DesertBus 10 - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 10 - Day 1

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
00:0000:00MilestoneDesert Bus X starts!--
00:0000:01Video/ImageBill memorial video (sound issues, will be restarted)--
00:01--TechnicalAudio Issues with the Bill Video so they restart it--
00:0100:05Video/ImageBill video plays again (with sound)
00:0500:09SongOpening Hamilton Musical Spoof[✓]
00:1100:11MilestoneJames starts the bus, still can't remember how to name the driver - driver name is Bill--
00:11--Driver Shift ChangeJames starts his shift, finally--
00:1100:12DiscussionDiscussion of shifts, what shift is it? Dawnguard--
00:1200:13StoryWhy shift banners are missing--
00:1300:13OtherJames ignores the first Bus Stop, it's a speedrun --
00:1300:17DiscussionGraham Explains what Desert Bus for Hope is--
00:13--MilestoneGraham makes the first swear!--
00:1700:21StoryKate Watt talks about Bill
00:2001:13Drive/GiveawayDonation drive for Portal Lot ($5.27)Elrad--
00:2600:27PrankSmash cut to a bleached white skullcam + pinny arcade pin--
00:28--TechnicalThe donation total scrolls up this year - Thanks Cori!--
00:2800:30DiscussionJames explains the shift order & names--
00:28--Enter/ExitBeej and Alex leave--
00:3000:36PlugGraham explains the store items and new posters for the original DBs--
00:3600:37PlugFangamer Shirt--
00:3700:38TechnicalStore backend says pins aren't sold out, but people are being told they are. Try reinstalling windows?--
00:3900:42Behind the ScenesTalking about the new lights, shift lighting[✓]
00:42--Enter/ExitBengineering leaves--
00:42--PlugGoing Over the Portal Lot again--
00:4500:46PrankMatt Fails at writing things in the book, is kicked out of the co-pilot chair --
00:4600:47ShoutoutShoutout to ClenchEastwood and everyone else who can't watch DB
00:4600:50TechnicalCamera and Location Tour--
00:4800:49OtherKate Watt brings Bill's shoes in, to be with the Driver[✓]
00:50--Behind the ScenesBoneathan (Skullcam) is introduced--
00:5100:51RDPRDP: Gangnam Style - PSY
00:5200:56Behind the ScenesThe RDP button is explained by Ian and Andrew, 382 songs to start the run--
00:56--MilestoneJames hits 10k shift total in less than an hour!--
00:5600:57PrankJoJo To Be continued Meme hit
00:56159:48SupercutJoJo's To Be Continued Supercut
00:57--DiscussionGraham explains how to do the JoJo outro prank--
00:58--PlugMatt plugs the Portal Lot drive again--
00:5901:00DiscussionEveryone played Gangham Style at their weddings--
00:5901:00StoryPaul talks about the Gangnam duo at the Escapist Expo--
01:0101:03DiscussionJames + Room explains how to Donate--
01:0301:05DiscussionJames + Room explains 12 hour shifts--
01:0601:12PlugSilent auction: Desert Bus coat of arms, X-Com brass pendant, Mario tapestry--
01:1601:18DiscussionGraham updates on Store status--
01:1901:21PlugDesert Bus 9 photo book, James licks Andrew's copy--
01:2201:28PlugDesert Bus South Mystery Box--
01:2802:30Drive/GiveawayDonation drive for Desert Bus South Mystery Box ($6.66)phyxius149--
01:30--TechnicalShadowbox falls off of the Driver light, blinds James & Tally--
01:3401:40PhysicalJames drives bus upside-down for 5 minutes--
01:3401:36SongRoom sings Steven Universe intro song
01:40--Enter/ExitGraham leaves, Kathleen arrives!--
01:4101:46PhysicalThe room must be one-handed for 5 minutes--
01:4201:48QuizRoom names as many former WWE champions as possible
01:4801:51PlugDesert Bus South giveaway--
01:5201:54SkitKathleen requests a moment of silence for Dolph Ziggler's championship career--
01:5401:56DiscussionPaul proves that he is the original, not a clone (does he have a belly button?) - Kate doesn't like bellybuttons
01:5902:01SongPaul and Emily sing "The Man They Call James" (parody of Hero of Canton from Firefly)
02:0802:19AuctionLive Auction: Desert Bus Crew Playmat (Sold for $1200)I_Am_Clockwork
02:02--Milestone$20,000 raised!--
02:00--Shift ChangeDawnguard makes way for Alpha Flight--
02:0502:08TechnicalChat is down for the crew--
02:0902:09RDPRDP: Go All Night ft. Jennifer Hudson - Gorgon City
02:10--TechnicalReveal of the new auction lights--
02:1502:15TechnicalRan out of music during auction--
02:1902:21PlugJames plugs the DB South giveaway--
02:21--The DeviceThe (now British) Device attacks James but James is immune (Lefty mode didn't work)--
02:21--Enter/ExitEnter Pika--
02:2202:23TechnicalJer talks about fixing the app on iPads--
02:23--The DeviceLefty (still not working)--
02:24--Enter/ExitJer leaves--
02:2402:25PlugJer talks about his a donation goal for his shift, donate to make him play another game with DB--
02:2602:29DiscussionKathleen talks about the sequel, Desert Bus X 2
02:2902:30DiscussionMatt explains the Challenge system--
02:3002:32DiscussionKathleen explains the donation/prize system--
02:3302:33PrankJames explains the prize mines and Kathleen does... things behind him--
02:3402:36SongPaul sings "This is why I'm Paul"
02:4302:44PhysicalStaring contest between Kathleen & Tally while balancing skulls on their heads
02:40Drive/GiveawayDesertBus X haiku challenge for Fangamer TShirt - How astonishing it is that they've made it to Desert Bus 10Akaiatana--
02:4502:47DiscussionJames talks about different driving styles--
02:4702:48PhysicalPika does a cartwheel; says "Hi" to chat; shows her tattoos
02:4902:51OtherJames drives on the right--
02:5202:54DiscussionSerge explains the dangers of too much coffee--
02:5502:56DiscussionJames asks Chat to do Shift Money Math --
02:5703:11OtherSerge is now driving--
02:5702:58RDPRDP: Yakety Sax - Boots Randolph
03:0003:10PhysicalRock Paper Scissors Tournament- Liz is the new champion (Kathleen immediately beats her)
03:0903:09PrankLiz is Wasted by Kathleen in an exhibition match--
03:10--DiscussionEmily talks about her knitting project for the run, a cowichan sweater--
03:1003:12DiscussionEmily talks about cowichan knitting style
03:1503:16PlugLiz plugs the Magic Duels bundle giveaway--
03:1604:00Drive/GiveawayMagic Duels bundle donation drive ($7.77)CloudAmy--
03:18--DiscussionJames explains the concept of a Desert Buck--
03:1903:25SongIan and Tally sing "Farmer Refuted" from Hamilton, followed by Serge singing "You'll Be Back"
03:25--MilestoneOne Desert Buck! ($22805 raised)--
03:2503:26RDPRDP: Time Warp - Rocky Horror Picture Show
03:2703:28PhysicalPika and Emily have the most adorable knife fight
03:2903:34StoryStories about pronunciation in Canada--
03:3503:36PhotosAndrew is here to tell us the first batch of photos are up!--
03:3603:38PlugJames plugs the Magic Duels giveaway and Haiku challenge--
03:3803:40The DeviceThe Device (TM) is tested, autopilot works! Other functions... not so much--
03:4303:48StoryKathleen explains what she learned in 'Straya
03:42--Enter/ExitPaul leaves--
03:4803:49DiscussionKathleen gives a brief history of cats
03:4903:50PlugJames plugs the Magic Duels giveaway and Haiku challenge--
03:5103:53SkitMatt (played by Kathleen) explains how to Brainstorm correctly
03:53--Enter/ExitEnter Mia--
03:5503:55PhysicalEveryone in the room simultaneously pets James's head--
03:5604:00PhysicalRoom plays epic Duck, Duck, Goose. Without really knowing the rules.
04:0504:06SkitKathleen commercial about DesertBus
04:05--PhysicalJames wears a tiny crown--
04:07--ShoutoutJames plugs Molly's demo of the Hamilton parody opening--
04:0804:08PhysicalGroup hug James--
04:0904:13DiscussionInterview with 10-year-old James
04:1304:13MeltdownDaddy Ashton is broken --
04:1404:16ShoutoutAshton talks about DLC cross promotion for Crusader of the Lost Idols--
04:1605:16PhysicalEveryone wears a silly hat for an hour--
04:19--Enter/ExitJamie enters--
04:2004:25PhysicalThe First Annual Tap Dancing Competition for People Who Can't Tap Dance[✓]
04:2504:26DanceMia shows us how Tap is done--
04:2604:27RDPRDP: Shake Your Rump to the Funk - The Bar-Kays
04:27--CrashAndrew crashed the bus, James is now unable to get a point (crash #1 of the run)--
04:28--OtherJohnny and James talk about the thing, that they're thinking about (the secret thing)--
04:2904:30ReadingMatt reads the winning Haiku from Kite
04:3004:35PlugPinny Arcade DLC pin, Desert Bus 10th anniversary Jenga set--
04:3505:35Drive/GiveawayDB-themed Jenga set ($13.37)CantWearHats--
04:39--Milestone$25K Wooooo! Much Donation, Very Charity--
04:4004:47GameJenga game with custom Desert Bus Jenga set, with James and Kathleen doing commentary[✓]
04:4704:50DanceJames and Matt slow dance to the theme to Coronation Street
04:50--CrashJames crashes due to the controller being unplugged during a slow dance (crash #2)--
04:50--PrankDark Souls "YOU DIED" overlay--
04:5304:55OtherDear Dr. Kathleen--
04:54--Game EventBus Stop! (#1)--
04:5504:55Burn!Liz says "UPS Lynx is smalltime" to the chat
04:5604:57RDPRDP: Move Your Boogie Body - The Bar-Kays
04:57--PlugJames plugs the Jenga giveaway--
04:5805:01The DeviceTesting the device again--
05:0105:04DiscussionJames explains what the top 5 lickable magic cards are
05:0405:06SkitRichter Hammockslam gives a Desert Bus traffic report
05:0905:13SongIan sings "Always" by Erasure to James
05:0805:09SkitEveryone tells James to get on the point with various emotions--
05:16--PlugTake another look at the desert bus themed Jenga set in the Bone Zone--
05:1705:20DiscussionDiscussing current and previous Moonbases
05:2205:24SkitJames is Adam (as if that's a challenge for him)
05:2305:29DiscussionWhich DesertBus Couch was the best couch?
05:31--PlugAnother look at the DB Jenga--
05:3405:34DiscussionChat roll call--
05:3505:40DiscussionDear Dr. LRR
05:4005:47PlugSilent auctions reminder: Steven Universe lion, altered Lorwyn Planeswalker cards, DB coat of arms, X-Com brass pendant, Mario Tapestry, DB9 Rewind #1--
05:4805:50DiscussionWhat would it cost for a private Desert Bus?--
05:5105:51DiscussionKathleen goes into detail about what being a Desert Bus Co-Pilot entails.--
05:5105:53RDPRDP: Happy Feet - Al Hudson & The Partners
05:5305:54PhysicalJames licks the driver's chair... twice (3/10 on the lickability scale)
05:5405:55PhysicalIan engages maximum jaunt
05:5506:31Drive/GiveawaySteampunk Rally ($5.01)Lorddeox--
05:5906:00SkitKathleen is challenged to use "mouthfeel" in a sentence without it sounding lewd--
06:0006:04DiscussionWhelp. No other way to say it. Poop talk. (How the Bristol stool scale works)
06:0506:07PlugJames goes over what is on the LoadingReadyRun Store in support of DesertBus--
06:11--Enter/ExitMatt Leaves (for now)--
06:1206:13DiscussionJames explains how the game controls, Kathleen talks about driving in Australia--
06:14--MilestonePins are legit sold out! --
06:1606:18SongIan on Kazoo "Yakety Sax"
06:1906:23DiscussionPredict the winner of the Junior Eurovision contest
06:2306:24PlugJames plugs the Steampunk Rally giveaway--
06:2606:28PhysicalPeople play the impov game Helping Hands but with dancing the Macarena
06:28--Prank"You Died"--
06:28--Enter/ExitExit Mia--
06:29--PlugJames does one final plug for the Steampunk Rally giveaway--
06:3311:30Drive/GiveawayArt Challenge: Desert Bus Tattoo design - Prize is a box of Conspiracy: Take the CrownGothicPie--
06:4006:43SongTally and the room serenade Ashley with a Bone Zone parody of "Danger Zone"
06:45--Drive/GiveawayPenny Arcade DLC pin giveaway ($8.88)ylegm--
06:48--Shame TicketJohnny spilled soda--
06:50--Enter/ExitEnter Heather--
06:5006:51SkitIan has to say "solder" correctly 3 times (he refuses, says "Sodder" instead)--
06:5106:59DiscussionPronunciation and spelling talk
06:5907:00SkitAngry Zen master Ian asks Kathleen to empty her mind
07:0007:05SkitHeather, Cori, and Kate perform Tiny Table Friends from Ghostwatch 2016
07:0507:07PlugJames plugs the Pinny Arcade giveaway--
07:0707:10PlugSilent auction overview--
07:10--PlugJames talks about his tattoo challenge--
07:1107:20DiscussionIs a hotdog a sandwich, bathrooms, placentas
07:2007:20RDPRDP: Canned Heat - Jamiroquai
07:21--PrankSkull Cam note: Don't ever talk to me or my son again --
07:2107:23PlugPlugging the Pinny Arcade giveaway--
07:2407:27DiscussionTalking about tattoos--
07:27--ShoutoutJames promotes Adam's twitch channel (Seabats)--
07:2807:28DiscussionPronouncing Magic Characters names like normal people--
07:2807:36Skit14th Century Desert Bus [✓]
07:3507:36RDPRDP: Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix) - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
07:3707:40PlugPlugging the Pinny Arcade lot again--
07:4107:41PhysicalCori and Pika engage in the Most Serious game of Patty Cake
07:41--Game EventBus Stop #2 (2 in a row)--
07:4207:47DiscussionAdvice from Lady Penelope as translated by her adult minions on how to raise parents
07:4707:50DiscussionReminiscing about past Desert Buses and how they don't remember any of them--
07:5007:51SkitPika quotes Holo from Spice and Wolf--
07:52--Enter/ExitTiny human Penelope appears! And then disappears!--
07:5307:56PlugPlugging the Pinny Arcade giveaway, James' tattoo challenge, silent auctions--
07:5708:01DanceKathleen leads the room in a rousing round of Caramelldansen
07:5808:04PhysicalSocks-on-hands James--
08:00--Shift ChangeShift change from Alphaflight to Night Watch--
08:02--PhotosPhotos from the Hamilton opening--
08:03--Enter/ExitGraham enters--
08:04--Milestone$30K shift--
08:0708:11PlugUncut foil Kaladesh commons, sweetest pig, Vollan playmat, framed Magic art print--
08:1108:12ReadingGraham recites the Nightwatch Oath (Ankh Morpork City Watch) from Discworld--
08:1408:19GameLong Telephone
08:2008:22SkitIan instructs LeeLee on how to build a bomb as if she were a child
08:2408:32DiscussionThe room talks about hand pies and other unexpected differences in food things
08:3208:33StoryLeeLee begins telling how she got the nickname "Burger"
08:3308:43ReadingGraham reads RoboRosewater cards as Dave's Spokesman
08:4508:46PlugJames plugs the Kaladesh uncut sheet giveaway--
08:46--Photos3rd batch of photos uploaded--
08:4708:48RDPRDP: Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) - Beyonce
08:4809:04PlugJames' tattoo challenge, LRR store items, silent auctions--
09:0610:00Drive/GiveawayUncut Kaladesh foil commons sheet ($11.11)AnEvilHerbivore--
09:0509:06TechnicalAudio Doubling--
09:09--Milestone$40K Shift total--
09:1109:12RDPRDP: Superman - Goldfinger
09:1509:20DiscussionDiscussion about accents
09:19--PrankThe More You Know--
09:2209:23PlugKaladesh sheet giveaway--
09:23--ShoutoutGraham congratulates Alex and Peter on their wedding--
09:2209:24DiscussionDiscussion about the new things that happen after getting married--
09:2509:43GameMagic Card or Metal Band
09:27--MilestoneJames gets a second Desert Buck on his shift--
09:4309:45PlugKaladesh sheet giveaway--
09:4509:46PlugDesert bus tattoo art contest--
09:4609:52SongBengineering sings "I Think We're Alone Now" in a dress and heart glasses
09:5009:52DiscussionBengineering explains why he just sang a song in a dress--
09:53--Game EventBugsplat #1 of the run--
09:5309:54SkitDave's Spokesman reads the Litany Against Fear
09:5409:58Video/ImageCrabcore don't laugh how to make gumbo
09:58--PlugKaladesh sheet giveaway--
10:0210:03PlugDesert bus tattoo art contest--
10:0410:08SongThomas serenades James with Let Me Drive My Van Into Your Heart from Steven Universe
10:0910:09RDPRDP: Holding Out for a Hero - Bonnie Tyler
10:1010:11Video/ImageSteven Universe Cosplay by Thomas and how he met Xavier Woods--
10:1210:13DiscussionGraham talks about the Skydancers from DB9--
10:1310:43Drive/GiveawayJoe Vollan Hand Drawn Playmat ($5.99)Patrick Richardson--
10:18--PlugJames' tattoo challenge--
10:1910:23Video/ImageDon't Break Challenge: music video for Dancing in the Streets without music[✓]
10:2410:27PlugTally explains the framed SOI art auction and why it's delayed--
10:2710:28PlugVollan Playmat giveaway--
10:2810:30PlugJames' Desert Bus tattoo art challenge--
10:3010:45ReadingGraham and Ian read predictive texts from
10:3110:31Prank56k modem noises--
10:4010:41PlugVollan Playmat giveaway--
10:45--PrankBoneathan would love to have sex for pleasure--
10:46--Photos4th batch of photos!--
10:4610:47RDPRDP: Short Skirt / Long Jacket - Cake
10:48--DancePika dances while Ian hambones--
10:4910:49PrankBen pushes his button (Which plays a Random Overwatch Ult soundclip)--
10:5110:55ReadingGraham reads the Ford Focus manual (predictive text)
10:5510:58PlugSilent Auctions reminder: Steven Universe lion, altered Lorwyn Planeswalker cards--
10:5610:57MeltdownGraham says the SU lion is needlepointed, to an extent. Matt can't handle it--
10:5811:03SkitBen plugs the Planeswalker cards. The room cannot handle it.[✓]
10:5811:02MeltdownThe room can't handle Ben's names for the Planeswalker lot. Ian ends up on the floor.--
11:01--MeltdownAshton and Fugi both end up falling out of their chairs--
11:0311:04PrankJojo: Ben strangles Cori--
11:0511:57Drive/GiveawayPig Sweetener Lot giveaway ($9.57)NobodyX1X--
11:0911:11ReadingGraham reads a "Neil DeGrasse Tyson narration"
11:1211:17ReadingGraham reads a "recipe for greased casserole with sliced lemon juice"
11:13--Milestone$50K Shift total--
11:1711:20PlugJames sweetens the Pig Sweetener Lot with some Magic cards he opened on TTC--
11:2111:24SkitThe room becomes symmetrical[✓]
11:2811:33QuizMetal band or Magic Card, The Sequel
11:28--Game EventBus Stop #3 (3 in a row)--
11:3411:36SkitBen tells us what the Gearhulk Magic cards are called
11:3811:38PrankBen pushes his Overwatch ult button: "Dòng zhù, bùxǔ zǒu!"--
11:3911:44DiscussionThe Room tries to remember if they gave the banners away last year or not--
11:4411:45StoryCarrie successfully drives the bus, to her astonishment--
11:4511:50PlugSilent Auctions reminder: SU lion, altered Planeswalker cards, DB9 Rewind, Thorn Hand Cannon--
11:4911:51SkitI don't know what this is (Jer setting up for his shift?)--
11:5111:52DanceMatt dances to the Wii Mii Channel theme--
11:53--PrankPika elbows Thomas in the head - Ooh watcha say...--
11:56--PrankYOU DIED--
12:00--Driver Shift ChangeEnd of James's Shift/Start of Jer's--
12:01--Enter/ExitEnter Jer--
12:0312:05StoryJer dedicates his shift to Daniel and reveals Dragoncon for Daniel T-Shirt
12:0512:09DiscussionJer explains why he is driving with his feet and his shift gimmick (donation challenges to determine what game he plays)--
12:0713:00Drive/GiveawayZelda - Legends of Localization ($5.55 metal gear solid) ($5.56 resident evil) ($5.57 street fighter alpha)Cryptonic--
12:1513:05GameJer plays Titus the Fox--
12:1712:20GameJer shows off Metal Gear Solid for the Gameboy Color--
12:2412:26ReadingPredictive text reading of silent auction descriptions
12:26--OtherGraham's phone rings--
12:2924:00Drive/GiveawayJer plugs the app to talk about his art challenge - iMessage stickers Prize: Darkwing Duck LotLoraR--
12:3412:36FoodJer is given a cheeseburger by the LRR Destiny clan
12:36--DiscussionJer asks for a FAQ for titus the fox--
12:3812:42DiscussionJer Explains his art challenge for social media and shows off the prize--
12:4112:41CrashJer crashes on the left while playing Titus the Fox (crash #3)--
12:4112:42PlugDarkwing Duck Lot for the iOS sticker challenge--
12:4212:44DiscussionExplaining the current game selection drive challenge--
12:46--Enter/ExitA kitty cat enters! (Tall Matt)--
12:4812:49DiscussionLeeLee relates how the designer for the Aladdin game told her that the second level of a game should be impossible--
12:48--Enter/ExitEnter Alex, with Boneathan--
12:4912:52SkitBoneathan interrogates the room to find out who impersonated him[✓]
12:5312:54DiscussionThe room discusses censored alcohol references in games--
12:5512:56FoodIan feeds Jer some of his burger
12:56--PhotosNew photos!--
12:5612:57RDPRDP: Soul Bossa Nova - Quincy Jones
12:5712:58PlugCurrent Game challenge drive--
12:5813:00DiscussionTalking about old school video game design--
13:0013:01ShoutoutThanks to Burgersquad
13:00--TechnicalFugi overachieves by building a new feature into the backend live even though he was told he didn't need to--
13:0814:00GameJer plays Resident Evil port--
13:0514:00Drive/GiveawayPokemon drive giveaway Destiny Team signed print of the burried city ($7.76 blue) ($7.77 snap) ($7.78 Go)Chaotix--
13:03--PosterNew poster update -
13:1113:14MeltdownAlex freaks out at Resident Evil Game Boy Color port[✓]
13:1413:22AuctionCat Cube Auction (Sold for $1250)chimera8990
13:23--Enter/ExitExit LeeLee and Carrie--
13:2513:27SkitAlex explains why millenials are responsible for the lowering quality of removal in MTG
13:2913:30ReadingAlex and Graham provide voice acting for Resident Evil's "Jill Sandwich" scene
13:3113:33PlugSilent Auctions: Destiny Hand Cannon, Pokemon Trio, Nintendo Buttons--
13:3313:34PlugDonation Drive: Pokemon Snap leading by a landslide--
13:37--Milestone$64K year to date at 13:37 hours bussed--
13:3713:37RDPRDP: The Middle - Jimmy Eat World
13:3813:40SkitShadow puppets[✓]
13:4113:42DiscussionMillenials killed the internet star--
13:44--DiscussionWaluigi's name--
13:4413:48SkitBro in the life of an indie game developer
13:49--OtherAlex cheers for YOU DIED--
13:5113:52PlugDonation Drive: Pokemon Snap winning by an even bigger landslide--
13:5213:55DiscussionDiscussing the Smoke and Mirros retail copy and other ancient/rare games--
13:56--Enter/ExitEXPERIENCE BEEJ (Beej enters)--
13:5714:00ReadingAlex reads My Immortal in costume[✓]
14:00--Enter/ExitDix enters--
14:00--Shift ChangeShift change from Night Watch to Zeta Shift--
14:0014:02SongIan improv covers make a Man Out of You from Mulan
14:0214:13GamePokemon Snap--
14:0314:04DanceBanner Change with music mix (Get Ready For This - 2 Unlimited)
14:0415:00Drive/Giveaway15:00 hour game drive Platformer Indies ($6.78 Braid) ($6.79 Limbo) ($6.80 Fez) Prize: Undertale MugsHarthic--
14:0814:10DiscussionAndrew explains cameras to Jer--
14:12--Enter/ExitMatt Leaves--
14:1315:00GamePokémon: GO (Because snap failed)--
14:1414:14SkitBeej and Alex do silly voices
14:1614:16Discussionthe sins of pokemon: go, and password entry--
14:1614:17OtherRYUGA WAGA TEKI WO KURAU!--
14:1714:18PhysicalCushion rotation!
14:1814:19RDPRDP: Happy Up there - Röyksopp
14:1914:20DiscussionJer Violates the first rule of Pokemon: Go, playing while Driving--
14:20--SongSome. body. Somesomesomebody.--
14:2014:20PrankNO. GOD. NO. PLEASE. NO.--
14:2014:21SkitJer-senpai notices somebody in chat.
14:20--GameThe Stop Is lured--
14:2314:24DiscussionLooking at nearby pokemans--
14:24--PrankGraham puts a cold can on Ben's neck--
14:2414:29DiscussionCrafting a new pokemon for Tucson--
14:2614:26GameJer struggles to catch a Pidgeot--
14:2914:32OtherGraham takes over the driver seat, while Jer searches for a cable--
14:31--OtherDix Assigns Jer a buddy--
14:3114:35PlugTalking about the next game for Jer's shift and the mugs--
14:36--TechnicalJer explains his phone to computer to stream system--
14:3614:37OtherBeej Purells Graham--
14:38--Enter/ExitExit Graham--
14:3814:40DiscussionHow to submit a challenge--
14:39--Enter/ExitExit Tally--
14:3914:40PlugTalking about the next game for Jer's shift and the mugs--
14:4014:41PosterThe room reacts to the poster--
14:4114:42OtherRoom roll call--
14:4214:47M-M-Multi Challenge!Room Reacts to BabyMetal's Karate while Alex reads Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night
14:4614:50DiscussionBeej explains why an anime he has not seen ("Keijou!!!!!!!!") is the best of the year
14:5014:50PhysicalBeej tries to catch a Pokémon--
14:5014:52DiscussionDiscussing Anime--
14:5214:54PlugTalking about the next game for Jer's shift and the mugs--
15:1615:21SongIan & Beej sing "Dusty Road" (a cover of Country Road from the anime Whisper of the Heart)
14:5614:57DiscussionDiscussion of the original title song for Zeta Gundam--
14:5814:58PhysicalPurell waterfall--
14:5814:59SkitBeej vs Alex
15:0016:00GameJer plays Fez--
15:0015:03DiscussionRoom talks about Fez--
15:03--OtherBeej explains how they don't have a dedicated shipping crew this late at night--
15:0316:00Drive/Giveaway16:00 Game: Rom hacks/Fan Projects ($5.01 Rockman 4) ($5.02 AM2R) ($5.03 Mario Cart ARRR) Prize: Cthulhu Messenger BagJaqspur--
15:0615:08PlugCthulhu messenger bag--
15:0815:10DiscussionTalking about the various 16:00 games--
15:10--OtherOH NO--
15:1315:14DiscussionAndrew confused by Fezs name--
15:1415:22PhysicalAlex teaches chat "sweet katana skillz"
15:2215:23DiscussionDirector of whisper of the heart--
15:2315:24CrashJer crashes the bus on the left, Sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel plays (crash #4)--
15:2515:28SkitAlex and Ian read an X-Files script written by a Markov bot
15:2815:30Discussionthe room talks about their mornings--
15:3015:31PlugPlugging the current drive and prize--
15:3115:34PlugJer's art Challenge--
15:3415:38M-M-Multi Challenge!Jer thinks of a polar bear, and the room decides if someone should buy a fax machine--
15:37--PhotosPhoto's until Ben ruined everyone--
15:38--Enter/ExitAndrew leaves for the night--
15:3815:42PlugSilent auctions--
15:4215:43PlugJer talks about the App, specifically bidding on silent auctions--
15:43--PlugPlugging the current drive and prize--
15:4515:46OtherBeej explains the challenge Jer was asked to perform regarding a polar bear--
15:4615:52DiscussionThe room makes a Magic:The Gathering card together, Jer rates it
15:5215:57DiscussionBeej picks a Commander 2016 deck, and the room tells him if he's right
15:5816:00PhysicalBeej Purells Jer's Feet--
15:59--Enter/ExitIan leaves for the night--
16:0017:00GameJer plays Mario Kart R--
16:0017:00Drive/Giveaway17:00 Games ($8.76 MTGO Chat Draft) ($8.77 Hearthstone Chat Arena) Prize: From the Vaults LoreThat Guy--
16:0516:08DiscussionRoom talks about Mario Kart R--
16:09--PhysicalAlex scuttles--
16:1016:11PhysicalPika attempts the scuttle
16:1016:11Other"WASTED" as Pika collides with Matt--
16:1216:13DanceThe room dances as a distraction--
16:13--Enter/ExitIan comes back--
16:1416:16DancePen Pineapple Apple Pen
16:16--Enter/ExitIan Leaves--
16:1616:16PhysicalThe scuttling continues--
16:1616:17RDPRDP: 22 - Taylor Swift
16:1716:18TechnicalFailing to RDP--
16:1816:25DiscussionPika asks the room a slumber party question - If you could choose, what would you dream about tonight
16:2016:20TechnicalRDP misfires with Short Skirt, Long Jacket--
16:25--PhysicalGroup hug on Jer--
16:2516:25OtherOverwatch Ultimate Button - Zarya Ultimate--
16:2516:28PhysicalAlex builds his Summer Car, using the other people in the room as car parts.
16:27--Milestone$69,420. Nice.--
16:2818:28PhysicalPika Rides Matthew--
16:28--Enter/ExitCori goes "Home"--
16:2916:35DiscussionWhat kind of animal would each other person would be?
16:3416:37ReadingAlex explains the levels of Desert Bus Cuils
16:3716:39PlugDonation Drive / Game challenge drive - From the Vault Lore--
16:3916:43SkitBen explains the Lore of From the Vault Lore, the Room acts it out
16:42--MeltdownThomas dies at everyone almost dying--
16:4216:45PlugCurrent Game challenge drive--
16:4616:47DiscussionJer picks his MTG curse--
16:4716:55SkitBeej, as Derek, and Alex, as A-Train, do Green Eggs and Ham
16:54--CrashJer crashes on the left, again (crash #5, 3 for Jer)--
16:5516:58DiscussionJer blames his crash on text messages--
16:5817:00Discussion"Complaining" about "Millenials" and "Core gamers"
17:0018:00GameJer plays MTGO with a chat draft--
17:02--MilestoneHit 70k total--
17:0217:03RDPRDP: Pompeii - Bastille
17:0317:04DiscussionBastille does their own backing vocals--
17:0518:00Drive/GiveawayEdutainment round ($7.13 Mario is Missing) ($7.14 Where in the world is Carmen San Diego) ($7.15 Donkey Kong jr: Math) Prize Mystic Vale card gameMattManx311--
17:0917:13PlugSilent auctions--
17:1317:16DiscussionBeej explains what can get you banned in DB chat--
17:15--Milestone10k for Jer's shift--
17:1717:44GameChat Draft Begins--
17:28--MilestoneReached DB2 total--
17:31--PlugPlugging the current drive and prize--
17:4517:46PlugPlugging the current drive and prize--
17:4617:47DiscussionThe Carmen San Diego series--
17:4718:03GameMTGO Chat Draft Deck Building and Match--
17:5117:53PlugPlugging the current drive and prize--
18:0219:00GameJer plays Where in the world is Carmen San Diego--
18:0418:06DiscussionReminisce about playing MtG--
18:0619:00Drive/GiveawayRevenge of the Indigame ($5.06 Sword and souracry EP) ($5.07 Bastion) ($5.08 enter the gungion) Prize: E-tank Coin BankNo Donor Account--
18:10--TechnicalJer spills something on his Macbook--
18:10--CrashJer continues crashing on the left, Crash #4 of his shift (crash #6 overall)--
18:1118:20M-M-Multi Challenge!Rapid fire challenges
18:12--DiscussionBen confirms whether or not residents of Vancouver refer to it as "The Couve" (they don't)--
18:13--PhysicalEveryone pretends they're riding a rollercoaster. Pika falls out and "goes rogue"--
18:14--Game EventBUS STOP by Dix (#4, 1 in a row)--
18:15--SkitPika recites a little of the Romeo and Juliet window scene--
18:15--SkitAndre recites the Flanders Fields poem--
18:18--DiscussionDix explains how to not time out in MTGO--
18:1918:20Discussion"Complaining" about "Millenials" again. Somehow derails into Batman. Which somehow derails into Ethyl and Agnes.--
18:21--PhysicalPatting head and rubbing tummy--
18:2218:22PhysicalPika does jumping jacks--
18:2218:24DiscussionThe room discusses relations and their states of aliveness--
18:2418:25RDPRDP: DARE - Gorillaz
18:2518:27SkitAct out the entire plot of The Adventures of Tintin in 60 seconds
18:2818:29DiscussionJer explains why he is slightly zonked out--
18:3018:39ReadingJer reads the wiki summary of the utterly baffling sequel to Bram Stoker's Dracula, room acts it out
18:39--PrankWasted to end the reading--
18:3918:42DiscussionJer explains the book, the reading was from--
18:4218:43PlugPlugging current game vote donation drive--
18:4418:45DiscussionThe room explains, to Beej, how to play Magic the Gathering: Puzzle Quest
18:4518:52GameConcentrating on ongoing Carmen Sandiego game--
18:51--TechnicalThe cable falls out of Jer's laptop--
18:5218:53OtherPeople try to read Jer's mind, he was expecting people to have already thought of what he'd thought of--
18:57--Enter/ExitBen goes to sleep, he has to work tomorrow :(--
19:0320:00GameEnter the Gungeon--
19:0320:00Drive/GiveawayMario Games ($6.65 Super bro's 3) ($6.66 Super World) ($6.67 Land 2) Prize: DB10 ShirtArikelle--
19:0519:07PlugArt challenge--
19:0719:10PlugSilent auctions--
19:14--TechnicalFailed to activate RDP again--
19:1419:21DiscussionDear Drs. LRR, Descends into a Harry Potter argument--
19:2219:27GameThe room plays "Sculptor"
19:2719:31GameThe room plays "Three things"
19:30--CrashJer crashes on the right for a change (crash #7, 5th crash for Jer)--
19:3119:34PlugCurrent Game challenge drive--
19:3619:41SkitFrozen in one minute in five minutes
19:4219:42DiscussionAlex talks about Battle Angel Alita
19:4319:45ReadingBeej reads a DB version of If— by Kipling
19:46--MeltdownJer loses it, ever so slightly. He's QWOPing balls on the inside.--
19:4719:50Plugcurrent Driver game Drive update--
19:49--Enter/ExitA Paul arrives--
19:4919:54DiscussionJer talks about his experiences playing two games at once so far with Paul--
19:5419:56DiscussionThe room talks about their terrible crash record so far--
19:5619:57DanceSlow Dance to Thomas and Friends theme
19:5920:00PhysicalDix gives Jer a COMPLETELY NORMAL shoulder massage--
20:00--Shift ChangeShift change from Zeta Shift to Dawnguard--
20:01--Enter/ExitJames hovers not quite off-camera--
20:0120:01StoryJer talks about how he broke his bottom--
20:0221:00GameSuper Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins--
20:03--Enter/ExitExit Alex, Dix--
20:0420:04DiscussionMore talking about how Jer is a crash machine and his gimmick was a terrible idea--
20:0521:02TechnicalNo sound from Jer's laptop (seems like it was only the GB emulator)--
20:0520:09DiscussionJer recaps his shift--
20:09--CrashJer's crashes start coming and they don't stop coming (#8, 6th for Jer)--
20:1221:00Drive/GiveawayRPGs ($5.23 Baldur's Gate) ($7.87 Diablo 2) ($10.31 Final Fantasy 2) Prize: Big Bag O' DiceHugh_Munculus--
20:14--CrashFed to the rules and that's seven crashes running (#9, 7th for Jer)--
20:2320:23SongSerge leads the room in the Dawnguard song
20:25--PrankYOU DIED--
20:2520:27DiscussionPredicting the week's football games--
20:2720:32PlugWhich game / bag of dice giveaway--
20:3220:37DiscussionDiscussion of Mario, Wario, and Mario's vanity--
20:3720:43PlugSilent auctions--
20:4420:48PlugBig Bag O' Dice / game choice--
20:4820:52DiscussionWhat are your favorite bird species?--
20:5320:54PhysicalThe room builds a pillow fort[✓]
20:5821:01SkitSerge, Beej, and Andre attempt to say "Toy Boat" 10 times fast
21:0622:01Drive/GiveawayPuzzle Games ($5.33 Threes) ($5.34 Tetris) ($5.35 Antichamber) Prize: Custom CookiesMadTheorist--
21:1021:10DiscussionExplaining the lickability scale: 1-10 Turners
21:1121:22DiscussionChat-Sourcing a Baulder's Gate Character - Kate Anna
21:2221:25PlugDonation Challenge - Puzzle Games, Art Challenge --
21:2521:40GameJer Tries to Steal a Gem in Baldur's Gate
21:4021:45PlugPuzzle Game choice / Donation Drive for Cookies--
21:4621:51DiscussionWhat would Paul do if he was Graham for an hour
21:5121:52PhysicalAndre does Pushups, $1 per 2, does 30 total for $15. Pika attempts to do a pushup.
21:52--PlugDonation Drive, James really wants Tetris--
21:53--Enter/ExitEnter the Social Media Team (Jamie, Tara and Dan) and Exit Pika--
21:5621:58PlugJames previews Jer's final giveaway, a box of Eternal Masters--
21:5821:59DiscussionTara explains how sprinkles would make Desert Bus better[✓]
22:0122:02GameJer switches over to AntiChamber--
22:0223:02Drive/GiveawayJer's Games ($10.01 Mega Man X) ($10.02 Turtles In Time) ($10.03 Castlevania) Prize: Box of Eternal MastersValenLock--
22:04--Enter/ExitExit Thomas--
22:0522:06OtherThe room is entranced by the game Jer is playing --
22:0622:39M-M-Multi Challenge!Predicting this weekend's NFL games based purely on the team names. Results: 6 correct, 7 incorrect, 0 exact scores
22:08--Discussion^ Chiefs vs Panthers: Panthers by 3 [Actual Result: Chiefs: 20, Panthers: 17; Incorrect, score off by -6]--
22:09--Discussion^ Broncos vs Saints: Saints by 6 [Actual Result: Broncos: 25, Saints: 23; Incorrect, score off by -8]--
22:11--Discussion^ Rams vs Jets: Jets by 20 [Actual Result: Rams: 9, Jets 6; Incorrect, score off by -23]--
22:14--Discussion^ Packers vs Titans: Titans by 10 [Actual Result: Packers: 25, Titans: 47, Correct, score off by -12]--
22:16--Discussion^ Falcons vs Eagles: Eagles by 14 [Actual Result: Falcons: 15, Eagles: 24; Correct, score off by -5]--
22:19--Discussion^ VIkings vs Washington: Vikings by 9 [Actual Result: Vikings: 20, Redskins: 26; Incorrect, score off by -15]--
22:19--Discussion^ Texans vs Jaguars: Texans by 1 [Actual Result: Texans: 24, Jaguars: 21; Correct, score off by +2]--
22:21--Discussion^ Bears vs Buccaneers: Bears by 14 [Actual Result: Bears: 10, Buccaneers: 36; Incorrect, score off by -30]--
22:2122:21Milestone$20k in Jer's Shift--
22:25--Discussion^ Dolphins vs Chargers: Dolphins by 8 [Actual Result: Dolphins: 31, Chargers: 24; Correct, score off by +1]--
22:26--Discussion^ 49ers vs Cardinals: 49ers by 9 [Actual Result: 49ers: 20, Cardinals: 23; Incorrect, score off by -12]--
22:28--Discussion^ Cowboys vs Steelers: Steelers by 4 [Actual Result: Cowboys: 35, Steelers: 30; Incorrect, score off by -9]--
22:29--Discussion^ Seahawks vs Patriots: Seahawks by 6 [Actual Result: Seahawks: 31, Patriots: 24; Correct, score off by -1]--
22:32--Discussion^ Bengals vs Giants: Giants by 12 [Actual Results: Bengals: 20, Giants: 21; Correct, score off by -11]--
22:34PlugJames goes over the final drive of Jer's shift again--
22:3922:42DiscussionPaul asks Jer to explain the game he is currently playing (Antichamber). Jer can't, so Andre does.
22:4222:43PhysicalThe room builds a Human Period. (phrasing)
22:4422:46DiscussionA Navy sailor challenges them to make a video summing up Desert bus
22:4622:51DiscussionJer tries to explain "What is THAC0?"
22:5122:56PlugDonation Drive --
23:0023:02QuizJamie gives as many US facts as she can in a minute, which turns into facts about Washington geology
23:05--Enter/ExitAndre leaves--
23:09PlugSilent Auctions Rundown--
23:10--Enter/ExitEnter Ashley--
23:1723:18PlugJer's sticker challenge--
23:18--CrashDid it make sense not to crash for fun? (#10, 8th for Jer)--
23:2023:24DiscussionTalk about Mega Man X, Bosses, and Why Jer likes it
23:2623:29DiscussionPaul tells his favorite "Whole Story" video moment
23:3023:32DiscussionJames -- What is the Lickabiliy Factor of each of the previous Desert Busses
23:3123:32DiscussionJer's strategy for MegaMan X is detailed.
23:3323:38SongEmily sings "Beauty and the Beej" while Beej and Jamie dance
23:4023:48SkitBeej explains layers to the chat
23:46--CrashThe crashes weren't smart and the idea was dumb (#11, 9th for Jer)--
23:4823:49StoryBeej tells us about his first Mythic in Magic Puzzle Quest
23:50--CrashSo much to play so much to do, so what's wrong with crashing the bus too! (#12, 10th for Jer)--
23:5223:58SongPaul sings Barrett's Privateers with the room on backup
23:54--CrashYou'll never crash if you don't go (#13, 11th for Jer)--