DesertBus 9 - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 9 - Day 2

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
24:00--Driver Shift ChangeAndy's shift ends, Billsmom's shift begins--
24:0024:02SongBillsmom and a very tired Andy try to sing Ramble On - Led Zepplin
24:04--Enter/ExitExit Andy--
24:0524:09StoryBillsmom feels time[✓]
24:0624:09Video/Image^ Kate's first film - 'Denim Man'[✓]--
24:1124:13PlugCheeseburger Backpack!--
24:1327:00Drive/GiveawayBlink Bite Giveaway: Art Challenge Denim man's future adventuresFiona--
24:1424:17PlugTalking about the Ashley Burch call in--
24:1724:19PlugMTG Giveaway SDCC 2015 Planeswalkers--
24:1924:54Drive/Giveaway$10.25 Donation Drive: Halo Encyclopedia Giveaway (Raised $276.75)JuryRiggedDT--
24:2324:24PhysicalEveryone hugs Bill's MomLordHosk
24:2424:29DiscussionBillsmom talks about her time in Art School
24:2624:29Reading^Billsmom reads a story she wrote in Art School--
24:3124:32PlugJames plugs the current donation drive--
24:3324:35OtherDress John Cena in the worst possible way
24:3424:34RDPRDP: Nobody to Love - Sigma
24:3524:45StoryEmbarrassing story time
24:4624:50SkitRe-enacting Car Crashes
24:5224:53RDPRDP: Get This Party Started - P!NK
24:5324:53CrashBill's Mom crashes on the left (Crash #7)--
24:54--Shame TicketBill's Mom: I crashed the bus on the left - issued by Serge?--
25:0225:21GuestCall-in Guest: Ashly Burch
25:17--$9 NemesisAshly's nemesis: Batman, because he broods too much--
25:2125:22RDPRDP: Bust a Move - Young MC
25:2225:35PlugSilent auction rundown--
25:24--Enter/ExitEnter Tally--
25:3525:35OtherBill's Mom does a Xena war cry
25:3625:41SongBill's Mom and Kara sing Somebody to Love - Queen
25:4225:42RDPRDP: Barbra Streisand - Duck Sauce
25:4431:32Drive/Giveaway$8.29 Donation Drive: Frogger scarf (Raised: $613.46)gravity_pike--
25:4525:45RDPRDP: Trouble (Duck Army) - Taylor Swift
25:5026:50Drive/Giveaway$13.37 Donation Drive: FunkoPop MTG set (Raised: $1377.11)Chef_of_deth--
25:5225:56OtherFrank's extra parts
25:5525:55Other^James becomes a redhead--
25:5626:00SongRoom sings People Are Strange - The Doors
26:00--Shift ChangeAlpha Flight begins!--
26:02--Enter/ExitEnter Jer--
26:03--Enter/ExitEnter DammitLiz to Ride of the Valkyries--
26:04--Enter/ExitEnter PresidentBarackObamaAllOneWord--
26:0526:10StoryThe Story Behind PresidentBarackObamaAllOneWord
26:0926:10RDPRDP: The Power - Snap!
26:1126:11Video/ImageBill plays with doll age 3--
26:1226:13PlugCheeseburger Backpack!--
26:1326:14PlugMagic FunkoPop Giveaway Plug--
26:1526:16DiscussionJames gives old man advice to kids today (becomes sore foot talk)
26:16--ShoutoutBill Shoutout--
26:18--Enter/ExitEnter Mia--
26:1826:19PhysicalEveryone hugs Frank--
26:2026:21PhysicalLiz and Ashley fight in the style of the Adam West Batman Series
26:2426:29SongThe room sings / screams Africa - Toto
26:26--Prank^ Ian Splash + Audio Mute for 2 seconds during "Africaaaaaaa"--
26:27--Prank^ Audio cut out. Camera cuts to Ashton crying.--
26:28--Prank^ Ashton laying dead in tech due to all the screaming--
26:3126:31RDPRDP: Locked Out Of Heaven - Bruno Mars
26:3426:35PhysicalReverse sumo wrestling
26:3626:41The DeviceThe Device - Delay--
26:3726:40SkitJames Weasley explains basic magic lessons
26:4126:42The DeviceThe Device gains sentience: Auto-Honk activates--
26:4226:47The DeviceThe Device demands control: Autopilot--
26:43--PlugMTG Funko POP Planeswalkers Plug--
26:4526:53DiscussionPatronus Talk, Video Game Talk, stretching for time for a thing--
26:5327:10GuestSurprise Call-in Guest: Penn's Sunday School cross-feature
27:10--Enter/ExitEnter Buster, who does not like PresidentBarackObamaAllOneWord--
27:1427:16The DeviceThe Device recites Still Alive, Tally bows to The Device
27:1427:31The DeviceThe Device: Delay--
27:1827:19RDPRDP: Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO ft. Lauren Bennett (triggered by THE DEVICE)
27:1927:24PlugSilent auction rundown--
27:2627:27Video/ImageDenim Man replay for Tally--
27:2927:30RDPRDP: Satisfaction - Benny Benassi
27:32--Enter/ExitErick from Child's Play--
27:3327:34RDPRDP: A Million Swedish Summers - The White Panda
27:3627:39SongRoom sings Circle of Life - Carmen Twillie & Lebo M
27:3927:39PrankSurprise Cena--
27:4327:49StoryKate Billsmom Story -- Nomadic Year, Off The Grid Bakery, Actual Bus Driving
27:4928:46Drive/GiveawayDonation Drive: $11.11 Desert Bus for Hope Catan Game giveaway (Raised: $3824.99)BookDevourer--
27:4927:59SkitMonty Python style giveaway display
28:0028:11SkitRecreate the movie Jaws using the Sharkhat as a stand-in
28:1428:24SkitA capella dubstep (Some research was needed)
28:2128:21RDPRDP: Got to Be Enough - Con Funk Shun
28:2428:26Video/Image"Boots & Cats" by Robert Clouth
28:2628:27RDPRDP: Fabulous Secret Powers - SlackCircus Studios
28:28--PlugDonation Drive plug--
28:3028:33SkitLiz Summarizes "Eraserhead" with only knowing the title
28:3328:40DiscussionTry to stump Johnny on movies
28:3628:40Skit^ Johnny summarizes "Night O'Terror" with only knowing the title, Night O'Terror being a movie Liz made when she was 11--
28:39--Enter/ExitEnter Matt--
28:4028:41RDPRDP: Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Astley
28:41--PlugDonation Drive Plug--
28:4328:44RDPRDP: I Really Like You - Carly Rae Jepsen
28:43--Enter/ExitEnter Kate Stark--
28:4528:45RDPRDP: I Got A Boy - Girls' Generation
28:46--Enter/ExitEnter Graham--
28:4728:47RDPRDP: Better Off Alone - Alice Deejay
28:49--Enter/ExitEnter Kathleen with Penelope--
28:4929:00StoryBabby Time with Graham & Kathleen
28:52--Plug^ Cheese Burger Backpack Plug--
28:5728:58Story^ Graham and Kathleen explain Penelope's name selection--
29:01--Enter/ExitExit Graham, Kathleen, and Penelope--
29:0129:09AuctionCheeseburger Backpack (music: We Are The Crystal Gems - Steven Universe) Sold for $1900sandwichked[✓]
29:0129:12The DeviceLow Gear--
29:04--Enter/ExitEnter Jason--
29:1029:10RDPRDP: That's The Way I like It - KC And The Sunshine Band
29:1229:14DiscussionSteven Universe Talk--
29:1429:17SongStronger Than You from Steven Universe, sung by Mia, Tally, Cori, and Sarah Mendiola
29:1529:15CrashKate crashes the bus again (crash #8)--
29:16--Shame TicketKate crashed the bus again - Serge issued shame ticket--
29:18--Enter/Exit^ Enter Ian--
29:1929:35SongRoom sings 99 Bottles of Beer in its entirety by request of Penn JillettePenn Jillette [✓]
29:19--Physical^ Kombucha Time--
29:25--Physical^ Twerk crazy--
29:27--Skit^ Dread Pirate Roberts and Inigo Montoa duel scene from Princess Bride reenacted--
29:28--Physical^ Command Chair rotates--
29:29--Prank^ Matt has Chat's nose--
29:30--Physical^ James and Serge Exercise--
29:30--Dance^ Interpretative dance of 99 Bottles of Beer--
29:31--Dance^ Macarena--
29:31--Dance^ Kickline--
29:32--Other^ Bad Canadian Accents --
29:32--Physical^ Liz and James Arm wrestle--
29:33--Dance^ Riverdance--
29:33--Dance^ Carmelldansen--
29:33--Other^ Ian on Kazoo --
29:33--Other^ Whispering the song--
29:34--Physical^ Conga Line--
29:35--Milestone^ Finish '99 Bottles of Beer'--
29:3629:36RDPRDP: Safe and Sound - Capital Cities
29:37--OtherRoom searches for Serge's Glasses--
29:40--OtherNew poster "update" (poster full of beer bottles) :
29:41--PlugSDCC 2015 Black Planeswalkers set--
29:4330:45Drive/GiveawayDonation Drive: $9.99 Fangamer Desert Bus 9 Shirt (Raised $509.49) King Torn--
29:4629:47RDPRDP: Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go - Wham!
29:46--OtherReal new poster update :
29:48--PlugSilent auction rundown--
29:5429:59SkitEveryone is sarcastic for 5 minutes
29:5730:03GameJERnga - Jenga on Jer's Back
30:0130:02Skit^Ian teaches Matt english in Japanese--
30:0530:09DanceFocus by Chipzel and Liz/Frank Dance
30:1030:13SongThe Room sings DAISy's Mom
30:1430:16PhysicalSpeed Jumping Jack Challenge
30:17--PlugDB9 Shirt Giveaway--
30:1930:26SongRoom sings Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
30:2630:28PhysicalLiz & Jer play pattycake while wearing each other's glasses
30:29--PlugDB9 Shirt Giveaway--
30:3130:31RDPRDP: Somebody's Watching Me - Mysto & Pizzi
30:32--PlugJer shows off the Black Plainswalker Cards--
30:3530:39SkitMia waxes poetic about archiving while Ian, Matt, and Jer do an interpretive dance
30:3830:40CrashKate Billsmom crashes the bus again (crash #9)--
30:4130:42RDPRDP: Ah-Ah - Teen Top
30:4330:46StoryKate Billsmom tells a road trip story
30:4730:52SongThe Room sings Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson
30:5330:55PlugShowing off and explaining the Frogger scarf--
30:5531:47Drive/Giveaway$12.13 Donation Drive: Black Planeswalker Cards (Raised $8454.61)sangiunn--
30:5830:59DanceLiz & Company stretch for time by dancing--
30:5931:34GuestGuest Call-in: Paul & Storm
31:30--$9 Nemesis^ Storm: The ParKing--
31:30--$9 Nemesis^ Paul: The Batman--
31:3431:34RDPRDP: Lovey Dovey - T-Ara
31:35--PlugTally plugs the current donation drive--
31:3631:40SongDesert Bus 9 Song by MC117
31:41--ShoutoutKate Billsmom shoutout to MC117--
31:43--MilestoneBlillsmom reaches 20k Shift Total--
31:4331:44RDPRDP: Fascination - Alphabeat
31:4431:45TechnicalBus cam freeze, overlay problems, fixed via NORMAL VIEW--
31:4531:46PhysicalVERY intense thumbwar between Sarah and Johnny
31:47--Milestone$125K Total--
31:4731:52SongRoom sings Tucson or Bust to Kate
31:5232:05TechnicalOverlay freezes again, overlay deactivated after a few minutes--
31:54--SongRoom sings Everything is Awesome (for a second)--
31:5631:57RDPRDP: Livin' On A Prayer - Bon Jovi
31:5731:59ShoutoutBillsmom thanks all Desert Bus people--
32:00--Driver Shift ChangeKate Watt's shift ends, Jer's shift begins--
32:0032:03Enter/ExitEnter Jer in horsehead (music: You All Everybody - Drive Shaft)
32:0533:23Drive/Giveaway$15.16 Donation Drive: Wyrmwood Gaming Lava Bears Tabletop Set (Raised $10884.88)Vanslick (Andre)--
32:05--TechnicalOverlay returns, VST rejoices--
32:1332:17PlugLava Bears Light Box--
32:13--Enter/ExitGraham enters... I mean he's been there the whole time?--
32:1732:25PlugLive Auction preview: Tom Servo--
32:2332:25PlugCookie Clicker update: 3.051 Billion Cookies/Second--
32:2532:30SongAnd now: 64K's 2013 as a Thomas the Dank Engine remixbraininator[✓]
32:26--Enter/ExitExit Liz--
32:3132:33PlugWyrmwood Lava BearsGaming Set--
32:3432:35RDPRDP: Virtual Insanity - Jamiroquai
32:3632:38SongIan plays the TNG theme on Kazoo, Graham does a sweet Irish jig.
32:4132:42SkitIan does Superman 64 Lex Luthor
32:4232:47PlugGraham Plugs the Silent Auctions--
32:4732:48Video/ImageThe room is shown a Vine on pig sweetening
32:52--MilestoneJer hits $10k Shift Total In Under 1 Hour --
32:5232:53SkitIan impersonates Beej by telling a Beej story
32:5332:54RDPRDP: Save The World - Swedish House Mafia
32:5432:55DiscussionGraham re-caps the Autumnal Rumble highlights--
32:5536:31Drive/GiveawayCthulhu Dice Bag - Alpha Flight Art ChallengeBeachGnome--
32:5733:10DiscussionAlpha Flight (Marvel Superhero Team) discussion
33:1033:13PlugWyrmwood Lava Bears Gaming Set--
33:1633:24StoryMacGyver Meals: Actual meals made out of what you have when you don't have what you need
33:2533:27DiscussionAndre comes in to claim prize, discussion about Andre's volunteering history ensue--
33:2733:42AuctionSigned Tom Servo Replica (Amount: $3410)mikeyface2 (Mikey Neumann)[✓]
33:30--Game EventBus Stop (#4, 1 in a row)--
33:4433:45PlugCthulhu Dice Bag - Alpha Flight Art Challenge--
33:4734:16The DeviceReverse--
33:4733:47DiscussionGraham's opinion about Stephen Amell wrestling Stardust
33:4733:48PhysicalIan becomes Teletubby DawnGuard logo--
33:5133:52SkitIan is Dr Bunsen, other Graham is Beaker
33:5233:52RDPRDP: Club Can't Handle Me - Flo Rida Ft. David Guetta--
33:5233:57DiscussionJer's Legacy Magic the Gathering Update 2015 / Magic Discussion
34:0034:01SkitUNACCEPTABLLLLLEEEEEE (Andrew is Lemongrab)
34:0234:08DiscussionDear Dr. LRR
34:0834:12DiscussionJer and Graham explain what the holdup on a LavaBears D&D Module is
34:10--Shoutout^ Shoutout to $5 donation from xX420YOLOSwagtivationXx--
34:1634:26The DeviceThe Device - Cruise Control--
34:1734:55Drive/Giveaway$6.66 Donation Drive: Diablot (Raised $799.20)S0NICW0LF--
34:1934:21SongDo a Beastie Boys-style rap with the lyrics of One Fish, Two Fish by Dr. Seuss
34:2134:23SkitMetal Gear V discussion - Graham's Perfect Fulton
34:25--ShoutoutOriginalGarwulf who wrote the Diablo book is in chat--
34:2634:27RDPRDP: Can't Feel My Face - The Weeknd
34:32--PlugDiablot is sweetened--
34:3334:35DiscussionShoggoth on the Roof--
34:3534:37SkitMeet the new Canadian Heroes: Shao Lin Fighting Monkey, King Meowdas, Judge Fred, Literally Coldplay's Yellow[✓]
34:3734:38DiscussionDear Dr. LRR: Why are there so many songs about rainbows?--
34:38--Enter/ExitExit Graham Fielding and Ashton, Enter Small Ian--
34:3834:42SkitBox Text: Enter the Desert Bus
34:4334:44SkitGraham, as Dave's Spokesman, reads At the Modules of Madness (Markov Chain-generated HP Lovecraft sentences)
34:47--PlugDiablo lot is sweetened even more--
34:4834:55ReadingSelections from the twitter account KimKierkegaardashian -
34:50--MilestonePassed Desert Bus 3 Total--
34:5634:57RDPRDP: Build Me Up Buttercup - Rhymefest Ft. ODB
35:0035:05PlugJer plugs the Lava bear monk robe and displays the Lava Bear Shadow Box--
35:0636:05Drive/Giveaway$10.05 donation drive: Lava Bears Shadow Box (Raised: $2924.55)psycoticsmile--
35:0935:10CrashAndrew trips over the controller cord, disconnecting it and crashing the bus (crash #10)--
35:1135:11Shame TicketAndrew is shamed for breaking things--
35:1235:13RDPRDP: September - Earth, Wind & Fire
35:1635:17DanceJer voluntells Jeeves to drive while he busts a move to the Himouto! Umaru Chan theme song[✓]
35:2035:20RDPRDP: Ice Ice Tik Tok - The Face Melters
35:2635:33SkitLRR video done Late Nite Dub Fight-style by people who were not in the video
35:3335:34Shame TicketJer Shamed for cursing on camera--
35:3535:38SkitPeople do their best impression of Donkey Kong in Mario Kart 64
35:3935:39PrankGraham lazily calls everyone in the room a butt individually
35:4035:46PlugThe Lava Bear Shadow Box is Plugged and Sweetened--
35:4835:50SkitMatt is dead. Who did it and what with?
35:5035:51RDPRDP: I Want You Back - The Jackson 5
35:5235:55PlugIan plugs the silent auctions--
36:0036:03SkitGraham is a White Blood cell, everyone else is a virus. He must gather parts to become immune.
36:03--MilestoneJer hits 20k Shift Total, $145k overall--
36:1136:12SkitMr. President Get Down!
36:1236:13RDPRDP: Jump - Kris Kross
36:1436:15DiscussionGraham explains the rules to Mr. President--
36:1636:18PlugSilent Auctions Get Plugged--
36:2236:30SkitMatt dramatically re-enacts his interactions with Amazon customer support to Eminem's Stan
36:3136:36DiscussionAlpha Flight Art Contest results
36:3636:38GameCookie clicker stats--
36:3936:43StoryThe origin of "Donair"
36:4436:49StoryTalking about music man/Canadian tire
36:48--Meltdown^ "Well-hidden nuts" in Canadian tire wrench commercial--
36:5236:55SongMatt sings Dr. Zaius from El Simpsones
36:5536:56RDPRDP: Die Young - Ke$ha
36:5736:59Video/ImageCanadian tire / Music Man Redux--
37:0038:00Drive/Giveaway$5.23 challenge - MtG Commander 2015 decks (<$6000 raised)Falgar--
37:02--Other^The deck names are kind of dirty--
37:08--Milestone150k Raised Total--
37:0837:08RDPRDP: 1958 (Skalpel Remix) - Skalpel
37:1037:14DiscussionDiscussion of RDP genre breakdown and explanation of troll songs
37:11--Enter/ExitEnter Alex--
37:1437:14RDPRDP: What Planet is This!? - Yoko Kanno & The Seatbelts
37:16--Game EventBus Stop! (#5, 1 in a row)--
37:1637:20PlugPig sweetners for the C15 lot and the 3D-printed LRR head PEZ dispensers lot--
37:2037:20SongThe room sings Shake that Sugar
37:2137:35DiscussionJer and Alex do Is It Playable with Roborosewater cards
37:32--Meltdown^Graham loses it to roborosewater--
37:3737:39PosterUpdate -
37:3938:49Drive/GiveawayWerner Herzog Narration of "The Duck Army" 200-250 words - DB9 T-Shirt--
37:4037:42Video/Image^ Werner Herzog narrates "Where's Waldo?"--
37:44--Video/Image^ Duck Army--
37:4537:46Video/Image^ Adam Savage Duck Bomb--
37:4637:47Video/Image^ Sometimes Life is Dissapointing--
37:4837:49Video/Image^ Adam Savage Ultimate Duck Bomb--
37:4937:52SongIan leads a Choir of Kazoo Players in "All Star - Seth Boyer"[✓]
37:5337:55PlugGraham "Shows off the goods but the nuts remain well hidden" Stark plugs the Magic and Chill lot--
37:55--MeltdownAlex breaks for the deck names--
37:5637:57RDPRDP: Soul Bossa Nova - Quincy Jones
37:5737:58ShoutoutGet Well Soon to Miock who made the lightboxes previous years--
37:5838:01SongYEAH TOAST - Heywood Banks
38:01--Meltdown^ Alex and Graham break to YEAH TOAST--
38:02--Shift ChangeBanner shift change graphic (Nightwatch --> Zeta Shift)--
38:0538:05MeltdownKate at Alex talking about "sharing Cena"--
38:0638:08DiscussionRap Airhorn app, and awkwardness of having to go through opening it--
38:0838:08RDPRDP: Your Body - Christina Aguilera
38:0838:09OtherAlex Explains/records the "huh" from Crapshots--
38:1138:14PlugReview of current art challenge--
38:1138:14PrankCena shenanigans
38:1638:19DiscussionEverybody talks about their favourite food--
38:1838:19RDPRDP: Raise Your Glass - P!nk
38:2038:24PhysicalDress up John Skullena
38:2238:25M-M-Multi Challenge!5 Challenges at once
38:24--Discussion^Talk about Commander--
38:24--Physical^ALL THE GLASSES ON JER--
38:24--Dance^Dance Swan Lake--
38:24--Dance^Beej does the Dance of the 7 Veils--
38:24--Song^Kazoo sandstorm...that somehow became Mos Eisely Cantina?--
38:2838:29The DeviceTaunting DAISy--
38:3038:33SongTally sings "Call Me - Blondie" With Air Keytar Crabcore
38:3440:00Drive/Giveaway$7.77 Challenge - Pele's Prayer Book Fabric Art (Total Raised: 753.69 )--
38:3438:36PhysicalRepeatedly High Fiving
38:4338:46Video/ImageDuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccckkkkk Arrrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyy video introduced
38:45--Meltdown^Everyone experiences fear--
38:4838:48RDPRDP: Single Ladies (in Mayberry) - Party Ben
38:5138:51Video/ImageUnaltered photo of Jer "flying"--
38:5239:11ReadingReading the Verner Herzog entries w/ Duck Army (slowed) background video[✓]
38:57--MeltdownJordan Down to the duck army--
39:03--MeltdownIan Retreats to under the desk--
39:04--Enter/ExitAlex nopes out--
39:07--Enter/ExitEvil Alex Apears--
39:09--Enter/ExitEvil Unicorn Alex replaces Evil Alex--
39:1139:12RDPRDP: Fantastic Baby - Big Bang
39:1239:15PlugPlugging the Lava Bears fabric art give away and sweetening the pig--
39:1339:14RDPRDP: The Middle - Jimmy Eat World
39:1639:23The DeviceTHE GAUNTLET - all the effects in series!--
39:19--MilestoneJer reaches 30k Shift Total--
39:2339:24RDPRDP: Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiago - Rockapella
39:2539:29SkitRowan Atkinson sketch - The School Master (performed by Beej and Alex)
39:3039:31RDPRDP: Wonderwall - Oasis Ft. Cameron Lauder
39:3139:31RDPRDP: These Boots Are Made For Walkin' - Nancy Sinatra
39:3139:34PrankTally: AAAAAFFRIICAAAAAAA--
39:3339:33Meltdown^ Alex falls over on the floor, stone dead.--
39:3439:35DiscussionThe horrible everstretching vastness of the fabric of time
39:3539:36Video/ImageMurder Hallway - with the lights out
39:3739:41PlugThe current silent auctions are looked at--
39:4039:42SongEverything is Fine. You're fine. You're fine. You're fine....[✓]
39:4639:47RDPRDP: A cappella Dubstep - Desert Bus For Hope 9
39:4839:50PosterLooking at the poster--
39:5039:52SongRoom: Anyway, this is Wonderwall
39:51--Prank^Duck Army, mid-Wonderwall--
39:5239:53DiscussionMatt rants about the terrible nature of YouTube kareoke videos--
39:5339:55Video/ImageLet's Explore the Murder Hallway![✓]
39:5539:59DanceFusion Dances to the close of Jer's shift
39:5940:00RDPRDP: Wannabe - Spice Girls
40:00--Driver Shift ChangeAnd so from Jer we move to B-Be-Bee-BEE-BEEEEEEEEEEEJ--
40:0040:02Enter/ExitJer Leaves--
40:0040:01PrankBrrrr Brrrr Brrrrr Beeeejjjjj
40:02--Enter/ExitBeej forgot to bring up his prizes--
40:0340:06DiscussionAlex explores his worst experiences from Watch+Play
40:04--PosterDucks being discovered on poster:
40:0640:23PlugWe look at the wondrous prizes coming up over the next 8 hours of Beej's shift--
40:14--Game EventBugsplat! (#3, 1 in a row)--
40:18--Enter/ExitExit Tally--
40:2040:20PrankTally Screams From Murder Hallway--
40:2142:00Drive/GiveawayDragon Age Inquisition Collector's Edition for $7.80 (Raised $1528.80)Mollinon--
40:2440:24OtherRoll Call--
40:2440:25RDPRDP: National Aerobic Championship Theme - Ty Parr
40:25--Enter/ExitExit Mia--
40:2640:26PrankAhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (backwards duck army)--
40:2840:28RDPRDP: Mac N' Cheese - Shawn Wasabi
40:2940:38DiscussionBeej Recommends Anime for beginners
40:3240:35The DeviceReverse--
40:37--Enter/Exitv Enter Skeletor--
40:3840:42SkitTech support with Skeletor
40:4240:45DiscussionAbout how to submit challenges--
40:4540:55SkitKate (Just Kate) Gives Terrible Advice
40:5540:56RDPRDP: Blue (Da Ba Dee) - Eiffel 65
40:57--Enter/ExitExit Matt, Megan--
40:5841:00ReadingCam reads @Nihilist_Arbys
41:0041:04DiscussionThe Room Discusses Arby's and why @nihilist_arby's is funny
41:0041:01SongThe room kinda sings Only Time - Enya--
41:0441:05RDPRDP: Push It - Salt-N-Pepa
41:0541:08SkitThe Room Figures out and then acts out what should be had for breakfast
41:0941:10PlugDragon Age giveaway--
41:1041:11ShoutoutCaffienated Lemur throwing in a copy of Dragon Age with the Giveaway--
41:1441:15SongBeej Gets: Turn Down For What - DJ Snake, Lil Jon
41:1541:16PlugTalking about the Boardgame lot to set it up--
41:1841:18SongSuper Mario theme into Epic Sax
41:1941:22SongCrabcore Air Cello - Hall of the Mountain King - Apocalyptica
41:2341:23PrankBwah bwah HUH? bwah bwah bwah--
41:2441:26DiscussionHow everyone felt when Beej licked Ian's head
41:2941:29ReadingBeej reads the Taken monologue as Krusty the Clown
41:3041:33DiscussionBeej doing impersonations
41:3541:43DiscussionTalking about who plays whom on QWERPLine, and explains QWERPLine (QWERPChat?)
41:4341:46PlugBeej Plugs the Dragon Age giveaway lot--
41:4641:48PlugPortable dance Party, and board game lots--
41:4841:49Drive/GiveawayDesert Bus Board Game Challenge - Portable Dance Party USBRevolver Rossalot--
41:5041:51RDPRDP: It's Tricky - Run DMC
41:5141:52DiscussionCrushing beverages--
41:5241:59PlugPlugging the Silent auctions (they had a hole in them)--
41:57--Enter/ExitIan, Cori and Kate bid the chat adieu. BYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH--
41:5741:58PlugDBBTS VLOG NEW EP GET!--
41:5841:59SongNarwhals - Mr Weebl is mumbled through
41:5842:00OtherAlex keeps the couches warm with stuffed creatures--
42:0042:01MeltdownMommy Heather and Daddy Beej fight over the lack of a Dragon Age steam key--
42:0142:02RDPRDP: Rio - Duran Duran
42:0242:03PhysicalJohn Cena provides a cooling breeze--
42:0342:11SkitBeej teaches us how to play "Magic: "The Gathering""
42:1142:20SkitThey're Made Out of Meat by Terry Bisson - Performed by Alex and Cam
42:1342:14RDPRDP: Steven Universe Theme Song (Year One) - Rebecca Sugar
42:1942:24PlugSweetening the Pig for the DB/DBFH Board Game design contest--
42:2542:39SkitAlbum Review: Songs of the Brick Layers
42:3742:37Meltdown^ Beej meltdowns without missing a strum playing guitar--
42:39--Enter/ExitJohn Cenitor--
42:4144:41Drive/Giveaway$6.00 - Mario Lot (Raised $948.00)No Donor Account--
42:4742:48RDPRDP: In The Navy - Village People
42:48--DiscussionWhat do they eat? Bomb it--
42:5042:53ReadingCam reads the final speech from the Star Trek DS9 episode "In The Pale Moonlight"
42:5343:01DiscussionSpoilers: Statute of limitations and more!
42:55--Discussion^Cam defines the term Fungible (in DB terms)--
43:0143:03DiscussionThe Trumpinator
43:0243:04RDPRDP: Since U Been Gone - Kelly Clarkson
43:0343:04DiscussionCam teaches us how to do the GMod
43:04--Enter/ExitExit Andre--
43:0443:06DiscussionThis is all Desert Bus is--
43:0643:20DiscussionBeej: Which Macross do I start with
43:0943:10Prank^ Mr President (Beej becomes Donald Trump)--
43:1143:17Physical^ Beej: The Behattening--
43:1243:30Game^ The floor spontaneously becomes the inside of an active volcano--
43:1543:16Game Event^ Beej gets a point! (Second Point of Desert Bus)--
43:1643:17RDPRDP: Lady (You Bring Me Up) - The Commodores
43:18--Game EventBus Stop (#6, 2 in a row)--
43:2143:24PlugA closer look at the Black Lotus--
43:24--PhysicalLava King of the Hill?--
43:2443:26PlugDB/DBFH Board Game Design contest--
43:2643:28RDPRDP: Gimme Sympathy - Metric
43:2843:29DiscussionStevia vs Salvia for the couches--
43:3143:39PlugSilent Auctions--
43:38--ShoutoutBeej thanking all the crafters for their awesome crafts--
43:3943:45PhysicalThe Worst/Best Sumo Fight (Mellow Yellow vs The Invisible Sumo Wrestler / Captain Stealth)
43:4143:42DiscussionBeej discusses Zeta and enjoys downtime
43:4843:48OtherFill this man with creep
43:4943:51DiscussionCookie clicker is so deep
43:4943:50Prank^ Dipping the cookie--
43:5143:51PlugDB board game art challenge--
43:5244:06DiscussionOverzealous fandoms and echo chambers
43:5543:55MeltdownCam is too tired--
44:00--Shift ChangeDawn Guard--
44:00--Enter/ExitEnter Paul--
44:0144:01TechnicalCan't get the right shift icon--
44:0144:02RDPRDP: Footloose - Kenny Loggins
44:05--Enter/ExitExit: Cameron needs sleep badly--
44:0744:09DiscussionThings you like but no one else does
44:1144:13PlugMario Lot--
44:1344:16SongDawn Guard Songs
44:1644:20DiscussionSuper Sentai talk
44:2544:33Drive/GiveawayResults of DB board game art challenge
44:25--Enter/ExitExit Alex--
44:35--Enter/ExitExit Ben--
44:3644:37DiscussionWhat is the 6th color of magic?
44:3744:40OtherRadio Silence - Worked.. for 14 seconds
44:4144:42PlugLeVar Burton call-in--
44:4444:50PlugSilent Auctions--
44:5446:36Drive/Giveaway$7.80 Challenge for: Reading Rainbow Kickstarter lot (Raised $625.20)Kunessin--
44:5844:58SongEveryone sings the Steven Universe Theme Song
44:5945:00SongDesert Bus alternate lyrics Steven Universe Theme Song
45:0245:02RDPRDP: Clearist Blue - Chvrches
45:0345:03SkitJames and Heather Fence for Dawn Guard En Garde!
45:0745:09DiscussionAndy's first shift is discussed--
45:0945:13SkitFake Star Wars 7 reviews
45:1345:14Shame TicketJames is shamed for swearing, which he tries to avoid by hiding behind Frank--
45:1545:17OtherBeej has found a way to make Desert Bus interesting. It involves Cheese.
45:1845:22Physicalv Beej eats a piece of canadian bacon with no hands, and explains why it is a bad idea.--
45:2245:23Physicalv James rubs Beej's feet with ham--
45:2645:27DiscussionSerge explains how tea's caffeine works
45:2745:29DiscussionBeej Re-discusses Macross and Transforming
45:3145:31PhysicalHappy Birthday Banner goes up--
45:3445:36TechnicalRoom Cam dies--
45:3445:38PlugBook report is challenged and then canceled, donation drives are instead scheduled--
45:39--PhysicalSerge puts Beej's sock back on--
45:3945:42SkitBeej explains how to beat the final boss of Microsoft Encarta
45:4245:42RDPRDP: Bubble Pop - Hyuna
45:4345:49DiscussionBeej might ask a terrible joke question of LeVar and discusses Reading Rainbow/TNG--
45:50--Enter/ExitEnter Tara and Birthday Ashton--
45:51--OtherAshton is wished a Happy Birthday--
45:5145:51RDPRDP: The Time Is Now - John Cena & Tha Trademarc
45:52--PlugReading Rainbow Kickstarter Lot is reviewed. --
45:5645:59StoryBeej tells a story with the various dolls in room acting it out
45:5946:04DiscussionBeej talks about Coding, and how it impresses him
46:0446:28GuestGuest call-in: LeVar Burton
46:26--$9 Nemesis^ LeVar would be the Nemesis of Green Lantern because he was a fan as a kid - called Stone--
46:3046:31TechnicalRoom Cam Dies Again--
46:3447:11Drive/GiveawayHero Vault (wenge) Donation Drive for $6.12 (Raised $1321.91)No Donor Account--
46:38Drive/GiveawayFan Gamer Shirt for $9.18 (Raised $973.08)McIrishJihad--
46:4346:44RDPRDP: Macho Man - Village People
46:45--Enter/ExitEnter BillzMom and Thomas--
46:45--MilestoneDusk! and 165k--
46:4646:47SkitFun with Frank--
46:4846:54DiscussionShawarmaspin explanation and upate: Desert Bus completely overtakes the leaderboard--
46:5046:51RDPRDP: Prisencolinensinainciusol - Adriano Celentano
46:5446:57DiscussionDiscussion of Donair once more--
46:58--PlugHero Vault plugged--
47:0147:04SongPaul sings Sixteen Tons - Rockapella
47:1247:15PlugBoard Game Classics Lot is Previewed--
47:1947:23PhysicalBeej tries to pay for parking while driving--
47:20Drive/GiveawayBoard Game Classics Set for $5.03 (Raised: $5130.60)Scoots--
47:2147:35The DeviceLow Gear--
47:2147:22RDPRDP: All Night - Icona Pop
47:2347:32StoryThe Backstory of The Driver and Explanation of DAISy, with additional Beej-y ramblings
47:3347:33PlugBoard game classics plug--
47:3747:38SongThe Room sings the Darkwing Duck theme
47:3947:41DiscussionBoard Game Chat--
47:41--MilestoneHey guys, we hit $170,000!--
47:4147:42RDPRDP: Everybody Talks - Neon Trees
47:43--TechnicalBirthday Setup, nothing to see here--
47:4847:51PlugBoard Game Lot Plugged again (definitely not to cover any birthday setup)--
47:5447:59DiscussionPeople's favourite board games--
48:00--MilestoneMove to the next day!--