DesertBus 5* - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 5 - Day 2

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
24:00--Driver Shift ChangeJer takes over driving for James--
24:01--DiscussionTitus the Fox, Jer has to play it--
24:0224:06DanceDancing to the Nyan Cat dubstep
24:0224:02ClubbingJames clubs Jer with a tiny club behind Rosco
24:02--Enter/ExitExit Paul to go sleep--
24:03--PrankMatt refuses to dance because "chat let him down"--
24:06--OtherIan tags out Johnny on Engineering duties--
24:09--OtherAlex tags Ian out and takes over Engineering--
24:09--OtherDengler takes a picture of the 3 Ash's (Ash, Ashton, Ashley) and everyone else there--
24:1024:10ReadingGraham reads Cave Johnson's Lemmons Speech from Portal II
24:10--PrankJames wrote a "script" for fixing BidBot--
24:1224:14DanceEveryone dances the Macarena
24:12--Game EventPoint! (3rd point in a row!) PT/CR: 3/0--
24:1524:20SongEveryone sings Africa by Toto [ IT BEGINS :-( ][✓]
24:1524:20Africa!^ Multiple people scream AFRICA!--
24:16--Enter/ExitEnter Beej--
24:20--Enter/ExitExit Kroze and Hat Girl (Ruth) to go sleep--
24:2024:22SongAfrica Dubstep remix testing
24:2024:22Africa!^ Multiple Africa!(s) from Ashley--
24:22--OtherJohnny tags Alex out to prep for call-in--
24:2324:24DiscussionTeam Ashton vs Team Kroze Update: Team Ashton: $9,242.92 Team Kroze: $22,089.90--
24:2424:26GuestJohn Scalzi call-in try #1 (failure)
24:29--PrankLiz asks Graham to strech for time, ON CAMERA--
24:29--GuestJohn Scalzi call-in try #2, They call John's wife by accident (John's fault)--
24:3024:33FoodKim brought crazy food from the import store to try! Turns in to an Iron Stomach donation challenge--
24:3324:53GuestJohn Scalzi call-in try #3, not his wife this time
24:4725:15PhysicalJer begins driving with his feet so Rosco can 'drive'--
24:53--Enter/ExitExit Nicola and Mitchel to go sleep--
24:53--DrawingAlex's voice is hosed, so he will be drawing tonight--
24:54--Enter/ExitIan tags out Johnny on Engineering duties--
24:5525:15Drive/GiveawayNano-Rhino story challenge 100-word story: Citrus based explosive, a small rhino, & some sort of title (mr. duke, etc) 1st prize: PS3 copy of DJ Hero, & Bag of Assorted games (Xbox & PC)Dillan & JD--
24:5824:58DrawingAlex drew a bus!
24:5925:03SongPerforming Andy's Tucson or Bust video
25:0325:04PlugReminder about the Nano-Rhino 100 word story contest--
25:0525:06DanceSing & Dance to the "Bad Case of Diarreha" song for $250
25:0825:09SongEveryone sings the Camp Krusty theme song
25:09--PrankAsh starts monkey grooming Kim, thus starting a monkey grooming line--
25:1225:15PhysicalAlex & Taka have an Air guitar battle & sing to AC/DC's Highway to Hell (featuring Ian Horner on Kazoo)--
25:1625:18OtherChallenges open for a minute to fill the pool back up--
25:1725:18SongKathleen leads the room in an a cappella Jeopardy song for the minute challenges are open
25:1925:19PlugJer tells where / how to submit challenges (for next time)--
25:1925:21PhysicalJer dons his Dinosaur Hoodie that Tally made for him[✓]
25:20--OtherSteve "sweeten's the pig" again (delivers a ham sandwich for Jer & everyone else) --
25:2125:22DiscussionJust who the hell is Beej (and Ian)--
25:2425:27DiscussionDear Dr. time (lots for Daniel)
25:2725:33DiscussionGeneral discussion / discussing the new challenges while food is consumed--
25:31--DiscussionWhy summoning Cthulhu is a bad idea--
25:33--Plug(sumbitted challenge) $1 per milestone pic for $56K--
25:3825:39ReadingGraham reads a passasge from: Steven Fry, A Bit of Fry & Laurie
25:4025:40StoryHappy Birthday Hiku from Beej to a chat member
25:4125:44PhysicalEveryone must Watch a live preformance of Caramelldansen and remain expressionless, except Graham -
25:4625:48ReadingKate reads the 100 word Nano-Rhino story winners (Dillan & JD)
25:4925:50PlugReminding people that the poster will be avaliable this year--
25:5125:52DiscussionWho is Taka? (again)--
25:5225:55PrankA small creepy doll appears on the screen near Jer, it does not take long to be noticed
25:53--Other^ Happy Birthday to Chris--
25:5325:54PlugReminder about the Iron Stomach challenge donation incentive--
25:5526:23GuestSteve Butts from The Escapist calls in
26:11--Plug^ LeeLee (who draws Name Game) will be there tomorrow!--
26:1326:19Reading^ First reading of Dengler and Butts: They Fight Crime - Dengler and Butts - They Fight Crime - Prologue
26:1926:19Clubbing^ Alex clubs Jer with a club he duct-taped under a tophat
26:2126:22$5 Facts^ Steve Butts' $5 Fact: The Panda is actually a giant racoon not a bear
26:24--DiscussionJer asks the chat for "what the poliece code is for when 2 terrorists try to stop the DB" code 404 wins--
26:2527:00Drive/Giveaway$4.04 challenge for: Mini Cthulhu iPad sleve & DB5 patch & Pirate Patch, and if we hit 56k will summon Cthulhu(no name) - Holien--
26:27--PlugWeird food Kim found Iron stomach challenge--
26:2826:32SongThe room sings Jonathan Coulton's First of May
26:3226:36GuestSachielOne is there from Ottawa by bus! (Op for the Escapist Minecraft server) chat has challenged him
26:3526:36Other^ SachielOne declares his love for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (for $50)--
26:3626:37OtherAlex gives his best "Panties" in his ruined voice
26:3826:40ReadingGraham does a dramatic reading of: Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll
26:41--PlugThey are $150 away from their Iron Stomach challenge of the horrible things Kim bought and $75 away from Cthulhu--
26:4226:42ClubbingIan clubs Kim by sticking a tiny club to her cop hat
26:42--Other^ Kim sweetens the Iron Stomach pig by offering to go get some horrible licorice--
26:4326:43ClubbingJohnny clubs the entire room by showing them the club Bubble game :
26:4426:47SongJer and Tally sing: On The Rise from Dr. Horrible
26:47--Milestone56K! (now they have to summon Cthulhu)--
26:4726:48AchievementTwo heads are better than one (for Jer and Tally singing together)--
26:49--Video/ImageThey show Taka the Kitty Crapshot video--
26:4926:50DiscussionTeaching Taka about the Kitty game
26:50--Other$40 for the 56K art challenge (they got 40 milestone pics)--
26:5126:52DiscussionDeciding who is going to be kitty--
26:5226:55GameNappa (Taka) determines who is Kitty!
26:5526:56ClubbingKitty (Matt) clubs Nappa
26:58--OtherNo in-person pickups this year!--
26:5927:02OtherSummoning Cthulhu[✓]
27:01--PrankBaby Cthulhu appears on screen, is then scared off by Creepy Doll[✓]--
27:02--Enter/ExitEnter Kristin from Child's Play!--
27:04--Enter/ExitEnter Jamie from Child's Play!--
27:04--PrankThey fire the smoke machine up for a "cool enterance"--
27:05--Enter/ExitExit Kristin and Jamie to go sleep--
27:0627:07Prankand now hardcore derping on the overlay: D|___________|RP--
27:09--DiscussionWhat happened to Alex's voice? Asbestos Cigars!--
27:10--Enter/ExitExit DammitLiz to go sleep.--
27:1027:11OtherDrawing the $4.04 challenge winner--
27:1427:17GameA nice game of Hot Club (hot potato but with a club, only people who hate club soda allowed)
27:1627:16Clubbing^ Alex looses the game of Hot Club--
27:1727:35PhysicalIron Stomach Challenge with random food from Chinatown! (that Kim found)
27:28--FoodRandom guy in a Batman shirt shows up with a bunch of Pizza for the crew--
27:3527:44FoodMorgan's brother Josh has $100 challenge for Morgan: EAT AN ENTIRE CAN OF MARMITE
27:37--Prank^ Morgan now has to eat an ENTIRE JAR of Marmite--
27:37--Other^ If he finishes it, as a reward his brother will supply him with cookies during his driving shift--
27:4027:44Food^ Bill & Greg decide to help Morgan out and has a spoonfull of marmite with him--
27:46--Enter/ExitEnter Chris (long time DB volunteer since DB-1)--
27:47--Plug~$200 away from 500k lifetime!--
27:4727:54PhysicalIan becomes a Weeping Angel (viking version) from Dr. Who
27:4827:49Plug^ Showing off the Signed W00tstock poster for the upcoming live auction--
27:5027:51Plug^ Kathleen's Persona Lover's Super Pack--
27:51--Milestone^ 500k lifetime!--
27:51--Milestone^ Matt has to go see Twilight!--
27:5227:54DanceLightswitch rave with camera filters to LRR Techno remix by daks:
27:5427:57SongBeej begins playing the remix on his guitar, will be backing music for Kathleen describing the giveaway
27:5428:17Drive/Giveaway$5 challenge for: books by: Omi M. Inouye - A Girl's Guide to Dating a Geek & Introductory Calculus for Infants & Andre Curse & 5 additional winners get Impostor NostalgiaIcePick, [OG, KenBower, Tofum, QuillPaw, IcePick]--
28:0028:04SongTally & Beej (guitar) - A Musical Apology by Christine Lavin sung to Jer
28:0528:06DiscussionGraham says no one should propose to someone else at DesertBus, Ashton immediately proposes to him
28:0628:07ReadingSachielOne declares his love for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, again, and more verbosely (for $135)
28:0828:11PlugReviewing the Silent Auctions--
28:1128:15PlugReminder about the $5 challenge prize(s)--
28:1628:17DiscussionThe chat memeber ( JoelChenFa ) who won the Sam & Fuzzy comic last year used it to propose--
28:1928:20PhysicalIan Adds the Mustache to the Skull--
28:2128:27AuctionLive Auction for Signed w00tstock poster (post auction sweetened with all the patches & buttons!) - Winner: BillTheCat for: $750BillTheCat
28:30--Enter/ExitAsh remembers she has to leave imediately (to avoid Beyoncé)--
28:3028:34DanceAll the ladies + Alex in a wig (to fill in for Kim) dance to: Single Ladies by Beyoncé
28:3628:40SongAlex & Taka lead the room in Du Hast by Rammstein--
28:36--Enter/ExitAsh magically returns as soon as Rammstein starts--
28:4028:40OtherA super metal dragonshout
28:4428:47SongIan (kazoo), Beej (guitar), Alex, Takahata101 - Skyrim opening
28:4829:04OtherTaka (as Nappa) starts driving for a bit so Jer can have a bathroom break --
28:5328:57TechnicalBidBot v2 stress test #1 - Success!--
29:0029:06GameA Game of Hangman with Alex & chat
29:03--Other^ Xin guesses the answer correctly & wins: For The Kids--
29:04--Enter/Exit^ Jer returns, slides back in to the driver chair on top of Taka--
29:06--Song^ Wheels on the Bus by Nappa--
29:06--Other^ Amative1 guesses the answer correctly & wins: Equestria--
29:0629:07Enter/ExitExit Steve (Dengler) to go home, he's done bussing for the year--
29:0729:30DrawingKim takes questions, Alex draws answers
29:09--PosterPoster Update v1:
29:0929:14OtherKingKool can only answer questions in Star Wars quotes (for the next 5 minutes)--
29:13--Game EventBugsplat! (#4)--
29:2129:26GameJer Honks a song on the bus and they have to guess it
29:2129:22Song^ Song 2 by Blur - honked on the bus--
29:2229:23Song^ Hot Cross Buns - honked on the bus--
29:2429:24Song^ Super Mario Theme - honked on the bus--
29:24--Song^ Batman - honked on the bus--
29:25--Song^ Sandstorm by Darude - honked on the bus--
29:2529:26Song^ The Dr. Who theme - honked on the bus--
29:2629:27SongEveryone - Happy Birthday to Tyranic-Moron
29:2729:27PhysicalAsh gives Ashton a hug to spite a challenge that was accepted but never donated for
29:2829:29SongIan does the Game of Thrones theme with everyone else doing the Dr. Who Theme back beat
29:31--OtherAuction postponed until BidBot v2 is 100% --
29:3129:35SongEveryone sings I believe in a Thing Called Love by The Darkness
29:3629:36PrankAlex get HADOOKEN'd by Ian
29:3829:39OtherThe Skull's name is Fred. many smash cuts to the bleached white skull[✓]
29:4029:42Video/ImageEveryone watches the video of a Kitten going outside for the first time (long dead dropbox link, sadly)Suzuran--
29:4229:45OtherClose mic Alex (Desert Bus Nights) time
29:4529:46TechnicalTesting out camera filters and green screen tricks--
29:4629:50SongGraham sings: The Table of the Elements song by Tom Lehrer
29:52--PlugPlugging the silent auctions--
29:5329:55Physical1 Minute of Herp-derping & derp-herping by alex
29:56--Enter/ExitEnter Kara--
29:5630:00DanceTally, Kara, Ashton, everyone - dance party to Thinking 'Bout Somethin' by Hanson
30:0131:03GameStart of Titus the Fox time (Jer plays Titus the Fox while driving)
30:0231:03OtherChris & Andre will be "spotting" Jer to keep him on the road during Titus the Fox time.--
30:0530:05GameJer got a "Well Dong" in Titus the Fox[✓]
30:05--Enter/ExitEnter Mia--
30:0530:07SongGraham as Honorable Judge Pimp Santa - sing song of his choice ( Fresh Pimp Judge Santa of Bell Air)[✓]
30:0730:08DiscussionMia has Stockholm Syndrome--
30:0830:12DiscussionJer REALLY hates Titus the Fox and needs to describe to us how bad it is
30:10--Enter/ExitEnter Dapper Cam--
30:1230:14OtherA giant tube enters the room (possibly held by Alex) (possibly full of Bees)--
30:1430:14TechnicalCell phone view of Titus the Fox, until Skype crashes
30:1530:17TechnicalJohnny hand cams around the room--
30:1830:20StoryStory from KingKool to encourage donations--
30:21--GameJer gets another "Well Dong" for beating level 2--
30:2230:25SongMia and some backup singers sing Dancing With Myself by Billy Idol
30:26--GameJer made it to level 1 of Titus the Fox!--
30:2630:32AuctionLive Auction for: Kathleen’s Persona Lover’s Superpack - Winner: Slater04 for: $630Slater04
30:32--GameJer Dies in Titus the Fox--
30:3331:26Drive/GiveawayJer wants Titus the Fox 100 word reviews for a Met Hat! - D--
30:3631:01Drive/Giveaway$8 challenge for the 8 out of 10 Uncharted 3 gotNekoDaimyo--
30:3630:54DrawingKathleen begins drawing Kanji Tatsumi (from Persona 4) to be included with the Persona lot that just got auctioned[✓]
30:3830:42ReadingGraham reads Jerr's review of Titus the Fox from Da Game Boyz -
30:44--Enter/ExitExit Tally to go sleep--
30:4430:44PrankEngineering (Alex) draws a mustache and angry eyes on Jer--
30:45--GameJer gets another "Well Dong" for beating level 2.0 (on to 2.1) of Titus the Fox--
30:4730:49OtherChallenges open for a minute to fill the pool back up--
30:50--GameLimited Continues in Titus the Fox, Jer gets a Game Over--
30:52--PlugReminding people about current silent auctions--
30:53--PlugReminding people about the current giveaways--
30:5530:57GameTaka holds the performance mic so we can hear some of the horrid Titus the Fox music
30:5730:58GameJohnny gives us a cell phone view of what Jer is doing
30:58--Enter/ExitMatt leaves to go sleep--
31:0331:03PhysicalJer Spikes his GBA to celebrate ending Titus the Fox
31:0431:08SongBrent, Ian, Beej - spoken word "Shatner" version of Rocket Man
31:0834:15PrankBill "stealthily" steels Rosco P. Jangles the 4th (and hides him in the clothing rack)
31:08--Milestone1,500 miles on the bus!--
31:1031:11PhysicalKathleen "sexily" uncoats for 1 more challenge--
31:1331:17DanceKathleen does Caramelldansen while Taka reads the Swedish lyrics in a deep voice
31:15--AchievementBlue Warrior Needs Food Badly (someone bought them food, yesterday...)--
31:17--Enter/ExitExit Kathleen to go sleep--
31:1831:24ReadingGraham reads the top 9 fake reviews of Titus the Fox
31:2631:27ReadingJer reads the fake Titus the Fox review winnerSeamus D
31:2931:33SongEveryone sings Carry on my Wayward Son (changed to bus) by Kansas
31:3431:34PrankBeej goes to get his "shine box"
31:3631:40SongIan, Beej / everyone - play / sing I'm Yours by Jason Mraz (Actual marriage proposal by JonnyMonroe for Lyrael)JonnyMonroe
31:44--Achievement^ Betrothal Bus--
31:4531:46Song^ Graham, Jerr - sing The Ballad of the Fanboy by LRR (with Ian and Beej backing them with the I'm Yours music)--
31:4631:47Dance^ Ian - speed Caramelldansen with Beej backing them with the I'm Yours music)--
31:4731:49Song^ Beej / everyone Ice Cream Chords time--
31:50--OtherTally is still watching from home, everyone promises to be booring so she can get to sleep--
31:5231:54PhysicalMia brought her contact juggling balls & a contact juggling history lesson
31:5531:56SongGraham does Let It Snow in Snake's voice, with snowflakes on the overlay
31:5631:57DiscussionTalking about how everything Snake says is a question
31:58--DiscussionDB4's "guitar guy" Woody couldn't make it this year because a play he was working on got a backer.--
32:0032:04ReadingGraham reads the first chapter of Metroid High School (erotic fanfiction) in a dramatic voice
32:05--Enter/ExitPizza Batman leaves us--
32:06--Other#2AMROLLCALL on twitter--
32:0632:07Video/ImageBrent wrote a physics equation on the whiteboard for how many brain cells you lost listening to that fanfic
32:0732:11TechnicalAlex keeps trying to get the green screen to work, SUCCESS!!! They're in SPACE now!
32:1232:14PlugTelling people about the new Silent Auctions that just came up--
32:13--Video/ImageCreepy Doll on the overlay to promote the new silent auctions--
32:14--Game EventPOINT! (#4) 4 IN A ROW! PT/CR updated to: 4/0--
32:1532:21SongJerr, Graham, Greg - preform: Suspend Your Disbelief by LRR
32:2232:23Shoutout (they fix corrupted minecraft maps) & donates to desertbus! (domain no longer exists)--
32:2532:28TechnicalAlex teaches Ian how to do the green screen magic--
32:2832:31SongEveryone - You are a Pirate! by LazyTown while dressed like pirates
32:3132:32PlugDr. Who (Tom Baker) scarf Auction coming up--
32:3232:33OtherStealth challenges opened (they recieve 0)--
32:3332:34DiscussionGhost Nappa is interviewed by a "Kid"
32:3732:39SongTaka preforms the Ghost Nappa song (ghostbusters, but DBZ)
32:40--Enter/ExitExit Mia to go home and sleep--
32:4132:42PhysicalThe donation for "Hug the tech guys because they do more than you know" challenge finally came in
32:4332:44OtherChallenges open again because no one submitted any last time--
32:4432:52DiscussionReviewing the new challenges--
32:4632:47PrankJer notices Rosco is missing, finally, immediately blames Bill for stealing him, Bill denies everything. (1hr 34min to notice)
32:5232:52DanceIan figures out you can put Gifs on the overlay, makes Alex dance with Miku
32:5333:02GameThey come up with Answers, the chat comes up with the Questions.
32:53--Game^ Graham's Answer: marmalade; Glutnix's Question: What does Alex rub in his chest every morning?--
32:54--Game^ Amanda's Answer: It Happened at Scout Camp; UseR2006's Question: WHERE DID THE BUS CRASH!?--
32:55--Game^ Jer's Answer: WIZARD PANTS!; Trey' Question: What does Wizard James wear on his Wizard head? --
32:57--Game^ Alex's Answer: My Legs are in Spain.; Jackboleo's Question: Why are you so short and smell of tapas?--
32:58--Game^ Ian's Answer: I already had it removed.; FreebirthToad's Question: When's the baby due? --
32:59--Game^ Chris's Answer: And that's why I'm not allowed back in Chuck-E-Cheese.; pat8u's Question: Did you pee on the burgers?--
33:00--Game^ Beej's Answer: If it wasn't for my horse I wouldn't have spent that year in college.; Failhammer's Question: Why is there a lance in the closet?--
33:0233:04TechnicalA pink horse appears on the overlay next to Jer
33:04--PrankThe Horse is noticed, it is amazing--
33:0433:07DanceFugiman vogue dances to I'm too Sexy by Right Said Fred (for 2 minutes) [while Alex grinds on him] {with camera filters}
33:0833:09PrankSpecial overlay drawing on alex--
33:1033:11DiscussionDear Dr. Alex: What should I have for breakfast? BEEEEEEES (and other dear Dr questions)
33:1233:34Drive/Giveaway$5 challenge for: ZP Imp, 2 DB Wrist Bands, 1xp at a time Escapist shirt, Desert Bus dice bag!C McCormac--
33:1533:17PhysicalAlex hands out hats to everyone to trigger the Haber-Dashing cheevo
33:17--Achievement^ Haber-Dashing--
33:1833:22StoryStory time about the local hospital involved with Child's Play & Child's Play in general
33:24--Enter/ExitExit Grant (to go sleep)--
33:2933:33SongEveryone sing/screams What I Got by Sublime
33:3734:01AuctionLive Auction for Tom Baker Doctor Who Scarf! Winner: DuctTape for: $3339 (Space BID! x 2)DuctTape[✓]
33:4034:01Technical^ BidBot v3 Debut! (Success)--
33:4534:01Video/Image^ Rotating TARDIS (gif) on the overlay, becomes dissapearing / re-appearing TARDIS[✓]--
33:4833:52Video/Image^ Time Vortex on the green screen using: The Beast Below [Doctor Who (2005) - S5E02, Story 208][✓]--
33:51--Video/Image^ Surprise Tom Baker (as Doctor Who) on the overlay--
33:5433:55Video/Image^ Random Gold Dalek on the overlay, slowly approaching Jer--
33:5633:57Video/Image^ K-9 appears on the overlay--
33:5833:59Video/Image^ A Cyberman appears on the overlay--
33:5934:01Video/Image^ The Master appears on the overlay--
34:00--Other^ Double Space Bid! (from 3333 to 3339) to get the "highest bid ever" (not actually the highest bid ever)--
34:02--OtherWar-Gar-Bell dragon shout to celebrate--
34:03--Enter/ExitGraham leaves to go gather power for future auctions--
34:0434:12OtherChris (the pirate) begins driving for a bit so Jer can move around for a bit--
34:05--Enter/ExitExit Bill to go sleep as well (but not really)--
34:08--Enter/ExitExit Kate to go sleep also--
34:1034:10DiscussionWhat is Amanda making? A blanket!--
34:1034:11MilestoneDuctTape's donation comes in, 68.5k get!--
34:11--Enter/ExitExit Graham, Ian and Corey to go sleep (for real this time)--
34:11--Shift ChangeLate (night) Shift #2 begins (finally at 4:12am)--
34:1334:27DrawingAlex begins drawing because his voice is hosed
34:1534:15PrankBill finally returns Rosco P. Jangles the 4th (3h 7min of total banishment)
34:2034:21SongHappy Birthday to Matthew
34:21--OtherNormal Viewwww--
34:22--AchievementBut you can't stay here (Taka fell asleep on camera)--
34:2734:31SkitBeej & Jerr - do the The Pet Shop (Dead Parrot) sketch from Monty Python's Flying Circus, Series 1, Show 9
34:3134:38DrawingBeej draws things from chat
34:3234:33Skit"Sad Radio Alex" on the mic talking with Jer
34:4034:43SongEveryone sings I would walk (Bus) 500 Miles by The Proclaimers (with Beej on guitar)
34:43--Video/Image^ The Proclaimers on the overlay--
34:44--Enter/ExitExit Bill & Chris (Chris is gonna drive Bill home)--
34:47--OtherJer comes up with the name Derpline for Alex's radio voice--
34:4734:51DrawingBeej resumes drawing for the chat
34:4934:49PhysicalThey begin treating Alex like a kitty until he notices (he either notices right away or they forget about it)
34:5034:51OtherChallenges open for a minute to fill the pool back up--
34:52---Enter/ExitSachielOne leaves to go sleep--
34:5234:59DiscussionReviewing the new challenges (they only got 10)--
34:55--OtherAlex doing a Radio show (with his messed up voice) challenge gets submitted for $20--
34:5636:35Drive/Giveaway$5 challenge for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 & Transoformers War for Cybertron (Wii) or Lost & Transformers War for Cyberton (PS3)A-vernon & minnow of straw--
34:5935:08SkitAlex - Derpline on 101.751263 The Alex ("live" call in radio show)
35:00--Skit^ Caller 1: (Andre) Orders KFC McNugget Basket--
35:01--Skit^ Caller 2: (Jer) Presumably a redneck who has lost his pidgeon while playing polo.--
35:02--Skit^ Caller 3: (Greg) Advice for avoiding / subverting a restraining order--
35:0335:04Skit^ What is in My hand segment 1: 18th Centry Chinese Fan--
35:0435:05Skit^ Caller 4: (Greg) He has now been shot (presumably by the person with the restraining order)--
35:0535:07Skit^ Caller 5: (Jer) A developer who previously worked on Titus the Fox, who is ashamed--
35:0735:08Skit^ Show Runner: Joey (Andre) interrupts the call --
35:09--PlugReminder about the current $5 challenge to beat James--
35:0935:12SongBeej(guitar), Everyone - Hero of Canton (the Man They Call Jayne) from Firefly
35:1235:19PhysicalThe Floor is LAVA! (for 5 minutes)
35:1435:15TechnicalSetup tour by Alex
35:16--Enter/ExitExit Amanda (who burned to death in the lava) to go sleep--
35:1935:21SkitBeej, Jerr - The Latin Lesson (Brian's Latin Lesson) from Monty Python's Life of Brian
35:2335:24TechnicalStream muted for feedback problems setting up the skype call moonbase tour--
35:2535:25PrankBeej, Jerr, & Andre - Bad Horse Chris
35:2635:29TechnicalSetup tour by Beej on his shitty iPhone 3gs
35:30--Enter/ExitEnter A Dale!--
35:3135:34SongEveryone - Time Warp from The Rocky Horror Picture Show (with camera filters)
35:4035:47SongBeej(guitar), Everyone - sing The Mariner's Revenge by The Decemberists
35:49--OtherThe chat decides that James is the sub-boss and James is Gannondorf--
35:5035:53SongEveryone - sing "All I Want For Solstice is My Sanity" by H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society
35:53--Prank^ Tiny Cthulhlu on the overlay, dancing--
35:5335:57DanceEveryone - sing/dance to Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by Daft Punk, with camera filters
35:58--OtherNormal Viewwwwww--
35:5936:02SongBeej, Jerr, Andre, Chris, Greg - sing The Galaxy Song by Monty Python (with a space camera filter)
36:03--DiscussionBeej wants to know who in the chat is from Japan, because he's going there next month--
36:03--Enter/ExitEnter Paul--
36:04--Enter/ExitExit Alex to go sleep--
36:0736:08SongPaul - This is Why I'm Paul 64k rap by LRR
36:1036:18OtherChris starts driving so Jer can go practice a sketch with Dale--
36:1036:17DiscussionDear Dr. Z(ed) Crew
36:12--Enter/ExitEnter Kroze and Hat Girl--
36:1336:20TechnicalKroze hoses the overlay trying to setup a timer--
36:1636:17OtherChallenges open for a minute to fill the pool back up--
36:1936:22SkitBeej, Paul, Dale, Jerr - The Four Yorkshiremen by Monty Python
36:2236:23DiscussionJer explains Well Dong to Paul--
36:2736:33SongKroze, Hanna, Kathrine, Kara, & Hat Girl - sing custom desert bus song to Defying Gravity from Wicked
36:27--MilestoneDB2 Total surpassed--
36:34--OtherPaul takes over the command chair from Andre--
36:3736:39DiscussionPaul asking Jer how his shift is going.--
36:40--TechnicalFeed flicker--
36:4136:42SkitDale - Darth Vader vs. Dalek
36:4336:49DiscussionDear Dr. / General Milling About--
36:48--Enter/ExitEnter Damnit Liz --
36:4936:51PlugShowing off the upcoming full size (signed) Wil Wheaton poster--
36:5236:55PlugSilent Auctions update--
36:5337:32DrawingAndre begins drawing on the whiteboard, it wants brains! (and other things)
36:5637:33Drive/Giveaway$17.01 Challenge for Atlus Prize pack! Trist--
36:5937:00TechnicalBeej breaks the overlay--
37:04--OtherTaka wakes up on the back couch--
37:0637:07SongKroze - Power Rangers Time Force theme
37:0937:13DiscussionPaul reviews / approves challenges--
37:1337:14SkitJer & Hat Girl - Banana Phone
37:1537:18SongEveryone - The Banana Phone song
37:17--Game EventBugsplat! (#5) [never mentioned on stream]--
37:1937:20PlugReminder about the current $17.01 challenge--
37:2037:27GameAndre starts playing Tic-Tac-Toe with chat (chat looses game 1, ties game 2)
37:2137:25SkitPaul and Beej do: Saffron's speach to Mal in Firefly
37:2637:27PlugReminder about the $17.01 challenge again--
37:2837:32SongEveryone sings Hakuna Matata - Cthulhu version
37:3437:46AuctionLive Auction for signed (full size) Will Wheaton poster - Winner: Asty for: $1111Asty
37:40--TechnicalBidBot now echoes your smack talk!--
37:46--Enter/ExitExit Taka for the year (he has a farry to catch!)--
37:47--Enter/ExitExit Micheal to go sleep--
37:4937:50SkitEveryone tells Jer how awesome he is
37:51--Enter/ExitExit Andre to go sleep--
37:5137:52DiscussionTalking about crazy popular x-mas items
37:5337:55SongJer sings "They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!" by Napoleon XIV
37:5638:00DiscussionJust who the HELL is everyone?--
38:0038:10GameEveryone predicts this week's NFL victories - Results: 6 Correct*, 7 Incorrect
38:01--Game^ Jaguars vs. The Browns (choice: Jaguars) [Actual result: Jaguars: 10, Browns: 14; Incorrect]--
38:01--Game^ Panthers vs. Lions (choice: Lions) [Actual Result: Panthers: 35, Lions: 49; Correct]--
38:02--Game^ Buccaneers vs. Packers (choice: Buccaneers) [Actual Result: Buccaneers: 26, Packers 35; Incorrect]--
38:03--Game^ Bills vs. Dolphins (choice: Dolphins) [Actual Result: Bills: 8, Dolphins: 35; Correct]--
38:03--Game^ Raiders vs. Vikings (choice: Vikings) [Actual Result: Raiders 27, Vikings 21; Incorrect]--
38:04--Game^ Cowboys vs. Redskins (choice: Tie) [Actual Result: Cowboys 27, Redskins 24 (in overtime, was a tie)]--
38:04--Game^ Bengals vs. Ravens (choice: Ravens) [Actual Result: Bengals 24, Ravens: 31; Correct]--
38:05--Game^ Seahawks vs. Rams (choice: Rams) [Actual Result: Seahawks 24, Rams: 7; Incorrect]--
38:06--Game^ Cardinals vs. 49ers (choice: 49ers) [Actual Result: Cardinals: 7, 49ers: 23; Correct]--
38:07--Game^ Titans vs. Falcons (choice: Titans) [Actual Result: Titans 17, Falcons 23; Incorrect]--
38:08--Game^ Chargers vs. Bears (choice: Bears) [Actual Result: Chargers: 20, Bears: 31; Correct]--
38:08--Game^ Eagles vs. Giants (choice: Giants) [Actual Result: Eagles 17, Giants 10; Incorrect]--
38:09--Game^ Chiefs vs. Patriots (choice: Chiefs) [Actual Result: Chiefs 3, Patriots: 34; Incorrect]--
38:13--Enter/ExitBeej's wife (lunarjade) shows up in chat--
38:1438:18SongEveryone sings Hey Jude by The Beatles
38:1938:20DiscussionTalking about the challenge system and rejecting / accepting challenges--
38:2238:22DiscussionThe naming and Fate of Rosco P. Jangles the 3rd
38:2241:00Drive/GiveawayHaiku challenge (about Rosco) for: TransFormers War for Cybertron (PC), Clash of the Titans (360), Scene It? (360), Too Human (360)Ocelotonabus--
38:26--TechnicalBeej abuses the overlay to say hi to his wife (lunarjade) because his cell is dead.--
38:28--Enter/ExitExit Greg to go sleep--
38:3038:43DrawingHat Girl (Ruth) begins drawing on the whiteboard, information about the Hiku Challenge--
38:3538:36OtherChallenges open for a minute to fill the sluce back up--
38:3538:42DiscussionDM advice from Dale, changes in to general roll playing advice
38:3638:46DiscussionPaul begins reviewing the new challenges--
38:4738:48ReadingDale reads chat dramaticaly
38:49--Enter/ExitExit Dale (off to work)--
38:50DiscussionPaul continues reviewing the new challenges--
38:5338:55StoryKroze denounces all the Ponies and says they should be turned in to glue
38:5338:55DrawingHat Girl draws a Sad Pony in response to Kroze's outburst--
38:55--Enter/ExitEnter Ashley--
38:5839:01TechnicalStream freeze frames (camtwist freezing)--
39:0139:04SongEveryone sings: The King of Spain by The Tallest Man On Earth
39:07--Enter/ExitEnter James, he's alive after 11 hours of sleep--
39:1139:16SongPaul, Jer, Hat Girl - sing Master of the House from Les Misérables
39:1639:17TechnicalStream freeze frames (camtwist freezing, again)--
39:19--Enter/ExitEnter Robert, Kristin and Jamie from Penny Arcade / Child's Play (Kristin and Jamie in Chibi-Khoo shirts)--
39:1939:21StoryStory time about the Giant Kristen head
39:2340:59Drive/Giveaway$8 challenge for Met-HatGare--
39:2638:26TechnicalAnother stream freeze-frame--
39:27--Enter/ExitJames kicks out all the people who brought cookies--
39:2740:16OtherRobert begins driving the bus to give Jer a break, teaching him which button honks the bus was a mistake...--
39:3039:54GuestChild's Play Q&A with Robert, Jamie, and Kristin - Part 1
39:33--Other^ Chat is VERY upset about all the bus honking--
39:38--Plug^ Reminder about the current $8 challenge--
39:4139:44Plug^ Reminder about the current silent auctions--
39:47--Drawing^ Hat Girl drew Robert Khoo - Vampire Hunter--
39:54--Plug^ Reminer about the current $8 challenge, again--
39:55--PlugReminder about the current silent auctions, again--
39:56--Enter/ExitEnter the Giant Creepy doll--
39:5840:02ReadingJer Reads the Haiku challenge finalists, the guests get to decide the winner[✓]
40:04--Enter/ExitEnter Matt--
40:0540:47GuestStephen “Stepto” Toulouse - Septo X-BOX live Policy enforcement manager call in
40:15--Game Event^ POINT! (#5) 5 IN A ROW! PT/CR updated to: 5/0 - by Robert Khoo--
40:15--Achievement^ Road Trip! (5 points in a row)--
40:1640:47Other^ Khoo stops driving and Jamie starts--
40:2240:26Story^ Septo Tells "The Bullet Storm Story"--
40:31--Enter/Exit^ Enter Tally--
40:37--Technical^ Minor feed lag--
40:40--Prank^ The Creepy Doll "Attacks" Liz--
40:4040:41$5 Facts^ Septo's Fact: John Roderic "Captain Kinect" is the unofficial X-Box Kinect spokesman--
40:43--Other^ 2/3 of the Profits from Stepto's Audio Book go to Child's Play @
40:4736:30OtherJamie stops driving and Kristin starts--
40:4840:49ClubbingRobert gets clubbed. by Jamie
40:4840:49FoodIt's Bagel time (Tally sings a song about such things)[✓]
40:50--Enter/ExitExit Chris to go sleep--
40:5141:10GuestChild's Play Q&A with Robert, Jamie, and Kristin - Part 2
41:00--Other^ Met Hat & Hiku challenge winners announced--
41:08--Video/Image^ Showing off Robert's Halloween costume--
41:1041:29GuestIan "Dix" Dixon call-in
41:10--Poster^ New Poster update:
41:1542:01Technical^ The Bustime clock breaks and goes from 41 hours bussed to 36 (and then 37 before they fix it)--
41:2641:27Other^ Dix has a challenge for Ashton and Kroze (to read a slashfic the Survivors wrote)--
41:2841:29$5 Facts^ Dix's Fact: Pomegranates grow wild in Afganastan--
41:29--Other^ Dix plans to be there next year.--
41:30--OtherJer finally resumes driving (2 hour break)--
41:32--OtherKhoo puts "Sup Kurtz" on his tablet--
41:3341:36PosterThe crew looks at the current poster preview (v2) -
41:3641:39OtherKristin from Child's Play brought a present from Daniel (Star Fox 3D, Ocarina of Time 3D, Ghost Recon Shadow Wars, Super Mario 3D Land, & a Nintendo 3DS (Red) to play them on! + all accessories to go with it)
41:3941:42PlugShowing off the upcoming Auction: Darkness II - Darkling Statue (#54 of 1800) only avaliable as a promotion--
41:45--Enter/ExitEnter Ash, eating a muffin--
41:46--Enter/ExitEnter Kathleen, drinking coffee--
41:4641:53SongEveryone sings The Mariner's Revenge by The Decemberists [again]
41:4741:51Physical^ Kristin messes up Robert's hair, he retaliates by sitting on her using Creepy Doll as a cushion--
41:4941:52Video/ImageRoaming room cam fun time--
41:5541:56DiscussionReviewing challenges --
41:56--AchievementOld Macdonald (when an Animal Meme takes hold)--
41:58--OtherJohnny requests Khoo stops hiding behind the couch like the creepy doll, because it's creeping him out--
41:5942:01DiscussionHow to bid in an acution--
42:0142:02PlugFinal plug of the Darkness Auction before it starts--
42:0242:09AuctionLive Auction - Limited Edition The Darkness II Darkling Statue - Winner: Trevin for: $560Trevin
42:1042:11PrankKathleen keeps getting emails (Khoo meowing)
42:1142:13OtherVigorus "How to Bid" descriptions--
42:1442:15OtherChallenges enabled for 1 minute--
42:1542:21DiscussionJames and Matt review the new challenges--
42:17--Video/ImageKristin and Jamie show off their Chibi Robert Khoo shirts to Kathleen--
42:2142:24StoryEveryone - come up with a story one word at a time (for as long as they can)
42:2442:29GuestChild's Play Q&A with Robert, Jamie, and Kristin - Part 3 (The FACTS!)
42:24--$5 Facts^ Kristin's Fact: All Calico cats are Female, any male "calico" cat is XXY--
42:25--$5 Facts^ Jamie's Fact: Corgies with the pattern on their back, people used to believe faeries used them as mounts.--
42:25--Video/Image^ Closeup view of the Chibi Robert Khoo shirts--
42:27--$5 Facts^ Robert's Fact: It takes 10 floors for an elevator's emergency brakes to kick in. (he knows from experience)--
42:28--Enter/Exit^ Exit Robert, Kristin and Jamie--
42:28--Enter/Exit^ Enter Ian, All Coffee'd up--
42:3242:33SkitAn Apology Letter to Princess Celestia (by Kroze featuring Matt)
42:33--Video/ImageSpike appears on the overlay taking down the letter--
42:34--OtherWar-Gar-Bell Dragon shout--
42:3542:39DiscussionChallenge reviews with Matt and the room--
42:3942:40PlugMario & Luigi pillows by SewingPunzie (upcoming live Auction)--
42:4142:42OtherReminder if you want to bid register your account.--
42:4342:43ShoutoutKathleen loves Lion's Winter Ale tastes like vanilla & caramel (apparently) [Acting like Matt]
42:4442:49SkitEveryone (except Matt) - Acts like Matt for 5 minutes (It gets a little mean)
42:49--OtherMatt's Cuite mark is a crappy starbucks drink--
42:5042:51OtherKathleen initiates a be nice to Matt talk
42:52--PlugHow to sign up for bidding (again)--
42:5443:02AuctionLive Auction - Mario & Luigi pillows by SewingPunzie - Winner: IcePick for: $4650IcePick[✓]
42:5643:02Video/Image^ Super Mario Bros (1) on the Green Screen--
42:5843:02Video/Image^ (animated gif) Mario appears above the borrom of the overlay--
43:0043:02Video/Image^ Bowser appears above the bottom overlay on the side by Jer--
43:00--Prank^ There was a $20 donation to change 12x madness to WARGARBLE Madness--
43:0143:02Video/Image^ Mario starts throwing (animated gif) fireballs at Bowser--
43:05--TechnicalMinor video freeze--
43:0743:11SongMatt, Ian - sing Don't Stop Believin' by Journey (with Ian also on kazoo)
43:11--Milestone$83,000 even--
43:11--Enter/ExitEnter Tim & wife Larissa (who is pregnant)--
43:12--AchievementA Wild Tim Has Appeared--
43:12--GuestJim Sterling calls in (via phone) then switches to Skype--
43:13--FoodTim brought Jer a Cake! (The exact same cake he brought him for DB1)--
43:1443:32GuestJim Sterling Live Call In Q&A / Interview
43:30--$5 FactsJim's Fact: The Whiptail Lizard is a predominantly female species that reproduce by cloningLinFernStewart, Riger, HalconUmbera, Coaster--
43:3443:38SongGive It Away by Red Hot Chili Peppers (Matt's giveaway music choice)
43:3444:09Drive/Giveaway$6.66 Challenge for: Hipster Bear Pillow, or 1 of 3 Escapist give-away packs Pack 2 & 3 includes a DB dice bag - 4 winners!LinFernStewart, Riger, HalconUmbera, Coaster--
43:43--OtherTim's wife (Larissa) is pregnant with their first kid--
43:44--Enter/ExitEnter a wild Graham! (and Paul again)--
43:4543:46MeltdownBeej is slowly loosing his mind, starts playing the Creepy Doll as a result
43:48--OtherTaka is home now (and in the chat)--
43:5043:52SongEveryone sings One Winged Angel from Final Fantasy [failure, bad lyrics]--
43:5243:56SongEveryone sings One Winged Angel from Final Fantasy
43:5743:59PlugReminder of what you can get with the $6.66 challenge--
43:5944:03DiscussionUpdate from Graham on his Lando shirt and Beard shaving thing (he can't shave because they have to do Friday Night's re-shoots)--
44:08--ShoutoutHi to Mike Robles (from Wizzards)--
44:1044:11StoryWhy Matt is Gannon (explained by Jer)
44:1244:17PlugPlug for the upcoming Mario Auctions (Afternoon on Yoshi's Island && Mario Mushroom Blanket) & 1 giveaway (mario pins)--
44:1744:17PlugReminder about how to participate in auctions.--
44:2046:34OtherDaniel gets to drive the bus some more so Jer can participate in the song (he doesn't take the controller back for over 2 hours)--
44:2044:24SongEveryone sings Friday by Rebecca Black subbing out friday with birthday
44:2444:26DiscussionTalking about how bad Friday is--
44:2944:30SongKroze, Ashton - sing Popular from Wicked [crash and burn, complete failure]--
44:33--PlugGrant Imahara calling in, in a few hours--
44:3544:37SongEveryone sings Want You Gone from Portal 2 with Desert Bus lyrics
44:4044:47DiscussionGraham reviews the current challenges--
44:4744:49DiscussionKathleen with a Prize Mines update got new stuff from PA!--
44:4944:51OtherReminder about how to bid on auctions--
44:5144:55GameJerr, Daniel - Run Desert Bus as a D&D encounter
44:55--TechnicalBidBot has an "episode" and de-voices everyone Ashton says "don't worry about it"--
44:5644:59TechnicalCamTwist starts crashing randomly causing minor stream freezes--
44:59--AchievementGhost Ride the Whip (for the driver standing up while dancing, James did it long ago)--
45:01--Video/ImageRandom Bowser on the screen--
45:01--AchievementCan You Step?! (2 bidders trash talking eachother, happened long ago)--
45:02--AchievementPepto Bismol (completing an Iron Stomach challenge)--
45:02--Achievement40pts of Acid Damage (playing D&D live on the feed)--
45:03--AchievementSaturday Morning (Leading everyone in a saturday morning cartoon theme song)--
45:0345:05PlugReminder about the upcoming giveaway & 2 live auctions (all Mario themed)--
45:0745:08SongTally sings the Firefly theme (with Beej on guitar)
45:1045:40Drive/Giveaway$5 (or more) till after the auctions end for: Mario patch & buttons! (no multiple entries)AdmiralMemo--
45:1045:15Video/ImageWalking Mario (gif) on the left, Bowser on the right (on the overlay)--
45:1145:22AuctionLive Auction - Afternoon on Yoshi’s Island painting by Nimasprout - Winner: Asti for: $1800Asti
45:1445:15Video/Image^ Mario starts throwing (animated gif) fireballs at Bowser--
45:14--Technical^ BidBot crashes, auction is now old-school--
45:15--Game Event^ Bugsplat! (#6)--
45:16--Technical^ More BidBot problems--
45:1845:38Video/Image^ Mario, Bowser, and the fireball return to the overlay--
45:2345:23PlugReminder about the current giveaway challenge--
45:2345:37AuctionLive Auction - Mario Mushroom blanket by LunarJade - Winner: Yolanka for: $2600Yolanka[✓]
45:2545:27Song^ Beej and Ian on Kazoo do the Super Mario Theme--
45:2745:28Song^ Beej and Ian on Kazoo do the "Everyone do the Mario" song--
45:29--TechnicalEven more problems with BidBot--
45:35--PlugReminder about the current giveaway challenge--
45:38--Enter/ExitExit Beej to finally go sleep--
45:3945:40PlugReminder from Kathleen about current Silent Auctions--
45:4145:42DrawingHat Girl (Ruth) drew a thing a DB3 Bus!
45:4445:47PlugThe spiciest of spicy magic auctions All Foil, sheet of Inistrad (commons), UNCUT--
45:4745:51DiscussionThe history of Rosco P. Jangles the IV
45:5045:51Video/Image^ The creation of Rosco P. Jangles on the overlay--
45:51--Enter/ExitEnter Alex (who's voice is somewhat back now)--
45:5345:58DiscussionGraham reviews the current challenges, some more--
46:0046:31GuestGrant Imahara live call in / Q&A
46:16--Enter/ExitEnter LeeLee--
46:30--$5 FactsGrant's Fact: His Thumbs are double jointed--
46:3348:29Drive/Giveaway$13.37 challenge for: Tauntaun sleeping bag or (1 of 2) DJ Hero (PS3 or Xbox 360) or 1 of 5 albums of Impostor Nostalgiasweeks, littlefoot, k16, shywolf, uberdog, nekokaymon, athatar, handofbork--
46:34--OtherJer finally resumes driving (2h 14min break)--
46:3746:38PlugUpcoming live auction plug (Uncut Inistrad commons foil sheet)--
46:3846:39$5 FactsLeelee's fact: Magenta is not actually a color (it is a trick of light, it has to do with how you see opposite colors)
46:41--OtherJohnny tags in Alex at the engineering desk--
46:4146:42DiscussionJer and Alex discuss 1337 in a very silly context
46:42--OtherGraham shows Leelee the green Octopus giveaway they have (she is very excite)--
46:4546:47SkitGraham & Kathleen - Dr. Tran : Here Comes Dr. Tran! s/Dr. Tran/Dr Kathleen/g
46:5047:00GameImprov scenes from MTG Inistrad (started as Improvise a scene of the day in the life of an Inistrad villager)
47:0147:03PlugShowing off the upcoming Auction (uncut foil Inistrad commons sheet)--
47:02--OtherReminder about how to bid on auctions--
47:0347:22GuestMike Robles (from Wizards of the Coast) call-in / interview
47:0647:20Auction^ Live Auction - MTG Inistrad Foil Commons & Lands uncut Sheet (Commons & Lands run #1) - Winner: DuctTape for: $3876.54DuctTape[✓]
47:21--$5 Facts^ Mike Robles' fact: You cannot talk while inhaling through your nose.--
47:2247:24PlugReminder about the current $13.37 challenge for the Tauntaun sleeping bag (or a version of DJ Hero)--
47:26--ShoutoutBig Giant Circles (Jimmy Hinson) is awesome--
47:2647:28PlugReminder about the current silent auctions that are up--
47:2947:33Songv Mick Gordon - Katana Blaster (Constantly Playing Mix) - Impostor Nostalgia - Big Giant Circles--
47:29--Milestonev 100K!!!!!!!!!!!!!--
47:2947:33Dance100K dance party to: Mick Gordon - Katana Blaster (Constantly Playing Mix) - Impostor Nostalgia - BGC
47:30--Technical^ Matt accidentally stops the music because he's horrible--
47:30--Enter/Exit^ Exit Paul to go home--
47:33--OtherJer sweetens the current challenge with 5 albums of Impostor Nostaliga--
47:35--OtherIan takes over for Alex so he can sing in the next song--
47:3647:39SongEveryone sings Danger! High Voltage by Electric Six (with camera filters!) & Ian on Kazoo
47:40--OtherKing Kool requests people send in Milestone pics before they happen--
47:40--Enter/ExitMatt leaves for a bit--
47:4147:42DiscussionThe proposal from earlier went over very well.--
47:42--ShoutoutShoutout to Kaitlyn & Mckenzee (from their perental unit)--
47:4348:33OtherJames goes to watch an episode of MLP that Kroze has picked out for him--
47:4347:44M-M-Multi Challenge!Crew $5 Facts roundup, Kathleen, Jer, and Kate
47:43--$5 Facts^ Kathleen's Fact: The Lady's voice in Danger High Voltage is Jack White--
47:43--$5 Facts^ Jerr's Fact: A group of Mallard ducks is called a Sord --
47:44--$5 Facts^ Kate's Fact: Bears eat Beats [LIE]--
47:45--Enter/ExitEnter Bill & Bill's Mom (all prepared for his driving shift)--
47:45--PlugReminder about the current $13.37 challenge--
47:46--PlugReminder about the DB5 shirt (they have sold 232 so far!)--
47:4747:48PlugOn Tuesday they are going to have a RACE with Fangamer from Tuscon to Vegas
47:4847:48$5 FactsKate's Fact: Pregnant Goldfish are called twits
47:48--PlugReminder that Veronica Belmont is calling in about 15 minutes and to put questions for her on the blog--
47:4947:54M-M-Multi Challenge!Crew $5 Facts roundup #2: Kim, Bill, LeeLee, Ian, Alex, Bill's Mom
47:49--$5 FactsKim's Fact: Rotating your hand clockwise, and trying to rotate your foot counter clockwise will screw up--
47:50--$5 FactsBill's Fact: Bison are dicks, they will kill the weakest one of the pack to leave for wolf food--
47:51--$5 Facts(another) LeeLee Fact: Giraffes will pull the stairs trick behind rocks to fool predators--
47:52--$5 Facts(Bonus) Ian Fact: Fact! 100% of Facts are about animals--
47:52--$5 FactsAlex's Fact: Helium is a byproduct of nuclear decay and we are running out--
47:54--$5 FactsBill's Mom's Fact: in 1983 Bill was the biggest baby born in the Huntsville Ontario hospital--
47:5647:57ReadingFugiman - a speech about how Kroze is horrible for saying ponies should be glue
47:58--FoodHix has sent the crew pizza!--
47:59--Driver Shift ChangeJer hands the controller off to Bill (driver #3)--