DesertBus 5* - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 5 - Day 3

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
48:00--Driver Shift ChangeBill's driving shift starts--
48:0048:24GuestVeronica Belmont call-in / interview / Q&A
48:16--Game Event^ POINT! (#6) 6 IN A ROW! PT/CR updated to: 6/0 - by Bill--
48:22--$5 Facts^ Veronica's Fact: Turtles like to eat pumpkin pie filling--
48:23--$5 Facts^ Veronica's Bonus Fact: You can trick cats into eating medicine by putting it in pumpkin pie filling--
48:24--FoodUberBeth brought them home made roast beef--
48:30--Food10 Pizzas from TheHelicopterDigger Arrive! (along with an entire flat of pop!)--
48:3148:34Video/ImageClassy image of Freddie Mercury appears on the overlay--
48:3348:33OtherJames returns to report on MLP: it's booring, make a better show (chooses team Pinkie Pie)
48:33--OtherMikey (Neumann) is watching in the chat--
48:34--FoodThe 5 Pizzas from Hix shows up--
48:36--FoodPasta just arrived as well--
48:38--FoodPeanutbutter CornFlake Cookies also arrived--
48:3948:42DiscussionSetting up the Bill's Mom stories group challenge--
48:43--Enter/ExitEnter Greg--
48:4548:46DiscussionDaniel wants a group picture with everyone--
48:4648:51DiscussionQuestions from chat while everyone is eating
48:5148:52$5 FactsSmallLady's fact: To speed changing the roof of the legislature to green in Victoria they had horses pee on it.
48:5248:55DiscussionTalking about the Bill's Revenge Iron Stomach video
48:5649:02Video/ImagePicture time with Daniel (Kroze takes the picture) (then ashton)
48:5749:02OtherDaniel drives for the picture--
49:0249:34OtherUberBeth drives for at least 30 min (for a challenge)--
49:03--Video/ImageDaniel takes a picture with the chat--
49:0549:12SongEveryone sings Stop Forwarding That Crap to Me by Weird Al s/crap/bus/g (Very Badly Dong)
49:1249:15DiscussionReviewing current pending challenges--
49:1549:22GuestJeff Green call in / interview / Q&A - Part 1 (Call Freezes)
49:23--TechnicalThey try to call Jeff back, and get the answering service--
49:2549:27DiscussionDear Dr. Uberbeth--
49:2949:33SongKroze - sings The Doctor is Dying by Chameleon Circuit
49:33--Enter/ExitExit Jer to go sleep (finally)--
49:33--Enter/ExitExit Liz to go sleep--
49:3449:38PhysicalLeelee, Kate - 2 girls one controller, upside down
49:38--OtherBill resumes driving--
49:3849:56GuestJeff Green call in / interview / Q&A - Part 2
49:46--Enter/Exit^ Exit Matt and James to go watch Twilight--
49:50--$5 Facts^ Jeff Green's Fact: Plants vs. Zombies was initially going to be called Lawn of the Dead, but changed because of licensing issues.--
49:51--$5 Facts^ Jeff Green's Fact: There is a back story to Bejeweled.--
49:56--Enter/Exit^ Enter Mia--
49:5649:57PlugReminder about the current silent auctions--
49:5850:01DiscussionQuestions from chat while waiting for Yahtzee to call in
50:0150:43GuestYahtzee Crowshaw call in / interview / Q&A (He is a Cat today, followed by a surprise)
50:25--$5 Facts^ Yahtzee's Fact: John Partic Lowery (TF2 Sniper) is married to Ellen McClain (GlADoS)--
50:2750:38Auction^ Live Auction - The Mega Zero Punctuation Prize Pack - Winner: DrBobnerAwesome for: $2005DrBobnerAwesome
50:36--Video/Image^ Yahtzee (animated) appears on the overlay--
50:4750:51SongKroze sings Mighty Morphin Power Rangers theme
50:5451:38OtherGraham takes over engineering so Alex can eat--
50:5551:44Drive/Giveaway$5 challenge for: [A Girl's Guide to Dating a Geek, Andre Curse, Introductory Calculus for Infiants] XOR ZP Prize pack [Imp, ZP T-Shirt, Imp Hoodie]KaPool, Olen--
50:5850:59PlugMikey Neumann call-in (tuesday at fo [canadian for 4pm])--
51:0051:56TechnicalGraham destroys the overlay (they finally fix it by killing Skype)--
51:0251:17StoryStory time with Bill's Mom
51:0251:06Story^ Bill's Mom - Story #1: The First time she realized bill doesn't think like normal people.--
51:06--Achievement^ Magic Pocket (Bill's Mom tells a story about Bill)--
51:0751:10Story^ Bill's Mom - Story #2: If you found money in their house you could keep it....--
51:1151:13Story^ Bill's Mom - Story #3: "The Shoe Story"--
51:1351:17Story^ Bill's Mom - Story #4: LRR Started in Her Basement...--
51:1751:19DiscussionThe creepy Bill dolls from DB3
51:1951:20ShoutoutKyle (who is doing a Halo marathon)
51:20--ShoutoutBill's Mom's brother runs a Harley shop in Vermont--
51:2351:23DiscussionDie Hard is the best Christmas movie--
51:2551:26DiscussionOther internet shows that "ripped off" Man Cooking
51:2651:31DiscussionQuestions from chat
51:3151:32GuestJames - Skype from Twilight
51:32--TechnicalSkype hoses all the audio levels (because Skype is horrible)--
51:3351:37DiscussionBill and Ian take even more questions from chat
51:34--PlugPlug from Ashton about the Bill story challenge, everyone wants to hear the story behind the picture--
51:3751:40DiscussionDiscussing current challenges with Kathleen--
51:40--Enter/ExitExit Ian to go sleep--
51:4551:46OtherChallenges open for a minute to refill the pool--
51:4751:49PlugPlug for the burret for NCRrecon that Brent made (live auction)--
51:5451:55SongEveryone - sing Happy Birthday to Borelan (who is died Aug 4, 2011) [he would have been 36 today]
51:55--ShoutoutJackslack loves Duckay--
51:57--Enter/ExitExit Ashton to go sleep--
51:5851:59ShoutoutEvilJim donated an extra $100 for the prize he won last year (made by Chemistring) because it was so nice
51:5952:01StoryStory from Bill #1: Experiment: everyone is sheep
52:02--PlugChemistring currently has a scarf up for silent auction--
52:0252:05StoryBill's Mom - Story #5: Photo of "bill pen"
52:05--Enter/ExitExit Kate and Kara to go sleep (now that stories are over)--
52:07--ShoutoutEncourgement donation from a chat member--
52:07--Enter/ExitExit Bill's Mom to go sleep--
52:0752:26SkitScenes from the Chat (amateur version) Graham is Clive Anderson
52:08--Skit^ Scene 1: Swamp Monster at a 7-11--
52:08--Skit^ Scene 2: Batman ordering a Pizza from the Joker.--
52:09--Skit^ Scene 3: Things you say about the bus but not your Girlfriend.--
52:09--Skit^ Scene 4: Phoenix Wright defending someone of a DB related crime.--
52:0952:10Skit^ Scene 5: What the plansewalkers are doing in the decks of cards.--
52:10--Skit^ Scene 6: Sean Connery playing as a penguin in a Happy Feet movie--
52:10--Skit^ Scene 7: Professor Layton at a Party--
52:1052:11Skit^ Scene 8: What Rosco is thinking right now--
52:11--Skit^ Scene 9: A Ninja Actually Meets a Pirate--
52:12--Skit^ Scene 10: Kroze meets Fluttershy--
52:12--Skit^ Scene 11: Famous Movie Profanity censored with Bus--
52:1252:13Skit^ Scene 12: Darth Vader shares father sun time with Luke--
52:13--Skit^ Scene 13: Bill is trying to eat your favorite thing--
52:1352:14Skit^ Scene 12: The Dr. Meets Bill & Ted--
52:14--Skit^ Scene 13: TV ads that never made it to TV--
52:14--Skit^ Scene 14: The Birth of Bill--
52:15--Skit^ Scene 15: What CapCom really thinks of their MegaMan fans--
52:15--Skit^ Scene 16: Jeremy Clarkson on a Normal Day--
52:16--Skit^ Scene 17: Billy Mays advertising for Viagra--
52:16--Skit^ Scene 18: Final thoughts of the DB Bug--
52:1652:17Skit^ Scene 19: D&D spells that aren't worth learning--
52:17--Skit^ Scene 20: The Most inopportune time to get clubbed--
52:17--Skit^ Scene 21: What Yahtzee was thinking during the Q&A--
52:1752:18Skit^ Scene 22: Jeremy Clarkson reviews desertbus--
52:18--Skit^ Scene 23: Link after saving Hyrule--
52:19--Skit^ Scene 24: Awkward times to mention you have a genital disease--
52:19--Skit^ Scene 25: Things you don't want to know about your grandparents--
52:19--Skit^ Scene 26: Dragon shouts in completely mundane situations--
52:1952:20Skit^ Scene 27: Reasons Alex isn't allowed at Disney Land anymore--
52:20--Skit^ Scene 28: What Kathleen found in the back of the fridge--
52:21--Skit^ Scene 29: What Matt & James really did when they said they went to see Twilight--
52:21--Skit^ Scene 30: How dubstep is really made--
52:2152:22Skit^ Scene 31: The longest Burger King order ever--
52:22--Skit^ Scene 32: Christopher Nolan directs the My Little Pony movie--
52:2252:23Skit^ Scene 33: Harry Potter as an old man--
52:23--Skit^ Scene 34: Henchero from Fist of the North Star has a romantic encounter--
52:23--Skit^ Scene 35: Inopportune times for the inception BWAAAAA--
52:23--Skit^ Scene 36: Frank West covers an actual war--
52:2352:24Skit^ Scene 37: Weird Places to do dubstep--
52:24--Skit^ Scene 38: Things that should never be slutty costumes--
52:2452:25Skit^ Scene 39: What's really going on on the sofas in the back of the room--
52:25--Skit^ Scene 40: What the founding fathers would really say if they were transported to the current time--
52:26--Enter/ExitDoctor Vancouver leaves to get on a boat to Vancouver--
52:2852:32SongGraham preforms: Frontier Psychiatrist by The Avalanches
52:2852:48DrawingKathleen does a live drawing of Things My Cat Hates - part 1
52:30--Enter/ExitEnter James, Matt, & KingKool (from Twilight)--
52:3352:42StoryMatt, James, KingKool - Return from Twilight (Breaking Dawn - part 1), report on findings
52:4652:47SongCarmen Sandiago acapella dubstep + top hat & Monicle
52:4852:53SongBaby Got Back by Sir Mix-A-Lot
52:5453:01OtherBill hands off driving to Mia who hands off to Daniel (so he can drive before he leaves)--
52:5452:56DiscussionMore talking about the horrid Twilight movies
52:5652:57SkitGraham - as Ripster (from Street Sharks) [Anything goes challenge]
52:58--OtherKathleen has a limited (pre-run) of the DB5 shirt (from Fangamer) just for Daniel--
52:5853:01StoryDaniel - Things to say before he leaves
53:0253:05OtherBill gives the driving over to Matt so he can clean his glasses--
53:0453:05Enter/ExitExit Daniel, his brother, his mom, and his dad (to go home)--
53:07--PrankMatt (who took over engineering) wears a fez now--
53:09--AuctionLive Auction for NCR 1st Recon Beret (made by Brent) [failure, bidbot is broken]--
53:17--Game EventBugsplat! (#7)--
53:1953:27PlugDesert Bus iOS/Andriod app showoff (all the proceeds go to DB) [It adjusts the time according to where you are!]--
53:2554:38DrawingKathleen does a live drawing of Things My Cat Hates - part 2
53:27--Enter/ExitExit Graham to go get a HDD so he can edit a video.--
53:3053:33SongEveryone sings Friend Like Me from Aladdin
53:34--Enter/ExitEnter Beej, he is alive once more!--
53:3653:39SongEveryone sings I'll Make A Man Out of You from Mulan [again]
53:4254:04AuctionLive Auction for NCR 1st Recon Beret (made by Brent) [try #2] Winner: WarHamster_40k for: $1100WarHamster_40k[✓]
53:4253:49Song^ Fury of the Storm by Dragonforce (for bidding backing music)--
53:4954:04Song^ Super Smash Bros. Music (to finish out the auction)--
53:56--Technical^ BidBot dies, auction continues old-school--
54:01--Other^ Pig Swedened starts[✓]--
54:05--Enter/ExitExit Mia to go sleep--
54:0754:08PhysicalAlex will make this pen disappear! (if you don't pay for your magic challenge)
54:1154:11Shoutout are donating everything they make during the run to DB
54:1254:15DiscussionGeneral discussion / milling about--
54:1554:33PhysicalAlex, Jamie (from England), King Kool - "Magic" Tricks busker time!
54:27--PosterPoster update v3:
54:28--Enter/ExitBrent returns (from getting food)--
54:2954:37OtherAlex drives so Bill can food--
54:3354:36PosterThe crew notices the new poster (v3 )--
54:3654:37OtherTally (completely independent of Mike) Made a BidBot plushie that is nearly identical to the one on the poster[✓]
54:3854:45DanceDance party to One More Time by Daft Punk (with camera filters)--
54:4554:46ClubbingMatt clubs Alex with a tiny club on his way out of the engineering seat
54:4854:51DanceTally, Kathleen, Small Ian, Greg, Jason - Chicken Dance
54:53--Enter/ExitGraham returns so he can edit Monday's video--
54:5455:02PrankEveryone - Secret Challenge (Everyone treat Alex Like a Kitty till he figures out what is going on)
54:5554:59SongEveryone sings Don't Stop Me Now by Queen
55:0355:04SkitLeeLee, Kathleen - Recreate a Strip from The Name Game
55:0555:06SongEveryone - sings the opening theme to My Little Pony Friendship is Magic[✓]
55:0755:14GuestSpecial guest Jar Jar Binks arrives for Q&A
55:11--OtherJar Jar offically endorses Team Kroze--
55:14--OtherThey're a bit late on the auction scheduled for "10pm(ish)" (it's 1:15am)--
55:15--PrankAre you seeing this ish!? (on the overlay)--
55:1555:19PlugPac-Man Pillow auction (it glows in the dark!) [they're only 3(ish) hours late on the auction]--
55:1855:19$5 Facts(another LeeLee fact): Space Invaders was not designed to increase speed after enemies died, but did because the game could process faster because of fewer entities on the screen.
55:17--PrankWe W-ish you to bid on this (on the overlay)--
55:1955:23DiscussionChecking to see if people who submitted challenges (that are paid for) are around--
55:24--OtherChallenges open for 30 seconds to re-fill the challenge pit--
55:2555:27DiscussionReviewing the new challenges that came in--
55:2755:29GameAlex, Jamie - "Magic" Tricks busker time! - part 2
55:31--Enter/ExitExit small Ian to go have a nap--
55:32--OtherJenga setup time. -- suspended for auction time--
55:3355:42AuctionLive Auction - Sweet Space glow-in-the-dark Space Invaders pillow - Winner: ABagOfVicodin for: $1005ABagOfVicodin[✓]
55:4256:12GameJENGA time! (Alex, Andre, Greg, and Brent) - END: 29 high; Winner: Alex; Tower Killer: Brent
55:5455:55Physical^ Pat your head & rub your stomach (while not playing JENGA)--
55:5756:00Song^ Random music (Plaid - Eyen) Kathleen likes while JENGA continues--
56:0156:05Song^ More Plaid - Sincetta while JENGA continues--
56:0656:14Song^ Unbank - Plaid--
56:1256:14Other^ JENGA cleanup time--
56:1556:15PhysicalAlex engages MAXIMUM JAUNT
56:18--Game EventPOINT! (#7) 7 IN A ROW! PT/CR updated to: 7/0 - by Bill--
56:1856:19SongEveryone sings the Animaniacs theme song
56:21--ShoutoutKroze says hello to SgtPepper's friend in his Discord (from MLP) voice--
56:2256:25Enter/ExitExit Matt to go sleep--
56:2256:24PhysicalTally assaults Matt (she found out Neil Gaiman is calling in @ 10am and he didn't tell anyone)
56:27--Enter/ExitExit Tally to go sleep (so she can be up for the Neil Gaiman call-in)--
56:2856:31SongEveryone sings Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down (with Beej on Guitar)
56:3257:13Drive/Giveaway$5 challenge (6 winners!) for: [Xbox360 games lot] xor 5x[DL code for Tiny Invadors for iOS] & BGC Impostor Nostaliga for Everyone!Peter Chordash(x3), The Program5(x2), DeadpanLunatic--
56:35--DanceKathleen does a random Kathleen dance to further the drinking game & give everyone alcohol poisoning--
56:36--DiscussionRandom questions from chat while Alex parses challenges--
56:3656:41DrawingJamie (from England) begins drawing on the whiteboard (and later gives up)--
56:3856:39DanceEnter Kathleen Dancing again, to further damage livers.--
56:4356:46SongEveryone sings "Ahead By A Century" by Tragically Hip (with Beej on guitar)
56:4656:47FoodAlex comes in with licorice for everyone--
56:5056:54SongBeej - sings When You Dream by Barenaked Ladies (while also playing guitar)
56:55--PlugReminder about the current $5 challenge--
56:57--Milestone$118,000 on the nose!--
56:5957:13OtherKroze (little dragon according to Bill) drives for a bit so Bill can take a break--
57:0157:04SongEveryone sings Little Bones by Trgically Hip (with Beej on guitar)
57:0457:07Physicaleveryone on one leg for 2 minutes while Beej plays guitar
57:0757:11StoryKroze talks about how much he loves MLP: Friendship is Magic for 3 minutes (for $110)
57:0857:22DrawingAndre starts drawing on the whiteboard--
57:15--Plugthe new Checkpoint is up on PATV--
57:1657:17Discussion"Sounds like my first time" replacing "that's what she said"--
57:1757:18DiscussionSpreading auctions & people out for a more balanced DB--
57:1857:23DiscussionQuestions from the chat
57:2357:52DrawingLeeLee takes over the dry erase board & switches off with KingKool
57:2357:24OtherChallenges open for a minute to refill the pool--
57:24--DrawingLeeLee drew a penguin!--
57:2657:28SongDance mix of the Checkpoint theme that Bradly Reins did (with camera filters!)
57:2857:29ShoutoutBradley Reins (for being awesome)
57:2957:30PhysicalGraham is a crazy monkey in a fez? (challenged by someone)
57:29--DrawingKingKool drew a "dragon" (Snowman)--
57:32--PlugCurrent silent auctions--
57:3357:52DiscussionBEES! & questions from chat & Anime discussion--
57:33--DrawingLeeLee drew a "snowman" (Big Dragon)--
57:3757:38DrawingLeeLee drew another "snowman" (Little dragon screaming NOT THE BEES!)--
57:42--DrawingLeeLee drew "Skull Chan"--
57:52--DrawingLeeLee drew "LRR Chan"--
57:5257:53SongThe Bus (Z) Team (A-Team theme)
57:54--Video/ImageLeeLee is shown WARGARBEL for the first time--
57:5459:08Drive/GiveawayArt challenge: Draw: LRR Tan (do a better job that LeeLee) [judged by LeeLee, not really] - TARDIS Bookmark & Pong PillowMicheal Siddens--
57:56--Shift ChangeThe 3rd night shift starts (The Z(ed) Shift)--
57:5958:01SongEveryone sings: The Kids Are Not All Right by The Offspring
58:0158:03DanceEveryone dances to the extended version of: The Zero Punctuation opening theme
58:0558:07SongEveryone sings Men In Tights from Robin Hood: Men In Tights
58:0758:08Enter/ExitExit Graham, Kathlee, and LeeLee to go sleep--
58:0758:07OtherKroze asks if they have degraded in to team Zeta, Greg corrects him that it's team Z(ed)
58:09--OtherBeej tags out Alex so he can participate in JENGA - round 2 (a $200 challenge)--
58:1158:27GameJENGA - round 2 (Alex, Andre, Greg) - END: 27 High, Alex Loses, Greg wins
58:13--Plug^ Reminder about the current Art challenge--
58:1558:27Discussion^ Bill takes questions from chat while JENGA happens--
58:2358:26Other^ JENGA cleanup time--
58:25--OtherSetting up a ($600) group challenge for a full 1/2 hour of Derpline--
58:2758:28DiscussionThe donation total for the Kroze - Ashton slashfic (goal of 1k) is now at 16K!--
58:2958:33SongEveryone sings Last Saskatchewan Pirate (with Beej on guitar)
58:3558:36PlugReminder about the current art challenge--
58:3758:40DanceDance to the Interlude to Attack Attack by Stick Stickly -
58:4258:44DiscussionBeej explains "The Superhero Game" (an improv game)--
58:4458:47SkitThe Superhero Game - with Herp a Derp Man (Alex)
58:45--Skit^ Enter: The Tangereen (Beej)--
58:45--Skit^ Enter: Commander The Bum (Greg)--
58:46--Skit^ Enter: The Green Apple Kid (Kroze) [who finally solves the problem]--
58:49--PlugShowing off the next $5 challenge [Scene It (360), Fable III(360), Too Human(360), Transformers Cybertron Adventures (wii)]--
58:5258:54DiscussionBill takes questions from chat--
58:5458:56DiscussionListening to "A Pirate I was Meant to Be" (from Monkey Island) to see if they can do it--
58:5759:03SongA Pirate I Was Meant To Be from The Curse of Monkey Island (with Beej making up the song on guitar)
59:0559:07DiscussionChallenges open for a bit (at Bill's request)--
59:0759:08DiscussionLRR Tan winner announced:
59:0959:13DiscussionAlex explains challenges--
59:1559:58Drive/Giveaway$5.16 challenge for a MET Hat & 3 360 games and 1 Wii game (child's play giveaway #2)morgul9--
59:1859:24DiscussionReviewing new challenges that came in--
59:2459:26SongKroze, Bill, Jason, Greg sing The Big Bang Theory intro full song by Barenaked Ladies
59:27--PlugReminder from Beej about the $5.16 challenge--
59:2759:35DiscussionReviewing more of the new challenges & Bill takes questions from chat--
59:3359:48PhysicalBill gets a "Tower of Power" (4 hat stack) for 10 minutes--
59:3559:40ReadingDramatic readings of the opening scroll from A New Hope in French
59:3559:36Reading^ Greg - A Dramatic reading of the scroll from A New Hope in French--
59:3659:37Reading^ Beej - A Dramatic reading of the scroll from A New Hope in French (morphs in to french Sean Connery)--
59:3759:38Reading^ Alex - A Dramatic reading of the scroll from A New Hope in French (Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sweedish chef, Christian Bale)--
59:3859:40Reading^ Beej - A Dramatic reading of the scroll from A New Hope in French (Christopher Walkin, JFK, Jean Chrétien)--
59:4059:41DiscussionDeciding who is in the dance-off--
59:4159:42PlugReminder about Derpline & the current $5.16 challenge--
59:4259:48DanceKroze & Alex - Dance off to Take Five by The Dave Brubeck Quartet (Alex wins) [chat declares Rosco the winnner]
59:49--Milestone$119,119 total!--
59:4959:50PlugReminder about the 3 silent auctions ending in the next 10 minutes by Kara--
59:49--OtherAlex tags Beej out at the Engineering desk--
59:5059:53DiscussionReviewing more challenges--
59:5459:58SongKroze, Greg, Kara - A Man's Gotta Drive (A Man's Gotta Do remake)
59:56--Enter/ExitEnter Ian looking ready for his driver shift--
59:5960:02SongGreg, Jason, Ian(Kazoo) - sing Six White Boomers (Busses)
60:0260:03Driver Shift ChangeBill hands off driving to Ian (Driver #4)
60:03--PhysicalGroup hug for Bill (first year he didn't crash on his shift, for the first time ever)--
60:03--DiscussionWhat's on Greg's shirt?--
60:04--Enter/ExitEnter Paul who congradulates Bill on not crashing--
60:0660:09SongBeej plays Classical Gas on his guitar
60:0960:13SongEveryone sings Bycicle (Desert Bus / Busicle) by Queen
60:1360:14DiscussionThere is a $1000 group challenge to get Ian to shave his beard (as a down payment for Graham's beard shaving)--
60:1460:43SkitAlex - Derpline on 109.9 The Derp Line
60:15--Skit^ Caller 1: Ian (who REALLY needs to quit smoking)--
60:1660:17Skit^ Caller 2: Paul asks "Why are Bees?"--
60:17--Skit^ Caller 3: Antonia asks: Does Ray still work in a print shop?--
60:17--Milestone$120k even!--
60:1860:20Skit^ Caller 4: Ian asks: Dear Dr. Derp how does one court a gentleman?--
60:1860:19Skit^ Caller 5: Andre asks: Can he have his sister back?--
60:21--Skit^ Guest: World's tallest man (Bill)--
60:22--Enter/ExitExit Bill to go sleep--
60:2260:24Skit^ Caller 6: Beej: (old man) who wants to hurt somebody--
60:2460:26Skit^ Caller 7: Andre: Wants to know what the best cure for the hiccups is--
60:26--Skit^ Caller 8: Beej (who has some sort of emergency) --
60:2660:27Skit^ Caller 9: Beej (who has some sort of emergency, again)--
60:27--Skit^ Caller 10: Andre (from Australia)--
60:28--Skit^ Caller 11: Kara (who is a small child)--
60:2860:30Skit^ Caller 12: Andre (who has a problem with his CDs not fitting on his CD rack)--
60:3060:31Skit^ Product Placement #1 - Crunky Kids--
60:3160:33Skit^ What is in my hand segment #1 - Small tin labelled Orange Sours Natural Flavor Candy--
60:33--Skit^ What is in my hand segment #2 - The sands of time--
60:33--Skit^ What is in my hand segment #3 - More calls (the prop phone)--
60:3460:35Skit^ Caller 13: Beej (DOG calls in)--
60:3560:36Skit^ What is in my hand segment #4 - A gun--
60:3660:37Skit^ Caller 14: Ian (a drunk french man) & Kroze (who is being squished by him)--
60:3760:38Skit^ Caller 15: Beej (who needs Dr. Derp to listen)--
60:3860:40Skit^ Producer Jeremey (Andre) steps in, they have been getting complaints--
60:39--Skit^ Caller 16: Bob (who is a doink, who eats cheese sandwiches)--
60:4060:42Skit^ Caller 17: Beej / Ian (DUNKEE)--
60:4260:43Skit^ Caller 18: Kroze (calling Princess Celestia)--
60:43--Physical^ -- Beej quickly dresses Dr Derp (Alex) as Discord from MLP--
60:43--Skit^ Outro by Andre--
60:44--StoryBeej will never tell us what is actually in his tin--
60:4661:33Drive/GiveawayArt challenge: Draw Dunkee the Donky on his iPhone doing day trades for: A Big Bag O' Dice! & what's in Beej's tinCuthroat-M'Loy--
60:4960:56GameAndre, Greg - JENGA round 3 - The Final Round (with dramatic music) - End Height: 23 & 2/3 - Winner: Greg
60:5460:56PlugReminder about the current Silent Auctions by Paul--
60:57--Enter/ExitExit Alex to go sleep--
60:5761:00PlugReminder about the current art challenge--
61:0061:15GameAndre, Greg - 30 High Jenga Challenge [Failure at level 28]
61:0161:04Discussion^ Informing Paul about what happened over night--
61:0861:14Song^ Tetris wubstep to help out with the JENGA tension--
61:0961:10Discussion^ They are falling behind Jer in the driver comparison chart, this CAN NOT STAND--
61:1062:06Drive/Giveaway$19.17 challenge for: Graveborn (all foil full 60 card set) Entire foil M12 Russian setShiinaBat--
61:1362:00OtherIan will also talk in a Russian accent till the challenge finishes.--
61:15--OtherJENGA cleanup time (again)--
61:1561:17DiscussionChat member wants Beej to try and learn Ecstasy of Gold--
61:17--Enter/ExitEnter James --
61:18--Enter/ExitExit Greg & Antonia to go sleep--
61:18--Game EventBUGsplat! (#8)--
61:1861:39GameAndre - 30 High Jenga Challenge [re-try] - Success! level 31 before tower collapse
61:2161:23DiscussionBBC is better than CBT --
61:23--Enter/ExitEnter DamnitLiz--
61:2361:27DiscussionIn less than 3 hours Neil Gaiman is calling in--
61:28--FoodLiz brought Coffee and Bagles--
61:2861:32OtherPaul drives so Ian can go judge the Dunkee art challenge.--
61:3161:32DiscussionIan asks for Beej's help judging the Dunkee challenge--
61:3361:34DiscussionWinner of the Dunkee the Donkey art challenge announced:
61:3661:39PlugReminder about the $19.17 challenge & why Ian is talking in a Russian accent--
61:4061:42PlugReminder about the current silent auctions by James--
61:4361:44PlugHow to donate for the $19.17 challenge--
61:4461:45TechnicalPaul fixes JENGA cam back to driver cam--
61:4861:52DiscussionDuring year 3 they had 14 points when Bill crashed, the totals are SLIGHTLY different this year with 1/2 the time
61:5461:57OtherChallenges open again for a minute to fill up the pool--
61:5762:01DiscussionDiscussing the new challenges--
61:58--PlugReminder about the $19.17 challenge--
61:5861:59SongParody of All I Want made up on the spot by Ian and Beej
62:0262:05PlugUpcoming Live Auction - 4 glass Portal Coasters--
62:06--Enter/ExitEnter Ashley --
62:0862:23DiscussionJames, Paul - Open up the old Ask LRR thread and answer questions [again] -
62:10--Discussion^ Question 1: Have you guys ever seen The New Pornographers in concert? From: Chfan--
62:1062:12Discussion^ Question 2: Have you ever thought of a donate button? From: 8bitmaster--
62:1262:14Discussion^ Question 3: Which of the crew have iPads? What are your thoughts on them now compared to when they were announced? From: Keab42--
62:14--Discussion^ Question 4: Which members of the crew have seen or will go see Scott Pilgrim or Tron Legacy? From: Jack--
62:1462:16Discussion^ Question 5: Who would win in a fight: You, or the person sitting to your right? From: The Amativeness--
62:1662:17Discussion^ Question 6: Are you ever going to do the cocktail challenge from the August 15, 2007 podcast? From: Skystryke--
62:1662:17PrankKroze fell asleep, so he woke up to a creepy doll next to him.--
62:1762:18Discussion^ Question 7: What did you build this city on? From: Master Gunner--
62:1862:19Discussion^ Question 8: Are you reading this on the 16th October 2011? From: Zagzag--
62:1962:22Discussion^ Question 9: 1. What is the most amazing place you've ever been? 2. What is the one place in the world that you want to visit? From: DaMage--
62:2262:23Discussion^ Question 10: Do you guys enjoy relish? From: Bynine--
62:2362:40AuctionLive Auction - 4 glass Portal Coasters - Winner: MelkorTheMage for: $1200 MelkorTheMage
62:4062:41Enter/ExitExit Andre to go sleep--
62:4462:47PhysicalBuild a pillow fort around James - All Hail the Chicken Fort!
62:4862:51SongEveryone sings the Community theme
62:51--Enter/ExitEnter Small Ian--
62:5262:53SongJames and Kroze do the Community - La Biblioteca Spanish Rap [failbus]
62:5463:00SongEveryone sings Saga Begins by Weird Al Yankovic (with Beej on guitar, and Ian on kazoo)
63:0063:01DiscussionJames REALLY doesn't like Fluttershy (From MLP)--
63:0363:04DanceJames Dances to My Little Pony Friendship is Magic theme while Kroze sings it
63:0463:05Physical3 Person human pyramid (Paul, Kroze, Small Ian)
63:0763:10SongTruck Drivin' Song (truck replaced w/ "bus") by Weird Al Yankovic
63:1063:11SkitEveryone re-enacts a scene from Star Wars with Paul as Darth Vader
63:1163:18PhysicalThings on James' head
63:2063:25OtherPaul drives so Ian can go full bore on the singing challenge--
63:2063:24SongIan sings Fablous Secret Powers He-Man parody
63:2663:31SongPaul sings Gypsy Rover [again]
63:27--Enter/ExitEnter Johnny--
63:31--OtherJohnny tags Beej out at the engineering desk--
63:3563:37SongEveryone sings Hero of Canton (the Man They Call Jayne) from Firefly [again]
63:4163:42FoodPaul's dad shows up with cool Bus Bread!
63:41--Enter/ExitEnter Cory & Paul's Dad--
63:42--Enter/ExitExit Paul's Dad to go upstairs with the bread--
63:4363:44Discussion"How many challenges have they done so far?" (9 pages at 30 per page, 270 challenges)--
63:4463:46DiscussionBeej Makes Faces of Cars, Beej's new web-series
63:4663:47PhysicalJump up and get down! (James makes Kroze)
63:4763:53DiscussionRandom questions from chat
63:49--Enter/ExitEnter Jamie (from england)--
63:5163:55PrankJames takes over the tech desk, he's gone MAD with power--
63:52--Enter/ExitEnter Cam & Dale--
63:5163:54SongEveryone sings Hockey Night in Canada
63:5463:56SongAll the Canadians - sing O'Canada
63:5763:58SongBeej plays The Moon Theme from Ducktales (NES) on the guitar to "tease chat"
64:00--Enter/ExitEnter Ashton--
64:02--Enter/ExitEnter Hat Girl--
64:0264:26GuestNeil Gaiman call-in / interview / Q&A
64:19--Game Event^ POINT! (#8) 8 IN A ROW! PT/CR updated to: 8/0 - by Ian (Short Bill)--
64:2264:25$5 Facts^ Neil's Fact: Bee Space (2 Bees wide): What allows commercial bee keeping to happen.--
64:2264:25$5 Facts^^ Lorenzo Langstra discovered the exact space for the slats in modern bee hives to be spaced.--
64:2264:25$5 Facts^^^ He never recieved any money for it.--
64:2564:38DiscussionDisscussing the Neil Gaiman call-in--
64:39--ShoutoutPenny Arcade did a blog post about DB5 -
64:40--ShoutoutSam & Fuzzy did a comic about DB5 today -
64:4064:47DiscussionRandom milling about waiting for the next call-in--
64:47Drive/Giveaway$6.66 challenge for: Transformers War for Cybertron (PC), Too Human (360), Scene It! (360), Dr. Who Bookmark, Neil Gaimen Bookmarkmadrak_the_red--
64:5264:55DiscussionRandom question from chat for a bit--
64:5564:56PlugReminder about what is in the $6.66 challenge--
64:5664:57PlugPlug for
64:5764:59TechnicalJohnny decides to play with the boom mic--
64:5864:59PlugJames demands you donate for Team Ashton--
65:0265:54GuestMovieBob call-in / interview / Q&A
65:22--Enter/Exit^ Enter Matt--
65:28--Enter/Exit^ Enter KingKool--
65:32--Enter/Exit^ Enter Fugi--
65:33--$5 Facts^ MovieBob's Fact: This highest grosing live action family film ever is The Muppet Movie--
65:34--$5 Facts^ MovieBob's Bonus Fact: Chipanzies and Humans share 98% of the same DNA--
65:5465:55PlugReminder about the $6.66 challenge--
65:5565:59OtherCam drives for a bit so Ian can take a break--
65:56--Enter/ExitA (somewhat) rested LeeLee appears!--
65:58--Enter/ExitExit Dale--
66:01--Enter/ExitEnter Graham in a "I thought what I'd do was I'd pretend to be one of those deaf-mutes" mask--
66:04--Video/Image"I thought what I'd do was I'd pretend to be one of those deaf-mutes" .gif appears on screen--
66:0466:07DiscussionSteve Dengler wants 10 additional chapters of the Dengler and Butts storyline and will pay $100 a chapter
66:0466:07OtherSend in Chapter 1 of Dengler and Butts - They Fight Crime to contest@--
66:0666:17Video/Image"I thought what I'd do was I'd pretend to be one of those deaf-mutes" .gif appears on people's heads--
66:07--Enter/ExitEnter Ash--
66:07--Enter/ExitEnter Tally--
66:0766:16ReadingKroze, Ashton, Fugiman - Read the Kroze/Ashton slashfic[✓]
66:1766:19PlugPlug for the upcoming Mythbusters based live auction "to give Ian's shift a bump"--
66:21DiscussionReviewing current pending challenges--
66:22--PrankSomeone stealth drew a Creepy Doll on the whiteboard.--
66:2366:25DrawingHat Girl starts drawing on the whiteboard, it's a Dengler and Butts reminder
66:2666:30TechnicalJohnny messes with the microphones some more--
66:28--Enter/ExitEnter Tim--
66:30--PlugHat Girl reminds people about the Dengler & Butts challenge (via the whiteboard)--
66:3466:35OtherGraham shows off Tally's BidBot on SkullCam--
66:3566:36PlugShowing off the upcoming Mythbusters auction--
66:3666:46AuctionLive Auction - Mythbusters lot "The Jamie Hyneman Pack" - Winner: Riger for: $1009Riger
66:42--Other^ MythBusted (for breaking 1k during an auction) starts--
66:4666:47PlugJames reminds people about the facebook challenge he's trying to complete.--
66:4766:52PlugReminding people about the upcoming Ken Steacy lots that happen tonight--
66:4867:01Video/ImageAnimated gif of Guybrush Threepwood appears on the overlay (was a challenge)
66:53--PlugTally informs us about the upcoming call-in and auction that comes with it--
66:53--AchievementRight in the Face (1000 likes on a facebook post)--
66:5366:54PlugDesertBus fleece throw made by Tally's mom--
66:5566:57PlugHat Girl reminds people about the Dengler & Butts challenge again--
66:5766:58Milestone#Team Ashton is $200 ahead of Team Kroze!--
66:5867:02DiscussionQuestions from chat for a bit--
67:0267:31GuestSam Logan from Sam & Fuzzy call-in / interview / Q&A
67:12--Other^ Sam is Team Ashton (because he conducted his wedding and knows where he hosts)--
67:1767:19Other^ Ian catches Graham up on the 2 previous facts--
67:18--Enter/Exit^ Enter Morgan--
67:19--$5 Facts^ Sam's Fact: Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles was the higest grossing Independant film at the time it came out.--
67:2267:23Plug^ Sam plugs his upcoming auction (Yoshi riding Mario & a Tanooki Plumber shirt)--
67:2367:29Auction^ Live Auction - Custom Painting by Sam of Yoshi Riding Mario and a Tanooki Plumber T-shirt - Winner: DoctorVancouver for: $750DoctorVancouver
67:29--Enter/Exit^ Buster! (Ash's dog) --
67:3167:32ReadingGraham reads of Dengler and Butts: They Fight Crime - part 1 (of 10) -
67:3267:33PlugReminder about the Dengler and Butts challenge (from Steve)--
67:3367:36ReadingPaul, Everyone - reading of Dave's Prayer from the LRR video Outbid
67:3667:39DanceGraham, Leelee, everyone - Dance to: Lonely Boy by The Black Keys--
67:3867:39TechnicalJohnny crashes the overlay--
67:3967:41PlugReview of the current silent auctions--
67:41--PrankSmash cut to bleached white skull--
67:4267:43PrankAsh: Everyone go read my comic ( ) or she will kill the puppy.
67:4367:44Shoutoutthings my cat hates (Kathleen's comic)
67:45--PrankGraham is glad Alex brought in this fan, it's cool--
67:4567:48DiscussionBuster fun times & minor milling about --
67:4867:55StoryStory time with Ian: The Story of His Hat & other Japan stories
67:5467:55Other^ Graham learns about Dunkee the Donkey--
67:5668:02DiscussionHow crappy the Marvel Canadian heroes are--
68:0268:48SkitGraham is Canada Man!
68:0468:14AuctionLive Auction for: Desert Bus fleece throw made by Tally's Mom - Winner: dave_random for: $1277dave_random
68:1769:09Drive/Giveaway$19.72 challenge for: Astro Mix-Amp & Battery Packkedge--
68:18--Plug2 Watercolor's by LeeLee to be auctioned around 3ish--
68:21--PlugDengler & Butts chapters reminder by Hat Girl--
68:22--Enter/ExitExit Buster--
68:2268:23DiscussionKen's stuff is awesome & other things--
68:2368:24PlugReminder about the $19.72 challenge--
68:2668:28PlugIan has a crush on Chris Cashman (the next call-in)--
68:3069:01GuestChris Cashman (from 1 vs 100 on Xbox Live) call-in / interview / Q&A
68:5868:59$5 Facts^ Chris's Fact: Pomegranate will stain everything--
69:0169:02PlugReminder about the $19.72 challenge--
69:02--ShoutoutPhil Plait - badastronomy blog (who is calling in later)--
69:0269:03PlugCurrent silent auctions--
69:0369:06DiscussionBeej has some housecleaning to do with chat--
69:0669:07PlugLeeLee has art to auction off!--
69:1069:12PhysicalEveryone does: Zuiikin' English - Hasta la vista, baby! -
69:1269:16PhysicalEveryone does: Zuiikin' English - Take anything you want -
69:1869:20ReadingHat Girl reads Chapter 2 of Dengler and Butts - They Fight Crimejoshuanovack
69:2069:21ReadingHat Girl reads Chapter 3 of Dengler and Butts - They Fight CrimesimonAJ
69:21--Game EventBugsplat! (#9)--
69:21--PlugReminder from Hat Girl to send in Dengler and Butts chapter 4--
69:23--Enter/ExitEnter Kathleen--
69:2369:26OtherRandom milling about --
69:26--ShoutoutHi to Harrison Krix (who is in chat)--
69:2669:29DiscussionQuestions from chat for a bit
69:27--ShoutoutTo today's LRR video:
69:2969:31DanceEveryone dances to the dubstep remix of I Like Trains:
69:3169:36PhysicalJames wears as many costume pieces as possible - Total of 31 items worn
69:3669:37OtherBill's Mom calls Bill's phone (which is still at DB, Bill is at an unknown location)--
69:3869:46GuestLeeLee Scaldaferri drives for her auction--
69:3869:40PlugPluging the auction that is about to happen for LeeLee's art--
69:4069:45AuctionLive Auction for: Who Would Win in a Fight & Batman Ice Cream – original art by Leelee Scaldaferri + Sketch by leelee - Winner: Jacks_Depression for: $1000Jacks_Depression
69:4069:45Song^ LeeLee wanted Katamari Damacy music for her auction--
69:43--Enter/ExitEnter UberBeth--
69:43--Enter/ExitEnter a dancing Kathleen, DRINK!--
69:5069:52SongEveryone sings the Discovery Boom-De-Yadda song (with Beej on guitar and Ian on kazoo)
69:51--Africa!AFRICA (by Kathleen)--
69:5169:54DiscussionDiscussing the possibility of pending challenges--
69:5469:55PlugTalking about the upcming MTG:O live auction that has 4 of everything in standard in it.--
69:55--PlugSilent auction for an orig. piece of Inistrad art donated by Kathleen--
69:57--Africa!AFRICA!!! (by Ashley)--
69:5869:59Video/ImageThey watch the Discovery shark-de-yadda:
70:0070:32PhysicalKathleen gets to give Ian a makeover (was challenged to makeover anyone she wanted)--
70:01--Enter/ExitEnter Bill's Mom--
70:03--Enter/ExitExit Bill's Mom--
70:0370:04DiscussionJames asks Ian if he wants to do a 24 hour shift next year--
70:0470:09OtherJohnny starts driving while Ian gets changed--
70:0470:06SongBeej starts playing Lola (by The Kinks) on his guitar while Ian gets changed
70:09--Enter/ExitEnter Ian, dressed all pretty like--
70:1070:14DanceEveryone dances to: Man I Feel Like A Woman by Shania Twain
70:10--Africa!AFRICA!!!!!!!! (by Ashley)--
70:1270:14TechnicalOverlay breaks --
70:12--Africa!AFRICA!!!! (by Ash)--
70:13--Africa!AFRICA!!! (by Kathleen)--
70:15--Enter/ExitExit Beej to go sleep--
70:1570:19OtherChallenges open to fill the queue back up--
70:15--Africa!AFRICA!!!! (by Ashley)--
70:16--Enter/ExitEnter Brent--
70:1670:17PlugFangamer has currently sold 271 DB5 T-shirts--
70:1770:18PhysicalKathleen starts uncontrollably coughing (solved by spilling some club soda on her)--
70:1970:20PosterPoster update! to v4: ( ) - The First coloring--
70:2270:23DiscussionIan takes questions from chat (causes a bus crash) [still wearing the cursed red dress, of course]
70:22--Crash^ Crash #1 PT/CR updated to: 8:1 ( exactly 2 hours away from point #9 ) [ Ian attempts to hang himself with his tie ]--
70:2470:25TechnicalOverlay crashes, again--
70:2470:25TechnicalIan starts playing the wrong game, this is NOT Buzz Bombers for Hope!--
70:27--TechnicalBack on the road again.--
70:2770:28DiscussionThe dress is cursed!--
70:2870:30PosterFugi shows Ian & then Graham the new poster preview on his laptop--
70:30--Africa!AFRICA!!! (by ashley)--
70:3070:36DiscussionDiscussing the new challenges--
70:3270:38OtherCori drives while Ian goes to get changed out of the cursed dress--
70:3470:36TechnicalOverlay crashes, again--
70:3670:47PhysicalHats for EVERYONE, (different hats)
70:3970:40PlugReminder from Hat Girl to send in Dengler and Butts chapter 4--
70:4270:47ReadingMatt does a dramatic reading of The Night Before Christmas while Kathleen (as Judge Lady Pimpsanta) and UberBeth act it out
70:43--Africa!AFRICA!!! (by Ashley)--
70:4670:48SkitGraham tops off the Reading with the Feed Dump ending
70:4770:49TechnicalJohnny crashes the overlay, AGAIN--
70:4771:42DrawingLeelee - Draws the request drawing from her auction - Qbone trying to wake up a Snorlax with his bone
70:48--AchievementDon't Stop Me Now! (for Ian crashing the bus)--
70:48--Enter/ExitEnter Jer--
70:50--Africa!AFRICA!!!! (by Ashley)--
70:5370:54OtherJames & Small Ian drive while Ian fixes the command computer--
70:5471:00DanceMatt and James slow Dance (Matt is the girl according to chat) to: I Don't Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith
70:59--Prank^ James gives Matt a kiss on the cheek as they part--
71:00--Africa!AFRICA!!! (by Ashley)--
71:0171:02DiscussionJer interviews Ian on why he crashed--
71:0271:03DiscussionAuction cancelled for the MTG:O turns out they can't do that (cancelled by Wizzards)--
71:0371:06PlugReplacement Auction: From the Vault: Complete Collection (Legends, Relics, Exiled & Dragons, 15 Foil cards each)--
71:30--Enter/ExitEnter Andre--
71:0671:12AuctionLive Auction for: From the Vault: Complete Collection (Legends, Relics, Exiled & Dragons) - Winner: phlip for: $2300phlip
71:0671:08Song^ Magic by Selena Gomez (causes Graham to loose it)--
71:11--Enter/Exit^ Enter Alex & Jess--
71:1371:15DiscussionFollow up interview with Ian by Jer about crashing the bus
71:1471:16DiscussionDear Dr. Question times--
71:1671:17PlugDesertbus 5 Sun Catcher (upcoming live auction)--
71:17--ShoutoutLeeLee's tumblr:
71:18--Enter/ExitExit Paul for the night--
71:19--PlugPlug for the current Silent Auction Inistrad art (donated by Kathleen)--
71:1971:21DiscussionDear Dr. Question times - part 2--
71:2071:21DanceRandom Kathleen dance to encourage the drinking game--
71:2271:24ReadingHat Girl reads: Dengler and Butts - They Fight Crime - Chapter 4 - J
71:2371:26ReadingHat Girl reads: Dengler and Butts - They Fight Crime - Chapter 5Trisha Lynn
71:2672:02Drive/Giveaway$13.37 challenge for: MTG: Graveborn premium deck series Foil set of M12 in Japaneese xor Escapist T-shirt & DB5 Dice Bag xor 5 download codes for Impostor NostaligaAthatar, ShiinaBat, Juliamon, secretshadow, Mr_Jangles, ShowerBeer, care_bear--
71:28--PlugIf over 140k before Ian's shift ends special 64k song--
71:2971:30SongHappy birthday to Sid (Ashley's dad)
71:32--DanceRandom Kathleen Dance, Drink!--
71:3271:35PlugShowing off the Rare cards from the Foil Japanese set--
71:38--OtherNotch shows up in the chat (he found internet just laying around)--
71:3871:40SongTally sings: The Happy Healing Song
71:4071:41DanceKathleen - random dance until 140k, completely overshoots and gets 141k--
71:4071:50DrawingLeelee - Draws Matt as Gannondorf--
71:41--MilestoneYear 3 ( DB03 - 2009 - $140,449.68 ) surpassed!--
71:41--Africa!AFRICA!!!! (by Ashley)--
71:4271:43DiscussionAlex just got off the phone with his dad, he is bringing even more stuff!--
71:4371:46PlugReminder about the current $13.37 challenge--
71:4771:49PlugDB5 sun catcher --
71:4971:59AuctionLive Auction - Desert Bus 5 suncatcher - Winner: SpaceCore for: $1250SpaceCore[✓]
71:5972:00DrawingLeeLee finished her Matt as Gannondorf drawing
71:59--PlugReminder about the $13.37 challenge by Johnny and Ian--
72:0072:01Driver Shift ChangeMorgan (driver #5) takes over driving from Ian--