman says...?--
132:07144:00Driver Shift ChangeAlex's shift ends, Morgan starts driving--
132:07--Enter/ExitEnter Bill's mum, exit Alex--
132:11132:24StoryStorytime with Bill's mum
132:28133:15Drive/Giveaway$14:99 challenge for a Super Mario pocketwatch + box. Won by EcocdEcocd--
132:32--Drive/GiveawayChallenge: Starcraft II signed by the whole Blizzard dev team: come up with the most fun thing for the Desert Bus community to do / craziest business proposal that might actually get through the testing phase.--
132:32132:49OtherBill's Mum drives the bus--
132:40132:44OtherThe room listens to Hold On by Santana after a story by Bill's mom.
132:49PhysicalMorgan claims he can play without looking at the screen, chat calls him on it and he starts driving blind.--
132:52132:58OtherMorgan is to be referred to as "Dingleberg Fluffchampion the 3rd". Or just "Fluffy" until the next live auction.--
132:53133:05OtherNight driver must wear shades and listen to cool music. Morgan is already shades, the crew puts on Nightforce by Powerglove--
133:05133:13AuctionAuction: Desert Bus 6 suncatcher. Sold for $1,000 to JuliamonJuliamon--
133:16133:25StoryBill's mom recounts how Morgan climbed on the roof of a 105-year-old building she was helping to renovate.--
133:25133:26StoryMorgan tells the story of when he was run over.--
133:35--Drive/Giveaway$6.02 challenge: Desert Bus 6 dice bags with teeth pattern inside won by No Donor Account! and Rabid CowNo.Donor.Account && Rabid Cow--
133:42133:46StoryBill's Mom tells the story of how Bill destroyed his tent while asleep and how he flails while asleep.--
133:48--Enter/ExitExit Bill's Mom--
133:51133:54SkitPaul acts out LRR's GTA4 trailer parody.
133:54133:56OtherJames and Cori do fun time lapse poses--
133:56133:58SongForget about Freeman rave--
133:59134:00OtherEveryone upside-down for the time lapse!--
134:01134:42OtherBat-signal and infinite Batman song until $340k is reached--
134:09134:11DanceDance to the Batman Song--
134:12134:29Drive/Giveaway$7.77 Signed Lords of Vegas drive. Winner: BobZ.BobZ--
134:19134:28DanceLiz unleashes The Kraken to Batman
134:23134:28DanceOther people join in on the sexy dance--
134:26134:28DanceRecursive Sexy Dance--
134:28134:28OtherBat signal--
134:32134:34GameJenga on Liz's back--
134:38135:39Drive/Giveaway$5.55 challenge: Googly eyes and Marvel Hulk Heroclix giveaway. Winner: QuiteAnnoyedQuiteAnnoyed--
134:40134:42MeltdownStream goes down--
134:42--MeltdownStream restarts, everyone pointing to viewers over NASA-cam--
134:44134:58OtherBill's Mom's answers questions from the chat and tells more stories.--
134:54136:01Drive/GiveawayMystery giveaway: Bill on a leash art challenge. Winner: MorwennaMorwenna--
135:00135:01StoryJames tells a story about stretching for time, to stretch for time.--
135:02135:17GuestGrant Imahara call-in, ended due to audio issue
135:12--OtherGrant's $6 secrets: The beret is not Jamie's first hat of choice, it is a bowler. Kari Byron only owns 6 DVDs, one of which is Blade Runner.--
135:18135:37GuestGrant Imahara call-in part 2--
135:18--OtherGrant's $6 secrets part 2: Kari Byron is deathly afraid of Wolfman Jack.--
135:31--Game EventBugsplat! (#17, 3 in a row)--
135:40136:34Drive/Giveaway$8.08 giveaway: Mythbusters signed bobblehead and picture. Winner: KeaganKeagan--
135:56--SongIan sings Clap for the Wolfman--
135:57136:01SongLizz sings Man or Muppet
136:22136:22SongIan sings a lullaby version of Game of Thrones to the baby--
136:24--Enter/ExitEnter Paul--
136:27136:27SongRoom sings a lullaby--
136:30136:32OtherPaul, James, and Ian tell Morgan to space jump--
136:42--Enter/ExitEnter Graham--
136:44--Enter/ExitEnter Kate--
136:51136:55DanceRoom tries not to break while watching and dancing to Brodyquest--
136:55137:00PhysicalMorgan tries to not break during pronounciation videos. Pika cracks slightly.--
136:59--Enter/ExitExit Bill's mom--
137:03137:20AuctionAuction: Magic: The Gathering: Fleeting Aven's original card art. Sold to AwesomeJesus for $4,000.AwesomeJesus
137:22--OtherInigo's $6 secret: His dad, who worked on episode 1, told Inigo about a secret stairway that could be found in the library. Inigo and his sister found it.--
137:26--OtherNews crew's $6 secrets: The reporter made it to provincial championships for racewalking in the 90s, and came in 3rd.--
137:30--OtherNews crew's cameraman's $6 secret: His friend Mike had his tail removed--
137:33--MilestoneCheevo: It's named Nick: Crumpmaster Tiny (WAY late)--
137:50137:53DanceMorgon rocks out to Homestuck
137:53137:54SkitPaul plays Bob From Apple, here for Brain Slugs--
137:55133:59PhysicalKelly and Serge benchpress Pika...34 times each--
138:00--GuestJim from the Parsonage--
138:10--Drive/Giveaway$5.20 Giveaway: The Geek Chic HQ package of distinguished gaming winner - --
138:22--Enter/ExitEnter Glen The Landlord now "Smokey the Landlord"--
138:24--Other$6 secret - In the 1980's he didn't hate ????--
138:29--Enter/ExitExit Smokey the Landlord--
138:32--Game EventPoint! Morgan scores a point! ct:cr updated to: 11:11--
138:32--PrankCreepy Doll comes in through the side window, everyone screams like little girls--
138:33138:37DanceCrabcore time! Serge's first Crabcore
138:42138:55OtherEveryone speaks in the 3rd person--
138:44138:50StoryGraham tells the story about the time him and Morgan went to the hospital
138:52--Drive/Giveaway$6.90 donation drive for Kessle Run poster & Classic Arcade & Video Game poster push to 350k--
138:56138:57ReadingTally reads a poem from her Grandma
138:57139:12AuctionLive Auction for: CERN is awesome Pack - winner: WasntFuzzyWuzzy for $1,449.00! WasntFuzzyWuzzy
139:17--Milestone350k get!--
139:18139:21SongTally sings: Build that Wall from Bastion
139:23139:23StoryGraham reads a story from a busser--
139:28139:28SongHappy Birthday to Sarah--
139:40139:43Dance Caramelldansen till 351k & Man Cooking!
139:45139:57SkitMAN COOKING!
139:59140:05StoryBedtime Story with Ashton for little_lady_hosk ( The Little Engine That Could - edited for DesertBus )
140:09140:21DanceTY time for Volunteers && Dance Party! to Zoot Suit Riot
140:14140:21SongSinging of Africa by Toto--
140:22140:22OtherTeam Shipping gets taken to the store--
140:27--Enter/ExitExit Serge--
140:31140:33PhysicalKathleen & James do a strait shot of mio--
140:33140:36SongGraham sings Never Gonna Give You Up in the style of the Street Sharks, puppet show ensues
140:36140:39Other30 seconds thinking about cats, Followed by a cat-off--
140:39140:42StoryExercise advice from Morgan--
140:42140:47PhysicalKathleen and Morgan do a plank-off. Kathleen loses--
140:49140:51PhysicalPlank Stack: Pika, Ryan, Kelly--
140:56141:02SongIan is Puttin on the Ritz!
141:03141:04OtherEveryone comes up with an alternate use for a magic card--
141:04141:10MeltdownStream goes down--
141:08--MeltdownStream is restored with a duel of the fates--
141:10--Enter/ExitEnter Josh, dressed as a Jedi--
141:10--OtherJer is driving! (as a sub)--
141:11141:13SongMST3k Lyric Rewrite for Desert Bus sung by Jer, Kathleen and Kelly--
141:18142:00Drive/GiveawayFrom the Vault: Realms. Won by ExplodingLobsterExplodingLobster--
141:28141:32SongTally and Kara sing Take Me or Leave Me--
141:32141:35OtherCTV Report on DBFH--
141:41--$6 SecretsBeej's $6 secret: Beej's tin has vaseline inside--
141:43--$6 SecretsKelly's $6 Secret: He met Mr. T when he was 3 (in a Louisanna mall)--
141:44--$6 SecretsGraham's $6 secret: he met Marina sertiz / Dianna Troi at a Star Trek convention, got her autograph, and then violently threw up--
141:48--$6 SecretsMorgan's $6 secret: Two sisters Morgan knew tried to make out with Morgan in a treehouse, he jumped out and ran away scared and cried.--
141:48--Enter/ExitEnter Bill--
141:53--DanceCam, Kate, Jer, and Kathleen dance to Taking The Hobbits to Isengard
141:58141:59DanceKen's theme dance party--
142:01--Enter/ExitEnter Alex--
142:03--Enter/ExitEnter Ken Steacy
142:03--GuestKen Steacy's live appearance, delayed--
142:10142:12OtherDix's $6 secret: Dix waited outside the bathroom to talk to John Delancie.--
142:13145:22GuestKen Steacy's live appearance, continued--
142:15143:10Drive/Giveaway$17.17 challenge: Ken Steacy giveaway sketch. Winner: BatfaxBatfax--
142:21--OtherKen Steacy gets taken to the store, he breaks--
142:22--OtherKen Steacy begins drawing Skeletor--
142:24142:32AuctionAuction: Star Wars celebration print proof drawn by Ken Steacy. Sold to KiWiB0RG for $3,100KiWiB0RG
142:36142:41AuctionAuction: Ken Steacy black and white Marvel artist proof cards. Sold to Whatthebus for $1,600.Whatthebus--
142:44--OtherKen Reveals his Pig Sweetner --
142:44142:47AuctionAuction: Winner's choice of an Iron Man / Wolverine card drawn and colored by Ken Steacy. Sold to Lord_Hosk for $1,234.56 (Choice: future Iron Man)Lord_Hosk--
142:51143:05AuctionAuction: Lenticular Harry Potter trading cards with 1 piece of original full colour card art, Sweetened with Test art for the final product. Winner: Invariel for $915.00!Invariel--
143:11144:17Drive/Giveaway$7.77 Challenge: Awesome Steacy Family Book Lot! With a sketch in the back of Ken's book and a sketch in the front of Alex's book
143:15143:23AuctionAuction: Magneto & Juggernaut original black and white art - Winner: Asnone for $760.00!Asnone--
143:30143:37AuctionAuction: TMNT original full colour art - Winner: whisperpuppy (sold for $610)whisperpuppy--
143:33--Game EventBugsplat! (#18, 4 in a row)--
143:39143:45AuctionAuction: World of Warcraft Tauren card art - original artwork - Plus color artwork by Ken - Winner: TPRJones for $777.00! TPRJones--
143:47143:58AuctionAuction: World of Warcraft Warder card art - original artwork - Winner: WarHamster40k for $825.00! WarHamster40k--