DesertBus 10 - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 10 - Day 3

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
48:00--Driver Shift ChangeAsh and Ashley's shift begins, naturally they are nowhere to be found--
48:0048:01PlugDrawing for Moogle Blanket--
48:0348:08Enter/ExitAshley enters for her shift dressed as a Lion, to Lion King music, followed by AFRICA[✓]
48:0348:04Song^ Lion King Entrance, Ashley is a Lion--
48:0448:08Song^ Africa, prepare your mute buttons! - Engineering to the rescue!--
48:06--Enter/ExitCameron is finally relieved, flees--
48:0948:10PlugUpcoming events of the shift, including Ken "Value Added" Steacy...let the nicknames commence--
48:1149:23Drive/GiveawayUncut sheet Kaladesh uncommons ($11.11)Waylain--
48:1948:20ShoutoutCongratulations to Andrew + Mrs Andrew on their marriage--
48:2048:27PhysicalJoe teaches Beej to Argentine Tango--
48:2748:29PlugShowing off the Magic Uncut Sheet of Kaladesh Uncommons--
48:3348:37SkitAndy as West Country Doctor Who scene, with only a brief interruption
48:31--Enter/ExitMia Exits--
48:3548:35TechnicalAndy expects the button to be wireless. It is not.--
48:3648:36RDPRDP: Sax - Fleur East
48:4048:44Video/ImageJudging of Cam's "Optimistic Future" contest
48:42--TechnicalDon't Bus Up--
48:4548:54DiscussionAndy: How can I become an actor?
48:5449:03PlugSilent Auctions--
49:0349:07SkitSobering Up With Andy
49:0749:10Video/ImagePhil Plait and Ken Steacy call-in promo videos--
49:1149:12PlugUncut sheet $11.11 at 11:11 AM--
49:1249:17StoryAndy tells his stories from working on Eureka
49:1849:23ReadingHenry VI Crispin's Day Monologue
49:2849:28PlugDesert Bus ABC book--
49:3050:24GuestPhil Plait, The Bad Astronomer's Callin
49:3349:39Discussion^ Any new goats since last year? Supermoon pictures?--
49:3949:47Discussion^ Opinions on expedition projects like Mars One?--
49:4749:52Discussion^ What are you excited about in astronomical exploration with adaptive optics?--
49:5249:55Discussion^ How excited are you for the James Webb telescope?--
49:5550:02Discussion^ What is the strangest astronomical phenomenon you can think of?--
49:5649:57Discussion^ About Child's Play--
50:0250:03Discussion^ What would you put on your dashboard if you were driving a Desert Bus?--
50:0450:08Plug^ Phil Plait goes over his auction lot--
50:0950:21AuctionPhil Plait Cool SPACE STUFF (sold for $4000)madtheorist
50:1350:28PressNews camera crew from CHEK comes in during auction--
50:2750:28Shift ChangeDawnguard finally makes way for Alpha Flight--
50:24--Milestone$10K shift total, after auction money immediately comes in--
50:2553:23Drive/GiveawayArt challenge (continued adventures of Jade and Buster) for Fangamer T-ShirtTemrin--
50:27--Enter/ExitEnter Tally, Kathleen--
50:3050:31DiscussionThe climate of Desert Bus--
50:3150:32RDPRDP: Mausoleum Mash - Danny Baranowsky
50:3250:33DiscussionGamification of exercise--
50:3350:35DiscussionPokémon Go--
50:35--PlugKen Steacy Power Hour is tonight--
50:4050:41ShoutoutAndy plugs "A Charlie Brown Christmas"--
50:4450:49DiscussionSerge discusses if a land that turns all non-basic lands into mountains is viable
50:5050:55PlugSilent Auctions--
50:5550:56SongAndy mumblecores "Wait For It" from Hamilton and quits only a few seconds in--
50:5751:00SongAndy sings "You'll Be Back" from Hamilton
51:0151:01PhysicalLeelee gives everyone in the room a hug--
51:0251:04SkitSerge gives 10 people compliments
51:0452:07Drive/GiveawayDesert Bus Flame Boxelder Bug Box ($7.77)DanBjorn--
51:0851:26DiscussionEric and Travis talk about what Child's Play Charity is and what they do.
51:2651:26PlugThey forgot what challenges were running,--
51:2751:27CrashAshley crashes on the right (crash #18)--
51:2951:33SongAndy and Kathleen "Anything you can do, I can do better"
51:3351:35PlugFlame Boxelder Bug Box Drive and Jade and Buster Art Challenge--
51:3551:39DiscussionAsh and Ashley Talk about their dogs--
51:4251:46SongAndy sings Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen
51:4851:53PlugSilent Auctions and Giveaways--
51:5451:56DiscussionSkull cam vs Bone Zone talk--
51:5652:01SongPaul leads "Go Left" Go West - Pet Shop Boys
52:0352:04DiscussionJohnny conspires to crash Ashley--
52:05--Enter/ExitExit Johnny--
52:0752:08PlugJade & Buster art challenge, Ken Steacy power hour--
52:0852:10OtherAsh, Ashton and Ashley pose for reasons (later revealed to be for an art challenge)
52:1052:16DiscussionRoom talks about crashing and how crashing on the left is more acceptable and chair talk--
52:15--OtherThe Shift Banners finally arrive!--
52:1652:26DiscussionGothing up people talk[✓]
52:22--OtherTally had very strong Deja Vu for a moment--
52:2053:35Drive/GiveawayAsh will Goth-ify 5.01-5.08 Andy, Cullen, Johnny, Sarah, Emily, Tally, Kathleen, Liz for Dice Cat bedDontcallmekelso--
52:3052:31PlugExtension of Jade/Buster Art Challenge to 3pm BST--
52:3352:33RDPRDP: Safety Dance - Men Without Hats
52:3552:35OtherEmily updates status on her Cowichan Desert Bus Sweater--
52:3352:36DiscussionRoom complains that putting tape on banners is hard to James[✓]
52:3752:37PlugGothify update--
52:4052:41DiscussionAsh talks about her wedding--
52:4252:46DiscussionLost pins, bras, texting, wolves, construction--
52:4652:46DiscussionAndy explains why he should be gothified--
52:5352:58PhysicalClothing pileup and sumo bounce "fight"[✓]
52:5853:00PrankTech plays a My Little Pony song as ambience for costume cleanup, Ash is not pleased.--
53:0053:04PlugCat cube die and gothing plug--
53:0453:05DiscussionDiscussion about gothing and goth levels/types--
53:06--Enter/ExitPaul exits--
53:0653:06RDPRDP: Do You Love Me - The Contours
53:0853:12ShoutoutA few DB sponsors--
53:1753:18PhysicalAndy does a somersault, and discussion of why Desert Bus has had a "no barrel rolls" policy--
53:1853:19SongHappy birthday (Felix)!
53:2753:27PlugGothify drive for Dice Cat bed--
53:2853:33SongAndy Sings My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion
53:36--Enter/ExitEnter Matt & Andrew--
53:37--OtherTally is removed to become gothified--
53:3853:44DiscussionDoctor Desert Bus Questions
53:4153:44Behind the ScenesStar Trek and Behind the Scenes Setup--
53:4555:44Drive/GiveawayAsh Cubed movie poster Art Challenge for Batman props setRoseNightshade--
53:4853:49OtherLiz requests a gif from the chat--
53:50--Enter/ExitExit Erick from Child's Play--
53:5053:50RDPRDP: Everybody to the Limit - Strong Bad
53:5153:53SongAndy sings "Go the Distance" a capella
53:5153:51PrankAndrew "fixes" the shift banners for Graham--
53:5455:19Drive/GiveawayNuvango $100 gift code ($6.42 donation drive)espllc--
53:5553:56DiscussionSerge reminds everyone that coldbrew is not water--
53:5653:58OtherJames fixes the signs/banners (from Andrew trolling)--
53:56--OtherKathleen the iceberg--
53:5753:57DiscussionMatt is phoneshamed--
53:5854:04PlugVarious Merch Posters, photo books, alphabet book--
54:0554:05RDPRDP: Don't Stop Me Now - Queen
54:0654:07DiscussionSerge and Andy are thankful--
54:1254:16SongAndy Sings "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch"
54:1754:21Enter/ExitTally enters as Serenity Darkmoon Raven[✓]
54:1754:22Enter/ExitEnter Jer, who reacts to Tally[✓]
54:2154:22PlugNuvango $100 gift code--
54:2554:25PlugKen Steacy coming soon--
54:2654:34PlugBatman Arkham Asylum prop lot - Ash's art challenge, Nuvango, silent auctions--
54:2854:33PlugSilent Auctions--
54:3354:34TechnicalPlease Stand by slide with audio play--
54:3454:34SkitImprov Radio Drama?
54:3554:35SongThe room sings The Song That Never Ends, Liz does the Macarena
54:3654:36DanceAndy teaches the room to dance--
54:3654:36RDPRDP: Nobody to Love - Sigma
54:3754:37RDPRDP: Feel So Close - Calvin Harris
54:3854:46M-M-Multi Challenge!How many songs can Andy sing back to back? (2, it seems)--
54:4054:40Song^ His second least favorite song, Memories from Cats
54:4154:46Song^ Andy sings Wonderful from Wicked
54:4754:55PlugNuvango $100 gift code, Ash Cubed Movie Poster Art Challenge & The live auction
54:4955:02AuctionDesert Bus ABC's Hardcover Book (Sold for $3,800)grimbourne63
55:03--Enter/ExitExit Serge--
55:04--PlugNuvango giveaway--
55:0455:05TechnicalThe couches are cleared to prepare for a SECRET--
55:0555:06SkitAndy vamps while the couches are empty--
55:0655:11Song"Goth" Tally "sings" "Friday" "by" Rebecca *Black* (haha get it) in the saltiest manner ever. 0/10 Turners
55:10--MilestoneHey guys, we hit $170K!--
55:12--Enter/ExitTrev and Kim, who donated food for Ken Steacy Power Hours--
55:1455:14TechnicalEngineering provides some unexpected darkness in the middle of the stream--
55:1455:14PhotosNew photos!--
55:1455:15RDPRDP: Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix) - Omi
55:1755:18DiscussionTalking about the history of Ken Steacy--
55:17--Enter/ExitEnter Alex--
55:1855:19StoryAshley tells a story about the Weenie Walk
55:19--Milestone$20K shift total!--
55:2255:22DiscussionTally and Kathleen talk goth stuff and clothes--
55:2255:22DiscussionCore gamers love free 2-day shipping--
55:2355:26SkitAndy improvises Candygrams for Ash, the couch and engineering
55:2355:23PhysicalAshley hugs everyone on stream--
55:2855:29DiscussionKathleen lets Tally in on the Goth Kid secret--
55:29--Enter/ExitSmall Ian is replaced with Big Ian--
55:2955:32DiscussionThe room talks about Junior High and dating experiences
55:31--Enter/ExitEnter Graham--
55:3355:37SongAndy sings Mr. Cellophane from Chicago
55:35--Enter/ExitEnter Dix and Lindsay--
55:38--Enter/ExitEnter Ben--
55:3855:39StoryHow Ben got absolutely wrecked by the Jackson Five
55:3955:39Prank^ Jojo: Ben ties up some loose ends--
55:4155:42RDPRDP: Jump Around - House of Pain
55:4255:44Video/ImageAsh^3 contest entries--
55:4455:46SkitAndy sells a Creepy Doll made of rich, Corinthian leather
55:47--Enter/ExitPenelope walks onto stream--
55:48--Enter/ExitEnter Alex with his beautiful drawing hands--
55:5055:52SongAndy sings "Make 'Em Laugh" from Singin' In the Rain
55:5355:57SongAndy (with the room as backup) sings "Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond for his Big Finish
55:5755:57PhysicalAndy takes a bow with as much flourish as possible--
55:57--Enter/ExitExit Andy--
55:5956:01DiscussionAlex tells the world about his dad--
56:0156:02RDPRDP: Saturday - Rebecca Black & Dave Days
56:0256:03PhysicalBonus extended Alpha Flight. CAWW--
56:0356:06DiscussionAirline Pilot Graham uuuhhhhhh... stretches for time; Ash explains why pilots do that--
56:06--Enter/ExitKen Steacy Power Hours--
56:0656:11SkitWe've got a UFO on radar here (Ken Steacy entrance)[✓]
56:0658:49GuestKen Steacy Power Hours! (part 1)
56:12--Shift ChangeNight Watch--
56:1356:15SkitNight Watch starts with the intro from Night Court. It goes. Poorly. [✓]
56:1656:19DiscussionKen Steacy introduces himself, and is awarded a trophy by Travis from Child's Play
56:2456:26DiscussionKen thanking everyone who works on Desert Bus, giving Tally the original ABCs book cover art[✓]
56:2356:23TechnicalGiving Ken a different mic--
56:2857:17Drive/GiveawayAutographed zombie survival brick ($5.55)t3hf1gm3nt[✓]
56:3057:19Drive/GiveawayKen's Star Trek Fighter Pilot Costume - Flight Suit and Helmet ($9.68)duaiwe--
56:31--Game EventBugsplat! (#5, 1 in a row)--
56:3756:37PlugSilent Auctions: Calgary Expo Make A Wish Artbooks--
56:3756:40SkitTuna opening continues backstage, with Sarah conscripted
56:3856:38PhysicalMassage chain ensues; brick is replaced by Alex's cheek--
56:40--TechnicalSite is down, donation drives will be extended--
56:4056:43PhysicalCan has been opened! Yay...ish--
56:42--TechnicalSite is back up, giveaways extended 15min--
56:4356:45StoryStories from Space Place--
56:4456:45FoodTuna time!--
56:4556:47DiscussionKen talks about how the proceeds from his items will be distributed.--
56:4756:57Auction10 original pieces from Space Place and the special edition of the comic (Sold for $1,800)space_titanium
56:5857:10Auction10 pieces of original art from the BC Food Safe graphic novel (Sold for $1,600)duaiwe
57:02--MilestoneTwenty five kilodollars on Ash/Ashley's shift--
57:1057:16PlugSilent Auctions: All of Ken's convention badges, art books, postcard lot--
57:15--Milestone2,000 Ken Steacy nicknames--
57:18--MilestoneA signed brick raises over 1,000 dollars--
57:2258:00Drive/GiveawayMonochrome sketch with subject of your choice ($7.77)BriarsHale--
57:2857:41AuctionSpiderman tattoo & shimmer books, plus Original Artwork because of course. (Sold for $3669)i_am_clockwork
57:2857:29SongKen Steacy and the room sing the Spiderman theme--
57:29--Milestone$30K Shift Total!--
57:3257:32DiscussionKen tells us what constraints are on an illustrator when making a sparkle book--
57:4257:42PlugMonochrome sketch giveaway--
57:4357:48PlugGood Karma lot: original Iron Man sketch, original Wanderers cover, original Racer X cover is Previewed
57:4858:05AuctionTMNT Magazine full-colour fairy tale original artwork by Ken 'Value Added' Steacy ($2000)Kiyote001
58:0558:05MeltdownGraham can't handle the shellshock--
58:0958:10DiscussionTalking about Cam's crashes last night--
58:1059:00Drive/GiveawayTempus Fugitive lot by Ken 'Value Added' Steacy ($7.27)Thorin5--
58:1358:15DiscussionKen talks about making Tempus Fugitive and its IP rights--
58:1758:34AuctionHarry Potter Trading Card Set ($2500)chimera8990
58:1758:19DiscussionKen and the room discuss who modeled for what during high school, and all of their connections--
58:2058:22StoryKen discusses doing art for Harry Potter and his work being rejected by the publisher--
58:3558:40PlugHardcover art book - 200 paintings by Ken 'Value Added' Steacy - one of only two copies in existence--
58:4058:45PlugCamosun College posters by Ken 'Value Added' Steacy Silent Auction--
58:43--Enter/ExitEnter Pika--
58:4558:49PlugPlugging the Tempus Fugitive giveaway + Real Ghostbusters silent auction--
58:4958:52PlugPlugging the Non Ken Steacy silent auctions--
58:5258:53RDPRDP: The Only Way - Futurecop!
58:5458:58Video/ImageDesert Bus Reacts to the news story about Desert Bus
58:5858:59RDPRDP: Fel Del Av Garden - Movits!
58:5959:00Skit"Ken" (Alex) talks with "Graham" (Ashley)
59:0259:03Video/ImageAlex mimicks a photo of young Ken Steacy "Toe to tip, that's a Ken"--
59:0459:04FoodTalkin' bout beets and such--
59:0459:05DiscussionTalking about the CHEK story "we raised $20 for Victoria Children's Hospital"?!--
59:08--Milestone$20 latest donation - "For Victoria Children's Hospital"--
59:0861:46GuestKen Steacy Power Hours! (part 2)
59:1060:00Drive/GiveawayThe Sacred & The Profane graphic novel lot ($6.66)Anubis169--
59:1559:20PlugDinosaur 3D color book with original sketches + bonus unused giant squid sketch--
59:2059:38AuctionJell-o Man comic by Ken 'Value Added' Steacy ($2250)Omega_Aggron[✓]
59:2859:29Video/ImageJell-o Man commercials--
59:31--Game EventPoint get! (#3, 1 in a row)--
59:4059:46PlugNight and the Enemy lot - both original and brand new editions--
59:4059:40FoodZeta is protective of their salad--
59:41--Milestone$40K Shift Total--
59:4759:48FoodGraham talks balsamic glaze--
59:47--PrankNO! NO NO NO! NO! PLEASE NO!--
59:4860:02AuctionWorld of Warcraft original Tauren Shaman painting ($2000)Sephishero
59:50--MeltdownEngineering loses their minds about "$4.20 Blaze that kind lettuce"--
60:08--Driver Shift ChangeAshton and Jamie's Shift Begins--
60:08--Enter/ExitEnter Ashton and Jamie--
60:0860:10Video/ImageEverybody out! - Ashton and Jamie's Entrance Video
60:1160:11ShoutoutShoutout to Jason Chinnock for cutting the entrance video together--
60:1260:14PlugPlugging Ken's trading card giveaway--
60:1461:00Drive/GiveawayArlene & Robert Marks book giveaway ($6.23)Gravity_Pike--
60:1560:20ReadingReading an email from Robert Marks (AKA OriginalGarwulf), who's about to go into surgery
60:2260:25PlugKen Steacy's poster lot--
60:2660:28PlugThe original Astro Boy comics by Ken 'Value Added' Steacy Giveaway--
60:3060:32PlugDragonstrike game development artwork by Ken 'Value Added' Steacy Silent Auction--
60:3260:34PlugTriumph album jacket by Ken 'Value Added' Steacy Silent Auction--
60:3360:34SongSomething by Triumph?--
60:3560:49AuctionVictor Vector & Yondo comics & original artwork ($1900)sephishero
60:5160:52PlugArlene & Robert Marks book giveaway--
60:5461:22AuctionStar Wars Celebration Europe print ($4000)rockpusher
60:5460:56DiscussionKen has opinions about Jar-Jar Binks--
60:5760:57RDPRDP: Good Time - Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen
61:2361:41AuctionCommissioned Full Colour Portrait Painting ($6000)Chimera8990
61:26--PosterPoster Updated! - V5 -
61:3261:32PrankAlex gets WASTED--
61:4161:43OtherKen is free now, a touching speech is given[✓]
61:4461:45RDPRDP: Anna Sun - Walk the Moon
61:44--Milestone$10,000 for the shift!--
61:44--MilestoneSurpassing DB4 total ($208250)--
61:4661:46PrankJojo: Ken exits--
61:4761:47RDPRDP: I Got a Boy - Girls' Generation
61:4861:48Video/ImageJojo Vine: Griffin McElroy - I don't understand
61:5061:51Video/ImageReplay of Jamie & Ashton's intro video
61:5066:00Drive/GiveawayArt Challenge: Your interpretation of Desert Bus squad goals (Prize: "For the Children" calligraphy)--
61:5562:03PhysicalGraham, Andrew, Dix 420 Glaze it (drinks a shot of balsamic glaze) - with an appropriate soundtrack[✓]
62:0062:02Shift ChangeZeta Cometh
62:03--DiscussionThis is Leelee's first Zeta - Welcome to Zeta.--
62:0462:04DiscussionIt's Kate and Jamie's 3 year wifeaversary; Kate got Jamie chocolate-covered strawberries
62:05--MilestoneBroke $211k--
62:0562:05RDPRDP: Party in the U.S.A. - Miley Cyrus
62:0562:06FoodKate feeds Jaime a strawberry, chocolate gets everywhere--
62:0663:00Drive/GiveawayPenny Arcade Adulting Right Lot and Automata print collection ($7.20)Rainart--
62:1562:16Enter/ExitExit Tally and Jer, Tally is slowly letting joy re-enter her heart--
62:17--TechnicalBeej Purges the Challenges--
62:1762:18PhysicalR O T A T E T H E C U S H I O N S a stack on top of Dix?
62:1862:21GameUhh... 8? Fruitcake That's Numberwang! With Beej and Graham
62:2162:23Video/ImageWatching the real Numberwang--
62:23--PlugBeej announces codefall in chat--
62:24--PlugBased Mods--
62:2462:25DiscussionConcentrated Comfy Corner - Driving and Engineering--
62:25--Milestone20k Shift less than 2.5 hours in D:--
62:2562:26RDPRDP: Pompeii - Bastille
62:26--PhotosRetro-active photo notification--
62:2762:27DiscussionWhere Andrew got his shirt - topatico--
62:27--MilestoneWe're ~$420 from all 3s lifetime--
62:2762:29PhysicalGrin-off while people talk about the weirdest shots they've done
62:2862:29Discussion^ People confess their oddest shots--
62:29--MeltdownAndrew loses to "Scotch!"--
62:2962:33SkitKate and Jamie renew their wifeal vows[✓]
62:3362:34RDPRDP: Mo Money Mo Problems - The Notorious B.I.G. FT. Mase & Puff Daddy
62:34--Milestone$3 333 333.33 lifetime #three--
62:3462:35RDPRDP: Save the World - Swedish House Mafia
62:3562:39SkitDrunken toasts to the vow renewal
62:38--TechnicalBen passes out drunk on the audio controls, stream is quiet for a while--
62:3962:39OtherBeej yells at Ash to get on the point
62:39--PrankOverwatch ult (
62:4062:41StoryAsh's sad entrance story - a batman onesie gone wrong
62:41--Enter/ExitGraham repeats the joke he told while audio was down, then explains it, completely ruining it. Then leaves.--
62:4162:46PlugAdulting Right giveaway--
62:4662:51FoodBeej eats the whole thing (most of a can of tuna, opened with the Ken Steacy Brick)--
62:4962:54DanceThe rooms watches The Algorithm March, then Beej, Pika and Andre reeact it
62:5562:56SkitAshton is dissapointed that Daniel is not on the point!
62:56--PrankOverwatch Ult (It's High Noon)--
62:5762:59DiscussionKate is mad that Jamie pours milk in before cereal
62:5962:59PlugPenny Arcade Adulting Right Lot--
62:5963:00DanceKate and Jamie have a wedding dance
62:5963:02QuizIan answers a Cori Quiz - Ian is bad at names and facts
63:03--Enter/ExitExit Leelee, pursued by a chipmunk--
63:0463:06PlugThe jacket from the PA Adulting Right Lot--
63:04--FoodBeej continues to eat the whole thing--
63:0663:10PhysicalIan gets Zeta Castle'd, then Gundam Graham--
63:0863:09RDPRDP: How you love me - 3LAU ft. Bright Lights
63:0963:13PhysicalKate does Graham leg presses, Beej sings Smooth Criminal
63:1164:00Drive/Giveaway42 Signed trading cards by Ken "Value Added" Steacy ($8.42)Azareal??--
63:1463:16SkitIan imitates Beej, in response to Beej's earlier imitation of Ian
63:1563:16MeltdownBeej loses it at "this manga i'm watching"--
63:1663:16DiscussionBeej talks about the mangoes he is watching--
63:1663:20SkitEveryone acts like they're in the back of a school bus
63:2163:21Discussiontwitchtv_harambe compliments the set, Graham hates that meme--
63:2263:23DiscussionKate shows her cheer. Various cheers ensue.
63:2363:24PlugCurrent giveaway--
63:2463:24ShoutoutThe room tells Jen to get well soon
63:2463:25OtherPSA from Beej: Watch your decimal points when donating, include details in challenges--
63:2663:26RDPRDP: Turn Down for What - DJ Snake, Lil Jon
63:2763:28PrankKate shows Cam a gif. "Why did no-one tell me I was fat?" Mmm whatcha say
63:38--PhotosNew Photos--
63:2863:28RDPRDP: Let Go - Rac ft. Kele and Mndr
63:29--Enter/ExitExit Andrew and Matt and Megan--
63:2963:29PlugCurrent giveaway--
63:2963:30SkitBeej needs an adult
63:3063:30PrankHorse Cory does a Pikabomb--
63:3063:35StoryGraham and Kate tell sibling stories - she's a serial piedropper
63:3563:36StoryIan tells a sibling story - icicle knife fight
63:36--Enter/ExitExit Ian with his horse (Cori)--
63:3763:39StoryBeej tells a story about an argument with his brother
63:3963:39PrankJoJo - Banana Cori attack Beej--
63:4163:41DiscussionWho would win in a fight, Left Shark or Glass Shark?
63:4163:43ReadingCam Reads the oldest known customer complaint
63:4463:45DiscussionThe room talks about their sweet cravings--
63:4663:47ShoutoutHappy Birthday deedles?--
63:4763:48RDPRDP: Delicious - Monkey Majik
63:48--MilestoneDesert Buck on the shift (but not really)--
63:4963:50PhysicalPika fails at getting out of the zeta castle, performs "The Dam Buster Trundle"--
63:5063:57DiscussionHow Do Date? Half the room gives good advice, half gives bad advice
63:5263:53Meltdownbengineering is killed? And then there is an Engineering Revolt--
63:5763:57PlugCurrent giveaway--
63:57--MilestoneActually hitting the DesertBuck of the Shift--
63:5763:58RDPRDP: Levels - Avicii
65:58--Shoutoutthe Vlog on the DB and Kate's youtube--
63:59--ShoutoutParker's Birthday (it's not acutally)--
63:5964:00PrankGraham discovers the "make everything flash red" button--
64:0065:00Drive/GiveawayMario Star Pillow Set ($6.02)Rogue13--
64:02--MilestoneNighttime get--
64:0364:09MeltdownGlass Shark shenanigans, Kate is destroyed
64:03--Technicalthe dawnguard banner falls off the wall--
64:0564:08DiscussionGlass Shark in Half Speed--
64:0564:09MeltdownAbout half the room breaks down--
64:0864:09Video/ImageGlass Shark: Now in 2x speed!--
64:1164:11PlugGiveaway Plugged again--
64:1264:24StoryCam tells customer service stories, and then convinces us why we should also do it, which turns into Bus stories.
64:16--TechnicalEverything is fine with the lights--
64:24--Enter/ExitGraham exit--
64:2564:26DiscussionBeej explains why he wears a particular kind of shirt, goes into talk about "performance time" items
64:2764:35PlugSilent Auctions--
64:31--TechnicalAlpha flight banner falls off the wall--
64:36--Game EventBugsplat! (#6, 2 in a row)--
64:3664:37PlugDonation drive: Mario star pillow set--
64:3764:38OtherCouch roll call--
64:3864:38TechnicalFun With Wipes--
64:3964:38PosterPoster Updated! - V6 -
64:4164:41ShoutoutShouting out all the Mike Lunsford posters and the VST Postermap
64:4164:45DiscussionRemembering things on the poster--
64:4564:46Video/ImageSleeping pig wakes up for a cookie--
64:4664:49Video/ImagePorcupine eating pumpkins--
64:4964:59GamePronunciation Guide with Kate, we all eventually experience Beej
64:55--MeltdownKate down. She is now a ball on the floor.--
64:59--PrankGlass shark half speed. This kills the Stark. WASTED.--
64:5965:01DanceEveryone dances with, and as, bears
65:0166:00Drive/Giveaway19.5 foot Doctor Who Scarf ($7.12)devinsanity--
65:0565:06RDPRDP: Club Can't Handle Me - Flo Rida ft. David Guetta--
65:0665:10PlugArt Challenge--
65:08--TechnicalStar wipe is finally achieved--
65:1065:12DiscussionThe room relaxes while thank yous are read and charity is discussed
65:1265:13DiscussionPika and Lindsay are the same shoe size, shoes are discussed--
65:1365:15DiscussionHow crashing the bus makes you feel--
65:1565:16DiscussionDiscussion of the drinks at the Lunar Module--
65:1665:23ReadingAshton and others sensually read how to prepare food while Careless Whisper plays, the rest of the room "helps"
65:22--MeltdownJamie down. Ashton reduced to ball--
65:22--PrankThe room is wasted--
65:23--ShoutoutShoutouts to Andre for tea-making assistance--
65:2465:26OtherPoem Entry Challenge - the room comes up with poem writing prompts--
65:2665:28PlugDoctor who scarf giveaway--
65:2965:37DiscussionDesert bus Game jam--
65:2965:30OtherPika shows off her Webcomic Cosplay
65:30--ShoutoutPika's webcomic Don't Seek The Void at
65:3965:39PhysicalJamie and Ashton drive the bus at the same time--
65:3865:43DiscussionBeej and Ben talk about the founding and current status of SCT
65:4365:45PlugPlug for the current Art challenge "Squad Goals" and the 4th Doctor scarf--
65:4565:46RDPRDP: Hot Stuff - Donna Summer
65:4665:48Skitthe_ocean_who_subbed explains the many levels of the ocean, Dire Dire Docks plays--
65:47--Milestone25k shift total!--
65:4865:49RDPRDP: Paradise - Benny Benassi & Chris Brown
65:4965:54PhysicalJamie drives blindfolded--
65:5065:51Video/ImageLion Jojolunik1--
65:5265:54ReadingCam reads "The Witnesses" by W. H. Auden
65:5465:55DiscussionOver the Garden Wall--
65:5565:56SongBeej sings the '80s McDonalds menu song
65:5765:58DiscussionCam's cashmere shirt is soft and dapper--
65:59--TechnicalTHE OVERLAY IS FINE--
65:5966:01PlugMandala Sparks inspiration cards--
66:0166:01DiscussionPronuciations of Carl Sagan--
66:0167:00Drive/GiveawayMandala Sparks inspiration cards ($5.20)No Donor Account--
66:0566:07PlugUpdate your donor accounts--
66:07--Enter/ExitEmily makes like a tree and leaves--
66:0766:08Video/ImageSailor Moon Ford Fusion Ad.
66:0866:17DiscussionThe power of advertising, Beej and Jamie know each other from long ago, Sailor Moon talk--
66:2166:31GameSpace Team
66:1966:20DiscussionCardcaptor Sakura--
66:20--Enter/ExitExit Kate, cuz it's 4:20--
66:23--ShoutoutWoW guild on Moon Guard - Snorsh United.--
66:3266:40DiscussionThe room names one thing they're thankful for
66:36--PrankBen is interrupted by the Zelda item getting noise--
66:4066:44PlugMandala Sparks inspiration cards--
66:4166:43DancePika and the_ocean_who_subbed waltz around the room in silence
66:4466:48PlugThe Silent auctions--
66:4966:51PhysicalHug Chain
66:5166:51ShoutoutShotout to chatmember who thanked the DB crew --
66:5166:52RDPRDP: Money - That Poppy
66:5366:56Drive/GiveawayHarry potter flower clipsLunicc--
66:5666:59DiscussionWhat Hogwarts House are you--
66:5967:04DiscussionBeej defends Ashton from the horrors of The Device
67:0667:06PlugPlug for flower clips --
67:0767:07RDPRDP: Can You Blame Me - Matt & Kim
67:0967:15PlugWinners of the squad goals art contest
67:1567:16PrankBengineering is a villain holding the point hostage
67:1667:17PlugHarry Potter kanazashi hair clips--
67:1667:16MeltdownAshton nearly crashes, can't take it anymore--
67:1667:22SongPika & Beej sing the theme to Sailor Moon
67:2267:22SkitBengineering is foiled by donors, killed by chompy!
67:2467:24PhysicalChallenge to give Pika a hug--
67:2667:26RDPRDP: Let's Dance To Joy Division - The Wombats
67:2967:33DiscussionDix magics about an infect card he likes and Jamie doesn't understand magic too well.--
67:33--Game EventPOINT GET (#4, 2 in a row)--
67:3467:34RDPRDP: The Middle - Jimmy Eat World
67:3567:38PrankMob Boss Bengineering activates the device thrice and incurs various heart attacks
67:36--The Device^ Slippery--
67:36--The Device^ Lefty--
67:37--Other^ Almost crash as they figure out lefty controls--
67:37--The Device^ Reverse--
67:37--Other^ Jamie kills Ben--
67:38--The Device^ Turned off--
67:4067:40OtherCouch Call--
67:40--Enter/ExitBen makes like a tree and gets outta there--
67:4167:42PlugPlugging the Potterverse House Pins--
67:4267:44StoryJamie tells of the 3 year old philosopher
67:4867:51SongPika sings Here Comes A Thought from Steven Universe
67:53--Enter/ExitPaul. The dawn approaches.--
67:5467:55DiscussionRecapping the dark Ben saga--
67:5667:58Songthe_ocean_who_subbed sings I Won't Say (I'm In Love) from Disney's Hercules
67:5868:00Drive/GiveawayDB10 shirt ($5.31)nt_storm--
68:00--Shift ChangeDawnguard begins--
68:03--Enter/ExitDix and Ocean--
68:0568:07SongDeset Bus themed rewrite of Steven Universe theme
68:0968:09DiscussionDiscussion about end of shift--
68:0968:11PlugJudge foils control batch--
68:1068:11OtherA street sweeper goes by. It's VERY LOUD.--
68:1368:13OtherJames demands clean up time--
68:1468:23PlugCall-ins, Guests, and Silent Auctions, oh my!--
68:2368:25PlugPosters and other merchandise plug--
68:2368:25TechnicalStar Wipes!--
68:2768:29DiscussionTalking about crashes and points--
68:2968:30DiscussionJames explains the desert bus scoring system--
68:3068:31DiscussionExplaining the intricacies of the donations, and the tracking thereof--
68:3168:33DiscussionJames talks about doing 18gac on desert bus
68:3368:34OtherRoll call--
68:3568:36TechnicalEngineering are testing transitions--
68:3468:35Plug$22.22 (Canadian) Pyramid--
68:3768:40SongSinging "Still Alive" while doing jumping jacks
68:40--PrankYou Died as Pika dies - "I don't work out!"--
68:4168:42SongSit-ups to "Stayin' Alive"
68:3768:42Physical^Exercise to...some strange music
68:4468:45DiscussionJames reads more sports scores--
68:4568:45PlugDonation drive plug--
68:4568:48DiscussionSchedule and call ins discussion--
68:4868:49RDPRDP: Thriller - Michael Jackson
68:4968:51SkitDescribe Desert Bus without using the letters 's' 'e' or 'r'
68:5168:52DiscussionSerge keeps trying to speak without the letters 's' 'e' or 'r' and the room joins in--
68:5368:53SkitBeej describes Desert Bus in Japanese - Technically correct!--
68:5468:55OtherTaping up the shift banners again--
68:5569:05SongIce Cream Changes 2: Strawberry Boogaloo
69:04--ShoutoutFelix birthday shoutout--
69:0569:09DiscussionSports recap - how did Football predictions turn out?
69:0969:12PlugDrawing for the DBX Shirt--
69:0969:09TechnicalFugi gives James a button, James presses it. It does nothing.--
69:1069:11RDPRDP: Single Ladies (In Mayberry) - Party Ben
69:1169:13SongBeej tries to play Classical Gas
69:1369:20Drive/GiveawaySilica gel d20 (Do not lick it. It's bad for you.) ($10.12)Taylesia--
69:2169:39PhysicalGif recreations
69:22--Physical^ Ashton does
69:24--Physical^ Andre flails around on the floor
69:24--Physical^ Playing with James' hair
69:26--Physical^ Pika rides a horse
69:27--Physical^ Human pyramid
69:29--Physical^ Beej gets it right in the snoot
69:31--Physical^ James is a chicken meteor
69:32--Physical^ Thomas is horrified
69:33--Physical^ Pika fights Creepydoll
69:34--Physical^ Beej-Paul returns
69:35--Physical^ Never-ending chair spin
69:3769:39PlugSilica gel d20--
69:39--Physical^ More Gifs! Beej says Deal with it
69:4269:42Behind the ScenesTour of the ceiling--
69:4369:44DiscussionHow lickable is the fan?--
69:4569:46DiscussionWhy is that guy in Superman so excited about seeing a bird?--
69:4669:52DiscussionDesert Bus speedrun tips from James
69:5269:52PlugSilica gel d20--
69:5269:53DiscussionCan you ROM hack desert bus?--
69:54--TechnicalOVERLAY = FINE--
69:5469:55PlugControl judge foils plug--
69:5569:56DiscussionState of The Device--
69:5669:58DiscussionDiscussion of Penn and Teller games, will there be a Desert Bus 2?--
69:5870:00DiscussionJamie talks about driving the bus--
70:0070:02DiscussionIs Fugi's button fixed? Also, Jamie likes dice, the crew reviews gifs, and talks about the lunar module--
70:02--Enter/ExitEnter Tara--
70:0370:04RDPRDP: Just A Friend - Biz Markie
70:0570:06DiscussionPaul is asked to stretch for time--
70:0670:07PlugKen Steacy caricatures sign--
70:0770:12DanceThe room jams out to a Girl's Generation song picked by Jamie (Gee)
70:11--Milestone$30k shift total--
70:1270:16SkitFugi and James ((and Serge) and Ashton?) have a lover's quarrel. Engineering takes over.
70:1770:18StoryBeej explains where The Beej came from
70:1870:20DiscussionFavourite Sailor Moon episodes and why
70:2170:23DiscussionTara gives concrete examples of why she is better than James, James pipes in with more examples from offscreen
70:2370:30M-M-Multi Challenge!5 Challenges in 5 minutes! #betterthanjames
70:27--Song^ Pika and Thomas Sing My Eyes from Dr. Horrible--
70:27--Physical^ Ill-advised 3-legged race to THE BONE ZONE--
70:28--Skit^ Beej discusses if freemasons are delicious?--
70:27--Physical^ 2 people play patty cake--
70:27--Physical^ Jamie stretches--
70:3270:33PhysicalBeej pretends to be James
70:3270:32OtherJamie barks like a corgie--
70:3570:35OtherFugi's Button works (sorta)--
70:3770:51QuizPyramid game, boys v girlsNoy2222
70:5472:00Drive/GiveawayMagic Promo Cards ($5.55)TehSpud--
70:55--Enter/ExitEnter Mia--
71:00--MilestoneHalfway through the run (currently 142 hours) for the first of many times--
71:0271:02ShoutoutSerge announces there is now a massage therapist on site, thanks to Lord_Hosk--
71:02--Enter/ExitExit Pika--
71:0471:05SongThe Room sings the Dawnguard song in round
71:0871:12PlugMore auction plugs for the steven universe jewelry--
71:1271:13DiscussionMia's dress is Garnet's look--
71:1271:13StoryMia got to write basically SU fanfiction for her library policy assignment--
71:1471:25GamePredicting Hockey game results based only on their names
71:14--Game^ Senators vs Flyers - Senators win--
71:15--Game^ Capitols vs Blue Jackets - Capitols win--
71:16--Game^ Sharks vs Hurricanes - Sharks win--
71:17--Game^ Panthers vs Canadians - Canadians win--
71:18--Game^ Predators vs Maple Leafs - Predators win--
71:19--Game^ Lightning vs Red Wings - Lightning wins--
71:19--Game^ Black Hawks vs Jets - Jets win--
71:20--Enter/ExitEnter IQ2000--
71:20--Game^ Sabres vs Blues - Sabres win--
71:21--Game^ Flames vs Wild - Flames win--
71:21--Game^ Devils vs Stars - Devils win--
71:23--Game^ Kings vs Avalanche - Avalanche win--
71:24--Game^ Oilers vs Ducks - Oilers win--
71:24--Game^ Rangers vs Canucks - Rangers win--
71:2571:28Drive/GiveawayKen Steacy caricatures sign ($5.03)Anubis169--
71:2671:28PlugControl judge foils plug--
71:29--Enter/ExitExit Thomas--
71:3171:38DiscussionDisscussion about Space Jam
71:3871:42SkitSpace Jam 20th anniversary reenactment
71:4871:49RDPRDP: Doo-Wop (That Thing) - Lauryn Hill
71:4971:51FoodSerge brings in DB10 logo cookies--
71:5171:53StoryJamie tells us about a fundraiser she's planning
71:5371:54PlugDoubleclicks call in--
71:5571:56PlugGiveaways (now with pin to show), silent auctions--
71:5671:58ReadingRead a computer-generated recipe for Carrot Coco Chili Chicken
71:5872:00PlugDrawing the giveaways--
72:00--Driver Shift ChangeJamie/Ashton's Shift Ends--