DesertBus 5* - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 5 - Day 1

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
00:0000:02MilestoneIntro: Derp You Like a Hurricane on Kazoo
00:0200:06DiscussionDescription of what Desert Bus for Hope is--
00:0600:07GuestDaniel is there from the Make a Wish Foundation, they name the bus after him
00:07--Driver Shift ChangeJames starts driving--
00:0800:13DiscussionMore description of how DB works & new things this year--
00:12--PrankSmash cut to SKULL CAM--
00:1300:18DiscussionMatt's Twilight challenge && history lesson
00:1800:21DiscussionOverlay && Cheevo walkthrough--
00:20--AchievementVegeta's Legacy--
00:20--Achievement1 Bothan Spy--
00:2100:22DiscussionTally talks about the Prizes and Craft-A-Long items && silent auctions--
00:2201:25Drive/Giveaway$5 challenge for Astro A40 Gaming Headset & MixAMP ProKiwiLord--
00:2600:28MeltdownEveryone freaks out at the donation total rocket jumping for the challenge--
00:30--DiscussionSend milestone pics to milestone or milestones--
00:33--PlugPlug for the DesertBus 5 T-Shirt by Fangamer--
00:36--DiscussionTweet from Khoo about how they're killing it--
00:3600:41DiscussionGeneral discussion about previous DB years
00:41--OtherJames is texting and driving!--
00:4200:43ClubbingWizards sent them some "packs" 3 Clubs for Alex, his counter isn't good enough
00:4400:46DiscussionClubbing is explained by Jer[✓]
00:45--AchievementShorty in the Club--
00:4800:50PlugPlug for the current $5 challenge for the Astro A40 headset--
00:5100:54DiscussionDear Drs--
00:5700:58OtherAlex & the others are introduced to Sir Chicken Seizure
00:58--Enter/ExitEnter KingKool who came all the way from Rhode Island to help out--
01:05--OtherCam offers to make slime so they can "slime" someone--
01:0601:07DiscussionKroze actually has Nickelodeon slime (in powder form) in his storage unit--
01:0801:10DiscussionTalking about the driver shifts for the year, mystery driver at the end!--
01:12--PlugPlugging the $5 challenge again--
01:1201:16TechnicalProblems with blocking foreign users--
01:2001:21DiscussionTalking about how to connect to the IRC server--
01:22--Enter/ExitExit Paul so he can be back in the morning--
01:24--PlugJess is wearing one of their MtG shirts--
01:2501:26TechnicalMatt is the plague to computers--
01:2701:29TechnicalProblems with the Giveaway system--
01:3001:31OtherKingKool gifts Matt a custom MtG card: Face The Dawn && the horrible movie: Transmorphers: Fall of Man
01:3201:48DiscussionDear Dr LRR
01:3301:33Enter/Exit^ Enter DammitLiz && UberBeth--
01:3601:38Technical^ Discussion about what's wrong with
01:4001:42Discussion^ Hollywood ruining Dr. Who--
01:46--Enter/Exit^ Enter Taka--
01:4801:54TechnicalPreparing to take the stream down--
01:54--TechnicalStream goes down--
02:05--TechnicalStream returns in ULTRA-Widescreen--
02:07--TechnicalStream down again to fix aspect ratio--
02:24--TechnicalStream up again, AR fixed, no sound--
02:26--TechnicalStream down again to fix sound--
02:28--TechnicalStream up again sound fixed--
02:2802:28PrankGag of Ian singing Kumbaya with a uke, just finishing
02:2902:30TechnicalThey tagged the stream as Gaming to get rid of the problems non-US people were having--
02:34--AchievementHouston We have a problem (the feed goes down)--
02:3402:50Drive/Giveaway$5 challenge for: Fallout New Vegas hardcover Game guide & New California Republic T-Shirt or L.A. Noir breast pocket flashlightInvarial && TeckyBaker--
02:38--Enter/ExitEnter Bill--
02:41--DiscussionJer wants to know where everyone in chat is from, tis a foolish idea--
02:42--Plug$5 challenge review--
02:4302:48DiscussionJames wants to break year 1's total within the first 4 hours of his shift : Prize: Scoks-on-Hands Pants-On-Head James
02:47--Enter/ExitEnter Hat-Girl--
02:48--Plug$5 challenge review, again--
02:54--PlugJames plugs his challenge to beat year 1 in 4 hours--
02:57--PlugJer tells people about Milestone pics for the blog--
03:0003:01DiscussionDiscussion about the challenge system & the donor system for bidding--
03:01--Enter/ExitEnter Alex with a Robot bag over his head DB Madness has hit him early this year--
03:0203:04DiscussionWhat Graham's wrestling name would be
03:04--PlugChallenges are open for the first time--
03:0503:14DiscussionReview of the flood of challenges that just came in--
03:07--OtherKroze brought a Discord costume (from My Little Pony) with him--
03:09--OtherChallenges close 5 pages already--
03:1403:16PlugTally plugs the first live auction: Cross-Stitch Pac-Man map & buttons--
03:1703:20PlugGraham plugs the 3 current Silent Auctions : Big Bag 'O Dice, Prize Pig & Astro 840 headset--
03:2203:24PlugKathleen & Tally physically show off the Silent Auctions Graham talked about--
03:2403:27OtherRadio Silence attempt #1 (challenge for 40 seconds of silence for $40) [Failure]
03:2803:29DiscussionVerbal apology on behalf of Canada for Justin Biber
03:3004:30PhysicalJames has to drive on "the correct side of the road" for an hour --
03:31--Enter/ExitEnter Matt (again) with Coffee for Graham & Kathleen & a drink for Alex--
03:3103:33ClubbingMatt snuck a tiny club in to Alex's coke
03:33--Plug^ Fangamer's official Desert Bus 5 T-Shirt--
03:33--Physical^ Alex makes his Ahegao Face for $20--
03:3403:39SongCrabcore time! ( Attack Attack! - Stick Stickly )
03:4003:46Physical3 Costumes made from Random unmatched costume pieces
03:42--Enter/Exit^ Kathleen: Dinosaur Cop: Rocket Troop--
03:43--Enter/Exit^ Cam: Hawaiian Cupid--
03:44--Enter/Exit^ Graham: Honarable Judge Pimp Santa (for the next hour)--
03:45--Plug^ Send them hats for Feed Dump!--
03:45--Enter/Exit^ Alex: Soviet Wizard Warrior--
03:4603:50DiscussionApproving / Dening challenges-- (Audio books for public domain books)
03:5004:52GuestDaniel Floyd from Extra Credits Q&A--
04:01--OtherDaniel Floyd is Team Kroze--
04:02--Technical^ Audio TO THE MAX && then fixed--
04:1004:53Guest^ James Portnow of Extra Credits joins the Q&A session--
04:1004:14TechnicalGetting the tech for the Skype call working--
04:25--Enter/ExitExit the Honerable Judge Pimp Santa--
04:2704:28TechnicalSkype Freezes Mid-sentence for James a couple of times--
04:4104:43DiscussionInvent a Desert Bus themed Skyrim shout (for $40) War-Gar-Bell!
04:42--Achievement^ WHARRGARBL--
04:48--TechnicalJames cuts out again--
04:5404:55OtherDaniel recieves a guift from Wizzards of the Coast--
04:5504:57PlugShowing off the Russian M12 set Daniel got on Skull Cam--
04:5806:29Drive/GiveawayArt Challenge: James & Daniel art challenge (you choose which James & Daniel) on the bus for Hand Made iPad sleveAudra--
05:01--Enter/ExitTakahata101 from Team Four Star--
05:0105:02DiscussionEnter Taka and his belts[✓]
05:0505:07DiscussionQ&A with Taka
05:07--Game EventBugsplat!--
05:0805:11SongTaka sings the DBZ Abridged version of "Make a Man out of You"[✓]
05:1205:13DiscussionMore talk about Taka's belts: He unified the championships at Yomicon
05:15--ShoutoutTaka does a shoutout to Ash's boyfriend as Nappa--
05:1505:21SkitThe council of DesertBus (the council of Elderon scene from Lord of the Rings)TheAmithest
05:21--DiscussionHow to bid! So BidBot will not hate you--
05:2105:27AuctionLive Auction for: Counted Cross Stitch Pac Man Map, framed AND cross stitched Pac Man buttons Winner: BigBagofVicodin for $560BigBagofVicodin
05:27--TechnicalBidBot dies, auction is finished old-school--
05:3005:34DiscussionKingKool has a gift for Jer, a surprise copy of Titus the Fox![✓]
05:3305:33Song^ The horrible Titus the fox music--
05:34--OtherOctopimp pledges to make Titus the Fox dubstep--
05:3505:39SongKroze and Matt sing Winter Wrapup from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
05:39--DiscussionFirst Glue Joke from Chat--
05:4005:43SkitGraham reads the first 3 "sentences" of Shadow War of the Night Dragon in a dramatic voice
05:4305:44Skit^ Read some more in a bad Irish Accent--
05:4405:46StoryKathleen tells a story about an Irish "incident" at the coffee shop she used to work at: "Work with Daddy on this"
05:4705:50DanceKathleen dances to: Caramella Girls - Boogie Bam Dance
05:5205:55SongWhat is Love with James in the Seziure Chicken hat
05:5405:55Song^ Dubstep remix of What is love--
05:5505:56PlugPlug for the current art challenge--
05:5605:57DiscussionMessage from KingKool to his brother who is watching--
05:5705:58DiscussionDigiMon Digital Monsters--
05:5906:02SongJer, Taka, Kroze, and Andre sing the Pokerap
06:05--DanceA random Kathleen dance with Alex as the drum machine--
06:0606:09DanceThe return of Matt "Wubstep" Wiggins[✓]
06:09--MilestoneDB1 passed during the Matt's "hat dance"--
06:1306:15SkitGraham and Kroze havs a Billy Mays off: Tiny-Club vs. Ban Hammer
06:1506:16DiscussionTalking about Billy Mays & Cocaine....--
06:1706:22SongThe Desertbus Dance (The Safety Dance by Men Without Hats changed for DesertBus)
06:22--AchievementChoral Reef--
06:23--Milestone$23,000 exactly--
06:23--Enter/ExitEnter Steve Dengler--
06:2406:25DiscussionAll the things Steve has brought to Auction/Give Away
06:26--OtherFirst mention of Dengler & Butts: They Fight Crime by chat--
06:2906:31Drive/GiveawayGiveaway for the James & Daniel's Art Challenge shown on screen:
06:3306:35DiscussionDesertBus Poster & that you'll be able to BUY it this year (in a small form)--
06:3606:37DiscussionThey need Achevement graphics! You! You, can draw them--
06:3806:40PlugReminder about Matt's Twilight Challenge --
06:4106:42DiscussionChallenges are open for 60 seconds to re-fill the challenge pool--
06:4306:58DiscussionReviwing the challenges that just came in--
06:5007:09OtherExtra Credits Daniel drives while James takes a break--
06:5206:54DiscussionEveryone's Favorite Pony is.....
06:5406:56$5 FactsAlexander Ditto's $5 Facts challenge starts! (one fact per person) $5 per Fact collected $500 max
06:56--$5 FactsThe Plastic thing on a shoelace is called an eyelet. - Andre--
06:56--$5 FactsSocratise is a Man, all men are fallable, therefore life is meaningless. - Ian--
06:57--DiscussionSomeone from chat suggests they should have a DesertBus Pony art challenge--
06:58--DiscussionLunsford will put the winning pony on the poster!--
06:5909:19Drive/GiveawayDesertBus Pony Art Challenge for: Atlus prize pack with a buch of limited edition Atlus swag (from vaious games)CaitlynR--
07:0407:08DanceKathleen dances to Barbera Strisand by Duck Sauce with Camera Filters![✓]
07:0807:09DanceJames Dances in Kroze's Discord Costume
07:0907:10DanceKathleen learns how to Duggie
07:10--Africa!Someone from chat requests that they sing Africa by Toto, they have no IDEA what they start with that request--
07:12--DiscussionTally likes Hanson...--
07:1307:15PhysicalBill downs a Slurpie(Freezie) all in one go
07:1707:18SkitTally, Jer, and Kroze do the Team Rocket intro from Pokemon
07:24--DiscussionReview on the status of Aristotle (Kate's cat named by the chat last year)--
07:2907:30DanceKathleen Caramell dances to 30 seconds of Mersbo
07:3007:31DiscussionKathleen tells a Mersbo story--
07:3207:35ReadingGraham reads Eye of the Tiger - Transformers Version in a grovely voice
07:3507:37PlugReminder abou the DesertBus Pony art challenge & releated prize--
07:3707:39PlugReview of the current Silent Auctions--
07:41--DiscussionGraham recieves a script of "Steve Butts & Steve Dengler - They're Cops" --
07:45--DiscussionA no-crash challenge is submitted--
07:4607:48OtherRadio Silence attempt #2 (challenge for 40 seconds of silence for $40) [Failure at 27seconds]
07:48--AchievementC-C-C-Combo Breaker--
07:4907:50OtherRadio Silence attempt #3 (challenge for 40 seconds of silence for $40) [Failure at 29 seconds]
07:5107:52OtherChallenges open again for a minute--
07:52--DiscussionSilent Auction smack-talk in the chat--
07:5208:03DiscussionReviewing the new challenges that came in--
08:03--PhysicalGraham crushes his head on the corner by the desk--
08:0408:08SongAlex sings Yukkuri Shiteitte Ne!! by Miku Hatsune
08:08--Game EventPoint! PT/CR: 1/0--
08:09--AchievementOn The Road Again--
08:10--ShoutoutShoutout to Dan who just had his spleen removed.--
08:1108:12DiscussionBill considers himself his own unit of measurement--
08:1108:12DiscussionWho the good singers are--
08:1308:16SkitThe Bruces Sketch
08:1608:17Song^ The Philosopher's Drinking Song--
08:18--Enter/ExitExit Taka for the night.--
08:1908:21SongIan and Beej preform the Game of Thrones theme on Guitar and Kazoo
08:2208:22DiscussionPlease put your name in the file name when you submit an art challenge or milestone--
08:2408:27SongAshton and Kroze sing "I Mod Alone"[✓]
08:2808:29PlugPlug for the DesertBus Pony Art Challenge for the Atlus prize pack--
08:3208:33SkitKroze and Tally (with Ian on Kazoo) do the Hobbits from the Lord of the Rings speech
08:34--Enter/ExitExit Bill, Kate, & Morgan for the night (to return tomorrow)--
08:3508:36DiscussionPlease don't eat our food--
08:3708:38DanceKathleen freelance dances to freelance music by Ian and Beej till 26K
08:39--Enter/ExitExit Kathleen, Ian and Cori for the night--
08:3908:40Shift ChangeStart of the first Night Shift, with Ashton on James' lap
08:40--Prank^ Ashton crushes Beej's head--
08:4008:42SongAlex freelances a song about James while Beej freelances on Guitar[✓]
08:4208:43SkitOh, HI--
08:45--Enter/ExitExit Cori (again)--
08:4508:46DiscussionWhere are the people who are in chat & awake from?--
08:4608:51PlugTally shows off the Choose your own Adventure books and reads a sample.
08:5208:52PrankAlex switches to engineering cam holding up an "I Pooped" sign[✓]
08:5208:53DiscussionExtra Credits Daniel answers a question from chat about the Kinect (send them an email and James will answer)--
08:5308:53DiscussionThe extent of Pony Judging going on upstairs is massive--
08:5408:56SkitThe past (Alex) calls James
08:5609:22Drive/Giveaway$7 Challenge for: Wooden Comadore 64 keychain, & 1 (of 2) laser cut acryplic DesertBus for Hope plaquePeterCordash--
08:59--Enter/ExitExit EC James & wife Carrie--
09:0209:06DiscussionVideo games & not playing them because of DesertBus followed by Dear Dr. time--
09:0609:08DiscussionPossible Improvements to DesertBus (the game)
09:0809:09PlugPlug for the $7 challenge & showing off the prizes--
09:0909:11DiscussionMore talk about the G&P Let's Play of Dante's Inferno
09:1109:12DiscussionWill there ever be more Crapshots?
09:12--Enter/ExitExit Jer to go sleep--
09:1309:18OtherBid Bot stress test--
09:1909:22DiscussionWinner for the DesertBus Pony art challenge announced:[✓]
09:2209:23DiscussionMike from chat notices that the people in the Kroze nest are seated so their names spells out AFK[✓]
09:2309:25ReadingMatt reads the back story for his favorite poby from the contest: Derelict Beats (DB)
09:2609:27OtherKingKool gives Graham his gift: The Autibiography of Rodger Moore read by Rodger Moore--
09:28--Enter/ExitExit Graham to go home and sleep--
09:2909:30DiscussionDesertBus 2 memories
09:3109:41DiscussionDear Drs
09:4110:11OtherFor the next 30 minutes everyone must refer to everyone as Fred--
09:4309:48OtherAnother BidBot(FredFred) stress test (failure, extremely high bids crashed it)--
09:4309:44OtherAndre begins dressing the Skull in a pink Dew Rag--
09:4809:53DiscussionDear Dr. Fred
09:53--Enter/ExitExit Fred (Small Ian)--
09:5309:55PlugPlug for upcoming Live Auction (to test bid bot) BulletStorm X-Mas Pack--
09:5910:04AuctionLive Auction for BulletStorm X-Mas pack (with nutcracker & Xbox360 copy of the game) Winner: Nerd Emperor for $200NerdEmperor
10:0610:13OtherAndre starts driving so James can take care of the Auction stuff--
10:0610:10DiscussionTalking about good card games--
10:1010:12DiscussionTalking about the sub-prime mortgage scandal & Occupy Wall Street --
10:11--AchievementBirds of a Feather--
10:1410:16OtherRadio Silence Attempt #4 (challenge for 40 seconds of silence for $40) [Success! with 65 seconds]
10:16--AchievementRadio Silence--
10:1810:22DanceRock out to the full Nyan Cat song
10:2310:24OtherChallenges open for one minute ( Matt thinks they got 0, they actually got 4 pages )--
10:2410:31DiscussionReviewing the new challenges that came in--
10:26--PosterPoster update v0:
10:3110:32DiscussionDear Dr. time--
10:3210:33SongBeej starts playing I'm Gone on guitar
10:3410:35SongMatt sings My Little Kroze
10:3510:36OtherBeej starts randomly playing guitar, they decide to do 4 Chords--
10:3910:45SongThe Axis of Awesome: 4 Chords (busking, not challenged)[✓]
10:47--Enter/ExitExit Alex, to make a quick run home--
10:5210:57DiscussionMatt & James answer 5 questions from an old Ask LRR thread:
10:5210:54Discussion^ Question 1: How successful has My Head on Things gotten since I asked this? From: wartjr2373--
10:54--Discussion^ Question 2: Trogdor or Reptar? From: tak197--
10:5410:55Discussion^ Question 3: Now that it's been at least 4 years, I have to ask: Is the snake on a lobster still there? From: RathWolf--
10:5510:56Discussion^ Question 4: Say you have a fan / member on your forums, whom there are many circulating rumors about around the net... do you (A) Buy into the rumors? (B) Spend some time making your own judgments and ignoring previous, possibly faulty intel on the matter? Or (C) not bother because it might not be important to you in the end anyway? From: ZanasoBayncuh--
10:5610:57Discussion^ Question 5: Do you guys enjoy relish? From: Bynine--
10:57--OtherReview of "Who is on the Couch"--
11:0111:05SongThis is not that song, it's a Tribute (by Tenacious D)
11:07--Enter/ExitEnter Alex, returning from Home--
11:1111:13SongEveryone sings Want You Gone the Portal 2 end song
11:1511:19SongMatt sings Fluttershy's 20% cooler version - Fireflies Parody (with help from the room)
11:2211:24SongDrunken Sailor
11:2411:25OtherPirate Jokes!--
11:2811:30StoryWho's ya gonna call !? (Ghostbusters!)
11:31--PrankAlex gets a call from everyone who likes James--
11:31--Enter/ExitExit Matt to go sleep--
11:3211:33PhysicalAndre does 40 situps ($1 per situp)
11:3511:40SkitPass-Around Story (becomes the story of Mokey Wrench and Roboduck, spawning an art challenge)
11:4011:44OtherAndre Starts driving so James can go get a giveaway prize--
11:4214:24Drive/GiveawayArt Challenge: Drawing of Monkey Wrench & Roboduck Prize: Deathspank download codeDr. Broccoli!--
11:4811:49DiscussionHow long has everyone been awake?--
11:5111:53PlugThe Current Silent Auctions--
11:5311:55PlugThe email address for the Mokey Wrench & Roboduck art challenge--
11:5612:00DiscussionDear Dr
12:00--Enter/ExitEnter Paul--
12:00--Enter/ExitExit Alex & KingKool--
12:01--OtherBeej Takes over Engineering, and Paul takes command--
12:0212:03PlugThe Monkey Wrench & Roboduck Art Challenge--
12:04--Enter/ExitExit Andre to go sleep--
12:0712:09SkitPaul narrates A Minecraft Cobble Block in the theme of the Falling Sperm Whale from Hitchhiker's Guide
12:1012:11PlugReminder about the Monkey Wrench & Roboduck art challenge--
12:1512:15PhysicalAshton and Kroze kiss Fugi on his cheeks
12:1612:28DiscussionMore Dear Dr. time
12:2212:26PhysicalPaul balances Hamlet, Prince of Denmark (the Klingon English version) on his head
12:2812:29PlugMonkey Wrench & Roboduck art challenge--
12:3012:36DiscussionEven more Dear Dr. time
12:3612:38OtherChallenges open for another minute or so--
12:3812:49DiscussionReviewing submitted challenges--
12:4912:50PlugAnother reminder about the Monkey Wrench & Roboduck art challenge--
12:5312:59OtherPaul drives while James takes a break--
12:5612:59SongKroze sings Blink by Chmeleon Circuit
13:0213:05SongEveryone sings The Internet is for Porn (in a zesty voice)
13:05--AchievementA Series of Tubes--
13:0613:09DiscussionName a game for every letter of the alphabet (@ $1 each)
13:10--Game EventBugsplat! (#2)--
13:1113:15SongPaul sings Gypsy Rover
13:18--Enter/ExitEnter Dammit Liz--
13:1813:21SongEveryone sings The Court of King Caractacus
13:2613:29DiscussionDear Dr. time
13:2914:01Drive/Giveaway$5 Challenge for Atlus Giveaway Pack #3 ( Persona 4 soundtrack, Luminous Arc business card holder, Persona 4 XL T-Shirt, Small Neo Steam T-Shirt )Zepher--
13:3213:37OtherChallenges open for another minute or so--
13:3413:37PlugReminder of what's in the $5 prize pack--
13:3713:51DiscussionDiscussion about the new challenges that came in and submitting challenges--
13:4214:00OtherKroze drives for a bit so James can forage for food--
13:4413:44OtherJames notices the sign Taka brought them for the Moonbase
13:5113:52PhysicalPaul gives the chat a hug via camera
13:5513:58SongPaul, Kroze, Kathrine, and Hanna sing Mulan - I'll Make a Man out of You
14:00--Enter/ExitJames returns with food for himself--
14:02--Enter/ExitEnter Ashley & Kara--
14:0314:06SongKroze, Kathrine, & Hanna sing: Dr. Horrible - Brand New Day
14:0714:10SongKathrine & Hanna sing: Assassin's Creed Literal Trailer
14:1314:14SongKroze sings Pinkie Pie's Giggle at the Ghosties - FAILURE--
14:1614:19SongTake 2: Kroze sings Pinkie Pie's Giggle at the Ghosties - Almost as bad
14:2114:22DiscussionPaul and James talk about improvements to Desert Bus (the game)
14:2214:24DiscussionLiz - Mini-interview
14:23--Enter/ExitExit Hanna & Kathrine to go sleep & make more cookies--
14:2414:29DiscussionJames judges the Monkey Wrench & Roboduck art contest (not shown) and chooses the winner--
14:3114:31PhysicalJames does the Most Awesome Yawn Ever!
14:3314:36SongKroze, Paul and James sing the full Pokemon Theme
14:3614:38DiscussionTalking about how messed up Pokemon is --
14:3914:42DiscussionTalking about Jonathan Coulton's newest album (Artificial Heart)--
14:4214:47SongPaul sings I Crush Everything by Jonathan Coulton
14:4814:49DiscussionJames wants to know "Where we at?" he's FINE, EVERYTHING IS FINE--
14:5214:55ReadingPaul reads "Rachel Maddow in Ponyville" fanfiction
14:5514:57DiscussionIf you were a pony what cutie-mark would you have?
14:55--Other^ Beej: A IBM Model-M keyboard key (Buckling Spring)--
14:57--Other^ Kroze: Banhammer--
14:57--Other^ Paul: Saftey Goggles--
14:57--DiscussionApparently Ashton snuck out at some point to sleep. (apparently not)--
14:59--DiscussionBidBot v1 was written in python, v2 is written in PHP--
14:5915:01DiscussionProgramming languages (PHP)
15:0215:04DanceKroze Caramelldanses for a minute -- Failure
15:0415:07DanceLiz, Kroze, Fugi Caramelldansen - James forces them to do the whole song
15:07--Enter/ExitExit Ashton to go sleep--
15:0715:09TechnicalPaul accidentially closed chat, a quck call to Ian for how to get it back--
15:1115:12DiscussionIs it awkward being watched by 1,800 people
15:1215:14DiscussionDear Dr--
15:1415:15DiscussionTweet from Neil Gaiman ( @neilhimself ) about the silent auction involving him--
15:1515:19PlugPluging current silent auctions--
15:1915:20DiscussionJames gives Liz the quick guide to driving the bus--
15:2015:26OtherLiz drives the bus so James can go to the bathroom--
15:2215:23DiscussionDr. Broccoli is the winner of Jame's Art Challenge for Monkey Wrench & Roboduck
15:23--Enter/ExitEnter Steve Dengler with 2 SUITCASES full of prizes!--
15:2415:27DiscussionGetting your nick registered in chat--
15:3215:52GuestWho IS Steve, exactly (mini-interview)
15:5215:55OtherSteve gives them their House Gift & one for Ash too (an Eddie Riggs from Brütal Legend statue)
15:53--Enter/ExitEnter Hat Girl, Ash & Taka--
15:5616:07PlugSteve shows off all the lots he brought
16:04--Enter/ExitEnter Kate (James' sister) & Jason with Marley (baby)--
16:0716:11OtherJames lets a baby (Marley) "help" drive
16:0816:08OtherSteve brought a bunch of money from around the world for Ash--
16:10--Game EventPoint! PT/CR: 2/0--
16:1116:14DiscussionRandom baby talk--
16:1416:15PhysicalBaby (Marley) on Paul's head
16:17--OtherSomeone donated $100 for baby on Paul's head--
16:20--Enter/ExitExit Kate (James' sister), Jason, & Marley (baby)--
16:21--Enter/ExitEnter Tim--
16:2116:30DiscussionRandom discussion / milling about--
16:25--Enter/ExitEnter Johnny--
16:26--OtherJohnny tags Beej out so he can go sleep--
16:26--Enter/ExitExit Beej to go sleep--
16:29--AchievementExcellent Posture (Paul Ballanced things on his head)--
16:3016:31TechnicalMoonbase Video Tour
16:31--TechnicalJohnny causes a stream crash--
16:33--TechnicalStream returns--
16:33--ShoutoutDengler does a shoutout for Tim Schafer (who is in the chat)--
16:34--ShoutoutShoutout for Kickstarter for Oathbreaker: The Knights Tale (fantisy) by Colin McComb--
16:3616:36DiscussionHow horrible the standard map projection is--
16:3816:39DiscussionExactly, WHO is everyone?--
16:3916:41TechnicalMoonbase-sception shot of what they're looking at
16:45--Food8 Orders of Pancakes arrive, everyone is very excite--
16:47--DiscussionThe Dragon Shout for DesertBus (War-Gar-Bal!)--
16:50--Enter/ExitEnter Graham--
16:5216:53DiscussionBid-Bot is dead (for now)--
16:5616:58DiscussionMatt's Breaking Dawn challenge--
16:58--OtherJames suggests people ask questions for the call-in in the blog post--
17:0017:36GuestTim Schafer Call-in
17:2017:24PlugBrütal Legend Mega Lot - Live Auction--
17:2417:33AuctionBrütal Legend Mega Lot - Winner: Voctorvic for: $777Voctorvic
17:30--AchievementPrize Pig (Dengler sweetened the pig)--
17:37--AchievementUkelele Schafer (Tim played his Uke)--
17:4017:41StoryJames' most embarasing story from the past year
17:4317:44PhysicalSomeone in the chat demands Taka flexes for them (off cam and then on-cam) Hulk-a-Mania still running wild
17:47--PrankGraham denies a challenge (for $7) to not accept this challenge with "challenge accepted"--
17:50--PlugRequesting more people make Achevenemnt graphics for them--
17:5317:56DanceMitchel & Matt & ??? do the Thriller dance
17:5919:26GuestDaniel (from Make A Wish) drives the bus while James takes a break--
18:0118:06SongPaul & everyone sings Barrett's Privateers
18:0818:10OtherTaka & Dengler go off to do Wrestling promo prep--
18:1118:18AuctionLive Auction for Tim's 50 Word Storiy books (vol 1 & 2) & T-Shirt Winner: dave_random for: $407.99dave_random
18:24--TechnicalTesting the levels pre-wrestling promo--
18:2518:27SkitWrestling Promo between THE TALK (Taka) & THE MEGACYNIC (Dengler)
18:2818:28OtherShowing off Taka's "Wrestling" belts--
18:2918:31DiscussionWhere's James(Daniel) from anyways?--
18:32--Enter/ExitEnter Kathleen --
18:3418:34SkitPaul does "There may be better sources for streams, but they don't have Desert Bus"
18:3918:46DrawingAsh draws a live sketch on the overhead (document cam)
18:4018:45DiscussionReviewing & Approving challenges--
18:4618:47DiscussionChristian Bale's batman voice--
18:49--Enter/ExitEnter King Kool and Ian--
18:5018:51SongSkyrim Theme Song
18:5318:54OtherOpening challenges for a minute to get some freah meat--
18:55--DiscussionReviewing said challenges--
18:5618:59PlugPreviewing the upcoming Live Auction and Chris Avellone call-in--
18:5919:26GuestChris Avellone call-in
19:2119:24AuctionLive Auction for: Massive Obsidian lot of Awesome Winner: Simju for $1000Simju
19:26--Enter/ExitEnter James to take back over for Daniel (driving)--
19:27--Enter/ExitEnter Matt--
19:2719:33PlugPreview of what's in the $5 challenge bags [Escapist shirts, D&D, Zero Punctuation x2] (2 come with a DB Dice bag)--
19:3020:02Drive/Giveaway$5 Challenge for 1 of 4 Prize packs [Escapist, D&D, Zero Punctuation x2] (4 Winners)SirBrocili, DSS_Fan, Riger, No Donor Account--
19:3319:34DiscussionJames explains Desert Bus to a chat member's momAllTheNicknames
19:3519:38SongSmall Ian, Kroze, Taka(as Nappa) sing Hakuna Matata
19:3819:40DiscussionDear Dr: Top 5 Sci-Fi shows
19:4019:41SongGraham - Do The Mario! (everyone joins in)
19:4520:07PhysicalPaul wears 2 or more beards for 20 minutes--
19:4619:51OtherPunctuate every sentence with "Like a Boss" for 5 minutes
19:5119:54ReadingPaul reads a Billy the Bear story (Goldylocks and the Three Bears) while wearing 2 beards
19:5519:56PlugPlugging the current $5 challenge prizes--
19:57--PlugKristin (from Child's Play) just stopped by with a car load of stuff--
19:5819:59PhysicalGraham & James roll for initiative (with the Magic 8 ball from the prize)--
20:0020:02SongKroze explains the Random Gibberish song he's about to sing
20:0220:06SongKroze sings "A Secret to Everybody" by Random Gibberish
20:11--Enter/ExitEnter Tally--
20:17--PlugTally plugs the current live auctions--
20:1720:19PlugJames suggests the POSSIBILITY that people might get their prizes before the run ends! (Scandalous!)--
20:1920:20SongAsh and Graham sing Blue Streak (the Sonic the Hedgehog theme) with Graham wearing a Sonic hat
20:2020:21DiscussionTalking about Cartoon characters "with an attitude"
20:2420:25PhysicalEveryone shows their "War Face"
20:29--DiscussionTalking about sending Matt & James to Twilight--
20:3020:52GuestKevin Murphy (Tom Servo) Call-in [✓]
20:40--Enter/ExitEnter Mia--
20:5321:07Physical2 Girls 1 Controller for 10 minutes (Mia and Shandy) [Shandy did the 1st 2 girls 1 controller from DB1]
20:5420:55Shoutout^ Shoutout for the Parsanage & Fernwood Coffee--
20:5720:57Song^ Ian does the 2 Girls 1 controller theme song on Kazoo--
20:5821:00Plug"Who is Atlas?" Mosaic TV tray--
21:0021:01PlugPlugging the current silent auctions--
21:0321:07OtherThe room gets to decide if someone's can have a Grave Titan
21:0722:01GuestSteve (Dengler) Starts driving to continue giving James time to eat--
21:11--Game EventBugsplat! (#3)--
21:1121:14SongIan (on kazoo) and Jer do the Deadly Preminition theme
21:1521:16PlugPlugging the huge drop of prizes that just showed from Child's Play--
21:1621:17DiscussionAlex absolutely distroyed his voice--
21:1721:18PhysicalAlex gives Graham a Karate "Massage"
21:18--PrankAlex is now communicating via index cards--
21:2021:22DiscussionDear Dr. Time (while processing challenges)
21:22--TechnicalCam Twist crashes (black screen)--
21:24--TechnicalStream crashes--
21:36--TechnicalStream returns--
21:3621:40PrankSteve has commitied a hostile take over of DesertBus, now named Desert Steve for Hope
21:4021:42PlugPlugging the Auction for Mia's "Who is Atlas?" tray table (from Bioshock)--
21:4321:47AuctionLive Auction for Mia's "Who is Atlas?" tray table (from Bioshock) Winner: DMRenegade for: $825DMRenegade
21:4921:51PlugPreviewing the Card Kingdom sponsored hour of fun--
21:52--TechnicalOverlay crash & black screen for a second--
21:5323:03Drive/Giveaway$13.37 challenge for: Graveborn (all foil premium deck series) & Complete set of Inastrad in Japaneese in Foil! 2-11th place: Imposter NostaligaArielX--
22:01--Enter/ExitEnter James to resume driving from Steave--
22:0122:22GuestShamus Young Call-in
22:1322:14Plug^ Shamus demands they remind people about getting Matt sent to Twilight, they plug the $13.37 challenge--
22:2222:23PlugReminding people about the $13.37 challenge--
22:2322:24SongListening to an Imposter Nostaliga sample
22:2422:27SongIan Kazoo's the theme song to Red Dwarf & then they sing it (2 failures and 1 correct)
22:2822:29SongEveryone hums / sings the LRR theme song
22:2922:31SongdaksMusic from the chat made an Electro House Remix of the LRR theme to promote DB :
22:3422:35PlugReminding people about the $13.37 challenge, again--
22:37--DiscussionSepto had to re-schedule--
22:3822:40SongEveryone sings Nun Fight By Paul And Storm
22:4122:54AuctionLive Auction for Majora's Mask laptop bag (sweetened by Dengler with a signed Anacranox) Winner: TheHevonator for: $2800TheHevonator[✓]
22:44--AchievementTripple Madness--
22:5522:56PlugImmediate plug for the $13.37 challenge by Johnny--
22:55--Enter/ExitEnter Bill--
22:5722:59OtherMatt drives so James can take a break--
22:5722:58DiscussionPronounce this welsh town
22:5922:59PlugFangamer has already sold 198 DB5 T-Shirts, go buy one, they're awesome--
22:59--Enter/ExitEnter James to resume driving--
23:0123:03OtherDrawing the winners for the $13.37 challenge (ArielX), [TechyReed, Andy, Ody, BonnieB, SpencerRiley, Donavan, Stire, Grudgel, JPH330, Grudgel] --
23:0323:04DiscussionSepto rescheduled for tomorrow morning at 10am--
23:1023:13DiscussionWHO IS Everyone?!--
23:1323:19SongGraham sings Oh No by Girl Talk, it does not go well
23:2023:28PhysicalPaul balances as many hats on his head as he can at once (for 60 seconds) $5 per hat (up to $50) -- 11 total hats, success![✓]
23:2724:00PhysicalPants-on-head socks on hands James arrives!--
23:3023:31OtherDengler discovers Bill is taller than him (Dengler is 6'5" Bill is 6'10"), bucket list item for Dengler
23:3223:32PrankIan becomes Dr. Evil camera lens eye guy.
23:34--AchievementKid Gloves--
23:34--AchievementFancy Hat--
23:3523:41SongThe Complete History of the Soviet Union arranged to the Tetris theme with Ian on Kazoo[✓]
23:43--Enter/ExitExit Mia to a Motzart Concert--
23:4423:57AuctionLive Auction for Chell from Portal Poster Winner: WarHamster_40K for: $3333WarHamster_40K
23:57--AchievementWe <3 Handmade (for the Majora's Mask thing going for over 1k)--
23:57--AchievementBid For Power--
24:00--Driver Shift ChangeJer takes over driving for James--