DesertBus 6 - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 6 - Day 4

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
72:0084:00Driver Shift ChangeKathleen's shift ends, Johnny begins driving--
72:0372:20AuctionMagic: The Gathering Auction. Gore Vassal print, From The Vault: Relics, Commander's Arsenal, Avecyn Restored all foil set. Sold to DeathOfRats for $3,434.34DeathofRats[✓]
72:16--OtherThe crew discovers William Shatner's tweet about Desert Bus! William. BUSSING. SHATNER![✓]
72:34Drive/Giveaway$7.80 - Plantronics gaming headphones--
72:3672:40Meltdown(One last?) QWOPcamming while cutting the feed.--
72:40--OtherFeed goes up again--
72:4572:50SongSkeletor sings a song of his choice - Total Eclipse of the Heart
72:50--OtherWilliam Shatner tells the crew a $6 Secret, crew goes wild. He cooks in his spare time.--
73:0073:03DanceLiz unleashes The Kraken - Sexy Dance time! Leading 17 people in the dance
73:0473:04DanceMia does the Charleston to kazoo--
73:05--Enter/ExitEnter Morgan--
73:1273:15SongAndy performs the Logdriver's Waltz
73:2473:29SongAndy sings Tucson or Bust
73:3073:34PhysicalJohnny drives upside-down for 3 minutes--
73:36Drive/Giveaway$9.80 - Borderlands 2, Prototype 2 and googly eyes Winner: tyrotustyrotus--
73:4273:42OtherGraham reads "Fuzzy Wuzzy" as threateningly as possible
73:4273:47OtherDrive the bus with the controller backwards--
73:5474:10OtherTech Talk: How the DB Streaming Works
74:1074:14SongBeej sings: Maybe Tomorrow by Littest Hobo--
74:19OtherKris does some Two Cops cosplay--
74:2375:25OtherKate takes the Bear hat off for one hour, frumps--
74:3275:11SkitLate Night Dub Fight - the best skit of DB6 so far
75:1476:02Drive/Giveaway$6.66 Donation Challenge for signed Questionable Content book, stickers, key chains, fist puncher cards, piggy soaps, Stacking code, Double fine t-shirt. Won by SmokingSquirrelSmokingSquirrel--
75:17--Enter/ExitExeunt Cam--
75:1875:19OtherRecursive Bus!--
75:2875:38?Challenge for $5 per other language phrase and what it means - they did 14--
75:38--OtherKris drew Ian, Kathleen, Kate and Dan in the back of the secrets book--
75:4175:42PhysicalKris gives the gift of beard to an unbearded lady--
75:4475:45PrankAndy Goes to the store - he does not make it
75:45--Enter/ExitAlex departs--
75:4675:48SkitKris and Graham do Card Kingdom sketch--
75:4975:50OtherEveryone hacks and coughs while Graham tells us what the current 6.66 challenge is about--
75:5675:58PrankKris leaves a berrating voice mail message on TheBox's gf's (Sanity's) voicemail
76:0076:01OtherPika is the tinest Lincoln--
76:0378:03Drive/Giveaway$11.11 - 3 hour Donation drive for Chocobo--
76:04--Game EventBugsplat! (#9, 3 in a row)--
76:0577:00GuestLive Call-in with Scott Kurtz
76:16--Other$6 Secrets - He will make Francis gay for a year if PVP makes it to 20 years, and he has no sense of smell, he would kiss Kris just to know what it's like, one time he stood infront of a mirror trying to trigger his mutant ability--
76:3176:56AuctionGuest Appearance in PVP + you get Kissed by Jade + 4 signed PVP books live auction - Winner: pimento for $1,299.87pimento--
77:02--Milestone200k get!--
77:03--OtherPika's secret: Every 2 years she has an impulse to dye her hair blonde--
77:0478:18Drive/Giveaway$4.44 challenge - Dubstep version of - Desert Bus create your own adventure books--
77:13--CrashJohnny crashes, pt:cr updated to 6:7--
77:1477:15Enter/Exitexit Kris--
77:1677:20ReadingMorgan reads from Dubstep version of Desert Bus adventure books
77:2377:26DanceDance Party to: Move Your Feet by Junior Senior
77:2677:31DanceDance Party to: Lost Woods Dubstep Remix - Ephixa --
77:3377:34DanceDance time to: Hare Hare Yukai--
77:3877:42Songsing One Night in Bangkok by Ram Samudrala--
77:4577:50Songsing Take a Chance by ABBA (Jackie Chan instead of Take a Chance)--
77:5377:55DancePika & Ian dance to: Lucky Star--
78:04--Drive/GiveawayEmily/TsukiakariUsagi wins the Johnny Shift Item - Plush Chocobo!--
78:0778:16OtherAndy - Lead everyone in a calming zen moment - Graham breaks--
78:27--Enter/Exitenter Dale--
78:3078:31OtherGraham watches Camera Glitch / Geddan video and reacts--
78:3278:40AuctionLive Auction for: Glow in the Dark Space Invaders pillow - winner: Phlip for $1,200.00!Philip--
78:4578:48DanceGraham does the Mime Challenge to: Handlebars by The Flobots
78:50--OtherSmall Ian's $6 secret: He liked to dye parts of his hair blond in grade school--
78:5278:53OtherAndy's $6 Secret: He has a titanium screw in his skull--
78:5478:56DanceNuma Numa dance
78:55--PosterPoster update - v9 -
79:01--OtherGraham watches: "The Screaming Sheep" breaks instantly[✓]
79:1079:12DanceDance party to: Shirokuma by Jabberloop
79:1279:20OtherDo not break video marathon--
79:14--Enter/ExitIan departs--
79:20--OtherPika does pikachu thunderbolt--
79:2179:23SkitAndy is a timelord sent to warn desert bus about.....[✓]
79:2479:31GuestJohnny calls his sister in Melbourne Australia--
79:26--Other$6 secret from Johnny's sister: She told a 6yr old girl Santa wasn't real and then Johnny cold-cocked her, and she stabbed Johnny in the back with a nail file--
79:3379:35Meltdown-- Feed Crash -- --
79:3579:39SongKara, Tally, Dale sing: Pretty Girl Blues
79:4479:47Skitkey and peele substitute teacher sketch--
79:4780:38Drive/Giveaway$9.99 Donation: 1st place:: Piggy broach, Framed cross-stich Mew, 2nd place: Mario Magnets, Pig Soaps, Pokeyball, Majora's Mask broach--
79:5479:57SongDale, Andy sing: 16 tons by Johnny Cash--
80:0080:01OtherGraham gives everyone long uncomfortable hugs--
80:0180:04SongPika, Tally sing: Colors of The Wind from Pocahontas--
80:05--Enter/ExitKate departs--
80:0980:11SongGraham, Pika, Andre sing: I Just Can't Wait to be King from The Lion King
80:1480:22SkitGraham & Andy have a political debate backing up their candidates ( Vegemite and Spaghetti )
80:23--Enter/ExitEnter Dengler! with food for the bussers--
80:27--Enter/ExitExit Dale--
80:2880:31SongPika and Tally sing: On The Rise from Dr Horrible
80:3680:38SongAll sing: So They Say from Dr Horrible--
80:5080:53Songsing Be Good Johnny by Men at Work --failure
80:54--Enter/Exitenter Paul--
80:5881:01SongDance/Sing to Johnny Be Good by Chuck Berry
81:02--Enter/Exitexit Andy & Graham--
81:0881:10SongPika, Small Ian, sing: Brand New Day from Dr Horrible
81:1281:16Songsing Birdhouse In Your Soul Lyrics by They Might Be Giants--
81:2681:29SongSteve, Paul, Tally sing A Man's Gotta Do from Dr Horrible--
81:3081:31Enter/Exitexit Dengler, Pika had to jump to get a hug--
81:33Drive/Giveaway15 second dance video or gif for Paper Maché Skull Mask--
81:4181:46SongPaul sings The Mary Ellen Carter by Stan Rodgers
81:5281:57SongEveryone sings an Irish drinking song - Home For A Rest by Spirit of the West--
82:0382:07Songeveryone sings The Future Soon by Jonathan Coulton--
82:1082:12OtherAct out a magic card while everyone else guesses--
82:14--Enter/Exitexit tally--
82:1782:51Drive/Giveaway$7.00 raffle for Jamie themed Mythbusters pack--
82:22--Game EventBugsplat! (#10, 1 in a row)--
82:2682:28OtherEveryone's favorite pokeymon--
82:53Drive/Giveaway$12.11 raffle for Level Up Studio's super pack of super greatness--
83:1183:13DancePika dances to: Hare Hare Yukai
83:1683:21SongPika sings: Dango Daikazoku--
83:3483:38DanceDance to Tank from Cowboy Bebop--
83:5383:56DancePika dances to Nekomimi--
83:56--Enter/Exitexit Andre--
84:0196:00Enter/ExitEnter Bill's mom, Bill's shift begins--
84:0584:22GuestBill Corbett call-in
84:23--OtherBill's mom's secret: the first date with Bill's dad was going to see Star Wars in '78, watched it illegally a 2nd time in the theater--
84:28--Driver Shift ChangeEnter Bill, Bill starts driving--
84:38--OtherBill's Mom and Pika cuddle--
84:4085:05StoryBill's Mom's stories and Paul heps with the story of the short bus
85:1285:47Drive/Giveaway$5.20 - Dice bag giveaway - won by SylenctoneSylenctone--
85:2185:25DancePika dances to Pokemon - Mite Mite Kochichi
85:22--Game EventBill gets a point! (Point #7, 1 in a row)--
85:3085:35OtherIan talks in Russian accent & tells Russian joke
85:3685:37PhysicalBear hat vs chicken hat--
85:43--Enter/ExitEnter Ashton--
85:52--Enter/ExitEnter Brent--
86:0086:28GuestJonathan Coulton call-in
86:28--Enter/ExitEnter James and Morgan--
86:31--Enter/ExitExit Pika--
86:4486:45StoryBill tells a story about playing D&D with the LRR crew and "dealing damage"--
86:45--Drive/GiveawayArt Challenge: draw The Blue Thumb of God from the aforementioned story--
86:46Drive/Giveaway$6.66 Challenge: D&D Red Box & Adventurer's Guide, Dungeon Tiles, won by FayiliFayili--
86:5386:57SongIan sings I Dreamed A Dream
87:01--OtherLiz's Secret: Lied her way into a concert--
87:08--Enter/ExitEnter Kate--
87:25--OtherGoing to the store.... with Bill's Mom--
87:2887:30DanceDance Party: Kate, Bill's Mom, Morgan?? Paul and ... Dizzy James
87:3787:39PhysicalTEST YOUR MIGHT! Bear Hat vs Chicken Hat Round 2--
87:39--OtherBill's mom tells a Morgan Secret Story -- They watch Fashion Police --
87:42--OtherKate "drives the bus" on the Green Screen[✓]
87:43PhysicalTwo Kates one Bus--
87:49--ReadingPaul reads the five Magic: The Gathering basic land cards in his Bane voice--
87:51--Milestone210K Get!--
87:5388:00StoryBill's mom tells the Secret Service story
88:01--Enter/ExitEnter Kristin--
88:1188:44OtherKristin drives--
88:1288:18OtherMain camera is greenscreened--
88:1488:17PhysicalMain cam greenscreen wave
88:17--GuestKristin from Child's Play Interview--
88:20--Enter/ExitEnter Surprise Jamie! and Cam and Kathleen--
88:4488:58OtherJamie drives--
88:4888:58GuestKarl Kall-In--
88:56--PhysicalKarl's $6 secret: Is a wizard - cheeks can make bird noises
88:58--OtherBill resumes driving--
89:0089:10AuctionSpace Invaders scarf auction, sold to Lord_Hosk for $1,255.Lord_Hosk
89:1289:14ReadingJames reads thank-you note to Chemistring from Alexisonfire--
89:1689:18OtherKristin explains her tattoos --
89:1990:00OtherKristin's "teacher's gift" challenge: parents in the chat make a $10 donation per child--
89:1989:48OtherKristin and Jamie take questions from chat--
89:4989:49OtherJamie gets taken to the store, fails to not laugh--
89:52--Enter/ExitEnter Paul--
90:14Drive/Giveaway$7.77 challenge, Binding of Isaac Prize Pack--
90:1790:17OtherEveryone present drives the bus at the same time--
90:2190:24SongFlight of the Conchords singing with Muppets
90:23--Game EventBugsplat! (#11, 2 in a row)--
90:24PhysicalHitting James with a Rubber Chicken--
90:26--DanceLizz's sexy dance, take 2--
90:3290:34PhysicalPaul balances a Jenga tower on his stomach as Lizz and James play
90:38Enter/ExitEnter Morgan and Kate from tattoo place--
90:3890:45OtherMorgan Rainbow Dash Cutie Mark Tattoo and general Tattoo time
90:45--Enter/ExitEnter Graham--
90:5691:23GuestYahtzee Croshaw call-in
91:03--CrashBill crashes - pt/cr: 7/8--
91:16--OtherYahtzee's $6 secret. Yahtzee urinated on a tree as a young child, his school had an assembly the next day.--
91:26--Drive/Giveaway$7.80 challenge: Mass Effect sushi plate--
91:32--Drive/Giveaway$6.23 challenge: Fangamer Starfox pack--
91:38--MilestoneLate Night DubFight is blocked Worldwide -- First Time!!--
91:54--PrankIan tries to make Wall Plaid a thing[✓]
91:59--Meltdown(What is this? I am 12???)--
92:0392:03PhysicalJames tries to raise money to flick Morgan's new tattoo -- he gets it and flicks the new ink --
92:05--Drive/GiveawayWriting challenge - 50 word story about taking the desert bus to lightspeed [✓]
92:1292:15SkitLOL Canada Live--
92:16--PrankWhy don't we just do DesertBus with the 4 of us?[✓]
92:1792:17SongCrew sings happy birthday to Tyranic-Moron in the goofiest manner possible
92:19--PhysicalJohny tries a handstand and fails--
92:2092:22StoryJohny has broken his nose 8 times and has punched his sister in the face b/c she told a little girl that Santa isn't real--
92:2292:30StoryStories of sibling violence--
92:25--MeltdownStream goes down for some people--
92:2692:28StoryBill's mom tells the frozen chicken story--
92:33--MeltdownStream goes down to fix the stream going down, how meta.--
92:4292:49MeltdownStream back for some people, not others. Everyone wearing wigs.--
92:45--Enter/ExitExit Johnny--
92:4992:53ReadingDaddy Ashton reads "Little Blue Truck" for Little Lady Hosk with Blue Truck replaced with Desert Bus[✓]
92:5693:01SongJamie, James, and Mia sing Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend"
93:0294:01GuestCall in - Harrison Krix from Volpin Props
93:1593:39AuctionAuction: Skyrim Axe - winner: SilverDrake for $4,000.00!SilverDrake--
93:26--Other$6 secret: Harrison Krix is the reason Ellen McLain / the voice of GLaDOS knows what yaoi is--
93:4294:00AuctionSurprise Auction: custom Skyrim helmet by Harrison Krix. Sold to erzengel for $3,200erzengel--
93:53Enter/ExitEnter Andy and Jer--
93:58--OtherHarrison Krix reveals that he writes the word "penis" on the inside of everything he's ever made--
94:00--Milestone220K Get!--
94:0494:05ReadingCam reads the winners of the 50 word LightSpeed stories
94:0694:34StoryBill's Mom Stories - Part 2[✓]
94:2295:00Drive/GiveawayArt Challenge: draw a scene from Bill's mom's "wings" story--
94:3294:34StoryBill's Mom - Frog Story--
94:40--PhysicalJamie frump-faces--
94:40--Other$6 secret: Jamie may get a corgi at the start of next year.--
94:42--Enter/ExitExit Jamie--
95:00Drive/Giveaway$7.77 - Bill Driver giveaway: Citadel Sushi Plate --
95:0295:31GuestMovieBob Call-in
95:02--Enter/ExitEnter Pika--
95:27--Other$6 secret: MovieBob is going to write a book doing an in-depth critique of Super Mario Bros. 3--
95:3695:41SongIan and Bill's mom sing A Whole New World--
95:45--OtherJames busts through the right window and vows to stay there till 230k[✓]
95:53--OtherTally becomes the chat (chat is greenscreened onto her dress)[✓]