VST DB4 Prize Archive

Global Notes:
DB4 Research is in-progress, this list IS incomplete!
If you are a person who won a DB4 prize, please contact the VST!
VST ID Image Title Donated By Given To Associated with Prizes Price Craft-Along?
0 Desert Bus for Hope 4 patch The Rover Outpost Crafters
All Prize Winners
AllN/A -
1 Desert Bus 4 Button LoadingReadyRun UnknownNoneN/A -
2 Desert Bus 4 Crafter TY Card Tally Heilke CraftersNoneN/A Yep!
3 Desert Bus Crest Shirt LoadingReadyRun MerchNone$18.00 -
4 Desert Bus Shirt LoadingReadyRun MerchNone$12.00 -