DesertBus 9 - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 9 - Day 1

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Auction Winner
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00:00--MilestoneDesert Bus For Hope 9 BEGINS; James' Shift Begins (Start total $6,500.31)--
00:00--TechnicalTest screen goes live!--
00:0200:05PrankGraham as Bob Ross introduces us to Joy of Desert Bus for Painting[✓]
00:05--TechnicalCurtains drop and reveal the room--
00:0600:07DiscussionGraham briefly explains about Desert Bus and Donor Accounts--
00:07--Enter/ExitBill's Mom is Puppeting a giant Bill puppet--
00:07--MilestoneBussing begins! (James throws the controller)--
00:0800:10StoryGraham Eulogizes Daniel
00:10--MilestoneDriver is named, and will always be, Daniel in memory--
00:10--Driver Shift ChangeJames begins driving--
00:11--DiscussionBill's stunt double introduces himself (His name is Frank Socrates)--
00:1100:12PrankFrank gets VERY PERSONAL with James[✓]
00:1200:17DiscussionPaul explains and spoils Desert Bus
00:1700:19Behind the ScenesRoom is shown off - cameras, new furniture, logo, and shift banners--
00:17--Enter/ExitMatt enters--
00:18--PlugCouches with Names are introduced (Mega, Cynics and Dot-Com)--
00:1900:21StoryShift names and their banners are explained
00:21--OtherLiz knocks Alex right in the funnybone--
00:2100:23DiscussionAshton explains Donor Accounts--
00:2300:24PrankSkull Graham creeps in as a skeleton self help guru--
00:2300:24OtherIan is a phrenologist
00:2400:24PrankSkull Graham on Skull Cam --
00:2400:28PlugSilent Auction plugs--
00:28--Enter/ExitAndy enters! (so does Alex)--
00:2800:36DiscussionRoll call--
00:3300:34PrankMore Frank Socrates shenanigans--
00:3500:35DiscussionJames explains driver shifts --
00:3600:38PlugTally explains auction prizes--
00:3600:48AuctionAuction: Graham Ross' Painting bidding opens (Amount: $1,200)scottgoblue314
00:37--MilestoneGraham's first submission to the Craft-Along--
00:3800:39DiscussionDaddy Ashton explains live auctions --
00:4000:42DiscussionBill's Mom leads an analysis of Graham's Painting--
00:4800:49DiscussionTally briefly explains craft-alongs--
00:49--Enter/ExitExit Graham--
00:5002:03Drive/GiveawayFirst donation drive of the run for $9.99: Desert Bus map leather playmat (Raised $4725.27)homoglyph--
00:5500:56TechnicalIan introduces The Button
00:56--Milestone$10,000 dollars!--
00:5600:56RDPRDP: Whoomp! (There it is) - Tag Team
00:5901:00StoryJames tells the story of playing DB at PAX
01:0001:01DiscussionJames Explains Challenges--
01:0301:08DanceJames Challenges Matt to dance with Frank to Careless Whisper (Feat. Ian on Kazoo)
01:03--OtherFrank's Baldness is revealed--
01:0901:10DiscussionSerge talks about food donations, especially the sweet solid block of chocolate
01:1001:10Other^ James breaks chocolate on camera--
01:1201:12PlugThe leather Desert Bus playmat is shown off once more--
01:1201:15PlugJames plugs the Fangamer DB9 T-Shirts, the official DB9 poster, and the DB8 Photo Book--
01:1801:20SkitA scene with Stalker Alex and Arstotzka Andy
01:2001:22DiscussionPaul explains how paying for challenges works--
01:2201:23Plug9.99 Leather Playmat giveaway plug--
01:2301:24DiscussionJames talks about prize shipping--
01:2502:00PhysicalFrank and Harry the Creepy Doll have a stare-off--
01:2701:29DiscussionThe Creepy Doll's origins are explained--
01:2901:34SongJazz Kazoo Pokemon theme feat. Jer while everyone else are fake Pokemon
01:3401:35PrankLiz messes with the angler hat on James' head--
01:3501:39PhysicalShartle is Evolving!!!?!!--
01:36--DanceLiz does the Kraken--
01:37--Plug9.99 Leather Playmat giveaway plug--
01:3871:05GameParallel game of Cookie Clicker (Kate is confused)--
01:4101:55SkitSolving Problem #1 with an Unusually Superpowered Team
01:54--Plug9.99 Leather Playmat giveaway plug--
01:5501:55RDPRDP: Love Rollercoaster - Ohio Players
01:5601:57DiscussionJames Explains How Desert Bus Is played--
01:5701:59SkitSolving Problem #2 with an Unusually Superpowered Team
02:01--Shift ChangeDawn Guard shifts to Alpha Flight!--
02:03--PosterPoster Update (Graham Ross from Intro, James and Frank getting personal)--
02:0306:00Drive/GiveawayArt Challenge - James the Undersea Pope + Stephen Universe as Vice PopeRose Nightshade--
02:05--Enter/ExitExit Alex to go eat Lunch and sleep for his Shift--
02:1002:11DiscussionSerge talks about
02:12--OtherThe First Swearing Mistake is made.--
02:1302:13RDPRDP: C'mon N' Ride It (The Train) - Quad City DJs
02:13--Milestone$13,850 Fangamer T-shirt drop puts James close to DB1 for Shift total--
02:1702:23GameIan asks awkward and intrusive questions to people in room
02:2302:31PhysicalAndy and Jer get taped together with an entire roll of packing tape, then slowdance and relax on the couch.
02:2602:28Song^ Yakety Sax - Boots Randolph--
02:2802:31DanceStairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin--
02:31--Enter/ExitExit Kate--
02:3102:33Physical"Get down Mr. President" starts, aborted due to Shame Ticket--
02:3202:32RDPRDP: Your Makeup is Terrible - Alaska Thunderfriend
02:33--Shame TicketDidn't Dance like I meant it - Jer-Andy (Jendy)--
02:3502:37SkitMatt tries to sell Desert Bus to James' grandmother
02:3702:41PhysicalJer and Andy liberate themselves from their tape prison
02:3902:39RDPRDP: Anna Sun - Walk the Moon
02:4202:45PlugSilent auctions are again plugged--
02:4502:48DiscussionMicrotransactions for Desert Bus are thought up
02:4802:54PlugPreview of Live Auction - Countdown Clock by Robert Khoo
02:48--Enter/ExitRobert Khoo enters--
02:5202:54DiscussionKhoo discusses how Penny Arcade got the clock
02:5402:55DiscussionJames explains how to be able to bid on Live Auctions--
02:5502:56DiscussionRobert Khoo explains about Child's Play--
02:5703:00SongAndy sings "At Least You're Not Dead!"
03:0003:08AuctionAuction: The Countdown Clock + Pacman Plush (Amount: $1010.10)omega_aggron
03:00--Enter/ExitAndy departs the Lunar Module--
03:0103:02RDPRDP: Holding Out For a Hero - Bonnie Tyler
03:0203:10The DeviceThe Device: Low Gear--
03:04--Enter/ExitHeather Enters--
03:09--TechnicalIan is surprised low gear isn't working--
03:10--OtherFirst batch of photos go up--
03:11--MilestoneFirst year of Desert Bus total beaten (On just James's Shift)!--
03:11--MilestoneKhoo starts driving--
03:1203:13RDPRDP: You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) - Dead or Alive
03:14--OtherEmilly is trying to knit an entire Dr Who scarf before the end of DB--
03:1503:17DiscussionPaul plugs the DB9 Poster and DB8 Photo Book that are for sale on the LRR Store--
03:1803:18RDPRDP: Move Your Feet - Junior Senior
03:1903:22DiscussionRoom discusses Penn and Teller's Smoke and Mirrors--
03:19--Enter/ExitEnter Kara and Tara--
03:2403:26DiscussionRobert proposes a Jenga tournament--
03:2803:29RDPRDP: Painkillr - Erika Jayne
03:3003:31DiscussionJames solicits challenges from viewers for X challenges in Y minutes--
03:3004:20Drive/Giveaway$5.01 donation drive: Welcome to Magic lot (Raised: $2,179.35)No Name Entered!--
03:3903:43SkitEach individual awkwardly proposes to James
03:4403:44The DeviceThe Device: Autopilot (re-rolled)--
03:4403:56The DeviceThe Device: Reverse--
03:4503:54DanceFather / Daughter dance with Ashton and Fugi to "Isn't She Lovely - Stevie Wonder"[✓]
03:4603:50Story^ Awkward First Dance Stories
03:55--PlugThe 'Welcome To Magic' lot is plugged--
03:5604:02M-M-Multi Challenge!10-ish challenges in 10 minutes
03:59--Physical^ Human Pyramid--
03:59--Other^ Do a challenge--
03:5904:02Physical^ James drives the bus while standing on 1 foot--
04:00--Story^ Very short 1 word story--
04:00--Dance^ Interpretive Dance about Desert Bus (Tara and Emily)--
04:0004:00RDPRDP: Teach me How to Dougie - Cali Swag District
04:01--Physical^ 1 minute pushup race (Fugi and Serge)--
04:01--Physical^ Do one really good pushup (Fugi and Serge)--
04:01--Skit^ Ian talks about negative side effects of Desert Bus in a Scottish accent (counts for 2)--
04:01--Dance^ Serge robots--
04:01--Skit^ Everyone impersonates James--
04:03--OtherShawarmaspin update: Team DB9 is in 2nd place--
04:05--Enter/ExitKate Billzmom leaves.--
04:0904:10RDPRDP: Bone Wagon - Peter McConnell
04:10--PlugWelcome to Magic Lot Plug--
04:12--OtherDB9 wins Shawarmaspin -
04:19--PlugThe new silent auctions are plugged--
04:2404:25DiscussionAshton explains how Donor Account names work--
04:2604:34SkitScenes from the deck
04:3204:32RDPRDP: Working as a Waitress in a Cocktail Bar - Svantana
04:35--Prank"The Lord High Queen Monsenior Bryan, Great Archbishop of the Realm, and-" donor name breaks the display--
04:4105:30Drive/Giveaway$7.77 Donation drive: Minecraft lot (Raised: $1771.56)Matthew Anderson--
04:4504:46RDPRDP: Moby Dick - Cameron Lauder
04:4604:48SkitJames pretends to be Adam
04:4804:48PhysicalGroup hug!--
04:4904:50RDPRDP: Sing Sing Sing - Benny Goodman
04:5004:52OtherJer speaks like Batman--
04:5104:58DanceCaramelldansen to $40K
04:51--Enter/ExitExit Ian--
04:56--Enter/ExitEnter Mia--
04:59--PlugSilent Auction plugs--
05:02--Shame TicketMatt swears on camera--
05:0405:07PhysicalSerge Drives With His Feet
05:0605:41The DeviceCruise Control --
05:0605:08RDPRDP: Friday - Rebecca Black
05:08--Shame TicketAndrew added Friday to the dance party list--
05:0805:10DiscussionAndrew explains how the RDP list was made
05:12--Game EventFirst Bug Splat!--
05:1305:14PlugJames Plugs his Minecraft Giveaway--
05:1605:17RDPRDP: Red Sweater - The Aquabats
05:1805:21PlugPaul Explains LRR store Poster/Book/Pin Package--
05:2505:30SongImprov Singing Compliment Off w/ Kara, Matt (who failed) and Tally
05:25--Enter/ExitExit Paul--
05:3205:34DiscussionCookie Clicker is explained laboriously[✓]
05:3406:00Drive/GiveawayCookie Clicker Haiku for Desert Bus 9 ShirtStephen--
05:35--Behind the ScenesMeet Jess, who works in the prize mines--
05:3605:39DiscussionJohnny explains why he's been missing from his copilot shift
05:39--DiscussionSerge is really bad at measuring--
05:3905:40RDPRDP: Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5
05:4005:42PlugJer plugs Android App/explains problem with hibernation (get Desert Bus 2015 app)--
05:4105:43DiscussionRoll Call--
05:4105:47The DeviceDelay--
05:42--OtherWild Tara Appears! Spreadsheeter uses Pokemon Reference--
05:4505:47SkitProduce Aisle at 10 Paces
05:4805:51PhysicalTwitch Plays Matt
05:5205:53RDPRDP: Funkytown - Lipps, Inc.
05:5305:56PhysicalPillow fort building GO!
05:58--PlugMegaCynics Plug of Couch and Desk Chair--
05:5906:00PhysicalCan Matt Anti-Frump?[✓]
06:00--Drive/Giveaway$6.57 Donation Drive: Geek Kid's Lot (Raised: $XXX.XX)MystechJ--
06:0306:04MeltdownMatt Loses it over gif's of him "smiling"--
06:0506:06PlugSilent Auctions Plug--
06:0806:11PhysicalDo the Hokey Pokey with "Deep Emotional Intensity"
06:1306:14The DeviceSlippery--
06:1306:14RDPRDP: Barbie Girl - Aqua
06:14--Shame TicketLiz punished James instead of starting a Dance Party--
06:14--Shame TicketLiz disrespected her Shame Ticket--
06:1406:16SkitRoom speaks in memes
06:1706:17RDPRDP: Superman - Goldfinger
06:17--Enter/ExitEnter Thomas--
06:18--Enter/ExitExit Thomas--
06:1806:20OtherChat-based country roll call--
06:20--MilestoneDonation total is "aleet" (41337)--
06:2106:25DiscussionShawarmaspin update and explanation--
06:2506:27GameMatt & Serge engage in the most intense rock paper scissors game
06:2706:28DiscussionMia discusses her dream of becoming a space archivist (and her grad school stuff)--
06:2806:29RDPRDP: Fasten Your Seatbelt - Pendulum
06:3006:34DanceTeaching Matt the Time Warp
06:33--Enter/ExitEnter Ash--
06:35--PlugPlug silent auction items and the MegaCynics comic--
06:39--Enter/ExitEnter Julie--
06:40--PlugPlug for the Desert Bus Bundle at the LRR store--
06:4206:42RDPRDP: Hey Mickey - Toni Basil
06:43--OtherPhoto drop--
06:44--ShoutoutShoutout to Buster, Ash's Pug--
06:4406:45DiscussionTalking about puppy videos--
06:4506:48OtherResults of James' Sea Pope/Steven Universe art challenge
06:49--OtherResults of James' Cookie Clicker Haiku challenge--
06:5006:54DiscussionMore Puppycam talk--
06:5306:55SongSetting Sail, Coming Home - Bastion (performed by Jer and Tally) (this entry is a duplicate)--
06:5506:58SongSetting Sail, Coming Home - Darren Korb - Bastion (performed by Jer and Tally)
06:59--DiscussionTalking about lip syncing competitions, maybe future tournaments?--
06:5907:01DiscussionHow the length of driver shifts has changed since the first DB--
07:0107:07PlugCurrent silent auctions (sung by Matt)
07:0607:07Behind the ScenesJohnny explains how the shipping department sees the Desert Bus feed--
07:0707:09DiscussionCookie clicker--
07:10--Enter/ExitEnter Sarah--
07:10--TechnicalProcessing and others get enabled/disabled (device voice is doing strange things)--
07:1007:11SongMatt and crew sing the Steven Universe Theme Song (1st Version)
07:1207:13RDPRDP: All Star - Smash Mouth
07:12--Enter/ExitEnter Kate--
07:1407:56Drive/Giveaway$13.37 Donation Drive: Pinny Arcade DLC Pin (Raised: $3,823.82)metox01--
07:1707:18DiscussionHow to avert natural disasters and extinguish yourself if you are on fire--
07:2007:20RDPRDP: Saturday - Rebecca Black & Dave Days
07:2107:24PhysicalJames drives the bus upside down for 3 minutes--
07:21--The DeviceThe Device: Reverse--
07:21--PosterPoster Update (Fugi & Ashton Daddy Daughter Dance, Matt Anti-Frumping)--
07:25--OtherPhoto drop--
07:2507:26SkitJames plugs a donation drive as a 1920's gangster--
07:2607:27RDPRDP: Go the Distance - Big Giant Circles
07:2807:35DiscussionEverybody act their most hated movie moment
07:3407:38PhysicalFrank and Creepy Doll have a matrix fight[✓]
07:38--PlugOne red pin, one blue pin (both from Death^2) and a Lookouts pack are added to the DLC pin lot--
07:39--PrankMatt attempts to trick James into thinking he needs to take two shifts--
07:4107:44DiscussionA look at the crew's favourite songs--
07:4707:48SongSteven and the Crystal Gems
07:4807:54PlugCurrent Silent Auctions and Pin Giveaway--
07:5507:55TechnicalJohnny fixes Skull Cam Zoom--
07:55--Enter/ExitEnter Cameron--
07:5908:02Driver Shift ChangeEnter Ian as a warboy[✓]
08:0208:02RDPRDP: Fel Del Av Gården - Movits!
08:0308:04SkitMia intoduces a random song--
08:0408:04RDPRDP: Pump Up the Jam - Technotronic
08:0508:10The DeviceThe Device: Slippery--
08:0715:05Drive/GiveawayArt Challenge: Draw "The Warbus"Skylar--
08:0808:11OtherChat gives the room a bunch of adorable pictures to look at--
08:11--PlugCam plugs Silent Auctions--
08:14--Game EventPoint Get! #1 (1 in a row)--
08:16--Enter/ExitSuddenly Graham--
08:1708:19DiscussionExplanation of warboy makeup--
08:2008:22SongGraham and Jer - Epic Rap Battles - Bob Ross v. Picasso
08:2508:35StoryBaby Storytime with Graham
08:3208:42The DeviceIan engages autopilot via code--
08:3508:40DiscussionPainkiller / Anesthesia talk--
08:4008:41RDPRDP: When Will the Bass Drop? - The Lonely Island ft. Lil Jon
08:41--OtherThe Chair is dressed up as a ghost--
08:41--OtherPhoto drop--
08:4208:47The DeviceThe Device: Slippery... while autopilot is on--
08:43--PlugIan plugs the Warbus challenge--
08:4308:45PrankA weeping angel appears in engineering
08:4510:20Drive/Giveaway$8.88 Donation Drive: Unwritten RPG Lot (Raised: $6366.96)StalwartHermit--
08:53--PlugPlug for the new Android app--
08:55--PlugMatt announces a new guest caller: LeVar Burton!--
08:5708:58RDPRDP: Crank That (Soulja Boy) - Soulja Boy
09:0009:03StoryCori discusses the Warboy costume and Ian as beardless
09:0309:04DiscussionGraham talks about the Apple Watch activity timer--
09:04--PlugUnwritten RPG drive plug--
09:06--PlugSilent Auction plugs--
09:06--Enter/ExitExit Jer--
09:0909:10SongAddams Family Theme
09:09--Other^ Ian becomes Uncle Fester--
09:1109:11DiscussionAddams Family talk--
09:1209:12RDPRDP: Wild Ones - Flo Rida ft. Sia
09:15--OtherCam apologizes for Andrew putting Moby Dick in the dance party list--
09:1609:17PrankGraham tries to convince Ian that he has been driving for 3 days--
09:1709:18DiscussionDad Joke Discussion--
09:19--OtherWater Bottle admiration time--
09:2009:22ReadingGraham Shatners "Shake It Off - Taylor Swift"
09:2209:24SkitGraham explains how to do an Obama Impression
09:24--PlugUnwritten RPG drive plug--
09:2609:31DiscussionDT 6000 Live Auction plug/ Explanation--
09:3109:33OtherIan wears the skull, becomes Sans[✓]
09:3109:32RDPRDP: Mr. Snowman - E-Girls
09:33--DanceSilent dancing in back--
09:3409:34PhysicalCameron is Witnessed[✓]
09:3509:38SkitHelping Hands - Cam presents his invention: Witness Juice! (Hands by Other Graham)
09:3909:40OtherCam discovers his 5 o'clock shadow (from the spray)--
09:4109:42SongGraham sings Amazing Gilligan (Amazing Grace to the tune of Gilligan's Island)
09:4209:46SkitHelping Hands - Ben cooks chicken (Hands by Andrew)
09:47--Enter/ExitExit Mia and Other Graham--
09:4709:55SongGraham and Ian attempt to summarize Shrek to the tune of Smash Mouth's All Star
09:53--Meltdown^ Kate loses it at Smashmouth / Shrek--
09:5710:00PlugPlug for upcoming auction of Dice Tower--
10:0010:01DiscussionBrendan Tang's involvement with Johnny and the Vancouver Short Film Festival--
10:0110:11AuctionAuction: Dice Tower 6000 (Amount: $3000)mondo_titan
10:1210:15ReadingCam soothingly reads The Time Is Now (John Cena's theme)
10:12--PlugMyst Unwritten giveaway plug--
10:1610:16PhysicalGraham and Kate show their secret sibling handshake
10:1610:19The DeviceThe Device: Veer--
10:1810:19SkitIan recites a haiku about sneezing
10:1910:21TechnicalGraham explains The Device--
10:2110:22SkitSurgeon General reports on War Boy health effects
10:2510:28SkitWar Boy and Frank Socrates WWE promo
10:2810:28RDPRDP: A Drop So Badass... - Best Drops Ever
10:3010:31PlugPlug for the War Bus art challenge--
10:3112:42Drive/GiveawayDonation Drive: Foil Sheet of Battle For Zendikar Commons $13.10 (Raised: $6,379.70)No Donor Account--
10:3710:39SkitThe 10 Commandments of The Cult of The Device
10:37--PosterPoster Update (Ian the Warboy, Cam seeing his chrome-stache, matrix battle)--
10:40--OtherPhoto drop--
10:4110:42DiscussionGraham explains Burma Shave--
10:4210:42RDPRDP: I Gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas
10:4310:47SkitCameron explains why Warboy fashion is best
10:47--Prank^ The More You Know--
10:4711:08GamePronunciation Manual guessing game and Kate gets a surprise
10:51--Meltdown^The whole room - Assdonut--
10:5710:58Story^Kate explains why she didn't sleep--
11:00--Prank^Enter Dickbutt--
11:0111:07Meltdown^Kate gets dickbutt'd
11:0311:05Story^Andrew tells the story of Dickbutt--
11:04--Game Event^1st Bus Stop--
11:0611:07Story^Kate admits defeat in the Dickbutt war--
11:0711:08Song^We Are the Champions - Queen--
11:09--PlugUncut Sheet of Battle For Zendikar Commons Sheet --
11:1111:22SkitGraham as Dave's Spokesman reads AI Generated Magic the Gathering Cards[✓]
11:2311:27PlugSilent Auctions Plug--
11:2911:30OtherGraham Does the Math for 2 Weeks of Desert Bus--
11:3111:32Enter/ExitEnter Alex in full S.T.A.L.K.E.R. regalia, dressed for the wrong wasteland[✓]
11:3111:32SongEngineering plays Fallout music, also wrong wasteland--
11:32--PhysicalGiving Ian Cat Ears 'nyaa'--
11:3511:39The DeviceThe Device: Auto-Honk--
11:3511:36RDPRDP: Up We Go - Lights
11:3611:38PhysicalAerobics with Muscle Kate - music from[✓]
11:3911:40SkitMatt, everything is OK--
11:40--Enter/ExitEnter Ash with an Air Blade--
11:4411:53SkitR&J a2s2: Cam is Romeo and Matt is Juliet w/ glorious lounge music
11:50--MeltdownAlex and Matt's ladyfriend cannot handle the romance--
11:53--Enter/ExitIan enters as Captain Picard--
11:5311:54Song^The Picard Song - DarkMateria
11:5411:54PhysicalWITNESS ALEX--
11:5511:57SkitGraham as Dave's Spokesman and Alex as a Stalker read the exchange between Obi-Wan and Darth Vader
11:58--PlugUncut Sheet of Battle For Zendikar Commons Sheet --
11:5912:02SkitMatt & Meagan frump off to Pon Farr[✓]
12:03--OtherCookie Clicker Update--
12:0412:05DiscussionCameron explains why Base 10 is evil
12:0512:05SkitAlex and Cameron do the thing (uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)
12:0712:09PlugSilent Auction plugs--
12:0912:09RDPRDP: The Impression That I Get - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
12:1012:12PlugBattle for Zendikar Uncut Foil Common Sheet ($13.10)--
12:1312:13Milestone$2.5 Million lifetime achieved--
12:1412:14RDPRDP: Comme un enfant (Freaks Remix) - Yelle
12:1512:15PlugArt Challenge plug: Draw "The Warbus"--
12:1612:16SkitAirhorn noises. BEWBEWBEEEWWW--
12:1812:18SkitTea. Earl Grey, hot. (DB7 callback of Ian having Jeeves)--
12:1812:20DiscussionExplaining ShawarmaSpin--
12:2012:21DiscussionExplaining Shawarma--
12:2112:22ShoutoutWhere DB is on the Twitch most watched games - #16--
12:2212:24PhysicalIan gets a chromeover
12:2512:29SongRoom sings Always - Erasure
12:3012:33SkitEveryone loudly does the most millenial things they can
12:3312:34SkitAlex, Cam, and Graham LARP the Prayer Warrior experience
12:3512:37PhysicalEmily and John high five while clicking heels together
12:35--Enter/ExitEnter Beej as a "Blood Bag"--
12:3612:36PhysicalWITNESS BEEJ through a spatula
12:3812:39PhysicalGraham licks Ian's chromedome[✓]
12:3912:39RDPRDP: Can You Blame Me - Matt & Kim
12:4112:41DiscussionDisscussing the latest QWERPLine--
12:4515:30Drive/GiveawayDevice Backstory Challenge for PC Gaming LotKapol--
12:45--PlugWarbus Art Challenge--
12:4612:56The DeviceThe Device: Veer--
12:5012:50DanceSkeletal (Megan) dances to Spooky Scary Skeletons (Living Tombstone Remix) - Andrew Gold
12:5112:56StoryHow Graham and Kathleen got Baxter
12:5613:03SkitJulie makes Cameron (and the room [and the chat]) uncomfortable in a PG, yet NSFL manner
13:0013:00Skit^Alex becomes Dave's spokesman--
13:0313:07OtherEveryone is Sarcastic--
13:1013:16DiscussionGraham and Cam Discuss Dad Jokes
13:16--Game EventBug Splat #2 (2 in a row)--
13:1813:19SkitReading the future in Ian's chrome head
13:1913:19PhysicalHÄAGEN-DAZS! HÄAGEN-DAZS[✓]
13:2113:22SongSinging the Lore of Dark Souls to the theme of Duck Tales
13:2313:24SkitSelf Defense Desert Bus Edition
13:2813:31SkitReading Plot from TNG Season 8
13:3113:37SkitHalf-life: Full life consequences
13:3713:39PlugPlugging both the War Bus and the Name and Story for the Device--
13:3913:41PlugSilent Auction plugs--
13:41--The DeviceDelay--
13:4113:50GameCounting to 20 as a group (they got to 22)
13:4413:46Shame TicketAlex drops the F-Bomb--
13:5113:51RDPRDP: Electric Avenue - Eddy Grant
13:5113:54PhysicalBuilding a Human Cube
13:5414:58Drive/GiveawayDonation Drive: Jack Frost and Friends plushies $8.12 (Raised: $XXX.XX)D'Achangel--
13:59--CrashNerds crashes the Bus (first crash of the run)--
14:0014:01Shift ChangeBeej and Rek take over, ZETA ENGAGE
14:0014:01Song^ Crazy Train by Ozzy--
14:0114:01Shame Ticket^ Ian Crashed the Bus--
14:0314:03DiscussionExplaining about Daniel, the driver--
14:0314:04PlugGoing over the current challenges and give aways--
14:0414:04Game EventBus Stop #2 (1 in a row)--
14:0714:30SkitLATE NIGHT DUB FIGHT Part 1[✓]
14:0914:12Skit^Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue--
14:1514:19Skit^Phantom 2040--
14:2114:24Skit^Withnail and I--
14:2514:29Skit^Commercial round - Manulife Financial[✓]--
14:3014:31PlugIan plugs the Device's Voice and War Bus Art challenges and the Jack Frost plushiesD'archangel[✓]
14:3114:49SkitLATE NIGHT DUB FIGHT Part 2
14:3114:35Skit^Teddy Ruxpin--
14:3614:37CrashIan crashes again (Crash #2)--
14:3614:40Skit^12 Angry Men--
14:4014:41Shame TicketIan crashed the Bus... AGAIN--
14:4114:44Skit^Commercial round - Learning Kanji--
14:4114:41Game EventBus Stop #3 (1 in a row)--
14:4614:49Skit^Captain Pronin--
14:4914:51PlugPlugging the current drives and challeneges Warbus, Name the device, and the Jack plushies--
14:5214:53RDPRDP: YMCA - The Village People
14:5414:54SongAmazing Grace to Pokemon Theme--
14:5614:56PhysicalBeej licks Ian's entire head
14:5815:55PhysicalHuman Wheel/Windmill ...Yakety Sax ensues
15:05--Enter/ExitMatt and Meagan Exit--
15:06--Drive/GiveawayMother Merchandize giveaway $6.66 (Unknown amount raised)Marcus--
15:11--Drive/GiveawayBig Bag of Dice $7.90 (Unknown amount raised)Nereidum--
15:1915:25StoryDiscussing the orgin of Desertbus, Penn & Teller's involvement, and Child's Play--
15:20--Milestone$70,000 Raised--
15:2015:21RDPRDP: Little Wrecking Ball - Isosine
15:26--MilestoneBeat Desert Bus 2 ($70,423.79)--
15:2715:29DiscussionGraham Explains the Shift Names--
15:2915:30PlugGraham plugs the current donation drives--
15:30--Enter/ExitExit Graham (slowly), Jordan--
15:3115:31PrankBewbewbebw takes over Zeta--
15:3115:35DiscussionIan shows his Amazing Art Challenge submissions for his Warbus Art Challenge
15:36--Enter/ExitActually exit Graham--
15:3615:37RDPRDP: Whip It - Devo
15:38--Enter/ExitTotally not an enter then exit of Andy--
15:3915:40StoryKate talks about her PAX Beard, and Featherweights Comic of said Beard
15:4015:41PlugBeej talks about the Fangamer Mother lot and the Big Bag of Dice--
15:4315:43PrankKate asks Ian for a hair elastic--
15:4315:49PhysicalDriver drives upside down for five minutes--
15:4515:46SkitAlex is the protagonist trying to start a generator and running from monsters
15:4715:49PhysicalMusical Chairs
15:4915:49PrankKate feigns injury to win musical chairs--
15:4915:51SkitEveryone does Sean Connery Impressions
15:5015:51RDPRDP: Get Your Crayon - G-Dragon
15:51--Milestone$40,000 Shift total--
15:5316:00DiscussionIan talks about the winner of the Name the Device challenge, now named Daisy Interrupted
15:5415:54PlugBeej quickly plugs the mother and dice give aways--
15:5415:55RDPRDP: Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix) - OMI
15:5515:57PlugIan quickly plugs the silent auctions--
15:5715:59SkitAlex sells a chinese wor sord
16:00--OtherAndy's shift "begins"... according to the overlay.--
16:0016:04StoryIan reads the origin story of DAISy - aka The Device (Driver Ability Inhibiting System)
16:0416:05Enter/ExitAndy's Entrance, to Peter Gunn Theme (interrupted, false start)--
16:0516:05RDPRDP: Canned Heat - Jamiroquai
16:0616:07DiscussionEveryone tries to find the correct theme for Andy to enter to--
16:0816:09Driver Shift ChangeAndy finally enters wearing a Zeta Shift Shirt to the Blues Brothers Theme
16:09--Enter/ExitIan Goes Home--
16:1016:22DiscussionPicking the Football(handegg) winners for the week (Results: 5 Correct, 7 Incorrect)
16:1216:12Discussion^ Jaguars vs Ravens (Andy Called Ravens) [Actual Result: Jaguars: 22, Ravens 20; Incorrect]--
16:1216:13Discussion^ Browns vs Steelers (Andy Decrees Steelers) [Actual Result: Browns: 9, Steelers: 30; Correct]--
16:1416:14Discussion^ Panthers vs Titans (Andy Decides On Titans) [Actual Result: Panthers: 27, Titans: 10; Incorrect]--
16:1416:15Discussion^ Bears vs Rams (Andy calls Rams) [Actual Result: Bears: 37, Rams: 13; Incorrect]--
16:1516:16Discussion^ Cowboys vs Buccaneers (Andy Opines Buccaneers) [Actual Result: Cowboys: 6, Buccaneers: 10; Correct]--
16:1716:17Discussion^ Lions vs Packers (Andy Asserts Lions) [Actual Result: Lions: 18, Packers: 16; Correct]--
16:1716:18Discussion^ Dolphins vs Eagles (Andy Declares Dolphins) [Actual Result: Dolphins: 20, Eagles: 19; Correct]--
16:1816:19Discussion^ Saints vs Washington (Andy Estimates Saints) [Actual Results: Saints: 14, Redskins: 47; Incorrect]--
16:1916:20Discussion^ Vikings vs Raiders (Andy Voices for Vikings) [Actual Results: Vikings: 30, Raiders: 14; Correct]--
16:2016:20Discussion^ Chiefs vs Broncos (Andy Maintains Tie) [Actual Results: Chiefs: 29, Broncos: 13; Incorrect]--
16:2116:21Discussion^ Patriots vs Giants (Andy Expresses Giants) [Actual Results: Patriots: 27, Giants: 26; Incorrect]--
16:2216:22Discussion^ Cardinals vs Seahawks (Andy Announces Seahawks) [Actual Results: Cardinals: 39, Seahawks 32, Incorrect]--
16:2918:46Drive/GiveawayThe Slayer - Calligraphy Piece - Vampire Art ChallengeHotliquidjello--
16:2916:29Shame TicketRek said a bad word on stream--
16:3216:32SkitAndy reads the Calligraphy then Andy does Sean Connery
16:33--Drive/GiveawayTableTop Prize Pack $6.00 (raised $1470)King Chronos--
16:3616:38SkitLive-action Fatal Frame with Andrew, Alex, Beej
16:38--Milestone$3,000 Shift total--
16:3916:41Physical"Gentle" Couch Cushion removal race--
16:41--Enter/ExitAndrew Exits--
16:41--Milestone$90,000 Yearly Total--
16:4216:42Enter/ExitEnter John Cena[✓]
16:42--CrashBus Crashed by John Cena (Controller was partially unplugged) (crash #3)--
16:4316:43RDPRDP: Belleville Rendez-Vous - Les Triplettes de Belleville
16:4716:47MeltdownTrying to debug the controller when Beej realises it's unplugged, momentarily QWOPs--
16:4816:49DiscussionExplanation of "Pimping" as an improv practice--
16:5016:50PrankAlex is a Coxswain for Andy while driving--
16:5016:52SongMazinger Z Theme, and Beej can't participate
16:5316:55SongAndy Sings La Marseillaise
16:5617:00SkitBeej reenacts the Keanu Reeves movie Speed in less than 3 minutes using the "bodies" of others
17:0117:06PlugAndy plugs the current Silent Auctions--
17:0717:07PlugCookie Clicker Check in--
17:0717:10PhysicalCreepy Doll and Dickbutt push-up contest
17:09--CrashAndy Crashed Again (Crash #4)--
17:1117:12PhysicalEveryone learns Zeta Shift War Dance--
17:1217:13MeltdownKate forgets the John Cena standup is there--
17:13--TechnicalAndy resets again, entered the wrong driver name--
17:14--DanceCrew practices the Zeta Shift War Dance--
17:1517:16DanceCrew does the Zeta Shift War Dance
17:1717:18DiscussionKate shows off her tattoos--
17:1817:21PlugAndy plugs the current giveaways (with cubit measurements!)--
17:1817:20DanceA tribal healing dance is performed to remove a chat member's food poisoning
17:2117:21RDPRDP: Watch Me (Whip/NaeNae) - Silento
17:2117:27GameThe floor is lavaflashstorm
17:2217:27DiscussionZeta Shift, what should I do on the first day of a new job?--
17:2717:28DiscussionDesert Bus roll-call--
17:2817:33SkitEveryone gives fake introductory speeches about each other
17:3217:33SkitAustralian accented crew action fun GO!--
17:3417:40M-M-Multi Challenge!Impromptu X challenges in Y minutes
17:3417:37Dance^ Kate dances, nay, waltzes with John Cena, then Dickbutt cuts in (Cena takes Alex and isn't bitter at all)--
17:3617:40Physical^ Andre and Rek arm wrestle--
17:3617:37Physical^ Matt gently builds a pillow-fort around Andy--
17:3617:38Dance^ Alex gets handsy with John--
17:3617:37Skit^ Andy reads the Slayer caligraphy in a welsh accent--
17:3717:40Skit^ Everyone compliments each other's face and body--
17:3917:39MeltdownKate can't handle talking to Cena--
17:40--Enter/ExitKate goes to sleepz--
17:4117:41PhysicalHugging kate--
17:4117:41PlugKate says that there's a new DBBTS Vlog--
17:4117:42SongAndy casually sings Book of Love by Peter Gabriel--
17:4417:45DiscussionBen talks about helping Ian shave--
17:4517:45SkitI'm Not A Fig's Plucker, I'm A Fig Plucker's Mate tongue twister performed by Beej
17:4617:55SkitAndy is once again the Arstotzkan Border Guard, guarding access to Las Vegas
17:4617:46PlugAndy plugs the Dyson AirBlade in a ballpark announcer voice--
17:5717:57PhysicalAlex gets his money back--
17:5718:01SongAndy sings "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong. Louis Smash Mouth Armstrong.
18:0120:20Drive/GiveawayMonster Hunting Mug - Dinosaur Sonnet ChallengeHunterEsq--
18:0218:03RDPRDP: Shining Star - Earth, Wind & Fire
18:0718:09ReadingAndy rattles off "How Can I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day" off the top of his head
18:1118:11RDPRDP: Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell - Das Racist
18:1318:14SkitAlex Rides Dickbutt into the sunset--
18:1418:15SkitAlex gives MLGPROStratz for speedrunning Desert Bus--
18:1518:15SongAndy and Alex sing Singing in the Rain--
18:1518:16RDPRDP: La Bamba - Ritchie Valens
18:1818:19DiscussionAlex, Thomas and Heather all have the same hat (they forgot about John)--
18:1918:23DiscussionListing of the rooms Favorite MTG Basic Lands--
18:2318:26ReadingAndy does the Doctor's stirring war speech as West Country Doctor Who
18:2718:28DiscussionBeej asks everyone the Blade Runner tortoise question--
18:2818:29SkitAlex enacts peacefully meeting an antagonist in Undertale
18:28--MeltdownAlex breaks when seeing Skeleton Matt's pose--
18:3018:31DiscussionAlex talks about his skull--
18:3118:31Enter/ExitDale Enters--
18:3218:38SongAndy sings Tucson Or Bust, with chorus from the room
18:3818:42SongAndy sings Come Ride With Us
18:4218:47PlugBeej plugs the silent auctions--
18:4818:50DiscussionAndy talks about the vampire homelands, west of Albuquerque, north of Sudan--
18:50--Milestone$4500 shift total--
18:5018:51RDPRDP: Move Your Boogie Body - The Bar-Kays
18:5118:54Video/ImageAndy shows some of the vampire art submissions and announces the winner
18:5419:00ReadingDo You Like Green Eggs And Ham - Doctor Seuss (read by Dale and Andy)[✓]
19:00--Drive/GiveawayA38 Wireless Headphones $8.38 (Raised $1634.10)Lord Fraximus--
19:0219:02PrankAlex Badgers beej about his tummy rumbling--
19:0219:04DiscussionAlex discusses the address and google mapping the Moonbase (please don't do that)--
19:0519:08SongSide by Side - Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin (performed by Beej and Andy)
19:05--Enter/ExitExit Andre--
19:07--CrashAndy crashes on the right as he's busy singing (crash #5)--
19:0719:09PrankAlex states that after three crashes the driver is killed--
19:1119:13ReadingDale reads a thank you message from Justin Bieber's autobiography
19:1519:22ReadingDale and Andy read The Raven, by Edgar Allen Poekingculta
19:2219:22RDPRDP: Let's Dance - David Bowie
19:22--Enter/ExitBrandon Leaves--
19:2419:30PlugSilent auctions get plugged by an Andy--
19:2519:26MeltdownAlex just lies on the floor--
19:3019:32SkitBeej attempts to court John Cena at a coffee shopSimon
19:3219:58DiscussionImprov tips with Beej and general discussions about theatre and improv
19:5820:02GameAlex and Ben play Change, with Beej on the bell
20:02--Enter/ExitEnter James and Paul and Serge--
20:02--Shift ChangeDawnguard begins--
20:0420:08DiscussionCookie clicker explanation, cookie clicker is using half the cores of a production machine--
20:09--OtherJames gets to know the giant Dickbutt a little closer--
20:0920:11DiscussionTalk about the transformation of Ian--
20:1220:14PhysicalBeej and Paul air-sword fight "Dawnguard En Garde!"
20:1520:16PhysicalDickbutt and Beej fight in Mortal Kombat, Dickbutt wins by FATALITY
20:1720:19DiscussionWrestling finishers--
20:1920:20RDPRDP: Don't Leave Me This Way - Thelma Houston
20:2120:22PlugHeadphones drive plug--
20:2320:28DanceBeej dances to Drop the Bass by Skrillex
20:2920:30DiscussionPaul makes a good insult without cursing--
20:3320:39SongPaul leads the room in a rousing rendition of Barrett's Privateers
20:33--Enter/ExitExit Ben, Andy returns to driving after a long absence--
20:3920:40DiscussionPaul tells the story about Barrett's Privateers--
20:4220:45ReadingAndy reads the runner up and winner of the Dinosaur Sonnets
20:4921:57Drive/GiveawayDonation Drive: $7.15 Star Wars Dark Side Painting (Raised $1022.45)JackJL--
20:5323:59Drive/GiveawayDesert Bus Star Wars Droid art challenge to win fangamer shirtchiropteraboy--
20:5420:58PlugShowing off the D&D giveaway lot--
20:5821:04PlugSilent auctions rundown--
21:0521:05DiscussionThe room discusses Bus Cam and Desert Bus, The Game™, and how boring and terrible it is--
21:0521:08SkitThree dinosaurs having a tea party
21:0821:11SkitAndy gives a preview of his new morning show, Sobering Up with Andy!
21:11--CrashAndy crashes again, on the left. He was not sober yet. (crash #6)--
21:1321:14DiscussionCrash discussion--
21:16--Enter/ExitBeej and Alex head out--
21:1621:18PhysicalAndy relates the 7 deadly sins using only facial expressions[✓]
21:1921:27SkitDale and Andy perform Who's on First?
21:2721:27Prank^Smash cut to John Cena--
21:2821:33PlugPaul shows off the Star Wars Dark Side Painting and Andy explains the DB Droid art challenge--
21:3521:36SongPaul sings the Dawnguard theme song improvised to the tune of the imperial march--
21:40--DiscussionCookie Clicker discussion--
21:4021:41RDPRDP: Baby Got Back - Sir Mix-A-Lot
21:4321:44SkitAndy does his best impression of a Scottish person--
21:4521:47DiscussionAndy Explains why he crashed so much--
21:4721:47Shame TicketAndy is shamed for crashing 4 times - issued by Serge--
21:4821:49DiscussionJames reads off the Shame Tickets issued so far--
21:4921:49DiscussionWeather Recap--
21:5221:53PlugKelly explains her method for painting the Dark Side painting--
21:5721:58DiscussionShwarmaspin Update/Explanation --
21:5922:05PlugShowing off the D&D giveaway lot, and the box that it comes in.
22:0822:09RDPRDP: Log Driver's Waltz - Kate & Anna McGarrigle
22:0922:12PhysicalThings on Paul's head
22:1322:13SongAndy sings "The Dictionary"--
22:1422:15DiscussionCouch roll call--
22:1522:21SkitEveryone rides trees down the river while the Logdriver's Waltz plays
22:17--Enter/Exit^ Literally A Log.--
22:21--Enter/ExitThe log goes barreling down the white water and out of the Lunar Module, Enter 'Bis--
22:2222:23OtherSerge has to pick up all this bark--
22:2522:25DiscussionPaul's DB dream--
22:2622:29SongRandom wikipedia page sung to the tune of the Imperial March
22:2922:31SongDawn Guard song lyrics
22:3122:31RDPRDP: Cotton Eye Joe - Rednex
22:3222:32RDPRDP: Good Time - Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen
22:3222:33RDPRDP: Hula Hoop - Omi
22:3622:38DiscussionDiscussion of back wall decorations--
22:3922:41SongPaul sings the Dawnguard Theme Songkraest
22:4322:45SongAndy sings "I Don't Want to Set the World On Fire"
22:4322:45Dance^ Thomas slowdances with PresidentDonaldTrumpAllOneWord--
22:4522:45RDPRDP: Hold Your Colour - Pendulum
22:4623:11The DeviceThe Device - Reverse--
22:5022:55SongDale sings Hellfire from Hunchback of Notre Dame
22:55--TechnicalDesert Bus loses chat connection--
22:5822:58RDPRDP: Twist And Shout - The Beatles
22:59Drive/Giveaway$5.55 donation drive for WOTC D&D Pack (Raised: $8030.85)Sir Spud--
23:0023:00OtherJames broke the glass from the D&D giveaway
23:02--Shame TicketJames Shamed for The Breaking of the D&D Glass - issued by Serge--
23:1123:11Milestone100K Get! What is even happen.--
23:1223:12RDPRDP: Vogue - Madonna
23:1423:15RDPRDP: Everybody (Backstreet's Back) - Backstreet Boys
23:14--OtherDale's got a butt--
23:1723:19SkitAndy does a dramatic reenactment of James breaking the glass
23:2123:22RDPRDP: Shatner of the Mount - Fall On Your Sword
23:2223:22RDPRDP: Go Speed Racer Go - Ali Dee & The Deekompressors
23:2223:23RDPRDP: Hollaback Girl - Gwen Stefani
23:2323:23RDPRDP: Goody Two Shoes - Adam Ant
23:2423:24RDPRDP: It's A Small World - Disneyland Children's Chorus
23:2423:25RDPRDP: Bacon Pancakes in New York - Marcus Coronel
23:25--OtherJames breaks more things - ripping the hair off of Frank, the hair is now on dickbutt--
23:2523:26RDPRDP: Find You - Zedd Ft. Matthew Koma & Miriam Bryant
23:2523:26DanceFrank and PresidentDonaldTrumpAllOneWord--
23:3023:32Physical10 people drive the bus in 1 minute
23:3123:21DiscussionCouch roll call--
23:3323:35PhysicalAndy attempts breakdancing, first while driving the bus, and then while not - turns into pushups
23:38--Enter/ExitExit Dickbutt, with Billsmom--
23:3923:40TechnicalJohnny talks about adding more mics--
23:4023:41RDPRDP: Wake Me Up - Avicii
23:40--Enter/ExitExit James, to grab another Mic from the Moonbase--
23:41--Enter/ExitExit Dale--
23:4223:44PlugPaul Plugs the D&D Donation Drive--
23:45--Enter/ExitExit Thomas--
23:4723:55DiscussionSerge does judge rulings on the roborosewater cards -
23:5623:58DiscussionAndy talks about the winners and Runners Up of the Design a Droid contest
24:00--MilestoneDay changeover!--