DesertBus 12 - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 12 - Day 3

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
48:01-Driver Shift ChangeAshley and Graham--
48:0148:03Video/ImageAshley and Graham's entrance video (Archer intro)[✓]
48:0248:03Discussion^ Graham discusses his entrance video--
48:03-Enter/Exit^ Exit sanic may he reign forever, but leaves his hand behind--
48:0348:04DiscussionPushup Challenge is discussed--
48:0448:06DiscussionGraham gets to see people he's never seen at Desert Bus
48:0548:05TechnicalLets check back in with those alternative currencies!--
48:06-PlugSerge tries to plug Silent Auctions, but Graham distracts the room--
48:0748:08Discussion2 point shift, Jordan's crashes--
48:0848:12PlugSilent Auctions (for real this time): Ravnica Quilt, Pillows for Every Mood, Nebulous Space (Painting)--
48:12-OtherGraham slaloms bug splat in and out of lines--
48:1248:14DiscussionGraham and Ashley's intro--
48:1448:18DiscussionAdvice for 8 month old, and Penelope Stories
48:14-Burn!^ Paul calls out people to stop having babies with magic card names--
48:16-Enter/ExitUncle James arrives!--
48:18-PlugPhil Plait Call In at 11:30--
48:1948:21DiscussionSanic's fist remains as the room watches Sanic Gifs--
48:2148:22DiscussionThe pushup challenge, and back-alley puppy deals--
48:2248:23PlugMikey Neumann call coming up this evening--
48:2348:25DiscussionIt's hard to put together couches--
48:2549:26Drive/GiveawayWarhammer 40k Desert Sons Chapter $10.04 Donation DriveRed Shoes Jeff--
48:3048:31Technical^ On site monitor goes down--
48:32-TechnicalLights go dark again (or actually the cameras?)--
48:3348:37DiscussionEnter: A Family with this year's Fangamer T Shirts
48:3648:37TechnicalAshton announces that an overlay error has been fixed, and then vanishes--
48:36-Enter/ExitAshton disappears. Was he ever there? Wait, who is Ashton, anyway?--
48:3848:39DiscussionGet those donation accounts set up!--
48:3948:40DiscussionThis Year's Controller
48:40-Milestone$190k HYPE ($170k!!)--
48:40-DiscussionHorseshoes with Hats is going to happen... soon--
48:4048:42DiscussionRecapping the NFL predictions--
48:4248:46GameHorseshoes with Hats happens! James and Paul throw hats at Graham
48:43-Enter/ExitEnter Erika--
48:45-Milestone10k Shift total right to 11k--
48:45-TechnicalHat hits a Mic--
48:4548:51FoodBurgersquad Drop - Deus brings Burger Candy
48:46-Enter/Exit^ Enter Deus from BurgerSquad --
48:4948:49Discussion^ Serge Explains BurgerSquad (Destiny) --
48:5048:51Discussion^ The History of BurgerSquad --
48:5148:56DiscussionWhat does the room know about Poland?
48:56-Meme^ The More you Know--
48:5648:58GameGraham has to Name the countries in the EU
48:5848:59PlugDesert Suns 40k minis Giveaway--
48:5949:05DiscussionRemembrance Day is Explained, and observed
49:0349:05Song^ The Last Post is played in observance of Remembrance Day--
49:0549:08StoryVarious stories of Veterans in the families of the folks in the room
49:06-Story^ Graham's grandfathers' roles in WW2--
49:08-Story^ Paul's story--
49:0849:12DiscussionPoppy Pins can be Dangerous, and other PoppyTalk
49:1249:17DiscussionCanada's "Heritage Minutes" is discussed
49:15-PlugPhil Plait Call In at 11:30--
49:16-Game EventPoint got!! Graham is #1--
49:1749:18DiscussionGraham's gonna go for the bus stop
49:18-Game EventGraham gets a bus stop successfully! (after 4 attempts) - The first of the year!--
49:1949:26DiscussionCanadian TV Shows, Public Service Announcements and other National TV Shows
49:20-Plug^ Warhammer 40k Stuff and Phil Plait Call In--
49:2149:22Discussion^ Serge got Cold at Desert Bus--
49:2449:25Discussion^ Emily's Knitting Update
49:2549:26Discussion^ Talking about Canadian TV, again--
49:2849:29DiscussionWhat happened at the end of Jordan's Shift? --
49:29-Enter/ExitEnter Many Folks for Phil's Call In / Exit Sanic's Fist--
49:3049:31DiscussionGraham's favourite Canadian graphic design
49:3149:33DiscussionKate Watt has "Evel" Socks
49:29-Other^ The DesertBus logo is tilted since the removal of Sanic's fist--
49:3149:33Story^ Evel Knievel stole hockey equipment from Pj (evilbadman)'s grandfather--
49:3350:05GuestCall-in: Phil Plait
49:35-Reading^ Serge reads Phil's introduction--
49:5449:58Plug^ Phil shows off all the items in his Auction lot--
49:5850:02AuctionPhil Plait Lot - SOLD for $3010I_am_clockwork
50:0650:07Shift ChangeAlpha Flight enters, meekly, and then less meekly to Flight of the Valkyries remix
50:0850:11DiscussionKathleen saw some Birds, Birds are Dinosaurs
50:10-Prank^ 420 in Canada means 4m or 20ft away from any public building--
50:1150:14PlugHow is Ashley's shift going? And what does she have to give away?--
50:14-OtherRoll call--
50:1450:18SkitDad jokes
50:1850:20$X Push-upsSANIC PUSHUPS! (But only 2 from Leelee and 1 from James)
50:20-Burn!^ Andrew calls out Graham for forcing #BurgerSquad--
50:2350:26$X Push-upsMore pushups! (20 each from Matt G and Serge, 2 from Carrie, 2 from Kathleen, and 4 from Kate, 15 from Ashton, 3 from Liz)
50:2750:28PhysicalGraham wears 5 sweatshirts at once
50:2850:29MemeCar start: Car engine don't start. Liz fails to trigger the dance party... twice--
50:2950:29RDPRDP: The Middle - Jimmy Eat World
50:3050:30DiscussionWho is the table between the couches? Woody
50:30-Enter/ExitSarah leaves in full coat--
50:3250:40SkitWho's on First? Ft. Lorna and G-Money from Qwerpline
50:3250:32ReadingAndrew as announcer: "Philogenetically speaking, birds are dinosaurs and that's awesome!"
50:39-PrankWoody the Table is given a face made of sticky notes--
50:4050:41Burn!Graham is asked to apologize to The Shetlands. He never has and he never will.
50:4250:46DiscussionPet talk, and upcoming related art challenge
50:4555:00Drive/GiveawayArt Challenge - Graham and Ashley's pets in art formjustwhatever_idk--
50:45-Story^ Kathleen talks about Baxter--
50:4650:54M-M-Multi Challenge!30 second challenges marked "accepted" but not completed in the queue! - 13 completed!
50:48-Discussion^ Add one item from Smash to Desert Bus--
50:4850:48Meme^ Congratulations! (NGE)--
50:4850:48Meme^ Congratulations! (Smash) twice--
50:49-Discussion^ Which Ravnica Guild do you belong to?--
50:49-Skit^ Reenact a hilarious moment from PUBG (To jaunty music, which continues)--
50:50-Skit^ Alex as Ian as a vaguely German inventor presenting the Bork laser--
50:50-Skit^ Interesting fact about Comedy--
50:50-Skit^ A different "Ian" (with the voice of an albatross) giving a yelp review for Mercenary Solutions--
50:50-Skit^ Give Ben a Condescending Congratulations--
50:51-Skit^ Graham demonstrates how an albatross flies--
50:50-Technical^ Graham fixes the crooked sign from hours ago--
50:51-Skit^ Kate as Ian teaches LeeLee how to sweep a building for enemies--
50:52-Skit^ "Julie" (Kathleen) tells us about a topic of interest in her area of expertise--
50:52-Discussion^ Talk about a good "hacker moment" you had, not necessarily computer hacking but the same basic idea--
50:52-Discussion^ Each person in the room gives the challenger one piece of advice about something to do before next DB--
50:53-Other^ The final challenge is to end on a RDP--
50:5350:53RDPRDP: Good Feeling - Flo Rida
50:55-Enter/ExitEnter Ashton--
50:5651:00DiscussionPlease make a donor account
50:57-PrankGraham has special eyes... and then so does Alex--
50:57-SkitSerge explains how Jo feels when someone lacks a donor account
51:0051:05PlugSilent Auctions --
51:0551:08FoodDesert Bus Tea Party
51:0751:08DiscussionWhat's the Tea? (aka gossip about Niki Minaj)--
51:0851:40QuizKathleen's Trivia Challenge - Part 2Andrew 10 / Graham 8
51:11-Quiz^ Q1: What Japanese thunder kami is familiar to modern audiences as a fighting game characterRaiden--
51:12-Quiz^ Q2: What virus can cats and humans both get, known as the "cat flu" when cats get itHerpes--
51:14-Quiz^ Q3: What is the capital of MongoliaUlaanbaatar--
51:16-Quiz^ Q4: What 1985 Disney movie did so badly that it threatened the existence of Disney's animation departmentBlack Cauldron--
51:17-Quiz^ Q5: Gobstoppers were introduced as an extremely belated tie-in to what movieWilly Wonka--
51:18-Quiz^ Q6: What stone is formed by corundum with chromium traces in itRuby--
51:19-Quiz^ Q7: Who was the eighth person to get an EGOT and is the oldest living EGOT male recipientMel Brooks--
51:24-Quiz^ Q8: In the 1920s, which French tennis champion invented the polo shirtRené Lacoste--
51:25-Quiz^ Q9: What salad includes greens, chicken, and eggCobb--
51:26-Quiz^ Q10: What mobster does Rick from Magnum, PI have a connection to, OR name the dogs from MagnumIcepick / Zeus & Apollo--
51:28-Quiz^ The Music round begins--
51:29-Quiz^ Clip 1: thank u, next - Ariana Grande--
51:31-Quiz^ Clip 2: Come Over - The Internet--
51:34-Quiz^ Clip 3: I Do - Cardi B ft. SZA--
51:35-Quiz^ Clip 4: Suspirium - Thom Yorke--
51:3951:39MemeCongratulations! (NGE)--
51:4051:40PhysicalAcknowledgement of 10 Hats on screen donation at 1:23 PM--
51:4051:40ShoutoutShoutout to Hannah & Sam & the Hat Donator
51:4151:43PlugGraham & Ashley's Pet Art Challenge--
51:44-Enter/ExitExit the family that got the shirts and drove up--
51:4551:48SkitTim Hortons One Word Story with Graham and Leelee
51:4951:51ReadingDave's Spokesman reads Destiny lore (Wavesplitter, Mark of the Great Hunt, One Thousand Voices)
51:5152:03TechnicalBig Ol' Twitch Hiccup. Then stream goes down--
51:54-Technical^ Reboot failed, trying again to GATHER POWERRRR--
52:02-Technical^ Logo screen--
52:03-TechnicalLive again--
52:0352:04PrankWe're back, everything is fine, also Andrew has special eyes
52:0352:45Drive/GiveawayLRR Lighsabers $7.69 Donation Drive #NICEBanather--
52:0452:04Prank"No one will believe you" visible on Kevin--
52:0852:10RDPRDP: DNA - BTS
52:08-MemeCar Start: Car engine won't start - one button is broken--
52:08-TechnicalThe button is broken so Engineering starts the RDP manually--
52:1052:12DiscussionAndrew explains why he's wearing a Malort shirt
52:1252:14DiscussionGraham complains about formatting the name of "Loading, ready-Run" incorrectly while sipping tea.
52:13-PrankOverlay for giveaway is changed to Loading,Ready.Run--
52:13-TechnicalAny donation with 69 in it changes the UI from "Latest Donation" to "NIIIIIICE Donation" #Fugi--
52:13-PrankAlex isn't here, man--
52:1552:21SkitInterviews for Mercenary Solutions, Inc.[✓]
52:2052:21Burn!Graham makes a PUA joke on Andrew for pulling off a funny hat. --
52:2152:21PlugLightsaber giveaway--
52:21-Prank^ Sexy hat hid our DBloon!--
52:2252:22PrankGraham poses on the trip from Kevin to Kathleen--
52:2252:25SkitSexy Fashion Time with Kathleen and Andrew
52:2552:25DiscussionNIIIIICE DONATION overlay--
52:2652:28MeltdownReal Fashion time with Kathleen and LeeLee
52:2852:29RDPRDP: Stephen Universe Theme Song (Year One) - Rebecca Sugar
52:3152:33DanceEveryone dances the dance of their people (background music is The Farmer's Frolic - Gaelic Storm)
52:31-Meltdown^ Liz's Jaunty Kracken kills everyone--
52:32-Dance^ Alex groin punches--
52:31-Dance^ Kathleen radiates her big brain--
52:32-Dance^ Graham Dad-dances followed by Shepard Shuffle--
52:34-Dance^ Kate does the reach--
52:3452:35DanceDancing to the Peanuts theme song
52:3652:36DiscussionHow the Peanuts Christmas Special was Coca Cola sponsored originally aired--
52:3652:36PlugGraham & Ashley's Pet Art Challenge and the Lightsabers--
52:3752:37PhysicalKate and Liz fight with the "lightsabers"
52:3852:42SkitSnorsh time with Snorsh Lady and new marketing intern Gregor
52:4052:40Meltdown^ "Tell them about your great package..."--
52:40-Milestone^ $200k HYPEE #Ashton--
52:44-Milestone^ $20k Shift Total--
52:40-Burn!^ Aphex Twin sounds like weagles rolling down a hill in a barrel--
52:4352:43RDPRDP: Club Can't Handle Me - Flo Rida Ft. David Guetta
52:4452:45RDPRDP: Dragostea Din Tei - O-Zone
52:45-Milestone205k! Hype! (the 7k SDCC auction finally got added)ElementalAlchemist--
52:4552:46RDPRDP: Gee - Girls' Generation
52:4752:49Video/ImageBaxter and Khaavren
52:4852:48Discussion^ The notes Zeta leaves, cat talk--
52:4952:49Meme^ Congratulations! (NGE)--
52:5156:34GuestMike Selinker and Trevor Kidd from Lone Shark Games--
52:5252:53FoodJapanese Kit-Kats--
52:5452:56DiscussionTalking about Tabletop deathmatch
52:5652:56PrankWatch your Profanity--
52:5752:58Video/ImageTaking Mike and Trevor to the Store
52:5953:00FoodGraham tastes an Autum Chestnut Kit-Kat--
53:0053:02DiscussionTalking about Mike's experience of Remembrance Day cannons on the boat
53:0253:04FoodTokyo Banana Kit Kat, Raspberry Kit-Kat
53:0454:00Drive/GiveawayThe Ninth World signed by Mike Selinker and playmap ($9.51 donation drive)bschory--
52:46-Game EventDusk--
53:1153:14StoryLiz tells us how she met Trevor
53:12-MilestoneDB4 Total raised ($209,400.82)--
53:1253:19StoryMike tells why he and his wife are banned from curling in the US
53:17-Meme^ The More You Know--
53:20-Enter/ExitJacob returns!--
53:20-Other^ 3 Special Guests Hype!--
53:2053:22DiscussionSecret Poppy pinning techniques
53:3153:22Physical^ Alex pins Jacob's poppy--
53:2253:24$X Push-upsPushups (Jacob 20, Matt 31), plus 4 dead fish flops from Alex (which aren't pushups, but it's the thought that counts)
53:2553:34DiscussionAdvice for someone studying game design
53:26-MilestoneShift Desert Buck--
53:2653:27DiscussionDiscussion about desert bucks--
53:3453:35OtherMike drives--
53:3653:39PlugSilent auction plug, as Edith Slump
53:3953:40Video/ImageFur Children photos--
53:41-DiscussionWrestling gimmick challenge is accepted, then interrupted for scary storytelling, then forgotten--
53:4253:48StoryAshley tells a scary story, then Mike tells a really scary story
53:47-Game EventThe bus is now night--
53:4853:50DiscussionBus daylight cycle--
53:5053:51PhysicalAndrew High Fives everybody in the room (And in Engineering!)
53:5153:53PlugThe Ninth World giveaway--
53:5353:55Foodv Jacob is excited about Japanese KitKats--
53:5353:58StoryJacob and Graham's wrestling-related stories
53:5854:03DiscussionDiscussion of Ben and Andrew falling off stage during LNDF at PAX West 2018
54:0054:03Story^ Kathleen tells a scary bathroom story--
54:0154:03Video/Image^ Video of Ben falling off stage during LNDF--
54:0455:17GuestJeremy Petter and Tally Heilke HAVE ARRIVED!!! :D :D
54:06-Other$3528.21 Raised!--
54:0754:09PhysicalMike signs Ninth World giveaway prize on camera
54:1054:13DiscussionHair talk--
54:1354:13Otherv Tally is extremely excited to open a poster tube--
54:1354:15PlugHour of Devastation Rare and Mythics foil sheet^ Give Ben a Condescending Congratulations
54:16-Game EventJer drives and gets the bug splat! --
54:19-Enter/ExitEnter Johnny--
54:1954:35StoryJacob tells a story of bartending for Yakuza
54:23-PosterPoster update--
54:3655:30Drive/GiveawayGiveaway (Foil Uncut Sheet of Rares and Mythics from Hour of Devastation) $8.25 Donation DrivePhish--
54:3954:43DiscussionMike gives his favourite board/card games
54:43-Milestone30k Shift Total--
54:4454:47$X Push-upsRek does 15 more pushups, Jer and Tally do another 20 and 16 respectively51
54:4754:48DiscussionExplaining Kevin to the people who haven't heard
54:48-PlugGiveaway (Foil Uncut Sheet of Rares and Mythics from Hour of Devastation) $8.25 Donation Drive--
54:4854:49StoryTally and Jer's babby almost knows a few words, and one of them is "Siri"--
54:49-Enter/ExitAsh and Buster busts in--
54:4954:52GuestDoggo! Buster!
54:51-TechnicalWingdings occurs--
54:51-Milestone$220k causes Wingdings--
54:5154:54DiscussionWho would voice Baxter and Jade?
54:5454:58PrankLeave some positive or mildly menacing notes for Zeta in the couch cushions--
54:5554:58DiscussionJacob's vocal warm-up routine
54:5855:02DiscussionGood news! What property do you license for your VHS interactive board game?
55:0255:08SongTally sings Shut up and Drive by Rihanna
55:0855:14SongGraham and Jer sing 2013, by 64K.
55:1655:17Enter/ExitExit Tally & Jer--
55:1555:16RDPRDP: Push It - Salt-N-Pepa
55:17-PlugHour of Devastation Rare and Mythics foil sheet giveaway and Silent Auction review--
55:18-Enter/ExitBye Buster--
55:2255:23SkitIan found another RDP button to replace the broken one
55:23-MemeCar Start: The button's engine won't turn over--
55:2355:24RDPRDP: Star Wars - MECO
55:2455:25DiscussionRoom talks about the button (and Andrew does Transformers in the movie announcer voice)--
55:2555:26DiscussionMike talks about his bag
55:28-MemeCar Start: Car turning over... AGAIN--
55:2755:29MemeAdding a New Button: Ian found a THIRD button... are they multiplying?[✓]
55:2955:29RDPRDP: Shoop - Salt-N-Pepa
55:3055:31MeltdownLiz can't handle the multiplying buttons--
55:3155:31ShoutoutHappy anniversarry to Trudy and Ben!
55:3155:35SkitSnorsh Lady and her Hype Man
55:3555:36RDPRDP: Die Young - Ke$ha
55:3555:35PhysicalRek successfully solos all 3 buttons--
55:3755:39StoryMike tells a story about a shady card game's development
55:3955:40DiscussionNo more physical challenges for a bit--
55:4055:42SkitJacob thanks The Dark Lord[✓]
55:4455:44MemeCongratulations! (NGE)--
55:4555:45ShoutoutMovie announcer voice Andrew shoutout to Canadian Apple Company
55:4555:54DiscussionJacob ranks his top 5 games by their fishing minigames, everyone joins in
55:5355:54SkitKathleen leads the room in a maniacal laugh as Graham gives his "pleased" face
55:5555:57Video/ImageAshley and Graham's Art Competition finalists and winnerJustWhatever_IDK
55:5755:58PlugSilent Auctions--
55:5955:59DrawingLeelee drew Ashley as if she were in Animal Crossing
55:5956:00DiscussionKathleen's teen relevance and jumpsuit
56:0056:03Shift ChangeGolden Girls Night Watch Intro (New Version with Ska Cover Theme)
56:0356:05DiscussionMike pitches a mashup of two board games: "Set-lers of Catan"
56:0556:10SkitTriple Snorsh - Hosting the Crappy Olympics
56:1056:12DiscussionWhat's a weagle?
56:1256:12PlugMikey Neumann Call-in with Hashtags! #DBMikey--
56:12-Enter/ExitAlex leaves using the Mii Music--
56:1456:15Shoutout2Flower, DB/LRR fan from Wayback.
56:1656:18DiscussionIan tries to set up Engineering to do a Spicy! It fails.
56:18-PrankSpicy, eventually--
56:1856:22DiscussionWhen Mike became obsessed with Japanese KitKats
56:2256:24PhysicalJacob shares his catchphrase
56:2456:26DiscussionWhat are you eating, Liz? --
56:2656:29SkitJacob announces Graham the Wrestler
56:2956:30RDPRDP: The Impression That I Get - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
56:30-Enter/ExitExit Jacob--
56:3056:32PlugJacob plugs his other projects
56:3356:34PlugMike and Trevor's projects
56:34-Enter/ExitMike and Trevor leave--
56:3556:38PlugSilent Auctions--
56:3956:39DiscussionRed Green raid. RED GREEN HAS A TWITCH CHANNEL?
56:39-Meltdown^ Graham, realizing Red Green's son has a Twitch channel--
56:3956:40DiscussionDuct tape actually inferior to Gaff tape--
56:40-MemeCar Start: Rek tries to RDP on his own, all he gets is a car false start.--
56:4056:42DiscussionGraham makes the RDP fail worse ... somehow--
56:4256:42PhysicalLiz hides the buttons "to prevent them from breeding"--
56:4256:47DiscussionLow effort cooking
56:4756:48DiscussionWrestlers with geeky finishers
56:4856:49DiscussionReading the notes left by Alpha Flight for Zeta Shift under the couches[✓]
56:4956:54$X Push-upsPushups! Rek does 15 more, Matt does 35, Erika does 10, Graham does 10, Ian does 15Total: 382.5
56:53-Burn!^ "When did they [the amount of money raised] get odd?"--
56:5456:55TechnicalRek teaches Graham how to do The Triple Button--
56:5556:55RDPRDP: Work From Home - Fifth Harmony Ft. Ty Dolla $ign
56:5656:57PhysicalGrumps out, frumps out
56:5756:58Discussion^ Matt made the dog frump face--
56:5756:58DiscussionHas the amout of push-ups moved the earth?--
57:0057:43GuestCall-in: Mikey Neumann
57:0057:01Technical^ The room mics are daggers in Mikey's ears--
57:0157:02Discussion^ What've you been up to?--
57:0257:03Discussion^ DBloons inspired by Mikey!--
57:0357:06Discussion^ Just how sick of Harry Potter are you?--
57:0557:05Technical^ Currency O'Clock!--
57:0657:08Discussion^ Rebooting a late 80's to early 00's kids TV show--
57:0857:09Discussion^ Favourite movie dog, cat or other animal--
57:08-Burn!^ Spoilers for a movie that is ... fine (I Am Legend)--
57:0957:12Discussion^ Advice for someone who wants to get into a career of critiquing movies--
57:1257:13Discussion^ What is that BB8 in your kitchen?--
57:13-Burn!^ Mikey burns the chat for questioning his BB8--
57:1357:15Discussion^ Gritty reboots of kids shows?--
57:1557:16Discussion^ Movies you went into with lower expectations, then appreciated better after reviewing?--
57:1657:18Discussion^ Has reviewing movies changed your expectations before going into them?--
57:17-Game EventPoint! (First one for Ashley ever!)--
57:1858:00Drive/GiveawayMikey's actual movies with custom cover--
57:1858:00Drive/Giveaway^ Scott Pilgrim $7.24No Donor Account--
57:2258:00Drive/Giveaway^ Hot Fuzz $7.77Blind_Gecko--
57:2358:00Drive/Giveaway^ Dark Knight $7.18Richard Clowne--
57:2557:28Discussion^ What do you put on your waffles? Food Joy--
57:2857:29Discussion^ What are your coping methods for people that vocaly don't like you?--
57:2957:30Discussion^ Stephanie's hair is amazing--
57:3057:30Discussion^ Who is a disney princess you enjoy?--
57:3157:32Discussion^ Games or movies you're looking forward to replaying?--
57:3257:34Discussion^ Have any of the things on Deep Dive affected what you pick?--
57:34-TechnicalTechnical Static has arrived!--
57:3457:35Discussion^ Troll 2--
57:3557:36Discussion^ Anything new coming up?--
57:3657:37Discussion^ Anything you're thinking of for future episodes?--
57:3757:37Discussion^ Southland Tales--
57:3757:40Discussion^ Lessons Animation Taught Us 2--
57:4057:41Plug^ Mikey's Actual Movies with custom covers--
57:4157:42Plug^ Where can people find you online?--
57:4257:43RDPRDP: Ice Ice Tik Tok - The Face Melters
57:44-Milestone$45k Shift Hype--
57:44-TechnicalMikey requests they turn off the lav mics for calls--
57:4457:44PrankVery creepy Creepy Doll[✓]
57:4657:46OtherMoar dad joeks? - no--
57:4657:47DiscussionVery close to double desert buck--
57:4857:48PhysicalIan almost killed someone off camera #LifeAlert--
57:4857:50DiscussionIan comes up with a Man in Black Jojo stand
57:5057:50Song^ Ian sings a song about the stand he just created to the tune of Men in Black--
57:5257:52MemeCongratulations! (No sound clip; just viewing poster)--
57:5257:55SkitWho is the real Ian? - Ian must convince chat that he is the real Ian
57:55-Enter/ExitFake Ian walks away--
57:5658:00PlugMikey's Actual Movies with custom covers, Silent Auctions--
57:5657:56PrankCreepy Ian--
58:01-Enter/ExitEnter GorillIAN--
58:02-MilestoneOver 7K Viewers!--
58:02-Enter/ExitExit Andrew--
58:0358:04RDPRDP: You're Welcome - Dwayne Johnson
58:0558:05TechnicalCurrency O'Clock!--
58:0458:09DiscussionGraham welcomes viewers from the Twitch front page an