DesertBus 15 - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 15 - Day 1

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Auction Winner
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-00:06--MilestoneJames' pre-run challenge met ($27,805, more than any prior pre-run total)--
00:03--TechnicalStream live (late, as is tradition)--
00:06--TechnicalCut to an empty studio--
00:06--TechnicalBack to logo--
00:090:10Video/ImageCowboy Bebop-inspired Desert Bus Opening Video [Clean Version][✓]
00:0900:10Video/ImageCowboy Bebop-inspired Desert Bus Opening Video
00:10--TechnicalBack to the studio for the Welcome!--
00:1000:17DiscussionWelcome to the 15th Annual Desert Bus! Who are we, what do we do, etc.
00:13--Milestone$30,000 get!--
00:1400:15PSADesert Bus believes in Vaccination, BLM, and trans rights!
00:17--Game EventNaming the Bus Driver... Bill!--
00:1700:19TechnicalGraham talks about the Cloudbus / remote bus system.--
00:18--TechnicalThe controller is not on--
00:1900:20DiscussionGraham explains James' Challenge, which Chat exceeded--
00:2000:21DiscussionGraham explains how donations affect the length of the run--
00:2100:27Roll CallOn site Graham(he/him), Cori(she/her), Ian(he/him/they/them), Andrew(he/him), Max(they/them), Ben(he/him), Johnny(he/him)
00:22--TechnicalStage Friend has a camera this year!--
00:23--TechnicalMax finds the on switch for the mic after introducing themselves--
00:2300:24DiscussionWhat is a Stage Friend? --
00:25--TechnicalFixing Tech Microphone. --
00:2100:28MusicPokemon Snap Menu Theme--
00:28--Enter/ExitIt's Erika!--
00:2800:29PSADonor Accounts are MANDATORY now for prizes/auctions, shipping is mostly being done by PMC but Live Aution items are on site!
00:2900:31Prize InfoErika shows off The Sandman Cross Stitch, for live auction!--
00:31--Enter/ExitErika exits--
00:3200:32PSALand Acknowledgement - Indigenous Peoples of Vancouver Island
00:3200:39PSAAndrew promotes the Desert Bus store and merch, and mentions that they cannot currently ship to the EU and UK, but they will be setting aside merch for those folks. --
00:37--MilestoneDBloons are already sold out, Beej is making more.--
00:3900:39PSAContinued Land Acknowledgement for the Indigenous Peoples (Victoria)--
00:4000:44Behind the ScenesThey didn't have to totally re-wire the moonbase this year!--
00:43--Enter/ExitIt's Boomer!--
00:4200:44MusicYoshi's Island music- Flower Garden (First Level) -
00:4400:49TechnicalJohnny talks about the camera layout for Desert Bus.
00:4400:47MusicMini Mario & Friends Amiibo Challenge--
00:46--MemeJohnny is on Mic 5--
00:47--MusicFreezeezy Peak - Banjo Kazooie--
00:4900:57Behind the ScenesIan, Johnny and Andrew talk about DB Labs and The RDP Button.[✓]
00:5000:51Discussion^ Andrew talks about Random Dance Parties during Desert Bus--
00:5200:57Discussion^ Button challenges in the face of a Galactic Pandemic--
00:5300:54Skit^ Member of the Bene Gesserit challenges Ian to withstand a trial of the Gom Jabbar--
00:5400:55RDPRDP Troll: Night Vision Coffee - MDrift314 (Carrot Milk Edition)
00:5500:57Skit^ Telepresence robot for remote visitors--
00:5701:07Video/ImageWhat to Expect From Desert Bus - Clip Show!
00:5701:07Video/ImageWhat to Expect From Desert Bus - Clip Show! [Clean Version]
01:0701:13Video/ImageNight Watch Trek intro![✓]--
01:0901:23SkitCaptain's Log - DB 2021 Day 1[✓]
01:1101:12PSA^ Sleep Responsibly, Donate Responsibly, etc--
01:1301:21Prize Info^ Grand Nagus Zek describes the giveaways and silent auctions[✓]
01:2201:22Skit^ Ben is in the wrong IP--
01:2302:37Drive/Giveaway$6.93 Giveaway for: Zelda Master Sword in Wood - Raised $22155.21Briedoof (they/them)--
01:2401:26DiscussionHow many types of wood are there? (Ben lists all the kinds of wood)--
01:2801:30Video/ImageTour of the USS Tucson
01:3001:30ShoutoutTo Sokar for the Desert Bus source videos.--
01:30--MilestoneWe're experiencing $40k!--
01:3101:32RDPRDP: Electric - Katy Perry
01:3201:33DiscussionTNG's Heisenberg Compensators--
01:3301:34PSADonations are tax-deductable--
01:3401:36DiscussionAndrew explains his t-shirt--
01:3401:34PhysicalThe art of Guild Wars 2 Attacks Graham - A Shapeshifter?!
01:3601:37ShoutoutShoutout to the DB GameJam ( )--
01:3601:39MusicCrash Bandicoot Title Theme--
01:37--DiscussionBen feels at home now that he is back in engineering--
01:37--DiscussionThe Crash Bandicoot soundtracks were made by a guy from DeVo--
01:3801:39ShoutoutBritney Spears is Free!--
01:3901:40SkitRecite a Meme Song as if Dramatic Poem (Magical Trevor by Graham)
01:3901:41MusicEwok Celebration Song (Yub Nub)--
01:41--Milestone$50k get--
01:4201:42RDPRDP: Toxic - Britney Spears
01:4201:43RDPRDP:Chandelier - Sia
01:4401:44DiscussionThe Picard Maneuver--
01:4401:45DiscussionThey are not in DB shape after 2 years--
01:4501:47TechnicalSlack Default Responses set by Andrew are interesting--
01:4701:53DiscussionWhy would you need an Arby's emote? Crinklecut Fry Vodka or Curly Fry Vodka? And other strange Fast Food Products such as
01:4801:55MusicStardew Valley Summer music--
01:4801:51Discussion^ McDonalds merchandise website
01:5301:55Prize InfoGiveaway: Zelda Master Sword in Wood--
01:5501:57FoodWhat's in the bag???? Captain Picard's Tea Earl Grey Hot cups
01:56--ShoutoutJagasilk, for all of Desert Bus' tea needs!--
01:5701:58DiscussionRight before the pandemic, Beej slayed the kegerator
01:59--TechnicalJohnny's earpiece to engineering chat has been dead for some time--
01:5901:59PSAWhere to submit challenges--
01:5902:02FoodBackup Teacups (if the picard ones are too smol) DS9 Raktajino Mugs and dangerous Booch
02:0102:02DiscussionTNG theme was Ian's idea, not Graham's and Matt Wiggins is mad.--
02:0202:03FoodHYDRATE. (causes a bus crash)
02:0302:03MusicWii Shop--
02:03--CrashCori crashed the bus--
02:0302:04TechnicalBen Engages Red Alert
02:05--Game EventDriver name: Jocko--
02:0502:14MusicNow that the red alert has ended, back to Wii Shop--
02:0502:15DiscussionCat / Dog / Pet Stories
02:07--Game EventBus Stop get--
02:08--Enter/ExitCaptain Stark returns with a full mug--
02:09--DiscussionTNG uniform talk and how snazzy they are.--
02:1402:23MusicBackground Piano--
02:1502:16DiscussionJefferies tubes and other TNG injokes
02:1602:19DiscussionThe Dune mini-series and new Dune movie
02:1902:20Prize InfoGiveaway: Zelda Master Sword in Wood--
02:20--MilestoneWINGDING - $55000--
02:2102:23DiscussionTalking about the Clip video
02:22--Shoutout^ The VST, for chronicling all of these shenanigans.--
02:2302:24MusicAnimal Crossing music--
02:2302:30GameThis or That: Don or a Count?
02:25--Game^ Tyrone Rugen (Count) Princess Bride--
02:25--Game^ Luigi Rizzo (Count) Italian Navel Captain--
02:25--MusicBob-omb Battlefield - Super Mario 64 --
02:26--Game^ Vincent Vanetti (Don) 91 Days--
02:27--Game^ Anthony DiMera (Count) Days of Our Lives--
02:27--Game^ Francisco de Haro (Don) 1st Alcalde of San Francisco--
02:27--Game^ Menchikatsu (Don) Donburi Bowl--
02:28--Game^ Rudolf Andreini (Count) Murder on the Orient Express--
02:28--Game^ John Gotti (Don) A real Gangster Mob Boss--
02:29--Game^ Honorio Ventura (Don) University--
02:29--Game^ Victoria Alphiari (Count) Italian Dramatist and Poet--
02:3002:33DiscussionFavorite gangster movies, and what counts as a gangster movie?
02:3302:34DiscussionNelson got got by the Wheel of Enormous Proportions (Jackbox game)--
02:3402:45DiscussionFavorite Desert Bus Units of Measurement as well as Desert Bus Injuries
02:34--Discussion^ Lickability lowest on the scale--
02:35--Discussion^ Worst Injuries on Desert Bus--
02:37--MusicDonkey Kong Country Bonus Music--
02:3802:38RDPRDP Troll: Scatman's World - Scatman John
02:39--Discussion^ a "Desert Buck" is very strong ($22,805)--
02:40--Discussion^ a "Houseboat" ($5,000)--
02:40--Discussion^ all the Bothans ($3,000)--
02:40--Discussion^ Madness ($300)--
02:40--Discussion^ Mythbusted ($1,000)--
02:4102:45Story^ The origin on "Houseboat"--
02:4509:45Drive/Giveaway$5.15 Giveaway for: Custom Printed Elgato Stream Deck (Version 2) - Raised $12,385.75MaskedBeeX--
02:4502:50MusicThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Shop Theme -
02:4802:51Prize InfoWhat can I do with a Stream Deck?
02:5102:52ShoutoutElgato Sponsored a ton of equipment along with the prize
02:51--TechnicalGraham takes a brief tour of the observation deck
02:5302:56DiscussionWhat version of Star Trek uniforms are they wearing? And other Star Trek Costume Talk
02:5602:57TechnicalOverlay talk, and potentially frozen updates (Email for help)--
02:5703:00MusicSuper Mario Bros. 2 - Overworld [Remix] - Qumu -
02:57--CrashCrash due to "Controller malfunction", by Ian--
02:57--Technical^ Red Alert due to Crash--
02:5802:59DiscussionFull Gear predictions, Graham punts to a future shift #PolitelyREJECT--
02:59--Game EventYour driver is: NOG--
02:5903:00PhysicalHow does one perform the Horner Maneuver
03:0003:01MusicBob-omb Battlefield - Super Mario 64 --
03:01--Game EventBus Stop get! By Ian--
03:0203:05PhysicalStretch Time! with Zuiikin' English[✓]
03:07--TechnicalBen works to fix the A/C to be on in perpetuity--
03:0803:10DiscussionExplaining and Performing the Riker maneuver
03:1103:16DiscussionAndrew doesn't currently have a digital camera for the first time in 17 years, except his phone, which leads to cell phone / apple watch talk. Now with Allergies!
03:13--Discussion^ Ian explains why he loves smart watch silent alarms--
03:14--Discussion^ Allergies. Cori is allergic to many Things. Welcome to Allergy Hour!--
03:16--PhysicalAndrew wears Lilliana's Veil Headpiece--
03:1703:17MusicWii Shop September mashup -
03:1703:18DiscussionBoomer is allergic to Washington. Like, the whole state.--
03:1903:22MeltdownBen forgot he left the video "1 hour of silence occasionally broken by mario 64 thwomp sound effect" playing. - #Thwompilation[✓]
03:19162:50SupercutThwompilation + Luigi
03:2203:30MusicMax Loy Fiddles Fantastically For Fun!
03:23--Prize InfoCustom Printed Elgator Stream Deck (Version 2)--
03:25--Music^ The Dusty Wine Bottle, Tam Lin Reel--
03:30--ShoutoutCatch Max at
03:31--MemeURGHHHH #Thwompilation--
03:3103:32DiscussionViolin chat, and the effort that went into it this year.--
03:3203:36PSAAndrew talks about some Sponsor bundles--
03:33--MemeURGHHHH, Andrew! #Thwompilation--
03:3403:36Prize InfoPride Pin Lot & Buster Sword Giveaways--
03:35--MemeThwomp-d #Thwompilation--
03:3703:38TechnicalUpdate on donation tracking situation (it's on Paypal's end)--
03:38--MemeURGH #Thwompilation--
03:39--TechnicalShowing off Kevin the camera--
03:3903:41DiscussionIan ELi5's Dune
03:3903:41MusicSuper Mario World - Athletic theme--
03:40--Meme^ URGHHH #Thwompilation--
03:40--DiscussionBen forgets he's the only Engineer on-site --
03:42--Meme^ URGHHH #Thwompilation--
03:4303:43DiscussionMutual Appreciation--
03:44--Meme^ URGHHH #Thwompilation--
03:4403:52GameThis or That: Real Food or Fictional Food
03:45--Game^ Droth (Fictional, Demon's blood from D&D)--
03:45--MusicSNES Plok Music--
03:46--Game^ The Mindflayer (Both, IRL Cocktail and recipe from D&D)--
03:46--MemeThwomp(s) #Thwompilation--
03:46--Game^ Zzoup (Fictional, various video games)--
03:4703:48MemeM-M-M-MULTI THWOMP #Thwompilation
03:48--TechnicalOverlay disapears for a second--
03:48--Game^ Biturcoon (Fictional, from 'Nsburg, even though multiple cast members were on screen and didn't recognize it)--
03:49--Meme^ URGHHH #Thwompilation--
03:49--Game^ Chitterlings (Real)--
03:49--Game^ Elven Bread (Both, LotR and IRL versions)--
03:49--Game^ Monkey Gland (IRL Cocktail)--
03:50--Game^ Bubble and Squeak (Real)--
03:51--Game^ Safe (Fictional, Plant-based drink from Broken Earth Trilogy) #SafeIsFake--
03:51--Game^ Stargazy Pie (Real)--
03:5103:51Shoutoutsimpleflareon, who made the Thwomp video, stops by!
03:53--Meme^ URGHHH #Thwompilation--
03:5303:57DiscussionWhat Gameboy game is this music from? And other VG Music Bangers from games you wouldn't expect.
03:53--Music^ Pictionary -
03:56MusicAnimal Crossing music--
03:57--Meme^ URGHHH #Thwompilation--
03:57DiscussionWhen Macs had Nvidia GPUs--
03:58--Game EventCori narrowly avoids another crash--
04:0004:01DiscussionThe origins of the LoadingReadyRun Theme Song
04:0004:01MusicTake Me Out to the Ball Game - The Sporting News Baseball--
04:02--TechnicalFinal 40 seconds of Thwomp!--
04:02--Meme^ URGHHH #Thwompilation--
04:03--Meme^ URGHHH #Thwompilation MultiThwomp!--
04:0304:05Video/ImageOriginal Halo NVidia Video--
04:05--TechnicalOverlay updated to inform the masses about PayPal issues--
04:0504:06DiscussionVirtual assistants and their various quirks--
04:0704:10MusicTwilight Town (Roxas) - Kingdom Hearts 2--
04:0704:08DiscussionThings On My Shelf--
04:0804:12DiscussionFavourite Wrestling Theme Songs
04:1004:19MusicGearing Up - Kingdom Hearts 2--
04:1104:13DiscussionOrigins of "UPSLynx is smalltime"
04:1304:16DiscussionThe hybrid nature of DB2021
04:15--Game EventCori with the Bus Stop!--
04:1604:16DiscussionGraham discusses the backend of how much work DesertBus and LRR are when they combine.--
04:1604:17DiscussionThey Explain Bob Ross's Board Game on the shelf--
04:1704:18DiscussionHow the points system works with the split shifts--
04:18--PrankAlert!! (accidentally set off when trying to unmute Johnny)--
04:1804:19DiscussionWhy is clipping not avaliable this year?
04:19--ShoutoutVST Shoutout for recording everything!--
04:1904:20DiscussionWhat does Bite Club mean?--
04:2004:24DiscussionWhat Orc does Night Watch want to adopt? Binkii, the two handed sword with a handle!
04:21--TechnicalBen doesn't remember the difference between Mac and Windows keyboards. ENHANCE! (also the overlay goes away for a second)--
04:23--MemeDo you want to take that one again Ian?--
04:24--MemeURGHHHHHH (By the crew)--
04:2404:26DiscussionThere's always time for fun; it's Friday night!
04:2504:26DiscussionAre there any words that Ian cannot make disturbing?--
04:26--MemeHi Mario!--
04:2604:27DiscussionAEW's tribute to Luke Harper
04:2704:31DiscussionAudio Trademarks, and marketing podcasts
04:3104:34DiscussionKeeping momentum in self-made projects--
04:3404:36DiscussionStrange Canadian Movies from the 80s--
04:3604:40DiscussionCrowdsourcing the names of lost media from the crew's memories
04:4004:50FoodThe Dump Truck has returned!! Hayward's Pickled Onions. Medium and Tangy!
04:40--Music^ This Way That - Mario Party 2 -
04:45--Shoutout^ Raid by FoldableHuman (Dan Olsen)--
04:45--Burn!^ You think DVDs are food - Cori to Ian--
04:49--Food^ Ben's enjoying the onion... and brine, apparently--
04:50--PSAChannel don't do subscriptions or bits, donate at website!--
04:51--ShoutoutMolly, and Zeta shift coming up at midnight local--
04:5204:53RDPRDP: Find You - Zedd ft. Matthew Koma & Miriam Bryant
04:53--MemeURGHHH #Thwompilation--
04:5304:59Video/ImageSaying hello to Eggbert the Chick and Gumi the Bird
04:55--Video/Image^ Reacting to Gumi the bird - wuewuewuewue--
04:56--Prize InfoQuick shoutout about the Gelatinous Pepe starting soon--
04:5705:03MusicSoulful Strut - Young-Holt Unlimited--
04:5905:05Roll CallLets go around the Room! (Ian, Andrew, Cori, Graham, Max, Bengineering, Boomer, Alex, Kelly, Soraya)--
05:0105:03Discussion^ Graham talks about what he did before going full time at LRR--
05:0305:06MusicSuper Mario Bros. 2 - Overworld [Remix] - Qumu--
05:05--DiscussionThe need for blood is constant. --
05:0605:08DiscussionGraham's two favorite tickets from his old job
05:0605:08MusicSuper Mario Bros. 3 -Remix--
05:0805:11Prize InfoSilent Auctions: Grand Nagus Zek goves over the Desert Bus Shift Themed Battletech Lance & Studio Ghibli Scarf
05:11--ShoutoutIt's Wallace Shawn's birthday!--
05:1105:14DiscussionGraham explains his suggested Star Trek viewing order--
05:1405:16DiscussionIan gives his opinion on the Long-Tailed Bat being made the New Zealand Bird of the Year
05:15--PhysicalIan attempts to hand stand, says to challenge him again later in the run--
05:17--ShoutoutShoutout to PinAche (like menache)--
05:18--PosterPoster Moment Update chats--
05:1805:18DiscussionIan defending his declaration that a bat is not a bird--
05:18--MusicYoshi's Island Bowser theme--
05:1905:20DiscussionAndrew Lloyd Webber leads an interesting life.
05:2005:23DiscussionCrowdsourcing challenge for a documentary about action figures--
05:21--MemeUUUUURGH! x2 (the video is back on)--
05:23--ShoutoutWelcoming new folks to their first Desert Bus--
05:2505:34PromoThe upcoming guests for the rest of the run (Tabby, Steven Dengler, The Garages, SungWon Cho, Andy & Maddie, The Longest Johns, Mikey Neumann, Victoria Tran)--
05:27--PSADBloons won't be limited on the store! Just wait for the restock--
05:30--ShoutoutLambMower joins us in chat!--
05:31Musicsome sort of kpop?--
05:3405:37ShoutoutMultiple Desert Bus viewers have been on Only Connect
05:35--TechnicalDonation total has started updating again!--
05:3705:38DiscussionHow are Andy and Maddie preparing their sound set-up for their call-in?--
05:3805:42DiscussionLet's listen to some Animal Crossing songs--
05:39--Music3 AM - Animal Crossing New Horizons--
05:40--PromoKobold will be released in Idols of the Forgotten Realms for all active players later on--
05:4105:42Discussion^ The 3am Animal Crossing music sounds like it's making fun of you for still being awake--
05:4205:44DiscussionWhat is your favorite totally real idle-game prestige tree fork?
05:4405:45DiscussionCori's current Drawf Fortress game has 63 Worshippers of Lust--
05:4505:46PSAThe current situation with tracking the donations--
05:46--MemeMinecraft Villager HMRRRRRRR--
05:4605:48DiscussionFavourite out-of-context Desert Bus clips from the compilation video
05:49--PSAThe current giveaway will end during Zeta--
05:4905:50Prize InfoCustom Printed Elgato Stream Deck--
05:5005:53PhysicalThe longest "traaaaaaaaaaaaaans rights!" in Desert Bus history
05:50--Game EventNext Bus Stop get! By Cori--
05:5105:54MusicUpbeat Piano Background Music--
05:5305:54TechnicalFun With Kevin the Camera--
05:5405:55RDPRDP: Telephone Number - Junko Ohashi
05:55--Burn!PunishedAwoo gets punished!--
05:5505:56TechnicalBoomer's uniform is getting keyed out--
05:56--MilestoneHour 124 Get!--
05:5605:58Roll CallWho is on Zeta this year? (Molly, Carrie, Beej, Heather, Matthews, PJ, Shawn, Jen)--
05:58--DiscussionIan leaves the registration plate on the USS Tucson as an Exercise for the Reader tm--
05:5805:59TechnicalCamera jumps to ensure M.T Chair sees the light of day!--
05:5906:00DiscussionGraham tells a story about the first time Penelope got really dizzy the first time--
06:0006:01Shift ChangeRed Alert! Possible Hostile Vessel approaching! (To be continued...)
06:01--Technical^ZETA HAS ARRIVED--
06:0106:02TechnicalZeta banner--
06:0106:03Shift ChangeSmash Cut to Zeta
06:0206:03MusicNew Zeta Theme! (Jock Jams is I Cream Chords now)--
06:0306:04Roll CallBeej, Heather, Carrie, Shawn, Jen, PJ, and Matthews--
06:04--TechnicalPJ Exploded--
06:04--TechnicalCarrie has an echo?--
06:0406:05PhysicalRotating the cushions--
06:04--Technical^ Cushion overlay--
06:0506:19PSAThe traditional BeejSA. From a script this time, so he remembers everything
06:06--Game EventMolly's at the wheel, driver name THWOMP--
06:08--Technical^ Carrie's Audio is perfectly fine.--
06:09--PSA^ Merch, DB store and LRR store can ship together. Reminder that can't ship to EU and UK, will hold some merch for when shipping is possible. How to submit a challenge--
06:14--Burn!^ "Please use the correct chords and not just what you think the chords are" - Beej--
06:16--Prize Info^ Donate $5.15 for the current giveaway,--
06:1906:21PrankHarmonizing "ASMR" sounds[✓]
06:2106:24DiscussionWhat are we drinking tonight, and from what--
06:2306:28DiscussionBeej's electrocution story and other electricity tales
06:27--Discussion^ Carrie talks about electricity in drama school--
06:2806:29DiscussionBeej is instructed to access the backend--
06:2906:30DiscussionHeather and Molly talk about sacrificing your own son as a prank
06:30--Burn!^ 5 minutes of not talking about Beej's weird body--
06:30--Discussion^ Killing Isaac because God tells you--
06:3006:36MusicMii Shop Music--
06:3106:32DiscussionMake sure you know which part of your body is real--
06:32--TechnicalBeej tries to access the backend--
06:3206:34DiscussionHow to not get kicked out of Nook's Cranny--
06:34--TechnicalBeej fails to get into the back end--
06:34--TechnicalBeej and Heather explode into pixels, now there's only Molly--
06:3406:36DiscussionZeta just happens to you
06:36--PhysicalBeej and Heather switch seats--
06:3606:37DiscussionThe Wii Shop music continued to get distressingly loud for the crew--
06:3706:39DiscussionHow did Molly and Heather prepare for Zeta
06:37--Technical^ Molly doing a John Cena fails to remove her visual glitches--
06:3906:40DiscussionWe cannot yet draw the finished giveaway due to the PayPal technical issues--
06:42--Prize InfoBeej tries to talk about tonight's giveaways and keeps getting distracted--
06:4006:42DiscussionDoes Zeta have the most volume of hair of all the shifts?
06:4306:43DiscussionWhat if Desert Bus started in Zeta? And what is Zeta in the Star Trek Universe?--
06:4412:02Drive/GiveawayShirt #1 Art Challenge: Draw the aftermath of Night Watch firing upon the Zeta shipdasadangielle--
06:4406:47DiscussionSeeing our Butts--
06:4706:50DiscussionStar trek, continuity, and lore that we don't know
06:5006:52DiscussionBeej doesn't want his future child to have any name that already exists and proposed baby names for the Zeta crew
06:5506:56DiscussionCarrie is back, not sounding like a robot anymore. This is how computers process.--
06:5606:59PhysicalHeather and Beej demonstrate the "ghost finger" sensory illusion
06:5907:00DiscussionBeej was a councillor at a summer camp and a puppy died. This is a downer.--
07:00--TechnicalAn echo returns--
07:0007:01DiscussionGoing to the Candy Shop, Tuck Shop or Canteen--
07:0107:07StoryUplifting Church Camp Stories
07:0707:11Prize InfoSilent auctions: Desert Bus Shift Themed Battletech Lance and Studio Ghibli Scarf--
07:1107:14DiscussionThe Untouchable Cagot Clan --
07:1407:18Video/ImageZeta watches Chicken Attack by The Gregory Brothers
07:1807:20Discussion^ Chicken attack in video games--
07:20--CrashMolly lost the bus--
07:21--TechnicalBeej takes over the bus, but the controller is acting oddly--
07:1307:14The Kindness WarKindness War discussion and their preparation--
07:22--PhysicalHeather Plunders the Moonbase--
07:2307:27DiscussionCarrie shows off her guest cat, Gwinny
07:2709:47Drive/Giveaway$8.05 Giveaway for: Infinite Mana Scarf; Amount Raised $1,312.15ZeldaZach--
07:29--Discussion^ You could once post children through the mail?--
07:3308:20The Kindness WarThe Kindness War for 2021 begins![✓]
07:33--MusicWii Sports theme--
07:3808:20Physical^ Heather is making a mailbox for the Kindness War (and other crafts are happening)
07:3807:39Discussion^ What is a Cushion?--
07:4107:46Discussion^ Beej wants less donations so that Omega Shift still finishes on Zeta
07:4807:51Discussion^ Crafting tools and Carrie is playing with fiber optics--
07:5107:52Story^ Phantom recording of the moonbase--
07:5207:55Discussion^ Beej's request of OBS--
07:5607:57Discussion^ is Heather something weird because she makes rainstick noises?--
07:5707:59Prize InfoReminder about the Infinite Mana scarf giveaway and the Zeta art challenge--
07:5908:00Discussion^ Insight into Shirts, and manufacturing in our trying time--
08:0008:01Discussion^ Carrie fails to rhyme--
08:01--MilestoneHour 126 and 127 is claimed (Silent auction coming in)--
08:0108:03Discussion^ The oddity of art--
08:0308:04Discussion^ Molly showing off her drawings--
08:04--Physical^ Heather drops the glue--
08:0408:05DiscussionCori is in chat and teases the Zeta members for a drawing of her tombstone--
08:06--Physical^ Heather once again ventures forth to raid the Moonbase--
08:0608:07Discussion^ what is Molly drawing on--
08:0708:10Discussion^ The EU and UK can not buy stuff, Cause Beej can't pay taxes, and other DB goods talk--
08:1008:12Discussion^ Another Kitty - Prinnie - has arrived to visit Carrie--
08:1208:17Discussion^ More shipping adventures with Beej--
08:1708:18Discussion^ Where to put the "mail box"--
08:1808:20DiscussionPlease don't talk about divisive topics in chat, it's not nice.--
08:2008:21DiscussionElectrical tape won't hold a fiber optical bundles in place--
08:2108:22DiscussionMail box and other craft ideas--
08:22--PhysicalEveryone sways and vibes to the music--
08:2209:01DiscussionQuestion "where are Molly and Carrie from" turns into Music stories
08:24--Discussion^ Beej and Molly's experiences with music--
08:27--OtherBeej sort of swears--
08:4108:42StoryBeej talks about writing the caption for the DBloon on the DB store
08:42--Discussion^ Back to youth music stories--
08:46--Discussion^ A corgi is the ukulele of dogs--
08:46--Discussion^ Molly Plays her electric uke and talks about instrument customization--
08:49--Discussion^ Luthier is a great word--
08:50--Discussion^ Do Carrie and Heather have music stories? Yes!--
08:58--Discussion^ Heather has had Cori's ukulele borrowed and in a closet for a year without touching it--
08:59--Milestone7.2m lifetime get--
09:0109:02SkitWe are at the top of the hour here at Z.ETA, Zeta Radio
09:0109:03Prize Info^ Giveaway: Infinite Mana scarf and Art Challenge: draw the follow up to the Night Watch attacking Zeta Shift--
09:0309:05PSAStarship Zeta Attack Art Contest Details--
09:0509:05DiscussionWe didn't forget to draw for the elgato, because we don't think we are allowed to--
09:0509:09Prize InfoSilent Auctions: Gelatinous Pepe and Kingdom Hearts Stained Glass Clock--
09:0909:09DiscussionFifths clocks are weird, and Kingdoms Hearts is also weird--
09:0909:11DiscussionLRR videos disappeared and jokes based on Disney's Vault--
09:10--Discussion^ Releasing things from "vaults"--
09:1109:28DiscussionMolly did not see Don Bluth films growing up, general discussion of Don Bluth and Disney film history
09:16--Discussion^ Disney's Sword in the Stone and The Wonderful World of Disney--
09:20--Discussion^ Disney's direct-to-video sequels were weird--
09:22--Discussion^ Nosejobs are not epigenetic--
09:23--Discussion^ How the Little Mermaid sequels could have gone. What would Ariel not understand as a human?--
09:27--Discussion^ Do fish fart?--
09:27--Discussion^ Carrie's cat Kaylee was not happy with her first hairball--
09:2809:30SkitHand farting is an instrument--
09:3009:30Burn!Carrie "Shut up Beej"
09:3009:31Video/ImageFarting Fish | National Geographic
09:3009:32PSABeej and Molly will entertain song requests for challenges--
09:3209:33DiscussionBeej might be going to the washroom to get rid of a hair ball?
09:3309:34DiscussionAnimal Crossing--
09:3409:38DiscussionDetermining your left from your right for the Virtual Bus controls and for a Theatre--
09:37--Discussion^ Why didn't stage instructions take port and starboard from ships?--
09:3809:42DiscussionWhere should the gas cap go on a car? Or an ornithopter?
09:4009:42Discussion^ Molly thinks it's funny they talk about cars as soon as Beej leaves. What else can they get out of their systems? Dune-related gas talk
09:4209:42Discussion^ Heather tries with only moderate success to cut off Dune talk after Beej returns--
09:42--DiscussionWe can now draw for the Giveaways!--
09:44--ShoutoutAshton and Fugi for backend improvements--
09:46--TechnicalNo signal because Beej messed up xsplit--
09:4809:49DiscussionEveryone's names end with a j sound ([dʒ])--
09:4909:51DiscussionSo what's been going on with Craig Ferguson, huh?--
09:5209:54Prize InfoVaria Starter Set #1
09:52--Skit^ Beej reads the description as QWERPLine's Derek--
09:5411:56Drive/Giveaway$6.24 Giveaway for: Varia Starter Set #1 - Raised $892.32RockPusher--
09:5609:58DiscussionLooking at the back end for things to do--
09:5809:59DiscussionA Lego Typewriter is not a functional typewriter--
09:5910:00DiscussionThe bus is named Twimp, kinda like "The Wimp" or a nickname for an Imp--
10:0010:02DiscussionThe popular names for children when Heather was growing up
10:0210:05DiscussionThe armed forces for US, Canada, and Australia stationed in the UK and EU can get "domestic shipments", circumventing VAT as a Life Hack for DB merch--
10:0510:07DiscussionTalking about the backend--
10:0710:08DiscussionThe car talk Beej missed leads to more car talk--
10:0810:10DiscussionDiscussion of outstanding challenges--
10:1010:20StoryChallenge: Can Carrie talk about her favourite PlayFrame bit she's edited?
10:13--Discussion^ Editing is a series of lies--
10:16--Discussion^ Molly has trouble editing herself, but Carrie enjoys being able to polish how people see her--
10:16--PhysicalA cat is playing with Carrie's background--
10:18--Discussion^ Editing Checkpoint--
10:2010:20DiscussionIt's 4:20AM! What are we gonna do with that?--
10:2010:49Quiz4:20 Quiz It: Who's That Animorphs? - Round 1Beej (4), Heather (0), Carrie (3), Matthews (4)
10:22--Discussion^ Discussing Animorphs while waiting for couch friends--
10:24--Quiz^ Answer: TigerNo-one--
10:25--Quiz^ Answer: Sea starBeej--
10:28--Enter/Exit^ Matthews enters to join the quiz--
10:28--Discussion^ Matthews used to be a childrens' librarian; library talk--
10:30--Quiz^ Answer: BeaverBeej and Matthews--
10:33--Quiz^ Answer: AnteaterMatthews--
10:35--Quiz^ Answer: DuckCarrie--
10:37--Quiz^ Answer: HorseBeej and Carrie--
10:40--Quiz^ Answer: SnakeBeej--
10:43--Quiz^ Answer: SquidCarrie and Matthews--
10:45--Quiz^ Answer: PoodleMatthews--
10:49--Enter/ExitMatthews exits--
10:50165:23Supercut💥 Keep Talking and Nobody Bricksplodes 💥 - Timelapse
10:5011:46Game💥 Keep Talking and Nobody Bricksplodes💥 Part 1: 🗣️ Heather reads, 🧱Beej buildsStopped after Step 14
11:14--Physical^ Carrie receives a compliment and shrinks off the bottom of the screen--
11:1911:46Music^ Molly strumming her ukulele quietly--
11:44--Physical^ Carrie's third cat, Kaylee, visits the stream--
11:4711:48Prize InfoReminder about the current giveaway and the just finished art challenge--
11:4811:48DiscussionTalk about breakfast options--
11:4911:50DiscussionBeej teaches Heather to use the system--
11:5111:59DiscussionWhat's your favourite Dune book, now that Beej is out of the room?
11:53--Discussion^ Responses are deliberately not very Dune related. Sandwiches, A Wrinkle In Dune--
11:53--Discussion^ Carrie mishears "Arrakis" as "arachnid" with regard to ice skating, leading to ice-skating spider talk--
11:58--Discussion^ The Dune books were written by TV's Frank from Mystery Science Theatre 3000--
11:5912:00DiscussionSpeculation about Beej judging the art challenge and potential spider-related entries--
12:0112:02Video/ImageWinner of the Night Watch firing on Zeta Shift ship art challenge
12:0212:02Video/ImageZeta banner--
12:0212:03TechnicalStream goes offline--
12:0312:03TechnicalStream goes online, DB2021 logo--
12:0412:05Shift ChangeDawn Guard intro
12:0412:05Video/ImageDawn Guard Intro [Clean Version]
12:0512:13SkitSports Talk! Coffee pong edition.[✓]
12:06--Game EventDriver name: PONG--
12:07--Game EventBus stop--
12:0712:26TechnicalStream is choppy--
12:09--Video/Image^ Highlights of Coffee Pong--
12:1312:26GameCoffee Pong begins in the Desert Bus 2021 Coffee Pong Stadium, in-person!Serge--
12:13--Discussion^ James introduces the Coffee Pong location--
12:13--Enter/Exit^ James, Serge and Kate enter--
12:15--Game^ James gets a point for being able to open a bag (joke point)--
12:17--Game^ James blindfolds himself and misses a shot after bragging, Serge no-scopes a similar shot--
12:1712:17Burn!^ Serge shows James how a pro does it--
12:17--Game^ James scores! 1-1 Tied--
12:18--Game^ James scores! 2-1 James--
12:18--Game^ Serge scores! 2-2 Tied--
12:20--Game^ Serge scores! 3-2 Serge--
12:21--Game^ Serge scores! 4-2 Serge--
12:21--Shoutout^ Coffee and cookies were provided by Fernwood--
12:22--Game^ Serge scores! 5-2 Serge, Match Point!--
12:25--Game^ James finally scores! 5-3 Serge--
12:26--Game^ Serge gets a point! Game over!--
12:2612:31TechnicalJames losing breaks the stream--
12:2812:31TechnicalTest card--
12:3112:31TechnicalTest card Ian spews forth adapters--
12:31--TechnicalStream resumes--
12:3212:32DiscussionPost pong talk
12:3312:34Roll CallDawn Guard members introduce themselves (Matt, Jordan, Ashton and Paul)--
12:33--Driver ChangePaul is driving--
12:3413:23Drive/Giveaway$6.37 Giveaway for: Modern Horizons 2 Bundle, Nicol Bolas POP, NERF Garruk Axe - Raised: $4439.89Ramiel117--
12:3812:38PSAYou can submit challenges on and make a donor account which you need to win prizes--
12:3812:38TechnicalOverlay resets--
12:3812:41DiscussionWaking and sleeping times, Paul is the only one not drinking a lot of coffee
12:40--PSA^ Check out for Desert Bus merch--
12:4212:42PrankAshton rolls up his green screen to reveal... another green screen, so his background doesn't change.
12:4212:43DiscussionAshton discusses Zeta shenanigans - Animorphs
12:43--TechnicalGiveaway time fixed to remove 5 hours--
12:4412:48DiscussionRoom talks about Garruk, then clothes; also the Dawn Guard intro
12:46--Discussion^ Paul didn't notice at first that Ashton kept changing his t-shirts in the intro video--
12:47--Discussion^ Paul talks about After Effects 5.5--
12:4712:53Discussion^ Talking about the shifts and setup for the hybrid broadcast--
12:50--Discussion^ How Dawn Guard ended up with so many cast members--
12:4712:47PrankAshton takes down his green screen--
12:53--Prank^ Jordan goes to Graham and Kathleen's old house--
12:53--Enter/ExitJames and Serge enter--
12:5312:57DiscussionJames is drinking more coffee and more coffee pong talk
12:54--Shoutout^ MangledPixel made the lovely graphics in a short time--
12:5712:58Prize InfoModern Horizons 2 Bundle giveaway recap--
12:57--Discussion^ It's not a Nickel Bolas clearly--
12:5813:00Prize InfoSilent Auctions: Gelatinous Pepe and Kingdom Hearts Stained Glass Clock--
12:58--Discussion^ Serge says Pepe in a certain way but James already ruined it--
13:0013:06DiscussionKingdom Hearts's Sora in James and Jordan's screens, spawns Kingdom Hearts informal quiz
13:02--Discussion^ Jordan shows up the card that he called hot that's in the Modern Horizons 2 Bundle--
13:04--Discussion^ Even "how many Kingdom Hearts games are there" doesn't have a straightforward answer--
13:05--Discussion^ Jordan and Matt bring their strong Kingdom Hearts energy to Dawn Guard--
13:0613:09DiscussionDiscussing how much has been earned so far, James's challenge was met
13:09--Discussion^ Contingency plans in case James is unable to get a flight back--
13:0913:13DiscussionMatt's car escapades
13:1413:15Prize InfoThe giveaway for the Modern Horizons 2 Bundle is still going on and there will be a secret giveaway--
13:14--PSA^ You need a donor account--
13:1613:21DiscussionPaul remembers the time Matt pushed a car up a hill and more car stories with Matt
13:16--Discussion^ Matt has no recollection of this--
13:17--Discussion^ Memories of being in a car with Matt--
13:21--Milestone$87,654.32 #TeamOrder--
13:2213:24DiscussionAshton never rolled a winner before despite making the system
13:23--Discussion^ Ashton's first time rolling experience--
13:2413:27DiscussionJames donated his penance for losing Coffee Pong, forgot to set his donor account name--
13:25--PSADonate with your name attached, you can donate without an account but you need one to win prizes--
13:2713:29DiscussionStakes for winning coffee pong--
13:2813:29DiscussionChat is donating with James's name (and variations, like Not James)--
13:2913:32DiscussionDiscussion of emotes use, particularly James and Serge's Twitch emotes
13:3213:33DiscussionWere people too excited about Desert Bus to sleep?--
13:3313:34DiscussionThe sun is coming out, Jordan hasn't seen the sun on a DB shift in a long time--
13:3413:35RDPRDP: Physical (Feat. Gwen Stefani) (Mark Ronson Remix) - Dua Lipa
13:34--MilestoneHour 128 achieved--
13:3513:35Video/ImageJordan has a special overlay for dancing--
13:3613:43DiscussionRevealing the secret prize: 15 spots on a private Minecraft server
13:3814:38Drive/Giveaway$15.15 Giveaway for: Dawn Guard Minecraft Server invite Part 1 - Raised: $2,151.30Steveris, Vyous, TubaDevil, Elenodul, elissenredux, Electrolynx, cokroop--
13:4013:43MusicMinecraft music - "Sweden" remix--
13:4313:44TechnicalStream freezes--
13:4413:45TechnicalTest card--
13:4513:48TechnicalDB2021 Logo--
13:48--TechnicalStream resumes, with broken overlay--
13:4813:49DiscussionSerge apologises for getting too excited and bringing down the stream again--
13:4813:56DiscussionJames shows off the private server as Serge discusses
13:4913:49TechnicalOverlay unbreaks--
13:51--Discussion^ The server features animals named after the Dawn Guard crew, and more secrets--
13:55--Discussion^ Jordan says this is an excuse for James to play Minecraft on stream, James doesn't disagree--
13:56--TechnicalSerge gets excited, breaks the stream again--
13:5614:02TechnicalTest card, followed by DB2021 Logo--
14:02--TechnicalStream resumes--
14:0214:03DiscussionSerge apologises for getting excited again, this time over project management--
14:0314:07Prize InfoJames continues plugging the giveaway for the private Minecraft server--
14:04--Discussion^ Serge attempts to keep his excitement under control--
14:0514:05Burn!^ Of course James and Serge play Java--
14:06--PSA^ Twitch ads have now been completely disabled, remember to keep your address up to date--
14:0714:07MemeMIC 5!--
14:0714:09PromoUpcoming Dawn Guard Gameshows, starting with Emotional Objectivity later--
14:0814:09TechnicalJordan loses focus--
14:1014:19QuizThis or That: James quote or Serge Quote
14:11--Quiz^ "I have friends, shut up!" (James)Serge (1), James (1)--
14:11--Quiz^ "Hey Siri, take me to Kathleen's lettuces" (James)Serge (2), James (1)--
14:11--Quiz^ "A perfect square is not the same as a prime number, right?" (Serge)Serge (3), James (2)--
14:12--Quiz^ "Paul's a genius!" (James)Serge (3), James (3)--
14:13--Quiz^ "I hacked a man in Reno just to watch him die" (Serge)Serge (4), James (4)--
14:14--Quiz^ "You have stripped me of my cactus, how dare you!" (Serge)Serge (5), James (5)--
14:14--Quiz^ "Somebody has to lose, and I'd rather it be Ben" (James)Serge (6), James (5)--
14:1114:15MusicLofi Remix of Lost Woods from Legend of Zelda--
14:15--Quiz^ "I love Kathleen, but I don't trust her" (Serge)Serge (7), James (6)--
14:16--Quiz^ "Now chat is all teeth and honking, what have I done?" (Serge)Serge (8), James (7)--
14:17--Quiz^ "I can't deal with the internet knowing I'm a liar" (James)Serge (8), James (7)--
14:2014:21Prize InfoGiveaway for a spot on the Minecraft server is still happening--
14:2114:22DiscussionPaul talks about using the quote database to make games--
14:2214:25DiscussionShould they be able to say horny on Desert Bus?
14:23--Discussion^ Markov generator discussion--
14:2514:27Video/ImageThe room shows up their Be Right Back images
14:2714:33DiscussionGreenscreen talk
14:28--Discussion^ Jordan hangs out with his good friend Ben--
14:30--Discussion^ Heartrate monitors on speedrun streams, maybe we should have a framerate monitor?--
14:32--Discussion^ James will take a photo of his living room and send it to everyone to green screen--
14:33--MilestoneTeam chorder with $91,919.91--
14:3414:36DiscussionJordan fills time till the gameshow is ready--
14:3414:34PhysicalJames takes down his green screen--
14:3514:35RDPRDP: Lose My Breath - Destiny's Child
14:36--Enter/ExitJade (James' dog) appears--
14:3614:39DiscussionYou can set a video as your greenscreen background--
14:40--Discussion^ Talk about dance background--
14:37MusicSuper Mario 64 lofi remix: Dire, Dire Docks--
14:4014:41TechnicalChanging the layout is what's crashing the stream--
14:4115:31GameDawn Guard Gameshow #1: Emotional ObjectivityNoy2222
14:42--Discussion^ What is this game show? It's Penelope's game from LoadingReadyLive!--
14:44--Video/Image^ Serge put up a TEST--
14:45--Game^ 1995 Saab 900S (Saabine from Road Quest) (Happy)Paul (0), Matt (0), Jordan (1), Ashton (1), Serge (-8)--
14:47--Game^ G70 Genesis (Angry)Paul (1), Matt (1), Jordan (2), Ashton (2), Serge (-7)--
14:49--Game^ Mario's go-kart (Mario Kart Live Circuit) (Happy)Paul (1), Matt (1), Jordan (2), Ashton (3), Serge (-7)--
14:4914:57MusicVarious Mario Kart tunes--
14:51--Game^ The Bus (Desert Bus, Penn and Teller's Smoke and Mirrors) (Sleepy)Paul (2), Matt (1), Jordan (2), Ashton (4), Serge (-7)--
14:51--Burn!^ "I think you're projecting" - Matt to Serge--
14:54--Game^ Putt-Putt (Happy)Paul (3), Matt (2), Jordan (3), Ashton (4), Serge (-6)--
14:56--Discussion^ What is the Kansas City Shuffle?--
14:56--Game^ 1981 DMC DeLorean (Surprised)Paul (3), Matt (2), Jordan (4), Ashton (5), Serge (-5)--
14:5715:01MusicSuper Mario Sunshine--
15:0015:57Drive/Giveaway$6.66 Giveaway for: Fighting the Good Fight figures - Raised $2,104.56aChemistOfFire--
15:03--Game^ Round 2 - Power Outlets and Plugs--
15:03--Game^ Type B outlet (US, Canada, Mexico) (Surprised)Paul (4), Matt (3), Jordan (5), Ashton (6), Serge (-4)--
14:44--Game^ Round 1 - Cars--
15:05--Game^ Type 1 outlet (Australia, New Zealand, China, Argentina) (Sad)Paul (4), Matt (3), Jordan (5), Ashton (7), Serge (-4)--
15:07--Game^ Type H outlet (Israel, until 1989) (Angry)Paul (5), Matt (4), Jordan (6), Ashton (7), Serge (-3)--
15:10--Game^ Tesla power plug (Surprised)Paul (6), Matt (5), Jordan (6), Ashton (7), Serge (-3)--
15:13--Game^ USB-C plug (Angry)Paul (7), Matt (5), Jordan (7), Ashton (8), Serge (-2)--
15:15--Game^ Universal power outlet adapter (Surprised)Paul (7), Matt (6), Jordan (8), Ashton (8), Serge (-1)--
15:1815:20Prize InfoFighting the Good Fight giveaway is still ongoing--
15:20--Game^ Round 3 - Famous Houses--
15:21--Game^ The Simpsons Household (The Simpsons) (Sleepy)Paul (8), Matt (6), Jordan (9), Ashton (8), Serge (-1)--
15:23--Game^ The House from Invader Zim (Angry) - Everyone gets a point because answer got posted--
15:24--Game^ The Gregory House (House, M.D.) (Angry)Paul (9), Matt (7), Jordan (10), Ashton (9), Serge (0)--
15:26--Game^ Pinkie Pie's House (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) (Happy)Paul (10), Matt (8), Jordan (11), Ashton (10), Serge (1)--
15:27--Game^ The Flintstones' House (The Flintstones) (Sleepy)Paul (11), Matt (8), Jordan (11), Ashton (10), Serge (2)--
15:29--Game^ The Monopoly House Piece (Monopoly) (Sleepy)Paul (11), Matt (8), Jordan (11), Ashton (10), Serge (2)--
15:3115:32RDPRDP: Sugar - MYBADD, Sam Gray
15:31--MilestoneHour 130 has been achieved--
15:34--Prize InfoFighting the Good Fight giveaway is still ongoing--
15:34--PromoMore prizes coming up--
15:3515:37DiscussionMatt (and Ashton and Serge) have a better version of the Desert Bus BRB screen than James
15:3815:39DiscussionSerge looks at challenges and purges challenges for people who aren't here--
15:38--PSA^ Only submit challenges for people who are onscreen--
15:39--PrankA clone of James appears, only one can survive--
15:39--PSAWho is driving? Paul is, look for the wheel on the overlay!--
15:41--Driver ChangeSerge assumes control of the bus--
15:4115:45SongPaul sings Mining All Day Long by Miracle of Soundsnowcookies
15:4515:46Discussion^ the song and a similar folk song about actual mining--
15:4615:47DiscussionJames is hungry - it's Poutine O'Clock
15:47--PrankAshton has also stolen James' BRB screen--
15:4815:54DiscussionGiving Matt sincere compliments
15:49--Discussion^ Beard talk: what does Matt's mom think about his beard?--
15:53--OtherSerge goes for a Bus Stop but fails--
15:5415:56Prize InfoPlugging the silent auctions for Gelatinous Pepe and the Kingdom Hearts Clock--
15:5615:57DiscussionCritiquing Paul's Dawn Guard BRB screen--
15:5815:58PSAYou need a donor account to win so have one ready--
15:5815:59DiscussionSerge shows off his Minecraft mug
16:00--PrankAshton has also now stolen Paul's BRB screen--
16:0216:04Prize InfoPlugging the silent auctions for Large Country in Africa Book and Zelda Tea Towels--
16:02--Africa!Ashley pipes in from off-screen--
16:0416:05PrankAshton adds Serge's BRB screen to his collection--
16:0517:13Drive/Giveaway$8.12 Giveaway for: Large Porcelain Hedron Vase - Raised $3272.36MuadDab--
16:0716:08PrankTime passes and Ashton steals a final addition for his BRB screen--
16:0816:11DiscussionWhen do they get to go for poutine? Also, tomorrow is mimosa Sunday.--
16:10--Discussion^ Leaving juice out for too long--
16:12--Milestone$100K raised!--
16:1216:12RDPRDP: Girls Just Want to Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper
16:1216:13Enter/ExitJade and Ashley say hello--
16:12--Discussion^ Jordan gives Jade the emotions sleepy and done--
16:1516:17PromoJames tells us of the upcoming call-ins and events for the run--
16:1716:21DiscussionJordan reads a challenge to get $10
16:18--Skit^ James reads a love poem to the most ordinary sticky note pad in the room--
16:2116:21RDPRDP: Strangers - Sigrid
16:2116:22DiscussionWho added Strangers by Sigrid to the RDP list?--
16:2216:24DiscussionJames is jealous of Jordan's dance party set-up. Maybe he can reconfigure? This leads to headphone discussion.--
16:2416:25DiscussionChallenge issued to Guard the Dawn.--
16:2516:26DiscussionMatt thinks Dawn Guard can get to the next hour before the shift ends.--
16:2616:27Prize InfoPlugging the ongoing giveaway for the Large Porcelain Hedron Vase--
16:2516:29MusicSmooth McGroove Remixed - Chjolo - The One Who Bares Fangs at God (Xenogears Remix) -
16:2816:30DiscussionPaul shows off his sloth mug accidentally commissioned by the Hedron Vase crafter
16:29--Discussion^ Serge mentions his accidentally commissioned Hedron Crab and further Hedron discussion--
16:3116:36DiscussionDiscussion of the previous evening's Paypal difficulties--
16:3616:40SongPaul sings The Old Black Rum by Great Big Sea
16:4016:41DiscussionAshton talks about going to a Great Big Sea concert--
16:4116:46DiscussionIf Dawn Guard hits a Desert Buck, might there be rewards on the Desert Bus Minecraft Server?
16:43--Discussion^ Serge talks about one of his favorite Minecraft creator series (Last Life) and Paul expounds on the Minecraft content creator ideas--
16:45--Discussion^ Reality TV shows--
16:4616:52DiscussionFavourite form of KD (Kraft Dinner)
16:50--Enter/Exit^ A hand appears to give a thumbs up--
16:51--Discussion^ Jordan explains what KD (Kraft Dinner) is --
16:5316:54Prize InfoPlugging the ongoing giveaway for the Large Porcelain Hedron Vase (don't eat Kraft Dinner out of it)--
16:5416:56DiscussionSerge, don't bonk the mic. Jordan veers everyone away from KD talk.--
16:56--Discussion^ Serge's phlegm after working at a coffee roaster (Ew!)--
16:5716:57SkitJordan recites a poem to his Bounty paper towel
16:5716:59Video/ImagePicture of Kraft Dinner on the Hedron Vase, Jordan is disappointed. (Don't eat out of the vase!)--
16:5816:59TechnicalStream freezes, Serge got too excited again--
16:5917:00TechnicalTest pattern--
17:0017:01PrankJordan is now Kraft Dinner, James is surrounded by KD--
17:0017:01DiscussionDo not put food in the vase--
17:0117:06TechnicalStream stuttering--
17:02--Discussion^ Donate generously! Surely that will heal the poor stream--
17:03--Prize Info^ James plugs the end of run Mystery Box! Donate at least $5 at any time during the run to be eligible for exactly one entry!--
17:0617:13DiscussionMatt asks the room what The Kids are into these days.
17:10--Game EventBug splat--
17:1417:55Drive/Giveaway$15.15 Giveaway for: Dawn Guard Minecraft Server invite Part 2 - Raised: $2,954.25LibraryWitchKei, RunicScribe, "According to all known laws of finance, there is no way a bee should be able to bid. Its wallet is too small to get its fat little bids off the ground. The bee, of course, bids anyways because bees don't care what chat thinks is impossible", RobinHood, Cassaclyzm, Aevum_Decessus, Tyranidd, Olnis--
17:1417:15TechnicalMore stuttering--
17:1617:16TechnicalStream accelerates--
17:1717:17TechnicalTest pattern (briefly animated)--
17:1717:18TechnicalDesert Bus logo--
17:1817:18TechnicalStream is back online--
17:18--Driver ChangePaul takes over from Serge--
17:1917:20TechnicalStream stutters, freezes completely then goes superspeed--
17:20--TechnicalStream resumes--
17:2017:24Prize InfoMinecraft server invite giveaway is ongoing--
17:22--Technical^ More stream stuttering--
17:2417:25DiscussionWhat is a Desert Buck? (You can almost hear the explanation through the stutters!)--
17:24MusicHip Shop remix? Dire Dire Docks?--
17:2617:27DiscussionJames wants to know if each shift has their own bus and if Zeta crashed.--
17:2817:28TechnicalJames is cut off by test pattern--
17:2917:30TechnicalStream is back online with smooth frames--
17:3017:33DiscussionJames asks Matt and Ashton what they want him to bring over from the island.--
17:33--MilestoneDawn Guard hit a Desert Buck!--
17:3317:34RDPRDP: Bad Habits - Ed Sheeran
17:33--Technical^ Slideshow RDP (at the start)--
17:3517:35TechnicalStream is lagging behind and stuttering again--
17:3517:35DiscussionSome kind of discussion on something Matt had to fix (to hard to make out)--
17:36--TechnicalDesert Bus logo appears--
17:3617:39TechnicalTest Pattern--
17:39--TechnicalStream back online again for KD talk--
17:39--PrankThe return of KD Jordan Talk--
17:4017:40Prize InfoGiveaway for Dawn Guard Mincraft Server invite still going on--
17:4017:42DiscussionFurby breath, Mitchells vs The Machines, and tea talk
17:41--Technical^ Furby talk curses the stream with stutters--
17:41--ShoutoutSerge is doing things with Jaga Silk who are sponsoring Desert Bus--
17:4217:43DiscussionAshton doesn't have anything specific he can think of for James to bring him from the island.--
17:4317:45DiscussionPaul has had the Dawn Guard banner for an entire year--
17:45--Technical^ Frames, all over the floor--
17:4517:46DiscussionNanaimo bar talk--
17:47--TechnicalJames wants to know how many people are watching their 6 frames per second stream in the midst of excessive stutters.--
17:4717:54DiscussionJames challenges chat to donate and he will read out the names--
17:5017:51RDPRDP: It's Tricky - Run DMC
17:52--OtherJade barks and approves--
17:5617:59DiscussionJames congratulates everyone on a successful first Dawn Guard, and the bus hasn't crashed, controller support--
17:5917:59PrankJordan, but closer--
17:5918:01DiscussionThere was a giant donation drop in Zeta, stretching for time (and frames).--
18:0118:03Shift ChangeDawn Guard exits, Alpha Flight BEGINS!
18:0218:03Video/ImageAlpha Flight intro--
18:0218:03Video/ImageAlpha Flight intro - Day 1 [Clean Version]
18:0318:06Roll CallAlpha Flight introduces themselves.
18:0618:21PhysicalTwo years since we did this in person? Jacob leads us in warmups
18:08--Music^ High Energy Synthwave - Aerobic Workout Mixtape--
18:09--Game EventBus Name: ALPHAFLI--
18:09--CrashCameron crashes because of physical activity --
18:17--Physical^ Vocal warmups--
18:2218:23DiscussionCameron immediately crashed the bus. It's ok. You should always try things!--
18:23--Game EventDriver Name: TWENTYA--
18:2318:24DiscussionGeneral room discussion on things that they had to do that seemed odd after so long away from the streaming office, interrupted by stream crash.
18:24--TechnicalStream Freezes --
18:25--TechnicalStream Offline--
18:26--TechnicalStream returns after a John Cena impression--
18:2618:27DiscussionContinue discussion on things that are strange --
18:2718:29Prize InfoGoing over the silent auctions currently running: Large Country in Africa 2020 - DBFeud Book and Legend of Zelda Embroidered Tea Towels--
18:3018:32DiscussionIn-person vs. Remote Shifts - How and why?
18:3218:33Prize InfoUpcoming auction for The Sandman Cross Stitch at 3 PM PST--
18:3318:43SkitLauder Than Words
18:33--Video/Image^ Lauder Than Words titlecard--
18:35--Skit^ What is Cameron's favourite sandwich? (A Stillsuit from Dune)--
18:37--Skit^ What should Jacob's next question to Cameron be? (Something that Jacob doesn't know about Cameron)--
18:38--Skit^ What would Cameron like to know most about Jacob, and the rest of Alpha Flight? (Why do you plan and write everything down so much?)--
18:41--Skit^ What is Cameron's favourite colour? (The 488 nanometer peacock blue generated by an argon-ion laser. Also red.)
18:42--Video/Image^ Lauder Than Words titlecard--
18:4318:44Prize InfoDemonstrating this year's shirt--
18:4419:25MusicAnimal Crossing Music - New Horizons early morning hours (5 am, 2 am)--
18:4523:53Drive/GiveawayArt Challenge for: Desert Bus Shirt #2 - Subtractive Poetry with the Bard entry from D&D 5e SRD -
18:5018:53DiscussionAnother discussion about stretching and posture.
18:5319:08StoryUnfortunately, Bread Astaire has suffered a tragic accident.
18:57--Story^ Cameron tells another story about specialised craftspeople (army surplus coat story)--
18:58--TechnicalStream Freezes--
18:59--TechnicalStream Crash--
19:03--TechnicalStream resumes--
19:0319:05DiscussionMild wrestling discussion--
19:0519:08Story^ Cameron's coat story resumes--
19:0819:16DiscussionFae contracts and the X-files, burlips, and knowing what people like.
19:14--Discussion^ Alpha flight is goth this year--
19:15--Discussion^ Jacob asks Cameron who Leonard Cohen is.--
19:15--Discussion^ Stupid Things We Did in High School--
19:1620:15Drive/Giveaway$6.11 Giveaway for: Matching Silksong Purse and Wallet Set - Raised: $3,061.11inkablink--
19:2119:24DiscussionErika discusses prize coordination and assigning prizes to shifts
19:2419:34SkitWaiting for the Bus (a Waiting for Godot rewrite)
19:26--Video/Image^ Cold Reading titlecard--
19:3619:36DiscussionTime disappears when busing--
19:36MusicAnimal Crossing Music - New Horizons early morning hours (2 am, 7 am)--
19:3619:37StoryKathleen tells another story about too many people in a truck
19:3719:56DiscussionWhere did people grow up, and teenage misadventures
19:41--Driver Change^ Cameron takes over driving for Kathleen--
19:42--Discussion^ Cameron and Kathleen tell of quarry shenanigans--
19:45--Discussion^ Did Cameron and Kathleen grow up together or just have similar upbringings.--
19:47--Discussion^ Terrible beers you tried growing up--
19:50--Story^ Jacob Story about bad alcohol experiences when he was growing up --
19:54--Discussion^ Star Trek, and Night Watch's intro--
19:5619:59Prize InfoOngoing giveaways for Matching Silksong Purse and Wallet Set as well as the Desert Bus Shirt #2[✓]
19:5920:02Behind the ScenesGetting different footage of Jacob for the Alpha Flight intro
20:0220:05DiscussionAcronyms for Magic (WUBRG), Jace sucks
20:0520:06DiscussionQuestion for Cameron: Which is the least good fundamental force?
20:0820:09DiscussionWhat is Kathleen wearing?--
20:0920:12MusicCaramelldansen (Speedy Cake Version)--
20:1320:14Prize InfoLive Auction for Sandman CrossStitch coming up at 3PM--
20:1520:51Drive/Giveaway$5.36 Giveaway for: War of the Spark Japanese Booster Box - Raised: $7,616.56Chemykal--
20:16--Enter/ExitEnter Johnny--
20:1820:21DiscussionWhat sort of challenges would these folks like to get?--
20:2120:24DiscussionWhat are the names of the demons whose necks you twisted during warm up time?
20:2420:26Behind the ScenesSarah can control the cameras from the USA, so no one is in Engineering
20:2720:32FoodJoe brings in Brownies - Claire Saffitz's Recipe - and the Chewing Commences
20:2820:32Discussion^ General food talk--
20:3020:30Behind the Scenes^ Erika has to make sure she turns on her Lav Mic early as to not flash The Internet--
20:3220:36DiscussionWhat makes a good challenge? Kathleen has an idea.--
20:3620:37Prize InfoWar of the Spark Giveaway --
20:3720:40SkitMoving Camera Sales Pitch for Final Fantasy XIV [✓]
20:4020:43DiscussionMore chat about FF XIV from Jacob--
20:4320:47DiscussionWhich Kroner is the best currency? Is Kroner a pastry?
20:4720:51DiscussionKathleen's (and everyone's) writing versus speaking style
20:5121:02DiscussionWelcome Cameron by giving him a Genuine Compliment
20:5121:02MusicAnimal Crossing: New Horizons afternoon music--
21:0221:03Prize InfoShowing off: The Sandman Cross Stitch by Sarah Serinde--
21:0321:14AuctionLive Auction for: "Sandman Cross Stitch" - Won for $9000.04roosevelt[✓]
21:0321:14MusicThe Blue Skies Yonder - Mario Party 2--
21:14--Game EventBus Stop--
21:1521:16SkitJacob the waiter/butler takes orders
21:1721:17Behind the ScenesHow the packages are stored--
21:1721:20SkitCameron and Kathleen finally get to talk about the stuff nobody lets them talk about
21:2021:24FoodJoe brought chocolates from a special LI Bonbon shop
21:21--Meltdown^ Jacob can't believe that the chocolates are from Long Island (possibly BonBons Chocolatier)--
21:2421:26DiscussionMatt is silent and effective at getting Kathleen to do her tasks--
21:2621:28The Kindness WarZeta has a mailbox, and they need to be taken care of
21:2821:31DiscussionCameron actually compliments himself and family crest and motto
21:3121:34SkitKathleen and Jacob: You can't see us but you can hear us so we're gonna go on a little adventure - Western Storage Wars
21:3121:34Dance^ Cameron shuffles back and forth in silence--
21:34--Enter/Exit^ Enter Harry the Creepdoll--
21:3421:42PhysicalMatt tucks Jacob in for a nap with Creepy Doll behind him, and Jacob stays snuggly
21:3421:37Discussion^ "So what actually is this thing?" - Kathleen explains Harry the Creepydoll--
21:3721:41Discussion^ Mage the Ascenscion RPG setting--
21:4121:43SkitIan left the pain box
21:4321:44RDPRDP: Rudolph the red nosed reindeer - DMX
21:4421:49ReadingPoetry Corner: Cameron reads "Having 'Having a Coke with You' with You" by Mark Leidner[✓]
21:46--Video/Image^ Poetry Corner Diagram/Logo--
21:51--Prize InfoArt Challenge for: Desert Bus Shirt #2 - Subtractive Poetry with the Bard entry from D&D 5e SRD--
21:5121:54MusicAnimal Crossing: New Horizons afternoon music--
21:5121:54DiscussionHere is why you should play Hollow Knight
21:5422:03DiscussionWhere did you go and what changed when you came back? (Based on a Terry Pratchett quote)
22:0322:06Prize InfoGoing over the silent auctions currently running: Large Country in Africa 2020 - DBFeud Book and Legend of Zelda Embroidered Tea Towels--
22:0622:57GameAlpha Flight plays tabletop games - session 0, DND 5e character creation
22:10--Game EventSecond Bus Stop--
22:2122:22Game^ Kathleen's character - Bepis--
22:2222:24Game^ Erika's character - Waywocket Horcusporcus (Wocket)--
22:2422:27Game^ Cameron's character - Isaac--
22:2722:28Game^ Jacob's character - Boom--
22:3222:54Game^ Questions for each character to help flesh them out--
22:3322:57Music^ Skyrim background music--
22:5722:57SkitJacob the waiter/butler returns, this time with a different accent
22:5823:47Drive/Giveaway$7.78 Giveaway for: Rainbow Wrap - Raised: $8643.58Charlie Victor (they/them)--
23:0023:00SkitJacob the waiter/butler enters with chocolate--
23:0023:01DiscussionUpdate on the default slack emotes, and Arby's talk
23:0223:03DiscussionFuturama DVD special features
23:0323:08DiscussionThe bus is sweary this year - and alpha flight is the Thread in Slack shift
23:0923:13DiscussionRequesting example names for Gremblins (goblins that are just free-cyclers)
23:09--Video/Image^ Gremblin art--
23:1323:18PosterPoster is briefly shown on screen, forgotten about, then discussed (it has speech bubbles)
23:1323:16Discussion^ M Lee Lunsford is a fantastic artist and writer--
23:16--MusicAnimal Crossing: New Horizons afternoon music--
23:1823:18ShoutoutAnna: Your partner loves you and you should give yourself more credit
23:1923:27GameErika's Only Connect-style Trivia
23:20--Video/Image^ Erika's Trivia Challenge title card--
23:2023:22Game^ Clue Set 1 - Sea, Wood, High, Dark - Sub-races of Elves --
23:2223:24Game^ Clue Set 2 - Jon Favreau, Paul Rudd, Elliott Gould, Tom Selleck - Guest roles on Friends--
23:2523:27Game^ Clue Set 3 - HMCS Malahat, HMCS Discovery, HMCS Unicorn, HMCS Nonsuch - Canadian Naval Reserve "Ships" (aka Stone Frigates)--
23:27--Video/Image^ Erika's Trivia Challenge title card--
23:29--Game EventBugsplat!--
23:2923:36DiscussionWhich system is Jacob more excited for in new editions of World Of Darkness?
23:2723:29DiscussionBrief discussion on how to judge the poetry competition--
23:31--Discussion^ Extended Hunter - The Reckoning edition discussion--
23:3423:34Prize InfoCurrent giveaway - Rainbow Wrap--
23:3623:43DiscussionFavorite Games of the Year
23:3823:41DiscussionQuick return to WoD discussion: Aberrant is still going and Jacob has written for it--
23:4123:47DiscussionStress and its effect on the body, aging and growing up
23:4923:51DiscussionKathleen has consulted with the other Kathleens inside her head to try and keep herself from swearing a bunch but it isn't a perfect system. Did you know there was a cat in Peanuts named WWII?
23:5223:54ReadingErika reads the winner of the Poetry Subtraction D&D Bard Art Contest
23:5423:56DiscussionDay One has gone pretty well! And Day Two looks promising for D&D times.--
23:5623:58The Kindness WarLet's put some Brownies in Zeta's...Box? Is there a better way to word this?
23:5824:00DiscussionJacob thanks folks for making DesertBus feel comfortable.