DesertBus 10 - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 10 - Day 2

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
24:00--Driver Shift ChangeMatt and Tally's shift begins, they're nowhere to be found--
24:0124:05Song"What'd I Miss" from Hamilton as Matt and Tally enter
24:02--Enter/ExitMatt and Tally enter--
24:0624:07DiscussionJer sums up his shift--
24:0724:08DiscussionTalking about how the split shifts will work--
24:08--PlugAshly Burch call-in--
24:0924:12DiscussionJames asks Matt how lickable the controller is, James asks chat for $10 donations to make him do it
24:1524:17DiscussionThe room discusses the run's status compared to previous years--
24:17--OtherApplause for engineering for getting all of Jer's tech sorted--
24:1824:23DiscussionMatt explains the plot of Kingdom Hearts in 1 minute, followed by discussion about the games
24:2424:31PlugSilent auction review--
24:3124:55Drive/GiveawayBring Your Own Book game giveaway ($5.28)thelexpiea--
24:33--ShoutoutDo Better Games Shoutout--
24:35--Enter/ExitLeeLee enters--
24:3624:37PhysicalThe room hugs Jer after his shift--
24:3724:39DiscussionThe room gives book recommendations
24:3924:44PlugJer goes over the runners up, and the winner, of his Messages sticker challenge
24:44--Enter/ExitExit Jer, Beej says bye pre-emptively, Serge enters--
24:4724:50PhysicalJohnny and James have a thumb war (and cheat)
24:5024:51DiscussionJames helps a viewer study for Environmental Microbiology--
24:5224:52RDPRDP: Where Are U Now - Jack U ft. Justin Bieber
24:52--Enter/ExitEnter Dan and Carrie from Extra Credits--
24:55--PrankLeeLee gives Matt some moose antlers--
24:5524:56DiscussionMatt explains the challenge system--
24:5825:27GuestCall-in: Ashly Burch
25:0325:09Story^Ashly Burch tells voice acting stories--
25:0925:11Story^" tells stories about her time playing RPGs--
25:1125:12Story^What is the best dinosaur? (It's Yoshi)--
25:1225:14Discussion^What is the best Life is Strange ending?--
25:1425:15Story^How did you get into the role of Tiny Tina?--
25:1525:21Discussion^Advice for people trying to break into voice acting--
25:2125:25Discussion^How is anime different from other voice acting?--
25:2525:25Discussion^Do the script writers ever mess with you?--
25:2525:27Discussion^What would you put on your bus dashboard?--
25:2825:29PhysicalMatt engages MAXIMUM FRUMP
25:28--Enter/ExitEnter Kate Watt--
25:3025:31RDPRDP: One Week - Barenaked Ladies
25:30--TechnicalNull - Null; RDP fails to trigger--
25:32--Enter/ExitKathleen enters--
25:3325:39SkitKathleen asks Troubled Teens on the Street what is up
25:36--Enter/ExitEnter Dammit Liz!--
25:3925:46SongTally sings herself into driving with "My Shot" from Hamilton
25:4725:48SkitTally makes over the room before she drives
25:4825:50PhysicalEveryone searches for Jer's phone--
25:5125:52SongHappy birthday to Emily (one of the site volunteers)--
25:5327:00Drive/GiveawaySet of judge foil basic lands ($10.05)KingTorm--
25:5525:55StoryKathleen explains why she knows i is the 9th letter of the alphabet--
25:5625:59DiscussionTally shows how her transforming dress works, and talks about where the inspiration came from
25:5926:00DiscussionDiscussion of Kathleen's wardrobe--
26:0026:08FoodMatt gets Burger-d by the LRR Destiny clan!
26:00--Prank"It's HIGH NOON..." - at Noon!--
26:0226:03Shift ChangeAlpha Flight... CAAAAAWWW!!--
26:0426:06PlugJudge foil basic lands giveaway plug--
26:05--Milestone$90K year to date--
26:06--DiscussionMatt talks about his EDH decks--
26:0626:27PhysicalMatt eats his burger while decorated as a fairy
26:08--OtherMatt confirms the burger is a 10/10 on the lickability scale--
26:0926:13PlugTally plugs the schedule and merchandise--
26:1326:14ShoutoutThe room sings "Happy Birthday" to nenluen and everyone else watching with a birthday today--
26:1426:22FoodRocky Mountain Cookies' Desert Bus themed cookies are shown and eaten by the crew--
26:14--TechnicalStream glitches for some, nothing happens for others. Yay internet!--
26:1926:22PhysicalKathleen challenges everyone to introduce themselves with their mouths full of cookies
26:2226:24StoryLeeLee's burger story and other stories people don't want others to know
26:2426:33SkitDesert bus character fanfic madlibs
26:26--OtherTally declares the pine tree air freshiner to be a lady. This is canon.--
26:32--OtherKathleen sings Diane Diane Diane Diane Diane--
26:3426:34SkitKathleen (as Edith Slump) interviews Kathleen (as the author of the Desert Bus Fanfic - Lorna Schlitzwhistle)
26:3626:40DiscussionMcelroy Brothers new call in guests--
26:3726:38PhysicalKathleen hugs everybody--
26:4026:47DiscussionWeird roommate stories challenge
26:4126:42StoryKathleen talks about her roomate who didn't do the dishes--
26:42--PrankMr. President - Matt--
26:4426:46StoryDan tells about his roomate throwing water ballons at tailgaters--
26:4626:47StoryMia tells story about her roomate climbing up a tree into the window--
26:4726:48PlugJudge Foil Lands giveaway--
26:4826:58PhysicalMatt frumps off with everyone in the room[✓]
26:58--PhysicalMatt wins the frump off, of course--
26:5927:05DanceDan and Matt dance while Kathleen and Liz "sing" "Lady in Red"
27:05--OtherDon't hit loop!--
27:08--Video/ImageGif of Matt and Dan dancing -
27:09--DiscussionHow to make challenges--
27:1027:11GameOne word story challenge
27:1232:00Drive/GiveawayMatt's art challenge - DB Civil War comic book cover: Marvel comics lot giveawayBeachGnome--
27:1627:24StoryCat Stories
27:2427:32PlugMatt's art challenge, silent auctions--
27:3327:34DiscussionKathleen announces the 2nd Annual Bus King Challenge--
27:3627:41SongPaul leads the room in a sea shanty - South Australia
27:4128:10Drive/GiveawayR2D2 and BB8 stockings and The Secret History of Star Wars ($8.22)pao--
27:4627:56PhysicalTally and Matt drive together, one hand each--
27:4627:49SongThe room sings "The Sweetest Pig", a parody of U2's Sweetest Thing
27:4927:51DiscussionThe room discusses "a dry kind of love"--
27:5127:52PlugR2D2 etc--
27:53--Milestone$93K, $8K shift--
27:5527:58DiscussionDescribing the Bus King competition--
27:5628:01PlugDB9 Photobook, Star Wars stockings, silent auctions--
28:02--PhotosNew photos!--
28:0428:18AuctionHardcover Desert Bus 9 photobook (Sold for $3,000)anonymousless
28:1928:20PlugStar Wars stockings--
28:2228:24PlugDesert Bus For Hope 10 cross stitch, House Targaryen chainmail banner--
28:2428:25PlugDB Civil War art challenge--
28:2529:07SkitBus King Pageant[✓]
28:2528:32Discussion^ Planning--
28:3928:56Skit^ Pageant--
28:3229:02Drive/GiveawayPAX 2014-2015 Pin Lot with pin case and bonus Child's Play pin (vote by donation to enter, $7.01-7.07)NESJumpman--
28:5629:06DiscussionBus King Judging 3rd place: Viking Paul; 2nd place: Documentary Russ; Winner: Funky Santa!--
28:57--Game EventBug Splat! (#2 of the run, 1 in a row)--
29:0329:07Skit^ Pageant winner announcementSerge[✓]--
29:0729:08RDPRDP: Ice Ice Tik Tok - The Face Melters
29:09--Enter/ExitExit Paul--
29:1029:13PlugMatt's art challenge--
29:1329:15DiscussionWhat everyone did after night 1 of Desert Bus
29:1729:18PhysicalEngineering does a group hug--
29:1929:26PlugSilent auction review--
29:2429:28TechnicalOverlay goes away for repair--
29:2729:32DiscussionThe room takes a moment to just breathe and discusses Dr. Strange, Ant Man and Marvel movies in general
29:3229:35PhysicalMatt teaches everyone how to frump successfully, Ian frumps
29:3629:42GameThe room tries to name as many hockey teams as possible by city
29:4529:47SongBallad of Bilbo Baggins -- The Whole Room --
29:4429:47DanceLiz explains / does the Kraken Dance
29:4929:53DiscussionEveryone comes up with their own Overwatch ultimate
29:49--PrankRyuu ga waga teki wo kurau!--
29:51--Enter/ExitKathleen, with Lady Penelope--
29:51--PrankMultiple ultimates--
29:53--PrankHeroes Never Die!--
29:5429:55GameThe floor is lava
29:5429:55GameMR. President - Penelope? or Dan--
29:5529:56DiscussionRoom roll call--
29:5629:56PhysicalPenelope walks off camera, then back on--
29:5729:58DiscussionDan explains the various dans of EC and ranks them (LeeLee is best Dan)
29:5830:56Drive/GiveawayDB cross stitch sampler giveaway ($9.10)MapGuru--
30:03--Enter/ExitExit Dan & Carrie--
30:0530:06DiscussionHow to make a shared shift awesome--
30:0730:09PhysicalEveryone "dabs", then adds some Desert Bus flair
30:0930:09ReadingKathleen reads a ghostly rhyme as Spoopifer
30:0930:13PhysicalMatt mimes out being different animals
30:1430:15PlugDB Sampler--
30:1534:00Drive/GiveawayTally's art challenge - Crew cutout animation: Rocky Mountain custom cookies/DB T-Shirt & plushiesTod B / Phoebe & Edith--
30:23--PhotosPhoto announcement--
30:2430:24RDPRDP Troll: I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston
30:2330:24PhysicalStretching for time, dab practice--
30:2830:33DiscussionThe room comes up with horoscope predictions for the astrological signs
30:3430:34PlugPromo-reel for Jimmy Wong--
30:3730:38PhysicalMatt assesses the lickability of the air--
30:3930:43SongTally sings Here Comes a Thought from Steven Universe
30:4430:49SongIan sings Love Shack
30:5030:56DiscussionHeather and Ian describe a variety of anime, are they real or are they fake?
30:5831:28GuestCall-in: Jimmy Wong[✓]
30:5931:00Discussion^Who are you?--
31:0131:03Discussion^What do you think of the Commander 2016 precon decks?--
31:0331:04Discussion^What is the lickability of the C16 decks?[✓]--
31:0431:05Discussion^Is Maangchi as likeable as she seems in her videos?--
31:0531:06Discussion^What's your favorite Feast of Fiction you've done so far?--
31:0631:10Discussion^Do you have any plans for upcoming Feasts of Fiction?--
31:1031:12Discussion^Do you want to do more esoteric Feast of Fiction stuff (e.g. improvized recipes)?--
31:1231:13Discussion^Is your middle name "Colin"?--
31:1331:18Discussion^Do you think vehicles should be allowed to be commanders?--
31:1831:20Discussion^How do you feel about being of origin of the term "Jimmied"?--
31:2031:25Discussion^Ben describes the card renaming to Jimmy--
31:2631:27Discussion^Plugging Jimmy--
31:2731:28Skit^Ben makes Jimmy into a card--
31:2931:32PlugTally and Matt's art challenges--
31:3232:00Drive/GiveawayDesert Bus Fangamer T-Shirt giveaway ($7.49)eatadickc1own--
31:3331:35PlugSilent auction review--
31:3531:49ReadingTally reads her book "Desert Bus Alphabet" to the room
31:4031:48DiscussionTally talks about the process of making the book and how others can get it--
31:48--PlugSilent auctions for physical art pieces from the book--
31:4831:49DiscussionHow Tally kept the book a secret--
31:51--Enter/ExitLiz and LeeLee leave, Caaawwww...--
31:5231:54DiscussionAlpha Flight seems more... Zeta... than usual--
31:5432:23TechnicalOverlay Derp to fix RDP button--
31:5531:55DiscussionAn introduction to the Creepy Doll--
31:5631:56PlugMatt's art challenge and DB Shirt giveaway--
31:5631:58DiscussionTalking about Penelope--
31:58--Game EventPOINT GET! (1st point of the run)--
31:5932:04SongBengineering sings "Magic Dance" from Labyrinth
32:05--Shift ChangeNight falls--
32:0632:08Behind the ScenesThe Lunar Module has kombucha and cold brew cream soda on tap--
32:0632:14DiscussionThe "Coffee Scene" in Canada and Australia
32:05--Enter/ExitGraham Enters--
32:1332:14Discussion"Shapes" crackers from Australia--
32:1432:16MeltdownGraham loses it at the giveaway winner's username
32:17--FoodGraham eats a Rocky Mountain cookie that looks like an Iron Man pig--
32:1832:19PosterPoster Update #1 is finally noticed by the crew--
32:1932:22Behind the ScenesGraham designs a new overlay, analog style[✓]
32:23--TechnicalActual overlay returns. And THE DANCE PARTY BUTTON!--
32:2332:23RDPRDP Troll: My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion
32:2432:24RDPRDP: Girls Just Want To Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper
32:2632:28PlugTally's art challenge--
32:3132:34DiscussionMatt judges entries for the DB Civil War contest
32:2932:29RDPRDP Troll: Crawling - Linkin Park
32:3032:31DiscussionBen broke a button during the dance party--
32:3532:36FoodGraham gives a food review of BEEF
32:3732:37RDPRDP: Dynamite - Taio Cruz
32:3832:39PlugHardcover Desert Bus Alphabet book giveaway--
32:3932:40PlugDesert Bus Anniversary lot #1--
32:4132:44PlugChainmail House Targaryen banner--
32:4533:20Drive/GiveawayKaladesh lot #2 ($10.80)ProstheticShark--
32:4732:48PosterPoster Update #2 -
32:4932:50DiscussionHow's Tally's shift been going?--
32:5032:53PlugSilent auctions--
32:50--Milestone$20K shift total!--
32:5332:53PhysicalCan Graham do pushups? Yes. (This is not demonstrated)--
32:5432:54DiscussionExplain Beej vs Ben--
32:5432:57DiscussionBeards? How do they work?--
33:0033:05SkitIan teaches chat how to change a toner cartridge as if it's the birds and the bees
33:0733:09PhysicalAll 4 glasses wearers on the sofa switch glasses, Tally tries to guess who has whose
33:0933:11SkitHey Siri....
33:12--PrankThe More You Know...--
33:1233:14DiscussionIn Canada you can use Paypal from Siri, Ian sends $1 to Graham--
33:13--The DeviceDelay!--
33:1533:16RDPRDP: One Week - Barenaked Ladies
33:1833:19DanceDabbing to TJ Perkins' WWE entrance music (a Mega Man X remix)
33:19--MeltdownJordan breaks to Ben dabbing back and forth forever--
33:1933:20DiscussionGraham explains why Ben is dabbing wrong--
33:2333:24PlugTally's art challenge--
33:2533:28DiscussionGraham explains the Gobbledy Gooker
33:2933:30DiscussionWhat is Graham's favorite DB moment?--
33:3233:32MeltdownGraham almost dies trying to sit in the co-pilot chair
33:32--PrankYOU DIED--
33:35--PhotosBusking pageant and flattering photos of Matt--
33:3633:36RDPRDP: Conga - Gloria Estefan
33:3833:42ReadingDave's Spokesman reads Barenaked Ladies - One Week
33:4333:43PrankJojo: Spinning co-pilot chair
33:4333:44Physical"Happy Happy Christmas" Spinning chair time
33:45--Enter/ExitHeather exits--
33:4633:57OtherMatt challenges himself to read out all donations of $4.20--
33:4633:47RDPRDP: Splish Splash - Bobby Darin
33:49--Enter/ExitEnter Dix--
33:5233:52SongFresh Prince of Jojo
33:5334:35Drive/GiveawayDesert Bus Alphabet hardcover book giveaway ($10.26)rmccready--
33:55--Milestone$25K Shift total, $110K total--
33:5733:57RDPRDP: The Other Side - Jason Derulo
33:5734:03DiscussionGraham recites as many drugs from the LRR skit "Drugs drugs drugs" as he can, then looks them up
34:0434:05DiscussionGraham discusses raccoon names
34:0634:25DiscussionHeritage Minutes and other PSA discussion
34:0934:11Video/Image^Heritage minute video - Canada--
34:1134:12Video/Image^House hippos--
34:1334:15Video/Image^Don't you put it in your mouth--
34:16--PlugDesert Bus alphabet book hardcover--
34:1734:18Video/ImageHeritage Minutes, Part Deux - Halifax explosion--
34:22--The DeviceLow gear--
34:2334:25DiscussionHeritage minutes and Winnie the poo--
34:25--PrankThe More You Know--
34:2534:28Video/ImagePuppet challenge winners
34:2834:33Video/ImageMore Heritage Minutes discussion - Winnie the Pooh
34:3334:40DiscussionThe Vegemite song, aka the unofficial Australian national anthem
34:5034:54Video/ImageThe Log Driver's Waltz
34:3834:40DiscussionAustralia is just hot Canada--
34:4135:15Drive/GiveawayDesert Bus Memorabilia lot ($7.10)Insaif--
34:4534:46DiscussionBranding differences between Australia and North America
34:4634:47RDPRDP: Sing, Sing, Sing - Benny Goodman
34:47--Otherjojo false alarm--
34:4734:49PrankGraham is Ben, Ben is Graham
34:48--Game EventMatt finally gets a Bus Stop (#5, 1 in a row)--
34:4934:49PrankGraham has taken control of the audio feed--
34:4934:49PrankYOU DIED--
34:51--Milestone$30K shift for Matt--
34:51--MeltdownYoutube's auto-captioning is secretly racist--
34:5534:57DiscussionCanadian Song Discussions
34:5834:59PlugDesert Bus Memorabilia lot--
34:59--Milestone$117K total & $32K shift--
35:0035:00RDPRDP: Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5
35:0135:05Video/ImageIan & Graham react to Senbozakura by Wagakkiband
35:0635:07SongAsuka's entrance music--
35:0935:11PlugDesert Bus Memorabilia lot--
35:1135:15SongFull version of Fresh Prince of Jojo. With Added Production Value!
35:1736:00Drive/GiveawayHouse Targaryen chainmail banner ($12.03)Jaqspur--
35:2035:21RDPRDP: That's the Way (I Like It) - KC and the Sunshine Band
35:2235:23PhysicalThe 3 Ians do a Dragonball-style fusion dance to become the ultimate Ian
35:2635:26DiscussionTalking about Australia's "Shapes" crackers again--
35:2635:26PhysicalEveryone gives Dix a hug to symbolically thank all the mods
35:2735:29PlugSilent auctions[✓]
35:29--MilestoneSunset cometh--
35:3035:30DiscussionChicken in a biskit--
35:3135:31ReadingCarl Sagan Quote as Dave's Spokesman
35:3335:33PlugChainmail House Targaryen banner--
35:3635:39DanceSing, by Pentatonix
35:3935:43The DeviceLefty--
35:3935:42MeltdownTally almost crashes on the left--
35:43--The DeviceNormal mode--
35:4335:45Video/ImageSmiths Potato Crisps ad
35:4535:51OtherMatt says he'll read out any $6.90 donator's names (Nice)--
35:4735:47DiscussionZeta meat--
35:5135:55PlugHouse Targaryen chainmail banner--
35:5335:53ShoutoutAndrew shouts out to PunkRockZoologist--
35:5635:57ReadingGraham reads the Steiner Math wrestling promo
35:57--Milestone$125K & $40K shift!--
35:5735:58RDPRDP: Smells Like Rockin' Robin - Go Home Productions
35:5835:59RDPRDP: 9 to 5 - Dolly Parton
35:5935:59PrankNOOOOOO. GOD. NO.--
36:00--Driver Shift ChangeEnter Cam, to start his shift!--
36:0136:03The DeviceAuto-Honk--
36:0336:04TechnicalAttempted censoring (Screen went partially black)--
36:0636:10SkitBad standup improv tagteam
36:11--Enter/ExitEnter Pika--
36:1236:13DiscussionDiscussions on why Seinfield was an influential show
36:1536:58Drive/GiveawayCards Against Desert Bus ($6.24)Feral Scythe--
36:1536:16TechnicalJohnny unplugs everything--
36:1536:18PlugThe room goes over the Cards Against Desert Bus giveaway, and how high quality it is--
36:1936:48GameCards Against Desert Bus
36:2836:28SongHotline Bling / Wii shop channel music mashup--
36:29--MilestoneNight Time--
36:3036:30TechnicalDB Logo--
36:3436:35PlugCards Against Desert Bus--
36:34--Milestone$4K shift already!--
36:4436:46PrankGet Down Mr. President!
36:4836:49PlugJenn & Trin call in--
36:49--Milestone$130K (soon after reversed due to a misplaced decimal)--
36:4936:49RDPRDP: Till the World Ends - Britney Spears
36:5036:54SkitGraham and Ian perform a sketch from A Bit of Fry and Laurie
36:51--TechnicalIAN DROPS THE MIC--
36:5436:55DiscussionThe room talks about A Bit of Fry and Laurie, then Mitchell and Webb--
36:5536:55PlugCards Against Desert Bus--
36:56--Enter/ExitExit Tally--
36:5636:57TechnicalLet's try controlling the bus from the outside world! ...After the next crash.--
36:5848:00Drive/GiveawayMTG Conspiracy: Run the Jewels Art Challenge: Humanity in the Futureantoinedi_art--
36:58--Game EventBugsplat #3 (2 in a row)--
36:5937:00StoryCameron tells everyone about a call from his customer service days
37:0337:04Enter/ExitIt's just a box. (Enter Alex)
37:0438:00Drive/GiveawayTetris pillow block prize lot ($6.04)Yeknom352--
37:0437:04PlugNew vlog up on Kate's Channel--
37:0837:08PhysicalPika is sealed in a box--
37:0037:11DiscussionTetris talk--
37:1237:25DiscussionIan Explains the plot of JoJo's first four seasons (in under 10 minutes)[✓]
37:2037:21PrankAlex (wearing box) cuts a whole in the box, solely in order to make a questioning gesture with his hand.--
37:21--MeltdownPika loses it--
37:2437:26PhysicalAlex is GUNDAM--
37:2437:25PlugTetris pillow block drive--
37:2537:25OtherJojo Freeze Frame Gag (aborted due to miscommunication between Graham and Ben)--
37:27--Milestone$130K (for real this time)--
37:2737:28RDPRDP: Ooh La La - Goldfrapp
37:2937:30DanceAlex goes full Gundam, dances to Andrew WK's cover theme[✓]
37:30--DiscussionAlex Explains why Gundams are better than Skeletons--
37:3137:33PlugTim Questions Cam on his art challenge--
37:3337:34PhysicalGundam Alex is upgraded with surly teen powers--
37:3437:46Video/ImageVarious 90s cartoon themes[✓]
37:34--DanceAlexbot dances to Bots Master theme--
37:36--PrankOH god please no--
37:38--Video/ImageMummies Alive--
37:39--Video/ImageSuperhuman Samurai Syber Squad--
37:40--MeltdownCastle F___Job--
37:41--Video/ImageDash Swordslash and the Defenders of Everything (Which is Not Safe For Bus)--
37:45--Enter/ExitEnter Beej & Andre--
37:45--Enter/ExitExit engineering - they all quit--
37:4537:58PrankEngineering is empty. Lord of the Flies ensues.[✓]
37:4837:48PhysicalBoneathan shoos Pikawolf
37:48--PrankThere are FOUR LIGHTS--
37:5237:53RDPRDP: Walking on Sunshine - Katrina & The Waves
37:5337:56PhysicalRolling Pika up like Sushi
37:5437:54PlugTetris drive--
37:54--PhysicalWe see Pika rollin'.--
37:5637:58DiscussionNormality of engineering, it's not even Zeta yet--
37:5837:58PhysicalPika is a cannon--
37:5838:03SongGraham Does Neil C's PokéRap
38:0338:04Shift ChangeLet's get ready to rumble! Zeta shift begins--
38:0438:05PhysicalAlex builds a castle
38:0638:07PhysicalThe rotation of the cushions
38:07--Enter/ExitExit Matt--
38:0838:08TechnicalBeej lost something. May or May Not be the bolt that holds the arm in the chair. Beej claims there's no record of it. He underestimates our power.--
38:1139:20Drive/GiveawayUndertale Prize Pack Donation Drive ($7.77)Nullrush--
38:0838:09OtherCouch Roll Call--
38:0938:10OtherBeej Purges the Challenges--
38:1038:11DiscussionThe state of Chat--
38:1138:11PlugOptimistic future art challenge--
38:1138:17PhysicalA cardboard catapult is constructed to siege Castle Alex
38:15--PhysicalAlex's castle is sieged.--
38:1738:17RDPRDP: Yeah 3X - Chris Brown
38:17--OtherCori takes the box way from Alex--
38:1838:18PrankIan makes a Rabbit Season / Duck Season sign--
38:1838:22DanceK-pop dance: Girls Generation - Galaxy Supernova
38:18--PhysicalCastle Zeta returns--
38:2238:22DiscussionKorea's just manufacturing anime characters now--
38:2338:28Video/ImageIan narrates making miniature Okonomiyaki on Tinker Tailor Solder Fry, in 1/16th scale
38:3138:35SkitBeej and Alex perform the opening from Zoo Race[✓]
38:2938:30DiscussionBeej explains washing Jer's feet the night before--
38:3438:35FoodGraham acts out a broken cookie as a moving mouth--
38:3638:37PhysicalIan and Beej do the "Shaft head tilt"
38:3838:39PlugUndertale prize lot--
38:3939:15SongIce cream chords / Four chords progression with "If I had a million dollars" chords
39:1639:16PlugThe Undertale lot is gone over and given away--
39:1640:30Drive/GiveawayPrize: From the Vault Angels ($7.79) Sweetened with Cam's TTC pack ripsVerdaugaTiger--
39:2239:22ReadingAlex reads the From the Vault Angels card names with some "interesting" pronounciations--
39:2439:25PlugCam sweetens the From the Vault Angels pig with some magical cards--
39:2539:29PlugSilent auctions--
39:3039:34PhysicalZuikin English
39:3539:38SkitCam Asseses his XCOM Squad
39:3839:39DiscussionCam discusses how XCOM games usually go--
39:3939:40RDPRDP: Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F). - Katy Perry
39:3939:40PhysicalCam injures himself--
39:4139:45DiscussionDear Dr questions
39:4539:53ReadingThe room reads manga about Not-Magic the Gathering (Wizards Soul)
39:50--Milestone10k Shift total--
39:5539:56ReadingGraham reads the FAQ for The Quivering as Dave's Spokesman
39:5639:57DiscussionCori tells us how to get the katana in Candle Keep--
39:5639:58DiscussionHow horrible Spud and the Quivering was--
39:5940:07DrawingAlex draws Beej "as one of his "French girls""--
40:0040:00PhysicalIan is placed in the Punishment Castle--
40:0040:03DiscussionDisscussing how close Cam is to a point, and jer crashing all over--
40:02--Game EventPoint get! - Point 2 of the run (2 in a row!)--
40:0340:12Video/ImageThey watch the History of Japan video by Bill Wurtz
40:1740:19Video/ImageRoom watches Glass Shark from My Brother, My Brother, and Me.
40:1440:16PlugDonation drive update, art challenge--
40:1940:20DiscussionBen and Thomas have some video production disagreements--
40:2040:20PhysicalThomas is put in the Shame Castle--
40:2040:21DiscussionBeej appologizes to Engineering for Nightwatch becoming Zeta-y
40:21--Enter/ExitGraham Out--
40:2240:22DiscussionVarious highlights of the run so far--
40:22--Enter/ExitExit Kate--
40:2340:23DrawingShowing Alex's Beej French girl drawing--
40:2340:27SkitAlex, Ian, and Pika tell a bedtime story about Zippo Tricks McEdgelord
40:3340:38DiscussionRename the Overwatch characters in the style of Zippo Tricks McEdgelord
40:3140:32RDPRDP: Motteke! Sailor Fuku! - Lucky Star
40:3240:33DiscussionAnime stuff--
40:3841:28Drive/GiveawayDesert Bus 10 Shirt ($6.99)Harmondale2--
40:4140:44PlugSilent Auctions--
40:4340:45PosterShowing off the new poster update v3 -
40:4540:45PhysicalCam Wiggles his toes, Room returns the salute--
40:4540:53DiscussionCam assigns the room their civs and perks
40:5440:58SkitCam tells a story about Moosey, room acts it out
40:58--PhotosNew photos--
40:5841:01Enter/ExitAndrew, Ian, Cori exit, to 3 RDPs--
40:5841:00RDPRDP: Hey Ya! - Outkast
41:0041:00RDPRDP: Shots - LMFAO ft. Lil Jon
41:0041:01RDPRDP: A Million Swedish Summers - The White Panda
41:0241:02DiscussionBeej complains about being old--
41:0241:03DiscussionCam talks about how to beat Manus in Dark Souls--
41:0341:07ReadingCam reads You Will See Me while Dire Dire Docks plays
41:0741:16DiscussionAlex and Cam do Talking Simulator about Desert Bus (It gets VERY deep)
41:1742:19Drive/GiveawayThe Art of M:tG Zendikar Art Book ($8.45)Claptrap--
41:2241:27ReadingCam and Alex read They're Made out of Meat by Terry Bisson to the FTL OST
41:2841:31DiscussionThe room comes up with a writing prompt--
41:2941:30OtherCleaning Cam's glasses--
41:2941:31DiscussionPeople talk about FTL--
41:3341:33PhysicalDix does "the perfect pushup"--
41:3441:36DiscussionPushups and military training
41:3641:43M-M-Multi Challenge!Physical challenges
41:36--PhysicalEverybody does a Tacticool Roll. Slider plays.--
41:38--PhysicalEverybody swaps footwear (if they have it)--
41:39--PhysicalPika does an assisted handstand for as long as possible--
41:41--PhysicalEverybody sits on a chair like Riker--
41:4341:46DiscussionCam explains redox reactions, organic chemistry. "It's fairly straightforward".--
41:4741:48PhysicalAlex and Beej do the Fusion Dance--
41:49--CrashUnplugged controller, crash on right. Ave Maria plays. (crash #14 of the run)--
41:5141:53PhysicalDix does push ups with Pika sitting on top--
41:5341:53PhysicalPika gets a horse--
41:55--CrashFailed bus-stop (#15)--
41:56--Enter/ExitEnter Mia--
41:5641:56OtherEveryone cleans their glasses--
41:5642:01StoryStories about tape degredation, by Dr Mia
42:01--Enter/ExitBen leaves for work--
42:0142:11StoryStory time about airline experiences
42:11Drive/GiveawaySDCC exclusive Planeswalkers set #1 ($14.23)Azninsect--
42:1242:12PlugArt challenge--
42:1342:13DiscussionDix could actually just take everything, no-one could stop him--
42:2042:27DiscussionMia and Beej talks about music, casette degredation and old storage stuff
42:2742:36DiscussionThe room will name their Favorite MTG card of all time, this will be written in stone
42:3642:37OtherPSA about forgetting a decimal point in your donations--
42:3742:38OtherHow to submit a challenge, with Beej--
42:4042:41SongImpromptu acapella of the Wii store music--
42:4142:44StoryCam tells a story about his adventures in Civ VI as Gilgamesh
42:4442:52GameParty Quirks
42:5242:53RDPRDP: I Want You Back - The Jackson 5
42:5442:56GameThe Count to 20 game
42:5742:57DiscussionCam names a researcher who delveded too deep and found a thing - "Konrad Toomes"--
42:5743:01DiscussionCam talks about Etin, his post scarcity fantasy D&D setting
43:0143:10GameThe room plays multiple rounds of Change. Experience Beej ensues.
43:1143:15GamePika, Mia, and Beej play Standing, Sitting , Leaning
43:1543:18GameOne word story with Alex and Beej
43:1843:21DiscussionBeej's improv show format
43:2143:23DiscussionEffects of sleep deprevation--
43:2443:24RDPRDP: Macho Man - Village People
43:2443:25MeltdownCameron has now lost the ability to language--
43:2543:26SongImpromptu Athletic (from Super Mario World) a cappella shenanigans
43:2643:27DiscussionCrapshot ideas re: mario tossing turnips, people tossing things--
43:2743:28DanceMia and Pika practice flapper dancing. Alex provides the tunes.--
43:2843:30SkitAlex demonstrates "the shuffle". Beej ensues. Mia the dance fairy ensues.
43:3143:34SongDix sings a song of his choice - Santa Fe from Newsies
43:3543:37DiscussionNewsies the movie vs Newsies the stage production--
43:3743:40ReadingReading of a Tennis Ball story provided with names and lines earlier in the run (Alison & Tamberlain)
43:4043:41ReadingCam reads a quote from Dresden Files, twice.--
43:42--MilestoneSurpassed DB3's total!--
43:4343:47ReadingCameron reads The Hollow Men by T S Elliot--
43:43--PlugPlaneswalkers giveaway--
43:4743:48RDPRDP: Let your backbone slide - Maestro Fresh Wes
43:4843:52PlugGiveaway and silent auctions--
43:5243:53DiscussionBeej talks about learning to dance from his Trinidadian girlfriend
43:53--Enter/ExitPaul arrives--
43:5443:55SongEveryone sings a song at 20x speed: 4'33"
43:5643:58DiscussionCam explains 4'33"
43:5944:02DiscussionThe room talks about getting bad grades
44:02--Shift ChangeDawnguard begins--
44:02--Enter/ExitJames is summoned with the dawn--
44:04--Enter/ExitDix goes to sleep =<--
44:05--DanceRandom pikadancing--
44:05--Enter/ExitEnter Jaime--
44:0544:09PlugUpcoming giveaways, art challenge--
44:0944:13DiscussionLooking back at football predictions--
44:13--Enter/ExitAlex must away, but shall return--
44:1344:14DiscussionComplaining about leaf blowers at 6am--
44:1645:00Drive/GiveawayDonation drive for Sir Whaleiam MacPlaiddington - $8.99No Donor Account--
44:1744:18PhysicalRe-creating the whale plaid arcing gif--
44:2044:22SkitPaul teaches the room the art of growing a beard--
44:21--PhysicalCam drives with his feet. His glasses are dirty, you see.--
44:2444:28SongGarnet's Home-Made Beer (Barrett's Privateers parody)
44:2944:30DiscussionSentences which have never been said--
44:3044:30RDPRDP: Toxic - Britney Spears
44:31--Enter/ExitEnter Heather. Too cold for Beej. Beej is too warm for Heather.--
44:3244:35M-M-Multi Challenge!"5" challenges at once. VST isn't ready.
44:34--Skit^ Silent background conversation with Sir Whaleiam MacPlaiddington--
44:34--Physical^ Beej does imaginary hopscotch--
44:34--Physical^ Get on the ground and flop like a fish for 30sec--
44:35--Physical^ Everyone thumbs up to camera and says "Good Morning Desert Bus"--
44:35--Prank^ Beej does a late fish dance. Gets Wasted--
44:3644:37DiscussionCameron is asked to design a Magic card--
44:3744:38TechnicalDonation ticker was broken, should be fixed now--
44:3844:39OtherEveryone on camera sounds off. Some of them even accurately.--
44:4044:42DiscussionJames explains the Turner lickability scale--
44:4244:43DiscussionCam explains how mass is measured
44:4444:45PhysicalEveryone does a mass handshake and sanitises their hands afterwards--
44:4544:45PlugSir Whaleiam MacPlaidington giveaway--
44:4644:48SkitBeej impersonates Ian and tries not to end his friendship
44:4844:53DiscussionCam describes what Canada would be like as a Civ 6 nation
44:5344:56DiscussionEveryone talks about Star Wars positively
44:5644:58PlugSir Whaleiam MacPlaiddington--
45:0045:02SkitServo Facts with Cam--
45:0345:04DiscussionWhales, wolves and Finding Dory
45:0546:10Drive/GiveawayPocket scarf! ($5.72)ybreq--
45:0945:10DiscussionDiscussing points and crashes--
45:1245:52GameFamily Feud, Day 2Noy2222
45:42--Game EventCam succesfully gets a bus stop! (#6, 1 in a row)--
45:5245:52PlugPocket Scarf Giveaway--
45:5245:53DiscussionIs Toast a sandwich?--
45:5345:55DiscussionSteve Harvey, Family Feud--
45:5646:10GameCollective JeopardyNoy2222
46:1046:11DiscussionCelsius versus Fahrenheit--
46:1247:00Drive/GiveawayPA Lookouts & Acquisitions Inc Prints ($6.14)jwwzeke--
46:1546:16RDPRDP: Ponponpon - Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
46:1646:18DanceBeej does an interpretive dance to O Canada
46:1846:20DiscussionDiscussing O Canada's lyrics--
46:2046:25DiscussionThe Room discusses poutine, starting with the non-canadians
46:2146:23OtherSomebody is blowing leaves just outside the door. Serge and Beej go to plug holes.--
46:2446:26DiscussionDon't fall in love with places
46:2746:29OtherDate advice while violating Cam's personal space
46:2946:31DiscussionDates people in the room have been on or seen--
46:3246:41PlugSilent Auctions and Giveaway--
46:4545:46PlugGiveaway again--
46:4646:49SkitBeej performs his favourite Qwerpline sponsors
46:4946:52PlugGiveaway again--
46:5346:54DiscussionIntellectual Property: The Gathering--
46:54--Milestone$20K shift total--
46:5546:56DiscussionPrize blankets & dander--
46:5746:59DiscussionPast Desert Buses--
46:59--Game EventBug splat! (#4, 1 in a row)--
47:0148:01Drive/GiveawayCrocheted Moogle Blanket ($9.65)cyclopsboi--
47:03--Enter/ExitEnter Andy!--
47:0447:04RDPRDP: Bubble Pop - Hyuna
47:08--MilestoneShift total of 1 desert buck--
47:1047:13SongTucson or Bust with Andy and the room
47:13--Game EventBus Stop! (#7, 2 in a row)--
47:1447:15CrashCrash on the right, Cam "actually legit fell asleep" (#16)[✓]
47:1547:16TechnicalSega CD thinks Desert Bus is an audio CD--
47:20--Game EventBus Stop! (#8, 1 in a row)--
47:21--Milestone$150K year to date--
47:2147:21RDPRDP: Rio - Duran Duran
47:2247:25SkitAndy and James act out the Safety Briefing for the Desert Bus
47:3047:32PlugMoogle blanket--
47:3147:32CrashCameron crashes on the left (#17)--
47:32--PrankCameron is wasted--
47:34--Milestone$25K shift total--
47:3547:35RDPRDP: It's Not Unusual - Tom Jones
47:3547:36DanceThe finger-snaps continue--
47:3647:37DiscussionCameron explains his crashes to Billsmom--
47:3947:51SkitAndy does Arstotzka Border Guard, Vatican City edition[✓]
47:4647:47Skit^ "Hodor?" "Hodor." "Hodor?" "Hodor."--
47:5147:53PlugMoogle blanket--
47:5348:00QuizMissing Vowel Quiz
47:54--PlugPhil Plait call-in--
48:00--Driver Shift ChangeCameron's shift ends--