DesertBus 15 - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 15 - Day 2

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
24:0024:01Shift ChangeCommercial for Jocko's Magical Emporium's Polymorph Creme
24:0024:01Video/ImageCommercial for Jocko's Magical Emporium's Polymorph Creme [Clean Version]
24:0124:03TechnicalBlack screen, then please stand by and desert bus logos on screen--
24:0324:05Shift ChangeNight Watch Opening video day 2, but it's Quantum Leap in addition to Star Trek TNG--
24:0524:06SkitCommander's Log, Supplemental--
24:05--TechnicalMissing Green-screen appears--
24:0324:06Shift ChangeNight Watch intro
24:0524:08DiscussionThe new ambassador is introduced, and definitely can totally see just fine.[✓]
24:07--Game EventBus Stop! Already! Good work Lt. Cori.--
24:0824:21MusicStar Trek The Next Generation opening theme--
24:0824:10DiscussionErika donates some money from her family! Happy 39th Anniversary to them!
24:10--Shoutout^ Shoutout to Erika's parents and happy wedding aniversary--
24:1024:11DiscussionSome sort of Time Loop is occuring, ensign Nog is still at the helm.--
24:1124:12DiscussionWhat is coming up on tonight's Night Watch?
24:1224:13Discussion^ Where is Bengineering tonight? Farscape--
24:13--Burn!"I also like my ship more than my crewmates" - Ben--
24:1524:16RDPRDP: Hey Now - Matt and Kim
24:1724:17RDPRDP: Miku - Anamanaguchi
24:1824:18RDPRDP: Work From Home - Fifth Harmony ft. Ty Dolla $ign
24:2024:21DiscussionSitrep - How's the rest of the crew?--
24:2124:29MusicWii Resort Music--
24:2124:27Roll CallRoll Call for Night Watch!
24:2324:27DiscussionRoot Beer is a very cordial market. Which commercial Root beer brand do you like best?
24:26--Discussion^ And supermarket and name talks--
24:2725:38Drive/Giveaway$7.25 Giveaway for: Stardew Valley Quilt - Raised $9127.75fuzzy_died--
24:2924:32Prize InfoMore Silent Auctions with Grand Nagus Zek
24:2924:35MusicThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Shop Theme -
24:3324:37DiscussionThe JJ Abrams Star Trek movies had some good moments!
24:35--Discussion^ Star Trek talk--
24:3724:38Prize InfoPreview of the Humble Bundle Bundle, which will be a giveaway later this shift--
24:3824:45MusicLuke and Leia suite from Star Wars--
24:3824:39DiscussionDare Night Watch Dream to go over 200k in the shift?--
24:3924:42DiscussionStar Trek characters opinions on the Star Wars movies and other media.
24:4224:44DiscussionCetacean Ops is canon!--
24:4424:46TechnicalThe Starship Tucson is losing a lot of frames! Seal the leak!--
24:4524:48DiscussionAndrew had an "oh no I'm still on camera" dream already, and other "Total Desert Bus" moments
24:46--Burn!Cori calls out the chat for not getting to 200k (After we broke 150k)--
24:45--Milestone150k hit!--
24:4824:49RDPRDP: THE END - Alesso x Charlotte Lawrence
24:49--TechnicalBoomer's uniform keys with the greenscreen--
24:50--PSAWhere do I submit challenges? Make a donor account!--
24:5025:01DiscussionExplaining what Root Beer tastes like to a European and other Soda Talk
24:54--Discussion^ Do any of you do the Moose Milk thing?--
24:55--Discussion^ Voice Clips in the RDP list--
24:56--Discussion^ Lemonade vs "Cloudy" Lemonade Soda--
24:57--Discussion^ Swamp Juice (mixing various sodas)--
24:59--PSAWhy does DB not have Subs and Bits?--
25:01--Discussion^ What to do with a Big Gulp...--
25:0126:14Call InDBLabs Telepresence Robot comes online with Tabby!
25:04--Discussion^ Drink purchasing is in progress! #SodaHour shall continue--
25:0625:06DiscussionTabby wants to know if the robot can feel pain?--
25:0625:07RDPRDP: Omobolasire - Prozzak
25:0725:10DiscussionBands that Canadians thought were popular, but no one outside Canada knows
25:08--Discussion^ Request from Chat: Can we see the harness for the Telepresence Robot?--
25:1025:14DiscussionWhat are we going to do while Tabby is "here", and what has Tabby been up to with Child's Play--
25:13--TechnicalWhat is happening with the Echo--
25:14--Meme^ Mic 5 is indeed off--
25:1425:16Prize InfoThe current giveaway, Stardew Valley Quilt, is shown off again. It comes with a 'Gold' DBLoon!--
25:14--MusicDistant Banjo - Stardew Valley OST--
25:1725:18DiscussionThe Fog of Love game that is on the set is shown off--
25:1825:26DiscussionWhat happened to the money after the first Desert Bus run? And other charity finance talk, and the early DB days.
25:26--Prize InfoThere Are Four Minutes! Left on the current giveaway--
25:2825:28DiscussionHey, where is DB this year?--
25:2925:42GameStar Trek Poker with Tabby! Possibly even on a table![✓]
25:3125:31Meme^ Ian Thwomps (but it's just his ankle pain)--
25:3225:32Physical^ Andrew walks the room through how to properly shuffle cards--
25:3225:43Music^ Mario Party --
25:3425:34Technical^ Kevin gets a bit too focused on the telepresence robot--
25:41--Physical^ Table Flip after losing with two pair!--
25:42--Physical^ Andrew makes the cards FLYYYY--
25:4326:53Drive/Giveaway$8.89 Giveaway for: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Set Booster Display - Raised $8356.60later325--
25:4525:48DiscussionGraham shows off LRRs Forgotten Realms cards, then rolls dice to determine the giveaway amount--
25:5025:57DiscussionChallenge for everyone to say their favorite word, and new OED entries
25:55--Milestone$160k get!--
25:5725:59DiscussionThwomp donation drive!--
25:5926:00RDPRDP: All Night - Icona Pop
26:0026:01CrashIan crashes the bus! Oh no!
26:00--Technical^ Tabby also has Red Alert capabilities--
26:01--Game EventNew driver: Jakeo--
26:0226:03Africa!Africa, but it's Thwomps
26:03--Game EventBus Stop by Commander Ian--
26:04--DiscussionAugmented Thwomp Silence will be returning--
26:0526:06Video/ImageUpdate on Binkii the Night Watch Orc--
26:0626:07ShoutoutDix's Log
26:0726:07Burn!^ More like Dix's Slog!--
26:0726:13DiscussionJapanese 7/11s and how much they rock, and vending machines / gacha machines.
26:0726:08MemeURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGG (Thwomp is now at 0.5 speed)--
26:1326:14DiscussionAnything else Tabby would like to do before she leaves?
26:14--Physical^ Tabby gives people hugs via the Telepresence Robot--
26:14--Meme^ Group URGHH--
26:15--TechnicalGraham's mic going very deep and throaty--
26:15--MemeURRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG (Thwomp is now 0.25 speed)--
26:16--Prize InfoCallout for Adventures Giveaway--
26:1726:37ReadingRobo Rosewater Masters Custom Made Cards for DesertBus[✓]
26:2326:28Prank^ Andrew's Audio filter / voice effect shenanigans--
26:31--Meltdown^ Room dies due to the art on Revolutionary Secrets--
26:3326:35Prank^ Andrew's Audio filter shenanigans, continued.--
26:3326:35Meltdown^ Graham, over the voice filter.--
26:34--Crash^ Left side crash by Cori! Disconnected from CloudBus Service--
26:35--Technical^ Red Alert for... so many things.--
26:36--Game Event^ New Driver: Driver--
26:3726:38PhysicalAndrew arranges the mana station into a pleasing non-WUBRG order
26:3826:43ReadingGraham reads game outros as Dave's spokesman
26:4026:43Prank^ Graham takes over the auto-tune mic--
26:4426:46DiscussionChat did not like the autotune, and totally accurate Gex game facts.
26:47--Milestone165k Get!--
26:4826:48DiscussionIs it a bit? or is it real?--
26:4826:51DiscussionRoom is challenged to remind chat to take meds/water, discussion about mental health medications and the struggle of finding the right ones.Applesauz
26:52--Enter/ExitGraham exits. "Commander Horner has the bridge."--
26:53--MemeURGH (it's normal speed now)--
26:5426:56Prize InfoSilent Auctions! (no Grand Nagus this time)--
26:5627:24FoodWhat beverage crimes can we commit? Beverage Testing![✓]
26:56--Meme^ URGH--
26:56--Enter/Exit^ Graham returns with drinks "Captain on Deck"--
26:57--Meme^ URGH--
26:58--Meme^ URGH--
27:0027:02Meltdown^ Cori and Graham can't contain themselves
27:0127:03Meme^ URGH x13--
27:0427:04Skit^ Take that one again, Andrew?
27:04--Meme^ URGH--
27:0528:14Drive/Giveaway$5.14 Giveaway for: Humble Bundle Bundle - Raised $5633.44No_Whey--
27:0827:08Discussion^ Ben challenges chat to raise $15k in next 50 minutes to restart Thwomp!--
27:0827:08Discussion^ Graham doesn't want to talk about how much money got spent on the Star Trek bit--
27:14--Meme^ URGH--
27:0927:16Music^ ???--
27:0927:15Discussion^ Soda Trying--
27:1527:21Discussion^ Descriptions / Sales Pitches for Board Games
27:1927:27Music^ New Pokemon Snap Menu Theme--
27:20--Meme^ URGH--
27:20--Milestone^ $170K--
27:2227:24Discussion^ Swamp Juice Soda Crime - "a rollercoaster," something got curdled--
27:22--Meme^ URGH--
27:2427:24Prank^ Camera shenanigans--
27:2527:34GameThis or That: Shorter or Longer than the Desert Bus trip?
27:26--Game^Salmon Arm, BC to Calgary, AB - Shorter--
27:26--Meme^ URGH--
27:27--Game^ Quebec to Halifax - Longer--
27:2727:28Shoutout$1000 donation from a wedding, Graham stands to make a 'drunken' speech
27:2727:28Music^ Here Comes The Bride--
27:28--Game^ Memphis, TN to New Orleans, LA - Shorter--
27:29--Game^ Gottenberg, Sweden to Hamburg, Germany - Shorter--
27:29--Game^ Geneva, Swizterland to San Marino - Shorter--
27:30--Game^ Melbourne, AUS to Sydney, AUS - Longer--
27:30--Game^ Santiago, Chile to Buenos Aires, Argentina - Longer--
27:31--Game^ Circumnavating Puerto Rico - Shorter--
27:31--Game^ Ciaro, Egypt to Tel Aviv, Isreal - Longer--
27:32--Game^ New Delhi, India to Kathmandu, Nepal - Longer--
27:3227:32ShoutoutWe were indeed at a wedding
27:33--Game^ Hiroshima, Japan to Nagoya, Japan - Shorter--
27:3327:34Discussion^ Ben created Thwomp emote on his channel (Bengineering)--
27:34--GameTucson, AZ to Santa Fe, NM - Shorter--
27:3527:35DiscussionAndrew wants to attempt landing a playing card on every camera in the room, once the drinks are cleaned up.--
27:3327:39MusicMario Party 3 - Woody Woods--
27:3527:38DiscussionRicky Jay was an amazing close-up magician
27:3827:46PhysicalAndrew now attempts to land a card on every camera in the room[✓]
27:3927:40MusicMario Party 3 - Battle Room--
27:4027:43MusicCrash Bandicoot 1 - Main Theme--
27:43--TechnicalYou're The Best, but it starts off at .25 speed--
27:4327:44MusicYou're The Best Around - Joe Esposito--
27:4627:46DiscussionAndrew explains his card-throwing technique--
27:4727:47ShoutoutKayla wants Zane to know his Desert Bus Stream is creating an echo!
27:4727:49Video/ImageChicken of the day: Roscar
27:4927:55MusicMax Fiddles About: John Brown the Emancipator, After the Battle of Aughrim, and Campbell’s Farewell To Red Gap[✓]
27:4927:49Prize InfoHumble Bundle Bundle Shoutout!--
27:5527:55Technicalecho echo echo echo--
27:5627:57DiscussionBen explains the source of the echo, Graham experiments--
27:53--Game EventBus Stop!--
27:5728:03PhysicalAndrew finally gets around to 52 Card Pickup, but can't find the cards
27:5928:00ShoutoutsimpleFlareon pinned a thankyou to Desert Bus to the 1hr Thwomp video
28:0328:10GameThis or That: Real or Fake Movie Titles from the Fate FranchisePat Baer
28:03--CrashIan's controller disconnected, right side crash--
28:04--Game^ Fate/kalied linger PRISMA ILLYA Oath of Snow - Real--
28:0428:10MusicKingdom Hearts - Traverse Town--
28:06--Game^ Fate/stay night Heaven:s Feel: II. lost butterfly - Real--
28:06--Game EventBus Stop by Commander Ian (DeJaVu)--
28:06--Game^ Fate/swords magic Rebellion Response: gift - Fake--
28:07--Game^ Fate/Grand Order - Grand Temple of Time: Solomon - Real--
28:08--Game^ Fate/Emiya Family: Menu of Choice - Meals - Fake--
28:08--Game^ Fate/stay night: Babylonia Holy Grail - Third Risk - Fake--
28:05--Game EventNew Driver: Q--
28:1028:11RDPRDP: Pretty Please - Jackson Wang & Galantis
28:1228:13TechnicalBoomer's uniform keying issues.--
28:1328:14DiscussionDiscussing the TNG BluRay remasters
28:1529:48Drive/Giveaway$7.73 Giveaway for: Vampire: The Masquerade - Vendetta Bundle - Raised $4,475.67Leucochloridium--
28:15--CrashIan quietly crashes again--
28:16--Game EventNew Driver: Q TWO--
28:1728:17DiscussionThe "Prince of Chicago" gets to decide what goes on a Chicago Dog--
28:1928:22DiscussionTalking about Chicago Style Pizza and other Chicago food
28:2228:24DiscussionWhat's Ben's favourite Kingdom Hearts game and why? (Birth By Sleep)
28:2428:26DiscussionGetting into FF14 over the past year--
28:2628:27ShoutoutAnastasia, your girlfriends love you!
28:2728:28MemeWowwwwwww 0.25 speed x2--
28:27--Meltdown^ room breaks--
28:2828:28ShoutoutUPSLynx. We all know. Ya Smalltime.
28:2828:29ShoutoutShouting out random names in hope of "getting" folks that aren't paying attention
28:2928:31DiscussionDevelopers! Arbys (Cheesegoo)? And Sauce opinions
28:30--Discussion^ Arby's Sauce or Horsey Sauce?--
28:3128:40DiscussionFavorite obscure videogame that No One has heard of
28:4028:48DiscussionOld, lesser known SciFi shows, and Ben gives a Heartfelt Apology to Pilot
28:48--DiscussionDestiny's new Trans Rights Emblem--
28:4928:53PSAMerch at Store.DesertBus.Org and The Poster--
28:5328:58TechnicalBen wants to test singing volumes and delay on the lav mics
28:5528:58Song^ Still Alive - Jonathan Coulton--
28:5929:00PosterThey check out the newest version of the poster--
29:0029:01DiscussionThe totally real origins of Ajony
29:0129:02Prize InfoVampire: The Masquerade- Vendetta Bundle--
29:03--TechnicalThe bus is down to 8% battery--
29:0329:04DiscussionWeirdly agressive food commercials--
29:0429:06DiscussionDexter Holland from the Offspring actually has a PhD, other musicians with higher education
29:0629:10SongBen sings This Year - The Mountain GoatsDal
29:1129:12DiscussionGraham explains his "Oh Good, It's Sauske" comment from a Crack A Pack video--
29:1229:14DiscussionBased on weight, what is the best boardgame in the room?
29:1429:15DiscussionIan takes over the copilot's chair, complains about its ergonomics--
29:1529:23DiscussionWhat non real, non-fictional animal would the shifts be and why?
29:15--Meltdown^ The weeds of what constitutes a non-real, non-fictional animal causes laughter--
29:1729:23MusicMariya Takeuchi - Plastic Love--
29:2329:33SkitDump Truck! Provided by Kel - Kids Sausage?![✓]
29:25--Food^ Kids Sausage (Meat free, notice the lacking apostrophe)--
29:2329:33MusicThis Way That - Mario Party 2--
29:29--Enter/ExitIan walks off stage due to Kids Sausage. HOT MIC--
29:31--Enter/ExitBen steps away due to Kids Sausage--
29:32--Game EventBus Stop by Cori--
29:3429:36DiscussionRunning down the Shift Animals, for Art Purposes
29:3629:40DiscussionDump Truck isn't about making fun of other countries food, but sometimes the food is bad.
29:37--Discussion^ Kids Sausage Drum Kit--
29:40--Discussion^ They're going to hide sausages in the Zeta box--
29:4029:42The Kindness WarShould Night Watch interfere in the Kindness War?
29:4229:43PhysicalDoes the sausage experience pain? The answer is possibly--
29:4229:43RDPRDP: Now or Never (Ft. Macross 82-99) - Flamingosis
29:4429:46DiscussionFreaky Star Trek episodes
29:4629:47PrankAndrew is asked to put the land station back in to WUBRG order, which he definitely does.--
29:4729:48DiscussionIan explains the difference between Tungsten Monopoly and Regular Monopoly
29:4829:49MusicMario Party - ???--
29:4929:51DiscussionThe Moonbase Layout / Couch situation is discussed--
29:5129:51Video/ImageNight Watch Capybarajinxlix
29:5229:53DiscussionAlternative names for the Omega Ouroboros
29:53MusicMax Fiddles our way out of Night Watch! The Beacon Manor (original), Whiskey Before Breakfast, and The Mason's Apron
29:5829:58TechnicalMic cut out and went BOOM (nice reverb tho)--
29:59--Technical^ Ben renacts what went on with the mic--
29:5929:59RDPRDP: THE BADDEST ft. (G)I-DLE, Bea Miller, Wolftyla - K/DA
30:00--Burn!Andrew: "Learning the choreography to K/DA is whiter than the ___ dance"--
30:0130:02SkitThe USS Tucson is being hailed--
30:0130:05Shift ChangeZETA BEGINS (Day 2)
30:0230:03Music^ New jock jams mix--
30:0330:04Roll Call^ Room introductions: Beej, Heather, Molly, Carrie, Shawn, Jen, PJ, and Matthews--
30:0430:05Physical^ Rotate the Cushions, as is tradition--
30:0530:05PrankSomeone was abusing the zeta box--
30:0530:17PSABeejSA Night 2 still reading from the list--
30:06--TechnicalNo one can drive the bus as no one has a button, the bus is also missing--
30:08--Driver ChangeCarrie finds a drive button. Becomes the Driver--
30:11--TechnicalMolly purges the backend--
30:13--PSA^ Beej and Molly are interested in music submission, but make sure chords are correct--
30:17--Burn!Always trust chat, never trust chat--
30:1830:20DiscussionHeather has a headache, she wanted shiny things and time-based gaming events--
30:2030:24Prize InfoGiveaways: Chickobo Shift Parade; Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Premium Foil Full Set; Zelda Mugs--
30:2430:25DiscussionWhich Zelda Mug should you drink out of in the morning: Courage, Wisdom or Power?
30:2530:25DiscussionBus Preview freezes, but Carrie didn't crash. EVERYTHING IS FINE--
30:2530:28DiscussionPEX tubing vs Pecs--
30:2730:29DiscussionBeej starts Car Talk
30:2830:38MusicWii Shop Theme--
30:2932:07Drive/Giveaway$7.13 Giveaway for: Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Premium Foil Full Set - Raised: $5,311.85Chiles--
30:3330:36DiscussionCan a 2d object have mass
30:34--Discussion^Are Animorphs in Innistrad?--
30:3630:39DiscussionIs the music getting loud and soft (only for Zeta, not viewers) and haunted?--
30:37--Game EventBugsplat!--
30:3931:17DiscussionMolly introduces us to America's Dad, Huell Howser
30:46--Video/Image^ "Huell Discovers Bits and Pieces of California" from California's Gold with Huell Howser--
31:12--Discussion^ The different kinds of food colourings and coloured foods--
31:15--Discussion^ Huell Howser in popular content--
31:17--Prize InfoInnistrad: Midnight Hunt Premium Foil Full Set plug--
31:1731:18DiscussionHow social media websites have coped with uWu--
31:1831:54DiscussionZeta takes some self-care, has a mukbang and talks about gender identity and clothing
31:23--Discussion^ Gender presentation and experimentation--
31:30--Discussion^ Carrie was once mistaken for a wig--
31:31--Discussion^ "I'm straight, right? Suuuuuure, yep."--
31:34--Discussion^ Gender, appearance and attention--
31:37--Discussion^ "We're never going to stop wearing face masks outside, so no one knows how we feel."--
31:38--Discussion^ Skirt pocket hacks--
31:39--Discussion^ Attitudes about which clothing can be visible; Clothing ettiquette--
31:41--Discussion^ Body hair grooming--
31:43--Physical^ Beej shows legs--
31:43--Discussion^ I have to find the brands--
31:44--Physical^ Beej Presents himself to Heather--
31:47--Discussion^ Orange tabs last forever, red tabs are cool, but actually all Levi's are no longer cool buy more braaaaaaands--
31:49--Discussion^ Varieties of clothes that worked for you getting discontinued--
31:51--Physical^ Beej produces his pants from off screen--
31:51--Discussion^ Pant fit, and lycra recomendations--
31:5431:55Prize InfoInnistrad: Midnight Hunt Premium Foil Full Set giveaway--
31:5531:56DiscussionWere we doing something for that half hour content?--
31:5632:03DiscussionHair care tips from Zeta, starting with Beej
31:57--Other^ Beej does a swear again--
32:02--Discussion^ Finding the right hairperson--
32:0332:04DiscussionCould we get to $200,000 before the end of the shift?--
32:0432:06DiscussionA peek behind the scenes on the topic of giveaways--
32:0634:12Drive/Giveaway$5.55 Giveaway for: Chickobo Shift Parade (Final Fantasy) - Raised $2,331.00obladerek--
32:0932:10DiscussionWhat are small chocobo called--
32:1032:14PSANew merch has hit the Desert Bus store! The USS Tucson in poster and playmat form! This is a preorder and will be made and shipped after the Desert Bus
32:14--TechnicalBeej and Heather's video hang up accidentally--
32:1432:16DiscussionQuick, while Beej is gone, rename the shifts to Dune puns!
32:1732:17DiscussionWhat was beej doing before going away--
32:17--PhysicalBeej gets the Mailbox et al--
32:1732:31The Kindness WarZeta Mail Time Night 2: A Third Party Intervention
32:19--Technical^ Beej messes with the brightness on the overhead--
32:21--Physical^ Beej throws away the Kids Sausage Night Watch left--
32:22--Discussion^ Joe left brownies! The brownies are consumed.--
32:23--Physical^ Kitty enters Carrie's camera--
32:26--Discussion^ Kitties and sound options--
32:26--Discussion^ description of "The Bread"--
32:27--Discussion^ Beej encountered Ian after "The Event"--
32:29--Physical^ Heather made a thing for Alpha Flight--
32:3132:32DiscussionCarrie's Cats and Sleep Schedules--
32:3232:37DiscussionFood making aspirations
32:3732:44DiscussionA hot water boiler was one of Beej and Heather's best purchases
32:41--Other^ Beej does it again--
32:42--Discussion^ Carrie used a Keurig so long it became a catapult and burn hazard--
32:4432:48DiscussionGiving out horrible home decor advice
32:4832:52PSAPromoting the drink bottle on the DB Store
32:5232:56DiscussionCarrie will only drink water from a Water cup, is that weird?
32:56--Driver ChangeMolly needs to rotate the fuilds. Beej becomes driver. Carrie kitty onstream again.--
32:5633:01Prize InfoSilent Auctions: Celeste Cross-stitch Set; DBfH Leather Charm Bracelet--
33:0133:10DiscussionTour of the USS Tucson with Jen
33:02--Discussion^ Vamping for time. Talk about vampires and torturing Jacob.--
33:01--Video/Image^ USS Tucson schematic--
33:03--Discussion^ NCC-2283 is reference to Bill's birthday, 2 Feb '83--
33:08--Discussion^ We're NOT selling the red alert version--
33:09--Shoutout^ Jen (mangledPixel) for all the work she's done--
33:1033:13DiscussionAdobe After Effects is a bus to learn (and so is Premiere)
33:1333:14Prize InfoChickobo Shift parade reminder--
33:14--Enter/ExitBeej needs to go mint an NFT--
33:14--Driver ChangeMolly Becomes Driver--
33:1533:23DiscussionBeej left so we're gonna talk about Dune and Spice again
33:17--Discussion^ Animorphs have entered our consiousness, and it's Molly's fault--
33:18--Discussion^ Spice Girls and Titanic were released in the same year--
33:21--Video/Image^ Molly shows an Onion piece on the Titanic: "World's Largest Metaphor Hits Ice-Berg"
33:2333:28DiscussionFanfic - old and new, Sailor Moon or otherwise
33:27--Discussion^ Fanfic leads to networking and professional writing--
33:2833:53DiscussionZeta offers no hot takes on fruit, but talks about food for 25 minutes anyway
33:31--Discussion^ Machines that work on fruits--
33:31--Enter/Exit^ Beej returns--
33:34--Discussion^ Does Fuzz/Hair outside food turn you off?--
33:35--Discussion^ Beej does a tangent on a potato dish--
33:36--Discussion^ Deviled Eggs, don't ask--
33:3833:38Game EventPoint for Zeta! First point of the run
33:3833:39DiscussionZeta can't believe this was the first point of the run. (It was.)
33:39--Discussion^ Back to eggs, or peaches--
33:42--Discussion^ Georgia filming tax breaks (peach logo)--
33:43--Discussion^ Anyway, peaches are awesome but take too much work to eat--
33:44--Discussion^ Over-rated fruits, proceed to talk about berries--
33:4533:47Music^ Choo Choo Train by Peter Weatherall--
33:45--Technical^ Music volume issues continue for Zeta--
33:47--Discussion^ Mouldy food is Bad--
33:51--Discussion^ Vegan food was delivered to the Dery house... with pork--
33:52--PhysicalBeej drops his phone--
33:52--Prize InfoChickobo shift parade will be five minutes from ending... in a few minutes--
33:5333:55DiscussionPlease don't taunt shifts with other shifts' memes
33:5533:59DiscussionThe things Zeta misses due to the pandemic: punching people, etc.
33:5935:50Drive/Giveaway$7.86 Giveaway for: Zelda Mugs - Raised: $1,886.40Tired Niall--
34:0134:10SongBeej plays anything he wants ("Some Fantastic" by The Barenaked Ladies)
34:01--TechnicalBeej's guitar is chroma green, hence transparent on green screen--
34:1034:12DiscussionWhere do picks go? And does Molly want to play anything?
34:1334:14DiscussionZeta's good on carbs. No donuts, please.--
34:1434:16SongMolly plays "Johnny Legs", a SFW version of another song of hers
34:1634:18DiscussionPlanning the next upcoming activity. Song? Quiz? Keep Talking?--
34:1834:22DiscussionDoes anybody remember The Day Today? (A history of Chris Morris' satire)
34:2234:57Quiz4:20 Quiz It: Who's That Animorphs? - Round 2Beej (3), Heather (1), Carrie (1), Matthews (2), Molly (-1)
34:24--Discussion^ Let's talk about Animorphs a bit more first--
34:27--Enter/Exit^ Matthews joins for the quiz--
34:29--Quiz^ Answer: BatNo-one--
34:29--Technical^ The quiz exploded into datamosh--
34:31--Quiz^ Answer: CricketHeather--
34:33--Quiz^ Answer: MouseBeej and Matthews--
34:35--Discussion^ What if they got stuck mid-transform?--
34:36--Quiz^ Answer: KangarooCarrie--
34:37--Discussion^ How do you touch a kangaroo?--
34:42--Quiz^ Answer: ElephantBeej--
34:43--Technical^ more datamosh--
34:44--Other^ Beej busses up again by swearing--
34:44--Quiz^ Answer: BuffaloNo-one--
34:47--Quiz^ Answer: BeeBeej--
34:50--Quiz^ Answer: Fly (not listed in options)Molly gets -1--
34:52--Quiz^ Answer: SharkMatthews--
34:5434:57Discussion^ Post quiz discussion--
34:5735:50Game💥 Keep Talking and Nobody Bricksplodes💥 Part 2: 🗣️ Molly reads, 🧱Beej buildsStopped after Step 21
34:58--Music??? Barely audible on stream--
35:12--TechnicalThe music is getting louder for the crew and all of the icons on Molly's desktop refreshed--
35:22--Prize InfoZelda Mugs Giveaway reminder--
35:2335:24MusicGoron Race - The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask--
35:26--CrashCarrie crashed on the left--
35:27--Game EventDriver name THWAMPA--
35:2735:30Music??? Some sort of ragtime tune. Maybe cuphead?--
35:30--Music??? I dunno. If you gave a new age pianist a drum machine? Jazz fusion elevator music?--
35:3435:37Music??? Some kinda haunted mansion waltz? Do ghosts have soirees?--
35:3735:39Music??? Sounds like a Wii Shop Remix perhaps?--
35:39--DiscussionWhat is chartreuse? (A display of meats.) Did we make a mistake somewhere? (Yes.) What is charcuterie? (A shark hair salon.) (...One of those is definitely true.)--
35:3935:43Music??? The theme that plays when you play an underwater game of polo on seahorses, I don't know!--
35:4335:45Music??? Wait, I think I know this one... It's a bossa nova where the whole band goes "Hwoogh"! every so often. Uuugh, what is it? (No, uuugh is a sound a Thwomp makes.)--
35:4535:47MusicGoron City - Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (I know this one!!!)--
35:4735:49Music??? I have a suspicion that this is from Paper Mario. It's a tuba and an oboe 5 drinks deep into a pub crawl.--
35:5135:52PhysicalBeej returns the blocks to the container loudly--
35:5235:55DiscussionZeta talks about bus stops
35:52--Discussion^ How to do a bus stop--
35:54--Discussion^ Ian is incredible at night bus stops--
35:5535:59DiscussionEnding the shift and telling chat about the stream going down
35:56--PSA^ Merchs--
35:59--Video/ImageZeta banner--
35:5936:00TechnicalThe regularly scheduled stream break--
36:0036:01Shift ChangeDawn Guard intro Day 2
36:0136:06SkitSports Talk Day 2[✓]
36:03--Video/Image^ Highlights of yesterday's match--
36:0636:22GameCoffee Pong Day 2Serge--
36:07--Physical^ Pre-game stretches[✓]--
36:0936:22Music^ Electrodrome - Mario Kart 8, various other Mario Kart songs--
36:10--Burn!^ Still no goals, ref asks if the competitors slept last night--
36:10--Game^ James breaks the stalemate and scores a point! 1 - 0 James--
36:12--Game^ Serge scores to tie the score! 1 - 1--
36:12--Game^ Penalty to Serge for calling like a ref, must shoot from the namaste position once--
36:13--Game^ James scores! 2 - 1 James--
36:13--Game^ Serge ties it up again, 2 - 2--
36:14--Game^ Serge takes the lead, 2 - 3 Serge--
36:15--Game^ James comes back to a tie, 3 - 3--
36:15--Burn!^ Kate points out James is actually attempting to play today--
36:15--Game^ Serge scores, 3 - 4 Serge--
36:16--Game^ Penalty to James for not finishing his coffee before returning to play, must throw from the namaste position once--
36:16--Game^ James ties the score 4 - 4--
36:18--Game^ Point to Serge, 4 - 5 Serge, match point!--
36:19--Game^ James restores the tie, 5 - 5! Match Point!--
36:20--Game^ Match point and game to Serge!--
36:2236:25DiscussionPost pong talk, and then shirts
36:24--Discussion^ Ugly Christmas sweaters--
36:2542:06Drive/GiveawayArt Challenge for: DB2021 Fangamer T-Shirt - Make a 3D model of the Desert BusN2osferatu's Kid--
36:2936:31Prize InfoSilent Auctions: Celeste Cross-stitch Set; DBfH Leather Charm Bracelet--
36:31--Discussion^ The charm bracelet is like a Desert Bus poster in charm bracelet form--
36:3236:36PSAThe Desert Bus merch store is open! There are so many things to see and buy!--
36:34--PSA^ New item in the merch store overnight: USS Tucson poster and playmat!--
36:35--Shoutout^ MangledPixel has a lot of experience in Star Trek designing--
36:3536:36TechnicalAshton shows the stream on his square--
36:3236:35MusicSmash Bros. Melee theme piano cover--
36:3636:38PSADonation through Crusaders of the Lost Idols will get you an Ashton character, and any others you've missed from prior years
36:38--Discussion^ You can comprise a party of just Desert Bus crew now--
36:3836:44PromoRunning through upcoming events on the shift: game shows, Steve Dengler call-in, live auction--
36:40--Shoutout^ Eidolon Ground Zero free copy for Desert Bus -
36:4436:44DiscussionJordan apologizes for not getting the art challenge set up yet in the backend--
36:4537:01GameGuess the F1 2021 São Paulo Grand Prix results
36:45--Promo^ Paul reminds folks they'll also be calling football winners later on--
36:48--Discussion^ Ashton: Leclerc, Pérez, Verstappen--
36:49--Discussion^ Paul: Bottas, Verstappen, Sainz (also, no one will pass anyone during the race)--
36:53--Discussion^ Jordan: Hamilton, Verstappen, Vettel--
36:54--Discussion^ Matt: Norris, Stroll, Alonso--
37:01--Enter/ExitJames and Serge return from PongChamping--
37:0137:03DiscussionCoffee pong recap with Serge and James
37:02--TechnicalStream stuttering--
37:0337:04PrankJames won both the first and second Mincraft server invites (Ashton's prank)
37:0437:08DiscussionHow is everyone doing this morning?--
37:0637:10GameGuess the F1 2021 São Paulo Grand Prix results Part 2: James and Serge add their guesses
37:08--Discussion^ James: Sainz, Verstappen, Bottas--
37:09--Discussion^ Serge: Hamilton, Verstappen, Bottas--
37:1137:14DiscussionJames might have to find another person for the Minecraft server, as one person didn't respond, Desert Buck donation goal today is for Turtle Eggs--
37:14--Discussion^ James doesn't want to identify bridges--
37:1437:15PrankMore BRB screen shenanigans
37:1537:16DiscussionDawn Guard talks about food and naps
37:1637:18DiscussionJames took the XBox Series X from the Moonbase and played Forza last night
37:18--Discussion^ 30 FPS vs 60 FPS--
37:1837:21PrankBRB screen shenanigans continue
37:2137:22DiscussionDid Coffee Pong look better today? James made improvements--
37:2237:32DiscussionAdopt an Ork challenge
37:29--Discussion^ The ork with two axes triumphant is chosen--
37:30--Discussion^ Choosing a name for the ork. Dawn Gaarr is suggested by chat.--
37:32--Discussion^ James suggests Orky McOrkFace--
37:32--Discussion^ Final ork name Dahn'Gar--
37:3338:56Drive/Giveaway$5.16 Giveaway for: Varia Starter Set #2 - Raised $1248.72Auburnkitty88--
37:37--TechnicalFrontend end time for the giveaway is wrong--
37:3837:38PSAArt Challenge for: DB2021 Fangamer T-Shirt is still ongoing--
37:3837:39DiscussionSerge asks if anyone's had a steak cake before? Steak as a base layer, with mashed potatoes as frosting, and bacon and dressing as decorations--
37:3938:07M-M-Multi Challenge!NFL Predictions5 - 8 - 1
37:39--Enter/Exit^ Az, Julie, Colin and Ashley join for the predictions--
37:39--Roll Call^ Site volunteers joining for the predictions introduce themselves--
37:42--Discussion^ New Orleans Saints vs Tennessee Titans (Titans win 36 - 0)Titans win 23-21 ✓--
37:44--Discussion^ Paul is never sure what reasonable scores are for football--
37:44--Discussion^ Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets (Bills win 27 - 24)Bills win 45-17 ✓--
37:46--Discussion^ Detroit Lions vs Pittsburgh Steelers (Lions win 24 - 11)It's a Tie! 16-16 T--
37:48--Discussion^ Jacksonville Jaguars vs Indianapolis Colts (Jaguars win 24 - 14)Colts win 23-17 ✗--
37:49--Burn!^ Has Serge ever outwitted a horse?--
37:50--Discussion^ Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Washington Football (Washington win 20 - 13)Washington win 29-19 ✓--
37:51--Discussion^ Cleveland Browns vs New England Patriots (Browns win 13 - 7)Patriots win 45-7 ✗--
37:52--Discussion^ Atlanta Falcons vs Dallas Cowboys (Falcons win 24 - 14)Cowboys win 43-3 ✗--
37:54--Discussion^ Carolina Panthers vs Arizona Cardinals (Panthers win 108 - 13)Panthers win 34-10 ✓--
37:56--Discussion^ Minnesota Vikings vs Los Angeles Chargers (Chargers win 21 - 7)Vikings win 27-20 ✗--
37:57--Discussion^ Seattle Seahawks vs Green Bay Packers (Seahawks win 32 - 27)Packers win 17-0 ✗--
37:59--Discussion^ Philadelphia Eagles vs Denver Broncos (Eagles win 16 - 12)Eagles win 30-13 ✓--
38:01--Discussion^ Kansas City Chiefs vs Las Vegas Raiders (Raiders win 27 - 21)Chiefs win 41-14 ✗--
38:01--Burn!^ Matt is gently reminded that Kansas City is not in Kansas, but rather is in Missouri--
38:04--Discussion^ Los Angeles Rams vs San Francisco 49ers (Rams win 69 - 0)49ers win 39-10 ✗--
38:06--Discussion^ (Thursday night game!) New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons (Falcons win 31-22)Patriots win 25-0 ✗--
38:0738:08Prize InfoReminder about the Varia Starter Set giveaway--
38:0938:10PromoFirst Feud, Steve Dengler call-in, Live Auction--
38:1138:13PSASaying hello to those new to Dawn Guard, Matt does the "what is desert bus" spiel--
38:1338:13DiscussionCritiquing Matt and Jordan's assimilation into Dawn Guard--
38:1438:15DiscussionShirt Chat 2, wearing Desert Bus shirts--
38:15--Game EventPOINT GET! - by Paul--
38:1538:16RDPRDP: Gee - Girls' Generation
38:1538:16Video/ImageMatt's background is Crab Rave 🦀--
38:15--Physical^ Jordan does the actual choreography--
38:1638:17RDPRDP: The Big Breakfast - Tom Cardy
38:16--Discussion^ talking about Tom Cardy--
38:17--Game EventBus Stop! - by Paul--
38:1838:19DiscussionGetting points (Did Dawn Guard crash last year? It must have been Zeta) [It wasn't]--
38:1938:19ShoutoutDarkMorford's work on the virtual bus
38:1938:54GameDawn Guard Gameshow #2: Family FeudNoy2222
38:20--Prize InfoPlugging the Varia giveaway--
38:20--Driver ChangeSerge assumes control of the bus--
38:21--Discussion^ Introducing the game and the teams (Team MAJ vs Team SAJ)--
38:24--Game^ Q1: Name a Living Creature that might win a fight against a bear (57 pts to team MAJ -- 57-0)Team MAJ--
38:21--Music^ Family Feud Theme--
38:28--Burn!^ Alright, first-strike Wiggins--
38:30--Game^ Q2: Name a subject you struggled with in school (73 pts to Team MAJ -- 130-0)Team MAJ (steal!)--
38:30--Technical"Hippopotamus" does not disappear--
38:35--Game^ Q3: Name a country in South America (156 pts to Team SAJ -- 156-130)Team SAJ--
38:40--Game^ Q4: Name something a Pirate might put on his nightstand before going to sleep (221 pts to Team MAJ -- 351-156)Team MAJ--
38:44--Game^ Fast Money -- Az gets 182 pts, Jordan gets 101 pts -- Total of 283 ptsTeam MAJ!!!!--
38:47--Technical^ Answers aren't showing in the bonus round--
38:53--Music^ Family Feud Theme--
38:5438:55DiscussionPaul is back, talks about being woken up by a bird--
38:5538:57DiscussionThe sound of one-handed clapping--
38:58--PromoMore giveaways, a live auction, and things to do on the shift--
38:5839:00DiscussionBreakfast talk--
38:59--TechnicalDesert Lag for Hope returns (stream stuttering)--
38:59--Food^ Jordan brings a muffin--
39:0139:02Prize InfoSilent auctions still ongoing: Celeste cross-stitch set, Leather charm bracelet--
39:0239:05DiscussionHow 'bout those Pokémons?--
39:0540:03Call InSteve Dengler calls in
39:0539:10Technical^ Stream stuttering--
39:06--Roll Call^ Steve introduces himself, and what he's been up to--
39:10--Discussion^ Outer Wilds cosplay--
39:15--Discussion^ Whisker Squadron and FTL -
39:17--Technical^ Additional stream stuttering--
39:2139:51Drive/GiveawayImpromptu Donation Drive: $5.01 for Cat, $5.02 for Bus (to be an unlockable character in Whisker Squadron) - $190.38 for Cat, $95.38 for Bus, $285.76 totalCat--
39:23--Discussion^ This year's dbloons--
39:25--Shoutout^ Shoutouts to M Lee Lunsford, Alex Steacy & Sam for designing the dbloons--
39:29--Technical^ Stuttering--
39:29--Discussion^ "Adios" from developer Mischief -
39:3139:31Game EventBus Stop! - Serge's first ever!
39:34--Discussion^ Accessibility of game design tools, Doughnut With A Gun--
39:36--Shoutout^ Desert Bus Game Jam going on now--
39:38--Discussion^ Catching up on what's happened with Desert Bus since Steve last visited--
39:39--Discussion^ Custom N7 Jacket & prop design--
39:48--Prize Info^ Three minutes left on Whisker Squadron poll, and silent auctions coming to an end--
39:52--Discussion^ How are we doing compared to last year, and what is the geographical distribution of DB viewers?--
39:59--Shoutout^ Shoutout to Desert Bus volunteers and viewers--
40:0340:03PromoLive auction coming up--
40:0340:06TechnicalDB2021 logo screen--
40:06--TechnicalStream returns--
40:0640:07DiscussionThe room is sent to the Phantom Zone when the stream goes down--
40:0740:08PromoLive auction coming up, and silent auctions ending and beginning--
40:0840:08Prize InfoArt contest for shirt still running til 11 PM Pacific--
40:08--TechnicalStuttering while James talks about the soon to come auction--
40:0840:12Prize InfoShowing off The Knight of the Four Banners auction item--
40:09--Milestone$200k achieved!--
40:1240:13PSAAuction rules--
40:1141:12PhysicalJames puts a ruler on his forehead--
40:1340:21AuctionLive Auction for: The Knight of the Four Banners (painted Imperial Knight model for Warhammer 40k) - Won for: $3587.29sampy104
40:1340:18MusicChipzel - Sunday--
40:15--Technical^ A bit of lag--
40:1840:20MusicDanny Baranowsky - Crypteque (Crypt of the Necrodancer)--
40:18--Technical^ BidBot doesn't accept one of the bids due to syntax--
40:2040:21MusicDanny Baranowsky - Mausoleum Mash (Crypt of the Necrodancer)--
40:2241:27Drive/Giveaway$10.69 Giveaway for: Perseverance Parachute Clock - Raised $21,198.27lostluck--
40:2240:22PhysicalAshton takes down his green screen--
40:2340:24DiscussionJames is gonna measure things by the size of his head, starting with the giveaway clock
40:2540:26RDPRDP: Drop Pop Candy - Giga-P & Reol
40:2640:26PrankNobody told James the dance is over--
40:27--Milestone$210k achieved--
40:2740:29DiscussionThe explanation of Mimosa Sunday
40:2940:31Prize InfoDiscussion of the Perseverance Clock - So much value!--
40:3240:32RDPRDP: Boy Problems - Carly Rae Jepsen
40:32--TechnicalPaul's RDP button doesn't work, someone else triggered the RDP--
40:3340:36DiscussionSerge wants to know who picked Carly Rae for the RDP list and further RDP talk.
40:35--Enter/ExitJames and Ashley with mimosas--
40:36--MilestoneDawn Guard has raised a desert buck!--
40:36--PSA^ Visiting the Dawn Guard Minecraft server will be coming up--
40:3840:39DiscussionGetting drinks. Serge has water--
40:39--Driver ChangeSerge relieves Paul of his driving responsibilities--
40:3940:40Prize InfoPlugging the Perseverance Clock giveaway--
40:40--FoodShowing off the mimosas--
40:4140:43PromoThe Garages vs. Desert Bus 2021 album - also available in tape cassette! -
40:43--Milestone$220K get--
40:4440:45RDPRDP: Money Machine - 100 Gecs (feat. KK Slider)
40:4640:49Prize InfoGoing over the newest silent auctions: Magikarp Cat Cube and Tower of Dice Dice Towers and Dice Trays--
40:5041:27QuizA Kingdom Hearts Lore Quiz for people who haven't played Kingdom Hearts and want to have good friendship times - Jordan vs GroupJordan
40:50--Video/ImageImage from the Perseverance Clock crafter on screen --
40:54--Quiz^ The stained glass platforms generally seen at the beginning of the games is called what? (Station of Awakening)Group (1), Jordan (1)--
40:55--Quiz^ The first world that Sora arrives in after leaving home is named what? (Traverse Town)Group (1), Jordan (2)--
40:57--Meltdown^ What answer did the team pick?--
40:58--Prize InfoThe art and donation drives ending soon--
40:59--Quiz^ Where is Kairi located during the first game? (Inside Sora)Group (2), Jordan (3)--
41:01--Quiz^ What is Kingdom Hearts? (Light)Group (2), Jordan (4)--
41:03--Quiz^ Namine is a witch with power over what? (Memories)Group (2), Jordan (5)--
41:04--Quiz^ Roxas is what to Sora? (His Nobody)Group (3), Jordan (6)--
41:06--Game EventBus stop? Bus stop!--
41:0841:56Drive/Giveaway$7.99 Giveaway for: Secret Lair: Black is Magic and IWD 2020 - Raised $4,809.98ShadowBell--
41:10--Quiz^ What character helps Sora in the Underworld of Olympus Coliseum? (Auron)Group (4), Jordan (7)--
41:13--Quiz^ Which enemy uses music-powered water as their method of attack? (Demyx)Group (4), Jordan (8)--
41:16--Quiz^ Which character from Birth by Sleep participated in the Keyblade War in the distant past? (Ventus)Group (4), Jordan (8)--
41:17--Quiz^ What is the villain, Xehanort, trying to create? (The χ-Blade)Group (5), Jordan (9)--
41:19--Quiz^ In Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, who is the most prominent Dream Eater? (Riku)Group (5), Jordan (10)--
41:20--Quiz^ What character defeats Vanitas the first time Sora encouters him in Kingdom Hearts 3? (Sully)Group (6), Jordan (11)--
41:21--Meltdown^ Matt at the Kingdom Hearts gif--
41:22--Quiz^ What character has secretly been Luxu the whole time? (Xigbar)Group (7), Jordan (12)--
41:23--Quiz^ Which of the following is where Sora ends up after Kingdom Hearts 3? (The Fictional World)Group (7), Jordan (12)--
41:24--Quiz^ What, objectively, is the most important question answered in Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth By Sleep - A Fragmentary Passage? (Why Mickey didn't have a shirt in Kingdom Hearts 1)Group (8), Jordan (13)--
41:27--Prize InfoThe ongoing Secret Lair MtG giveaway--
41:29--Shoutoutemcee117 in the chat, who crafted the Perseverence Clock--
41:3041:49GameTouring the Dawn Guard private Minecraft server after one day of progress
41:39--Milestone$230k hit--
41:47--Game EventDusk arrives!--
41:4941:55DiscussionMatt gives the winners of the F1 2021 São Paulo Grand Prix (Hamilton, Verstappen, Bottas) - Serge 9, Jordan 7, James 5, Paul 4, Ashton 1, Matt 0Serge
41:5241:54MusicLena Raine - Pigstep (Minecraft)--
41:5542:00DiscussionReading donor names and saying Nice--
42:0142:02RDPRDP: Stay - Zedd Ft. Alessia Cara
42:02--PrankNo one told James to stop dancing again--
42:02--Game EventBus stop!--
42:0242:06DiscussionHow to bus stop by Paul and Serge
42:0642:09Video/ImageShowing off the submissions for the Fangamer T-Shirt art challenge
42:08--Discussion^ Would the room eat the 3D art of the bus--
42:1042:11Shift ChangeTime for Alpha Flight! - Day 2
42:10--Video/Image^ Alpha Flight intro video--
42:1042:11Video/ImageAlpha Flight Intro - Day 2 [Clean Version]
42:1142:18DiscussionAlpha Flight is back! Hooray! With mimosas! Nobody has alcohol tolerance.
42:13--Food^ Joe enters with said mimosas--
42:12--MusicAnimal Crossing summer music mix--
42:1642:17TechnicalThe Bus does not have the state Cam saved, Night Watch's fault?--
42:18--Game EventDriver name: MOCKO--
42:1842:29The Kindness WarJacob, what's in the box? Zeta left a gift for Jacob.[✓]
42:23--Discussion^ Jacob takes umbrage at Zeta referring to his Shokopan as "good white bread"--
42:27--Discussion^ Night Watch has violated their Switzerland status in the Kindness War--
42:29--Physical^ Holding hands to show love for Zeta--
42:3043:21Drive/Giveaway$8.26 Giveaway for: Custom Painted CyberGirl Chizue - Raised $2238.46MaxLSilver--
42:3542:36Prize InfoErika reads the description of the CyberGirl Chizue currently being given away--
42:3642:44DiscussionKathleen explains to Jacob what CanCon is
42:40--Discussion^ Canadian patriotism and Canadian bands--
42:43--Burn!^ Jacob tells Joe he's only half a New Yorker being from Long Island--
42:4442:46Prize InfoGoing over the silent auctions: Magikarp Cat Cube and the Tower of Dice Dice Towers and Dice Trays--
42:4642:47ShoutoutJagaSilk Tea
42:4742:49DiscussionDiscussion on the rules for playing music during Desert Bus--
42:4942:54PSADesert Bus merch available at the LoadingReadyRun store!--
42:53--PSA^ Posters and playmats of the USS Tucson now available for preorder--
42:5542:58DiscussionJacob asks who Bill was.
42:5843:01DiscussionThe USS Tucson is an Oberth class ship and discussion of starships
43:00--Discussion^ Vulcan poetry--
43:0143:02Prize InfoReminder of ongoing giveaway for the Custom Painted CyberGirl Chizue--
43:0243:03ShoutoutYsbryd Games--
43:0343:05DiscussionA Pep talk for starting a new job, words of encouragementTempest2097
43:03--TechnicalVideo stuttering, audio fine though--
43:0543:10ReadingPoetry Corner: Erika reads "Noah's Nameless Wife Takes Inventory"
43:0743:09Technical^ Switching ingest servers, please stand by--
43:09--Video/Image^ Lauder Than Words (the wrong one) --
43:09--Video/Image^ Poetry Corner--
43:1143:19Discussion^ Discussion of the poem and discontinuity--
43:17--Discussion^ Pen and paper discussion--
43:1943:21Discussionv Does Jacob know about the Bee's Knees Dance from Final Fantasy XIV?--
43:2343:30DanceJacob learns and teaches Erika the Bee's Knees Dance from Final Fantasy XIV[✓]
43:23--Video/Image^ Video of the Bee's Knees Dance--
43:24--Video/Image^ Gif of a Lalafell doing the Bee's Knees--
43:2643:30MusicTo The Edge - Masayoshi Soken from Final Fantasy XIV--
43:3043:32Prize InfoImminent giveaway for the Pokemon Shadow Box--
43:3243:34DiscussionPokemon discussion with visual aids from Sarah Mendiola
43:33--Game EventBus Stop--
43:3444:49Drive/Giveaway$8.98 Giveaway for: Pokemon Shadow Box - Raised $8971.02NullColaShip--
43:3543:37Physicalv Jacob relaxes--
43:3643:39DiscussionAccent Discussion
43:37--Meltdown^ "You're so mean to yourself" - Jacob, to Kathleen--
43:38--Discussion^ Jacob explains how to train for intense accents--
43:39--PhysicalMatt busses away the now-empty mimosa glasses--
43:3943:40FoodJacob hands out cough drops--
43:3943:43DiscussionWhat's in Jacob's performance go-bag?
43:4343:45DiscussionCameron hand-wrote out all his poems and Jacob thinks that's super neat.
43:4543:48DiscussionHades talk and hating Hypnos
43:46--Discussion^ How many good boys is Cerberus?--
43:4843:57DiscussionJacob asks the room if they have any dice superstitions or dice habits.
43:54--Discussion^ Statistics of spindowns vs. Actual D20s --
43:5644:00DiscussionDB crew do not have time to do anything else once the run starts (and sometimes even before)
43:5943:59PhysicalJacob gives Joe a hug and "Dads" him
44:0044:02DiscussionKathleen explains how important Joe being there is
44:0244:03DiscussionCameron's hand-written poem selection and how empathy works
44:0344:03DiscussionKathleen types in the address to order food "without saying anything aloud" (meows instead)
44:0444:06PhysicalCameron spills coffee, Jacob to the rescue
44:0644:07DiscussionCameron picks out a poem for Jacob to read (tomorrow, because he has 'a shirt for this')--
44:0744:07PhysicalEveryone sanitise!--
44:0844:10DiscussionAlpha Flight makes up the best non-existent band name
44:0844:10Physical^ Jacob massages his shoulder with a Theragun--
44:1044:13Discussion^ Big Enough/Screaming Cowboy Song and Molly Lewis (but not THAT Molly Lewis)--
44:1344:17PhysicalJoe gets Theragun'd by Jacob
44:1644:17Prize InfoPokemon Shadow Box current donation drive--
44:1744:20DiscussionMore pokemon talk that gets weird - Jigglypuff should be made of skin and half of Mr. Mime is poisonous
44:2144:48DiscussionKathleen and the room talk King Gizz and many related topics
44:24--Discussion^ Kathleen recomends a King Gizz album to Jacob (Polygondwanaland)--
44:28--Discussion^ Commerce doesn't have to be capitalism--
44:31--Discussion^ Bylaw and Order talk --
44:36--Discussion^ Arca--
44:38--Discussion^ Cybertronic Spree--
44:40--Discussion^ Detroit--
44:43--Discussion^ Melbourne--
44:45--Discussion^ Inebriated politicians--
44:46--Discussion^ Cam's travels--
44:4944:49DiscussionWhat is a NullColaShip?--
44:4944:58DiscussionWhat's Cam's Fav Food? + Additional travel questions
44:49--TechnicalTime clock showed up on bus cam (Night Watch Bus shown on overlay and switched back)--
44:56--Discussion^ Solo Travel Japan Youtube Channel is Jacob's Fav--
44:5845:00Prize InfoSilent auctions still ongoing: Magkarp Cat Cube & Tower of Dice Dice Towers and Dice Trays--
45:0045:00DiscussionTemperature - Kathleen is so cold and Night Watch are sweaty bois
45:0045:01Prize InfoNail Polish Treo, giveway is incoming--
45:0245:05DiscussionDon't knead dough with nailpolish and the dumpsters of pizza shops that throw away dough, Jacob gets an idea for a mystery murder--
45:0545:10ReadingRead poems from a viewer about their boyfriend and now fiancee, Happiness and Happiness part 2PigeonRows
45:1045:12The Kindness WarKathleen wants to escalate the Kindness Wars
45:1145:13FoodKathleen gets a CoffeeBoss from Jacob and enjoys it
45:1145:13Discussion^ CoffeeBoss ingredients. What does dextrin do?--
45:1345:14DiscussionNot much is happening on-camera, but people behind the scenes are very busy--
45:1445:19DiscussionOrk Adoption for Alpha Flight - Nigel MadeOfCake
45:1445:16Video/Image^ The potential Orkz to choose from--
45:1945:27StoryCameron's favourite lab stories
45:20--Milestone$243342.00 raised --
45:2746:08Drive/Giveaway$6.90 Giveaway for: Desert Bus Treo 2021 Nailpolish #1 - Raised $4602.30Fayili--
45:2945:33DiscussionMore chem lab talk--
45:32--Discussion^ Knockoff Sharpies--
45:3245:39DiscussionWhat's everyone's favourite fruit?
45:3645:38Discussion^ Catching Jacob up on Nigel the Ork--
45:3945:42SkitEveryone picks something from the set and explains its significance. Wrong answers only.
45:39--Skit^ Cam: Root--
45:40--Skit^ Erika: DB Photobook--
45:41--Skit^ Kathleen: Yorick the skeleton head --
45:41--Skit^ Jacob: Cameron --
45:4245:44SkitKathleen's Discount Necromancy Store and Warehouse Commercial
45:4445:58DiscussionNicknames and name stories
45:5845:58Prize InfoCurrent Treo nailpolish giveaway--
45:59--MeltdownJacob cackles over the character he is making--
45:5946:03DiscussionArtificers and character creation
46:02--MeltdownThe cackling resumes--
46:0346:05DiscussionCan Superman get high?
46:0546:07DiscussionJacob is playing explodey Iron Man--
45:5946:07DiscussionPre-First Session discussions (inclusive)--
46:0846:10DiscussionCanadian Herratige Minutes, and they will watch some later--
46:1047:11GameUnnamed Alpha Flight D&D Session 1[✓]
46:11--Crash^ Cameron could not DM and drive at the same time--
46:1246:12Discussion^ How to socialise during the panini--
46:1346:13Other^ We view some pretty dice[✓]--
46:13--Video/Image^ D&D Intro--
46:18--Music^ RPG Towns Music & RPG Villages Music (?)--
46:41--TechnicalBus glitches--
47:1147:51Drive/Giveaway$10.15 Giveway for: Zendikar Rising Collector Booster Display - Raised $8333.15Chungo68--
47:1347:15PosterPoster Update (v4)--
47:15--Milestone$250k Callout--
47:1647:51DiscussionMtG talk: Standard changes too fast for casual players, and Jacob doesn't have the time or money to get back into MtG
47:2747:28Prize InfoZendikar Rising Giveaway--
47:3247:35Prize InfoSilent auctions still ongoing: Magkarp Cat Cube & Tower of Dice Dice Towers and Dice Trays--
47:35--Discussion^ Return to Magic talk--
47:5147:53PromoComing up on Night Watch... The Garages--
47:5347:57The Kindness WarJacob is the general of the Kindness war and gives his war orders
47:55--PhysicalAlpha flight's shift banner is falling--
47:5747:59DiscussionFursonas and the binterong
47:5948:00PromoTomorrow on Alpha Flight: SungWon Cho (ProZD)--