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DB Prize ID 0
Prize Type Sweetener / Merch
Sweetener/Merch Title Desert Bus Shirt
Alt. Sweetener Title Desert Bus for Hope T-Shirt
DB shirt
Sweetener Donator LoadingReadyRun
Sweetener Description We spent four-and-a-half days driving a digital desert for the children, and for your amusement. Where were you when Bill crashed? When Teller bought us pizza? Remember those fond times with the Desert Bus for Hope Tour Shirt.

This shirt has printing on the Back and Front.

Given To Merch
Given For Prizes None
Craft-Along? -
Sweetener Price $12.00
Notes Shirt designed by: Unknown
Unisex Sizes: S, M, L
XL was sold out and not selectable
Color: Black
Generic (non-year numbered) Desert Bus for Hope shirt avaliable post-DB1 through DB5
Tags shirt, t-shirt,
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