DesertBus 14 - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 14 - Day 2

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
24:01--Story^ Paul gives his background in LRR stuff and other website freelancing--
24:01--Enter/ExitJames returns--
24:0124:02FoodAshton has a muffin--
24:0624:08StoryWhy James was gone for so long (spoilers: the toilet exploded)--
24:0824:09Prize InfoThe Zelda clock giveaway is ending soon--
24:1024:19GuestKate "Bill's Mom" Watt joins the stream
24:10--Story^ Fleetwood Mac--
24:12--FlushingThe toilet calls James away again--
24:14--Story^ Kate talks about herself and how she knows the crew--
24:1824:22DiscussionTwilight fandom discussion
24:19--TechnicalKate's connection drops--
24:2224:25StoryAnne Rice hits Johnny with a harp
24:25--DiscussionJames shows off his better banner-hanging solution--
24:2824:28RDPRDP: Physical (feat. Gwen Stefani) - Dua Lipa (Mark Ronson remix)
24:2924:29SongSerge sings about/to coffee
24:3024:36DiscussionSerge has to choose between Folgers and Maxwell House. Leads to coffee talk
24:34--Discussion^ What is Serge's favourite cup of coffee?--
24:36--ShoutoutShaw! Shawn! Shawn!--
24:36--TechnicalStream switches producers--
24:3724:40PrankAshton has fun with filters. Chat... has mixed reactions
24:36--Game Event^ Dawn Guard Bus is finally started, driver is named Grant.--
24:38--Discussion^ the room is not happy with this--
24:4024:41DiscussionWe are back to Dawn Guard--
24:41--Enter/ExitMAP reveals himself on screen--
24:41--Driver ChangeJames drives now--
24:4124:44DiscussionDiscussing driving the Desert Bus--
24:43--PrankMissed bus stop overlay--
24:4424:48Prize InfoChecking on silent auctions again (Gotta Catch Em All Poster & My Neighbor Totoro Blanket)--
24:4925:52Drive/Giveaway$8.12 Giveaway for: Humble Games Bundle - Raised $3191.16DoomsDay1990--
24:53--PhysicalJames gets back on the Chair--
24:5424:56PSAYou can donate in multiples and still enter the giveaway--
24:5724:58StorySerge starts talking about his most difficult call as a Magic: The Gathering judge and gets cut off--
24:5825:48Guestthe Return of Billzmom (Kate Watt)
25:00--Discussion^ Cats are discussed--
25:01--Discussion^ Kate showed off the monkey from DBX--
25:03--Story^ Kate talks about James Bond game and the bois--
25:06--Music^ Bob-omb Battlefield - Koji Kondo (Super Mario 64 soundtrack)--
25:07--Physical^ How many hats can Kate wear at once? 14--
25:10--Story^ Kate talks about her hat she got at Top of the World--
25:08--Music^ Mystery music name pending--
25:14--Technical^ The buscam disappears for a few seconds--
25:15--Story^ What's the worst thing the bois have done in the basement, that they thought Kate didn't know about?--
25:17--Crash^ Liz crashed the bus--
25:21--Game Event^ Driver name Grant once again--
25:18--Driver Change^ Liz takes over driving from James--
25:2425:24Discussion^ Liz talks about driving the bus--
25:2525:27Discussion^ James tells us how he made the shirt
25:2725:30Discussion^ Do the frogs behind Kate have names?--
25:3025:31RDPRDP: 22 - Taylor Swift
25:3025:32Dance^ James kept on dancing--
25:33--Milestone^ $135k raised!--
25:3325:34RDPRDP: Untouched - The Veronicas
25:3525:42Discussion^ Kate is impressed by the Cloud Bus--
25:4425:48SongPaul sings The Irish Rover
25:43--PSAThe Humble Bundle giveaway is ending soon--
25:50--TechnicalAshton can't be heard - he muted himself in the broadcaster interface--
25:5225:53DiscussionDawn Guard Wrap up--
25:5325:54RDPRDP: Spooky Scary Skeletons (Remix) - The Living Tombstone
25:5425:54RDPRDP: It's Bugsnax! - Kero Kero Bonito
25:5525:55RDPRDP: Lionhearted - Porter Robinson Ft. Urban Cone
25:5525:56RDPRDP: Boombayah - Black Pink
25:5625:57RDPRDP: I Didn't Just Come Here to Dance -Carley Rae Jepsen
25:2725:58Behind the ScenesLiz shows her disco ball--
25:5825:59RDPRDP: We Like to Party! (The Vengabus) - Vengaboys
25:59--Milestone$140k total and hour 136, thanks to a $4700 dropMrHorrible--
26:0026:00Video/ImageDawn Guard's Exit: Logo with Whistled Imperial March
26:00--Video/ImageAlpha Flight Inrto Video--
26:0026:01Shift ChangeAlpha Flight joins us with their intro video
26:02--Driver ChangeErika drives now, as Alpha Flight's Yuna--
26:0326:11PromoUpcoming items, live auctions (battle chess set), call in from Make a Wish, etc.--
26:05--Discussion^ Jacob brought in Bread Astaire (his bread machine)--
26:0626:09Discussion^ Andrew talks about the Make a Wish wish
26:0926:11Story^ Andrew talks about his speech at Child's Play dinner
26:1126:12Behind the ScenesAndrew's background looks like DB10 but is actually his house--
26:1226:16DiscussionAndrew's cool T-shirt of the Day + discussion about Enya
26:16--MusicMario themes from the 8-bit Big Band--
26:1626:18DiscussionFocusing your life around getting adequate sleep.
26:17--Discussion^ Jacob's neighbor makes stinky food--
26:19--Enter/ExitCarrie goes to get her cat Prinny--
26:19--Enter/ExitJacob shows his breadmaker, Bread Astaire--
26:20--Enter/ExitAndrew has surprise Myspace --
26:21--Enter/ExitCarrie shows her third cat, Prinny--
26:1626:24DiscussionHuffing cats and babies, making food as an act of friendship, and other general chatting
26:22--Meltdown^ Kathleen wretches at baby smells, Jacob melts--
26:23--Enter/Exit^ Tim and Julie appear!--
26:2526:30PSATim and Julie tell us about #DBToMe, an additional way for the community to be involved this year.
26:3026:32DiscussionAndrew has taken over as head of Comms, and talks about his team
26:3226:36Prize InfoSilent Auctions reminder - Gotta Catch Em All Poster and My Neighbor Totoro blanket--
26:37--Enter/ExitMatt Griffiths enters--
26:3826:41DiscussionMatt's ideas for the T-Shirt Giveaway - create the Alpha Flight pokemon
26:4131:53Drive/GiveawayAlpha Flight's T-Shirt Giveaway: Create the Alpha Flight pokemonbosku / ksbrenowitz--
26:4226:47PSAWhat is DesertBus? Also the TShirt and DBLoon are shown off.--
26:47--MemeButtsoft, what coin through yonder window breaks?--
26:4826:52PhysicalJacob bakes bread with Bread Astaire--
26:5026:52DiscussionKathleen warns about overloading the Studio C circuit breaker--
26:52--Driver ChangeCarrie takes over from Erika--
26:5226:54Behind the ScenesHow is the Bus working this year? CloudBus!--
26:5526:56Video/ImageDemi-Guy Fieri by Zand Gravebone--
26:5626:57PhysicalAll of Alpha Flight Dabs in "unison"
26:5726:59DiscussionMore Bread talk, and how it's slightly evil to make the moonbase smell like bread.--
26:5927:03SkitLorna Schlitzwhistle talks about her Special Bread (with a special appearance by Hype Man)
27:0227:03RDPRDP: What A Time - Fickle Friends
27:02--Technical^ The RDP button fired on its own?--
27:0327:08DiscussionJacob's Bread Making Time--
27:0427:07Technical^ Jacob focuses the camera--
27:0427:08SongWorksafe: The Musical - Kathleen and Jacob sing about ladder and bread safety
27:0727:08Song^ Jacob sings the "Packing up the Ladder" song--
27:0827:09PromoAndy and Maddy will be coming to Alpha Flight Tuesday and Wednesday!--
27:0927:22Discussion^ Jacob goes in depth on how Bread Astaire works, and the bread he will be making[✓]
27:1327:17Discussion^ Crew discusses the "reading instructons" test where the last question says to not do the other questions.--
27:2027:21SongBread Astaire sings the song of his people [See: bread postermoment for super-cut]--
27:2227:24Video/ImageJoe is challenged to watch a cute dog video
27:2527:26SkitCarrie yells "Fishie, fishie!" + context explanation for the meme[✓]
27:2727:29Skit^ Andrew and Jacob perform the Bert and Ernie "Heeere Fishie Fishie" sketch from memory[✓]--
27:3027:37Prize InfoPreview of the live auction for the Battle Chess Set
27:32--Music^ VA-11 Hall-A OST--
27:34--Discussion^ Jacob talks about the chess set and wanting to be a chess piece--
27:3827:43Prize InfoGiveaways this Alpha Flight: Jacob's Giveaway Prize, Secret Lair Drop Series: Thalia: Beyond Helvault and International Women's Day 2020--
27:4027:41PSASelf-care and needing to put on your own oxygen mask first--
27:42--Music^ Undertale OST--
27:4327:46DiscussionJacob is excited to get in to Steven Universe--
27:46--Discussion^ Andrew talks about a chiptune music festival he worked on in the BeforeTimes--
27:47--Driver ChangeErika takes the bus from Carrie--
27:4828:01GameAndrew takes a fruit based personality quiz
27:59--Enter/ExitJacob steps away--
27:59--Enter/ExitCarrie steps away--
28:0028:03DiscussionTree Fruit Allergies--
28:01--Enter/ExitCarrie and Jacob return--
28:0328:17AuctionLive Auction for: "Guardians of the Bus" Battle Chess Set - Won for $5791.10diplomaprivtim
28:20--Enter/ExitAndrew steps away to eat--
28:20--Driver ChangeJacob is now the driver!--
28:2230:00Drive/Giveaway$9.20 Giveaway for: Secret Lair Drop Series: Thalia: Beyond Helvault and International Women's Day 2020 - Raised $3,597.20Anonymousless--
28:2328:26DiscussionMagic the Gathering Talk--
28:2628:31Prize InfoThe ongoing Art Challenge is plugged again - the Alpha Flight pokemon--
28:27--Physical^ Jacob risks crashing the bus to show off the shirt--
28:28--Video/Image^ Emily's 1yo son Thomas in a DB2020 shirt--
28:31--Milestone$150k raised!--
28:3328:33DiscussionMagic has Deep Lore--
28:3328:35PhysicalShowing off Erika's dress of the day
28:3528:35DiscussionMore photos are up! Kolin will show them soon!--
28:3628:37RDPRDP: Let Go - RAC ft. Kele & MNDR
28:38--Enter/ExitKathleen steps away, Kolin comes back--
28:3928:46PhotosKolin arrives to show off some Photos from
28:4628:47RDPRDP: Work form Home - Fifth Harmony Ft. Ty Dolla $ign
28:47--Enter/ExitKolin departs, Andrew returns--
28:48--Driver ChangeCarrie takes the wheel--
28:49--DiscussionCheck in with Bread Astaire [See: bread postermoment for super-cut]--
28:5028:52DiscussionAndrew talks about the wish for Make A Wish--
28:5228:57DiscussionKathleen, Carrie and Bread Astaire vamp, as well as naming appliances [See: bread postermoment for super-cut]
28:5729:02DiscussionHypoallergenic Dogs --
29:00--Video/Image^ Jacob and Joe get to see the smiley dog and have Joements--
29:0329:05StoryMini-Jacob Story about one of Jacob's students in Japan
29:0629:44Call InCall In: Danny through Make-a-Wish
29:17--Enter/Exit^ Early Graham appearance for the call-in--
29:19--Driver ChangeJacob rides again--
29:20--Video/Image^ Danny takes Chat to the Store--
29:28--Milestone^ Danny donates a full houseboat ($5000)Danny--
29:3029:31RDPRDP: Take On Me - Reel Big Fish
29:3129:36Skit^ Jacob and crew tell bad jokes--
29:35--Discussion^ Jacob compliments Danny's knowledge of punchlines--
29:38--Discussion^ The crew will send Danny a shirt, a coin, and one of the very few hard-cover photo books--
29:4030:15Drive/Giveaway$6.86 to say thank you to Danny for his donation and time - Raised $8513.26 ($13513.26 including his $5000)--
29:42--MilestoneHour 138 got--
29:4429:44RDPRDP: Girls Just Want to Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper
29:45--Enter/ExitErika returns!--
29:45--Driver ChangeCarrie subs in for Jacob so he can check on Bread Astaire--
29:45--Discussion^ Check-in with Bread Astaire [See: bread postermoment for super-cut]--
29:4729:48DiscussionThe return of Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa (Jacob's Goo™)
29:4929:51PromoUpcoming events, Erika's Trivia Challenge, the pokémon art challenge--
29:5130:08SkitFruit Astrology signs with Lorna
30:04--Enter/Exit^ TQ comes for a Fruit-ology reading--
30:0930:12DiscussionErika explains the trivia challenge incoming shortly.--
30:11--MemeAlex Trebek cut-in--
30:12--Story^ Joe explains how the cut-in came into existance--
30:12--MemeAlex Trebek cut-in--
30:1730:19Prize InfoSilent Auctions reminder - Gotta Catch Em All Poster and My Neighbor Totoro blanket--
30:1630:16Discussion13513.26 is officially dubbed a Big Danny, 6.86 is a Danny
30:1930:29GameErika's Trivia Challenge - Heavy Metal
30:22--Game^ This silvery metal is one of only two metals that are liquid at standard room temperature. (What is Mercury?)Kathleen (5)--
30:25--Game^ The latin name for this soft metal got its name from its common use in plumbing. (What is lead?)Kathleen (6)--
30:25--Game^ Brass is formed by alloying copper with this grey metal. (What is zinc?)Andrew (1)--
30:27--Game^ Normally a silver white color, this metal oxidizes to have a multicolor sheen. (What is Bismuth?)Carrie (4)--
30:28--Game^ This radioactive metal was discovered by Pierre and Marie Curie in 1898 and is named after Curie's home country. (What is Polonium?)Kathleen (7)--
30:30--Driver ChangeAndrew takes over for Jacob--
30:30--Enter/ExitBread Astaire Check-in [See: bread postermoment for super-cut]--
30:3230:35Prize InfoJacob reads about Jacob Burgess Lends You His Time and Talents the giveaway--
30:3531:37Drive/Giveaway$15.55 Giveaway for: Jacob Burgess Lends You His Time and Talents - Raised $11,662.50No Donor Account--
30:38--Driver ChangeAndrew wrests control of the bus from Jacob--
30:3830:39RDPRDP: Singularity - World Order
30:40--MusicStardew Valley soundtrack--
30:40--MilestoneThe first of many $170Ks for this run!--
30:4230:43ShoutoutHappy Diwali!--
30:4330:49DiscussionTwo Truths and an Lie will be played later, and completing some other challenges--
30:45--Game EventBUG SPLAT!--
30:46--Discussion^ Inspiration to do your homework, DB crew has also done their homework--
30:46--Enter/ExitA wild Kathleen appears--
30:4930:50DiscussionHomework time!
30:49--Discussion^ Andrew has to write out the Roman Numerals for 69 ten times--
30:5030:50Video/Image^ Erika shows proof that she touched the Boba Fett head!
30:51--Enter/ExitErika leaves briefly to smell the bread baking from Bread Astaire--
30:5331:25GameTwo Truths and a Lie
30:53--Game^ Jacob: Has never seen Dune, The Godfather, or Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children--
30:59--PhysicalJacob goes to check on Bread Astaire's progress (soon!) [See: bread postermoment for super-cut]--
31:00--Game^ Erika: I've visited the CN Tower, driven from Southern California to Saskatchewan, Visited Tijuana, Mexico--
31:0231:04PhysicalBread cometh! Bread Astaire has released its bounty! [See: bread postermoment for super-cut]--
31:07--Enter/ExitErika is popping off (for bread)--
31:07--Game^ Carrie: I still have two baby teeth, When I was in grade 9 I held a monkey on stage at school, I was 1/12 of my high school graduating class.--
31:13--Game^ Andrew: I have been an altar boy, a banquet waiter, and a high school crossing guard--
31:1731:22Story^ Andrew gives his name as Justin Timberlake when he orders takeout
31:22--Game^ Matt Griffiths: I have never done a weed, I have visited England: specifically the goat sancuary in Kent, When I was very small I knocked out my front teeth all at the same time--
31:2531:26FoodErika tries Jacob's bread [See: bread postermoment for super-cut]--
31:26--Driver ChangeJacob takes over from Andrew--
31:2731:31DiscussionJacob is going to answer Heather's "kindness" (aka her pun sticky notes)
31:29--Physical^ Jacob can totally drive while doing this, with a shirt over his eye too--
31:31--Enter/ExitAndrew in a nifty new outfit, with an old friend in the corner! And a lurking Horse![✓]
31:36--Driver ChangeKathleen subs in for Jacob--
31:4031:41DiscussionJacob thanks everyone for the giveaway
31:4131:42RDPRDP: September - Earth, Wind & Fire
31:4431:53Video/ImageThe Alpha Flight as a Pokemon Art Challenge Results are shown!
31:45--Shoutout$2000 donationOatway--
31:5331:55Prize InfoSilent Auctions reminder - Gotta Catch Em All Poster and My Neighbor Totoro blanket--
31:5531:58DiscussionLeaving surprises for Zeta--
31:5832:00Video/ImageAlpha flight outro video #2
32:0032:10Shift Change6pm Night Watch News
32:01--Skit^ Jordan with the Noodle Drop News--
32:02--Skit^ Graham with tonight's top story: Planes Land --
32:03--Skit^ Ben Ulmer with the sports! (Actually entertainment) Heavy Metal Workouts--
32:06--Skit^ Ian Horner with the Stonks! --
32:07--Skit^ Matt is at the Hanging Gardens of Babylon (Don't ask)--
32:10--Enter/ExitEnter Graham, Jordan, Ben, Ian and Matt Wiggins for Night Watch! (Also a brief Jason!)--
32:1232:13RDPRDP: Focus - Charli XCX
32:1332:14TechnicalTalking about the button camera--
32:1532:18DiscussionMarbula 1 winner predictions Ben: Snowstorm, Jordan:Pulsar, Ian:O-Rangers, Graham:Honey
32:1832:24Prize InfoCurrent Silent Auction: Vampire Lord LoadingReadyRun's Space-Vampire Hunter Hunting Kit and How to Sharpen Anything - 7 hours 30 minutes left--
32:2532:25DiscussionTrying to get points with cloudbus--
32:3432:38StoryChoose your own adventure: summerizing Trapped in the Sea Kingdom Night 1
32:29--Video/Image^ Ben's Desktop: The Hellscape of Organization--
32:2932:33DiscussionBen's desktop management upsets the rest of Night Watch, leading to talk about proper file management
32:33--Meltdown^ Wiggins ain't a fan of Ben's OBS Setup--
32:3432:35Music^ Ian busts out the woodwind instruments, Jordan supplies percussion--
32:3837:06Drive/GiveawayChoose your own adventure: Pick the next page $5.22 or $5.58 - $88.74 | $61.38Swiming out into open Waters--
32:3932:46DiscussionBen has been challenged to sort his desktop by name for $20, starts talking about the photos on thereBusTed
32:42--Video/Image^ A photo of young James, TQ, and Jacob appears--
32:4232:44Call In^ James call Ben to ask how many photos of James Ben has on his desktop (only 3)--
32:43--Prank^ Ben becomes James' mouth--
32:4832:52DiscussionAmong Us talk
32:48--Meme^ Emergency Meeting!--
32:48--Prank^ Skull man appears--
32:5332:56DiscussionHow many people in the room have played Fortnite?--
32:5633:03DiscussionCamera talk with Graham, why using a DSLR for a webcam is great
32:57--Discussion^ Ben gets a Foooooong gift!--
32:59--Driver Change^ Jordan (Sanic) assumes control--
33:0033:01Discussion^ Giant Crab and other Japanese icons--
33:01--Video/Image^ Graham shows us the BlackMagic product image he was talking about--
33:0333:05TechnicalStream freezes --
33:0533:05TechnicalThe screen turns white followed by Please Stand By--
33:0533:11TechnicalTest pattern--
33:1233:12TechnicalStream Resumes without audio--
33:1233:12TechnicalAudio returns--
33:1234:06GuestErick Blandin from Child's Play!
33:1433:14DiscussionWhy did the stream go down? Graham says it wasn't his *bleep* button--
33:1633:22Discussion^ Erick explains: What is Child's Play? --
33:23--CrashJordan gets a random reset on the Bus--
33:24--Game EventNew Driver name: Xion--
33:4533:45TechnicalGraham's voice is echoooing--
33:45--MemeTaco Bell "Bell" sound--
33:4733:51TechnicalStream Freezes, with a cliffhanger!--
33:5133:56TechnicalTest pattern--
33:56--TechnicalStream returns! Broadcasting from Alpha Flight node--
33:5633:58DiscussionWhy did the stream go down this time? Turns out the computer died--
34:0235:06Drive/GiveawayNo prize but the gift of giving to Child's Play, because that's why we're here - $7.17 Raised $1254.75--
34:0334:05DiscussionExplain "Heuristics" to Ben--
34:0734:08Burn!v Leelee has opinions about Ben's desktop--
34:0734:10DiscussionBen thought Jordan's Dyson was a keyblade
34:12--Driver ChangeIan takes over for Jordan (after a hiccup with Ian controlling Alpha Flight's bus)--
34:1234:17DiscussionBen realizes he's been performing with Ian for almost 10 years.
34:13--Discussion^ Ian doesn't know who / what Danny Phantom is, Ben explains in great detail--
34:15--Music8 Bit Big Band--
34:16--Prank^ Danny Phantom enters the scene--
34:17--TechnicalJordan has broken his OBS overlay, is forever Danny Phantom--
34:1734:23DiscussionIan talks about what he is having for dinner, leading to talking about local Victoria food
34:21--Enter/ExitMatt Wiggins returns--
34:2434:34PSAWays to support Desert Bus For Hope - Desert Bus merch--
34:2634:28Discussion^ The poster is discussed - Ben has a story about shaving a beard
34:28--Video/Image^ Gif of beardless Ian--
34:2934:30Shoutout$1000 donation from Nosmo90Nosmo90--
34:34--Dance^ Dance Party for Nosmo!--
34:3434:34RDPRDP: Flyers - Bradio
34:3634:37DiscussionAnime opening theme discussions
34:3834:38Shoutout$1000 donation from epocadofim (DB3 alt poster creator)epocadofim
34:38--Enter/ExitGraham returns, he sure loves that anime!--
34:3934:40RDPRDP: Kill V. Maim - Grimes
34:41--ShoutoutTQ donates $500WitchyTQ--
34:4135:00PrankGraham shows us what he was working on, turns out it was a mouth cutout of Ben. Cutout shenangians and a large donation train ensues
34:42--Video/Image^ A mouth cutout of Ben--
34:42--Prank^ Ben becomes a mouth cutout of James again--
34:43--Prank^ James ate Ben! AHH!!!--
34:43--Prank^ Now Ben and James have eye mouths--
34:46--Shoutout^ Lots of high number donations--
34:36--Music^ Dry Dry Docks (Video Games Jazz Orchestra)--
34:47--Prank^ Ben is now Graham--
34:48--Milestone^ $200k--
34:48--Prank^ Jordan is some sort of graham homunculus--
34:49--Prank^ Ian is Matt Wiggins's Twitter/Twitch avatar.--
34:51--Prank^ Matt Wiggins is Ian's avatar now--
34:52--Prank^ Ben becomes Ian--
34:52--Prank^ Jordan is now Ben--
34:56--Prank^ Ben has evolved into a Jordan!--
34:5935:04DiscussionMatt Wiggins discusses what his avatar is and where it comes from
34:5935:00Prank^ Graham Speed looped himself!--
35:0035:01Discussion^ Ian talks about looping videos - talk about the skeleton on screen--
35:0335:03Video/ImageThe source of Matt's twitter avatar
35:0636:23Drive/Giveaway$13.13 Giveaway for: Emrakul Kigurumi - Raised $3,781.44RYANITO--
35:0635:07PSAMake sure your Donor Account is fully filled out!--
35:0835:08Video/ImageBen's new desktop
35:1035:19MusicMax does a fiddle - The Dusty Wine Bottle and Tam Lin's Reel
35:1935:20DiscussionJordan's Twitch follower notifcation went off during Max playing, was very scary for Jordan--
35:2235:27GameThis or That: Magic the Gathering card or Isekai (Transported to a Different World Anime) Courtesy of Pat Baer
35:23--Game^ Knights and Magic (Isekai)--
35:23--Game^ Logic Knot (Magic card)--
35:23--Game^ Magical Hacker (Unhinged Magic card)--
35:24--Game^ Overlord (Isekai)--
35:24--Game^ Worthy Knight (Magic card)--
35:24--Game^ Maze (Isekai)--
35:25--Game^ Worldly Tutor (Magic card)--
35:26--Game^ Three Dreams (Magic card)--
35:26--Game^ Gate (Isekai)--
35:2735:28DiscussionWhat is this music? Ghost Valley by The OneUps (Mario Kart Remix)--
35:2935:30Prize InfoEmrakul Kigurumi--
35:3035:31DiscussionTalking about how they're going to set up Quiplash and who's going to be joining them--
35:3135:33DiscussionBen doesn't read the Slack, but he's earned that because he's usually the guy yelling at people for not reading the Slack
35:3336:15GameQuiplash Game Block
35:38--Technical^ Ian mic static (Batteries died) "IAN!!! IANNNN!!!!"--
35:39--Game^ Round 1 results: Ian, Graham, Jordan, Ben, Matt--
35:44--Game^ Round 2 results: Graham, Ian, Ben, Jordan, Matt--
35:49--Game^ Ian is the winner!Ian--
35:5035:50Prize Info^ Emrakul Kigurumi--
35:5335:54Prank^ Graham shows off his Speed loop, Ben made one too, and Matt--
35:5436:14Game^ Quiplash Game Block--
36:02--Game^ Round 1 results: Matt, Matthews, Jordan, Peej, Other Plebs--
36:06--Technical^ Ian's Video Frozen--
36:06--Crash^ Ian Crashed both the bus and the setup --
36:09--Game^ Round 2 results: Ben, Jordan, Matt, Kelly, Other Plebs--
36:1036:10Game Event^ The bus gets towed back--
36:11--Meltdown^ Jordan died to Thriplash--
36:14--Game^ Peej is the winner! Peej--
36:1636:16DiscussionIan's Crash--
36:16--Game EventIan back in the seat with the new driver name: RADRACER--
36:1636:16ShoutoutRound of applause for the Engineers--
36:1736:20DiscussionWhat would it take to send Matt to see Twilight in these modern times
36:18--Game EventBus Stop!--
36:2036:23ShoutoutShoutout to Ken who is in the hospital for an emergency appendectomy
36:20--Story^ Ben proclaims Ken as a part of the scar community--
36:2036:23Story^ Graham tells the story about how they almost took out his appendix --
36:2636:35DiscussionChair Talk
36:36--Discussion^ Ian: A Humanscale Leap--
36:27--Discussion^ Graham: Just a big chair--
36:29--Discussion^ Ben: Ikea Markus--
36:31--Discussion^ Matt's work sent him a chair from the office (A Hyken Mesh)--
36:33--Discussion^ Jordan: Herman Miller Aeron--
36:3536:37Prankv Someone pea'd on Jordan's desk--
36:3536:36DiscussionWill Jordan pour the pea water on a bun and eat it for $20?
36:36--Meltdown^ Jordan spite donates $20 and says no--
36:3737:47Drive/Giveaway$6.12 Giveaway for: Take This Prize Pack - Raised $2,698.92Butterfly Macree--
36:43--PrankMessing with voice activated commands--
36:4536:46StoryCori trolling Ian in Mass Effect with voice commands. Grenade!
36:4637:05PhysicalDUMP TRUCK: Treasure X Aliens
36:47--PSA^ Explain the stream for new member--
36:50--Music^ VA-11 Hall-A OST--
36:59--Meltdown^ Jordan can't handle the ooze noises--
37:04--Technical^ Ian has gone full Chroma!--
37:05--Video/Image^ Graham is now the horrible Fish Statue from License To Kill--
37:0637:32GameTrapped in the Sea Kingdom - Choose your own Adventure Story Pt. 2End on p 108[✓]
37:10--Prank^ Everyone except Ben becomes the Fish Statue--
37:20--Technical^ Matt was Muted --
37:21--Crash^ Ian Crashed. Fish can't drive. --
37:22--Game Event^ Ian back in the seat with the new driver name: BELOPA--
37:24--Game Event^ Praise Belopa the Busdriver for their glorious Bus Stop!--
37:31--Meltdown^ No one in the crew can believe what they just did--
37:3237:33Prize InfoTake This Prize Pack--
37:34--PrankW I D E B E N--
37:3437:35DiscussionReboot Jokes and Reboot talk--
37:3637:41DiscussionCaptain Power from the 80s and JNS shows
37:38--Milestone^ DB4 Get!--
37:39--Video/Image^ Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future intro--
37:4037:43Milestone$210k feat. Wingdings!--
37:4037:42PrankBelopa returns
37:4337:44RDPRDP: Soda City Funk - Tim Legend
37:4437:46DiscussionDiscussing "The Belopa Incident"
37:4837:50StoryGraham talks about donating his eyes in response to a submitted challenge
37:5037:51Prankv Graham video loop--
37:5037:59StoryWhat is your favourite memory of food?
37:50--Story^ Jordan tells about his Cucumber Gazpacho epiphany--
37:53--Story^ Ian shares his story about consciously tasting his food in university--
37:54--Story^ Ben shares his story of being lied to about eating liver #Dadgeneering--
37:57--Story^ Matt talks about the Carrot Cake from The Irish Times in Victoria--
37:5938:00Video/ImageNightWatch outro #2 cuts off Matt
37:5938:00Video/ImageZeta banner on screen--
38:0038:02Shift ChangeZeta Begins!
38:00--Enter/ExitMoly, Beej, Heather, Cameron and Cori--
38:01--MemeLet's rotate the cushions!--
38:01--Driver ChangeCameron starts Zeta off--
38:03--Roll CallZeta reintroduces itself--
38:0438:05DiscussionIs Cori wearing a Totoro onesie? No, Beej is a liar.--
38:0538:07DiscussionCori is sad that James didn't return her sticky note
38:06--Discussion^ Wasn't Alpha Flight going to leave bread?--
38:0738:23PrankBeej puts on the green screen suit and immediately regrets it[✓]
38:08--Discussion^ Has anyone else ever worn the green screen suit? (absolutely)--
38:0938:20Prize Info^ Silent Auctions and Giveaways! Beej reads while subsumed by the green screen suit--
38:12--Technical^ Beej loses his microphone. Multiple times.--
38:18--Discussion^ Beej walks out wearing the head covering, while off camera. it was a bad idea--
38:23--Video/Image^ Beej reading from Heather's perspective--
38:22--Physical^ Beej returns in an invisible fez--
38:2238:23Prank^ Heather is muted until Beej puts his headpones on--
38:2338:25DiscussionPeak Beej, a house of lies, and Tradition
38:24--Meme^ "Everyone tell lies today!" The More You Know--
38:25--Technical^ Beej purges the challenges--
38:25--Discussion^ Zeta realises that Dawn Guard crashed their bus--
38:26--Game EventOne Belated Bus Stop--
38:28--TechnicalCam loses control of the bus--
38:28--CrashDesertBus.exe has stopped responding and will be shut down.--
38:28--Driver ChangeCori Becomes Driver--
38:29--Game EventNew bus driver: GREENJA (GREENJ + typo'd A)--
38:3038:35PhysicalBeej explains the Pokémon Greenja in a very animated way
38:35--DiscussionBeej defies chat about watching what he says--
38:3538:39DiscussionBeej is attractive, and high school stories
38:3938:42DiscussionCam was a day early to the 2019 wrap party, Beej and Cori gatecrashed a bar mitzvah, PAX parties
38:4338:44DiscussionA whole bunch of things are happening--
38:4538:51DiscussionSleep schedules and Zeta: A Day 2 roundup
38:4938:51Discussion^ McDonalds delivery--
38:5138:54Video/ImageDouble speed video: "Entire KFC Big Box Meal Sausage" by Ordinary Sausage
38:5439:03DiscussionDiscussion of being horrible to food, especially sausages
38:59--Discussion^ How do you serve a porg at a theme park?--
39:0339:07DiscussionMinions are terrible, and other "pop culture cylinders"
39:04--Discussion^ Hooty from The Owl House--
39:0739:10GameZeta Shift Cognitive Decline Experiment: Day 2
39:1039:13Discussionwould people like to read a thing, discuss--
39:1339:20ReadingReading the script of Kaguya-sama: Love Is War - Episode 4 with Beej, Cam, Heather and Molly
39:20--Discussion^ Beej lost the challenge attached to the reading--
39:2141:31Drive/Giveaway$8.53 Giveaway for Desert Bus Treo #1 - Raised $1987.49Javafox--
39:2529:27Prize InfoSilent Auctions (This time with uninhibited sight!)--
39:2639:26Discussion^ Heather is disappointed Beej doesn't have Castlevania weapons memorised--
39:2739:30PSAGet a donor account! And fill in the details!--
39:30--DiscussionWhat's the coffee sitch, Cori killed it, but didn't make more--
39:3040:06GameKeep talking and no one legos Session 2 - Molly Reads, Beej BuildsStopped after 25
39:59--PosterPoster Updates! (v6)--
40:0740:10Prize InfoSilent auctions: Crochet Cuddle Hobbes and Needle Felted Doomabelle--
40:1040:12DiscussionWhich container contains BEEJ (Heather prepared two thermoses)--
40:1240:13DiscussionHow does Desert Bus smell?--
40:1340:14DiscussionContributions to Dave's spokesman--
40:1440:14DiscussionWhere's Molly?--
40:1440:16ReadingBeej reads a message from Chatvison46--
40:1640:17Discussion^What magic card is that: Liara Dawnbringer; Mailtime discussion--
40:1740:19DiscussionNot everybody in DB is from Canada
40:1940:22Prize InfoCurrent givaways, silent auctions, store--
40:2240:23Video/ImageThe Creature Intersection intro (a Twilight Zone / Animal Crossing parody)--
40:2240:41SkitMolly takes us to The Creature Intersection (Beej is main character, other characters take dialog from various books)
40:3940:42Discussion^ Old-Timey attitudes on Cigarettes and The Creature Intersection debriefing--
40:40--Discussion^ Cameron was reading Dead Astronauts by Jeff Vandermeer--
40:41--Discussion^ Heather was reading Stardust by Neil Gaiman, Cori was reading Pride and Prejudice--
40:4140:45PosterLet's have a look at the poster--
40:4440:51DiscussionZeta could not find any bread left for them. Bread talk ensues.
40:4740:50Food^ Beej doesn't want to eat his muffin alone, so he puts on a green screen hood--
40:49--Discussion^ Molly has hidden post-it notes through her house which will probably still be there when she moves--
40:5040:51Discussion^ If God (Godot) hasn't found Beej yet then he's probably safe--
40:5241:55Musicv Molly strums to the stories--
40:5241:32DiscussionAce Attorney talk turns into a discussion of the crew's formative gaming memories
40:53--Discussion^ Molly's favourite video game IPs. Console Chat.--
40:54--Discussion^ Everyone's first/formative game systems--
40:56--Discussion^ Tengen v Nintendo--
40:58--Video/Image^ NES drop down connector--
40:59--Discussion^ Cam's frustration at Castlevania II: Simon's Quest--
41:02--Discussion^ Chat being wrong about stuff--
41:02--Discussion^ Gameboy camera--
41:04--Discussion^ Cam went from console to 386, and went on Quests and flight sims--
41:07--Discussion^ Molly was your typical sims player--
41:07--Discussion^ What did video games teach us as children?--
41:11--Discussion^ Atari vs. Coleco systems; leads to talk about parents playing games--
41:14--PSA^ Donation drive call out, but we're not done with our early gaming conversation--
41:16--Discussion^ Gaming continues, with audio jacks--
41:18--Discussion^ Beej's mother was a telephone operator and has a great phone voice--
41:1941:23Discussion^ Old times and pensions--
41:23--Game Event^ Bus Stop!--
41:23--Discussion^ Parents and gaming talk returns--
41:2741:31Discussion^ FUSER and cursed mixes--
41:3141:32DiscussionZeta doesn't care about Earthly matters
41:3241:35Prize InfoTalking about the card kingdom megapack 1--
41:3343:46Drive/Giveaway$8.77 Giveaway for Card Kingdom Megapack 1 - Raised $6,428.41MysticOp9--
41:4441:36DiscussionDoes the backend support donating zero dollars? (N- No, of course not.)--
41:3641:38DiscussionTime zones, and annoying word pronunciations
41:3841:39DiscussionBeej realised yesterday he drove in Australia--
41:3941:52DiscussionPhysiological reactions to stress (Cam sleeps, Molly has to use the bathroom)
41:43--Discussion^ Toilet euphemisms and vocabulary--
41:45--Discussion^ The length of a Quibi segment only works for watching on the toilet--
41:47--Discussion^ Beej's Bidet--
41:48--Prank^ Heather covers Beej in the green screen, because he keeps embarrassing her--
41:50--Physical^ Heather rolls off screen because Beej--
41:50--Discussion^ Paul wouldn't let Beej install a bidet in the Moonbase--
41:51--Discussion^ Molly heard Paul and Storm jaming in the bathroom--
41:5242:07DiscussionHollow-core is the future of music
41:54--Physical^ Beej abuses the chair--
41:54--Discussion^ The WonderCore theme is only one chord--
41:55--Music^ Molly and Beej (intend to) JAM (but largely alternate because of the live delay)--
41:56--Discussion^ Beej has an invisible guitar (because of the green screen)--
41:57--Discussion^ Stringed instrument talk--
41:59--Discussion^ Discussing, and attempting, synchronised playing in spite of latency--
42:03--Discussion^ Top of the Pops Nirvana--
42:06--Discussion^ Is this lip-syncing? Always has been!--
42:0742:14DiscussionBeej talks about the Challenges: write them like a job application
42:08--Discussion^ Beej used to take trouble tickets in a job, understands how formatting and politeness affect priority--
42:10--Discussion^ The room discusses job requirements, like 5 years experience in a programming language 6 months old--
42:13--Discussion^ Heather says Beej wants pictures of Spider-Man--
42:1442:21DiscussionCam flashbacks to bad job interviews, the room shares their experiences
42:18--Discussion^ Recruiters are sphinx!--
42:19--Game EventBus Stop!--
42:20--MemeBlaze it? Blase it!--
42:2042:40Discussion4:20 Blase It! - Day Two
42:21--Crash^ Crash (Cori was distracted by the introduction of BLAZE IT! a discussion of Blaseball)--
42:21--Driver Change^ Beej becomes Drive--
42:22--Game Event^ New Bus Driver: BLASE--
42:25--Promo^ The Garages are playing today at 2 pm bus time--
42:30--Discussion^ Molly and Cam explain how to follow Blaseball--
42:31--Technical^ Brief Test Pattern blip--
42:40--Technical^ Peanuts are falling from the sky! (Well, top of the screen)--
42:4042:41DiscussionMolly's uke is awesome--
42:4142:49DiscussionQwerpline, continuity, and community
42:44--Driver Change^ Beej physically hands the controller to Heather--
42:45--Discussion^ Everybody tries to do math on the total--
42:45--Discussion^ Back to Qwerpline, Nsburg's layout and streets of Victoria--
42:48--Milestone^ Team Chaos wins $222,232--
42:4842:50Prize InfoCurrent giveaway Card Kingdom Mega Pack 1--
42:5042:52Discussion"What are spicy pulls out of Thrones?" asked to a group of people who don't play Magic--
42:5243:09Discussion"What's everyone's favourite kind of pizza?" yells Molly ( and pizza/pasta talk )
42:53--Discussion^ Cam calls out the pineapple that goes on pizza in the US as gross --
42:56--Discussion^ The Olive Garden returns, only on ZETA now--
42:58--Discussion^ "Where do you go to yell at your family that's not Ikea in Canada?"--
43:00--Discussion^ The burger entirely encased in its own bun that tastes of lasagne--
43:04--Discussion^ Drive through Italian--
43:0943:14TechnicalStream freeze--
43:1443:16TechnicalTest pattern--
43:1643:18TechnicalZeta banner--
43:1843:19DiscussionThe room is back and they talk about what they heard
43:1843:19Prank^ Molly plays Caillou Theme on the ukulele as soon as the stream comes back up--
43:1943:21DiscussionAlarming people with vague communication--
43:2143:32Video/ImageZeta revisits "tiltyhouse food review Carb Pocket" at double speed
43:21--Discussion^ The room explains the Carb Pocket video--
43:27--Discussion^ What are "Uncrustables"--
43:29--Discussion^ Ian said he'd make a bread pudding from the scraps. It is implied this did not happen.--
43:3243:34Video/ImageZeta react to "Windows Dog Meme". Several times.
43:32--Driver ChangeCam driving. Heather resting--
43:3443:46DiscussionThe room talks about emails --
43:36--DiscussionBeej is realising how he posts a lot of cursed content while searching for a tweet--
43:3743:38Video/ImageZeta react to the video of a dog having an existential crisis
43:3843:39DiscussionWhat happens when you give animals speech buttons--
43:3943:40Video/ImageWavescanning images of animals, drawn
43:41--DiscussionBeej thanks Molly for her ukulele playing--
43:4243:45DiscussionWhat's your post-Zeta shift detox routine?
43:43--PhysicalThomas shows his cat--
43:4443:45DiscussionKeyboard typing and choices--
43:4643:48DiscussionZeta is saying their goodbyes and talking about their plans for later this week--
43:48--Milestone$225k get! Wingdings mode activate!--
43:48--Enter/ExitCori Leaves--
43:4943:50DiscussionFuture is chaos--
43:49--Prank^ Molly rickrolls everyone on the ukulele--
43:5043:55DiscussionHow long have you been part of Desert Bus? + DB history talk
43:53--Discussion^ Rapping while white--
43:5543:57DiscussionRecapping tonight's Zeta shift and how the feels were felt all around--
43:5743:58DiscussionIs whipping your glasses off actually a thing?--
43:58--Discussion^ Thomas tried it once and snapped his glasses in half.--
43:5844:00DiscussionZeta says goodbyes
43:5944:00Video/Image^ Zeta concludes their second broadcast day
44:0044:01TechnicalStream goes down to change over to Dawn Guard--
44:0144:02TechnicalDBfH 2020 logo--
44:0244:03Shift ChangeDawn Guard is here on time!
44:02--Video/Image^ The Dawn Guard intro video--
44:0344:10DiscussionSerge explains his reduced presence in the video
44:0444:07PSA^ Reminder of the contest to edit a Dawn Guard intro video --
44:03--Enter/Exit^ Enter Serge, Paul, James, Liz and Ashton--
44:06--Discussion^ Is Serge a musical genius?--
44:07--Burn!^ No - Johnny--
44:1044:15PromoHousekeeping for today: Gameshows, coffee pong, and challenges--
44:13--Driver ChangeLiz drives now--
44:13--Game EventReload straight into the crash screen--
44:14--DiscussionDid you know the bus is loud? Thanks, Liz--
44:14--PSA^ Buy the DB merch: Poster, pins and photobook--
44:15--Game EventLiz and the cloud bus don't always mesh. Let's try again.--
44:16--Enter/ExitJames leaves to reboot the computer--
44:1644:31DiscussionTime keeps marching on and sleep schedules
44:17--Game EventNew driver. Name: GRANT--
44:1944:24Prize InfoSilent auctions: Crochet Cuddle Hobbes and Needle Felted Doomabelle--
44:23--PSA^ Get yourself a donor account to bid on silent auctions and submit challenges--
44:26--Story^ Liz tells her sleeping story--
44:28--Story^ Paul had a dream about being on a comedy panel show and bombing--
44:3145:46Drive/Giveaway$5.20 Giveaway for: Desert Bus for Hope 2020 T-Shirt - Raised $1,981.20⭐ lunik1 ⭐--
44:3244:36DiscussionWhat is Desert Bus Purgatory
44:3444:35PSA^ Have a donor account please--
44:3744:37Discussion^ Ashley sent Ashton a photo of the futon--
44:3744:38PhysicalAshton literally stretches for time--
44:3744:41StoryLiz tells a story from her time on the road
44:41--Enter/ExitJames appeared--
44:4144:43DiscussionJames has two banners and Dawn Guard bath bomb update
44:4344:44TechnicalJames is still too quiet for the room but fine for chat--
44:4444:49DiscussionJames challenges chat to get to $226k so they can play coffee pong & coffee talk
44:45--Discussion^ It is revealed that James is drinking much less coffee than Serge--
44:46--Burn!^ Serge says "Let's be real, you're James, you drink coffee-flavored cream"--
44:48--Milestone$226k is reached for coffee pong!--
44:4944:54Video/ImageThe 2018 and 2019 coffee pong season statistics
44:49--Discussion^ Johnny gives us coffee pong stats--
44:53--Shoutout^ Thanks Jen for the coffee pong stats graphics --
44:5445:16GameCoffee Pong Season 3 Game 2 starts. It's Minecraft!James wins
44:5745:00Music^ VIRTuoso Sexy - Big Giant Circles--
44:58--Game^ Serge gets a point: 1-0 to Serge--
44:59--Game^ James gets a point: 1-1 tied--
45:00--Game^ Penalty - Serge told Ref how to ref. Three shots from the kiddie table.--
45:01--Game^ James gets a point: 2-1 to James--
45:0045:04Music^ Micksplosions - Big Giant Circles--
45:0445:09Music^ Go For Distance - Big Giant Circles--
45:04--Game^ Penalty - Ashton destroys James' cup for messing with the judge: 2-2 tied--
45:07--Game^ Serge gets a point: 3-2 to Serge--
45:08--Game^ Serge gets a point: 4-2 to Serge--
45:08--Game^ James gets a point: 4-3 to Serge--
45:08--Meme^ Sad horn noise--
45:0945:16Music^ No Party Like a Mojang Party - Big Giant Circles--
45:09--Game^ Penalty - Serge punished for slow play and does not get the point he finally lands--
45:11--Game^ Penalty - Second delay, Serge has to get in the cart--
44:55--Driver Change^ Paul drives now--
45:13--Game^ James gets a point: 4-4 tied--
45:14--Game^ James gets a point (confirmed by ref nudge check): 5-4 to James--
45:15--Game^ James gets a point: 6-4 to James!--
45:15--Video/Image^ Overlay: James Turner Winner--
45:16--Burn!^ James: "Now I get to finish my coffee. I didn't drink that much."--
45:1645:17DiscussionPost-pong debrief--
45:1745:45M-M-Multi Challenge!NFL Score predictions9-5 (Tie with DB7, Best prediction ever)
45:19--Discussion^ Indianapolis Colts vs. Tennessee Titans (Colts win 24-12)Colts 34-17 ✓--
45:21--Discussion^ Houston Texans vs. Cleveland Browns (Browns win 24-11)Browns 10-7 ✓--
45:23--Discussion^ Washington Football vs. Detroit Lions (Lions win 48-3)Lions 30-27 ✓--
45:25--Discussion^ Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Carolina Panthers (Buccaneers win 21-14)Buccaneers 46-23 ✓--
45:26--Discussion^ Philladelphia Eagles vs. New York Giants (Eagles win 32-0)Giants 27-17 ✗--
45:28--Discussion^ Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Green Bay Packers (Packers win 40-20)Packers 24-20 ✓--
45:29--PSAGiveaway for the shirt is still happening--
45:30--Discussion^ Buffalo Bills vs. Arizona Cardinals (Bills win 42-21)Cardinals 32-30 ✗--
45:31--Discussion^ Los Angeles Chargers vs. Miami Dolphins (Chargers win 20-10)Dolphins 29-21 ✗--
45:33--Discussion^ Denver Broncos vs. Las Vegas Raiders (Raiders win 24-12)Raiders 37-12 ✓--
45:33--Game EventAttempted bus stop - narrowly missed (Paul couldn't stop quick enough)--
45:34--Discussion^ Seattle Seahawks vs. Los Angeles Rams (Seahawks win 20-17)Rams 23-16 ✗--
45:35--Discussion^ Cincinnati Bengals vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (Steelers win 21-0)Steelers 36-10 ✓--
45:37--Discussion^ San Francisco 49ers vs. New Orleans Saints (Saints win 21-7)Saints 27-13 ✓--
45:38--Discussion^ Baltimore Ravens vs. New England Patriots (Ravens win 20-17)Patriots - 23-17 ✗--
45:40--Discussion^ Minnesota Vikings vs. Chicago Bears (Vikings win 21-17)Vikings - 19-13 ✓--
45:4245:44Prank^ Ashton is a Viking now (Snap Camera)--
45:4745:47ShoutoutShoutout to the VST for documenting the run & James shows off the 2020 DBloon
45:47--Promo^ James shows off the DBloon--
45:49--Milestone10 Desert Bucks raised!--
45:5045:50PromoFirst game show will be Price is Right--
45:5045:51RDPRDP: Party For One - Carly Rae Jepsen
45:5246:04DiscussionThe room talks about overlays and gifs for the dance party, leading to a show and tell
45:54--Discussion^ Show and tell!--
45:57--Prank^ James is Ben now (talks about Night Watch Shenanigans)--
46:0246:02Meme^ Liz starts singing Baby Shark--
46:02--Discussion^ Moving and living in places--
46:0446:05DiscussionFood talk!--
46:0546:58GameDawn Guard Gameshow #1! The Price is RightNoy2222
46:08--Enter/Exit^ Julie, Az and Ashley enter--
46:08--Music^ Price is Right theme--
46:08--Driver Change^ Serge takes over driving--
46:11--Discussion^ James explains the game--
46:11--Game^ Round 1: 3 used PS3s ($240)Serge--
46:13--Meme^ vvvvv--
46:14--Game^ Pricing Game 1: Coming or Going -- projector + inflatable screen ($5528)Serge wins!--
46:1546:19Technical^ A muted (for chat) Julie introduces herself--
46:19--Discussion^ Who are we? And who is Julie?--
46:20--Game^ Round 2: brand new carburetor ($700)Ashton--
46:23--Game^ Pricing Game 2: Lucky Seven -- Ford Churchbus ($19797)Ashton loses‽--
46:2346:23Technical^ Things get too jpeg--
46:26--Game^ Round 3: 27 boulders ($678)Paul--
46:29--Game^ Pricing Game 3: Punch a bunch Chunk -- Paul gets 2/4, and gets $5000Paul wins‽--
46:35--Game^ Round 4: Ham-holder ($1153)Liz--
46:37--Driver Change^ Paul takes over driving (but overlay stays on Serge)--
46:38--Game^ Pricing Game 4: That's Too Much! -- 52 pieces of 17lbs Ham ($19760)Liz wins!--
46:42--Discussion^ What did everyone have for dinner last night?--
46:44--Game^ Showcase Showdown -- Liz vs SergeLiz wins!!--
45:44--Game^ Tropical Staycation -- Serge bids $14500, actual retail price $4759, over by $9741--
45:51--Game^ Convention Pack -- Liz bids $3000, actual retail price $5568, under by $2568--
46:59--Enter/ExitJade! And Az's kitty!--
46:5947:01PhysicalThe room shows off their pets and plush animals
47:0147:03PSASubmit challenges to Dawn Guard--
47:03--ShoutoutThanks to Noy2222 for making the gameshows and BrainStew for helping with the gameshow--
47:0448:11Drive/Giveaway$7.47 Giveaway for: Unstable Booster Box - Raised $5,714.55cattleprodlynn--
47:09--Driver ChangeLiz takes the wheel! Without asking first!--
47:1047:16SongPaul discusses song list, and then sings '39 by Queen
47:15--Story^ Serge tells a story about music--
47:1747:18SkitSerge gives coffee flavoured praise to Dawn Guard and coffee jokes/punsLadyAtarka
47:1947:24PhysicalDoing some physical stuff - standing on one leg contestAshton wins
47:21--Driver Change^ Paul takes over for Liz--
47:2147:24Music^ The Ritual - Gerald Fried/Sol Kaplan (Star Trek melee combat music)--
47:25--Memev Ashton has mic 5--
47:2647:27DiscussionAshton has MIC 5 and the origin of the MIC 5 meme
47:2747:39DiscussionJames is having fun without us and mask talk
47:2747:27Video/Image^ James at Hey Happy--
47:2847:39Call In^ James on the street--
47:31--Enter/Exit^ Liz drops off--
47:3147:32PSAAll donations should be in US dollars, the giveaway for Unstable MTG Box is still happening--
47:40--Enter/ExitAshton leaves for a reset--
47:4047:41PSAPlease do not put personal information in your donor account display name.--
47:4147:43DiscussionDonation totals and Team Order versus Team Chaos--
47:4447:47Prize InfoChecking in on silent auctions (Crochet Cuddle Hobbes; Needlefelted Doomabelle)--
47:4747:50PromoReminder of the contest to edit a Dawn Guard intro video --
47:51--Milestone6.3 million lifetime--
47:5247:53MusicImperial March--
47:5147:57DiscussionStar Wars Discussion -> The Emperor's New Groove
47:5547:55PromoMikey Newman will be joining Dawn Guard Monday and Tuesday--
47:57--Enter/ExitJames and Ashton return--
47:5747:58DiscussionJames urges chaos from the chat to thwart Serge's dream of $234,567
47:58--Meme^ Holes!--
47:5847:59DiscussionPassing notes in the Moonbase--
47:5948:00DiscussionSerge's dreams: crushed. Team Chaos reigns