DesertBus 12 - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 12 - Day 2

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
24:0024:01Video/ImageKnife man!--
24:0024:05Driver Shift ChangeFailure to emulate the Ring, Alex and Ash get stuck in a TV [✓]
24:00-Enter/ExitEnter spoopy Ash and Alex--
24:0324:05Video/ImageReplay of spooky entrance video, due to tech issues--
24:0624:07DiscussionGetting $88888--
24:0724:11PlugSilent Auctions--
24:1224:13DiscussionSerge takes center stage for #TeamOrder (#TeAmChA0S HYPE!)#TeAmChA0sL
24:13-MilestoneMissed $88,888 #TeAmCH0WS (Chaos?)--
24:1424:15DiscussionAsh's favourite character or moment from Final Fantasy XIV--
24:1524:27GameMental Magic
24:16-Discussion^ Serge explains how to play--
24:17-Game^ Mental RPS -- Alex wins!--
24:17-Shame Ticket^ SHAME -- Alex drops an F Bomb--
24:1924:20RDPRDP: Hey Now - Matt and Kim
24:19-Game EventPoint 3 Get!--
24:21-Discussion^ Device discussion--
24:21-Other^ Alex deliberately misses a bus stop--
24:22-Game^ Serge loses to Pact trigger--
24:22-Enter/ExitMatt leaves--
24:2524:26PhysicalJames and Ash have a thumb war and play rock paper scissors
24:2725:30Drive/GiveawayBreath of the Wild Paper lamp $9.43 Donation DriveLauradical--
24:3024:33Story^ Story time about craft by Stephanie--
24:3424:37StoryAsh has a five minute video of James, Fugi, and her trying to put cushions on a couch
24:3724:39DiscussionAsh explains the provenance of her awesome rainbow hoodie--
24:37-Enter/ExitExit Alex, to change out of his dress (bedsheet) breif Ashley and Enter Eric, Emily and Erika--
24:3924:43DiscussionJames explains the origin of his beard and beard care tips
24:40-Meltdown^ Ash has a problem with James feeling his beard grow.--
24:41-TechnicalStream issues. Twiiiiitch!--
24:4424:45PlugBotW Paper lamp giveaway--
24:4524:46DiscussionHighwasited pants: So in? also more beard talk--
24:46-Discussion^ The comb test--
24:4924:49DiscussionAsh talks about Pre-Desert Bus anxiety--
24:4924:58DiscussionGP Vegas and chess championships, POGs and Schoolyard Shenanigans
24:49-Technical^ Alex has a deeleybopper issue, receives assistance from Ash--
24:5224:53Story^ Turbo Chess--
24:5424:57Discussion^ Pog magic!--
24:5524:57Story^ Pog banning in school stories--
24:5724:58Story^ Acorn wars and blackberry fights--
24:5824:59PlugBreath of the Wild Paper lamp--
25:0125:02StoryKate's oldschool school stories
25:0225:02Story^ Quarters, the game--
25:0325:03Discussion^ Hitting the crap with the crap - explaining baseball in simple terms--
25:0425:05Discussion^ Lumberjack sports and no rules chainsaw competitions--
25:06-PlugBotW Paper lamp giveaway--
25:0725:08DiscussionAlex explains chess to James
25:0825:09StoryAsh explains the one time she ever got angry at chess
25:09-Story^ Serge explains Storm in Bridge --
25:1025:11PhysicalAsh does FFXIV dances--
25:1025:11RDPRDP: It's Not Unusual - Tom Jones
25:1225:14DiscussionSpite and Malice - Card games, why not to play Uno on xbox live
25:1425:15PlugBotW Paper lamp giveaway--
25:1525:15DiscussionMoths love lamps--
25:1525:16DrawingChess board acquired! (Matt made it)--
25:16-OtherKate shows off awesome Star Wars shirt --
25:1725:17StoryKate talks about seeing Star Wars for the first time
25:1825:22DiscussionAsh talks about Megacynics and its ending.
25:2225:27DiscussionThe chair-shaped fart sponge and its internal fart-fission nuclear reactor--
25:2325:23Discussion^ Ian and his driver ice pack--
25:2425:25Story^ The cooling apparatus from LRL--
25:2725:29PlugBotW Paper lamp giveaway--
25:27-OtherMix up of Skull Cam and Kevin's Korner--
25:2825:28ShoutoutFangamer $1k drop, the first of the run--
25:29-MilestoneHour 130 get!--
25:32-GameSerge does the Level 2 Judge Challenge? Nope, not yet--
25:32-Other$4224.XX raised for the lamp!--
25:3425:35RDPRDP: Shelter - Porter Robinson & Madeon
25:3425:37Milestone$123456.78 via Fangamer! $28981.70 drop (desert buck and change?)#TeamOrder
25:34-GameSerge starts taking a L2 Judge challenge, gets interrupted by a Fangamer drop--
25:34-Milestone^ Shirts have brought in over a Desert Buck on their own!!--
25:34-MilestoneHour 133 get!--
25:3725:39DiscussionDonation goals and hours--
25:3925:51GameSerge L2 judge challenge - for real this time
25:4625:47Burn!^ Alex calls out James for "quitter talk"--
25:48-Burn!^ Alex calls out Planechase for "not being a real format"--
25:51-Enter/ExitEnter Kathleen--
25:5225:54DiscussionDependent based fittness--
25:5525:55PhysicalAlex intimidates Ash with his Beetlejuice socks
25:5625:57SongMii shop channel acapella--
25:56-OtherRoll Call!--
25:5725:58RDPRDP: Danny Don't You Know - Ninja Sex Party (Radio Edit)
25:58-PrankThe overlay is still setup to display Wingdings whenever there is a round number for the total donation.--
25:5926:02DiscussionSports predictions so far
26:00-TechnicalAlpha Flight is late--
26:0226:04StoryHow Ash came to support the Pittsburgh Penguins
26:0426:06Shift ChangeAlpha Flight starts! (Late, as is tradition) featuring Andrew as Movie Announcer
26:0626:08PlugJacob Burgess--
26:0826:09DiscussionThe pop filter needs cleaning--
26:08-OtherKathleen takes over as CoPilot--
26:0926:10DiscussionKathleen talks about how to learn to raise a single eyebrow--
26:1026:11DiscussionCrashless so far--
26:1126:15PlugUpcoming entertainment today: Jerry coming back at 2, Panalysts at 3, Qwerpline during Kathleen's driving shift--
26:1226:12DiscussionQuizzy is back for weekend trivia Saturday at 1 and Sunday--
26:1326:14DiscussionWell ackhtually--
26:1531:00Drive/GiveawayArt challenge: describe a stupid game you played as a kid or make one upBeatrice--
26:18-Burn!Alex calls out Johnny for mic things--
26:2126:23PhysicalChaos YMCA#TeamOrder
26:23-Milestone40k shift total--
26:2426:25RDPRDP: Where Are U Now - Jack U ft. Justin Bieber
26:2526:25RDPRDP: Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix) - Omi
26:2526:26ShoutoutWho worked on the Dance Party list this year--
26:2626:33DiscussionKathleen explains How to say yes and no in Austrailia
26:2726:32Story^ Check-in Satan, being too tired to enjoy LA--
26:3226:32Discussion^ The Delta Lounge was amazing --
26:3326:39PlugSilent Auctions - as read by Lorna Schlitzwhistle
26:3926:44DiscussionAlex and Matt explain Homestuck to Kathleen--
26:4226:43PrankAndrew explains the grains associated with Final Fantasy games
26:4426:45PhysicalShoe roulette!
26:4526:45DiscussionAsh has become fully confused with couch crew--
26:4626:47SkitKathleen narrates Alex's sexy pants
26:4826:48DiscussionAbsolute territory--
26:4826:50GameEpic Rock Paper Scissors TournamentCollin
26:5126:52DiscussionAndrew throws his own funeral at his 30th birthday party
26:5226:55StoryAsh tells Buster stories
26:5526:57Enter/ExitMount Fuji--
26:5826:59DiscussionEngineering and Kathleen's trivia quiz--
26:5928:00Drive/Giveaway1:1 Replica rifle from 'Aliens' $10.95No Donor Account--
27:0127:01MeltdownAlex scared for his life from the blaster--
27:07-ShoutoutAsh shouts out her husband for taking her phone to play Pokemon Go during her shift--
27:0827:44GameKathleen's Trivia Challenge! (Team Andrew: 8, Team Ash: 10)Team Ash wins day one!
27:08-Game^ Team Andrew: Alex, Andrew, Ashley, Carrie and Kate (Johnny added later)8 points--
27:08-Game^ Team Ash: Serge, Dan, Colin, Ash, Matt G, and Stephanie10 points--
27:14-Milestone^ Hour 135 get!--
27:25-Burn!^ Volkswagen falsified environmental reports--
27:25-Plug^ "Aliens" M41A Pulse Rifle--
27:38-Burn!^ Andrew calls out Kathleen for picking music they haven't had a chance to listen to yet--
27:4327:43Meme^ Congratulations! (NGE)--
27:44-PlugAliens M41A Pulse Rifle--
27:4627:47DiscussionVery close to $50k shift total--
27:4827:48PhysicalAlex's "socks"[✓]
27:4827:49RDPRDP: Cartoon Heroes - Aqua
27:48-Milestone^ $50,000 Shift total--
27:4927:50RDPRDP: Better Off Alone - Alice Deejay
27:5027:51RDPRDP: Dynamite - Taio Cruz
27:50-Physical^ Andrew dances his pronouns off!--
27:5227:53PlugDumb Kid Games t-shirt giveaway--
27:5327:57DiscussionThe room is hot--
27:5427:57Behind the ScenesThe thermostat control is behind the logo--
27:5728:05PlugSilent Auctions, Pulse Rifle--
27:5728:07MeltdownJerry is in awe over the pulse rifle, and dies on floor[✓]
27:57-TechnicalOverlay grid mode enabled!--
27:57-Enter/Exit^ Enter Jerry, awed by the pulse rifle--
27:59-Poster^ Poster update! Cam's Lab Safety talk, Ben stack at the end of Zeta, Alex & Ash's entrance, Alex's Leg--
28:0228:05Meltdown^ Jerry handles the pulse rifle, weebs out --
28:02-Discussion^ Bus stop skipped--
28:05-Enter/ExitEnter Brenna--
28:0828:09DiscussionTalking about how good Emily is at knitting
28:1028:10RDPRDP: 22 - Taylor Swift
28:1028:12PhysicalEveryone gives some love to engineering--
28:1228:14DiscussionSo what was with the Sprouts...
28:1428:15DiscussionGritty the radical leftist icon...
28:1528:17PhysicalJerry shows off his tattoos
28:1828:23DiscussionWhat is your favorite vegetable, and which video game is it most like? (Jerry: beets)
28:20-Discussion^ Elite Beat Agents is underrated--
28:22-Video/Image^ Elite Beat Agents--
28:22-Enter/ExitExit Kathleen, pursued by a phone (she got a call)--
28:2328:28DanceThe Baby Shark Song
28:2928:31OtherJacob introduces himself to everyone in the room (including Engineering)
28:29-Enter/ExitJacob Burgess enters and introductions are made--
28:30-Enter/ExitIan runs in, having heard talk of Elite Beat Agents--
28:3328:34PlugAsh's story challenge--
28:3528:37DiscussionHow to get into voice acting?
28:3728:40Discussionv The Nintendo DS - Where My Belruel came from--
28:3728:44SongJerry performs My Belruel
28:4328:44Discussion^ Other songs on the album--
28:4428:47Discussion^ Create the worst Vampire the Masquerade character possible--
28:47-Discussion^ Not understanding what people are talking about--
28:4928:53DiscussionJerry designs a D&D NPCCr'venn T. D'orr
28:49-ShoutoutJames, for making the room a good temperature--
28:49-OtherReturning Sponsor: Card Kingdom--
28:5428:55DiscussionJacob says something sweet and motivational to chat
28:54-Discussion^ Lubricating the voice--
28:5528:56ShoutoutSending love to Gloria and Chris McDonald and Olivia
28:5729:00PhysicalStretching/Yoga, led by Kathleen
29:0030:00Drive/GiveawayHorizon Zero Dawn necklace $5.84 Donation Drivecgwonder--
29:0430:14GameThe Panalysts Live Edition
29:06-Video/Image^ Panalysts intro--
29:08-Game^ Team names: DJ Clumsy Farmer & DJ Calarts--
29:10-Game^ Q1: Come up with a bad sequel to a film that doesn't need a sequel½ point each--
29:11-Burn!^ "You're playing to the Judge!" "Well yeah, have you seen this show?"--
29:19-Game Event^ Bug splat!--
29:21-Game^ Rotate the Panelists! #PreZeta--
29:21-Enter/Exit^ Julie enters for Team A!--
29:22-Game^ DJ Calarts changes to Robot Union--
29:23-Burn!^ What's the prompt? (We are all pasty with eczema)--
29:23-Game^ Q2: Which cure for eczema, listen to Gwyneth Paltrow or be hunted by a bloodthirsty baboon?100k points each--
29:36-Plug^ Silent auctions--
29:37-Technical^ Fugi fixed the overlay to display MILLIONS of points!--
29:39-Game^ Team name changes: Clumsy Farmer is now THREATS, Robot Union is now MYOPIA--
29:40-Game^ Q3: Genie wish: your baseball team wins 3 world series in a row and then gets sold off, or you get a cute dog that will always and forever pee on your rug.2 to Myopia, 1 to Threats--
29:47-Prank^ Everybody loves raiment--
29:52-Plug^ Horizon Zero Dawn necklace--
29:52-Game^ Q4: Friends with Batman (Nolan version), or Merlin? Their enemies will come after you.No points awarded--
30:06-Other^ Brief pause for "these messages" (Drawing for the Necklace)--
30:0730:14Game^ Q5: Lightning Round! Combine 2 animals!Everyone wins--
30:1130:11Meltdown^ Alex scared for his life (again)--
30:1430:14Story^ Koala stories--
30:1530:16DiscussionJerry wants to be on The Panalysts, and Rhythm Café
30:1530:18Enter/ExitJerry and Waifu say goodbyes and head out!--
30:1830:18PlugJacob at PAX unplugged - how to do romance in tabletop RPGs properly--
30:1930:20PlugAsh's Kid's Games challenge--
30:2130:24Video/ImageJacob Burgess goes to the Store
30:22-Meltdown^ "Ahh I can't swear"--
30:2430:25RDPRDP: Dare - Gorillaz
30:2630:27PhysicalAlex holds a lightning round
30:2730:30DanceLiz teaches Jacob how to do the sexiest dance ever - The Kraken (Music: Can't Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe - Barry White)
30:27-PrankAlex generates more static to try to shock Liz with--
30:3130:36PlugSilent Auctions--
30:3330:33OtherEngineering shrug--
30:3630:36ReadingAndrew reads the poem of the Kitchen Witch prize
30:3630:40DiscussionAndrew talks about Child's Play, and we watch a video about them--
30:3830:40Video/Image^ What is Child's Play? --
30:4030:40DiscussionJacob's middle name is Earl--
30:41-PhotosNew Photos at
30:4230:42DiscussionJacob is introduced to The Button--
30:4230:43RDPRDP: Teenage Dream - Katy Perry
30:4330:58StoryJacob tells the story of how he learned how to drink whiskey
30:4530:45Video/ImagePhotos interstitial--
30:5931:00DiscussionJacob thanks everyone for giving him their attention
31:0031:02PlugMaze of Games Puzzle Novel--
31:0231:02DiscussionJacob is easily impressed, Kathleen is not
31:0331:55Drive/GiveawayMaze of Games Puzzle Book - $5.55 Donation DriveNo Donor Account--
31:0431:07DiscussionInspire a viewer to complete their biology paper
31:07-TechnicalCurrency conversion bar--
31:0831:11ReadingGoing over winners from Dumb Kids Games
31:1131:18DiscussionJacob talks about dealing with getting ghosted after auditions, and Alex talks about his personal demon
31:1531:16Story^ Alex's Personal Demon--
31:1731:17PhysicalAndrew and Emily hug each other--
31:1831:21DiscussionIan explains the RDP Button to Jacob[✓]
31:1931:21MemeAdding A New Button: Dance Party button doesn't work - Car False Start noise / Engine tries to turn over and fails. Ian brings out _another_ Button.--
31:2131:21RDPRDP: Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5
31:2131:22FoodAsh, Julie, and Emily get burgers from Weagle (a friend from FFXIV and WoW)--
31:2331:24DiscussionDon't randomly send food, arranged food only--
31:2431:25DiscussionWhat do you call a knitted cap (a touque, a beanie, a tobogganing hat)--
31:2531:25PrankAndrew, down on one knee: "Liz, will you...tie my shoe"
31:2531:25PhysicalGroup hug--
31:2631:27DiscussionAlex explains how cinnamon roll Jacob is
31:26-Enter/ExitMatt comes in to lounge on a couch--
31:2731:34DiscussionKathleen explains Snorsh and recruits Jacob for a Snorsh tourism commercial
31:28-Discussion^ Alex: Is Snorsh just Pripyat? Based on Jacob's accent... yes.--
31:2931:41DiscussionAshley explains the DB Craftalong--
31:30-Skit^ Snorsh Tourism commercial--
31:32-Meltdown^ Kathleen can't finish her sentences, Liz is on the floor--
31:34-Prank^ The More You Know--
31:3531:39PlugMaze of Games Puzzle Book, Silent Auctions--
31:3631:36TechnicalEngineering Kirby Hand--
31:3731:37DanceTechnical difficulties dance--
31:3831:39ReadingJacob reads the Kitchen Witch prize poem
31:4131:42RDPRDP: Girls Just Want To Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper
31:41-Milestone$60k Shift Total!--
31:4231:43DiscussionTroll songs in the RDP playlist and what a Troll song is--
31:4331:45PlugWe missed the Silent Auction about DJ Cally and the Turntables (Caledfwylch sword)--
31:4531:47SkitKathleen talks about responsible bidding (Dramatic Performance, set to Beethoven's Fifth)[✓]
31:4731:48DiscussionChild's Play Wishlists--
31:4831:50DiscussionKathleen's Final Form
31:5031:52DiscussionJacob discusses "his beautiful book boyfriend"
31:5231:53PlugJacob's panel at PAX Unplugged - Doing sex and romance right--
31:5231:54Enter/ExitJacob heads out!--
31:5331:54PlugJacob will be joining Kathleen on Now Kiss on Nov 23rd - Ozmafia--
31:5431:54OtherJacob doesn't swear--
31:5531:55Discussion$1598.40 Anonymous donation--
31:5631:57DiscussionWhat's coming up--
31:56-Milestone$147474 Total#teamOrder--
31:5731:58DiscussionDonor accounts - they're important--
31:5931:59MeltdownIan dab sneeze--
31:5932:00DiscussionAmazing prizes and donations--
32:0032:01Shift ChangeGolden Girls-style Night Watch intro
32:0132:02DiscussionTalking about the Golden Girls intro music change
32:0232:02Discussion^ Is Golden Girls an anime? --
32:0332:04DiscussionBC Ferry talks--
32:03-Enter/ExitLeelee arrives--
32:0432:04TechnicalOffstage Noises?--
32:0532:05Enter/ExitEnter, then exit Penelope--
32:0632:06DiscussionMatt asks Ian about The Dance Buttons. Ian has no answers--
32:0732:50Drive/GiveawayJerry Holkins' DM Tips - $8.11 Donation DriveDeskjetter--
32:1032:11DiscussionDiscussion about Smash Bros. possible DLC characters
32:1132:13TechnicalScheduled Stream down. Attempting to fix the frame drops--
32:1332:13PrankWe return to Alex and LeeLee doing a Simpson's inspired Bit.
32:1332:13TechnicalNo Overlay, followed by Overlay bootup sequence--
32:1432:14DiscussionMatt chides Chat for panicking. --
32:1532:15PrankGraham tries to suggest restarting the stream...but he's late--
32:1532:16DiscussionRollcall introductions--
32:1632:16PhysicalWhat are Thoooooooose? Alex to Graham's Shoes
32:1732:24TechnicalStream down, Not scheduled this time. System Reboot. --
32:20-Game EventPoint get by Alex (during downtime - we did the math)--
32:2432:25TechnicalStream back, on the Ian test plate--
32:2532:27PrankAlex and Ash are playing from within the TV from their entrance
32:2632:27PhysicalKate hugs Graham--
32:26-Discussion^ Discussion of why Alex has the TV with the CRT removed--
32:2832:28MemeCar False Start noise / Motor won't turn over noise--
32:2832:29RDPRDP: Barbara Streisand - Duck Sauce
32:28-Milestone150k get!--
32:2932:30DiscussionThe disappointment of buying the iTunes single of Barbara Streisand
32:3032:32PhysicalCan we get Leelee in a TV Box? Or Ian?[✓]
32:3232:32Physical^ Ian steps through the TV Box--
32:3232:32Physical^ Kate Watt slides through the TV Box--
32:3232:33DiscussionAndre went to the location of DB 2017 last night because it looks similar to this year--
32:3332:36Behind the ScenesTalking about locations of Desert Bus
32:3432:55Discussion^ Continued discussion of the RDP buttons--
32:3632:38PlugSilent Auctions - Full Art Titans, Pokemon Pendants, Max Fun Cool Baby Blanket & Mobile--
32:3832:39DiscussionHow has Alex and Ash's shift been so far?--
32:3932:47StoryShare your favourite obscure Desert Bus meme.
32:4732:50SkitLeelee to teach Ian about something he doesn't know. - How to replace the turn signals on a motorcycle
32:51-PlugUpcoming live auction for SDCC Lot--
32:5332:54RDPRDP: Really Don't Care - Demi Lovato Ft. Cher Lloyd
32:53-MemeCar False Start noise happens when only one of the RDP buttons is pressed (maybe?)--
32:5533:00DiscussionRosco P Jangles, Baxter and other cats
32:5633:00Story^ Dumb things G+K's and Leelee's cats do--
33:0033:01StoryKoala noises, audio of them after the live auction--
33:0133:12AuctionSan Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Planeswalker lot - SOLD for $7600ElementalAlchemist
33:0633:07TechnicalOverlay not displaying Auction things--
33:06-TechnicalGBP Added to UI!--
33:12-MemeCar False Start noise x2--
33:1333:13RDPRDP: Bust a Move - Young MC
33:1433:18SkitMake up some fun Fake Car and motorbike parts.
33:1833:22StoryMotorbike riding stories
33:22-Enter/ExitEnter "Small" Ian--
33:2333:25SkitIan proposes NERV disrupts the sign spinning market
33:2633:39StoryPositive moments that stick with them from their lives
33:3933:40PhysicalGiving Ian(s) a hug
33:4133:43Discussion"What bar" is Ian?
33:41-Enter/ExitGraham returns--
33:4333:44OtherKoala noises
33:4433:47TechnicalJohnny chides Graham for playing a video from his phone into the mic.
33:4533:47DiscussionAirdrop trolling--
33:4833:55DiscussionAustralian sport, horny koalas video and slang
33:5233:53Video/ImageThirsty Koala on main--
33:5534:03Video/ImageRosewattaStone translation cards
34:0434:05RDPRDP: Daddy - Psy Ft. CL of 2NE1
34:04-PhotosKolin drops more photos.--
34:0534:05DiscussionDoor Cam?!--
34:0634:06MemeCar False Start noise--
34:0634:07Discussionthe Body count--
34:0734:10DiscussionHow to do Top Gear for mecha.
34:1034:18QuizThis or That: Beer or Video Game available on Steam
34:1834:20DrawingDraw the supercrown on something within view, Alex starts to draw--
34:2034:26StoryWhat is everyone's favourite spooky story?
34:2634:27DiscussionThe group discusses Spooky movies and Shows--
34:2734:28DiscussionCake making and mean people on reddit--
34:2934:29DrawingOn Kevin Korner- Alex drew Chat(ette) with Supercrown--
34:3135:30Drive/GiveawayThornwatch base game and The Dark of the Wood expansion - $5.24 Donation DriveBobROE--
34:34-Milestone$65k shift!--
34:3534:36DiscussionGraham proves that Cory from Engineering is a separate person.
34:3534:37SongMii Plaza Channel acapella
34:3934:39DiscussionExplaining that Ben didn't plan on walking out when Mic jokes were made in DB11.
34:3934:41PlugSilent Auctions - Full Art Titans, Pokemon Pendants, Max Fun Cool Baby Blanket & Mobile--
34:4134:48DiscussionWeirdest Pet Story
34:4634:46DrawingAlex's drawing of the Supercrown on Evangelion Unit 01
34:4834:53DiscussionBest compliment you can remember receiving?
34:5234:53Discussion^ Googling things doesn't always give you the right answer--
34:5334:55DiscussionTalking about: Alex's Inner Demon doll by Lucy Bellwood
34:5534:57DiscussionTalking about Kairi Sane, the Pirate Princess
34:5634:57Video/Image^ Pirate Princess doing an Elbow Slam--
34:5734:58DiscussionLucy Bellwood likes boats--
34:57-Milestone^ Triple Desert Buck Shift Total--
34:5934:59PlugCurrent giveaway: Thornwatch--
35:0035:01DiscussionIan explains why he's using "flickular" often today. --
35:0235:02DiscussionNHL score predictions check-in --
35:0335:04DiscussionWhy the crew is tired already
35:0435:04PrankYMCA starts playing for some reason--
35:0435:05PlugFangamer T-shirt check-in --
35:0535:05DrawingJane Cena!
35:0635:07DiscussionPost-it-note anecdotes (and the room makes a mess of sticky notes)--
35:0735:18StoryRoommate Stories
35:0835:12PrankFriends theme and other music playing under the roomate stories--
35:1835:22DiscussionWhere to get stylish great place for clothes? Uniqlo
35:2235:27QuizCostume that Name: Identify a costume by its non-trademark-infringing name
35:2735:30DiscussionExperiences of finding non-trademark-infringing stuff in real life
35:3035:30DiscussionA couple of words of encouragment.
35:3235:39DiscussionInteresting facts about WW1 in honor of Armistice day.
35:3435:35MemeCongratulations! (NGE)--
35:3535:35MemeCongratulations! (Smash)--
35:3835:39Discussion^ Continued WW1 facts--
35:4035:41RDPRDP: Log Driver's Waltz - Kate & Anna McGarrigle
35:40-Milestone70k Shift total!--
35:40-ShoutoutJustin for good results for his CT Scan--
35:4135:46DiscussionLog Driver's Waltz's place in Canadiana and other CanCon things.
35:4636:00DiscussionOlder games that younger players should play
35:4935:51Discussion^ Reasons to watch old movies and play old games--
35:5435:58Discussion^ Tips for getting kids into playing games--
35:5836:00Discussion^ What arcade got the most quarters from you--
36:0036:01Driver Shift ChangeJordan's shift intro[✓]
36:02-MemeCar False Start Noise--
36:0336:03SkitAndrew instructs people on the use of the button as Movie Announcer--
36:0336:04RDPRDP: Hotline Bling - Drake
36:0536:09PrankLord Hosk sent a Sanic face to go around the desert bus tv so Jordan can see it the whole time[✓]
36:05-Other^ Jordan also wearing a Sanic t-shirt--
36:0936:15DiscussionJordan talks about why the Sanic shirt and cutout are a thing.
36:1636:18DiscussionStories from the Internet Looong Ago - Part 1
36:1837:27Drive/GiveawayThe "Take Everything" Lot - The Take This Lot. Mr_Horrible--
36:2236:27DiscussionJordan and his love of KPop / the LoL KPop video
36:26-DrawingMatt with the Super Crown--
36:2736:31DiscussionStories from the Internet Looong Ago - Part 2
36:3136:31Video/ImageBen's Neopets--
36:3236:35StoryHow Julie got banned for life from the Tower of London
36:32-ShoutoutJennifer's Birthday--
36:3536:36DiscussionNeoPets Check In--
36:3636:37StoryLeeLee's Boston School Trip
36:3636:37Song^ Bad Boys - Inner Circle--
36:3736:47DiscussionGraham gives some advice for new dads / parents
36:38-Prank^ Ben has fun with background music --
36:42-Poster^ Poster Update!!--
36:4436:47Discussion^ Kathleen's advice through Graham for new parents --
36:4836:54QuizThis or That: Anime Character or Professional Wrestler Edition
36:5436:59DiscussionHow many Pokemon that are not in Pokemon Go can the room name, and other Pokemon Chat
36:55-Video/ImageThe New Pokemon Theme Song--
36:5937:05DiscussionJordan explains his nicknames
37:02-Enter/ExitExit Rek--
37:0537:06MeltdownGraham notices the Total in other currencies and Fugi explains it's not "new"
37:0637:08PlugGiveaway Plug--
37:0837:10DiscussionTQ Explains what Take This does--
37:08-Enter/ExitTQ appears!--
37:1037:10OtherAndrew becomes Sanic--
37:1137:13PlugSilent Auctions Plugs--
37:1437:15RDPRDP: Dancing - Kylie Minogue
37:1637:26DiscussionHow Folks Got Involved in Desert Bus
37:2337:24Discussion^ Matt defends his honor--
37:2537:25Game EventBug Splat!--
37:2637:28MemeCongratulations! (Smash) (3x)--
37:2845:00Drive/GiveawayArt Challenge for Desert Bus Shirt - Desert Bus Kingdom Hearts OCMijichu?Wannitplz!--
37:3237:33DiscussionWhy does Jordan love Kingdom Hearts so much
37:3337:43DiscussionCrew Showing off Tattoos they'd like to share.
37:36-Discussion^ Graham for scale for Waffles--
37:36-Prank^ Lights come back up, Graham makes a face in the background, they fade again--
37:41-Burn!^ "This one's a crystal ball, because I'm always right"--
37:41-Prank^ The More You Know--
37:4437:45DiscussionDiscussion of RDP Troll songs
37:4537:46RDPRDP: 1999 - Charli XCX & Troye Sivan--
37:4837:48DiscussionThe Merits of Rebecca Black--
37:4837:54DiscussionSmall Ian explains the Golden Lovers Story
37:5237:54Discussion^ Open Mike Eagle Wrestled a Guy, and other Wrestle Talk--
37:5437:54MemeCongratulations! (NGE)--
37:5537:56ShoutoutLeelee shouts out Breadstick (a smol cat), then a chant.
37:5637:57PhotosNew photos up! Not all by Kolin this time--
37:5737:58RDPRDP: Peanut Butter Jelly - Galantis
37:5837:59DiscussionMike has been doing DesertBus Posters for 10 years!--
37:5938:02Shift ChangeZETA BEGINS
38:00-Enter/Exit^ Zeta--
38:0138:02Physical^ Rotate the cushions! With Gifts!--
38:0238:03DiscussionZeta rollcall, the bounty of Eej's--
38:0338:03MeltdownGraham's Scared of ZETA (as is proper)--
38:0338:03DiscussionZeta discovers post it notes under the cushions and reads them out #BeejIsBestBeej
38:0438:06PlugBeej's Art Challenge--
38:0538:05TechnicalCurrencies are up!--
38:0538:06MeltdownJordan loses it to the "Hotline Bling" version of the Wii Shop Theme--
38:0638:30GameKeep Talking and No One Lego®'s (day 2) [it's really Mega Construx™ but whatever][✓]
38:0938:10PlugGeneral Housekeeping- Child's Play, How to submit challenges and other PSA's--
38:1438:14Prank^ Graham is in the background of the camera shot--
38:1438:15PhysicalJeej is on imaginary passanger train for an Art
38:1638:18Other"Ben did you just bust out on the first hand?!"--
38:16-Prank^ Fart by ???--
38:2538:26Burn!Beej encourages you to share all sorts of messed up anime to your parents because they've been there.
38:25-Prank^ The More You Know--
38:3038:31RDPRDP: Ease on Down the Road - Diana Ross & Micheal Jackson
38:30-Enter/ExitAndrew is leaving, but not without a dance party!--
38:3238:32RDPRDP: Mo Money Mo Problems - The Notorious B.I.G. Ft. Mase & Puff Daddy
38:33-Enter/ExitAndrew Leaves--
38:3438:34DiscussionExplanation of the terrifying Sonic face on the DB sign--
38:3438:39DiscussionBeej impersonates an Animal Crossing, discussion of same
38:3538:36DiscussionExplanation of Remembrance Day, Poppies and observing the minute of silence
38:35-Prank^ Weird music--
38:3738:37MemeCongratulations! (Smash)--
38:3738:39DiscussionPokémon Go/Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Talk
38:3938:40DiscussionBeej and Graham prep for a scene--
38:4038:41DiscussionJeej's attempts at forcing sleep schedule reallignment didn't go well--
38:4138:41SongDo do do do #JeopardyNotShark
38:4238:42DiscussionJordan explains Child's Play at Chat's requestAtermort--
38:4338:45SkitBeej and Graham reenact a Fantastic 4 scene[✓]
38:4638:46DiscussionJeej explains challenges--
38:4738:47PlugFangamer Shirt ready to order again!--
38:4738:54SkitThe room Discusses and Reenacts PUBG Stories
38:47-Enter/Exit^ Cam has arrived!--
38:5238:54Video/Image^ Cam goes for a ride (PUBG)--
38:5438:54Shame Ticket^ FBomb dropped (via Twitch Clip) on James after Ben's censor attempt fails #BlameJames--
38:54-Enter/ExitGraham is ready to leave, but not before music! (And Leelee too)--
38:54-Prankmmmm whatcha sayyyy (RIP Ben for failing to censor swear)--
38:5639:57Drive/GiveawayGuilds Of Ravnica Bowls $8.10 donation drive (Starting at 39:00)PharmacistJudge--
39:0039:00PrankWatch your profanity clip--
39:0039:01StoryStory about how TQ faked out Jordan at Magic
39:0139:03DiscussionThe Room says hello! #RollCall with bonus compliments
39:0339:08SkitOne word stories around the room
39:04-Other^ Cam stays hidden--
39:04-Milestone$159k HYPE#TeamOrder--
39:0539:05TechnicalCheck back in with other currencies!--
39:06-PrankWatch your profanity clip--
39:0939:09MemeCongratulations! (Smash)--
39:0939:11DiscussionWriting notes to put under the cushions for dawnguard--
39:1139:12DiscussionBeej is not doing "Can you show this anime to your parents", into anime conversation--
39:11-Burn!Cam throws shade on SAO--
39:1339:14DiscussionJeej Sanic explains again--
39:1439:15PlugJeej's DB/Kingdom Hearts OC art challenge--
39:1639:17M-M-Multi Challenge!Three Challenges at once!
39:16-Song^ Room sing Super Mario 2 Overworld theme--
39:16-Physical^ How many people can you fit behind the bookshelves? --
39:1739:18PrankAve Maria plays. --
39:1739:20CrashThe streak is broken! Jordan Crashed on the Right. (Zoned out and was swerving for a minute prior).
39:17-Shoutout^ Cody, Ben's frand from Pokemon Go in Australia--
39:1839:19DiscussionWhat to name the driver so James doesn't get suspicious--
39:2039:23PrankBeej Patronizes our Southern Hemisphere viewers (Australia in particular)
39:20-Game EventNew Driver name SANIC--
39:2139:23Song^ ACDC's Thunderstruck plays in the background--
39:21-Video/Image^ Kangaroo picture to make them feel fully....comfortable--
39:2239:23Prank^ Beej doing just Beej things on the floo... ceiling!--
39:2339:23SkitEveryone Quacks a little bit.
39:2439:25Behind the ScenesBeej explains some of the "No-Fly Zones" and just all of Engineering
39:2539:25Physical^ Hugs for Ben!--
39:2639:29DiscussionAll Australians know The Happy Little Vegemite Song
39:2739:28Discussion^ and Am I Even Gonna See Your Face Again by Doc Neeson's Angels--
39:29-Prank^ Gungeon self-kill death scream--
39:3039:31SongBeej can't remember Happy Little Vegemite song (Did almost get line 1 correct!)
39:3139:35PlugGuilds Of Ravnica Bowls--
39:3239:34Discussion^ Which things would the various guilds put in their bowls--
39:3539:40PhysicalJeej wants to do a Gunpla whilst pulling a Jer and declares it Zaku Shift[✓]
39:3839:40Physical^ Cam describing what he's building (Warhammer).--
39:4039:42DiscussionBeej speaks about getting corrected by literally every Australian. Also the Harold Holt Pool.
39:41-Burn!^ Naming a bottle of whisky after John A. MacDonald--
39:4239:43DiscussionWhat Guild would Jeej play in a Ravnica D&D campaign?
39:4439:44DiscussionSonic and Mario are friends now--
39:4439:45DiscussionGundam model quality variation--
39:44-Milestone4k Shift total#TeAmChA0sL--
39:4639:49PlugSilent Auctions- Full Art Titan Cycle, Maximum Fun Rocket Blanket/Mobile Set, Pokemon Pendants--
39:47-ShoutoutNotThatWillSmith Raid--
39:50-Milestone160k total!--
39:50-PhotosNew Photos are live!--
39:5139:52RDPRDP: Shut Up and Dance - Walk the Moon[✓]
39:51-Burn!"Whatever this is" - Kolin--
39:5239:53RDPRDP: Can't Feel My Face - The Weeknd
39:52-Prank^ Fugi & Ben continue their endeavors!--
39:5339:53Prank^ Ben can't feel his face--
39:5339:54RDPRDP: Hey QT - QT
39:5439:55StoryCam has a flashback to high school
39:54-Enter/ExitKolin out for the night. --
39:5539:56ShoutoutEmergency Services workers in California get a Thank you from the Crew
39:5739:57MemeCongratulations! (NGE)--
39:5839:58MemeRap Airhorn x2--
39:5940:00PrankTQ gets hit on by Kevin via Post-it-Note--
39:5941:33Drive/GiveawayKingdom Hearts Resin Painting $7.13 donation driveQuantumFizzicist--
40:0340:04MeltdownJeej comes within centimeters of crashing--
40:04-Milestone5k Shift total--
40:0540:06DiscussionThe ebb and flow of viewership for DB--
40:0640:14DiscussionCameron shows his toolbox off on Kevin and talks about the contents
40:1140:13Discussion^ Talk of Gunpla tools--
40:1540:15Discussion^ Model talk--
40:1540:16DiscussionTalking about The Mosquito (the plane)
40:1640:18Video/ImageVarious people crafting along with the room--
40:18-Milestone7k Shift total--
40:18-PrankRap Airhorn--
40:1940:19OtherTQ leaves to get nail polish--
40:1940:20DiscussionWhat crafting does and means to the room
40:20-Enter/ExitBeej returns--
40:2140:21ShoutoutJeej tries to Beetlejuice Brett
40:22-OtherPJ takes over for Jeej so he can eat a food--
40:2340:38PhysicalTQ does Cam's nails under the watchful eye of Kevin
40:2540:29Discussion^ Cam talks on the essential tips and tools for model work--
40:2640:28Discussion^ Cam on deep nerdery--
40:2840:29Physical^ Matthews' sweet oilslick nails--
40:3040:34Discussion^ The Best Warhammer lore and game stories--
40:3540:47ReadingBeej reads Youtube descriptions of LRR's Crapshots and the room has to guess which Crapshot it is
40:37-Other^ Ben will donate $5 for each description the room gets right--
40:46-Discussion^ Crapshot titles--
40:47-PlugGiveaway (Kingdom Hearts Resin Painting)--
40:4840:49DiscussionJeej explains the Resin Painting and talks KH3
40:48-OtherJeej returns from füd. He füded. a güd time was had.--
40:4940:50PhysicalThe cushions are in the wrong places. Re-rotate them into the right place. Order is restored.#teamOrder
40:4940:50Song^ Beej sings the cushion rotation song while it also plays in the background, out of time.--
40:5040:53PlugSilent Auctions (Black Lotus Stained Glass & The World Ends With You Set)--
40:5340:53DiscussionThe room discusses ... TWEWY (The World Ends With You)
40:5340:54DiscussionDiscussion about the potential for plastic Sisters of Battle from Games Workshop
40:5541:32SongZeta's first Ice Cream Chord Party of the run
40:58-PosterNew poster update!
41:1141:15CrashJordan crashes on the right, too distracted looking up lyrics (thus ends the feet strategy)
41:1341:15Game EventDriver named: SORA--
41:2741:28PlugGiveaway (Kingdom Hearts Resin Painting)--
41:3241:33DiscussionSinging to the Ice Cream Chords is hard sometimes--
41:3441:35MemeCongratulations! (NGE)--
41:3641:37PrankBrett pulls the Bettlejuice from an hour ago
41:36-Enter/ExitBrett enters wondering why his ears have been ringing, Mass exodus for Coffee--
41:3741:37RDPRDP: Scatman - Scatman John
41:3741:38DiscussionJordan wants to start the next Giveaway at 2:00AM-ish. It's 3:38AM.--
41:3841:40DiscussionRollcall and general Desert Bus introduction for new viewers--
41:3941:39Burn!^ Ben is Mike callback--
41:39-Enter/ExitSarah enters--
41:4041:42PlugBeej prompts the viewers to make a donor account and submit challenges--
41:4241:42Video/ImageBen shows off a dancing cockatiel--
41:4241:46PlugTalking about Jordan and Beej's art challenges (Kingdom Hearts/Desert Bus crossover art and Zeta Theme Song respectively)--
41:4641:49DiscussionIs Desert Bus a kuso (bad on purpose) game? Comparison to Takeshi's Challenge (Famicom)
41:4941:50PhysicalThe room gives Beej a group hug (with consent)
41:5041:51DiscussionJordan has flown too close to the Zaku sun--
41:5141:51Burn!Beej reads a challenge saying that Ben's the best LRR crew member beginning with "B"--
41:5141:52DiscussionBeej sometimes miscounts people in the Moonbase --
41:5241:53ShoutoutGood luck to Andre for his classes, whom Zeta is missing
41:5341:55SongSimple and Clean as sung by Donald Duck kills Jordan
41:53-Meltdown^ Jeej can't Handle Donald's Utada cover--
41:5541:59DiscussionFavourite Kingdom Hearts' KeybladesOathkeeper
41:5641:57Burn!^ One man's Trashlantica is another man's treasure--
41:5843:33Drive/GiveawayFull Set Iconic Masters - Premium Edition $6.23 donation driveNo Donor Account--
42:0042:01DiscussionBen got a VST tweet: AC/DC gets a worldwide block--
42:0542:06RDPRDP: Don't You Know I'm In A Band - Confidence Man
42:05-Milestone9k Shift total--
42:0642:07RDPRDP: Short Skirt/Long Jacket - Cake
42:06-Milestone10k Shift total less than a minute after 9k--
42:0742:08StoryJordan has tried to get Short Skirt/Long Jacket off the RDP playlist for a long time
42:08-Milestone$11k shift total--
42:0942:10RDPRDP: Bad Romance - Lady Gaga
42:0942:10SkitJeej is Lady Gaga
42:1042:10DiscussionBad Romance music video--
42:1042:12DiscussionThe more Jordan raises, the better ranked coffee Brett will bring to Jordan post-shift
42:1242:14DiscussionJordan has abandoned building his Zaku due to crashing
42:1442:14Story^ Cameron tells of when he fell asleep one overnight shift while driving--
42:1442:23PhysicalBrett's Magical card Magic
42:15-Burn!^ Brett calls TQ out as an easy mark--
42:18-Burn!^ I need a table...Ben!--
42:2242:22Discussion^ No, TSA agent, I'm not a magician, I'm a Planeswalker you ignorant swine--
42:22-Milestone$12k shift total--
42:2342:24RDPRDP: Holding Out For A Hero - Bonnie Tyler
42:2442:25DiscussionJohnny 5 has been replaced by Chappie in Cameron's mind
42:2442:26Discussion^ Childhood movie and wrestling watching--
42:24-Other42:24 hours bussed at 4:24AM amuses TQ--
42:2642:29DiscussionPlotting an elaborate way to kill Beej followed by Jordan giving Beej's eulogy
42:27-Burn!^ Most of the eulogy TLDR: massive weeb--
42:2942:30Video/ImageLooking at the poster update--
42:3042:31StoryJordan had to play local co-op with himself to record his driver intro
42:3142:35ReadingCam dramatically reads an extract from an ancient Egyptian poem about a battle with the Hittities
42:3542:35PrankI am a banana--
42:3542:36DiscussionCam and Small Ian on Don Hertsfeldt
42:35-OtherBen says 'I am a table'--
42:3642:37ReadingPronoucing text in foreign languages
42:3742:40StoryCam has to go school in -37 weather and watch Army of Darkness
42:3842:40Discussion^Cam deconstructs the cheese smokey--
42:4042:40PhysicalTQ paints Ben's nails under the watchful eye of Kevin--
42:4042:40DiscussionNot telling Alpha Flight about Jordan's crashes, travelling to the moonbase--
42:4142:45StoryBeej's garage door troubles and cold weather car stories
42:4542:48ReadingBeej and Cameron perform The Front Fell Off by Clarke and Dawe
42:4842:49RDPRDP: Boy Problems - Carly Rae Jepsen
42:48-Milestone13K Hype--
42:4942:54DiscussionWhy did Johnny ACTUALLY miss his shift? Beej still doesn't know for certain. Into not remembering things from previous years
42:5442:54PhysicalBeej does a real smooth move--
42:5442:59DiscussionThat part of the night where things don't make sense and "the Fall of Ben". Beej long live the king'd Andrew.
42:5943:31GameKeep Mega Construx™-ing and Nobody Lego®'s (Day 2, Part 2)
43:0042:03PlugGiveaway (Complete Iconic Masters set)--
43:01-Discussion^ Card talk, preferred art--
43:04-Milestone$169,669 - Nice!--
43:0843:09Burn!Sorry Graham, TQ the flight attendant is better than you at instructions--
43:09-SongAlexa (TQ) sings "Despacito"--
43:1243:13Other"Alexa play ____"--
43:1443:15DiscussionLeague of Legends--
43:16-Milestone170K Total/14K Shift Total Hype!--
43:1743:17MemeCar cannot start twice--
43:1743:18RDPRDP: Blue (Da Ba Dee) - Eiffel 65
43:1843:19StoryJohnny being late for his shift is explained, thanks to VST logs and BtS vlogs
43:2143:22DiscussionJeej is glad he wasn't here for Eiffel 65--
43:2343:27Video/ImageK/DA - POP/STARS (ft Madison Beer, (G)I-DLE, Jaira Burns)
43:2443:27Discussion^ how much Jeej and TQ love this song--
43:2743:28DiscussionBeej explaining Dawn Guard's plan for "Coffee Pong" and how it breaks Serge's own rule--
43:2843:29DiscussionNubbins makes Jeej think of Red vs Blue--
43:2943:31PlugFull Set Iconic Masters - Premium Edition giveaway--
43:3043:31DiscussionCan Jeej get PTO for this?--
43:32-Milestone$14,999 is the most hype you can be for $15K--
43:3343:33RDPRDP: One Way or Another - Blondie
43:3343:34PhysicalBen is now the driver's cushion to Jordan's ire
43:3443:34MemeCongratulations! (NGE)--
43:3443:35DiscussionGo make a donor account, please! TQ has two donor accounts.
43:3643:36DiscussionThe "Hey guys, we hit $170k" meme is 4 years old (DB8)
43:3643:36Meltdown^ DB8 was "5 years ago" (it's actually 4). Cameron is destroyed.--
43:3743:37Discussion"If you don't give us your address we'll destroy the prize" and why the crew can't enter giveaways
43:3743:44SongSing "I want it that way" by the Backstreet Boys acapella a la Brooklyn Nine-Nine
43:4043:42Technical^They can't remember how the scene goes, so they watch the scene muted on ISO--
43:4143:42OtherTQ returns Sanic's hand to its proper position
43:4443:45DiscussionBrooklyn Nine-Nine is very very good and Beej started watching it too late--
43:4543:45DiscussionDid we have a $400 donation? How are the silent auctions doing--
43:45-Enter/ExitEnter PJ--
43:4543:48SkitBen "thanks" chat for pointing out for audio problems
43:45-Meltdown^ Ben's rant gets a little too real--
43:38-OtherSanic's hand takes a dive (behind the couch after falling off the sign)
43:4943:52DiscussionBeej gives best tips for MTG Puzzle Quest
43:49-Meltdown^ Jordan, Cam and TQ lose it over the SANIC hand falling gif--
43:5143:52Meltdown^ People make faces while Beej talks and laugh at themselves--
43:51-PrankThe more you know--
43:5244:01DiscussionRules of Improv with Beej and Ben (wait, since when do we do genuine educational content)
44:0144:02Shift ChangeDawn Guard arrives in the "traditional fashion" (i.e. a bit late)
44:0244:03Discussion^ Dawnguard has brought open container coffee onto set! But Serge said it was ok.--
44:0244:03TechnicalJames didn't get ping-pong balls. He had one job.--
44:0344:03DiscussionLet's get to a Desert Buck from 15K, right now!--
44:0344:04DiscussionJordan relives his crash shame--
44:0444:06DiscussionJames cursed on stream while not there during a PUBG vod--
44:0644:07PlugJordan's Desert Bus/Kingdom Hearts OC art challenge (Please don't send a .pdf or a fax)--
44:0744:09DiscussionJames notices Sanic--
44:0944:10DiscussionTQ tries to leave, but first James wants Ben to sing. Instead, they RDP--
44:1044:11MemeCar won't start: James doesn't know that the RDP is dual key--
44:1144:12RDPRDP: Doo-Wop (That Thing) - Lauryn Hill
44:1244:12RDPRDP: Dec 4th, Oh What A Night - DJ Topcat
44:1244:13MeltdownJames nopes out of grinding because children may be watching
44:13-Enter/ExitGoodbye Ben and TQ--
44:1344:14DiscussionJeej stopped Gunpla out of fear of James' disapointment--
44:14-Enter/ExitBrett goes home too--
44:1444:16PlugUpcoming giveaways--
44:1644:18DiscussionRecap of Jordan's Coffee Challenge. Better shift total = better coffee as delivered by Brett--
44:1844:20DiscussionPing Pong Ball aquisition, Coffee Pong will be at the end of James's shift--
44:2044:23DiscussionNHL score review
44:23-Enter/ExitExit Ian for the run--
44:2544:33DiscussionSerge's #teamOrder thirst was quenched by $123456.78, and other milestones
44:26-Enter/ExitEnter Colin --
44:29-Discussion^ Beej calls $5M lifetime to occur on Wednesday Zeta--
44:3244:33DiscussionIs Desert Bus the most profitable Sega CD game?
44:3444:34DiscussionTalking about the Desert Bus 9 venue size
44:3444:57M-M-Multi Challenge!NFL Score predictions6 wins, 7 losses
44:35-Discussion^ Saints vs Bengals ([3rd Street] Saints win 34-15)Saints 51-14 ✓--
44:37-Discussion^ Falcons vs Browns (Falcons win 36-0)Browns 28-16 ✗--
44:39-Discussion^ Lions vs Bears (Bears win 20-14)Bears 34-22 ✓--
44:42-Discussion^ Cardinals vs Chiefs (Cardinals win 17-7)Chiefs 26-14 ✗--
44:43-Discussion^ Patriots vs Titans (Titans win 23-20)Titans 34-10 ✓--
44:44-Discussion^ Washington vs Buccaneers (Buccaneers win 54-0)Washington 16-3 ✗--
44:45-Discussion^ Bills vs Jets (Tie 4-4)Bills 41-10 ✗--
44:47-Discussion^ Jaguars vs Colts (Jaguars win 18-12)Colts 29-26 ✗--
44:48-Discussion^ Chargers vs Raiders (Tie 21-21)Chargers 20-6 ✗--
44:49-Discussion^ Seahawks vs Rams (Seahawks win 36-33)Rams 36-31 ✗--
44:52-Discussion^ Dolphins vs Packers (Packers win 30-20)Packers 31-12 ✓--
44:52-Discussion^ Cowboys vs Eagles (Cowboys win 42-17)Cowboys 27-20 ✓--
44:55-Discussion^ Giants vs 49ers (Giants win 30-13)Giants 27-23 ✓--
44:5745:01M-M-Multi Challenge!CFL Predictions1 win, 1 loss
44:58-Discussion^ Lions vs Tiger-Cats (Lions win 28-14)Tiger-Cats 48-8 ✗--
44:59-Discussion^ Blue Bombers vs Roughriders (Blue Bombers win 26-20)Blue Bombers 23-18 ✓--
44:5945:00Burn!^ Beej wants to do something nice for Winnipeg for once--
45:0146:10Drive/GiveawayCustom Card Kingdom Magic the Gathering tokens $5.55 donation drive (5 winners)JollyGee, Maxwell Albrittan, zombie 0s, impsy, neru--
45:0545:06PrankThe overlay says "Niiiiiice Donation" when someone donates $6.90--
45:0645:07DiscussionVarious currencies overlay explained--
45:0845:09DiscussionBeej's eyes are messed uuuup--
45:0945:21PhysicalBeej tries to build a house of cards, upgrades to mega cards
45:1145:12Song^ Acapella Wii shop theme--
45:1345:14Discussion^ Where is the breakfast? The Jeej hungers.--
45:14-Other^ Serge takes over driving for Jeej Füd 2: Electric Bugaloo--
45:1845:19Plug^ Custom Card Kingdom Magic the Gathering tokens --
45:19-Technical^ Frames be Droppin Bad--
45:1845:22Game^ James and Paul play Blackjack (James is the Dealer)--
45:2045:21StorySerge had a gambling problem aged 18
45:2245:22DiscussionStream issues noted--
45:2245:24Physicalv Switch the co-pilot and driver chairs--
45:23-Otherv this necessitates the disassembly of the house of cards--
45:2345:25DiscussionWe have reached "Peak Dawnguard" and Desert Bus Memories (or lack thereof)
45:2545:27DiscussionSacrifice a lighting fixture to the dark god Sanic
45:2745:33PhysicalBuild a pillow tomb/fort around Paul[✓]
45:28-OtherDawnguard notices the sticky notes left by Zeta, but mostly ignores them--
45:2945:32TechnicalStream Dropped / Freezes / Sort of comes back up / Drops Again--
45:3245:33PrankPaul uses a glitch and escapes the fort
45:3445:35DiscussionCushion Talk--
45:35--OtherShipping attached a label to Serge--
45:3545:44TechnicalStream Hiccups Continue, decision is made to take it offline--
45:39-TechnicalStream come back on Ian Stand By, and goes off again--
45:44-TechnicalSIGNAL! Stream comes back on Stand By Ian--
45:4545:46PrankThey Shouldn't have taken Jordan's Chair O N L Y J E E J
45:45-TechnicalNo Overlay--
45:4645:47PlugCustom Card Kingdom MtG tokens--
45:48-Enter/ExitEnter Serge Colin and PJ. Exit Serge--
45:4845:48DiscussionArt Challenge has been judged, but waiting to reveal for technical reasons--
45:4945:51DiscussionDesert Bus before chat and overlay
45:5145:55DiscussionThey are Rebooting Shrek, for some reason
45:5345:54PlugCard Kingdom custom tokens giveaway--
45:5445:55Discussion^ Who Voices the new Shrek?--
45:5545:56Physicalthe chairs are returned to their rightful places, cushion rotation theme plays
45:55-DrawingThis is fine --
45:5745:58PhysicalStretching for time and flexibility
45:5846:04Video/ImageShowing off Jordan's Art Contest Results
46:04-TechnicalThe overlay returns!--
46:0446:05PlugCard Kingdom custom tokens giveaway--
46:0446:05RDPRDP: Can't Get Enough - Brklyn ft. Mariah McManus
46:0546:08DiscussionIs it hard cutting songs to 45 seconds, and other RDP talk
46:08-MemeCar Engine failing to turn over--
46:0846:08RDPRDP: Spooky Scary Skeletons (remix) - The Living Tombstone
46:1046:10DiscussionLip Sync Battle will be happening on Monday--
46:1046:13StoryBeej's Awkward Date Story
46:1546:15MemeCongratulations! (NGE)--
46:15-Game EventBugsplat--
46:16-TechnicalFrames continue to drop--
46:1646:17DiscussionIs Sora Waifu? No, Riku is Husbando. Sora is Bae!--
46:1746:19PlugMario Stained Glass Giveaway at 9 AM--
46:1746:19DiscussionJordan's coffee bet--
46:1946:23PlugSilent Auctions--
46:2346:53GameDesert Bus FeudTeam Paul
46:40-Meltdown^ Serge knows what country he is in--
46:52-Burn!^ Beej throws shade at Rick and Morty fans--
46:5246:53StoryWhy Heather wasn't allowed to watch Sailor Moon anymore
46:53-Enter/ExitPJ and Stephanie head out, Emily arrives--
46:5346:54StoryBeej woke up to a telepathic message from James and could not sleep again
46:5446:55DiscussionWhere does "Meej" come from (Beej came up with it as a gag and it made Graham laugh)
46:55-Enter/ExitBeej tries to go for sleep times James casts remand--
46:5647:07SkitMy Little Pony Crack-a-Pack with Serge and Beej
46:57-Meltdown^ Clop Clop Concede--
47:02-Milestone^ $175,001 Hype--
47:04-Technical^ The room dims ominously, for no apparent reason--
47:0747:07Discussion^ Serge is now aware of the connotations of Clop Clop Concede--
47:0747:55Drive/GiveawayMario Stained Glass $9.99 donation driveDreamspan--
47:1247:12DiscussionThe next shift will get 2 points, if Jordan doesn't crash--
47:1347:13RDPRDP Troll: Despacito - Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee
47:13-Milestone20K Shift hype--
47:1347:14MeltdownJordan trolled himself--
47:1447:15DiscussionMultiple Dance party buttons--
47:15-MemeCar Engine failing to turn over--
47:1547:18DiscussionReasoning behind the Dark God Sanic looming above us--
47:1847:19DiscussionMatt's intro, or lack thereof--
47:1947:21PlugPlugging the Stained Glass Mario giveaway--
47:21-ShoutoutNordic Countries Father's day--
47:2147:23DiscussionWhat is the name of this year's lunar module?
47:2347:24PlugPhil Plait Questions on Twitter, use #DBPhil--
47:23-Enter/ExitEnter Ash--
47:2447:28PlugMerch from the store, Mario stained glass giveaway--
47:2847:29TechnicalThe Frames. Where did they go?--
47:31-MilestoneDesert Buck for the shift--
47:3147:31RDPRDP: Mr. Snowman - E-Girls ☃
47:3247:33RDPRDP: Sing, Sing, Sing - Benny Goodman
47:3347:34DiscussionRoom Roll Call--
47:3447:36PhysicalHow handy is Emily with a Needle (behind the back knitting)
47:3547:36DiscussionWhat is Emily Knitting? A shawl from Black Panther--
47:3647:38$X Push-upsA dollar donated for each pushups in the next 24 hours. This round: 20 (Ends 71:36)Final Total: 505 (499 + two half-pushups + 5 bonus for Serge/Ben montage)
47:3847:39DiscussionTalking about Ballet positions
47:39-ShoutoutKara from her husband Will <3--
47:3947:44SongPaul sings "The Last Saskatchewan Pirate"
47:4447:48$X Push-upsGroup Pushups! (60), then Dan does another 10 Followed by Sarah with 5.5 and Matt G. with 11, Joe with 20 (Puppies!)
47:46-Shoutout^ VST called out to track pushups--
47:48-PlugMario stained glass entry--
47:4947:50Dancev Upside down dance to following RDP--
47:5047:50RDPRDP: Hawaii Five-O - Morton Stevens & The Ventures
47:5147:53PlugSilent Auctions are coming to an end in 9 minutes! Black Lotus Stained Glass, World Ends With You set--
47:5247:54DiscussionDid Jordan do everything he wanted on his first driver shift?--
47:5447:57DiscussionJordan starts reading out donation names--
47:55-Burn!Jordan calls out KPOP. Challenge rejected--
47:5747:57MemeCongratulations! (Smash)
47:5847:59RDPRDP: Anna Sun - Walk the Moon
47:5947:59DiscussionJordan's shift total coffees--
47:5948:00ShoutoutJordan's closing words and thank-yous--