DesertBus 6 - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 6 - Tech Test

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
-52:50--MilestoneFirst (live) Tech Test starts--
-52:50-52:44SongStream opens to Gangnam Style (and a picture of Dengler with a Gravity Gun)--
-52:44-52:42SongSong changes to: Big Giant Circles - Katana Blaster (Constantly Playing Mix)--
-52:42--MilestoneHigh Dengler Vision Fades in, DB6 (DB3 in Japan) welcomes you--
-52:39-52:12TechnicalCamera positioning, mic fixing & Tech explanation--
-52:25-52:12GameJer & James start playing 2-player Buzz-Bombers (James later switches out and lets someone else play)--
-52:12--MilestoneTech Test #1 ends to re-set more settings--
-51:57--MilestoneTech Test #2 starts with a SKULL--
-51:57--TechnicalMore Audio sync testing--
-51:53--OtherHigh DenglerVision (logo) is revealed & that Steve sponsored the video setup--
-51:26-51:25DanceFirst Kathleen Dance of the Year--
-51:25-51:17GuestFirst Call-in Dix calls in to test the Skype setup--
-51:05-51:00OtherShaky phone-cam footage test of upstairs--
-51:00-50:41AuctionFirst Live Auction: Googly Eyes, Munchkin Apocalypse Bookmark, piggy soaps, button, keychain, Angry Birds Pig, Double Fine T-Shirt; First Space bid by: Dostro; Winner: BlackWidow for $450.00BlackWidow[✓]
-51:00--PrankNormal VIEWWWWWWWWW--
-51:00-50:59OtherReveal of the Auction light Graham bought for $10--
-50:38-50:38DiscussionLiz previews the Desert Bus 6 Opening Lap--
-50:37--SongExit to some Anime theme song--
-50:37--MilestoneTech Test End--
-01:30--Behind the ScenesPreshow: Behind the Scenes
-01:21--GuestPreshow: John Anealid
-00:52--Behind the ScenesPreshow: Upstairs
-00:50--GuestPreshow: DoubleClicks
-00:38--Behind the ScenesPreshow: Moonbase, Reveal of the Chocolate Fountain![✓]