DesertBus 14 - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 14 - Day 3

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
48:0048:02MusicEnya - Only Time--
48:0048:02SkitSerge promotes Team Order sadly, Ashton commisserates
48:01--Prank^ Ashton (filtered) feels betrayed--
48:0248:06Prize InfoNew silent auctions: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Coasters Set and Pelican Town Map--
48:0648:07Music Dig It Up - Holes
48:06--Enter/ExitJames returns digging himself into a figurative hole--
48:0848:10DiscussionJames talks about the walking tour quality--
48:1048:10MusicRide of the Valkyries - Wilhelm Richard Wagner--
48:10--Enter/ExitLiz flies in--
48:1248:12RDPRDP: 1 Thing - Amerie
48:1348:15Physical^ James uses a long pole to do a light switch rave--
48:1448:15RDPRDP: Levitating (Ft. Madonna & Missy Elliot) (The Blessed Madonna Remix) - Dua Lipa
48:1548:16DiscussionRDPs aren't as exciting without the music--
48:1648:17DiscussionSerge does some challenges (lights and coms is great)
48:16--Physical^ James changes the lights to match Dawn Guard colours--
48:17--Discussion^ Tell the coms they're doing great challenge--
48:1748:18RDPRDP: Feel Like I Do - Vin Diesel
48:1948:21DiscussionSerge has a challenge but it requires tech - Figure out what lyric is bleeped out--
48:2148:24StorySerge talks about the weirdest judge call he had to make
48:2449:01GameDawn Guard Gameshow #2! Family Feud!Noy2222
48:24--Discussion^ Rules explanation--
48:25--Enter/Exit^ Az and Julie join for the game--
48:25--Music^ Family Feud Theme--
48:28--Game^ Q1: Name something you put in your coffee (59 pts to Team Jazz -- 59-0)Team Jazz (steal!)--
48:33Technical^ Two Lizes (Liz's feed ate Julie)--
48:34--Game^ Q2: Where might you see a ghost? (60 pts to Team Winners -- 60-59, overlay wrong)Team Winners--
48:41--Game^ Q3: If you were to go back in time, what stock would you buy to get rich? (141 pts to Team Winners -- 201-59)Team Winners (steal!)--
48:46--Game^ Q4: Name a Superhero that can fly. (181 pts to Team Winners - 382-59)Team Winners (steal!)--
48:53--Game^ Fast Money -- Az gets 152 pts, Liz gets 72 pts -- Total of 224 ptsTeam Winners!!!!--
48:59--Technical^ NaN Pointy Hats!--
49:0149:02DiscussionWhat should they have named their team?--
49:0249:02PromoSchedule talk: Match game, Mikey Neumann--
49:0349:04ShoutoutThanks to Noy2222 for making the games!--
49:0449:06TechnicalJames is lost. And found. And lost again.--
49:0449:54Drive/Giveaway$5.66 Giveaway for: Thornwatch - Raised $5,054.38Nerdypenguin97--
49:0749:09PSASet up a donor account with your shipping information--
49:07--Promo^ All prizes come with a DBloon--
49:0949:10PhysicalPutting a pencil in your beard
49:10--Discussion^ Paul describes testing the beard--
49:1049:13DiscussionNo crashes this shift! And the driver overlay does not like Paul.--
49:12--Driver ChangeLiz drives again--
49:1349:20GameGuess the bleeped out lyric in the song
49:1449:15Music^ Bare Naked Ladies Big Bang Theory opening (answer: wall)--
49:14--Crash^ Liz busses up, and crashes the bus--
49:1549:16Music^ Africa - Toto (answer: Africa)--
49:1649:16Africa!^ Afriiica!--
49:1649:16Music^ Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious - Mary Poppins (answer: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious)--
49:1749:17Music^ Tequilla - Champs (answer: tequila)--
49:1749:17Music^ Let It Go - Frozen (answer: fractals)--
49:1849:18Music^ Fabulous Secret Powers - Slackcircus (What's Up - Four Non-Blondes parody) (answer: institution)--
49:1949:19Music^ All Star - Smash Mouth (answer: mold)--
49:1949:20Music^ Toss a Coin to your Witcher - Jaskier (answer: breaks)--
49:2149:24PSAJames talks about the Dawn Guard video editing contest--
49:21--Burn!^ "We all sang the Dawn Guard song. Four of us quite well."--
49:2249:23Video/Image^ Day 2's Dawn Guard intro video--
49:2449:24PSAThornwatch giveaway ongoing: 20 mins left!--
49:24--OtherGoodbye bus stop--
49:2449:27DiscussionThe room talks about bus stops in Desert Bus and Liz talks about driving the bus
49:27--CrashLiz crashes again--
49:2749:30DiscussionWhat way does the toilet paper go? And then discussion of eating toilet paper
49:29--Video/Image^ Cat pulling toilet paper--
49:29--Game EventNew driver (again). Name: GRANT (again)--
49:3049:31DiscussionSerge rejects a challenge for James to buy himself ice cream--
49:3149:39DiscussionPaul instructs how to join in on Grace Darling by The Limeliters--
49:31--OtherBus stop missed (again)--
49:3649:37PSAThornwatch giveaway is still happening--
49:3749:41Song^ Paul sings Grace Darling by the Limeliters
49:41--Driver ChangeJames "takes over" for Liz--
49:41--CrashLiz crashes the bus before handover--
49:4249:43PSAThe Thornwatch giveaway is ending soon, don't forget your donor account--
49:43--Game EventNew driver name James--
49:4349:44PhysicalEveryone blows a kiss
49:4449:45DiscussionLiz gives beard growing tips
49:4549:45DiscussionSomeone would like (??) to know they are loved--
49:4549:48SkitJames has to convince chat about ice cream
49:4649:47RDPRDP: Dancing All Night - Android52
49:4849:54DiscussionSerge accepts/rejects challenges and keyboard talk
49:50--Discussion^ Serge learns he gives email rejections--
49:50--Physical^ Virtual group hug--
49:52--Physical^ Shake your legs--
49:53--Discussion^ Coming up with a sticky note to leave for the next shift--
49:5549:56DiscussionHow can James raise 5k in his last 5 minutes?--
49:5649:57RDPRDP: Log Driver's Waltz - Kate & Anna McGarrigle
49:56--Driver ChangePaul takes over--
49:5749:57RDPRDP: All Night - Icona Pop
49:5749:58RDPRDP: Night by Night - Chromeo
49:58--Milestone$245k raised!--
49:5849:59RDPRDP: Hey Baby (feat. Gia Koka) - Imanbek, & Afrojack
49:5950:00RDPRDP: Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) - Beyoncé
50:0050:01Video/ImageEnd of Dawn Guard on Day 3 - Dawn Guard banner is shown while Imperial March is whistled
50:0150:01TechnicalScreen goes black--
50:0150:02Video/ImageAlpha Flight Intro--
50:0150:04Shift ChangeIt's time for the Alpha Flight
50:02--Discussion^ Discussion of the Alpha Flight intro #ointment--
50:02--OtherWe return to Yuna being towed due to Night Watch crashing, but restore from save--
50:02--Driver ChangeErika is behind the wheel--
50:0450:04DiscussionCarrie loves the greenscreens--
50:0450:13DiscussionJacob may be driving somewhat injured (smooshed his thumb), and he goes over the notes from Heather.
50:10--Driver Change^ Jacob takes the wheel (after Erika loses control)--
50:10--Discussion^ There's thumbs to spare!--
50:1250:12Discussion^ Kathleen's fun fact about Black Sabbath--
50:1350:14PromoConcert with The Seattle Garages coming up!--
50:1450:21DiscussionA bit of background on Blaseball for folks (definitely not Jacob) who don't know it.
50:15--Driver ChangeKathleen takes the wheel. Without telling Jacob.--
50:2150:22PromoOther items coming up on shift (Trivia Time with Erika, Silent Auctions, etc.)--
50:2250:24Prize InfoSilent Auctions! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Coasters Set, Pelican Town Map--
50:2451:04PhysicalBread Astaire day 2? Let's Bread! [SuperCut by Rubik]
50:2651:42Drive/Giveaway$5.33 Giveaway for: Throne of Eldraine Complete Foil Set - Raised $5926.96No Donor Account--
50:3150:32PSADonor Accounts! Make one Today!--
50:3250:39PhysicalJacob focuses the camera, and adjusts the table.
50:3250:34Song^ Kathleen and Jacob sing the various Focusing Songs--
50:3950:43PSAMerch!! Playmat, Pins, Poster, Photobook, and Pshirt!--
50:4350:50DiscussionWhat bread is Jacob making today? Coffee Bread, this time for Zeta to enjoy. [see supercut above Throne of Eldraine giveaway]--
50:44--Reading^ Jacob reads the recipe for coffee bread [see supercut above Throne of Eldraine giveaway]-- reminder--
50:47--Discussion^ Erika reminds Jacob to leave instructions to heat the bread--
50:49--Milestone$250k raised!--
50:5050:53DiscussionJacob gives explicit and unrevokable permission for Zeta to consume anything and everything left behind in Studio C
50:51--Discussion^ Jacob: "Zeta! Eat the bread!"--
50:52--Music^ Earthbound OST--
50:5450:55PSAThe Pronoun Tags are discussed--
50:5551:03DiscussionSimple, but unknown, recipies for dinner
50:57--Song^ Bread Astaire sings a happy tune as it is activated--
51:03--ShoutoutCallout for NightBot posting super helpful things!NightBot--
51:03--Driver ChangeCarrie takes over the bus--
51:05--PhysicalStretching to prepare for Caramelldancen while Kathleen fixes her greenscreen--
51:0651:07PhysicalErika talks about her Dress for the Day
51:0751:11PhysicalAndrew apologizes to chat for building Desert Bus at his Home. Complete with Nasa Cam
51:08--Enter/Exit^ Sara, Sandra and Sonja are revealed--
51:1151:14DanceThe first Caramelldansen of the year![✓]
51:1451:15DiscussionWhat's the worst part physically of caramelldansen?
51:15--CrashYuna has met her end. So has Sandra.--
51:16--Game EventThe new Driver Name is: Yunie--
51:1751:25PhysicalJacob gives stretching advice to prepare for the Caramelldansen
51:22--Technical^ Kathleen enters the mosh pit--
51:2651:35DiscussionChallenge to tell Jacob he has a cool shirt: get! And the other shirts people are wearing
51:26--Prize InfoGoing over the current giveaway: Throne of Eldraine Complete Foil Set--
51:3651:44Prize InfoNPR style silent auctions, and then an Interview with Screamin' Steve
51:36--Music^ Pollyanna - Earthbound / Mother--
51:36--Skit^ An Interview with Screamin' Steve--
51:40--Physical^ Andrew's partners help his acoustics for calm times--
51:4351:46PSAMake a donor account or Erika will HUNT YOU DOWN!
51:46--Enter/ExitErika steps away to grab some food--
51:4651:50FoodJacob made himself a whole-Bus Bento (packed lunch)
51:5151:54SkitBad advice only: How should I clean my kitchen?
51:5451:56ShoutoutGive some love to engineering!--
51:5653:14Drive/Giveaway$6.20 Giveaway for D&D Core Rule books and Eberron: Rising from the Last War Alternative Covers: - Raised $8,326.60Rednic--
52:0352:04PSAFor the new viewers: What is Desert Bus?--
52:0452:25MusicThe Seattle Garages Concert, Live at DesertBus for Hope 2020![✓]
52:04--Enter/Exit^ Andre and Logan join in--
52:0452:07Song^ in the feedback--
52:0752:11Song^ godspeed--
52:1152:14Song^ rogue ump--
52:1452:19Song^ ashes--
52:1952:20Discussion^ A message from LambMower--
52:2052:24Song^ we may not look like much--
52:2453:00GuestLambmower and Rain of The Garages and Joel of the Game Band join for an interview
52:26--Driver ChangeErika takes over driving from Andrew--
52:58--Prize InfoQuick plug of the ongoing giveaway--
53:0053:02PSAMake a donor account!--
53:0353:04ReadingJacob re-reads the D&D Eberron prize description, but with a Scottish accent
53:0553:11SkitTerrible Advice with Alpha Flight: What is the best thing to have on your online dating profile?
53:08--Music^ Bad advice stinger tune (for only 9 dollars!)--
53:0953:10TechnicalFrozen stream, long live stream.--
53:10--TechnicalBrief test pattern, and then the stream comes back--
53:1153:13DiscussionJacob left to the prop room to get a new outfit, and was very excited. Perhaps too excited. How earthquake-proof is the Moonbase?
53:1353:14DiscussionKathleen explains what Belopa is
53:1453:17SkitJacob returns as Screamin' Steve
53:2053:30DiscussionMaybe let's all get into Blaseball after DB? And other ways to socialize with friends remotely. And further discussion of "what is blaseball".
53:3153:34Video/ImageThe many mixed breeds of Dachshunds
53:33--Meltdown^ Joe loves all the doggos, and has a few Joements--
53:3553:39DiscussionJoe loves dog, Joe is dog?
53:38--Prank^ Kathleen becomes a Samoyed--
53:4053:45DiscussionErika is asked to leave a nice message for James, so the crew does it one word at a time.
53:44--Driver ChangeKathleen takes over from Erika--
53:4453:50Video/ImageDesert Bus alignment chart, and where does Alpha Flight fall on the McDonalds chart?
53:45--Discussion^ The crew aligns themselves--
53:48--Food^ Jacob does a pour-over--
53:5053:53DiscussionWhat Jacob brought to Desert Bus
53:53--Enter/ExitDagron Andrew appears--
53:5354:00SkitAsk the Dragon, err, Dagron
53:53--Music^ Mario Kart OST (SNES)--
53:58--Enter/Exit^ Horse friend enters (Sandra)--
53:59--Video/Image^ 1m 00s flashes on screen--
54:0054:12GameErika's Trivia Challenge! Connections Style
54:01--Video/Image^ Erika's Trivia Challenge title card--
54:03--Game^ Unity // Wilkie // Cutknife // North Battleford (Answer: Towns in Saskatchewan)Andrew (2)--
54:06--Game^ Brotherhood // ? // ? // ? (Answer: Assassin's Creed games)Kathleen (11)--
54:07--Game^ Tethys // Atlas // ? // ? (Answer: Moons of Jupiter)Andrew (5)--
54:08--Game^ Omaha // Assault // Gallant Fox // American Pharoah (Answer: Horses that won the triple crown)No Winner--
54:0954:09TechnicalBrief test pattern screen--
54:10--Game^ Lennon // Gunn // ? // ? (Answer: Famous Seans)Andrew (8)--
54:11--Game^ Overall Score Update: Andrew (8), Kathleen (11), Carrie (4), Jacob (0)--
54:1354:14PromoAllison Luhrs will be joining tomorrow! And other guests coming throughout the week.--
54:15--PhysicalBread Astaire day 2 update! 25 minutes left. [see supercut above Throne of Eldraine giveaway]--
54:15--Driver ChangeJacob takes over from Kathleen--
54:1654:20Prize InfoSilent Auctions! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Coasters Set, Pelican Town Map - Hyping Totoro Cat Cube giveaway soon to come--
54:2154:26PhotosUpdate from from Kolin--
54:2554:25RDPRDP: Boy Problems - Carly Rae Jepsen
54:2654:27DiscussionBread Update! 13 minutes! Jacob can multitask, it's no problem, really.--
54:2754:28PSAPlease submit challenges and donate if you like what you see!--
54:2954:32DiscussionHelp naming a sewing machine in the same vein as Bread Astaire
54:32--ShoutoutCalling out thanks to donors--
54:3254:36SkitTerrible Advice with Alpha Flight: How should I organize my library? How do I fix my sleep schedule?
54:35--Music^ Bad advice stinger tune (for only 9 dollars!)--
54:36--Driver ChangeCarrie takes over from Jacob--
54:3654:53SkitJacob says 10 nice things about himself Then others say something nice about themselves.
54:40--Enter/Exit^ Jacob leaves to take care of bread.. cliffhanger--
54:4254:43FoodBread arrives! This bread is for Zeta. (Eat the bread, Zeta.) [Supercut by EA]
54:5354:55Video/ImageThe making of the Alpha Flight dice by CouldntPickAUsername
54:5555:54Drive/Giveaway$9.88 Giveaway for: Totoro Cat Cube - Raised $8,763.56Youngfrey--
54:5955:02DiscussionDiscussing upcoming skits while Jacob tries to think of nice things and Andrew's companion cube--
55:0255:24SkitQYITTIME Radio
55:07--Enter/Exit^ Emily's cat appears!--
55:07--Enter/ExitTQ, Emily, Tim, and Matt Griffiths join the call-in for QYIT--
55:2255:23RDPRDP: Tik Tok - Ke$ha
55:2555:26Prize InfoHyping current giveaway for Totoro Cat Cube--
55:2655:31DiscussionHow improv bits can take it out of you, both mentally and physically (when you happen to fall off a stage)
55:30--Milestone$270k raised!--
55:3155:31RDPRDP: D.A.N.C.E. - Justice
55:3255:40SkitWas there any old business? Possibly something with Jacob? (More nice things about Jacob!)
55:38--TechnicalErika enters the moshpit--
55:4055:41ShoutoutShoutouts to the current donors, and their location (At the Pizza Hut)
55:4255:44DiscussionFurther ruminations on the DB alignment chart, and what their version of the McDonalds chart would be
55:44--ShoutoutShouting out donors--
55:4555:51DiscussionWhat coffee you should have based on your Astrological Sign
55:5155:53TechnicalStream crashes to offline--
55:5355:54Prank^ Andrew with bonus Unicorn--
55:5555:59DiscussionAlpha Flight shift wrap-up--
55:56--Prize Info^ Showing off the DBloon--
55:5956:00Video/ImageAlpha Flight Outro - Desert Bus Who's Who Part 3: The Moose
56:0156:12Shift Change6pm Nightwatch News
56:03--Skit^ Jordan with the station history --
56:04--Skit^ Graham with tonight's top story a fistfight over BBQ sauce--
56:05--Skit^ Ben with traffic live from his car on Mario Kart 64 Rainbow Road--
56:08--Skit^ Ian with the life cycle of the STONK (car)--
56:11--Skit^ Matt underwater in Atlantis --
56:12--Video/ImageThe Quiznos Monster strikes again! (As Ben's background)--
56:12--Enter/ExitGraham, Jordan, Ben, Ian and Matt Wiggins for Nightwatch--
56:1356:15DiscussionMatt had a bit prepared for his snorkel, and other News debriefs
56:1556:16DiscussionPast DB goofs and related YT channels
56:1656:22PSANightwatch upcoming events, preceded by belching, as well as rules for the art challenge
56:1661:44Drive/GiveawayNightwatch art challenge for a Shirt: a Shrine to Belopa, with no other explanation included, as a jpegDrawnBinary--
56:1856:18Shoutoutv VST called out for finding out who is Belopa--
56:1856:18Video/ImageEngineering has a Belopa entry
56:18--Meltdown^ All of Nightwatch, at a Belopa meme--
56:2256:26Prize InfoLive Auction coming up: Star Trek Prop Replicas--
56:23--MusicStar Trek (2009) Theme--
56:25--Driver ChangeIan starts driving the bus. 25 minutes into their shift.--
56:2656:28DiscussionStar Trek DS9 Talk
56:28--Enter/ExitKelly arrives to talk about #DBtoMe--
56:2856:30PSAKelly lets folks know about #DBtoMe--
56:30--Enter/ExitBye Kelly! Thanks for the explanation!--
56:3156:38DiscussionIs there anything the crew can do to reach $280k by 7:30PM?
56:34--Discussion^ Chat wants people to shave, and no one wants to.--
56:37--Video/Image^ Edited picture of Adam Savidan and Graham with just moustaches--
56:3858:40Prize InfoSilent Auction: Elspeth Tirel Mosiac--
56:4256:47StoryThe rest of Matt's carrot cake tale that got cut off last night
56:4356:44Music^ Bussy slide whistle accompaniment from Ian--
56:44--Meltdown^ Crew to Ian playing the slide whistle--
56:4556:48PrankJordan now Ultra Instinct Goku and Vegeta in the healing tank--
56:48--Video/ImageBaxter pics from Graham. Fur explooosion!--
56:45MusicPersona 5 Beneath the Mask cover--
56:4856:51DiscussionBaxter Talk
56:5157:00ReadingRosewatta Card Readings
56:54--Meltdown^ Everything Is Fine--
56:56--Meltdown^ Jordan at Kill la Kill--
56:57--Meltdown^ crew at God Damn it- Utah--
57:0057:17AuctionLive Auction: Star Trek Prop Replicas - Won for $8,400sampy104[✓]
57:0157:03Music^ Star Trek (2009) Theme--
57:0457:09Music^ Disco version of TOS Star Trek Theme--
57:0957:16Music^ Star Trek Theme Electronic Remix - Jaki Rose--
57:11--Game Event^ Bus Stop! - By Ian--
57:1557:16Prank^ Ian is now the Grand Nagus--
57:1757:18Music^ Rock remix of the TNG theme--
57:1857:19RDPRDP: Fashion Monster - Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
57:2057:20RDPRDP: Gee - Girls' Generation
57:2157:22Video/ImageKelsey Grammar as Starfleet captain--
57:2357:24DiscussionWhere did Graham get his Star Trek Command cardigan? ThinkGeek in better days.
57:2357:26PSA^ The four Ps - Poster, pins, playmat, photobook (merch plug)--
57:2557:25Prize InfoOngoing Belopa shrine contest for the T-Shirt--
57:2657:27DiscussionTalking about the poster update and every morning, Night Watch has thoughts...
57:27--Poster^ Reviewing the (v6) Poster update--
57:2857:34DiscussionNight Watch chooses domino colors for CPAUcouldntpickausername
57:31--Discussion^ Talk about what colour reminds them of--
57:31--Music^ some kind of LoFi music--
57:3457:36DiscussionIf you could install WoW on a Tesla Model 3, where would you let it drive? Destiny talk.
57:35--Video/Image^ Graham shows a gif of something Destiny related--
57:3657:37Roll CallNight Shift roll call with Matt, Ben, Graham, and Ian--
57:3857:39Prize InfoSilent Auction! Elspeth Tirel mosaic--
57:3957:40Discussion^ Shoutout to r10pez10 (R-Ten-Pez-io? Rio-pes-ten? Who knows!)r10pez10--
57:4057:42ReadingRosewatta card readings Part 2
57:4257:45DiscussionSearching is case sensitive, Graham learns and Ian's Text Replacement in MacOS--
57:4659:08Drive/Giveaway$8.94 Giveaway for: The Big Bag O'Dice 2020 Edition - Raised $22,779.12dropkickstart--
57:5057:50FoodBen has chicken nuggets, what did Ben have for dinner last night?--
57:5158:00DiscussionBen, Matt, and Jordan fight over control of the bus and the responsibility thereof
57:54--Crash^ Matt resets - womp womp--
57:54--Meltdown^ Jordan just wants everyone to use their keyboard--
57:54--Meltdown^ Ben does too!--
57:54--Game Event^ Driver name: COCKO--
57:54--Meltdown^ RIP Night Watch--
57:55--Meme^ Olive Garden Family moment--
57:56--Crash^ Matt does not driving and the bus stalls - RIP Cocko--
57:58--Game Event^ Driver name: COCKO (again) - they immediately reset--
57:59--Meltdown^ Jordan--
57:59--Milestone^ $300k total!--
57:5958:00RDPRDP: Hypnotized - Purple Disco Machine, Sophie and the Giants
58:00--Game EventDriver name: CHRONO--
58:0058:03Video/ImageDiscussing Star Wars Kinect Dance Central, then Matt crashes the bus
58:01--Discussion^ Star Wars Detours--
58:02--Crash^ Matt goes for a bus stop but leaves the door open and stalls--
58:03--Meltdown^ Matt does a no-no word--
58:03--Driver ChangeIan takes over and loads state to complete the bus stop--
58:0458:16GameThis or That: Is this flag real or not?
58:05--Game^ Real (Kyrgyzstan)--
58:05Music^ Chill songs to play This or That to (Persona something)--
58:06--Game^ Real (North Macedonia)--
56:07--Game^ Fake (Nuevo Rico from Tin Tin)--
58:0658:07Physical^ Ian is driving with his mouth--
58:07--Game^ Real (Canton of Glarus)--
58:08--Prank^ Matt Wiggins: Died As He Lived tombstone--
58:08--Game^ Fake (placeholder for New Mexico)--
58:09--Game^ Fake (Albion - Fable 3)--
58:10--Game^ Real (San Marino)--
58:08--Prank^ Ben is back in traffic--
58:12--Burn!^ "He hasn't done anything wrong, MATT" - Ben--
58:12--Game^ Fake (submitted to New Zealand flag referendum)--
58:12--Game^ Real (Cusco, Peru)--
58:13--Game^ Fake (What if Isreal was a Nordic country?)--
58:14--Game^ Fake (Flag of San Monique - Live and Let Die)--
58:15--Game^ Real (Bohol Province - Philipines)--
58:1658:17Prize InfoPlug for The Big Bag O'Dice giveaway--
58:1758:17Video/ImageImage of an art "restoration" in Spain
58:17--Enter/ExitGraham leaves--
58:1958:19DiscussionMatt rejects a challenge so that Serge knows he's not the only one who rejects challenges
58:2058:22DiscussionIan talks about his Commander Riker flippy toy he made in camp. Then talks about 4H
58:2258:23DiscussionCome up with a fake inside joke for when Graham gets back (and the dragon)
58:23--PhysicalBrief controller mouth--
58:2358:25DiscussionBen is exporting videos in Premiere, leading to talk about software crashing--
58:2558:42PhysicalIan drives blind (facing towards the bus)
58:2758:29Prize InfoPlug for The Big Bag O'Dice giveaway--
58:3158:34DiscussionIan discusses his most recent birthday, leads to talk about "The Shutdown"
58:3458:48DiscussionEveryone talks about their headphone and mic setups
58:4058:41Shoutout^ Raid by PotasticPPotasticP--
58:4158:44PSA^ What is this thing we're doing?--
58:43--Meme^ Fortnuts!--
58:4458:45Prize Info^ One minute left for the Big Bag O'Dice Giveaway--
58:4558:48Discussion^ Continuation of microphone and headphone discussion
58:4858:48Prank^ Jordan ends his stream--
58:4858:48DiscussionWhy do people do this?--
58:4858:50Prize InfoReminder for Belopa Shrine Art Challenge--
58:4958:49Meme^ Belopa! video--
58:5058:51MemeJordan screaming sound
58:51--Prank^ Jordan ends his stream again--
58:51--Enter/Exit^ Graham's back!--
58:52--PrankJordan Hopkins Tombstone--
58:5359:08GameThis or That: Graham Quote or Ben Quote
58:54--Prank^ Close up of Jordan--
58:54--Meme^ Jordan Scream--
58:54--Game^ "They put me in charge! Whoopsie!" (Ben)--
58:55--Game^ "Why do all the noises that come out of Ian suck?" (Ben)--
58:56--Game^ "James, I need you to not be the worst." (Graham)--
58:57--Game^ "Maybe we should just scream more." (Graham)--
58:58--Game^ "I don't know what you're talking about, and I don't want to." (Graham)--
58:59--Game^ "Sometimes, Ian just says wrong things." (Graham)--
59:0059:02Prank^ James is now driving with Ben--
59:00--Game^ "It's definitely Ian's fault." (Graham)--
59:0059:01Meltdown^ Graham forgot Ben is not actually driving
59:01--Milestone^ Wingdings! $310k--
59:04--Game^ "I just like to throw things at Beej all day. It's fun for everyone but Beej!" (Graham)--
59:05--Meme^ Jordan Scream--
59:05--Game^ "I remember when Ben was funny." (Ben)--
59:06--Game^ "If you don't win, you're fired. Also, have fun." (Ben, pretending to be Graham)--
59:1059:11RDPRDP: DNA - BTS
59:11--Enter/ExitJames? JAMES!--
59:11--CrashLeft crash - quietly reloaded--
59:12--Enter/ExitCori... driving--
59:12--Driver ChangeIan physically hands the controller to Cori--
59:1359:18PhysicalJames' mic isn't working so he is communicating via sticky notes
59:13--Burn!^ "Why is it that whenever I turn on this shift I'M ON IT?" -James--
59:14--Prank^ Jordan has a James face on his stream--
59:14--Driver Change^ Cori gives the controller back to Ian--
59:15--Burn!^ "Why is there so much stuff between our desks?" - Cori, from offscreen, to Ian--
59:15--Physical^ James holds up a photo printer and prints a new selfie for the stream
59:1759:19Prank^ Graham becomes the photo of James--
59:17--Enter/Exit^ 'Nite James--
59:1959:22DiscussionThe Bus rolls the stats for a Dungeons & Dragons character
59:19--Music^ Animal Crossing OST--
59:19--Burn!^ "I guess I'm the intelligent part of the stream" - Max because they were rolling the INT--
59:2259:22Song^ "Fighterman" to the tune of "Spider-man"--
59:23--Game EventBus Stop! - By Ian--
59:2459:29DiscussionWhat is the strongest, stupidest name for a Bond Villian?
59:26--Music^ Goldeneye 64 OST remix--
59:25--Poster^ Poster Update (v7)--
59:2859:29Discussion^ Bond music remixes--
59:28--Enter/ExitRandom Wandering Kathleen Encounter--
59:2959:31PhotosLooking at the photos from
59:3159:33DiscussionJordan makes up for a crime, Star Trek discussion
59:33--MusicAnimal Crossing OST--
59:3359:36DiscussionIf LeVar Burton hosts Jeopardy! who hosts Wheel of Fortune? --