DesertBus 15 - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 15 - Day 3

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
48:0048:01Shift ChangeCommercial for Jocko's Magical Emporium Fae Crystals
48:0048:01Video/ImageCommercial for Jocko's Magical Emporium Fae Crystals [Clean Version]
48:01--TechnicalDawn Guard for some reason? Then Desert Bus logo--
48:0348:08Shift ChangeBeginning of Night Watch 3
48:0348:05Video/Image^ Intro video (Babylon 5 + ST:TNG parody) "I'd Call it a Car Hole"--
48:05--Skit^ Cori's Log--
48:05--CrashROCKO is being towed--
48:05--Driver ChangeIan starts driving--
48:06--TechnicalCredits over black screen--
48:07--PhysicalCori actually does give Johnny a com badge finally--
48:07--Game EventIan starts a new bus because they didn't "turn around" fast enough. Driver is named Darmok--
48:09--Enter/ExitIntruder on board! It's Jacob!--
48:1048:12PromoComing up on Night Watch: Garages concert--
48:1248:28SkitLil. Ambassador X is not onboard but (Andrew dressed as) Q is and is putting DB on trial.[✓]
48:15--PSA^ DB Merch including USS Tucson playmat and poster found at
48:1849:42Drive/Giveaway$11.02 Giveaway for: Conspiracy Booster Box - Raised $10777.56Untap, Upkeep, CAWWWWW!--
48:1948:19PSAReminder that you have to have a donor account to win any prizes--
48:19--Skit^ Q keeps messing with other parts of the "ship" and moving people around--
48:20--Driver ChangeCori suddenly driving--
48:20--Skit^ Ben is aboard the Planet Express ship from Futurama--
48:2348:24TechnicalIan's mic doesn't seem to be working--
48:24--Skit^ Cpt. Graham is in the Jefferies Tubes?--
48:2548:25RDPRDP: Electric Avenue - Eddy Grant
48:2648:26DiscussionWe have a duck, it is enormous, and Ian wants to know if it thinks.
48:27--PSADB Merch including USS Tucson playmat, poster, dbloon, waterbottle found at
48:2848:28RDPRDP: Bubble Pop - Hyuna
48:2948:30PromoThe Garages later!--
48:30--TechnicalThe DB logo on set is way over lit -- or there's some deflector dish science I guess--
48:3048:36Prize InfoGrand Nagus shows off "Secret Lair: METAL AF" & "Paper Mario Blanket" & "Warhammer 40k Desert Bus Combat Patrol"
48:3648:36PhysicalIan combat rolls into frame and Siri is concerned --
48:3848:38DiscussionQ's costume is discussed
48:38--Shoutout^ Made by Fate of X seamstress--
48:3948:39PromoGraham talks about the upcoming Garages concert--
48:3948:39Video/ImageDiscussing a gif in chat of Ian and his roll
48:4048:41MemeNew "engine startup noise" is the slowest (16x slowdown) Thwomp noise
48:4148:43DiscussionGas Stations and such--
48:4348:45DiscussionWhere are people watching from? (Sorry chat mods)--
48:4548:47DiscussionBen asks a Star Trek question: Why does everyone call the planets the English/Earth/Terran names? Universal Translator! And Plot Holes!
48:4848:49StoryGraham once got to talk about Star Trek in class for an hour at the request of the teacher--
48:5048:50DiscussionGraham has a very formidable memory
48:5048:52PrankJohnny puts the WUBRG land station in alphabetical order
48:51--TechnicalThe bus cam is both dropping frames and having some visual issues--
48:5248:54ReadingCori sharing a poem - Elephants are Different to Different People by Carl Sandburg
48:5448:56DiscussionJohnny wonders -- what are the shift totals for completed challenges? Perhaps it is better left unknown.--
48:5649:01DiscussionBen's looking at "hard TNG quizzes" they are...not difficult. He takes one on stream.
48:58--Video/Image^ The quiz is shared on screen--
49:0149:04DiscussionGraham has to tell a joke like the Children of Tama and it's very hard but Ian attempts one
49:01--Meme^ MIC FIVE is played to remind Graham to turn on his mic--
49:0549:07DiscussionHow did Wil Wheaton end up in an episode of Commodore Hustle?
49:06--Discussion^ Morphs into discussions about Wootstock--
49:0752:41Drive/GiveawayArt Challenge for: DB2021 Fangamer T-Shirt - What is the King of Spades up to? (since the card is still missing) in any visual medium - submissions due by 10PM PTBriar--
49:1049:13DiscussionImage and video formats (mostly formats they hate)
49:1349:14DiscussionRank pips are hard to line up, but aren't as annoying as you'd think--
49:1449:19PrankResort the colors of MTG land station by Land Type Name, Alphabetically
49:1449:15ReadingA Message from the Shetlands
49:1549:21DiscussionBen gives his thoughts on the Digimon TCG
49:19--Milestone$275k reached--
49:2149:24DiscussionMax talks about the (discontinued) Transformers TCG
49:2349:23ShoutoutMax says hello to TDAPenguin's child Tiny Penguin from their streams
49:25--Driver Changev Andrew throws down the controller and Ian scrambles to grab it--
49:2549:25Video/ImageShowing off the current shift Ork painted figurines
49:2649:26Video/Image^ Consider - this cat -
49:2649:30Discussion^ The Bat'leth and its lack of usability, Klingon society, and the Klingon scientific method.--
49:29--Enter/ExitEnter "The Ambasador" (Andrew)--
49:29--FoodMimosa Sundays comes to Night Watch!--
49:3049:33DiscussionGraham explains why he likes fonts (and other font conversations)
49:33--Enter/ExitJacob arrives to keep Night Watch neutral the kindness War--
49:3349:36The Kindness WarNight Watch has been drawn in to the KINDNESS WAR of 2021 but agrees to now be neutral
49:35--Food^Jacob offers Swiss chocolate in exchange for their neutrality. A Buston of chocolate--
49:3649:36MemeThwomp x3--
49:3649:37RDPRDP: Garden - Meet Me @ The Altar
49:36--Enter/ExitExit Jacob--
49:37--CrashIan crashes the bus, again--
49:38--Game EventDriver name: Miceo--
49:3849:39DiscussionThe room picks a chocolate from Jacob--
49:3949:42FoodMimosas Arrive via Joe--
49:4049:41The Kindness WarPreview of the Salvo of Kindness for Zeta (but we don't see it)
49:4349:43MemeAcapella Thwomps from Ben--
49:43--CrashIan crashes the bus yet again--
49:4349:46DiscussionThere is no more orange juice, but plenty of champagne. Chocolate talk.--
49:44--Game EventDriver name: Burnham--
49:4649:47PhysicalAndrew tries to throw chocolates into Ben's mouth. And succeeds!
49:4749:48DiscussionWhy Target failed in Canada, and failed brands in other markets
49:47--Shoutout^ Graham recommends you listen to Under the Influence with Terry O'Reilly--
49:4849:54DiscussionTalking about CanCon (The Canadian Content Requirements)
49:52--Discussion^ Morphs in to weird Seaseme street off-shoots --
49:54--Promo6 minutes until The Garages!--
49:5549:56DiscussionThe room talks about puppetry in TéléFrançais!--
49:5649:59PromoPlugging the DB Merch (, Fangamer, The Garages & Heroic Replicas--
49:59--ShoutoutShoutout to: RatWednesday for making The Garages art--
50:0050:06Call InInterview with LambMower from The Garages
50:00--Technical^ LambMower briefly not on screen but the stage instead, and some audio drops--
50:0650:35MusicThe Garages in Concert at DB2021!!! [Clean Version]--
50:0650:35MusicThe Garages in Concert at DB2021!!!
50:06--Music^ sidelined from UNSTABLE--
50:12--Video/Image^ Carly speaks--
50:13--Music^ best life, best wife from CONSUMED--
50:18--Music^ needs of the many from UNSTABLE--
50:22--Music^ solar eclipse from #14--
50:2750:29Video/Image^ LambMower speaks--
50:29--Music^ fight gods from the garages kill the gods--
50:33--Music^ Eat the bread 2021 remix--
50:3550:38DiscussionTY to The Garages for that masterpiece, post-concert discussion
50:37--ShoutoutChimera's $1k for enjoying the show--
50:3950:46DiscussionAndrew explains hyperpop
50:4050:41Music^ Food House Album excerpt--
50:4650:49DiscussionIan explains illegal charcuterie techniques. Cheese is good.
50:4950:57DiscussionBen ranks Thwomps on the URGHability scale
50:5050:57MusicBob-omb battlefield, but URGH--
50:50--Meme^ Thwomps. So many Thwomps.--
50:5150:51MeltdownUrgh on down to the applepatch--
50:5851:03DiscussionWhat is your favourite M:TG flavour text?
51:0351:05DiscussionAndrew talks about Vice documentaries on One-Hit-Wonders, particularly, Sisqó
51:0551:15DiscussionEveryone names a song that makes you happy
51:11--ShoutoutTirapalanganas for donating $50 to break a long-standing #TeamOrder donation total--
51:1251:12DiscussionAndrew circles back to Hyperpops very briefly--
51:14--CrashIan... crashes, yet again--
51:15--Game EventNew Driver: SISAO--
51:1551:17Prize InfoSilent Auctions! - "Paper Mario Blanket", "Warhammer 40k Desert Bus Combat Patrol"--
51:16--Crash...Ian. crashes ...........again--
51:16--Driver ChangeGraham takes over--
51:17--Game EventNew Driver: QOCKO--
51:1851:19PhotosSubmit your own photos at
51:1951:19Burn!Graham takes and submits a photo all without crashing--
51:19--Game EventBus Stop! by Graham--
51:1951:33MusicAccumula Town--
51:2151:22Video/ImageChicken of the Day! Booboo Chicken
51:2251:24DiscussionAnimaniacs talk--
51:2351:24FoodJohnny attempts chocolate mixing--
51:25--DiscussionAll the Kolin/Colin/Call-Ins--
51:2551:33DiscussionTips on moving to a new locationThoughtProf
51:33--MusicGridania day / night theme from FFXIV (Wailers and Waterwheels and Dance of the Fireflies)--
51:3351:34PromoUnpacking the game with Victoria Tran call-in--
51:3451:35DiscussionWhat is the name of the telepresceance robot?
51:36--MemeBen's phone starts ringing - it's like a localised RDP!--
51:37--DiscussionJohnny is watching JoJo's now--
51:3753:07Drive/Giveaway$6.66 Giveaway for Secret Lair: Metal AF - Raised $9823.50nielstx--
51:3851:40Music^ Blood & Thunder by Mastodon - off Ben's phone--
51:40--PSAMake a Donor account: Max isn't asking anymore--
51:40--MusicCirice by Ghost--
51:4051:43DiscussionLimited Edition / Numbered Backwards printed Magic Cards from Secret Lairs--
51:4351:44RDPRDP: Wellerman (220 KID & Billen Ted TikTok Remix)
51:4451:47PromoThe Longest Johns will be calling in--
51:4752:04GameMeasure Me This! This or That: Fictional or Real Units of Measurement
51:48--Game^ Banana Equivalent Dose - Real (radiation dose)--
51:48--Game^ Bloit - Fictional (Distance from Zork)--
51:49--Game^ Cochrane - Fictional (Unit of subspace flux from Star Trek)--
51:50--Game^ Fonzie - Fictional (Measure of coolness from Futurama)--
51:52--Game^ Garn - Real (Measure of nausea)--
51:52--Game^ Hopper - Real (How far an electric signal will propogate in a copper wire)--
51:54--Game^ Knut - Fictional (Harry Potter currency)--
51:55--Burn!^ Andrew: "If there's one thing I've learned about the creator of the Harry Potter franchise..."--
51:56--Game^ Micro-mort - Real (Measure of mortality risk, one in one million chance)--
51:57--Game^ Milli-helen - Real (a face beautiful enough to launch 1 ship (referencing Helen of Troy))--
51:58--Shoutout$1998 donation by "Oatway says trans rights" (300 entries in the giveaway)--
51:58--Game^ Nibble/Nybble - Real (Half a byte)--
51:59--Game^ Pirate-ninja - Both (Unit of power from The Martian 1 kWh/sol, which NASA has adopted)--
52:01--Game^ Smoot - Real (Height of Oliver Smoot 5'7")--
52:01--Game^ Thaum - Fictional (Unit of magic from Discworld and many other fiction)--
52:02--Game^ Warhol - Real (Describes the amount of fame equal to 15min)--
52:03--Game^ Yalm - Fictional (unit of length equivalent to a yard in FF14)--
52:0452:04DiscussionMore packing tips (from Kathleen and Andrew)
52:0452:09DiscussionWhat color is each thing in Star Trek? Why is Data?
52:07--Discussion^ Morphs into general TNG talk--
52:07--Discussion^ Morphs into talking about The Expanse--
52:09--MusicVarious Wii/Mii Shop--
52:0952:14DiscussionEveryone's example of: "Maple Cringe" - Canadian culture cringe
52:11--Discussion^ Vancouver-spotting, spotting Van/Vic places in TV and movies--
52:14--Prize InfoSecret Lair giveaway plug--
52:1552:22DiscussionOlympics broadcasts Stories ("Maple Cringe" - part 2)
52:1752:20Story^ Andrew at an olympic watchparty when the broadcast cuts off--
52:2052:22Story^ Graham trying to film after a big Olympic win where everyone is honking--
52:23--Enter/ExitGraham, Ian, Andrew leave to judge the art contest--
52:22--Technical^ Ian forgot to turn on his mic--
52:2452:35MusicFiddle time with Max - Day 3
52:27--TechnicalMax explodes another microphone--
52:33--Game EventBus Stop by Commander Cori!--
52:3552:36PromoThe Garages on bandcamp:
52:3652:46Video/ImageShowing off the art contest entries (what the King of Spades is up to)[✓]
52:42--Music^ Listening to the one music submission to the contest by Rosie (from The Garages)--
52:46--Prize InfoReminder about the Secret Lair giveaway--
52:4752:48DiscussionNew Andrew WK music
52:4852:49SkitIan, how do you have a hot milk summer at home?
52:49--PrankChanging the order of the land station to GRBUW--
52:5053:01DiscussionWhat music genre is each person?....What band/genre do people remind the rest of the crew of
52:5352:57Music^ Home - Undertale--
52:5852:59Video/Image^ Ievan Polka (the leekspin song) with ducks--
53:0053:02MusicThe 100 Geks version of Ievan Polka--
53:00--Technical^ Room Lights go wee woo--
53:01--PrankRotate the land station laterally 180* (they rotated it vertically 90*)--
53:0153:02Burn!Disrespect the Helm - Cori says it's small time!
53:0253:02MusicInverted frequency mario again--
52:58--MusicInverted frequency mario (first time, we missed it, i'm backfilling)--
53:03--Physical^ Graham throws the Helm through the door! Helm is now off--
53:0353:05DiscussionKraft Dinner Chats, how many flavor packets is too many?
53:05--DiscussionBen got a text to start up the Thwomps... bypassing the challenging systemLonelyTex--
53:06--Discussion^ What is the threshold to re-start Thwomps? The answer is $295k by 53:30 for 2x speed--
53:0853:34PhysicalDump Truck: Make Your Own Slime ("It's not food!" "Yay!")[✓]
53:08--Music^ This Way That - Mario Party 2--
53:09--Other^ There is glitter in the package. DO NOT OPEN THE GLITTER.--
53:12--Prank^ Johnny and Cori want to make Tea Slime. Oh no... (or "swamp slime")--
53:13--Skit^ Q reappears to NOT make slime--
53:14--Milestone^ WINGDINGS! 290k! #TeamOrder--
53:15--Physical^ Graham demonstrates why open containers are not allowed on set--
53:16--Meme^ URGH from Ian as Cori finishes the count--
53:19--Physical^ Max stole the Dump Truck bag, but was caught by chat--
53:20--Milestone^ $290,290 #TeamOrder Again--
53:2053:23Discussion^ Talking about TNG again, More Star Trek: TNG discussion
53:2353:26Physical^ Graham has touched the slime. Its.....slimy AND sticky. Eww--
53:2453:26Physical^ Ian grabs the Hornerhole (an Ian Horner cornhole board) to test the stickability of the slime--
53:27Physical^ Fill this Ian with slime--
53:2853:30Physical^ Everyone distracted by their slime--
53:29--Physical^ The goo has mixed! Jungle Slime!!--
53:3053:32Prank^ Ian yeets the slime onto the ceiling, where it sticks for 23 seconds
53:3253:32Physical^ Ian needs a ladder to clean up the slime--
53:32--Physical^There is now a ceiling stain--
53:3253:33StoryCeiling Egg
53:33--Discussion^ They have taken the egg down for washing, to Graham's surprise--
53:34--Discussion^ Its also been knocked down and replaced. Also to Graham's surprise--
53:3453:36SkitYelling random names to tell viewers to pay attention
53:35--PrankPut the land station back "the right way" - it already is! Mwahahaha--
53:35--DiscussionFull Gear event had a LRR sign!--
53:3653:37PhysicalGraham gets sent to the blackhole, and then to Bengineering!
53:3853:43DiscussionHeight discussions. Ian's in your mirror may be closer than they appear.
53:40--Driver ChangeIan takes over from Cori--
53:42--PrankCori returns, wearing the hornerhole--
53:42--DiscussionBill's height and more height discussion--
53:4353:43DiscussionAtmosfear Kickstarter that uses LRR screencaps... without permission. Oops.--
53:4453:48Prize InfoSilent Auctions: Paper Mario Blanket, Warhammer 40k Desert Bus Combat Patrol. Read by Cori wearing the Hornhole
53:4853:48Discussion^ Hornhole discussion, and the chaos that is Desert Bus--
53:4853:49ShoutoutJames, Dan, Rach: do the thing!
53:4953:49ShoutoutHappy Thwomping Birthday: Simon!
53:5053:52DiscussionAndrew's parents don't take his music advice
53:51--Meme^ Do you wanna take that one again Horner? Nope! I'm confident!--
53:5253:53RDPRDP: Body Break - Hal Johnson and Joanne Macleod
53:5353:53RDPRDP: Untouched - The Veronicas
53:54--Technical^ Boomer has solved their chroma issues!--
53:5453:55DiscussionThe pain box is making a ... sound--
53:5553:55RDPRDP: My Life is Better with You - Montaigne
53:5553:57Behind the ScenesIan explains how the Pain Box works and was made
53:5753:57ShoutoutHappy Birthday to SmithKorusaki from the Brew Crew
53:5853:59SkitWhich is the REAL cornhole Ian?
53:5953:59DiscussionHey Yo, it's slime time! And Crime Time talk
53:5954:00Video/ImageIncoming contact--
54:0054:01Shift ChangeZETA shows up again (night watch 3 closer)
54:0154:02MusicANOTHER new Jock Jams remix--
54:0154:03Shift ChangeZeta Night 3 begins in Animal Crossing???[✓]
54:03--Driver ChangeCarrie is driving... but the bus is labelled Omega?--
54:0354:03Roll CallRoll call, but we can't see anyone. Molly, Beej, Heather, Mathews, Carrie, PJ, Shawn, and Jen--
54:0554:06SkitRotate the Cushions, or on the cushions?
54:0654:06RDPRDP: Dare - Gorillaz
54:06--TechnicalThe dance party is silent on stream--
54:0654:15PSABeejSA in Animal Crossing: Beej can't find the emote that looks like talking--
54:11--Prank^ Molly messes with filters on the Animal Crossing camera while Beej talks--
54:12--Prank^ Heather messes with Beej's character while Beej talks--
54:1554:20Prize InfoGiveaways: Chernobylite Collector's Edition; Desert Bus for Hope 2021 Shirt #5; Magic the Gathering Coaster Set--
54:19--PSA^ Hey, if you somehow get your shirt during the run, send a photo to
54:2054:23GameMeeting at the drum circle to discuss the upcoming art challenge--
54:2259:50Drive/GiveawayArt Challenge for DB Shirt #5: Zeta as Animorphs (1 or more people) "Animorph Crossing"Bramante--
54:2354:24MusicWe can hear the drums again, from the game--
54:2554:26DiscussionTalking about Animorphs and the art contest in general--
54:2654:27OtherCarrie joins the island! While driving the bus 1-handed--
54:2754:29GameCarrie initiates a game of Tag.
54:27--CrashTag *immediately* leads to a bus crash--
54:28--Game EventDriver name: JOCKO (immediately reset)--
54:2954:36GameNo one is friends with Molly
54:31--Game EventDriver name: THWUM--
54:32--Driver ChangeBeej takes over driving so Carrie can befriend Molly in-game--
54:33--TechnicalSwitching to Molly face cam, so she doesn't dox all her friends--
54:34--TechnicalBack in-game... but Carrie hasn't accepted the friend request--
54:3654:42GameGroup Stretching (in Animal Crossing, and in life) fails to eventuate--
54:36--Driver ChangeCarrie takes the wheel back--
54:37--TechnicalBeej gets kicked out for not being stretchy and has to come back--
54:42--Burn!Molly: "Beej quits the whole thing"--
54:4254:44GameGroup stretching in Animal Crossing, (and IRL) finally!
54:4454:44GameNook miles achieved! Phones get ignored.--
54:4554:53GameGetting dressed up and Having Coffee at the Museum
54:46--Game^ They arrive at The Roost--
54:47--Crash"It's hard to play two video games at the same time"--
54:47--Burn!Molly: "it just dawned on me on how much the coffee logo looks like Ian."--
54:51--Burn!Molly "Oh so you'll only let a Man pay."--
54:52--Burn!PJ: "Is this FF14 music?"--
54:49--Game EventNew driver. The name's THWUMP again--
54:5354:54PSAZeta as Animorphs "Animorph Crossing" Art Challenge--
54:5454:57GameWe've had coffee, now it's time to leave. But we're still best friends.--
54:57--TechnicalZeta returns to Meat Space and show you their eyes--
54:58--Driver ChangeBeej drives--
54:5854:59Discussion"It's like those crashes didn't even happen!" Zeta's driver naming scheme.--
54:5955:00PSA"We Have a collection of things"--
55:0055:00DiscussionHeather wants to know if we should scream to mark the hour--
55:0055:03PrankZeta does questionable ASMR, the sequel
55:02--TechnicalDid anyone else have the preview freeze?--
55:0355:04DiscussionCarrie is visited by Kitty--
55:04--TechnicalCables become not connected--
55:0455:13DiscussionAutocorrect changes "Beej" to "Bean" and other name flubs
55:1355:14DiscussionMailing out Marriage Certificates and The Divorce Game
55:1455:19DiscussionArms are weird. There are so many states in them!
55:16--Discussion^ Watches, bracelets and allergies--
55:1955:23DiscussionCamp and children's fashion
55:2355:23DiscussionChildren, and interactions--
55:2355:29Prize InfoSilent Auctions: Paper Mario Blanket and Warhammer 40k Desert Bus Combat Patrol--
55:25--Burn!"They love decimals in the imperial system, that's not hard to understand" -Molly--
55:2955:31DiscussionHeather is sad she didn't get a power sword when she worked at a library
55:3155:32DiscussionWhat Zeta knows about Warhammer lore
55:3255:33DiscussionZeta devolves into slorkm porketry
55:33--PSAMolly will Purge the backend at 2:00 AM--
55:3455:35DiscussionWhat Heather remembers about Discworld
55:3555:36PSAReminder about the Animorph art challenge--
55:3657:50Drive/Giveaway$7.86 Giveaway for: Chernobylite Collector's Edition - Raised $1485.54Goosebusters--
55:36--Driver ChangeCarrie assumes control--
55:37--TechnicalBeej used the number pad and nothing happened?--
55:3955:40PSASetup your donor account, and emails, and stuff--
55:4055:41DiscussionNintendo Twitter speculation is a fun spectator sport--
55:41--Enter/ExitBeej claims he is going to "wash his hands"--
55:41--PhysicalBeej spikes his headphones--
55:4255:47DiscussionKeep Talking and Nobody Sandworms (Beej left = Dune talk)
55:46--Enter/ExitBeej returns--
55:4755:49DiscussionHow we submit challenges (not really)
55:4955:51DiscussionSlang and language evolution and how do they work
55:5155:57DiscussionDiscussing teen TV shows and movies written by adults
55:56--Discussion^ Scriptwriters are slowly learning about modern concepts--
55:57--Discussion^ Cruise ships have their own television programming--
55:5855:59DiscussionLoadingReadyRun had a bug with their Youtube channel and that's all they'd been told--
55:5956:00DiscussionIt's time to purge the challenges before completing some challenges--
56:0056:08DiscussionHey, let's talk about things we've (read: Beej) done at Princess Auto
56:01--Discussion^ Beej explains Princess Auto to everyone--
56:02--Discussion^ Beej takes a side trip into talking about making jerky with a meat caulking gun? Carrie thinks about caulking a tub with meat--
56:03--Discussion^ Beej goes back to Princess Auto description--
56:0456:05MusicMolly improvises around the Mii Plaza theme on ukulele while tuning up--
56:0756:08MusicMolly ukulele BGM: "Think" from Jeopardy!--
56:0856:13SongMolly plays her song "Horizons Anew"
56:1356:15DiscussionThank you for singing, Molly! How can we buy the song?--
56:1556:19Prize InfoSilent Auctions: Magic Tweed Messenger bag; Sailor Moon Inner Senshi amigurumi--
56:15--Skit^ Beej reads in his Tingle voice--
56:1956:24SongBeej sings "Light Up My Room" by Barenaked Ladies
56:2456:27DiscussionThe Barenaked Ladies induces a sense of nostalgia
56:25--Discussion^ How Steven Page wrote songs with Stephen Duffy--
56:2756:31SongBeej sings "Never Do Anything" by Barenaked Ladies
56:28--TechnicalMolly goes back to her Island--
56:3156:32DiscussionBeej has difficulty with some of the chords for the song--
56:3256:34DiscussionBeej asked BNL's bassist about one of their songs--
56:3456:38SongBeej plays "When I Fall" by Barenaked Ladies
56:3956:40DiscussionThank you Beej for the songs
56:39--Discussion^ BNL hits a sweet spot for Beej playing and singing, The Tragically Hip can be a bit growly for him--
56:4056:44DiscussionBeej's Guitar is signed by Kaki King, and adventures there in
56:4456:45ShoutoutMatthews helped Heather find the Big Comfy Couch--
56:4456:48DiscussionLate Night Animal Crossing Villager Chat--
56:4856:49DiscussionZeta plans, plots and schemes for the rest of the evening--
56:4957:43The Kindness WarZeta Mail Time Night 3: The Licensed Mystery Box Hour
56:50--Enter/Exit^ Carrie goes to food--
56:51--Technical^ Heather manipulates the camera while beej drives, on the same computer--
56:5256:56Video/Image^ "Eat the Bread 2021" from The Garages vs Desert Bus (see also D3L105)--
56:56--Video/Image^ Welcome to BC ad plays after above--
56:57--Discussion^ The bread appears to have cheese and bacon, is it cake?--
56:58--Burn!^ Beej: "When you be mad in front of the people you love, because you want them to pay attention to you"--
56:5856:59Food^ Zeta consumes Jacob's cake bread--
56:58--Music^ Menu Theme from Wii Sports--
56:59--Discussion^ The box is stuffed, but not modded--
57:01--Discussion^ The box contains unattributed cookies.--
57:02--The Kindness War^ Jacob loves taking credit for things he didn't do (sarcastic)
57:02--Discussion^ A reminder to name the Ork that has been adopted, by force, in Zeta's name --
57:03--Discussion^ Unreadable bag of "food"--
57:04--Discussion^ Decyphering what these tiny noodles might be (they're probably Donburi)--
57:05--Discussion^ Whole wheat Kit-Kats, Heather and Beej's favourite kind--
57:06--Discussion^ WWE Smackdown Live, Pokémon and Fortnite trading cards--
57:07--Discussion^ A BlackPink mystery box, sorry, mystery microphone--
57:07--Discussion^ Rocket League mystery garage battle car--
57:08--Enter/Exit^ Carrie returns from food--
57:08--Driver ChangeCarrie becomes driver again--
57:0957:15Discussion^ Homew'Ork might be a good Ork name
57:10--Discussion^^ Was this Ork raised by the humans? Or the French?!--
57:10--Discussion^^ Beej explains Worf's history as a Klingon raised by humans--
57:12--Discussion^^ Zeta needs to do some research on the Ork they're adopting, starting with Twitter--
57:13--Video/Image^^ Zeta's yet unnamed (?) Ork
57:14--Discussion^^ You can put salsa on anything--
57:15--Discussion^^ But what about "Zork" so Zeta can collect royalties on the letter Z--
57:15--Discussion^^ Zeta settles on Homme W'Orck--
57:17--Discussion^ "Thank you Jacob for all our wonderful gifts"--
57:18--Discussion^ Molly inspects tonight's haul--
57:18--Discussion^ Zeta Crack-a-Pack - Rocket League Battle Car Mystery Garage--
57:19--Other^^ Some gnarly ASMR as Beej removes the wrapping--
57:20--Discussion^^ The Rocket League car is a ghost! (Wrapped in white plastic)--
57:21--Discussion^^ The car is orange and yellow, very Dawn Guard, not very Zeta--
57:22--Other^^ Wilhelm Scream from the engineering--
57:22--Discussion^^ The car has a 'V17' engine: how's that meant to work?--
57:23--Discussion^^ These are Tempest Wheels, they have the crooked, blurry, offset appearance in the manual--
57:24--Burn!^^ "It's not even die-cast metal like Hot Wheels, it's just... plastic."--
57:25--The Kindness War^ Blackpink K-pop mystery microphone opening
57:25--Discussion^^ Heather vows to find Jacob and hug him (with his consent)--
57:27--Discussion^^ The tiny K-pop idol is in pieces! Time to assemble...--
57:27--Discussion^^ The lid with the fashion accessories in was sealed for safety and freshness?--
57:27--Discussion^^ Now assembled, the doll has Psychonauts/Splatoon vibes--
57:28--Discussion^^ The doll has to be disassembled to put the clothes on--
57:29--Discussion^^ Zeta has flashbacks to 90s(?) adverts: Crossfire, the McDonalds menu song--
57:31--Discussion^^ Heather is impressed the doll can stand unsupported--
57:31--Discussion^^ Beej will gather yellow and orange markers to give the doll Cori colour stripes, because it looks a lot like her--
57:32--Discussion^^ Reminiscing about popping the heads off dolls and swapping them around--
57:33--Discussion^^ Carrie suggests testing the markers inside the doll's hair, to make sure it won't rub off. It won't! Cori Doll is a go.--
57:34--Discussion^^ The doll has various holes for affixing accessories, the antenna from the car is attached--
57:37--Discussion^^ Molly feels the need to learn a craft; Heather assures her that learning isn't necessary--
57:39--Discussion^^ It's important for Cori to have lightning-related attributes--