DesertBus 13 - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 13 - Day 2

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
24:0024:00DanceLiz does a little dance--
24:0024:01RDPRDP: Jump in the Line - Harry Belafonte
24:01--Video/ImageDawn of the Second Day (112+ Hours Remaining)
24:0124:02TechnicalHow the button works--
24:02--Milestone$8k shift total--
24:0224:03DiscussionSerge has never watched Star Trek and ranking shows with "star"
24:0424:07PlugBrand new silent auctions--
24:0724:59GameDawn Guard Game Show: Film CriticsNoy2222
24:11--Technical^ Chat is closed--
24:12--Music^ Heinz Kiessling & Werner Tautz--
24:12--Game^ The Ghoulies (1985) - 4.2Couch 2--
24:16--Game^ Can't Stop the Music (1980) - 4.1Couch 1--
24:20--Game^ We Are the Strange (2007) - 5.6Couch 1--
24:26--Game^ Brotherhood of the Wolf (2001) - 7.0Team Sij--
24:30--Meltdown^ They could only win with an exact score. They got the exact score--
24:30--Technical^ Chat is opened briefly to see the reaction to Team Sij's spot-on guess--
24:30--Game^ Living In Oblivion (1995) - 7.5Team Sij--
24:34--Meltdown^ and AGAIN SOMEHOW, Team Sij gets it spot on--
24:34--Technical^ Chat brought back again just to see the reaction--
24:35--Game^ Mummy, I'm a Zombie (2014) - 4.7Couch 1--
24:39--Game^ Out of Africa (1985) - 7.2Couch 1--
24:42--Game^ Night of the Comet (1984) - 6.4Couch 1--
24:44--CrashSerge crashes on the right--
24:46--Game^ I Wanna Hold Your Hand (1978) - 6.8Couch 1--
24:47--Game EventNew driver name: TEAMORDR--
24:49--Game EventSerge gets a bus stop--
24:49--Game^ The Waterboy (1998) - 6.1Team Sij--
24:51--Meltdown^ Team Sij again guesses the exact score--
24:51--Game^ Disaster Movie (2008) - 1.9Couch 2--
24:53--Game^ The Fall (2006) - 7.9Team Sij--
24:56--Game^ Single Clue Round! Guess the combined score - 12.09.5--
24:56--Game^ Title: 11 Minutes Ago (2007) - 6.43.0--
24:57--Game^ Synopsis: Hercules in New York (1970) - 3.34.0--
24:58--Game^ Poster: Snow Sharks (2014) - 2.32.5--
25:00--TechnicalChat is welcomed back--
25:0025:00Discussion^ Movies--
25:0125:08DiscussionLearning languages and helpful phrases
25:0826:16Drive/Giveaway$6.77 Giveaway for: "Not Too Familiar" Coaster Set - Raised: $4,041.69Flailsquared--
25:08--Driver Shift ChangeColin takes the wheel--
25:1325:15DiscussionBeholders and other D&D monsters
25:1525:15TechnicalPaul put the donation drive in wrong--
25:1525:16StoryStory about tech breaking the giveaway overlay--
25:1625:17RDPRDP: Endless Fantasy - Anamanaguchi
25:16--Milestone$10k shift total--
25:1825:19PlugCoaster giveaway shown on Kevin--
25:19--Milestone$150K Hype--
25:1925:20RDPRDP: Sing, Sing, Sing - Benny Goodman
25:2025:21DiscussionDancing is hard--
25:2125:24DiscussionRecap of Johnny's "shift"
25:2225:24Discussion^ Discussion of Keep Talking and Nobody Legos--
25:24--Enter/ExitExit Johnny--
25:2525:25PhysicalSerge Stretch and Pops All His Joints --
25:2525:27StorySerge tells his favorite "Off by one!" story.
25:27--MemeRoom honks--
25:2825:30DiscussionHow awake are people feeling?--
25:3025:31RDPRDP: Soda City Funk - Tim Legend
25:3025:31Dance^ Serge and James "slow dance"--
25:31--MemeHonk! (Room for the Goose new unofficial slogan)--
25:3225:44DiscussionSerge wants orderly multiples for Team Order. Team Chaos does its best#TeAmcHAOs--
25:3525:36DiscussionThe room tells Liz her boots are RAD! They're from threadUP--
25:3625:36DiscussionSerge's shame for crashing the bus
25:3725:37PlugCoaster giveaway.--
25:3825:39DiscussionDawn Guard rebrand needed? (DAW!-n Guard)
25:3925:41DiscussionPeople in the room are coordinated with the banners--
25:42--PlugLess than 30 mins left on the Coaster Set!--
25:4225:43GameCookie Clicker update
25:4225:43DiscussionRoom discusses Kathleen hating Cookie Clicker--
25:4425:47PhysicalLiz makes single person pyramid. Then becomes a table.[✓]
25:4825:48PhysicalJames and crew do some spontaneous juggling--
25:48--Driver Shift ChangeSerge's Redemption arc begins--
25:4825:50DiscussionThe LEM is cold but the chair and hugs are warm.--
25:5025:52DiscussionSerge is surprised that props need to be smell checked
25:5125:52Story^ Serge talks about James smelling the driver chair (James Smell Memories)--
25:5325:54PlugCoaster giveaway!--
25:5726:15StoryExplaining pop culture and memes to the less internet savvy, turning into Court Stories
26:01--Game EventSerge gets his 2nd bus stop!--
26:02--Driver Shift ChangeJames takes over--
26:1626:18PhysicalLiz's mug on the counter is accidentally felled--
26:1826:19Burn!Serge jokes about James not being able to get caffeine
26:1926:22TechnicalLights are turned out so Liz can dry them--
26:2026:30DiscussionQ&A with Serge and James
26:2326:26Discussion^ What MtG playstyles would everyone be?--
26:2626:26Other^ Stay hydrated! Remember self-care!--
26:2626:30Discussion^ Everyone tells Serge Coffee "Facts"--
26:3027:21Drive/Giveaway$7.19 Giveaway for: Catan Clock - Raised $2,458.98No Donor Account--
26:31--TechnicalStream hiccups--
26:3526:36PhysicalThumb wrestling: Liz vs JamesLiz
26:3626:38DiscussionThe story behind James' "Pizza John" shirt
26:3926:46PhysicalRock paper scissors tournament
26:4026:42Music^ Collapsing Universe (Of Mist and Magic) - Really Slow Motion--
26:41--Physical^ Liz vs KateLiz--
26:42--Physical^ Dan vs PaulPaul--
26:42--Physical^ James vs ErickJames--
26:42--Physical^ Julie vs Serge - Julie is killedSerge--
26:4226:45Music^ End Of Silence-Children Of Time - IMAscore--
26:43--Physical^ Liz vs PaulLiz--
26:44--Physical^ James vs SergeSerge--
26:44--Physical^ James vs Paul - Bronze Medal RoundJames--
26:44--Physical^ Liz vs Serge - Gold Medal RoundLiz--
26:4626:48Discussion^ Talk about rock paper scissors tournaments and new sports like pillow fighting--
26:4726:48Physical^ Serge and Liz hits each other with pillows, RIP Julie--
26:4826:49PlugCatan Clock Giveaway! - Shown in Kevin's Korner.--
26:49--Milestone16k shift total!--
26:4926:50RDPRDP: Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars
26:5026:50Physical"Dead body" hisses - Thumbs up.[✓]
26:52--Sham TicketNo being ded--
26:52--OtherJulie comes back to life--
26:5326:56ReadingLiz and Serge read Tax Insights on Charitable Donations in Canada in a sultry voice
26:5426:56MusicSeeing You Again - Almost Here--
26:56--Other^ James needs an adult--
26:5626:57DiscussionJames tells us what he REALLY thinks about Adam Savidan!
26:5726:58Discussion^ Serge didn't hug James for a dollar.--
26:57--Burn!^ James doesn't have time to talk about Serge. Gets mad about lack of hugs.--
26:5826:59Roll CallJames, Liz, Spoopifer, Creepy Doll, Paul, Erick, and Serge introduce themselves--
26:5926:59PhysicalHugs from Ashton!--
27:0027:00DiscussionWhat really happened in the hug challenge
27:0027:03DiscussionSerge describes everyone in the room as if they were coffee.
27:03--OtherSerge take on a challenge to not hug James--
27:0427:08PhysicalThe Kraken cometh!
27:05--Meltdown^ Serge calls Engineering "Chat"--
27:0727:08Music^ HP Lovecraft's The Call of Cthulhu: Soundtrack Part 1--
27:0927:10DanceLiz as Spoopifer and Emily as Creepy Doll slow dance
27:0927:10RDPRDP: Water Me - Lizzo
27:1027:10SkitSerge commentates felterweight division match: Spoopifer VS Creepy DollCreepy Doll
27:1027:11PlugLess than 5 mins remaining for the Catan Clock giveaway--
27:1327:14CreativeEmily gives a knitting update
27:1527:15PhysicalGive Emily a hug while saying "Seg is proud of you"--
27:1527:55Drive/Giveaway$5.01 Giveaway for: The Maze of Games and Puzzlecraft - Raised $4,203.39Metrics--
27:1927:20SkitJames vamps for 15 seconds so Serge can pull a winner
27:21--PSAHaving a donor account makes Erika happy--
27:2227:23DiscussionJames says he loves people in the room--
27:2327:26PlugSilent auctions--
27:2627:34DiscussionUnits of measurement in Canada
27:34--Milestone20K shift!--
27:3427:34RDPRDP: Electric Avenue - Eddy Grant
27:3527:35RDPRDP: Can't Feel My Face - The Weeknd--
27:3527:37OtherSerge rejects another hug James challenge
27:3627:37Burn!^ James burns Serge over his driving performance--
27:3727:37PhysicalLiz hugs Serge--
27:3827:41PrankDawn Guard hides more notes under the banners--
27:3827:39PhysicalSerge hugs James because a 500$ donation comes in from Mr_Horrible
27:3927:42PlugMaze of Games and Puzzlecraft Giveaway--
27:4227:45SkitLessons Liz Learned while running a kickstarter, told One Word Story style
27:4627:47DiscussionWhat is the weather outside - Julie reports it's Victoria (Grey).--
27:47--PSAYou are love, your wellbeing is important, and drink some water--
27:48--Driver Shift ChangeLiz takes over--
27:4827:54DanceJames dances for remainder of shift... ?
27:4827:50MusicEntrance of the Gladiators - Julius Fučík --
27:50--Milestone160K GET!--
27:5027:50RDPRDP: Break Free - Ariana Grande ft. Zedd
27:4827:50TechnicalOverlay is frozen, then fixed--
27:5127:51RDPRDP: Jungle Boogie - Kool & the Gang
27:51--MemeMany HONKs--
27:5227:53PhysicalRoom cheers for a Desert Buck--
27:53--MilestoneDesert Buck Shift Get! ($22,805)--
27:5327:54RDPRDP: Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go - Wham!--
27:5327:54MemeWake Me Up Before You Honk Honk--
27:5427:55SkitPeanut Butter Jelly Time (James vamps)
27:54--Meme^ Goose runs across screen HONK--
27:5627:57Discussion^ Wake Me Up Before You Honk Honk discussion--
27:5727:57Burn!Serge: "Apparently chat is thirsty for Hate cuddles" James: "that's any cuddle with you, Serge"
27:5727:58DiscussionThe room discusses Serge x James
27:5928:00DiscussionSerge asks Liz if Dawn Guard is the best shift.
28:0028:00Burn!^ Wiggins confirms Dawn Guard is discount Night Watch--
28:00--Shift ChangeAlpha Flight Time!--
28:0028:01Video/ImageAlpha Flight's Day 2 Intro
28:0028:00Video/ImageAlpha Flight intro - Day 2 (Clean Version)
28:00--Driver Shift ChangeCarrie at the wheel--
28:0128:02ReadingAndrew reads Notes from Dawn Guard
28:02--DiscussionThe Alpha Flight intro is not long enough to swap mics--
28:0228:03Driver Shift ChangeDan drives while Carrie gets mic-ed--
28:0328:03GameSpot the changes--
28:0328:04SongJordan does Baby Shark to explain to Jacob what it is.
28:0428:06ShoutoutYarn Donations from Schmutzerella for custom Desert Bus Yarn sales--
28:0728:07DiscussionHow is everyone feeling today?--
28:0728:09Roll CallCarrie (She/Her), Erika (She/Her), Jacob (He/Him), Julie (She/Her), Dan (He/Him), Colin (He/Him), Matt (He/Him, They/Them), Andrew (He/Him)--
28:1028:12PSAThe plan for Alpha Flight, and how *you* can help Desert Bus! (Hint: Make a Donor Account)--
28:10--PlugJerry Holkins call--
28:1228:12ShoutoutTabby from CPC--
28:1228:17DiscussionBiology lesson with Julie!
28:1728:27DiscussionWhat subject would the persons in the room teach if they were professors at a magic school?
28:18--Enter/Exit^ Dark arts professor Kathleen--
28:1928:25Music^ Hedwig's Theme - John Williams (Harry Potter Title Theme)--
28:20--Enter/Exit^ TQ professor of herbology--
28:2528:28Music^ Different unknown Harry Potter song--
28:2728:28Discussion^ Niche Memes--
28:28--PlugTea Party coming up later--
28:2928:31DiscussionInforming Jacob of really old DB memes.--
28:3128:31Video/Image^ Tally and Pigs--
28:3128:35PlugKathleen shows off Niv-Mizzet
28:31--Meltdown^ Jordan off camera due to Kathleen's "Best Draco-Daddy"--
28:3329:27Drive/Giveaway$13.37 Giveaway for: Niv-Mizzet Needle Felted Sculpture - Raised $4,104.59DrSwissCheesy--
28:3728:40DiscussionBack to explaining old DB memes--
28:4128:48DiscussionThe current Bus Name, and how it got set that way. Also Team Order vs Team Chaos explained.
28:4928:51DiscussionThe Coffee Pong punishments are explained to Alpha Flight--
28:5228:55DiscussionSleep related issues, and how folks around the room try to solve them.
28:5528:58DiscussionThe Cookie Clicker controversy
28:5728:57Video/Image^ Cookie Clicker Lives! #Engineering--
28:5829:01PlugNiv Mizzet Needlefelt Giveaway--
28:58--PosterPoster Update 6! Ded Julie, Liz Human Pyramid, 3/3 Elk, Beej (???)--
29:0129:05DiscussionJacob explains that 2flower will be dropping copies of Arcade Spirits in Chat, and the upcoming skit Jacob and Graham will be doing this NightWatch.--
29:0529:11DiscussionSerge's chaotic tendencies, even though he claims #TeamOrder, and Tea Talk
29:0829:10Discussion^ Soup vs Tea--
29:1129:16DiscussionThe Alpha Flight Elections are set up (for later voting), Gerrymandering enabled! (If you can figure out how)
29:13--Discussion^ Andrew, Kathleen, James, Jordan, Jacob, Carrie--
29:1629:17PlugNiv Mizzet Needlefelt Giveaway--
29:1829:18RDPRDP: It's Tricky - Run DMC
29:18--Technical^ Edge aware Filter applied--
29:2029:23PhysicalThe Candidates gather for a Campaign Photo, and Political Science Talk
29:21--PSA^ Keep things positive #CleanCampaign as Kathleen takes out a candidate--
29:2329:25DiscussionExplaining "Press F to pay respects" to Jacob, and how to do funeral scenes in games respectfully
29:25--PlugThe Niv-Mizzet Crafter is given props, and the donation is drawn--
29:27--PSAThe Election Straw-Poll is live - (Ends 5:30PST)--
29:2830:41Drive/Giveaway$7.53 Giveaway for: Desert Bus 2019 Drawstring Dice Bag - Raised $2,703.27InsidiousPie--
29:3129:34PlugSilent auctions--
29:3529:41SkitCampaign Speeches
29:3529:39Music^ MSNBC - Hardball--
29:3929:40Music^ Gee - Girls Generation--
29:4129:47DiscussionThe room names a KITTY! Orange tabby...
29:47--PhysicalMake Creepydoll and Spoopifer more comfortable--
29:48--Game EventBug Splat--
29:4829:52DiscussionNaming a DnD character - Colin Rubycrusher-Thornbody
29:5229:54DiscussionPersona 5 is long ok? Sleep is good!--
29:5530:03StoryArchaeology stories feat. a prelude from Julie and then a Main Event from Erika
29:5730:03MusicThe Raiders March - John Williams--
30:0230:04PlugDrawstring Dice Bag giveaway--
30:0430:06PlugDB Merch!--
30:0730:10FoodThe Tea Arrives! And so do Puns.
30:0730:10MusicNutcracker Suite--
30:1030:13DiscussionThe Child's Play Charity folks (Erick and Kirsten) tell who they are and what Child's Play does.
30:1330:15Roll CallDan, Emily, Jacob, Erick, Kirsten, Alistor, Andrew, Matt--
30:1530:16RDPRDP: Bubble Pop - Hyuna
30:15--Dance^ Conga Line Dance--
30:1630:19DiscussionJacob wants to take Kirsten to The Store. So he does.
30:18--Video/Image^ Kirsten is taken to The Store--
30:2030:21DiscussionThe Tea Flavors are discussed--
30:2130:22PSAWe are all excited for Desert Bus! But let's keep that excitement to our chat, and not other streamers that are currently streaming other things. That is rude.
30:2230:31ShoutoutThe Ongoing Election Poll
30:2230:29Video/Image^ Campaign Platforms for the candidates
30:24--CrashCarrie crashes due to Politics Related Distractions--
30:28--Game EventNew driver name: ORDER--
30:3030:30Burn!Graham: "I don't know, I never have to restart the Bus"--
30:3130:33StoryFavorite memories of people not remembering what they did or saw at Desert Bus and having DB at the moonbase
30:3230:32Video/ImageThe Exercise Bike Gif
30:3330:36DiscussionSpot's injury, and how unique and hard to find he is.
30:3630:39DiscussionVote For Desert Bus Tradition, and other Kathleen Campaign Promises
30:3730:39MusicLegend of Zelda Theme - Player: Piano feat. Sonya Belousova--
30:37--Discussion^ Releasing people from the Pun Jail--
30:4130:47MusicSuper Mario Bros Theme / Super Mario 3 Medley - Player: Piano feat. Sonya Belousova--
30:4130:42DiscussionUpcoming Jerry Call, if you have questions check the tweet!--
30:4230:44DiscussionRoom becomes Dadlier (Jacob is wearing Graham's sweater) and Who are the various Dad's of Desert Bus
30:44--Video/ImageI've got twerk in the morning
30:4530:45Milestone"1 69, 2 69, ah! ah! ah!" (we hit $169,269)
30:4730:49PhysicalMatt vs Jacob Pushup Rematch - Matt did 33 Jacob did 36 (69 total - NICE!)
30:4830:50MusicMega Man II Theme - Player: Piano feat. Sonya Belousova--
30:50--CrashCarrie crashes on the left--
30:50--Enter/ExitExit Dan for a Boat Home--
30:51--Driver Shift ChangeAndrew hops in the chair to reset the game and (possibly) drive.--
30:5130:52DiscussionHow the heck do you name the bus--
30:52--Game EventNew driver name: ITCHYA--
30:53--MilestoneHey guys we hit 170K!--
30:5330:54RDPRDP: Down at Fraggle Rock - Philip Balsam & Dennis Lee
30:5530:55DiscussionExplanation to Jacob on how to Bus Stop.--
30:55--ShoutoutShoutout mods!--
30:5630:56DiscussionHelping a challenger title their essay - "Just a bunch of Guys being Dudes"
30:5631:01DiscussionCan you recommend how to get into King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard?
31:0131:31Call InJerry Holkins from Penny Arcade calls in.
31:08--Shoutout^ CherryRae Raiders--
31:3231:32RDPRDP: Trampoline - Kero Kero Bonito
31:32--Driver Shift ChangeJordan bounces into take the wheel--
31:3331:34PosterShoutout to M Lunsford for the amazing poster--
31:3431:34PlugDB Merch!--
31:3531:38DiscussionTea review from earlier tea party.
31:37--DiscussionCrashes? Who cares!--
31:3831:40DiscussionJacob's Shirt(s)!--
31:40--Driver Shift ChangeKathleen drives the ghost bus.--
31:41--Discussion"Pulling a Jacob"--
31:4232:54Drive/Giveaway$10.12 Giveaway for: GKR: Heavy Hitters - Raised $5,657.08 Balthasar_Wiseman--
31:4231:46PlugThe GKR: Heavy Hitters lot is shown off, and the room is impressed with the size of that lad.
31:4632:01DiscussionAdvice for a Desert Bus Dating Sim!
31:4731:47MemeHONK? Unsolicited game design advice--
31:4931:50ShoutoutCodename Entertainment and their Crusaders of the Lost Idol Desert Bus integration
32:0132:03DiscussionKeith Baker, and fun designing games.--
32:0332:06PlugSilent auctions! New batch.--
32:0532:08DiscussionGoing over closed silent auctions, with a fun surprise at the end
32:0732:08Shoutout^ She Said Yes!--
32:0832:09RDPRDP: Night By Night - Chromeo
32:0932:13DanceTime Warp - Rocky Horror Picture Show--
32:1332:16PlugGKR Giveaway--
32:16--Video/ImageHappy couple!
32:17--Driver Shift ChangeJacob takes over--
32:1732:19DiscussionBeing an entertainer with good manners.--
32:20--ShoutoutCongratulations to Steve & Kate on your nuptials!--
32:2032:20PrankHow many levels of water are you on Jacob?--
32:2232:23DiscussionChild's play money is delivered via taxidermy rabbit (hopper).--
32:2232:24DiscussionJacob's voice repertoire
32:2432:24DiscussionUpcoming performance that Graham and Jacob will be doing--
32:24--Milestone$180K thanks to $700 from chimera8990--
32:2532:25RDPRDP: Levels - Avicii
32:25--Technical^ Edge aware filter applied.--
32:2632:26PhysicalJacob swaps to his gamer glasses while driving the bus--
32:2732:28SkitJacob gets other people to do things for him
32:2832:31Roll CallAndrew (He/Him), Carrie (She/Her), Rek (He/Him), Morgan (He/Him), Sonja (She/Her), Jacob (He/Him), Joe (He/Him), Mapp (He/Him)--
32:3132:33SkitJacob says hello to Katie as Nibbles, and Kennedy stops by
32:3132:31Shoutout^ Shout outs to Dale Freisen DM and LRR Friend--
32:3334:03Drive/GiveawayArt Challenge for a Desert Bus T Shirt: Campaign Posters for the Alpha Flight ElectionMijichu--
32:3732:39SkitJacob campaigns as Homsar
32:3832:40Discussion^ Jacob talks about the A P P A R A T U S--
32:4032:48SkitFurther election remarks from various candidates
32:43--Physical^ A confluence of dads. Ashton, Andrew, and Jordan join forces.--
32:4832:49DiscussionAlpha Flight is the darkest shift, and this is them well behaved.--
32:50--Video/ImageChecking the Alpha Flight polling numbers.--
32:5132:54DiscussionAndrew's hairstyle choices
32:5533:04GameThis or That: Earthbound Enemy or 1960's Billboard Top 100 [✓]
32:5633:04Music^ Earthbound Music--
32:56--Game^ Beatnik Fly (Song)--
32:58--Game^ Boogy Tent (Enemy)--
32:59--Driver Shift Change^ Jacob reclaims the driver's seat--
32:59--Game^ French Kiss of Death (Enemy)--
32:59--Game^ Handyman (Song)--
33:00--Game^ Loaded Dice (Enemy)--
33:01--Game^ Running Bear (Song)--
33:02--Game^ Shattered Man (Enemy)--
33:02--Game^ Urban Zombie (Enemy)--
33:0433:06PlugAlpha Flight Elections and art challenge--
33:0633:11SkitAndrew gets Served, and various people tell other people things on yet other people's behalf
33:08--PrankDun dun!--
33:1133:12DiscussionJacob and Sonja introduce themselves to each other--
33:1233:13Video/ImageAndrew's previous hair
33:1333:30ShoutoutShoutouts and "Nice's" and then Squats to donors
33:14--Video/ImageGif of Serge hugging chat--
33:1933:19RDPRDP: Firework - Katy Perry
33:2133:21RDPRDP: Sono Chi no Sadame - Hiroaki "TOMMY" Tominaga
33:2233:30Physical^ Squats for Donations--
33:24--Shoutout^ TQ's dad donated $690--
33:24--PhotosNew photos are up! (Colin almost forgets to post them before announcing)--
33:2533:26RDPRDP: Do the Mario - Lou Albano
33:27--Enter/ExitDammit Liz enters--
33:3033:33DiscussionRevealing the Election Results, and the Oath of Office[✓]
33:3233:33RDPRDP: Steven Universe Theme Song (season 2) - Rebecca Sugar, Aivi & Surasshu
33:3433:35PlugThe Campaign Poster Art Challenge--
33:3533:37GameWho's touching Jacob Now and the importance of consent for goofs
33:37--PrankThe more you know--
33:3833:40DiscussionTalking about Bus crashes
33:38--Burn!^ Canadian Driver's license are not Valid in Nevada and may explain Serge's Crashes--
33:4133:42Enter/ExitPenelope joins and says hi, and then bye!
33:4333:45DiscussionSerge recreates a gif, and explains it
33:43--Video/Image^ Serge Channeling Jo finding out No Donor Account won a prize
33:4533:45DiscussionBeing Gay and Doing Crimes--
33:4533:48SkitMake sure you look at the camera! (As Engineering swaps it at random)
33:46--TechnicalFeedback when they went into Engineering--
33:4833:56PhysicalMaking a Carrie Fort
33:49--Song^ Carrie Fort to the tune of "Baby Shark"--
33:50--Driver Shift ChangeLiz takes over while Jacob judges an art contest--
33:5133:52RDPRDP: This Is How We Do It - Montell Jordan
33:5333:55SkitBengineering the Engineering Inspector--
33:5533:58SkitSerge gives a motivational speech to go to the gym
33:5733:58Skit^ Bengineering the Engineering Inspector About The Trades --
33:5934:00DiscussionHelping a chat member try out a new name, and name chat. (Athiet)--
34:00--Shift ChangeNight Watch begins--
34:0034:01Video/ImageIntro "Video" to Perfect Strangers
34:0234:04DiscussionThe Art Challenge Winners!
34:0234:04MusicMSNBC Election Result Theme--
34:0434:06DiscussionWhat is the dinner tonight? And Shepherd's Pie chat.--
34:06--Driver Shift ChangeMatt Wiggins takes the wheel from Jordan--
34:07--OtherIan is still sick--
34:0734:08DiscussionThe upcoming Arcade Spirits reading is explained a bit.--
34:0834:10DiscussionNightwatch forgot to get their own prizes... again...--
34:09--Driver Shift ChangeJordan, back from prepping is crew, retakes the wheel--
34:0834:10DiscussionGraham explains the film "Tight Little Island"
34:1135:24Drive/Giveaway$6.33 Giveaway for: Foil Throne of Eldraine Full Set - Raised $10,254.60TransPunkArchmage--
34:1334:19MusicFFXIV OST Easter Theme ( Papaya ) - Masayoshi Soken--
34:1734:17PlugUpcoming live auction for Liliana stained glass--
34:1734:19DiscussionFFXIV Chat, and Jacob's Mug
34:1934:28SkitArcade Spirits Script - Jacob & Graham as their voiced Characters Matt and Ben respectively[✓]
34:1934:28Music^ Welcome to Funplex - Arcade Spirits OST--
34:2034:23Reading^ Graham reads the description by twoflower--
34:26--Shoutout^ "subtle" Arcade Spirits shoutout in the script--
34:2934:30Discussion^ Jacob talks about the voice acting in Arcade Spirits--
34:3034:31PhysicalJacob joins engineering and hugs Ben
34:32--Enter/ExitJacob exits the stage--
34:3234:33DiscussionWhat is this cloth? Is it dry?--
34:3434:36PlugAttention granted to the silent auctions--
34:3734:40DiscussionGraham is asked if he got a pack of Japanese Kit Kats, which leads to kit kat chat
34:3834:38PrankGraham discovers the note left by Dawn Guard--
34:38--Meme^ HONK--
34:4034:41TechnicalOverlay thinks there is a second, invisible giveaway going on--
34:4134:49GameThis or That: Cat Breeds or Sherwin Williams Paint Names
34:42--Game^ Zurich White (Paint)--
34:43--Game^ Bambino (Cat)--
34:43--Game^ Calico (Paint)--
34:4234:48MusicOverworld (from Super Mario Bros 2) - Qumu--
34:43--Game^ Cyprus (Cat)--
34:44--Game^ California Spangled (Cat)--
34:44--Game^ Derbyshire (Paint)--
34:44--Game^ Capri (Paint)--
34:45--Game^ Foldex (Cat)--
34:45--Game^ Delft (Paint)--
34:46--Game^ Turkish Angora (Cat)--
34:46--Game^ York Chocolate (Cat)--
34:46--Game^ African Gray (Paint)--
34:47--Game^ Dwelf (Cat)--
34:47--Game^ Australian Mist (Cat)--
34:47--Game^ Naples Yellow (Paint)--
34:48--Game^ Icelandic (Paint)--
34:48--Game^ Cay (Paint)--
34:48--Game^ Highlander (Cat)--
34:4834:50MusicSpiral Mountain - Banjo Kazooie--
34:49--Game^ Chartreux (Cat)--
34:49--Game^ Thai Lilac (Cat)--
34:50--PlugMagic Card Throne of Eldraine Giveaway is still happening--
34:51--MemeMii Channel (boop boop boop)--
34:5234:58DiscussionToo Many Cooks, leading to a discussion of Perfect Strangers, then Family Matters
34:5334:53Music^ Perfect Strangers theme, briefly--
34:55--Discussion^ What is Perfect Strangers?--
34:5634:56Music^ More brief Perfect Strangers theme--
34:5834:59DiscussionFuller House and Netflix is discussed--
34:59--ShoutoutShoutout to the viewers watching instead of watching cable TV--
34:5935:00DiscussionBen talks about playing World of Warcraft using the library wifi
35:0135:02PlugLilliana stain glass live auction soon--
35:0135:01MusicOh Yeah - Yello--
35:02--PSASign up for a donor account to participate in the auction--
35:0335:17AuctionLive Auction for: Liliana Dreadhorde General - Yoshitaka Aman inspired Stained Glass - Won for: $5,005tastylaksa[✓]
35:0335:06MusicDeltarune - Field of Hopes and Dreams remix--
35:06--Milestone10k Shift Total--
35:0635:08MusicCarpenter Brut - You're mine (from Furi original soundtrack)--
35:0835:11MusicCuphead Floral Fury Remix - RetroSpecter--
35:09--Plug5 minutes left in the Magic Card Throne of Eldraine Giveaway--
35:1135:13MusicDeltarune - The World Revolving remix--
35:1335:16MusicMegalovania remix--
35:1635:17MusicTurtles in Time--
35:1835:22DiscussionWhat is a "House Boat"? (5k bid)
35:21--Video/Image^ GIF of the House Boat auction
35:2235:24DiscussionPenn's crazy DB8 Auction--
35:25--MemeOh Yeah - Yello--
35:2535:26RDPRDP: (Troll) Big Enough - Kirin J Callinan Ft Alex Cameron, Molly Lewis, and Jimmy Barnes
35:2635:27Video/ImageBig Enough video (but just the "good" bit) -
35:38--PlugTwo more giveaways coming up--
35:2835:29DiscussionGraham's head hurts from pretending to scream--
35:30--Milestone10k shift total mentioned!--
35:3035:31OtherMatt challenges chat to get them over $195k by 8PM local time--
35:3235:35DiscussionWiggins extolls the virtues of Golden Retrievers and shares photos of said retrievers.
35:32--Enter/Exit^ Joe Trollo heard the siren call of Doggo talks--
35:3235:35Music^ Dogsong - Undertale OST--
35:3635:37RDPRDP: Shake it Off - Taylor Swift
35:3835:38PhysicalHat returned to Spoopifer--
35:3835:39MusicX-Files theme song--
35:3935:40DiscussionTips and Tricks for when babies start to turn into toddlers--
35:3935:40Music^ Dating Start! - Undertale OST--
35:40--Physical^ Love from the East coast. (Jordan hugs Wiggins)--
35:4135:56SkitDUMP TRUCK: Surprise Toy Box
35:41--Meltdown^ Graham can't handle how fast Askwho in the chat keeps finding images
35:43--Skit^ Jordan got a mini pachinko. Rates it "'s alright"--
35:44--Skit^ Wiggins got a Spalt X Projectiles Finger Flingers. Rates it "Tooooottally Awesome!"--
35:46--Skit^ Andrew got a jumping frog--
35:46--Driver Shift ChangeMatt makes Joe drive to show off his toy, then doesn't take the controller back--
35:47--Skit^ Sonja got a spinning top--
35:49--Skit^ Nina got a broken mini ball maze--
35:51--Skit^ Kelly got a target with a sticky dart--
35:52--Physical^ Graham throws the dart toward Wiggins--
35:52--Skit^ Max got a ruler and a mini notepad--
35:53--Game EventBUG SPLAT--
35:54--Skit^ Graham got a small bubble blower--
35:5535:55TechnicalCamera Froze--
35:55--MemeOh Yeah - Yello--
35:5535:57MeltdownThe room to Matt's "Sounds like My First Time" Joke
35:57--MemeOh Yeah - Yello "Chick-a-Chick-ahhhh"--
35:5735:58DiscussionNina's broke the toy even further--
35:5936:53Drive/Giveaway$7.00 Giveaway for: Battle Cry - Raised $1,295.00A Well Glazed Graham--
36:01--Meltdown"How much for the giveaway?" "$7" "How long?" "$7"--
36:0236:04DiscussionMinor Desert Bus injuries discussed. Don't get old kids.
36:0436:08DiscussionAndrew leaves to get coffee and Graham is excited about the Nog Menu
36:0536:05PhysicalGraham YEETS his glasses in excitement
36:0536:07DiscussionLens cleaning talk (Camera and glasses)--
36:06--Game EventBus stop!--
36:07--Enter/ExitAndrew goes for Starbucks--
36:08--TechnicalPaypal busted AS IS TRADITION!--
36:0936:10DiscussionWhat is Boomer crocheting? A blanket it turns out--
36:1036:10DiscussionTalk of the "Ok Boomer" meme--
36:1036:13PhysicalWiggins please Spin around 10 times and sing O Canada while hopping on one foot as fast as you canJames Turner
36:1236:13MusicPokemon OST--
36:13--AchievementGoose Checklist: James Breaks Matt--
36:1436:17DiscussionO Canada lyrics and when was the song adopted? It's different in French!--
36:1736:18DiscussionUSA is pants? Canada is a hat?--
36:1836:19SkitBattle Cry description reread as Dave Spokesman
36:20--ShoutoutShoutout to some folks having their annual Busgiving--
36:2036:22DiscussionWhat's the temperature in the room?--
36:22--MemeOh Yeah - Yello--
36:22--Video/ImageFrozen Bus Picture
36:2336:26DiscussionGraham wants to know "what glaze?" Leading to a discussion about charity dinner and american $2 bill
36:2436:26MusicWii music --
36:26--Enter/ExitSeamus and TQ appear followed by Joe Trollo--
36:2636:27MusicDogsong - Undertale--
36:2736:34MusicTemmie Village - Undertale--
36:2836:55DiscussionGraham attempts to explain the lore of Destiny.
36:27--ShoutoutShoutout to 2flower and Arcade Spirits for the Twitter giveaway from a winner--
36:35--PlugBattle Cry giveaway--
36:3636:40StoryJohnny, tell us of the before times (His life story).
36:3636:40MusicBanjo Kazooie menu music--
36:37--Video/ImageJohnny in a cowboy hat
36:4036:46DiscussionWiggins answers general geography of Canada questions from chat.
36:41--TechnicalGraham does a literal mic drop--
36:4236:44MusicMii Channel song (but all the notes are staccato)--
36:4536:48MusicO Canada--
36:4636:48SongGraham sings a google translated version of O Canada
36:47--Video/ImageCanadian flag gif--
36:4836:51DiscussionGraham says Card Kingdom's actual slogan, and Jordan explains that CK is aware and OK with the joke
36:49--MemeMii Channel Sting x2--
36:51--PhotosNew photos are up! (and chat beat Kolin to it)--
36:5336:53RDPRDP: (Troll) Despacito - Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee
36:5336:53MemeOh Yeah - Yello--
36:5336:55FoodAndrew comes back with coffee from Starbucks--
36:5436:54MusicDespacito - Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee--
36:5636:56DiscussionCarbonylcookie loves Seamus![✓]
36:5636:57Food^ Andrew got Ben (and engineering) a grilled cheese sandwich, and Jordan shares it[✓]--
36:5736:59Video/ImagePokemon version of Despacito - Pokecito
36:53--MeltdownA Well Glazed Graham - Graham's gonna head right out--
36:58--PSAM. Lunsford knows what they're doing--
36:5937:00MeltdownPokecito wrecks Kolin, which wrecks Comms--
37:0237:04DiscussionThe Neil Cicierega pokerap and the new album he has upcoming--
37:0437:11SongGraham performs Neil Cicierega Pokerap with room as backup
37:05--TechnicalAudio cuts out for a sec--
37:0537:06PrankActivating chat's voice-activated assistants--
37:1237:13MusicMii Channel with the instruments switched--
37:1337:17SkitGraham (Wearing a luchador mask) re-enacts Kathleen telling her story from DB2017[✓]
37:1937:21Roll CallGraham (He/Him), TQ (She/Her), Andrew (He/Him), Sonja (She/Her), Jordan (He/Him), Brett (He/Him) and SEAMUS!, Matt WIGGINS (He/Him)--
37:2237:24Video/ImageTQ and Sonja get taken to the store, history and merch[✓]
37:24--Meltdown^ The Store does its thing.--
37:26--TechnicalAudio cut outs and Ben accidentally playing the NBC Election music--
37:28--Game EventMatt gets another bus stop! -- 4 total--
37:2837:29DiscussionComments on the 3 PS3's video--
37:29--ShoutoutRedGreenJr Raid--
37:3037:32PSAWhat is this whole Desert Bus thing--
37:3137:32MusicRed Green Show Theme Song - Bob Doidge--
37:3237:36MusicWii Shop Channel Hotline Bling version--
37:3337:33DiscussionMatt asks chat a question, it becomes a thing. Can chat raise $1600 in an hour?--
37:33--PSAHow to donate!--
37:3737:45GameThis or That: Magic Card, Metal Band, or Both (War/Warrior edition)
37:37--Game^ Ravages of War (MtG)--
37:37--Game^ Storm Warrior (Band)--
37:38--Game^ War Elephant (Both)--
37:38--Game^ Steel Warrior (Band)--
37:38--Game^ Hollow Warrior (MtG)--
37:39--Game^ Crescendo of War (MtG)--
37:39--Game^ Pious Warrior (MtG)--
37:39--Game^ Phantom Warrior (Both)--
37:40--Game^ Total War (Both)--
37:40--Game^ War Behemoth (MtG)--
37:40--TechnicalAudio glitch--
37:40--Game^ Brutal War (Band)--
37:4037:43MusicSteambreather by Mastodon--
37:41--Game^ Spoils of War (MtG)--
37:41--Game^ Man-o'-War (Both)--
37:41--Game^ Eternal Warrior (MtG)--
37:41--Game^ Sacred Warrior (Band)--
37:42--Game^ War of Attrition (Band)--
37:42--Game^ Lust for War (MtG)--
37:43--Game^ Dogs of War (Metal Band)--
37:43--Game^ War Engine (Metal Band)--
37:44--Game^ Warrior's Oath (MtG)--
37:44--Game^ War Bringer (Both)--
37:44--Game^ Herald of War (MtG)--
37:45--Game^ War Troll (Metal Band)--
37:45--Driver Shift ChangeGraham drives--
37:46--TechnicalAudio blips--
37:4637:46DiscussionWhy is the driver named ITCHYA?--
37:4637:47DiscussionWhat is going on with the audio issues, engineering is troubleshooting--
37:4737:48ShoutoutRuby! She's 5! And learning to play MTG!
37:4837:48DiscussionWhat's on TQ's pants? It's tears.--
37:4837:53TechnicalCutting audio to replugin in the audio cords and reboot everything--
37:4937:52SkitWhile audio is muted, the crew goes "Silent Movie"
37:4937:51TechnicalSepia Tone filter--
37:51--PhysicalAndrew makes a Drake meme with him and Harry
37:5237:53TechnicalCamera goes black--
37:53--TechnicalAudio is back--
37:5537:57DiscussionEveryone in the room: if you were a hat what hat would you be?
37:55--Discussion^ Graham: A jumbo toque--
37:55--Discussion^ Ashley: A fashion toque--
37:56--Discussion^ ???--
37:56--Discussion^ Brett: normal hat--
37:57--Discussion^ Andrew: Andrew's snapback--
37:5838:00DiscussionDesert Bus crew's doppelgangers and best bagel toppings
38:00--ShoutoutColin Mochrie retweets a post about DB!--
38:0038:07SkitThe HamFather Part 2[✓]
38:0038:07MusicSpeak Softly, Love (The Godfather theme)--
38:0838:08PhysicalAndrew gives Graham a hug--
38:08--MemeOh Yeah - Yello--
38:08--TechnicalJohnny plugged in a hot mic, hurting Ben's ears--
38:1038:14DiscussionWhat fictional world would you want to live in?
38:10--Discussion^ Graham: Dinotopia--
38:12--Driver Shift Change^ Brett hops in for Graham--
38:12--Video/Image^ M. Lunsford drew Jordan and Ben eating together.
38:12--Discussion^ TQ: Harry Potter or Ghibli--
38:13--Discussion^ Brett: Ebberon D&D Setting--
38:14--Discussion^ Jordan: Legend of Korra --
38:1538:16PhysicalSpoopifer drives the bus
38:1738:19PlugSilent Auctions--
38:1938:21PhysicalThe room is challenged to stretch to avoid cramps and pain
38:20--TechnicalSplit camera goofs--
38:20--Meme^ Honking Loose Goose--
38:2138:21Physical^ Sonja stretches, and freaks out chat--
38:2238:24PhysicalLet's rotate the glasses!
38:2439:40Drive/Giveaway$13.86 Giveaway for: Lord LoadingReadyRun's Space-Vampire Hunting Kit - Raised $10,242.54droodtheozeference
38:31--MemeSad trombone--
38:31--Milestone$15k shift total--
38:3238:33RDPRDP: Jump Around - House of Pain
38:33--Milestone200k HYPE--
38:3338:34RDPRDP: You Only Live Once - Wataru Hatano
38:3538:35DiscussionThe rules about sleeping at Desert Bus when you're a dog
38:35--AchievementGoose Checklist: Let James Sleep--
38:3738:46DiscussionTattoo Show Off Hour! (To be continued tomorrow!)
38:37--MemeOh Yeah - Yello "Chick-a-Chick-ahhhh"--
38:3938:43MusicPenne For your Thoughts - From Overcooked--
38:41--Enter/ExitTQ and Seamus head home for the night--
38:45--Milestone$20k shift total--
38:4638:47RDPRDP:New Rules [Initial Talk 80s Rules Remix] - Dua Lipa
38:4738:50SupercutUPSLynx is small time Supercut
38:5338:56PlugLord LoadingReadyRun's Space-Vampire Hunting Kit Giveaway--
38:56--Game EventMatt Wiggins, Specifically, Gets a Point--
38:56--MusicThe Best Around - Joe Esposito--
38:5639:16SkitReading out nice donations, RDPing for every $69, Extolling virtues of $690 donors
38:57--Burn!Overlay: Matt: 1 / Everyone else: 0--
38:58--Video/ImageLord Hosk with a great photoshop
38:5838:59RDPRDP: Y.M.C.A. - Village People
38:58--Game EventBus Stop!--
38:5838:59Shoutout$690 donations from Hired Goons and cyclopsboi have their virtues extolled--
38:59--MilestoneDesert buck!--
38:5939:00RDPRDP: Dare - Gorillaz
38:5939:14TechnicalRDPs remaining countdown--
39:0039:00RDPRDP: Teenage Dream - Katy Perry
39:0139:01RDPRDP: Shake Your Rump To The Funk - The Bar-Kays
39:01--Other^ Engineering Butts--
39:0139:02RDPRDP: Music Sounds Better with You - Stardust
39:0239:03RDPRDP: DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love - Usher Ft. Pitbull
39:02--Milestone$25,000 shift total!--
39:03--TechnicalRoom Cam zooms in and out--
39:09--ShoutoutI_am_Clockwork $690 extole--
39:0339:03RDPRDP: Internet Killed the Video Star - The Limousines
39:03--MemeGoose on the Loose--
39:0439:04RDPRDP: Splish Splash - Bobby Darin
39:0439:05RDPRDP: Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego - Rockapella
39:0539:05RDPRDP: Petty Language - 3LAU
39:05--OtherMoratorium Put on Additional Dance Parties--
39:0639:06RDPRDP: Where Are U Now - Jack U Ft. Justin Bieber
39:05--Milestone209k for Team Order--
39:0639:07RDPRDP: Hopes and Dreams - Toby Fox
39:07--TechnicalThe room mirroring alpha mask is accidentally shown--
39:07--TechnicalRoom is upside down with the room mirroring effect but vertical--
39:0739:07RDPRDP: Go Speed Racer Go - Ali Dee & the Deekompressors
39:0839:08RDPRDP: Gee - Girls' Generation
39:08--TechnicalThe room is mirrored with the shift mask--
39:0839:09RDPRDP: Get Lucky - Daft Punk
39:0939:10RDPRDP: Fabulous Secret Powers - Slackcircus Studios
39:1039:10PrankBen does the Heeey-eey-eey face--
39:1039:11RDPRDP: Napal Baji - PSY
39:10--Technical^ Andrew didn't crank the button enough--
39:1139:12RDPRDP: Save The World - Swedish House Mafia
39:11--TechnicalCamera zooming in and out--
39:1239:13RDPRDP: Kids - MGMT
39:1339:13RDPRDP: Fascination - Alphabeat
39:13--MilestoneDB4 Get! $209400.82--
39:1339:14ShoutoutTRPJones virtues--
39:1439:16DiscussionGraham has a sheen and a discussion of favourite Sheens--
39:1639:16RDPRDP: Aquarius - The 5th Dimension
39:1639:18ShoutoutTo everyone who donated variations of 6.90 for the RDP push--
39:1839:19PlugSpace Vampire Hunting Kit--
39:19--MilestoneHour 142 donation amount reached--
39:1939:19RDPRDP: Hungry Like The Wolf - Duran Duran
39:2039:20SongBaby Wolf do do do do do--
39:2139:23ShoutoutMatt is Appoint with chat--
39:2439:25DiscussionGraham trying to give VST a break... nah fam <3--
39:25--Milestone$30,000 shift total!--
39:2539:26RDPRDP: Don't You Know I'm in a Band - Confidence Man
39:2639:26PhysicalMatt is an Accidental Sim
39:2739:28PlugSpace Vampire Hunting Kit Giveaway--
39:2739:30PhysicalCooldown Stretches
39:2839:28ShoutoutAndrew shouts out Friend CherryRae
39:3039:30Video/ImageJohnny is not impressed, while Engineering dances
39:3039:30Music^ What is Love - Haddaway--
39:3139:36DiscussionOld Desert Bus memories, including a snowstorm, and other snowstorm chat.
39:3439:36Technical^ Matt becomes a SIM--
39:3539:36ShoutoutTo all the chat members that give their attention and love to Desert Bus
39:3639:37PhotosNew Photos!--
39:3639:37RDPRDP: 1 Thing - Amerie
39:3839:39SongHonky Birthday to Simon
39:38--Meme^ honks in the song--
39:4039:41PhysicalBracing for the total for the Vampire Hunting giveaway--
39:41153:39SupercutTrans Rights - SuperCut
39:4139:48DiscussionPositivity for queer folks and getting on in the world.
39:4839:49RDPRDP: Hey Mama! - EXO-CBX
39:4939:51DiscussionDesert Bus Time Dilation
39:5139:52DiscussionChallenge for Graham to talk about Butts for a minute.
39:5239:55DiscussionIs it a good idea to live in Seattle?
39:5639:58DiscussionGraham helps chat member Ruadry propose to Edin
39:5940:00RDPRDP: U Can't Touch This - MC Hammer
40:00--Driver Shift ChangeZeta is and matt walks away jordan grabs the controller--
40:00--Prank^ Matt drops the controller immediately as his shift ends--
40:00--PrankZeta Starts with various shenanigans--
40:0040:03Shift ChangeZeta BEGINS, deal with it[✓]
40:01--Driver Shift ChangeCam takes over as driver from jordan--
40:0240:03PhysicalRotate the Cushions!--
40:02--Milestone$215k total--
40:0440:05RDPRDP: The Safety Dance - Men Without Hats
40:04--MeltdownJordan has reached QWOP'o'Clock over in Comms--
40:0540:05Roll CallRoom roll call with Beej and crew--
40:0640:08PSABeej's zeta shift PSA--
40:0840:09DiscussionMissing "not lego" bits missing--
40:0940:12PlugNew Silent auctions: Cushions rotation cushions, and LRR Charm Key chains--
40:1240:16DiscussionTalking about tonight's giveaways--
40:16--Enter/ExitExit Andrew and Sonja--
40:1740:17RDPRDP: Beat Of My Drum - Powers
40:1840:18DiscussionBen is having "dry" pancakes
40:1840:22DiscussionBack to talking about the giveaways--
40:2241:39Drive/Giveaway$8.80. Giveaway for: The Dark Souls Crest Shield pendant - Raised $3115.20Squiiiiiish--
40:25--TechnicalExperience Sneej! Defeans engineering--
40:2640:28DiscussionFriends (the sitcom) talking and mocking beej for sneezing (sneej)--
40:2840:30DiscussionHopes for Dune
40:29--Discussion^ Chat did not expect Dune talk--
40:3040:31DiscussionWhat's Cam's favorite word: persnickety--
40:3140:31:00ShoutoutEngineering is doing hard work, Beej doesn't really care
40:31--Prank^ Engineering gets its revenge (Please Stand By Screen)--
40:3140:32PhysicalBanner stuff, sticky notes, ect--
40:32--MemeMoose Moo!--
40:3240:34ShoutoutBen did a nice thing for people, they thanked him
40:3340:34Physical^ Ben gets way too close to Beej's mic--
40:3540:39DiscussionBeej explains why Ratatouille is the best mecha anime
40:3940:40OtherBeej contemplates an old challenge--
40:4140:47DiscussionCall of Cthulhu npc naming
40:47--Milestone$5k shift total--
40:4840:53DiscussionBeej explains the Rose Bride from Revolutionary Girl Utena (spoilers)
40:5340:53DiscussionCam desires to ruin himself with Babylon 5--
40:5440:57DiscussionUtena is on YouTube for free courtesy of the publisher, and relevant discussion--
40:5740:58DiscussionHow The Rocky Horror Picture Show became more theatrical--
40:58--PlugTalking about the ongoing Crest giveaway--
40:5941:00DiscussionBeej invites Colin Mochrie to swing by Desert Bus--
41:0041:05DiscussionThe perfect grilled cheese sandwich
41:02--MeltdownCam has a mayo crisis--
41:0541:06DiscussionBlindly speculating as to the winner of the LoL World Final--
41:0641:08DiscussionHow critical dill or spicy is needed to cut a strong bread like sourdough--
41:0841:16DiscussionHow our childhoods develop our sense of brand and device preferences
41:10--Discussion^ Turns out laundry is complicated yo--
41:1641:17ReadingReading by Cam from Welcome to Night Vale
41:1741:17PSAChallenge PSA refresh--
41:1741:21PlugReminder about the ongoing Pendant giveaway drive and how awesome the shipping team
41:2141:21OtherBeej "I'm sure this is clean"--
41:2141:22PSABid responsibly--
41:2241:26Discussion"Everything is ok", for Dima - Things go on
41:2641:30Video/ImageSalsa Tequila by Anders Nilsen - A Spanish song made by Norwegians[✓]
41:3041:31DiscussionBeej is offended--
41:3141:33MusicChallenge 1842: what genre is this "Hidden Potential -TWRP"--
41:3441:37Video/ImageRoom listens to Radio Free Vestibule: Looking for a Job in Quebec--
41:3741:38DiscussionLive discussion of the radio free skit--
41:3941:40DiscussionFailures of shipping and not wanting returns--
41:41--Video/ImageCreepy cat photo
41:4142:56Drive/Giveaway$9.09 Giveaway for: 9th world mega collection - Raised $590.85Twister Pear--
41:42--OtherBeej: "we're gonna do something else" --
41:4341:59GameJohnny crimps SDI cable while Beej "helps" - Keep crimping and nobody explodes
41:45--Game EventBus Stop!--
41:4641:48MusicPowerhouse - Raymond Scott Quintet --
41:47--TechnicalJohnny moves to Kevin so chat can see--
41:4841:49Behind the ScenesJohnny talks about stats of the tech setup
41:58--Technicalshot of Johnny's scalp--
41:58--OtherBeej leaves to visit the secret litterbox--
41:5842:04DiscussionTalking about explaining things without looking, leading to tech support stories
42:00--Achievement^ Goose Checklist: Cable--
42:03--PhysicalNice Catch--
42:0442:05DiscussionBeej's physical state--
42:0542:06DiscussionHow to move forward with lego--
42:05--TechnicalWhoops engineering camera doesn't work--
42:06--Driver Shift ChangeMatthews takes over for Cam so he can eat--
42:07--Enter/ExitExit: Bye Kelly--
42:0742:44GameKeep Talking and Nobody Legos: Session 2 - Beej reads, Rob builds
42:11MusicBang Dream!--
42:15--OtherThe missing pieces weren't missing after all!--
42:27--Game EventDusk!--
42:3042:31Video/Image"It's a Gyarados!" SlowpokeNoy2222
42:33--Driver Shift ChangeCam takes over from Matthews--
42:39--Game EventCam flexes with a silent Bus Stop!--
42:4442:45DiscussionTalking about finishing the lego step, and it being dusk--
42:45--TechnicalBeej forgets the Co-pilot iMac password Johnny, doesn't say it out loud on mic--
42:4642:47PhotosKolin tells us the photo drop, happened--
42:4742:47PlugDesert Bus 2018 Photobook--
42:4742:48RDPRDP: Beautiful Now - Zedd ft. Jon Bellion
42:48--Enter/ExitExit: Kolin out for the night--
42:4842:50DiscussionBeej wants to stretch more, maybe later, talks about looking at challenges--
42:4942:53TechnicalWebdings Overlay for 👓︎📄︎📄︎📁︎📪︎📁︎📁︎📁︎--
42:5042:55DiscussionWhat are Ice Cream Chords, Beej?
42:53--Milestone$220022 #TeamOrder--
42:5642:58PSANo Donor Account issues of days gone by--
42:5842:59DiscussionWe're halfway deep in Zeta, it's up to our waist. And The Daily Show--
42:5944:44Drive/Giveaway$6.49 Drive for: Japanese foil masters- Raised $4354.79J Peasmold Gruntfuttock--
43:0143:02TechnicalCam PnP so he's not off frame when talking--
43:0243:03DiscussionHas Zeta blomped?
43:0343:04PhysicalBeej and Brett blomp--
43:0543:12DiscussionVolunteering at DB and how much work people pour into the event
43:10--TechnicalBeej's mic begins going in and out--
43:1243:23DiscussionWhere did everybody grow up? And how do they pronounce words?
43:12--Achievement^ Goose Checklist: Explain volunteering--
43:1643:22Reading^ Reading a list of words--
43:2343:25ReadingCam reads the "Missile Guidance For Dummies" copypasta
43:23--Driver Shift ChangeCam hands off to Rob--
43:24--Game EventNight falls--
43:2543:26DiscussionDiscussion of 'Missile Guidance For Dummies'--
43:2643:28ReadingCam reads Turboencabulator
43:2843:30DiscussionDiscussion of the Turboencabulator reading and feelings it brings--
43:3043:31DiscussionWhat Beej is having for dinner--
43:3143:34PlugCurrent Magic Giveaway, current silent auctions--
43:34--Milestone$10k shift total--
43:3544:01DiscussionThe room talks about the one piece of media they want others to experience
43:35--Discussion^ Cam: The Broken Earth trilogy, The Fifth Season--
43:38--Discussion^ PEEJ: Sayonara Wild Hearts--
43:39--Discussion^ Logan: Frost Punk--
43:42--Discussion^ Rob: VA-11 Hall-A--
43:48--Discussion^ secondary suggestions: Red Strings Club and Dresden Files--
43:49--Discussion^ Discussion of what Cam is/was/will be reading--
43:50--Discussion^ The concept of collecting media without consuming it--
43:50--Discussion^ Johnny: Ruined by Design--
43:54--Discussion^ Cameron: William McDonough: Cradle to Cradle--
43:54--Discussion^ Boomer: Blood on the Clocktower--
43:55--Discussion^ Playing Werewolf with Serge--
43:56--Discussion^ Mike: Subnautica--
43:56--Game EventBug splat--
43:59--Discussion^ Shawn: After School Dice Club (Hōkago Saikoro Kurabu)--
44:00--Discussion^ How does Blood on the Clocktower solve the werewolf problem--
44:02--PlugJapanese Foil Masters 25 set giveaway--
44:03--MeltdownWhen blug splat?--
44:03--MemeGoose. HONK!--
44:0344:07DiscussionPeej talks about the Berkeley Pit
44:06--PhysicalCam whacks his elbow--
44:0744:09DiscussionCam maybe doing a poetry challenge and what he's done before--
44:09--OtherCam: "What do I do now..."--
44:09--PlugMagic giveaway--
44:0944:12ReadingCam reads a poem called: "Noah's nameless wife takes inventory" by C.T. Salazar
44:1144:12DiscussionDiscussion of the reading--
44:1344:16DiscussionCam tells us about his post-apoc humans from Stellaris
44:1644:17DiscussionBeej returns and exchanges pleasantry with cam--
44:16--Enter/ExitEnter Beej--
44:1844:18:00MemeWeej makes a drake meme
44:17--Driver Shift ChangeCam resumes driving--
44:1844:19DiscussionCam reviews an ork squad--
44:1944:21DiscussionThe Winner of the LoL world final--
44:1944:19DiscussionWe can't move the chair, we're on spikes--
44:2044:21TechnicalPiP Driver Camera to get Cam's head in shot again.--
44:2144:25Video/ImageQuarter-Life: Halfway to Destruction (
44:25--Discussion^ Discussion of Quarter-life--
44:2544:27StoryBeej won a writing competition in grade 9 that he doesn't want anyone to see now
44:27--AchievementGoose Checklist: Video Watch--
44:2744:29DiscussionMispronouncing words you have only seen in print--
44:2944:42StoryThe Zeta Shift House of Pain: Several of the crew talk about painful experiences
44:2944:39Story^ Johnny tells stories about his experiences in school
44:35--Meltdown^ Johnny's arm was broken and it made his gym teacher throw up. The room can't handle it.--
44:36--Meltdown^ ...and that's why I have no feeling in this side of my hand--
44:3844:38Technical^ Engineering accidentally pulls up a couch-and-sims-pip alpha mask--
44:38--Other^ Johnny's belt buckle is a bus--
44:3944:42Story^ Beej was playing on a construction site...--
44:40--TechnicalSame alpha mask again--
44:4044:41TechnicalBeej is pixelated--
44:44--Milestone44:44 bussed at 4:44 AM and $224,488! #TeamOrder--
44:4444:45RDPRDP: The Twist - Chubby Checker
44:4544:46DiscussionThe Fatboys did a cover of The Twist--
44:4644:47StoryBeej discusses his back pain with his doctor
44:4744:48DiscussionMatthews explains what rheumatoid arthritis feels like--
44:48--Driver Shift ChangeTime for Johnny's shift--
44:4845:56Drive/Giveaway$7.93 Giveaway for: Sentinels of the Multiverse Multipack- Raised $2513.81No Donor Account--
44:51--ShoutoutRob is awesome--
44:51--SkitBad joke number joke, Beej shouldn't have--
44:5244:56Video/ImageGreat Starlight Brigade - TWRP feat. Dan Avidan
44:53--Milestone$225,225 total raised--
44:5644:57DiscussionDiscussion of music video--
44:5745:05SongBeej tunes his guitar and performs "Blurry Eyes", the opening to DNA²
45:05--Discussion^ Blurry eyes is so much easier on an electric--
45:0545:08SongBeej riffs into the tragic hips? / random guitar tuning
45:0845:11SongBeej plays Ahead By A Century: Trouble At The Henhouse by The Tragically Hip--
45:1145:12DiscussionDiscussing The Tragically Hip's Trouble At The Henhouse--
45:1245:15SongBeej plays Music At Work by The Tragically Hip
45:1545:16SongBeej plays Courage by The Tragically Hip
45:1745:21SongBeej plays Bobcaygeon by The Tragically Hip
45:1645:17DiscussionCameron's socks, which he got as a Bridesman at G&K's wedding--
45:2145:23DiscussionTalk about The Tragically Hip and The Mountain Goats--
45:2345:23DiscussionPotato sack clasps for strap locks--
45:2345:25SongDry the Rain by The Beta Band
45:2545:26DiscussionThe Beta Band--
45:2645:30SongBeej plays Wheat Kings by The Tragically Hip
45:3045:30OtherBeej refreshes the challenges--
45:32--Game EventCam achieves a Night time BUS STOP!
45:3045:34DiscussionBeej and Cameron discuss what other songs Beej could play--
45:3445:39SongBeej plays When I Fall by The Barenaked Ladies
45:3945:45SongBeej plays Brian Wilson by The Barenaked Ladies
45:4545:45PSADonate if you're enjoying stuff!--
45:45--MilestoneHour 143 get--
45:4645:48DiscussionTalking about singing/listening to Barenaked Ladies--
45:48--PlugSentinels giveaway--
45:4845:54SongBeej plays Break Your Heart by The Barenaked Ladies
45:54--TechnicalBeej turns off the performance mic, POP--
45:5445:54DiscussionBeej would stay for alpha flight and sing, maybe--
45:55--Enter/ExitLiz appears to dunk on Beej--
45:55--Milestone10 Desert Bucks--
45:5645:57RDPRDP: Green Light - Lorde
45:5745:58DiscussionIs zeta shift going to do anything to mess with alpha flight?--
45:58--TechnicalBeej's mic was muted, still--
45:5945:59DiscussionTrebucket, and the naming there of--
45:5946:00DiscussionThanks to everyone for being here with Zeta--
46:0046:01Shift ChangeThe Dawn Guard Theme Song but it's Baby Shark
46:0046:01MusicBaby Shark instrumental--
46:00--Enter/ExitThe Dawnguarders (James, Serge, Kate, Paul, Liz, Ashton) enter--
46:01--Driver Shift ChangeCam hands off to Liz--
46:0146:02DiscussionExplaining the new driver's name--
46:0246:03DiscussionJames honoured the forfeit from yesterday's coffee pong and drank no caffeine--
46:0246:05OtherPreparing for coffee pong--
46:0246:04PhysicalFixing the cushions--
46:0346:04DiscussionDawn Guard discovers the large number of sticky notes behind their shift banner--
46:03--Meme^ One of the notes says HONK--
46:0546:25GameThe Second Annual DBFH Coffee Pong Invitational: Round 2James
46:05--Discussion^ Serge requests music for coffee pong and coffee pong forfeits--
46:06--Discussion^ The rules for Coffee Pong--
46:07--Game^ The game begins!--
46:07--Physical^ James gets a point (1-0 James)--
46:07--Technical^ Mood lighting and non-helpful lighting--
46:10--Physical^ James gets a point (2-0 James)--
46:11--Physical^ Serge gets a point (2-1 James)--
46:12--Physical^ James gets a point (3-1 James)--
46:13--Physical^ Serge gets a point (3-2 James)--
46:1446:15Discussion^ Bobbing for apples--
46:1546:17Music^ Hard Hit - DJ Vickers--
46:16--Physical^ Serge gets a point (3-3 Tie)--
46:1746:20Music^ Training Montage (Rocky IV) - Vince Dicola--
46:17--Physical^ James gets a point (4-3 James)--
46:17--Technical^ #TeamTable is on the display with 1 point--
46:18--Physical^ Serge gets a point (4-4 Tie)--
46:20--TechnicalPaul purges challenges and #TeamTable is up to 4 points--
46:2046:24Music^ Eye of the Tiger - Survivor--
46:20--Physical^ James gets a point (5-4 James)--
46:23--Technical^ #TeamTable has 5 points--
46:23--Physical^ Serge gets a point (5-5 Tie)--
46:23--Physical^ Sudden death, no bounce allowed--
46:24--Physical^ James gets a point (6-5 James)--
46:24--Physical^ Wheel spin: Loser must caramelldansen every RDP for the rest of the shift--
46:24--OtherJames declares RDP for every $69 donation (up to 20 RDPs)--
46:25--Other$69 donations start pouring in, people in the room keep track--
46:2846:28RDPRDP: Blow Your Mind (Mwah) - Dua Lipa
46:2846:29RDPRDP: Everybody Talks - Neon Trees
46:2946:30RDPRDP: Die Young - Ke$ha
46:3046:31RDPRDP: Cheesecake - Louis Armstrong
46:3146:31RDPRDP: Singularity - World Order
46:3246:32RDPRDP: Safe and Sound - Capital Cities[✓]
46:3246:33RDPRDP: Lionhearted - Porter Robinson ft Urban Cone
46:3346:34RDPRDP: Superman - Goldfinger
46:3446:35RDPRDP: Gentleman - PSY
46:3546:35RDPRDP: DNA - BTS
46:3546:36DiscussionWhat punishment would Serge have preferred? This or no coffee?
46:3647:48Drive/Giveaway$6.33 Giveaway for: Dice Throne Season Two - Raised: $3234.63Quarier--
46:37--Driver Shift ChangeJohnny takes over for Liz--
46:38--Milestone$229,000 #TeamOrder--
46:40--OtherVacuum the stage while Liz explains something: rejected--
46:4046:43DiscussionLiz explains the importance of clean worksites + the time before DB site volunteers
46:43--Milestone$230,000 and $2,000 shift total--
46:4346:45DiscussionLiz explains why there was a big jump in totals from DB4 to DB5
46:4546:49DiscussionMemories from the early Desert Buses--
46:4946:51Roll CallPaul, Serge, Kate, Liz, Ashton, James, Johnny--
46:5146:52DiscussionJohnny's sleep schedule--
46:5246:52Physical^ Johnny struggles to put on a mic while also driving--
46:5246:53PlugDice Throne Season 2 Giveaway--
46:5346:54DiscussionGetting a Desert Buck on the shift #DesertBuckForDawnGuard--
46:5446:56DiscussionHow long is the journey from Tucson to Las Vegas in the game (in miles and caillou-meters) and when is the next point?
46:5646:57DiscussionRacing Fangamer a previous year--
46:5747:00PlugDesert Bus Shirt and other merch--
46:59--Game EventJohnny gets the 2nd point--
47:0047:01RDPRDP: The Middle - Jimmy Eat World
47:0147:02ShoutoutVST poster shoutout--
47:0247:04Video/ImagePoster check-in--
47:0447:04DiscussionInform Serge of the #TeamOrder wins
47:0447:06Discussion^ Serge asking for orderly donations--
47:0647:07DiscussionJames asks for disorderly donations for the current giveaway--
47:0747:08RDPRDP: Happy Up Here - Röyksopp
47:0847:12PlugSilent auctions are closing in 50 mins- Shift Banner Cushions and LRR Charm Keychains--
47:0947:10MeltdownWOO! Serge did not realise Ashton was sitting right beside him
47:1247:13DiscussionChaos is just order we don't understand yet--
47:13--AchievementGoose Checklist: Make Serge Dance More--
47:1247:13RDPRDP: I Got a Boy - Girls Generation
47:1347:14DiscussionThe room layout is not perfect system--
47:14--Driver Shift ChangeAshton takes over for Johnny--
47:15--OtherChallenge: Unleash Creepy Doll (rejected?)--
47:1547:19DiscussionSerge's sleep schedule, The Youths by James' house, and Kate's reactions to Old Man James
47:1947:22DiscussionA round of beard compliments and Beard Talk (plus other hair talk)--
47:2147:22Video/Image^ Stubble rubbing from DB10--
47:2247:23DiscussionWhere did the exercise bike come from???
47:2247:23Video/Image^ The exercise bike
47:2347:25DiscussionSpoke about the sports results, Serge didn't want spoilers, chat was chat--
47:24--PlugDice Throne Season 2 Giveaway--
47:25--ShoutoutShoutout to the Twitch mods--
47:2547:26DiscussionLiz has an idea for Jenga on a human pyramid--
47:2647:27PlugDice Throne giveaway is displayed on Kevin--
47:2747:41M-M-Multi Challenge!Sports Bets: Pick 'N Mix (part 2)
47:28--Discussion^ Malawi Super League (men's soccer) Nyasa Big Bullets vs Kamuzu Barracks (Big Bullets)Draw ½--
47:29--Discussion^ Can-Am 500 (NASCAR), Paul Menard vs Ricky Stenhouse Jr. (Paul)Paul ✓--
47:30--Discussion^ ITU Triathlon World Cup, Sophie Chase [USA] vs Elizabeth Bravo [Ecuador] (Bravo)Bravo ✓--
47:31--Discussion^ Uruguayan Primera Division (men's soccer), Liverpool vs Boston River (Liverpool)Draw ½--
47:32--Enter/ExitEnter Dan--
47:33--Discussion^ British Basketball League Cup, B. Braun Sheffield Sharks vs Leicester Riders (Riders)Sharks ✗--
47:34--Discussion^ Bolivian Primera Division (men's soccer), Jorge Wilstermann vs The Strongest (The Strongest)Draw ½--
47:34--Discussion^ 4 Hours of Shanghai (auto racing), Jackie Chan DC Racing vs Signatech Alpine Elf (Jackie Chan)Jackie Chan ✓--
47:35--Discussion^ Ontario Hockey League (men's hockey), Erie Otters at Owen Sound Attack (Otters)Sound Attack ✗--
47:36--Discussion^ Australian Women's Big Bash League (cricket), Perth Scorchers vs Sydney Thunder (Scorchers)Scorchers ✓--
47:37--Discussion^ Brazilian Women's Volleyball Superliga, Minas Tenis Clube vs Flamengo (Flamengo)Minas Tenis Clube ✗--
47:38--Discussion^ NCAA Women's college basketball, Stony Brook Seawolves at Hofstra Pride (Pride)Seawolves ✗--
47:4147:42RDPRDP: Rockin' Robin - Bobby Day
47:41--TechnicalThe green light on the RDP button wouldn't light up--
47:42--Meme^ Honking along to the RDP--
47:4347:47ReadingPaul reads an essay on chaos
47:4347:47Technical^ All lights except the copilot light off--
47:4847:51DiscussionTwitch has a mandate on how long streams can be--
47:51--Driver Shift ChangeSerge takes over as driver from Johnny--
47:5147:53TechnicalStream goes down for Twitch refresh--
47:5347:54PrankGoose with controller as Going Online image--
47:54--TechnicalStream back online--
47:5547:55DiscussionThe lack of technical problems so far (a.k.a. Johnny jinxes the rest of the run)--
47:55--Milestone$232425 #TeamOrder--
47:5748:10M-M-Multi Challenge!NFL Score Predictions
47:5748:02Music^ FOX Sports Football Theme--
47:59--Discussion^ New York Giants vs New York Jets (21-14 Jets)Jets ✓--
47:59--Discussion^ Atlanta Falcons vs New Orleans Saints (9-3 Falcons)Falcons ✓--