DesertBus 13 - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 13 - Day 1

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
00:0200:02TechnicalSignal Get! With Test Pattern--
00:0200:04Video/ImageUntitled Bus Fundraiser Intro[✓]
00:04--TechnicalStream comes in with no overlay--
00:0500:06PrankSilly Camera Effects with James
00:0500:06DiscussionJames intro and Paul in the Wrong Game --
00:0600:36PSAJames' PSA time (covering all of these)--
00:0600:08PSAWhat Is Desert Bus For Hope?--
00:0800:11Game Event^ The Desert Bus game intro is played with sound
00:11--Game Event^ First Driver Name: Goose --
00:1200:13PSA^ What is Desert Bus The Game?--
00:1300:14PSA^ Desert Bus Game Jam! This year's seed is: Mythology--
00:1400:16PSA^ Explanation of new driver shifts--
00:1600:18PSA^ DB2019 shirt and other merchandise--
00:1800:19Technical^ Switching the stage around--
00:1900:19Prank^ Silly Video Masking Tricks --
00:1900:20PSA^ The Desert Bus venue and room setup information--
00:2000:22PSA^ Erika talks about donor accounts--
00:2000:21MusicKerning City from MapleStory--
00:2300:31Behind the ScenesTech and Camera Rundown
00:2200:23PrankCamera effect body splitting shenanigans--
00:2300:31MusicFooling Mode from Naruto--
00:2600:28TechnicalKevin (the smart auto-moving camera) has returned!--
00:2800:30TechnicalVideo filters and effects--
00:3000:30TechnicalThe Panic button--
00:3100:31Meme"Our friend" the goose on overlay HONK[✓]
00:3100:33TechnicalThe RDP button is introduced - Play Dat[✓]
00:3300:34RDPRDP: Soul Bossa Nova - Quincy Jones
00:3400:36PSAIntroducing Kolin, the official DB photographer--
00:3600:38CreativeWhat Is Emily Knitting This Year? - DB yarns available to buy!
00:3801:51Drive/Giveaway$5.03 Giveaway for: Desert Bus for Hope 3 Poster - Raised: $4,290.59No Donor Account[✓]--
00:4100:43PSAShowing off this year's DBLoon--
00:4300:44PSAMystery Box--
00:4500:47DiscussionPoster Talk--
00:4700:48DiscussionWhat if Desert Bus was run over a time change?
00:49--Milestone15k Shift Total--
00:5000:54PSAThe Challenge System--
00:5000:51Discussionv Is Serge healthy?--
00:5100:51Discussionv Is Emily healthy?--
00:5100:54DiscussionA general synopsis of everyone's medical state
00:5300:54Story^ Serge injured himself emptying a dishwasher--
00:54--OtherAccept a challenge--
00:5500:55PSAChallenge submission details - be specific!--
00:5500:56OtherSerge accepts a challenge to "Do your job" and mention Silent Auctions--
00:5601:00PlugSilent auction rundown--
00:5600:56TechnicalMTG Hascon pack auction opened early, now closed again--
01:0001:03PhysicalSerge gives hugs
01:00--Driver Shift ChangeJames takes over, Paul likes the new 1 hour shifts--
01:0301:04PlugPoster Giveaway[✓]
01:0401:05MemeGoose HONK--
01:0401:09DiscussionUntitled Canadian Goose or Untitled Moose? Image from askwho
01:08--MemeOne HONK--
01:1001:22DiscussionCoffee Pong 2: Coffee Ponger and What should the stakes be?
01:15--Milestone$30K total (Exactly, Team Order!)--
01:15--MemeHonks for 30k--
01:16--Enter/ExitEnter Julie--
01:1701:18DiscussionTeam order vs Team chaos--
01:2201:23SkitSerge does a Desert Bus Shoutout as Frankie from a Dice Friends episode
01:2301:26TechnicalSuper pointless monitor swap--
01:2501:26Behind the ScenesWhat does ISO mean in TV talk --
01:2601:27PlugThe Desert Bus 3 Poster giveaway--
01:2701:31DiscussionHow shift totals work, and general shift talk
01:2801:29ShoutoutDix's log and VST shoutout--
01:3101:32OtherChallenge to free large creepy doll accepted--
01:3201:33DiscussionShift T-shirt giveaways--
01:3301:34DiscussionLunar Excursion Modules--
01:3401:35DiscussionPronouns and pronoun pins--
01:3501:39PlugGiveaway for the DB3 Poster--
01:4001:43Roll CallIntroductions of folks in the room, and pronouns--
01:40--PhysicalSpot Down!!--
01:4301:44DiscussionBeejing yourself
01:4401:45DiscussionHow the button works--
01:4501:46RDPRDP: Best Song Ever - One Direction
01:46--TechnicalThe dance lights continue--
01:4601:47DiscussionLight safety--
01:4701:50DiscussionLet's talk about glasses
01:5001:54PSAPlease make/update your donor account--
01:5401:54PSATax Receipts are now Automatic and available on the website!--
01:5501:58PlugPreview of the next giveaway: Magic: The Gathering HasCon Exclusive Pack--
01:5701:59PhysicalAlternating Sexy Pose on the floorImage from EightBitDreams[✓]
01:57--MemeGoose runs through shot --
01:5701:59DiscussionDawn Boyz Christmas album--
01:59--Driver Shift ChangeSerge Drives--
01:5902:00DiscussionThe greatness of sealed drink containers--
02:0102:02MemeGoose impressions HONK--
02:0202:04DiscussionSerge meets and learns about the World of Warcraft Pepe--
02:0302:15PhysicalSerge drives upside down, bus cam is flipped as well--
02:0302:20TechnicalTop-left of buscam missing while flipped--
02:0402:22M-M-Multi Challenge!Sports Bets: Pick N' Mix
02:07--Discussion^ 2019 Cup of China (Women's Figure Skating), Japan vs Russia (Russia)Russia ✓--
02:08--Discussion^ Toto Japan Classic (LPGA Tour), Bronte Law vs Cheyenne Knight (Bronte Law)Bronte Law ✓--
02:09--Discussion^ Rally Hungary, Euro Rally, Alexey Lukyanuk vs Albert Von Thurn und Taxis (Albert)Alexey ✗--
02:10--Discussion^ 2019 Fed Cup Finals France vs Australia (Australia)France ✗--
02:11--TechnicalCo-host keyboard stops working--
02:13--Discussion^ Philippine Basketball Association Governor's Cup, San Miguel Beermen vs. Rain or Shine Elasto Painters (Beermen)Elasto Painters ✗--
02:15--Discussion^ Women's EHF Champions League (handball), FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria (Hungary) vs. Vipers Kristiansand (Norway) (Rail Cargo)Vipers ✗--
02:1402:15Prank^ Tiny keyboard given to James--
02:16--Discussion^ NCAA College Football, Gardner-Webb Bulldogs at Presbyterian Blue Hose (Bulldogs)Blue Hose ✗--
02:18--Discussion^ Premiership Rugby (England), Harlequins vs Worcester Warriors (Harlequins)Warriors ✗--
02:19--Discussion^ Detroit Roller Derby, D*Funk AllStars vs Grand Prix Madonnas (Madonnas)AllStars ✗--
02:20--Discussion^ League of Legends Champions League, G2 vs FPX (FPX)FPX ✓--
02:2002:25DiscussionHow bad they typically are at guessing NFL scores--
02:2502:25PSAHow to submit a This or That--
02:2502:27PhysicalHigh-five everyone with your eyes closed with Matt Griffiths
02:2802:32DiscussionAndrew explains how the RDP songs are curated and cut--
02:3202:33RDPRDP: Total Eclipse of the Heart - Bonnie Tyler
02:3302:35PlugPreview of the next giveaway: Magic: The Gathering HasCon Exclusive Pack--
02:3502:36DiscussionSerge burnt his tongue on coffee--
02:3602:40PhysicalPeople turn into 3/3 Elks
02:3702:38DiscussionSkipping the next bus stop--
02:3802:38DiscussionPaul discusses having a Sega Genesis controller--
02:3802:39PhysicalGive yourself a self-high-five--
02:4002:40DiscussionWhat does the Elk say? (they bugle)--
02:40--Driver Shift ChangeNew volunteer Alex learns to drive--
02:4102:44PSAHow to become a Desert Bus Volunteer
02:4402:45SongThe Dawn Boys serenade to We Three Kings
02:4502:46DiscussionPaul discusses Barbershop music--
02:4603:54Drive/Giveaway$7.85 Giveaway for: Magic: The Gathering HasCon Exclusive Pack - Raised: $4,160.50iSmartMan--
02:5002:52DiscussionNew volunteer Alex talks about her first Desert Bus and then the room discusses Desert Bus the Game--
02:5302:58DiscussionDesert Bus Shift Roles once society collapses
02:55--Milestone$20K shift total--
02:5502:56RDPRDP: Masked Heroes - Vexento
02:5802:59ShoutoutGame jam--
02:5902:59GameJames starts playing Cookie Clicker--
02:5902:59DiscussionThe room discusses a clicker game but for bitcoin--
02:5902:59DiscussionWhere are the pronoun pins?--
03:03--Milestone$20K shift total is noticed--
03:03--PlugMTG HasCon pack giveaway plugged--
03:00--TechnicalOverlay goes away, then comes back--
03:04--Milestone36k fangamer drop!--
03:05--TechnicalRDP Button issues--
03:0603:07RDPRDP: Omobolasire - Prozzak
03:0703:08RDPRDP: Rock Around the Clock - Bill Haley & His Comets
03:0803:11DiscussionTalking about the Fangamer Shirt--
03:09--Driver Shift ChangeDriver change back to Serge--
03:1103:11DiscussionCookie Clicker: 69 cookies! #Nice--
03:1103:15PlugSilent Auctions!--
03:1603:18PhysicalLeave a sticky note on the back of each shift banner
03:1903:28DiscussionDo you have a favorite Desert Bus?
03:1903:20PhotosNew Photos up!--
03:20--TechnicalRDP Button is still broken... Or is it?!--
03:2003:21RDPRDP: Let Me Love You - DJ Snake FT. Justin Bieber
03:2403:24Video/ImageJames in horse mask cutting Tally's hair
03:2503:26PlugMTG HasCon pack giveaway plugged--
03:2903:29DiscussionPossibilities of a Desert Bus Minecraft Server--
03:3103:33DiscussionWhat are the stakes for hitting 60K Shift? and Desert Bus Sleep Schedules
03:3303:34PlugMTG HasCon pack giveaway plugged--
03:3603:39DiscussionPast Desert Bus Mega donation pushes
03:4003:44DiscussionThe hourly percentage, and what would happen if they changed it
03:4303:45GameCookie Frenzy! James buys a grandma.--
03:4603:46DiscussionWhen can Serge be cut out of communication (so he can rest)--
03:4603:47PhysicalHuman flappy bird
03:4703:47Physical^ Get comfy!--
03:4703:47Physical^ Do a barrel roll!--
03:4803:48Discussion^ Serge does not know what Flappy Bird is --
03:4903:49PhysicalRake in lake. HONK.--
03:4803:50Driver Shift ChangeMorgan drives for a bit, then back to Serge--
03:5003:51TechnicalSplit screen dance party
03:5003:51RDPRDP: Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix) - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
03:50--TechnicalJames struggles to operate the button--
03:5203:52TechnicalUpside Down Split Room Cam--
03:55--OtherMissed Bus Stop--
03:5603:37PhysicalStretch the hokey pokey!--
03:58--Milestone60k shift total!--
03:5803:59RDPRDP: Don't You Worry Child - Swedish House Mafia
04:0004:00Shift ChangeAlpha Flight Intro
04:0004:00Shift ChangeAlpha Flight intro - Day 1 (Clean Version)
04:00--Driver Shift ChangeAlpha Flight is Now! Carrie driving--
04:0104:09Roll CallKathleen introduces the New Alpha Flight, with a reminder from Andrew
04:05--GuestDaniel Floyd--
04:07--OtherKathleen almost says the first swear of DB2019--
04:1004:11DiscussionYsbryd games donates $1000 to kick off Alpha Flight--
04:1004:13PlugSilent Auctions!--
04:12--Milestone75k total!--
04:1304:15PSAHow to enter giveaways and make a Donor Account--
04:1604:16RDPRDP: Ballroom Blitz - Sweet
04:16--CrashCRASH! On the left while dancing--
04:1804:20SkitKathleen Commercial for a 60k Dawn Guard Shift
04:2004:21Game EventNew Driver Name: HONKO--
04:2004:21MemeHONK it's a Goose on the Loose--
04:2104:26Skit(B)Ad Campaign for Cat Food - Featuring Jacob & Kathleen
04:2704:28DiscussionWells of Cat Food--
04:2804:32SkitSlo-(Oh No)-Gans for Premium Sealed Water Bottles and other things
04:3004:31Discussion^ Urban Disposal of food (Fatberg)--
04:32--Other^ Jacob killed the room... whoops--
04:3204:34DiscussionDoes Jacob like Sports?--
04:3404:35DiscussionHow do you pronounce Fugi?--
04:3504:37SkitCarrie explains Desert Bus in a floaty - spacey voice
04:3704:41DiscussionName the Desert Bus contagion - Alpha Blight!
04:4004:41DiscussionIs Desert Bus easier than Celeste?
04:40--MemeThe more you know - you can just buy strawberries at the store--
04:4104:41PhysicalJacob returns with Hand Sanitizer--
04:41--DiscussionDan prepares to critique the animation of Desert Bus--
04:42--MemeHONK across the screen--
04:4304:44DiscussionSymptoms of the Alpha Blight--
04:4404:45SupercutDan critiques "animation" of Desert Bus (which is really people in costumes)[✓]
04:4605:54Drive/Giveaway$8.43 Giveaway for: Three Piece Nested Dice Bowls - Raised $4,661.79rebelkatx--
04:4904:52SkitMore animation critiquing--
04:5204:53ShoutoutThe whole room says Trans Rights!
04:5304:56SkitLorna Schlitzwhistle meets the Space Weasel
04:5605:01DiscussionKathleen talks about Brave New Faves, and recommending music--
04:57--PosterPoster Update! Sexy Dawn Bois and Goose Sign--
04:5905:00Video/ImageAldous Harding - Zoo Eyes:
05:0005:04DiscussionSlaps and bops and words to describe music--
05:0405:08MusicThe room listens to War It by Forest Swords and discusses that style of music--
05:0805:16DiscussionDoes the room go to live music shows often?--
05:1005:11Video/ImageThe first poster update--
05:1605:18DiscussionWhat kind of music is King Gizz?
05:1805:19PlugGiveaway Nested Dice Bowls--
05:18--CrashCarrie crashes on the right, distracted by the plugs--
05:19--Driver Shift ChangeJacob shall drive the bus--
05:1905:27DiscussionThe crew teaches Jacob how to drive
05:2105:22Game EventNew Driver Name: SCRONCH--
05:22--PlugSilent Auctions! Are almost plugged.--
05:2205:27PrankThe crew convinces Jacob there's more to driving the bus.--
05:2705:30PlugSilent Auctions are actually plugged!--
05:3005:31DiscussionTalking about the changes away from Driver Shifts, for sleep health purposes--
05:3205:36DiscussionJacob talks about how the bus drives and refuses to blink. Room gives driving tips.
05:33--GameTwo Truths and a Lie is prepared--
05:36--PrankAshton JUMP SCARE!'s Jacob.--
05:3705:41GameTwo Truths and a Lie is played
05:39--Driver Shift ChangeNew Driver - Dan (while Jacob goes to the bathroom) then Kate--
05:4105:45DiscussionHeight Talk, leading into Unit Talk
05:4605:50DiscussionKathleen's theory on quantifying music, and color talk, and goblin talk--
05:5005:53PlugFangamer DB 2019 Shirt!--
05:5505:56SkitKathleen Commercial for Having a Donor Account
05:5606:05DiscussionJacob chooses Final Fantasy XIV classes for the room
05:58--Discussion^ Kate: Dancer--
05:59--Discussion^ Kathleen: Dark Knight--
05:58--Poster^ Poster Update! Jacob's facial "animation", the DB3 poster--
05:59--Discussion^ Julie: Scholar--
05:59--Discussion^ Matt: Blue Mage--
06:00--Discussion^ Carrie: Summoner--
06:01--Discussion^ Erick: Red Mage--
06:03--Discussion^ Andrew: Warrior--
06:04--Discussion^ Dan: Bard--
06:05--Discussion^ Jacob: Red mage--
06:05--Milestone$80K total--
06:0606:08DiscussionFinal Fantasy Decor Pinterest boards, and other fun activities in FF14
06:0807:22Drive/Giveaway$9.03 Giveaway for: Korok (Legend of Zelda) Autumn Limited Edition - Raised $2,699.97ThreeBusesInATrenchcoat[✓]
06:1206:14DiscussionLoZ: Windwaker and things you know you've seen / played but don't remember
06:1406:15ShoutoutVST poster maps--
06:1506:19DiscussionExplaining shame tickets to Jacob
06:2206:30StoryKathleen once started a riot
06:28--OtherKathleen swore--
06:3006:32StoryAndrew High School Stories, and Andrew's truths and a lie--
06:3006:32GameAndrew Two Truths and a Lie
06:32--Driver Shift ChangeAndrew is driving--
06:30--Shame TicketAsh has some shame tickets left (image on stream)
06:3306:35DiscussionJacob learns the Admin System--
06:3306:33GameKathleen closes Cookie Clicker!
06:35--TechnicalRDP Button thwarts Jacob--
06:3606:36RDPRDP: Dancing - Kylie Minogue
06:3806:40PhysicalReign of Jacob begins! And then ends, All Hail She-Joffrey!... and then back to Jacob[✓]
06:3806:41Roll CallAndrew, Dan, Julie, Dan, Kathleen, Erick, Jacob--
06:4106:47DiscussionWhat are some favorite memes or memories that Jacob should know about? #SoManyDans
06:44--Video/ImageBritish Columbian Members of the Legislative Assembly slowdancing--
06:46--Video/ImageAlex with a Drake Meme--
06:4706:48Enter/Exit^ Enter Alex
06:4706:48Physical^ Alex and Jacob make a Drake meme
06:4906:50DiscussionJacob explains why Odin will just show up sometimes--
06:5006:59SupercutWhat TTRPG Development entails, and various TTRPG systems
06:5807:04PlugGiveaway and Silent Auctions--
07:03--Driver Shift ChangeAlex takes the wheel!--
07:0407:13DiscussionBack to Tabletop Games Chat--
07:13--PhysicalPoint at others!--
07:13--Driver Shift ChangeDan is driving!--
07:1407:15PhysicalLong live King Andrew!--
07:1507:18PlugPronoun pin distributions and DB merch--
07:15--Enter/ExitEnter Graham!--
07:1807:21DiscussionGraham and Jacob promote an upcoming script they will read cold as Arcade Spirits characters--
07:2107:23PhysicalMysterious bag thrown onto stage #FreeHarry[✓]
07:22--Enter/ExitHarry the Creepy Doll emerges--
07:2407:25PlugDB2019 T-Shirt--
07:2508:05Drive/Giveaway$5.01 Donation Drive for: Desert Bus 2019 T-shirt - Raised $1,107.21redbomber--
07:2507:26DiscussionDrink water, take meds and tell someone you love them --
07:2607:28DiscussionAlex's Pill Alarm--
07:2807:29RDPRDP: I Really Like You - Carly Rae Jepsen
07:2907:31DiscussionCreepy Doll Origin Story
07:3107:33DiscussionMinecraft Chat--
07:3307:37DiscussionPronoun pins explanation--
07:3507:35ShoutoutShoutout to Graham for various things--
07:35--DiscussionThe best thing about gummi bears--
07:3807:39RDPRDP: Whoomp! (There it is) - Tag Team
07:3907:43SkitKathleen tries to sell natural remedies as if they were hard drugs to the room.
07:4407:48DiscussionWhich LRR video will be the most embarassing to Penelope if shown to her friends?
07:4807:49PlugDB2019 T-Shirt--
07:5007:56SkitRosewatta Stone Magic cards
07:5807:59StoryGraham tells the Plain Bun story
07:5908:02Roll CallDan, Graham, Rek, Morgan, Kathleen, Jacob, Erick, Carrie, and Andrew--
08:0208:02PlugSilent Auctions--
08:0308:05PSAPronouns are cool! use the ones people prefer!--
08:0608:07RDPRDP: I Didn't Just Come Here To Dance - Carly Rae Jepsen
08:07--TechnicalBlurry Overlay Fun--
08:0708:12PlugNew batch of Silent Auctions--
08:0708:07PhysicalHarry the Creepy Doll jumps Jacob, Alex discovers Harry has an injury--
08:1208:14DiscussionThe crew gets saucy--
08:1409:26Drive/Giveaway$9.99 Donation Drive for: VA-11 Hall-A Bundle - Raised $7,992Twoflower[✓]
08:2008:21PlugHow to sign up for a Donor Account and Enter Giveaways--
08:2208:23RDPRDP: MMMBop - Hanson
08:22--Milestone$90k total raised!--
08:2308:28SkitQueen Kathleen Gets Weird, and is double crowned
08:2808:30DiscussionScatological Stories
08:29--DiscussionNot-💩 chat--
08:3008:31DiscussionMartial Arts Movie Chat--
08:3108:34DiscussionSnorsh is explained
08:31--PosterPoster Update! Queen Kathleen, Harry the Creepy Doll, and the Korok and VA-11 Hall-A giveaway plushies--
08:3408:35SkitPlayFrame for Hope
08:3508:36RDPRDP: Super Natural - Danny L Harle Ft. Carly Rae Jepsen
08:3608:42SkitSnorsh Tourism[✓]
08:4308:44PlugGiveaways are shown off--
08:4508:57DiscussionWhat do you do when you want to relax since your hobbies are also your work?
08:5608:57PSAErika reminds folks to confirm their address!--
08:5709:06DiscussionWhat was your first car? And Matt's Dark Knight Cop Interaction
09:06--MilestoneDesert Buck get!--
09:089:10PSAReminding people to #Donate Responsibly--
09:08--ShoutoutShoutout to VST, Catiri for the RDP and ekim for the script--
09:10--DiscussionExplaining the improv game Change (offstage)--
09:12--PhotosNew Photos are live!--
09:1209:13RDPRDP: Just Dance - Lady Gaga
09:1409:24SkitKathleen & Jacob play Change with Andrew as the change caller.
09:2409:26DiscussionAlex comes in to talk about anime and groin theory
09:2709:28DiscussionAlex explains Zuikin English to Jacob and then how narrative works--
09:2809:29DiscussionHow Alex and Jacob would do living together
09:30--Driver Shift ChangeAlex takes over for Dan--
09:3009:33M-M-Multi Challenge!8 Challenges in 1 minute... ish
09:31--Physical^ Interpretive Dance that represents Desert Bus--
09:31--Music^ National Aerobic Championship Theme - Ty Parr--
09:32--Skit^ Carrie Reading donations in the Space Lemur voice--
09:32--Physical^ Boop another person of your choosing with the message "Take this blessing on your journey"--
09:32--Physical^ Alex puts on a Helmet, then removes the helmet and shakes his hair--
09:32--Physical^ Dobbing--
09:33--Physical^ Group Hug--
09:33--PSA^ How to get a Donation Receipt--
09:3509:40DanceKathleen teaches Jacob the Caramelldansen
09:39--Technical^ Zoom and Filter Fun with the Camera--
09:41--Milestone$100K GET--
09:4109:41RDPRDP: Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) - Beyoncé
09:41--ShoutoutThanks to Andrew and volunteers for putting together RDP songs--
09:4209:43DiscussionKathleen tells Jacob how long she has Caramelldanced before (30 minutes)--
09:4409:44DiscussionJacob challenges Matt to a pushup contest (not today)--
09:4509:47DiscussionJacob talks about his upcoming giveaway: Jacob Burgess Lends You His Time and Talents--
09:4809:55StoryJacob tells a story about a time he had a bowel blunder in Africa
09:5509:56RDPRDP: Wannabe - Spice Girls
09:5609:57DiscussionSpice Girls of the Apocalypse
09:5709:59DiscussionFavorite recipes--
09:5910:00PSAWhat are the different shifts--
10:00--Shift ChangeNight Watch begins--
10:0010:02Video/ImageNight Watch Intro parody to Full House (wait this is actually live)
10:0210:03Roll CallWho is on Night Watch, with Max/Jordan as Ian Horner for the night ft Ashley, Erika, Alister, Morgan--
10:0310:04PrankNightWatch reads the note left by Dawnguard (don't trust Wiggins)
10:05--MemeThe More You Know--
10:0510:07DiscussionCurrency Minute along with general Currency Chat and Australian Livin'--
10:0710:08DiscussionThe highest viewed LRR Twitch replay video--
10:0810:14MusicWii Shop Channel Music (Ben's here!)--
10:0810:10DiscussionExplaining bossa nova--
10:1010:12TechnicalHow many stream decks does Engineering have and which one is the best.--
10:13--DiscussionDB1 talk--
10:1310:16DiscussionBen's Wii Sack--
10:15--MemeMii Channel noises (boop boop boop)--
10:1510:16MusicWii Shop Remix - Earth Wind and Fire "September"--
10:1610:18Roll CallGraham, Morgan, Alister, Jordan, Matt--
10:18--PlugPronoun pins explanation--
10:1810:21DiscussionMatt's first LRR video, and showing videos and references to significant others
10:20--MemeMii Channel noises (boop boop boop)--
10:2110:23RDPRDP: Move Your Feet - Junior Senior
10:21--MemeMii Channel noises (boop boop boop)--
10:22--Game EventBug Splat!--
10:23--CrashAaand Matt Crashes the Bus on the Left while dancing.--
10:24--Milestone$101,000 exactly--
10:2510:27Game EventBus is Named: Maverick--
10:26--AchievementGoose Checklist: Matt crashes the bus--
10:28--SongHighway to the Crashing Zone--
10:2810:29RDPRDP: Find You - Zedd Ft. Matthew Koma & Miriam Bryant
10:29--Game EventBus Stop Attempt - Success!--
10:3010:42DiscussionGraham talks about the intro video he made
10:3110:33Video/Image^ Encore of the year's intro--
10:3410:35TechnicalDiscussing the lack of sound for Desert Bus Game--
10:3510:36Video/Image^ The initial rough cut of the intro--
10:3710:39Video/Image^ Progression of the models--
10:3910:41Video/Image^ Physics Gone Wrong--
10:4210:46PSAThe upcoming live auction is previewed, along with info about its loose solder seam.
10:4612:20Drive/Giveaway$9.14 Donation Drive for: Commander 2019 - Raised $5,858.74AranMathai--
10:47--MemeMii Channel noises (boop boop boop)--
10:4710:48PSADon't forget to confirm your shipping address if you win! --
10:5010:54DiscussionLife is more fun when you needlessly dramatize things
10:52--MemeGoose is loose! HONK--
10:54--MemeMore Honks--
10:54--MemeThe More You Know - Don't Brush your teeth with a goose--
10:5410:55MusicIt's a Mad World in the background--
10:5410:59DiscussionCan you brush your teeth with a goose? And other Bird Talk
10:5510:57DiscussionNo more lickability! People got sick that year.
10:5611:00MusicSuper Mario Maker Music--
10:5911:00DiscussionHarry Potter Talk--
11:0011:07AuctionLive Auction for: Ugin, The Ineffable Stained Glass - Won for $4,567emthemarvelous[✓]
11:0111:03PSAHow do live auctions work?--
11:01--MusicNew Game - Nitro Fun--
11:0711:07ShoutoutAlexander Miles, The crafter who made the Stained Glass--
11:0711:08PlugCommander Giveaway--
11:0811:08Enter/ExitMorgan leaves to "Gather Energy"--
11:09--AchievementGoose Checklist: Desert Husk for Nope--
11:0911:14DiscussionIdentifying fonts and Maps
11:12--Video/Imagexkcd map figuring out guide
11:1411:19DiscussionEast/West Germany talk
11:1511:19Discussion^ The origins of the Trabant, a compressed cotton bodied car--
11:18--Video/ImageGiant Hydraulic press
11:1911:20DiscussionDriver names this year so far--
11:19--Driver Shift ChangeJordan takes the wheel.--
11:2111:31FoodDUMP TRUCK MYSTERY MEALS Brought "Treats"! Want Want Yogurt Treat[✓]
11:2211:31MusicBob-omb Battlefield - Super Mario 64 --
11:2711:27DiscussionHalloween candy, best and worst--
11:28--Milestone10K Shift--
11:2811:30Physical^ Graham puts the yogurt drink into coffee, different people try it--
11:29--AchievementGoose Achievement: Poison Night Watch--
11:3211:35DiscussionMalört - It's a bad liquor--
11:33--Milestone$111,112 #TeamChaos--
11:3411:39DiscussionBad Hometown Foods
11:3511:35Discussion^ Caesars--
11:3611:36Discussion^ Clam Juice--
11:37--MemeMii Channel noises (Boop Boop Boop)--
11:3711:38MeltdownAlex has lost his mind and ROFL'd--
11:38--AchievementGoose Checklist: Destroy Alex--
11:3811:44MusicSuper Mario RPG - Forest Maze--
11:3911:40DiscussionDeglazing, what is it?
11:4111:44PlugGiveaway Commander 2019--
11:4411:45RDPRDP: Let's Dance - David Bowie
11:4511:46DiscussionMetrics, how are they made?--
11:4711:49DiscussionWho are we stanning in k-pop? (It's always BTS)
11:4811:51MusicGee - Girls Generation--
11:4911:49PhysicalTexting while Driving... Bad Jordan--
11:49--Driver Shift ChangeTQ subs in for Jordan--
11:4711:52PhysicalJordan does k-pop poses
11:51--Prank^ Pixel Filter--
11:52--Driver Shift ChangeJordan returns to driving--
11:5211:55PlugSilent Auctions--
11:5511:55DiscussionThus began the Ranch wars--
11:5511:55DiscussionThe "SPICY" meme is now "TANGY"--
11:5611:56Roll CallWho's on camera? Kelly and Nina--
11:5711:57MemeMii Channel noises (Boop Boop Boop)--
11:5711:59DiscussionThe Affirmation Power Hour ("But I'm not Catholic" -Alex)
11:57--Technical^ Loss of audio for a second--
11:58--Discussion^ Offer encouragement to someone working out--
11:5811:59Music^ Hearts on Fire - John Cafferty --
11:59--Driver Shift ChangeMatt Wiggins takes over so Jordan can eat--
12:00--MusicMad World - Gary Jules--
12:0012:04DiscussionWiggins just can't get comfortable, and fart discussion
12:0012:01Skit^ Alex and Kathleen engage in Performative Misery --
12:01--Discussion^ The many farts of the driver's chair.--
12:0212:04DiscussionShaggy's It Wasn't Me: A Cautionary Tale
12:0412:17GameThis or That: They Might Be Giants song or 'B' Movie
12:04--Game^ Fingertips (Song)--
12:0512:08Music^ Birdhouse In Your Soul - They Might Be Giants--
12:05--Game^ Phonecalls from the Dead (Song)--
12:06--Game^ My Name Is Bruce (Movie)--
12:07--Game^ The Falcon and the CoEds (Movie)--
12:0712:09Music^ The Mesopotamians - They Might Be Giants--
12:08--Game^ Pirate Girls 9 (Song)--
12:08--Game^ Wicked Little Critta' (Song)--
12:0912:12Music^ Experimental Film - They Might Be Giants--
12:09--Game^ Thy Neighbor's Wife (Movie)--
12:10--Game^ Reprehensible (Song)--
12:11--Game^ Slaughterhouse Rock (Movie)
12:11--Game^ Hercules In New York (Movie)
12:1212:14Music^ I Love You for Psychological Reasons - They Might Be Giants--
12:14--Game^ Stan Helsing (Movie)
12:1412:17Music^ Ana Ng - They Might Be Giants--
12:15--Game^ Tarantula (Movie)
12:16--Game^ The Lady and the Tiger (Song)--
12:1712:19SongSinging Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star to Frederick
12:19--Meme^ Mii Channel noises (Boop Boop Boop)--
12:1912:20Skit^ Graham mixes Twinkle Twinkle, ABC, and Baa Baa Black Sheep which all have the same tune--
12:2013:40Drive/Giveaway$7.78 Donation Drive for: Hinterland Games Hatchet Lot - Raised $3,578.80solangel777--
12:2012:25DiscussionApparently there are competing Axe Throwing Leagues (Rek schools folks on Axes)
12:2612:28DiscussionTalk about time--
12:2812:32DiscussionAustralians compared to Canadians, and the difference between polite (Canadian) and friendly (Australian)
12:3012:32MusicMario Paint Main Theme--
12:3312:35DiscussionMoose can dive up to 20 feet in water, and apparently Orcas eat them
12:3512:39DiscussionKraft Mac & Cheese is called Kraft Dinner in Canada, and various local names for food places
12:3712:39MusicBanjo Kazooie menu--
12:3812:39Discussion^ Fast Food restaurants in Australia--
12:3912:39Discussion^ Coffee in Australia--
12:41--TechnicalBen doesn't know how to video--
12:4112:45DiscussionDB Throwback: Matt explains Twilight movie plots
12:4212:45MusicHood Hokage - Ifeedyoulead--
12:4512:46DiscussionUpdate on DBDoc distribution (no update)
12:4712:52Video/ImageAnagrams of James Bond Titles[✓]
12:5212:54DiscussionLeaving things for Zeta (or suspiciously not)--
12:5412:56DiscussionKathleen's "If I win the lottery" plans
12:5612:57DiscussionUnlimited money pranks
12:57--PlugShowing the DB2019 poster on-screen--
12:5813:00PlugGiveaway Hinterlands Hatchet Lot[✓]
13:0113:02DiscussionDoctor Sleep: Good according to what Wiggins has heard--
13:02--Milestone133 hours funded--
13:03--Enter/ExitFarewell Alex--
13:03--PhotosNew Photos are live!--
13:0413:05RDPRDP: Pump Up The Jam - Technotronic
13:0513:14DiscussionFavorite spooky media of 2019 in the room.
13:0613:13Music^ Halloween Theme Song--
13:08--Enter/Exit^ Brett and Rek enter--
13:0813:11Discussion^ Wiggins and the room discuss It Chapter 1 and 2--
13:1113:14Discussion^ Ben's picks--
13:1513:20DiscussionWho among us has not crashed the Bus, pro strats for driving--
13:1613:16Game EventBus Stop!--
13:1613:16SongMatt sings sad Bus Stop
13:1713:19MusicSpeak Softly, Love - David Davidson (Theme from The Godfather)--
13:1713:19SkitThe GraHam Father Arrives[✓]
13:1713:19Food^ Possibly really expensive cured Ham is served (Jamón Ibérico maybe?)--
13:2113:22RDPRDP: Bend - Ria Mae
13:2213:22Discussion^ Brave New Faves review of RDP song--
13:2213:24PlugGiveaway Hinterlands Hatchet Lot--
13:2413:26DiscussionKathleen wants to start a hatchet throwing league using 3D targets
13:26--SkitDan says Bug Knight
13:2713:30PhysicalEveryone get comfortable
13:2813:30MusicDeath City - Shayne Orok--
13:3113:38DiscussionExplaining who the best boy is in Kingdom Hearts (And why it isn't Roxas)
13:3113:36Music^ Simple and Clean - Hikaru Utada--
13:3313:35Technical^ Matt is reversed for a goof, Jordan enters the nega-zone--
13:3513:36Video/Image^ "Blank image" of Xion from Kingdom Hearts--
13:4113:46DiscussionHow to give away the Nightwatch Desert Bus T Shirt--
13:4313:44DiscussionGraham stays neutral to chaos and order teams--
13:46--MemeHONK x 5 and on screen x 2--
13:4716:30Drive/GiveawayDesert Bus 2019 Fangamer T-Shirt - Untitled Goose Game meme photoshop contestJPriceLedgendary--
13:48--MemeHONK x2--
13:48--Enter/ExitEnter Andrew--
13:4913:50RDPRDP: Let's Dance To Joy Division - The Wombats
13:49--Milestone116,611 raised--
13:50--Driver Shift ChangeGraham takes over for Matt--
13:5013:51DiscussionEngineering's upgraded dance party tech--
13:5113:52PlugBrave New Faves (is not happening this week)--
13:5313:54DiscussionAndy and Mattie are coming to visit on Monday!--
13:54--MemeSad Trombone--
13:5413:54PhysicaluWu to the moon
13:5513:56DiscussionNew Panalysts soon! Trailer on Thursday--
13:5613:58PhysicalBen has to acknowledge Xion is real
13:5713:57MusicWii Shop Channel music--
13:58--MemeThe More you Know--
13:5814:01DiscussionPositive Reality Shows (like The Amazing Race)
13:5914:00Discussion^ Beej and Adam's burgeoning friendship on Road Quest--
14:0114:02Discussion^ Describing the Olympic event "Skeleton"--
14:0214:02PhotosNew Photos are live!--
14:02--Enter/ExitExit Kolin for the night (on an RDP)--
14:0214:03RDPRDP: Crescendolls - Daft Punk
14:0314:04DiscussionThe making of Interstella 5555--
14:0514:06MusicRandom pitch shift Wii Shop Channel music--
14:06--Meltdown^ Matt cannot handle--
14:0614:08DiscussionToei theme park--
14:0814:10Technicalv Font overlay update, and why they changed it for this year--
14:1014:22PrankOverlay uses the HELL-vetica font for 10 minutes[✓]
14:11--Achievement^ Goose Checklist: Achievement Trigger Graham's Font OCD--
14:11--Game Event^ Bus Stop!--
14:11--Meme^ HONK--
14:1214:14Plug^ The Art Challenge--
14:1414:14Meme^ HONK (multiple)--
14:1514:15Physical^ Many Hugs for Dan--
14:1614:16RDPRDP: Rise and Shine - Deorro
14:1714:20DiscussionGive us your eyes, Graham -- Graham's slight aversion to eye donation
14:2214:23SkitAndrew makes an offering to the weeb spirits to watch over Ian's health
14:23--Meme^ YOOOOO~ (Samurai Showdown sound effect)--
14:2414:24PhysicalFailed "get down Mr. President" - not enough secret service--
14:2414:24MusicMii Channel music--
14:2514:26DiscussionDon't donate your organs to DB--
14:2614:34GamePokemon Ability or Supervillain
14:26--Music^ Viridian City - 2BA Master--
14:26--Game^ Mold Breaker (Ability)--
14:27--Game^ Coldcast (Villian)--
14:28--Game^ Whirlwind (Villain)--
14:2914:30DiscussionPokémon abilities--
14:30--Game^ Aftermath (Ability)--
14:30--Music^ PokéRap - 2BA Master--
14:30--Game^ Shriek (Villain)--
14:31--Game^ Vapor (Villain)--
14:32--Game^ Pickpocket (Ability)--
14:33--Game^ Swarm (Ability)--
14:33--Game^ Triage (Ability)--
14:3314:35Music^ Guzma's theme--
14:34--Game^ Overdrive (Villain)--
14:35--Enter/ExitAndrew and Dan exit for sleepytimes--
14:3614:37RDPRDP: I Gotta Feeling - The Black Eyed Peas
14:3614:37MusicMii Channel music but it's randomly pitch shifted--
14:37--Driver Shift ChangeRek drives the bus--
14:3814:39PlugArt Challenge - Untitled Goose Game photoshop--
14:3814:42MusicWii Shop Bling V2--
14:38--MemeGoose - HONK--
14:39--MemeMoose - Mooo!--
14:40--Video/ImageDB2019 current poster--
14:4114:41ShoutoutVST website (its kinda a big deal) (trying to figure out the redesign to see the poster)--
14:4414:44PSAFugi humbly requests folks set up their Donor accounts to not use their email addresses--
14:4414:45PlugUntitled Goose Game Art Challenge--
14:4614:46ShoutoutGet your fiance a 100 grand candy bar
14:4714:49DiscussionShare your favourite Ian story. Preferably Horner, but you do you.
14:4714:47Discussion^ Graham has difficulty deciding, because his actual favorite is a Road Quest spoiler--
14:4814:49Discussion^ Ben talks about shaving Ian for his Warboy entrance--
14:4914:51DiscussionShave a friend, or help a friend shave something?
14:51--MemeMii Channel (boop boop boop)--
14:5214:52ShoutoutTrans rights shoutout
14:5214:57DiscussionIf fonts were Wrestlers, what would their finishers and entrance music be?
14:5314:55Discussion^ Papyrus is a heel, finisher is the Descender, music is Walk like an Egyptian--
14:5314:54Music^ Dogsong - Undertale--
14:5414:57Music^ sans. - Undertale--
14:5514:58Discussion^Helvetica is face, finisher is the Baseline, music is Mii Channel--
14:57--Music^ Mii Channel music--
14:5814:59PlugSilent Auctions--
15:0015:58Drive/Giveaway$8.03 Donation Drive for: Take This Quilt - Raised $9828.72RocketJohn--
15:0515:07DiscussionChallenge Coin stories
15:07--Milestone20k shift total--
15:0815:15Physical"Driver lay down on floor for two three minutes to drive"
15:09--MemeGoose on the loose--
15:1015:10PhysicalRek does "10" Jumping jacks
15:1115:12DiscussionKathleen talks about how everyone's great, and a reminder to bid responsibly--
15:1215:12PrankGraham leaves a note for Zeta. Says: "...terrific..." (3 of 8)--
15:12--MilestoneShift Desertbuck Get (airhorn noises)--
15:1215:14DiscussionPenelope's favorite book
15:14--Discussion^ Graham talks about his favorite children's book--
15:1515:20DiscussionD&D wrestlers to use as NPC's
15:16--Discussion^ The Gravedigger--
15:1615:19Music^ Super Mario RPG--
15:16--Discussion^ Baron Corbin but actually a Baron--
15:17--Discussion^ Charlotte Flair--
15:17--Discussion^ Randall Keith from Candle Keep--
15:17--Discussion^ Ric Flayer--
15:18--Discussion^ Literal actual John Cena, as a rogue--
15:18--Discussion^ The Rock, a Rock Elemental--
15:19--Discussion^ Archmage Juilas Styles--
15:19--Discussion^ Literal actual Undertaker--
15:19--Discussion^ William Regal--
15:20--Discussion^ Bludgeon Brothers as bridge trolls--
15:2215:22SkitSadie Caspersen talks about the Geese
15:22--Meltdown^ Sadie breaks Graham--
15:2315:25DiscussionGraham discovers the list of sports bets from Dawn Guard
15:25--Meltdown^ Ashley is sent back in time by "cahier" --
15:2515:26SkitKathleen Commercial for Grand Prix My Backyard
15:2715:27PrankGraham makes some "additions" to the sport bet list--
15:2715:28PlugTake This Quilt Giveaway--
15:28--Game EventBugsplat!--
15:2915:30SkitKathleen Commercial for "Novel Hovel"
15:3015:30ShoutoutReminder to go to bed--
15:3215:36DiscussionDiscuss some favorite memes from Desert Buses past
15:32--Discussion^ Graham's John Cena--
15:33--Discussion^ Jordan's JoJo's Bizarre Adventure "to be continued"--
15:33--Discussion^ Ben still is set off by Jackson 5's ABC--
15:34--Discussion^ Whargharbal--
15:34--Discussion^ Ian Warboy--
15:34--Discussion^ how weird DB9 was--
15:35--Discussion^ Gangnam Hell--
15:36--TechnicalRed lighting--
15:3615:37DiscussionWhich Government Assigned Fursona would you take?
15:36--MusicPa Paya--
15:38--AchievementGoose Checklist: Rake In The Lake--
15:3815:39PlugTake This Quilt Giveaway--
15:39--Milestone25k Shift Total--
15:3915:40RDPRDP: Boy With Luv - BTS Featuring Halsey
15:4015:40Technical^ Pixelated filter--
15:4015:40PrankGraham adds more things to the Dawn Guard sports list--
15:4115:42DiscussionSeattle is getting a NHL team
15:4215:45Discussion^ Sports talk--
15:42--Discussion^ the proposed XFL teams--
15:43--Discussion^ CFL's has the Roughriders, and the Rough Riders--
15:4415:45DiscussionSpam Talk--
15:45--PrankRimshot (ba dum tish)--
15:4715:48Discussion^ Vancouver riots after Stanley Cup, and then people coming back to clean up--
15:5015:56MusicMaplestory - Henesys BGM--
15:5015:50PSASending art challenge files with the filename as your name--
15:5015:56GameExplain your Favorite Movies poorly
15:51--Game^ Graham: The Imposters--
15:52--Game^ Jordan: Baby Driver--
15:52--Game^ Kathleen: A boy named Charlie Brown--
15:5215:53Discussion^ No one actually calls Charlie Brown just "Charlie"--
15:53--Game^ Rek: Speed Racer--
15:5415:55Discussion^ Cast list of The Imposters--
15:54--Game^ Ben: The Matrix--
15:54--Game^ Rek: Galaxy Quest--
15:55--Game^ Matt: The Avengers--
15:5615:57Skit Kathleen "commercial" for Live Music
15:5916:00RDPRDP: Hung Up - Madonna
16:00--Shift ChangeZETA SHIFT BEGINS and then doesn't
16:01136:01SupercutZeta kicks out Nightwatch - SuperCut
16:01--Shift Change^ Zeta actually begins--
16:0216:02Physical^ Rotate the Cushions--
16:0016:08Enter/ExitGraham tries several times to exit, finally succeeds (actually goes to judge art contest)--
16:0316:05OtherHandover questions from Beej--
16:01--Driver Shift ChangeCam takes over--
16:0516:06DiscussionKathleen creepily offers Beej a massage
16:0616:06DiscussionA sudden rash of Skincare talk--
16:0616:06DiscussionThe peculiarities of the Button are discussed.--
16:0716:08DiscussionCam's new haircut--
16:0816:11DiscussionThought terminating cliche--
16:1116:12PSABeej's PSAs return!--
16:1216:14DiscussionBeej is dying, and it's raining--
16:1416:18DiscussionAirTravel Tales
16:17--PlugRoad Quest--
16:1816:22DiscussionBeej: "Let's talk about-" Kathleen: "Drugs!"
16:20--Story^ Ben talks about the time he was hit in the neck with a lacrosse ball--
16:23DiscussionGuessing who littered in the lunar module--
16:2416:25DiscussionBen and Beej have been friends a long time
16:2616:27DiscussionGraham learns Beej has 3 not at all identical shirts
16:2716:30Video/ImageReview of the winner/honorable mentions of the art contest
16:31--Enter/ExitGraham & Kathleen leave for the day--
16:31--MemeGoose on the Loose--
16:3116:33DiscussionHow is Cam tonight--
16:3316:35DiscussionCam & Ben chat about Video Games--
16:3416:35MusicPokémon Gym theme--
16:35--Meltdown"A switch pokemon"--
16:3516:41Roll CallZeta Roll Call - Beej (copilot), Cam (driver), Ben, Kelly, Peej, Matthews--
16:3816:39Burn!^ Ben: "We're Internet Clowns" Cam: "I'm Talent" (Cam introduces himself)
16:3916:41Roll Call^ offscreen: Brett, Shaun, Boomer, Mike--
16:41--DiscussionBeej does a challenge purge--
16:4116:50StoryCorrupted Bedtime story: Robin Hood (Cam, Beej, Ben, Peej, Brett)[✓]
16:5116:53DiscussionBeej discusses Beastars
16:5317:06DiscussionDefining Isekai, where you'd love to go, and Pokémon
16:53--Discussion^ Ben: Animal Crossing--
16:56--Discussion^ Cameron: The Culture or The Sims--
16:57--Discussion^ Peej: Pokemon--
17:00--Meme^ HONKs--
17:00--Other^ Beej realises it's already (or only?) 1am--
17:00--Achievement^ Goose Checklist: Anime--
17:01--Discussion^ weird pokemans--
17:0317:04Game EventBus Stop Get!--
17:06111:56SupercutThey're Made of Meat - SuperCut
17:0617:12ReadingThey're Made of Meat (Cam and Ben)
17:06--Driver Shift ChangeRob takes the wheel!--
17:13--Driver Shift ChangeCam goes back to driving--
17:1317:15DiscussionHow will Cam end Ben?
17:15--Burn!Cam burns himself for not applying for Grad school--
17:15--TechnicalBeej has too many things open--
17:1517:17PSAPut your name on Challenges!--
17:16--AchievementGoose Checklist: Love Zanekaylabrah--
17:1717:29DiscussionGood and not good advice for a first date without saying which, and payphones
17:19--Physical^ Beej demonstrates his lack of "the butt"--
17:20--Physical^ Cam cramps up--
17:21--Story^ Johnny delaminated his lungs--
17:2617:29Discussion^ Payphone talk--
17:2917:31DiscussionGiveaways, the rules, and how things are supposed to be done. There are no rules--
17:3117:33DiscussionTalking about Oceania and size projection / globe bias
17:32--Discussion^ Australia Strats in Risk--
17:3317:39PlugReviewing tonight's giveaways--
17:37--Other^ Ben helps "describe" some of the prizes--
17:3918:51Drive/Giveaway$8.33 Donation Drive for: Booster crate and CFB golden ticket - Raised $3048.78Bean665--
17:40--TechnicalBeej messes up how to run a drive and requires tech support (Fugi to the rescue)--
17:4217:46DiscussionBeej is soo hyped for the back end
17:43--TechnicalHot mic in engineering, and Beej talks over it--
17:4417:45PrankOverlay in Webdings - for $130,000.000--
17:4617:48StoryFun twitter account mishaps
17:4817:49RDPRDP: Hot in Herre - Nelly
17:4917:50DiscussionThe Button, and it's failings--
17:50--TechnicalTransparent Johnny on mainscreen. Then overlay crash
17:5117:53GameRiddle Me This Zeta--
17:5317:55PhysicalMimic cat mannerisms
17:54--Meme^ HONK--
17:54--Meltdown^ Beej is a cat about to throw up--
17:5517:55ShoutoutStarshock and Robin are getting married and watching Desert Bus as their bachelor party
17:56--Achievement^ Goose Checklist: Congratulations!--
17:5617:57DiscussionEnding a man's carrier with instant replay--
17:5817:59DiscussionRenaming the giveaway, so it doesn't break the overlay--
17:59--DiscussionJohnny stating his exact purpose on zeta is preventing Beej from burning it down--
17:5918:14PhysicalNeck Stretching
18:00--Crash^ Crash on the right--
18:01--Physical^ Beej said to TAPE, so Brett, Matthews and Ben do--
18:04--Prank^ Taping wasn't needed--
18:05--Game Event^ New Driver Name: WEDGE--
18:06--Technical^ Outline video effect - Boy Band Pose--
18:08--Prank^ Pixelated video effect--
18:09--Physical^ Everyone has a nice lie down, Johnny refuses to bring "blankets"--
18:09--Meltdown^ Cam feels left out--
18:1018:11Game^ Everyone tries to count to 21 without stepping on each other--
18:11--Physical^ Johnny finally brings "blankets" (they're jackets (and Harry))--
18:12Other^ "Desert Bus, Protec, Yo, Neck!" - Inspector Ruxpin(sp?)--
18:1218:13Technical^ Kevin gets a birds' eye view of empty couches, then of everyone on the floor--
18:1218:14Discussion^ Whose coat are you wearing?--
18:13--Achievement^ Goose Checklist: Neck exercises...?--
18:13--Meltdown^ Beej swears - Sad Trombone.--
18:15--TechnicalRob press the button, nothing happens. Then button arms and he triggers it--
18:1518:16RDPRDP: Mo Money Mo Problems - The Notorious B.I.G. ft. Mase & Puff Daddy
18:1618:17TechnicalBeej did something, it may have worked? Beej please?--
18:1718:17DiscussionWhere does Beej live?--
18:1718:18DiscussionIan's not dead, he's just sick--
18:1818:19DiscussionBillie Eilish--
18:1918:19PrankTHUMP. Did Beej just snap his neck?
18:1918:24Video/ImageCam watches The first time I drank Gatorade - Clickhole
18:2218:24Story^ Making people sweat a lot to analyse the sweat to make sports drinks--
18:24--Achievement^ Goose Checklist: React to Gatorade--
18:2418:26DiscussionBeej talks about Jon Bois videos and 17776
18:2618:27GameBeej is oko's and elk's ben
18:28--MemeMoose Moo!--
18:2818:30DiscussionShould we Watch the Desert Bus Intro again--
18:29--OtherBeej tells us (the VST) to put in a 90sec blank
18:2918:30Video/ImageDesert Bus for Hope 2019 Opener--
18:31--Enter/ExitBen is an 3/3 Elk--
18:3118:31TechnicalBeej can't install iMovie in the middle of DBfH--
18:3118:33GameRiddle Me This Zeta again
18:3318:34ReadingCam reads Scott Steiner Math[✓]
18:33--Driver Shift ChangeThe 3/3 Elk drives--
18:34--PhysicalThe horse head is placed on the 3/3 elk--
18:3518:36PlugBooster crate and CFB golden ticket--
18:36--Prank^ "Oko did nothing wrong" on kevin--
18:3618:42DiscussionHow does one meet new people when you're bus tired - Anime! And Improv!
18:37--Meme^ The more you know--
18:39--Meme^ Ba dum tish--
18:39--Burn!^ Beej:"We can't trust him, he's too good". 3/3 Elk: "Ok, Boomer"--
18:4218:44StoryCameron, what got you into fountain pens?
18:4418:45DiscussionIan's Mini and its safety --
18:4518:48DiscussionContinuation of Cam's fountain pens--
18:48--Driver Shift ChangeCam takes over from the 3/3 Elk--
18:4918:50TechnicalBeej reacting to challenges without providing context--
18:4918:50DiscussionBeej is sure he can figure out how to draw a giveaway--
18:5218:52DiscussionPrize winners and confirming addresses--
18:5218:58Video/ImageA photo of a Man's Romance, labelled as having a "threatening aura", and toilet discussion
18:53--MemeMoose Moo!--
18:53--PhysicalCam requests his coffee--
18:54--Video/ImageContinued discussion of the man's romance - one-way-mirror toilet in a town
18:58--Driver Shift ChangeCam hands off to Ben--
18:5818:59DiscussionBeej is unsure what their art challenge should be--
18:5920:12Drive/Giveaway$5.13 Donation Drive for: Desert Bus shirt from FanGamer - Raised $502.74KV1NN4--
19:00--Driver Shift ChangeBeej takes over for Ben--
19:00--PrankBen talks about things being reversed, so Engineering actually reverses the shot--
19:0019:04DiscussionBen talks about shirts and wizards stuff--
19:0019:09TechnicalOverlay is frozen, brief test screen, updates once at 19:06--
19:0419:06DiscussionGoing to DC and con travel--
19:0619:14DiscussionHow many sides and what material would you be if you were a die
19:1319:15Discussion^ Heelies and daybreak?--
19:1519:18DiscussionSqueaky shoes as toddler reset
19:1819:24DiscussionTransformers and Macross --
19:24--TechnicalBen has locked the copilot chair out of the backend--
19:24--Driver Shift ChangeBeej abdicates driver, ben rushes to grab the fallen controller--
19:25--PrankBen: "Okay Google, play Despacito"--
19:2619:26MusicDespacito - Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee--
19:2619:27PlugDesert Bus for Hope 2019 Fangamer shirt giveaway--
19:27162:01SupercutKeep Talking and Nobody Legos - Supercut
19:2720:21GameKeep talking and nobody Legos, session 1: Cam reads and Johnny builds
19:29--PrankBen tries to get google to call wendys--
19:30--DiscussionDoes Siri like to hang out with Beej, Siri responds, even though it's not supposed to--
19:3219:32DiscussionAsh did Johnny's nails--
19:32--Driver Shift ChangeMatthews takes over driving from Ben--
19:3319:34PhysicalFixing the couch cushions--
19:3420:16MusicBanG Dream! Menu Theme--
19:3819:41PhysicalBuilding a cushion fort in the middle of the room, ends in structural failure--
19:49--Enter/ExitBen Departs--
19:49--Driver Shift ChangePeej switches with Matthews to drive the bus--
20:1620:21MusicSpring (It's A Big World Outside) - Stardew Valley--
20:16--MemeGoose runs through--
20:2121:09Drive/Giveaway$7.05 Donation Drive for: Leather dice trays - Raised $1318.35RedAlexis--
20:2420:25DiscussionPeople being around and appreciation thereof--
20:25--PhysicalCam apparently suffers some minor injury off-camera, while mic'd--
20:2520:25Roll CallEngineering and the room Beej and Peej--
20:2620:26MemeAn HONK--
20:2620:27PSABeej PSA--
20:2720:30StoryIs Beej is an Austrian Christmas clown?
20:27--Video/Image^ Austrian Christmas ad of "Beej"--
20:3220:32DiscussionBeej isn't related to his cousins--
20:3220:32Video/ImageBeej describes the shoot for "his" big paper towel costume
20:3220:34DiscussionGloves vs mittens and other things to teach your dumber younger self
20:3320:37StoryBeej's experiences trying to learn the keyboard--
20:3820:51DiscussionWhat the room would do with one billion dollars, transitions to fashion then economics
20:51--TechnicalThe room has duplicate monitors--
20:5120:53ReadingCam reads an excerpt from a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure soliloquy
20:5320:55Discussion^ Cam and Beej talk about the JoJo reading cam just did--
20:5420:55PhysicalCam attempts a JoJo pose--
20:5520:56DiscussionCam finds out about the ham, Beej finally explains the ham
20:5621:01DiscussionJoJo's bizarre adventure a continued discussion, and how to watch stuff--
21:0121:03DiscussionWhy is Sherlock Holmes an overrated hack
21:0322:02Drive/Giveaway$7.55 Donation Drive for: Card Kingdom custom tokens - raised $1,464.70Pilsebob & Haltgamer--
21:0721:08DiscussionBeej has been awake too long / James is not a bully (except to Johnny)
21:0821:08DiscussionWhat is Dawnguard going to do?--
21:1021:11DiscussionTalking about leaving Dawn Guard with the last giveaway drawing--
21:1121:12PrankPixel Beej--
21:1121:14DiscussionFreaking out at waking up in weird positions
21:12--Milestone135,351 raised--
21:13--CrashPeej crashes on the right, lulled away by Cam's story--
21:1421:15TechnicalTrying out various distortion effects--
21:1421:16DiscussionConversation of what would happen if they shrunk to the size of an ant
21:16--Game EventNew Driver Name: ICDMAN--
21:17--Driver Shift ChangeBeej takes over from Peej--
21:1821:18DiscussionHow very Zeta this is
21:1821:19DiscussionWe're late! We're late! For a very important auction!--
21:19--Game EventBus Stop Get!--
21:19--Driver Shift ChangeBrett takes over driving--
21:1921:19PhysicalCam dances to fill time--
21:19--MeltdownBeej curses on a hot mic, again--
21:1921:20StoryBeej gets trapped in a closet
21:2121:21DiscussionJohnny knows how to run an auction. Well, they told him how to run an auction.--
21:2121:23PlugShowing off the Kingdom Hearts Shadow Box "Prismatic Symbolism"--
21:23--TechnicalJohnny tried to start the auction, it didn't--
21:2421:27DiscussionThey haven't done a live auction on Zeta in a very long time
21:2721:28Discussion"When I was younger"--
21:2821:19DiscussionCurling and where the south be--
21:29--TechnicalBidbot appears to be asleep--
21:2921:30DiscussionBidbot takes over the lunar module--
21:3021:37DiscussionBeej's brain has quit, and his headphones died on the way to the lunar module--
21:3721:38DiscussionBidbot's failure prevented everything, and everything is fine--
21:3821:39DiscussionCam likes colors of magic other than Blue
21:39--MeltdownIt's 5am and Cam has forgotten everything, briefly--
21:3921:43DiscussionWhat's great about Pioneer (an MtG format)--
21:4321:46ReadingCam reads a markov generated Shakespearean poem
21:43--MeltdownCam's brain restarts mid reading--
21:4621:49ReadingCam self-censors a reading about punching sharks
21:4921:50PlugCustom Card Kingdom Tokens giveaway--
21:5021:55AuctionLive Auction For: Kingdom Hearts Shadow Box Prismatic Symbol - Won For $1,358kiyote001
21:50--MusicRedline OST - Yellow Line--
21:54--MusicJust Shapes and Beats intro--
21:5621:59DiscussionBeej "Who wants to get wasted..." then they talk about medical treatments
21:56--Milestone$10k shift total--
21:5922:00DiscussionDid anyone see Penguin Highway, movie discussion--
22:0022:02Shift ChangeThe Dawn Guard comes
22:00--Enter/ExitThe Dawn Guard crew + Liz - Paul--
22:02--MemeThe Goose is Loose--
22:03--Driver Shift ChangeLiz drives--
22:0422:06DiscussionDawn Guard plans for coffee pong
22:07--Enter/ExitEnter Paul, who surreptitiously takes the RDP button off-screen--
22:0722:08DiscussionIs Liz on Team Order or Team Chaos?--
22:0922:12PlugSilent Auction time!--
22:1322:13PlugUpcoming giveaways for Dawn Guard--
22:0922:17OtherSetting up for coffee pong
22:1522:17PhysicalSerge calls "En Guard" to James to begin Coffee Pong--
22:16--ShoutoutFernwood Coffee: DB coffee sponsor table slap--
22:1722:17RDPRDP: Play that Funky Music - Wild Cherry
22:17--Technical^ Engineering is "testing" the RDP button--
22:1822:37GameThe 2nd Annual Coffee Pong Invitational - Round 1Serge
22:20--Physical^ James gets one point (1-0 James)--
22:1922:23Music^ The Ritual/Ancient Battle/2nd Kroykah - Gerald Fried & Sol Kaplan--
22:21--Physical^ Serge gets one point (1-1 Tie)--
22:22--Physical^ Serge gets one point (2-1 Serge)--
22:22--Technical^ Overlay goes away for a second--
22:22--Physical^ James gets one point (2-2 Tie)--
22:2322:26Music^ Techno Syndrome (Mortal Kombat trance mix) - The Immortals--
22:23--Physical^ Serge gets one point (3-2 Serge)--
22:2622:30Music^ Guile - Oleksa Lozowchuk & Traz Damji (Guile's Theme)--
22:27--Physical^ Serge gets one point (4-2 Serge)--
22:30--Physical^ Serge gets one point (5-2 Serge)--
22:3022:35Music^ Hero Theme - Kensuke Ushio from Ping Pong The Animation --
22:31--Physical^ James gets one point (5-3 Serge)--
22:31--Meme^ HONK--
22:32--Physical^ James gets one point (5-4 Serge)--
22:34--Physical^ James gets one point (5-5 Tie)--
22:35--Meme^ HONK--
22:3522:36Music^ Training Montage (Rocky IV) - Vince Dicola--
22:35--Physical^ Serge gets a point (6-5 Serge)--
22:3622:36Other^ Serge answers his phone from catering--
22:36--Physical^ Wheel is spun; James gets no caffeine until the next day--
22:3722:38OtherCoffee Pong is cleared away--
22:3822:39SkitSerge has his Coffee Pong interview
22:4022:40PhysicalThe cushions were not in the right place, so Dawn Guard rotates the cushions--
22:41--Driver Shift ChangeSerge takes over the bus--
22:4122:43SkitJames reflects on his first round Coffee Pong performance
22:4322:44DiscussionJames and Serge commiserate over caffeine over-consumption--
22:4422:49DiscussionSerge talks about coffee preferences and flavours
22:4923:59Drive/Giveaway$6.75 Giveaway for: DAVIDsTEA GIft Basket - Raised $5,096.25DrKarzon--
22:5522:57DiscussionShift total is nearing year 3--
22:4922:59DiscussionDAVIDsTEA giveaway--
22:5922:59RDPRDP: Disco Inferno - The Trammps
22:5922:59ShoutoutShoutout to Fletcher and Rupert from Johnny
22:59--Milestone$140K total! Quickly followed by beating DB3's total in less than 23 hours--
23:0023:01DiscussionZeta approved hugging Dawn Guard then didn't--
23:0223:13PSAWhat is this? James and Paul explain Desert Bus For Hope, and the history of it
23:03--TechnicalSerge sneezes directly into his mic--
23:1323:15DiscussionJames suggests Dawn Guard never crashes the bus--
23:1523:18PlugDAVIDsTEA giveaway; listing of the chais; Liz shows off her French language skills
23:1823:19DiscussionUpcoming cinema game show--
23:2023:21DiscussionCan James promise not to break any prizes?--
23:2223:22PhysicalJohnny appears with bat, Serge made a mistake
23:2323:24DiscussionDiscussion of the Nintendo sign falling on James
23:2423:26ShoutoutCrusaders of the Lost Idols: Desert Bus Edition--
23:2623:27PSAHow do people submit challenges?
23:2723:29DiscussionSerge's coffee addiction & sleeping in an isolation tank
23:2923:35DiscussionThe feeling of seeing gifs of past self and aging characters
23:3123:35Discussion^ The True History of Desert Bus--
23:3523:36DiscussionThe sides of the moon?--
23:3623:40PlugDAVIDsTEA giveaway--
23:36--Reading^ Reading French labels with Liz (part 2)--
23:4023:44DiscussionThe early start time makes things seem long--
23:41--Milestone$5k shift total--
23:4123:42RDPRDP: Lone Digger - Caravan Palace
23:4323:44DiscussionDawn Guard not needing to compensate for exhausted overnight driver anymore
23:4423:45PlugDAVIDsTEA giveaway--
23:4523:48PlugSilent Auction time!--
23:3823:49PSADonor Account--
23:4923:57OtherThanking and loving donors--
23:4923:50DiscussionHow is it for Liz to be driving the bus again (it's sticky)--
23:51--MemeGoose walks across screen - HONK--
23:55--MemeHONK donates--
23:55--Plug5 minutes left on silent auctions--
23:57--PlugSilent auctions ending, more auctions coming, game show coming up, and sports predictions--
23:58--Driver Shift ChangeSerge takes over while Liz learns the new copilot system--