DesertBus 13 - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 13 - Day 3

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
48:00--Discussion^ Kansas City Chiefs vs Tennessee Titans (20 - 18 Chiefs)Titans ✗--
48:01--Discussion^ Baltimore Ravens vs Cincinnati Bengals (67 - 4 Bengals)Ravens ✗--
48:02--Discussion^ Buffalo Bills vs Cleveland Browns (37 -24 Bills)Browns ✗--
48:0348:09Music^ Posthumus Zone (The Theme to "The NFL on CBS") - E.S. Posthumus --
48:03--Discussion^ Arizona Cardinals vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers (26 - 7 Buccaneers)Buccaneers ✓--
48:02--Milestone$235,000, skipping $234,567 thanks to silent auctions--
48:04--Discussion^ Detroit Lions vs Chicago Bears (27 - 4 Lions)Bears ✗--
48:04--Discussion^ Miami Dolphins vs Indianapolis Colts (7-7 Tie)Dolphins ✗--
48:05--Discussion^ Carolina Panthers vs Green Bay Packers (20 - 7 Panthers)Packers ✗--
48:06--Discussion^ Los Angeles Rams vs Pittsburgh Steelers (28 - 17 Rams)Steelers ✗--
48:06--Discussion^ Minnesota Vikings vs Dallas Cowboys (35 - 7 Vikings)Vikings ✓--
48:07--Discussion^ Seattle Seahawks vs San Francisco 49ers (24 - 13 49ers)Seahawks ✗--
48:0948:10DiscussionTalking about the possible results--
48:1148:11DiscussionWhat should Johnny do with his newfound potential clairvoyance--
48:1149:22Drive/Giveaway$9.73 Giveaway for: Lord of the Rings wall clock - Raised: $14,478.24Agathachristi[✓]--
48:1748:17RDPRDP: Mausoleum Mash - Danny Baranowsky
48:16--TechnicalThe button doesn't go to green anymore--
48:1848:18DiscussionWho got the worse end of the coffee pong punishments--
48:1848:19RDPRDP: In The Navy - Village People
48:1948:23DiscussionChallenge: Everyone give Serge a compliment
48:19--Milestone$10k shift total--
48:2048:21PSAThank you chat but don't tweet Colbert anymore--
48:2348:23RDPRDP: Try Everything - Gazelle
48:2348:24DiscussionWho put the Carmeldansen punishment on the wheel--
48:2448:25DiscussionWhat advice do you have for trying to watch Desert Bus during school?
48:2548:27DiscussionAre porridge and oatmeal the same thing?--
48:27--OtherHarry is beautif