DesertBus 12 - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 12 - Day 1

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
00:00-TechnicalDesert Bus for Hope 2018 does NOT begin on time (as is tradition)--
00:01-TechnicalDesert Bus for Hope 2018 begins! (stream online)--
00:0200:07Video/ImageDesert Bus for Hope 2018 begins! (intro starts)--
00:0200:07SkitThe Bus Place[✓]
00:06-OtherSergeBot confirmed--
00:0700:11DiscussionJames explains Desert Bus and Desert Bus For Hope
00:1000:11Discussion^ Eric explains what Childs Play is--
00:10-TechnicalShift Total still blank --
00:11-Driver Shift ChangeAndrew/Ashton shift 1 begins!--
00:1200:14Video/ImageThe Desert Bus game intro (with audio!)
00:15-MilestoneDriving begins, driver is named ASHDREW--
00:1400:34DiscussionDesert Bus 2018 Introductions and Explanations
00:1500:16Burn!"We have a special monitor for engineering this year" - Andrew "It's called a window" - Matt--
00:1700:17PlugEmily Scarft Started! #KevinsKorner--
00:1900:19Behind the ScenesNew Overlay is explained--
00:1900:20PlugSocial media introduction--
00:2000:21PlugQuestions for guests will be via Twitter, not blog. Offical hashtag is #DB2018--
00:2100:21Behind the ScenesThe app is dead, long live the new website!--
00:22-Discussion^ Donor account instructions--
00:23-Enter/ExitAndrew introduces Kolin and the photos--
00:2400:26PlugMerch in the store--
00:2600:28PlugDesert Bus DBloon [✓]
00:26-TechnicalShift Total Appears--
00:2800:30PlugGame Jam - Theme: The Driver Chair -
00:3100:31PlugPronoun Pins--
00:3100:33TechnicalIan introduces THE BUTTON, with new arming procedure[✓]
00:3300:34RDPRDP: Music Sounds Better With You - Stardust
00:3300:33ShoutoutShawn (DarkMorford) for helping with THE BUTTON; Jordan and Ben for the RDP list--
00:33-Burn!James bet: First RDP will be a full song (It's not) --
00:3500:35Burn!Graham called out for not being at the start--
00:3500:35DiscussionRoom introduces themselves--
00:3500:37DiscussionJames talks about Operation: Ice Cream
00:38-Enter/ExitBengineering leaves--
00:38-MilestoneHour 104 get!--
00:3900:39DiscussionAshdrew explained. Goal: No crashing!
00:3901:35Drive/GiveawaySDCC 2015 Planeswalker Exclusive - $10.15 Donation DriveMaddog--
00:4200:42PlugDesert Bus Twitch channel--
00:42-TechnicalChallenges have a database error--
00:4300:44DiscussionExplaining how to challenge--
00:44-MilestoneHour 106 get!--
00:44-TechnicalNext hour progress indicator explained --
00:4500:50DanceNapoleon Dynamite Showdown! (Dancing to Canned Heat - Jamiroquai)
00:4600:46DiscussionWhat is a Desert Buck? ($22,805) #JamesNeverForgets--
00:51-ShoutoutDix's log. Splitters.--
00:51-ShoutoutJesse and Clinton are getting married during DB!--
00:52-OtherBus Stop Challenge - Donations per bus stops is offered by donator--
00:5300:56DanceMiddle school slow dance (NOT enough room for Jesus!) (Dancing to Lady In Red - Chris De Burgh)Jesse & Clinton
00:5500:55MilestoneFirst Desert buck! (Fastest ever!)--
00:5601:03PhysicalMystery Beard! - Serge has to work out whose beard it is by feel[✓]
00:58-Enter/ExitKolin, Johnny, Paxton, Eric, Matt, D-bag Viking(Kathleen) for beard challenge--
01:00-Meltdown^ Kathleen, Serge: It's too tall to be Matt (It's Matt.) --
01:02-Prank^ Beard on Kathleen--
01:03-PlugSDCC 2015 Planeswalker Exclusive (including DBloon)--
01:0401:04SongKathleen improvs a Desert Bus theme song
01:0501:05PhysicalLift the driver chair with Ashton in it
01:0601:07PhysicalWho can make the loudest fart sound?
01:0701:07DBloonJames got DBlooned by Andrew
01:0701:10DiscussionThe different shifts are explained
01:1101:14PlugSilent Auctions--
01:1501:16DanceDo the Mario
01:1601:20DiscussionThe Super Mario Bros. Super Show! and Zelda cartoon--
01:1901:20PlugSDCC 2015 Planeswalker Exclusive--
01:2001:21ShoutoutExplain the VST
01:2101:21ShoutoutWe love the Chat Mods
01:2101:24PhysicalSerge dramatically re-enacts the incident that put him in crutches last year
01:21-PhysicalEveryone gets silly hats--
01:2301:24Milestone$25 000!--
01:2401:25PhysicalGroup Hug for Andrew
01:2501:26DiscussionThe device being retired (it was murdered and buried behind a shed)
01:2501;26Enter/ExitJohnny to explain the device--
01:2701:27SongThe room whistles I Want It That Way - Backstreet Boys--
01:2701:29PlugSDCC 2015 Planeswalker Exclusive (including the DBloon)--
01:2901:29PhysicalGroup handshake, followed by group hand sanitizing
01:2901:30Enter/ExitLiz with hand sanitizer --
01:3001:30DiscussionThe room gives their opinions on Fallout 76 and explain why they haven't had time to play games--
01:3001:32PhysicalThe room tries to teach Paul how to whistle
01:3301:34PhysicalEveryone does a synchonized High-five
01:3401:34RDPRDP: Get Down On It - Kool & The Gang
01:3501:35Milestone10k Shift total--
01:3701:42SkitImprovised D&D Skit based on Headwear
01:37-MeltdownEveryone at Matt's "SQUIRT!"--
01:4201:42PhysicalCollecting all the silly hats back--
01:4201:43PhysicalEveryone Dob--
01:4401:44SkitEveryone performs their best Rick Flair "Woo"
01:44-Enter/ExitAlex enters and wins the Rick Flair impersionation contest--
01:4501:48GameA game of telephone
01:4601:46DiscussionOpinions on Spiderman for PS4
01:4901:53GameEveryone tells us a story one word at a time
01:5302:00DiscussionBest and worst parts of each province of Canada, part 1 of 2
01:5701:57MeltdownJohnny remembers the "Big Bonhomme"--
01:5902:00DiscussionDonair discussion--
02:0102:01Shift ChangeBirb Noises! - Alphaflight Begins
02:0102:03DiscussionNewfoundland Stuff - Kate likes cool stones --
02:0302:04ShoutoutShoutout to: Custom cookie art by Rocky Mountain Cookie House
02:0502:05PhysicalThe room hugs Alex
02:0502:05DiscussionAlex's head, hatless. The hat was never special to begin with--
02:0602:10DiscussionBest and worst parts of the Canadian territories, part 2
02:1002:17DiscussionWhat breed of dog or cat would you be?
02:1702:18Skit^ Kathleen imitates Baxter coughing up a hairball --
02:1902:19RDPRDP: It Takes Two - Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock
02:2002:22DiscussionAlex explains the concept of "Thirst"--
02:2202:24DiscussionExplaining how to Dob, which is entirely distinct from a "dab"--
02:23-Enter/ExitEnter Carrie Floyd--
02:2402:24DiscussionThey have so much space--
02:2502:27DiscussionMic is short for Michael--
02:2702:29PhysicalJames and Kate staring contest - James loses
02:3002:31DiscussionThings upcoming in this shift--
02:31-Discussion4.5m lifetime?--
02:3302:34DiscussionRoll Call of who is in the room--
02:3402:35PhysicalSteph shows off her fancy rainbow hair--
02:3502:40DiscussionAndrew Explains The Pronoun Buttons [✓]
02:4002:43DiscussionEmily shows off the beginnings of her scarf and nailed Nakia's scarf from looking on screen[✓]
02:442:44PrankAndrew and Alex are now sprouting... (along with many others!)--
02:4402:45RDPRDP: Houki Boshi - Younha
02:4502:46Game20 Questions with Alex and Kathleen!
02:4602:48StoryA story about koalas being thirsty on main from Kathleen
02:4902:50DiscussionAlex explains thirsty "on main"--
02:5002:52DiscussionWhere do Camels come from?--
02:5302:53PhysicalAlex does the saddest dab to mourn the death of dabbing
02:54-ShoutoutShowing off the pronoun pins on KEVIN KAM--
02:5602:58PlugDB2017 Hardcover Photobook--
02:5803:02DiscussionExplaining how to bid & donating in general--
03:0103:01TechnicalStream freezes for a few seconds, chat panics (as usual) x2 - also, framerate is 1--
03:0203:18AuctionDB2017 Hardcover Photobook - Sold for $3 169.00darchangel
03:02-Other^ Auction song: Yellow line from Redline--
03:10-Shoutoutekimekim for helping Andrew with VST/RDP--
03:10-Other^ Auction song: Hazard Rider - Retouch--
03:13-Other^ Auction song: Megalovania (Undertale) Remix--
03:1603:16TechnicalRing Ring!--
03:1703:17TechnicalAlex is the auction bell--
03:18-Enter/ExitJerry and Brenna Holkins--
03:1903:22PlugBrenna Holkins Lot reveal -- MtG-themed Cross-stitch ("Big Deck Energy")[✓]
03:2003:20DiscussionJerry is scared of Kevin--
03:22-PrankJerry questions sprouts. Nah--
03:20-Milestone$4.5M lifetime!--
03:2403:24RDPRDP: PONPONPON - Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
03:2504:05Drive/GiveawaySam & Fuzzy Pen and Paper RPG Book - $7.42 Donation DriveHeavyLoad--
03:2803:30StoryBrenna's expired passport and Jerry's confusion last year
03:30-MilestoneJerry earring pain unlocked! #SproutSquad--
03:3103:31DiscussionMissile based postage, Nuclear canal digging--
03:3203:33DiscussionPlants and mushrooms--
03:3303:35DiscussionAshton explains how to drive to Jerry--
03:3503:36DiscussionDesert bus tech--
03:3605:55PhysicalJerry Drives--
03:3703:38DiscussionSequences, sequins, and the secrets thereof
03:3803:42ReadingAndrew reads a section of an academic article "as seductively as possible", with added interpretive dance from Alexcuttlefishman
03:39-PlugSend in challenges!--
03:4303:44DiscussionDemocracy is sexy--
03:4503:45DiscussionToday is Penelope's birthday--
03:4603:46DiscussionAlex's shoulder--
03:4703:56SongDiscussion of, and then Paul Sings a Local Shanty - Newfoundland Sealer by Bill Gallaher
03:48-OtherKitboga raid in chat--
03:5603:57DiscussionWhat is Desert Bus? Explanation for the Raiders--
03:5704:02DiscussionKathleen has no memory of "Vote lizard, vote Kathleen" & DesertBus memory lapses
04:0404:10SkitNews Bulletin of Snorsh invading part of North Dakota - Snorsh Dakota[✓]
04:11-PhotosPhoto drop!--
04:1204:17StoryCarrie explains Dark Souls to Alex[✓]
04:1804:20PlugSilent Auctions--
04:2004:23SkitPenelope's version of 20 questions with Kathleen and Brenna
04:2304:24DiscussionSmash Bros. Ultimate Roster--
04:2504:27DiscussionKathleen discusses King Gizzard's "Murder of the Universe" album and discography
04:2404:25DiscussionOSW Review--
04:2804:30SkitSnorsh Lady declares war on England and the color green
04:3104:31DiscussionKathleen discusses Featherweight's canonical rendering of the weagle--
04:3105:20Drive/GiveawayBig Deck Energy Cross-Stitch (Brenna Holkins Lot) - $7.77 Donation DriveNo Donor Account--
04:3704:39DiscussionJerry and the room's Doctor Who opinions
04:4004:41DiscussionGood Omens TV Series--
04:4204:43DiscussionJerry discusses his problem with the organization
04:4304:48DrawingDraw the Desert Bus with eyes closed
04:4404:45DiscussionComparing glasses prescriptions--
04:4704:47PlugBig Deck Energy Giveaway--
04:4804:51DiscussionJerry gives an RPG character a silly name
04:5104:51Drawing^ Alex drew a picture of The Driver--
04:5205:20GamePictionary - Alex, Kathleen and Ash draw[✓]
05:01-Plug^ Big Deck Energy Giveaway--
05:0005:03Drawing^ Alex draws game consoles, room guesses--
05:0405:06Drawing^ Alex draws game characters--
05:04-Milestone^ $35 000--
05:0605:07Story^ Kathleen tells the "Reproduction Charades" story--
05:0805:09Plug^ Big Deck Energy Giveaway--
05:0905:17Drawing^ Alex draws concepts--
05:11-PlugAshton plugs the DB T-shirt, Andrew plugs the pin and photobook--
05:13-PosterPoster update! Now has the intro, pronoun pins, Guess-the-beard, Snorsh Lady, sprouting Alex, and Big Deck Energy--
05:1505:15MeltdownJohnny got Earl Grey up his nose--
05:15-Game EventBug splat!--
05:17-Milestone20k Shift Total--
05:2105:22DiscussionAshton introduces everyone in the room--
05:2405:24ShoutoutEveryone congratulates Fiona and Will for getting married--
05:2405:27GameRock paper scissors battle - Liz vs AshtonLiz 1 Ashton 2--
05:2805:29RDPRDP: Forgot about Dre - Dr. Dre feat Eminem
05:2905:29RDPRDP: Lose my Breath - Destiny's Child
05:2905:32DiscussionThe Random Dance Party button and playlist--
05:3205:33DiscussionThe poster--
05:3305:43SkitTaco Bell Marketing Executives
05:38-MeltdownJerry loses it at the mention of "The Nega Taco"--
05:4305:44DiscussionFood and eating habits, and how they change during things like PAX--
05:4505:52DiscussionThe couch shares fun moments from Desert Buses past
05:47-ShoutoutRaid from MCGamer--
05:5205:55PlugSilent Auctions--
05:55-Enter/ExitEnter Jeej--
05:5706:01ReadingThe oldest customer complaint read by Jerry
06:0106:02PhysicalGroup hug of Emily
06:0206:03PhysicalLiz and Jeej demonstrate a secret footshake--
06:0406:14DiscussionKathleen and Jerry discuss music
06:1406:18ReadingAll Star - Smash Mouth, but it's spoken like a Shakespearian Sonnet
06:1806:24DanceFirst Caramelldansen of the run, plus explanation
06:2206:24Discussion^ Explaining the Caramelldansen--
06:2506:26SkitKathleen Commercial for King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
06:2606:46DiscussionJerry names RPG characters for donations, and talks about RPG systems
06:2606:29Discussion^ Time-travelling steampunk barbarianCogsworth Timewinder--
06:2906:33Discussion^ A space smugglerPeq Tarnash--
06:3306:35Discussion^ Jerry recommends a "medium-crunchy" RPG systemGenesys, Torchbearer--
06:3606:37Discussion^ ProspecterBanton Skrugs--
06:3706:38Discussion^ Thirsty Elven fisherman who likes drinking more than fishingCantor Lash--
06:3806:43Discussion^ A class, race and name for a 5th Edition D&D char...which somehow becomes a detailed descriptionMonomer--
06:4306:46Discussion^ Dragonborn Redemption PaladinJobus Venger--
06:4607:30Drive/GiveawayNissa and Gideon posters - $8.18 Donation DriveTheWarbo--
06:4806:49RDPRDP: I Must Be Dreaming - Knower
06:4906:51DiscussionJerry tomorrow--
06:5106:53DiscussionCreate an obviously fake pseudonym for a drow bard on the runSunbeam Hillock
06:5406:55DiscussionThe playlists that Kathleen and Jerry are going to make for each other--
06:55-Enter/ExitJerry and Brenna head out for the night--
06:5606:57DiscussionKathleen explains how to teach your child sign language--
06:5706:58RDPRDP: Bacon Pancakes in New York - Marcus Coronel
06:5806:58TechnicalThe lights take a second to stop partying and go back to normal--
06:5907:03SkitKathleen commercial about cheese until we hit a Desert Buck shift total
07:02-MilestoneDesert Buck shift total!--
07:0307:05DanceRoom dances to Endless Fantasy - Anamanaguchi. Shenanigans ensue.
07:0607:09PlugSilent Auctions (Farosh, Spirit of Glass, Handpainted Watercolour MtG Tokens & Desert Bus Leather Deck Box)--
07:0907:20DiscussionHave any of you played an ARG and did you like it? Plus talk about doing interesting things.feels
07:2107:21PhysicalEveryone gives Max the stage friend a big hug
07:2207:22PlugPlug for challenges and who is available for challenges--
07:2207:22PrankAndrew... that's Numberwang!Telnaior--
07:2207:23SongTeeth! TEETH! TEETH! TEETH! TEETH! TEETH! TEETH!teeth
07:2307:28DiscussionAndrew talks about his 3rd-favorite Marian Call song, and then plays it--
07:2407:28DiscussionKathleen tells the backstory of the Giltleaf-Thirplestiens from Dice Friends. Dale corrects her on her own lore.--
07:2907:29PlugChallenges and Silent Auctions--
07:2907:29DiscussionOrigin of TEETH chant (on Twitter - that's not how it became a LRR meme though)--
07:2907:31DiscussionWhat other knitting projects is Emily working on and how to find her on Ravelry--
07:3107:33SkitTongue Twisters with Andrew while Engineering does video effects
07:3307:34RDPRDP: Love Rollercoaster - Ohio Players
07:3507:40SkitChallenge for everyone to give a fake introduction to another person in the room
07:4107:45DiscussionKathleen and crew give us personal fashion tips
07:46-Enter/ExitPride flag--
07:4607:48DiscussionPride Flag and discussion thereof
07:4807:52DanceDancey, No Laughy - Make each other laugh by dancing while maintaining eye contact[✓]
07:4807:49Dance^ Alex and LizAlex--
07:4907:52Dance^ Kathleen and AlexAlex--
07:5007:50Technical^ Midroll ad - both lose but rematch--
07:5207:54SkitKane and Crowthorne respond to a 1-star Yelp review for their company, Mercenary Solutions
07:5507:56PlugSilent Auctions--
07:5607:59DiscussionCarrie talks about her cats
07:59-Enter/ExitPenelope, dragging Creepydoll, then exits with Kathleen--
07:5908:01Shift ChangeNight Watch begins
08:0008:01Video/Image^ Night Watch Intro video--
08:0108:02ShoutoutWho made the intro and also gave them a bunch of equipment--
08:0608:08DiscussionGraham wasn't there for the start of this DB, This year's intro video--
08:0708:10StoryMatt tells the story of his ferry troubles getting to Victoria
08:1108:12StoryGraham talks about getting Baxter into Canada
08:1308:15DiscussionThe new overlay and the stream aspect ratio--
08:1408:15DiscussionJerry Anderson is making a new marionette production--
08:1508:17PlugSilent Auctions/Giveaway- DesArt Bus for Hope Cushion, LoZ Woodburning, Mox Amber pendant--
08:16-Game EventPoint! Andrew gets the first point of the run and his first ever point!--
08:1808:19RDPRDP: Funkytown - Lipps, Inc.
08:19-OtherAndrew intentionally misses bus stop--
08:2008:22DiscussionThe room comes up with names for Jobbers for a wrestling RPG game
08:2208:26StoryWorst Airport Experiences
08:2308:23Burn!Fugi is not airport responsible...--
08:2408:26TechnicalStream freezy--
08:30-Enter/ExitExit Alex--
08:2708:29DiscussionWhat candy bar is Andrew?
08:29-Other^ Pink KitKat determined--
08:3008:36StoryWorst Airport Experiences part 2
08:3208:34Story^ Graham's Hot Cookie story--
08:38-Enter/ExitGraham leaves--
08:3708:38PhysicalIan takes the left couch. Erika takes the right couch. Jordan takes Ian's legs.--
08:3808:39DiscussionRoll call--
08:3908:41DanceThe Room dances the Hokey Pokey
08:4108:42OtherAndrew comes close to crashing. Ashton tells him he's on thin ice!--
08:4208:55QuizThis or That: Metal band or Magic card?
08:43-Technical^ Teams feature on UI unlocked!--
08:43-Technical^ Pilot/Co-Pilot changed sides on UI--
08:5613:57Drive/GiveawayDB2018 Fangamer shirt giveaway - Draw/Write a poem of your favorite Desert Bus momentKathleen has no memory of "Vote lizard, vote Kathleen" & Desert Bus memory lapses--
08:58-ShoutoutRaid by ?--
09:0109:01Burn!Wiggins calls Graham out for Slashing his shift--
09:0209:03SkitIan explains the Hokey Pokey
09:0309:08SkitEveryone aggressively gives compliments (relay style)
09:07-Other^ Ashton causes Carrie to hide while he torments Ian--
09:0909:10DiscussionAndrew's favourite Death Grips album and favourite Seinfield episode
09:10-Burn!Andrew burns Seinfield!--
09:1009:15StoryHeartwarming times with grandparents
09:15-Enter/ExitRoss the UI Guy!--
09:1509:16ShoutoutRoss for the Desert Bus for Hope website design--
09:1609:18DiscussionAndrew talks about Death Grips and the best album release ever
09:1909:23SkitAndrew recites dialog in his movie announcer voice
09:2309:24PlugDesert Bus 2018 shirt Art Challenge Giveaway--
09:2409:26DiscussionVoice pitch and accent discussion--
09:2609:26Discussionv Discussion about challenge that was accepted to leave post-it notes on driver computer for "Gram"--
09:2609:27StoryGraham's Final Cut Pro tips - part 1
09:3009:31RDPRDP: Vogue - Madonna
09:3109:32DiscussionGraham's favourite Techno dance move--
09:3209:37DiscussionJapan Travel: How Ian would spend his time in Japan with 1000 Canadian Dollars
09:3209:34Discussion^ Graham and Kathleen tourist overload in Japan--
09:3409:37Discussion^ Christmas in Japan--
09:3709:37DiscussionIan gives opinion on the new Cutie Honey anime--
09:3809:40DiscussionFavourite Final Cut Pro Shortcuts (Part 2)
09:40-ShoutoutShoutout to Hailey--
09:4109:42DiscussionAndrew says "Desert Bus, transform and roll out!" and then describes his lunch in his announcer voice
09:4209:43SkitGraham recites a Twilight Zone monologue
09:4309:44Discussion^ Graham talks about Rod Sterling's voice and how he speaks--
09:4409:45Skit"UwU" - Andrew Voice
09:4409:47DiscussionTalking about Maki and ??? Turnip Jack O' lanterns, then into their kids' Halloween experiences--
09:4709:53DiscussionMatt ranks the Michael Bay Transformers movies from best to worst and room discusses them
09:5410:48Drive/Giveaway$10.15 donation drive - wood burn zelda block artduaiwe--
10:0010:02DiscussionGraham explains how donations impact total hours
10:0210:02RDPRDP: Feel the Vibe - Bob Sinclair Ft. Dawn Tallman
10:04-PlugOverwatch Lot--
10:06-ShoutoutVST Shoutout!--
10:0710:09SkitChecking in on Kevin
10:10-Milestone50k Hype!--
10:1010:10RDPRDP: Ooh La La - Goldfrapp
10:1010:11DiscussionTalking about the previous RDP--
10:1110:13DiscussionCoffee preferences--
10:13-Enter/ExitBen has returned!--
10:1310:17TechnicalBut how much bass? Maximum BASS!
10:16-Prank^ EARTHQUAKE!!!!--
10:1710:25QuizThis or That: Star Trek Planet or Brand-Name Prescription Drug
10:2510:26PlugWood burn Zelda block--
10:2710:31DiscussionWhat board games are you currently enjoying?
10:28-Discussion^ Andrew: Inhuman Conditions--
10:29-Discussion^ Jordan: Root--
10:29-Discussion^ Ben: Spirit Island & Ruby Roundup--
10:31-Discussion^ Graham: The Fallout Board Game--
10:3110:34DiscussionIan and Graham explain how they come up with Qwerpline characters and voices
10:2810:34PhysicalGet Down Mr President (it failed)--
10:33-MilestoneHour 121 get!--
10:3310:35SkitPhish Only!
10:3410:36DiscussionWhat is this music? (Spoiler: it's from Undertale)--
10:3610:37ReadingGraham reads out a Twilight Zone intro that has been UwU'd[✓]
10:37-MeltdownEmily down--
10:3710:40SkitEveryone is UwU
10:3910:39PlugGiveaway and Art Challenge--
10:39-MeltdownMagic UwU wrecks the room--
10:4010:40DiscussionGraham explains why "U" = Blue in MTG--
10:4010:43SkitAndrew reads the time and date, and gives GPS directions in his announcer voice (Merge. Now Unmerge.)
10:4110:43Skit^ Graham OWO's GPS directions--
10:4210:42PlugFangamer T-Shirt--
10:4210:43StoryGraham talks about using GPS in Australia, and Busses up
10:4310:48Video/ImageReacting to: The trailer for Revenant Bus, a Desert Bus DOOM mod
10:44-PhotosNew Photos are live!--
10:49-PhotosKolin enters to tell us about photos--
10:5010:51RDPRDP: Groove is in the Heart - Deee-lite
10:5210:57DiscussionAndrew tells us how he makes his hair awesome, and other Hair Talk #HairDay
10:5711:00DiscussionName foods that are common in Canadian households, will be turned into a recipe laterSymphonicLolita
10:57-Discussion^ Custard Powder--
10:58-Discussion^ Bagged Milk--
10:58-Discussion^ Yukon Gold Potatoes--
10:59-Discussion^ Ketchup Chips--
10:59-Discussion^ Rogers white sugar--
10:59-Discussion^ Maple Syrup--
10:59-Discussion^ Cheese Curds--
11:0011:02SkitGraham explains every Atelier game in 2 minutes, then again while gargling water.[✓]
11:02-Meltdown^ Graham fails first time--
11:0311:53Drive/Giveaway$6.66 for: Cards Against Humanity "Everything!" LotStalkers--
11:05-Prank^ Ashton head for scale--
11:0711:11ReadingAndrew and Graham read CAH Dad Pack movie titles (Andrew as Movie Announcer)
11:10-Milestone$40K Shift Total #Ashdrew--
11:1211:13RDPRDP: Go Ninja Go - Vanilla Ice
11:14-Enter/ExitPride Flag leaves chair--
11:1411:17DiscussionYour father, The Cerebral Assassin, The King of Kings
11:17-ShoutoutGood morning to the east coast--
11:1911:22DiscussionLet's talk about Gritty
11:2211:24ReadingIan reads the Litany Against Fear from Dune with maximum OwO
11:25-TechnicalSubmissions should be PNG or JPG only ("Who uses tiffs?")--
11:2511:30ReadingGraham reads The Philadelphia City Council's Gritty Resolution[✓]
11:25-Video/Image^ Tons of Gritty Images on the overlay by Ben while Graham is reading--
11:3011:32DiscussionLets have a chat about Gritty
11:32-PlugCAH Pack Giveaway--
11:34-AchievementGritty on poster confirmed by Mike!--
11:3411:34DiscussionThomas Talk--
11:35-Milestone$60K Hype!--
11:3511:36RDPRDP: In the Navy - Village People
11:3711:38DiscussionWhat is your "Beetlejuice" Word that would summon you
11:3811:39DiscussionCheck if your employer will match charitable donations--
11:38-Milestone$45,411 Shift total HYPE--
11:3911:39PrankRoll call, We have to Kill Superman--
11:4011:43PlugPluging the CaH lot--
11:43-MilestoneShift total hits 2 Desert Bucks!--
11:4411:45RDPRDP: Dragons - Caravan Palace
11:4511:46SkitDave's Spokesman wishes Chat Members a happy 4th Anniversary, despite not knowing their names
11:4611:50DiscussionAndrew talks about the Random Dance Party playlist and how it works, and the merits of Electro-Swing
11:48-Game Event^ Dusk Arrives--
11:4811:50Discussion^ Ben has opinions about about Electro Swing Music--
11:5111:52TechnicalWhat chat sees for Driver Cam VS what the crew sees--
11:53-Burn!Ashton wants to drive, calls out Andrew. Andrew then burns himself--
11:5411:56StoryColorblind Stories
11:56-ShoutoutThe AbleGamers Charity--
11:57-Milestone$9,437.22 Raised by CaH Drive!--
11:5711:58DiscussionDBloon NewsNumismatic by Ian
11:5811:59DiscussionIs there anything you had to memorize in school that you can still recite?--
11:59-DiscussionAnother missed bus stop #NoStopSquad #NoCrashSquad--
12:00-MemeCongratulations! (NGE)--
12:0012:03Driver Shift ChangeEnter Matt--
12:0112:02MemeAndrew gets another 12 hour shift via Wiggins! #Congratulations
12:03-Enter/ExitExit Andrew and Ashton, but not before feels moment--
12:06-PosterPoster Update with Gritty!--
12:0712:07RDPRDP: Hot in Herre - Nelly
12:0712:07Discussion^ Airconditioning has been a confirmed life saver of the crew--
12:0812:11PrankWii Shop Music... But Wrong
12:1112:11DiscussionOther things people had to memorize from school (Part 2)
12:1213:07Drive/Giveaway$6.12 Donation Drive - Overwatch LotDmitriW--
12:1412:15DiscussionFelica Day plugged Desert Bus on her stream, and talk of when she called in to DB2--
12:1612:18SkitKevin Korner shenanigans
12:1912:19SkitAngry Zen Master gives a dance lesson
12:1912:21PhysicalThe very best couch fort created by Rek
12:2012:21Discussion^ Things found in the couches--
12:2112:21ShoutoutMelissa and her pets
12:2212:31StoryDisneyland and Southern California travels issues
12:2612:28Discussion^ Defunctland Youtube series--
12:2812:28Discussion^ Superhero half-marathon and cancellation--
12:2912:31Discussion^ More Defunctland talk--
12:3112:31Discussion^ Virtual marathons--
12:33-Enter/ExitExit Johnny--
12:3312:34PlugGiveaway- Overwatch lot--
12:3412:36DiscussionWhat is a DBLoon, and Doubloon, And Loonies, and how Canada, as a nation, are cowards.--
12:3612:36DiscussionGraham and Matt have the shortest debate about the pronunciation of .gif ever
12:3712:37ReadingGraham reads a tongue twister "The sick sheik's sixth sheep's sick."
12:3712:41SongIan Sings Yoda by Weird Al
12:4212:42PlugOverwatch lot--
12:4312:48SkitEveryone picks their favorite hats and talks about them
12:47-Game EventNight begins!--
12:4912:55GameThe Floor is Lava.
12:4912:50RDPRDP: Do You Love Me - The Contours
12:5212:55Shoutout^ Mark Lunsford / latest poster revision--
12:5512:55Plug^ Overwatch Lot Giveaway--
12:5612:57RDPRDP: Bye Bye Bye - N'Sync
12:5812:59DiscussionKingdom Hearts 3 definitely isn't coming out in January
12:5812:59Meltdown^ Jordan WILL get himself some KH3--
12:5913:01PrankBen gets yelled at for "Musically Edging Our Staff", which he then continues to do.
13:0013:01Physical^ Ian "knocks out" Ben--
13:0113:06QuizThis or That: Painting by Norman Rockwell / Song by R.E.M.
13:0713:07Drive/GiveawayGiveaway conclusion - Overwatch Lot--
13:0813:13Video/ImageThe "Congratulations" clip from Evangelion is shown and the show is discussed[✓]
13:1313:18SkitDescribe your favourite Anime poorly.
13:17-Game EventBug Splat - by Matt--
13:1813:21DiscussionAre Rankin/Bass Cartoons Anime? (Discussing anime edge cases)--
13:1913:19DiscussionPJ has a really cool shirt--
13:2013:20PlugLive Panalysts 10 November "later on during Alpha Flight"--
13:2113:23PhysicalIan teaches people how to pose like a Jojo's Bizarre Adventure character.[✓]
13:2313:24Discussion^ This just in, Graham is Old--
13:2413:26DiscussionIs Randy Orton's Pose a Stand?--
13:2713:28RDPRDP: Friday - Rebecca Black
13:2913:30PlugSilent Auctions--
13:3013:31PlugFuture Giveaway - Kefka's Final Form--
13:3113:32DiscussionFFVI discussion--
13:3313:33OtherAndre is visiting ( He had work during the run :-( )
13:3313:33MemeCongratulations (Andre has to work)--
13:3413:41DiscussionThe most anime wrestler / team - The Velveteen Dream, and other Wrestling Talk
13:3513:36Video/Image^ Intro, iconic moments of The Velveteen Dream--
13:3913:41Video/Image^ Watching Brawn Strowman interrupting Elias with a double bass performance--
13:4213:43Discussion"Convince me to go to bed" and the Sleep Police
13:4313:45PhysicalGraham teaches TQ how to dab
13:4513:46DiscussionIan defines if Cory in the House is an anime--
13:4813:51DiscussionMatt lists reasons why Fallout:New Vegas is the best Fallout game, and why it is not and Fallout 3 is
13:5113:53DiscussionIs the opening title sequence for X Men an Anime?--
13:5213:53Video/ImageJapanese X-Men Cartoon opening--
13:5313:54DiscussionIngredients that should or shouldn't be in Burritos--
13:5413:58DiscussionThe Winner of the Creative Contest from Ashton and Andrew's Shift
13:5814:00DiscussionIngredients that should or shouldn't be in Burritos part 2--
14:0014:02Shift ChangeZeta Shift![✓]
14:0114:01Physical^ Rotate the cushions--
14:0214:03Discussion^ Graham describing the lead up to the beginning of Zeta Shift. --
14:02-Physical^ Ian gets buried in Zeta shift rotated coushins --
14:0414:06DiscussionContinued Burrito discussions. sweet buritos--
14:0514:05StoryBeej Tells about a IRL Beej Drop... through a chair
14:06-Enter/ExitExit Megan, enter Cam--
14:0714:10DiscussionBeej talks about Beej, intros his "art challenge" Beej's Zeta Intro music end Wed 8 pm bus time
14:0914:13DiscussionZeta Shift PSA - The BeejSA and Roll Call--
14:10-PrankEngineering puts a timer up for Beej's 116-hour art challenge--
14:1314:15Video/ImageWatch Out For Sharks! (from Sweetness and Lightning)
14:1514:16Discussion^ The story of Sweetness and Lightning--
14:1714:19SkitIan and Beej roast each other- as is tradition.
14:17-Burn!^ Ian burns Beej for his choice of anime--
14:17-Burn!^ Beej Doubts the importance of Ian's anime choices--
14:18-Burn!^ The things Beej will do to save money --
14:18-Burn!^ Sick Linux Burns--
14:19-Burn!^ Waiting for chinese parts--
14:19-Burn!^ Beej is that guy with the guitar--
14:2014:20PrankHosk's Mysterious Package? nope Beej has "something" in a bag--
14:2114:23DiscussionWhat would each person in the room's TED Talk title be?
14:22-Burn!^ Ian calls out Beej yet again for anime choices--
14:2314:24DiscussionVarious anime discussion
14:24-PhysicalBeej goes to get The Bag™, leaving no co-pilot--
14:2414:25RDPRDP: Cantina Band - John Williams
14:25-MeltdownJordan "I hate this" Hopkins--
14:26-MeltdownIan can't think with the modified Mii Lobby background music--
14:2514:45DiscussionBeej has a Bag, it's full of Mega Construx™ - for Keep Talking and No One Legos
14:2614:45Game^ Keep Talking and No One Mega Construx™ - Part 1--
14:29-Burn!Jeej thinks Kevin needs to "get good"--
14:29-TechnicalGraham turns on the performance mic--
14:29-MeltdownBen is frustrated that there are 4 people off camera having a conversation--
14:3414:36PhysicalThey created a Couch Fort for Ian
14:43-PlugKefka Cross Stitch give away eventually when they get around to it--
14:4414:44ShoutoutNotthatWillSmith Raid--
14:4515:55Drive/GiveawayKefka Cross Stitch Final form No Donor Account--
14:5015:02GameKeep Talking and No One Mega Construx™ - Part 2
14:51-Photos^ New photos are live!--
14:52-Shoutout^ hOI!--
14:5414:55Song^ Engineering sings along to Temmie's Song--
14:56-Technical^ Overlay blip--
14:5614:57Song^ Super Mario Bros 2 Overworld (Ft. Mario Wiggins)--
15:0215:03PhysicalEveryone touches Matt "I demand to be touched" Wiggins
15:0315:04DiscussionMatt talks about hockey- the Canucks in Particular
15:0415:05SkitThe room Beej Drops one by one. Ben cheated
15:0515:09DiscussionBeej and Ben talk about their trip to Australia
15:0915:10SkitDave's Spokesman reading Whisper of the Worm lore from Destiny 2
15:11-PhotosLast photo drop of the night--
15:1215:12RDPRDP: Pompeii (Audien Remix) - Bastille
15:13-Enter/ExitExit Kolin--
15:1315:19DiscussionCryptids talk, with Beej and Graham
15:19-Enter/ExitExit Graham persued by Cadborosaurus--
15:1915:20Plugcurrent give away--
15:2115:25Video/ImageNorwegian parody music video introducing their new currency
15:2515:25Discussion^ Discussion of video--
15:2615:29DiscussionCam discusses good fountain pens and inks
15:2915:29PlugCurrent giveaway--
15:2915:34DiscussionIan and Beej Debate Which Sword Art Online Storyline is Superior (SAO or ALfheim Online)
15:34-PlugSilent Auctions (DesArt Bus for Hope Cushion & Mox Amber pendant)--
15:37-Enter/ExitIan Sings his way out,--
15:3715:38SongIan and Beej sing the Mazinger Z theme (Trading off each word)
15:39-Enter/ExitJeej is out because he has an overnight driving shift--
15:3915:40DiscussionAnime ruined by fan service(No?)--
15:4015:42DiscussionIs Zeta the responsible shift? and should this be the mindset of Zeta?
15:4215:44PrankMake Fugi Nervous with Content Inspector--
15:4415:45TechnicalBeej talks about SDI cables and getting hurt--
15:4615:48ReadingCam reads a passage from The Tempest, without any formatting
15:47-TechnicalCam forgets to turn on the mic--
15:4815:51DiscussionDiscussion on how Super Mario 3 is a stage play and the Concept of Videogames presented as the Gestalt
15:5115:56PlugPoster update, Kefka Crossstich Givaway and Silent Auctions --
15:53-ShoutoutThe Desert Bus for Hope website (it works on mobile!)--
15:5615:57RDPRDP: Strangers - Sigrid
15:5715:57DiscussionThe drama of pressing the RDP button.--
15:57-OtherCam goes to read a book and drink a cup of tea--
15:58-Enter/Exit???? enters followed by TQ--
15:58-MeltdownBeej storms off???--
15:5916:01DiscussionBeej challenged to wash hands and talk about the benefits of drip drying.
16:02-PrankEveryone just lost the game--
16:0216:08DiscussionBeej discusses "A Man's Romance" much to the ire of the soundboard
16:03-Meltdown^ Ben freaks out in tech--
16:03-Enter/ExitEnter Matthews--
16:06-Meltdown^ Ben freaks out at Beej's "trivia"--
16:0816:08DiscussionReminder for the BC PR Referendum--
16:0816:12DiscussionStaying hydrated and what are ounces, also imperial vs metric
16:1217:20Drive/GiveawayPremium Deck Series - Slivers And Full Set Of Unstable - $6.72 donation driveStar Bright--
16:18-Game EventPOINT GET (Congratulations Matt)--
16:1816:18MemeCongratulations! for a point
16:1816:19RDPRDP: Wannabe - Spice Girls
16:1816:20PhysicalMatt drives while staring at the screen from up close to see the night bus stop--
16:20-Other^ Matt misses the bus stop anyway--
16:2016:21DiscussionTQ and Andre have songs that remind them of their friends--
16:2116:21PhysicalPunching the total to pass 70k--
16:22-Milestone$70000 get!--
16:2216:22RDPRDP: Rather it be September - Clean Bandit vs. Earth, Wind and Fire
16:2416:26DiscussionAndre explains why he isn't Zeta-ing fulltime anymore, Yay Teaching!
16:23-MilestoneDesert Bus 2 Total Passed ($70,423.79 )--
16:26-TechnicalBeej keeps doing a thing--
16:2616:28DiscussionMatt talks about marvel stuff? Pronounciation Guide: Wakandan Edtion
16:2916:32PhysicalYoga Pose Challenge
16:3216:36PlugSilent Auctions (DnD Dragon Baby Set & Gamer Girl Handbag)--
16:32-Enter/ExitAndre goes home to sleep --
16:3616:38DiscussionWhat was blomping?
16:3816:38Video/Image^ Blomping example from DB 2017--
16:3816:42DiscussionBeard care "tips" for Ben--
16:3916:41StoryBeej and Ben tell stories about Ian--
16:42-Video/ImageBen without a beard (Still Dreamy)--
16:4216:47DiscussionT E E T H--
16:4616:47SongMatt Whistles the Mii Channel music with his teeth
16:4716:52SkitCam rants about Lab Safety while Ben messes with the mics[✓]
16:4716:52SkitCam rants about Lab Safety while Ben messes with the mics (muted parts removed)
16:5216:53PlugGiveaway for the Unstable/Slivers prize set--
16:53-OtherRoom and engineering introduces themselves--
16:5416:56DiscussionThe Room gives their recommendations for indie games on The Switch
16:56-OtherBeej leaves co-pilot without warning, Cam takes the chair and starts QWOPing--
16:5717:00SkitBeej performs Rowan Atkinsons "Welcome to Hell"
17:0017:05DiscussionWhat is the Wrongest you have ever pronounced a word?
17:05-Milestone$10k shift total get!--
17:0517:06RDPRDP: ABC - The Jackson 5
17:0617:07DiscussionHow damp is the chair?--
17:0617:07PhysicalBeej tests the Dampness of the Driver Chair--
17:0717:08FoodEngeineering gets fed, and Beej gets more WATER--
17:08-Enter/ExitEnter Matthews--
17:09-Milestone$72k hype--
17:09-Discussion72K math talk--
17:0917:10RDPRDP: September - Earth, Wind, & Fire
17:10-Enter/ExitEnter Brett and Sarah--
17:1017:11PlugCurrent Giveaway--
17:1117:13DiscussionSilver bordered MTG sets and the Unstable PPR--
17:1317:19SkitCam and Beej perform "They're made of meat"
17:19-Enter/ExitTQ takes off--
17:19-TechnicalBeej clears the challenges--
17:2117:21PrankBeej makes engineering find music to torture them. Ben finds a very loud horn and a gong
17:2217:23DiscussionBeej is afraid of touching cards--
17:2417:26ReadingBeej monolouges Much Ado About Nothing as Derek
17:2717:31PhysicalThumb wrestling! The thumb wrestling will continue until donations improve
17:27-Physical^ PJ vs. BrettPJ Wins--
17:29-Physical^ Matthews vs. SarahMatthews Wins--
17:30-Physical^ PJ vs. MatthewsPJ Wins Total Victory--
17:3117:31MemeCongratulations! (NGE)--
17:3117:32Behind the ScenesSufix and Sarah are introduced--
17:32-MemeThe More You Know--
17:3217:33DiscussionHow challenges and the challenge system works--
17:3317:38DiscussionMatt talks about his Favourite Dog movies, segues into talk about Dog Movies
17:36-Story^ Beej talks about watching Isle of Dogs in Japanese--
17:3817:38OtherMatt makes a noise because of a cute pupper, Beej thinks we crashed--
17:3817:39DiscussionBeej's issues with the mouse--
17:3917:39DiscussionMatt's parents' dog Abby--
17:3917:43Video/Imagev Trailer to Penguin Highway--
17:4117:41Technicalv Messing with the browser window so that subtitles aren't covered by overlay--
17:4317:47Video/ImageBenedict Cumberbatch can't pronounce "penguins"
17:4517:46TechnicalSkipping through Graham Norton show to find the right bit--
17:4717:54DiscussionIdeas for a D&D campaign and D&D stories
17:47-Burn!^ TQ burns Ben about his attack names--
17:51-Other^ Matt: My only idea right now is "going to bed"--
17:54-OtherCam becomes Driver--
17:5517:55RDPRDP: Let Go - RAC ft. Kele & MNDR
17:5617:56PrankWii shop music with odd pauses again--
17:56-OtherBeej wonders how safe something is--
17:57-TechnicalEngineering isn't logged into something--
17:5818:02DiscussionReassurances from the room to someone having a high-anxiety day
18:0118:01Prank^ Ben lip-syncs to "I will always love you"--
18:0218:03PhysicalThe room stands up and stretches to Push It To The Limit
18:0318:14DiscussionStellaris Faction discussion, segueing into Seedship and various indie games
18:08-Discussion^ Seedship discussion--
18:10-Discussion^ A Dark Room--
18:12-Discussion^ A Noble Circle--
18:14-Enter/ExitBen enters after finishing his engineering shift--
18:1418:15RDPRDP: Rapper's Delight - The Sugarhill Gang
18:15-OtherMatt returns to driving--
18:1518:22DiscussionDoes anyone speak any "Uncommon languges"? into Star Trek talk
18:2218:22Discussion"The Sims Effect"--
18:2218:24DiscussionWhat is a "cassette tape"
18:24-Burn!The cassette tape explanation was for Babby Ben's Benefit--
18:2418:24DiscussionCameron remembers what he wanted the Prince hologram to do at the Superbowl--
18:2518:28DiscussionWhat hair care products do Cam and Ben use; Beej's lip care--
18:2818:33SkitBeej & Ben do one-word story, based on the words "escape" and "plunger"
18:31-Prank^ Beej and Ben try to pull Matt into the story, he says 3 words--
18:3318:39SkitTQ and Ben play Change, with Beej as Change-master
18:3918:47SkitBen and Beej do a Morning Routine Mirror Pantomime
18:4418:50DiscussionDiscussion about morning routines
18:45-Discussion^ Socks on before or after pants - the new milk vs cereal?--
18:47-Other^ "So you don't have to feel fabric sliding over your feet more than once" -Beej--
18:5018:57StoryShowering and the first-class lounge at LAX
18:5719:52Drive/GiveawayStar Dreams $8.23 donation drivePhreak_91--
19:00-Enter/ExitExit Matthew--
19:0019:01PhysicalThe room is symetrical--
19:0119:01DiscussionBlanket talk--
19:0119:02StoryTQ talks about her uncle, who is rich but doesn't dress like it
19:03-Discussion$73k, $11k shift total, Matt's shift--
19:0319:11DiscussionRandy koala noises, Spider Poops and other tales of Australia
19:1119:12Burn!v Beej doesn't care about the challenges anymore--
19:1219:14DiscussionThe room woke up at bad times and Cam's eye is twitching
19:1419:16PlugMatt's art challenge thing--
19:1619:23DiscussionArts and crafts and the Merits of Glitter
19:18-Video/Image^ Cat has Glitter Bath--
19:2319:26StoryCam's story about chemistry students trying to remove graphite
19:26-OtherChat is rotating shifts--
19:2619:27DiscussionTime zones--
19:27-Burn!Cam remarks about Baltimore's love for Celery Salt--
19:2719:29DiscussionTalking about accents and how to pronounce "Iron"--
19:2919:29DiscussionCameron develops a phantom microphone itch--
19:2919:30Behind the ScenesWhere are the microphones in the room?--
19:3019:31DiscussionObservations of the DB10 poster--
19:3119:35DiscussionMatt is having trouble coming up with an art challenge. The room gives their suggestions.
19:3519:36DiscussionMatt is Hawkeye--
19:3619:39DiscussionMatt's mom does ironman triathlons, leading into his own racing goals--
19:3923:00Drive/GiveawayMatt's art challenge: Draw Matt's freedom from The Chair at the end of his shift (for DB Fangamer T-Shirt). Due by 9AM SaturdayDallas The DJT--
19:41-Enter/ExitExit Matthew breifly Enter Brett--
19:4319:46DiscussionTalking about possible submissions, diving into a Scrooge McDuck bin of Golden Retrivers--
19:4319:44RDPRDP: Secrets - Mary Lambert
19:4419:46DiscussionDucktales Tales
19:4619:47PlugStar Dreams $8.23 donation drive--
19:47-Milestone$12k shift total--
19:4719:50PlugSilent Auctions (DnD Dragon Baby Set, Gamer Girl Handbag and Stained Glass DB Logo)--
19:5119:52OtherDrawing for the Star Dreams donation drive--
19:5219:52MemeCongratulations! (NGE)--
19:5520:00StoryHow did Matt build his dietary and exercise habits?
20:0020:01Shift ChangeDawn Guard Enters in their usual fashion
20:0120:04DiscussionCrashless run (Hubris engaged), speedrun categories for Desert Bus?--
20:03-Enter/ExitCam peaces out. He's not about the numbers, man.--
20:0220:05DiscussionTQ and Ben want to stay until $75K--
20:0520:14SongFor every donation, Ben will sing a little song
20:14-Milestone$75K hype--
20:1520:16PhysicalStacks on Ben. Just a whoooooole pile of room[✓]
20:16-Enter/ExitBen and TQ adjourn Post Dance party--
20:1620:17RDPRDP: Hey Mickey - Toni Basil
20:17-DanceChallenge to dance like James (which is a lot of finger pointing)--
20:1720:18DiscussionThe Good Place--
20:1820:28DiscussionRecap of Zeta
20:1920:21Physical^ Matt shows his pants and shoes for his art challenge--
20:19-Burn!^ Paul wears jeans that are the right length, unlike Matt--
20:2220:22Plug^ Art Challenge --
20:2220:23Discussion^ Doggo Scrooge Mcduck Talk 2: Electric Boogaloo--
20:2520:26Physical^ Blomping--
20:2720:27Physical^ Zobbing (Zeta Dobbing)--
20:2820:30PlugGiveaways and gameshows coming up (Shoutout to Noy2222 for putting together the gameshows)--
20:2920:29PhysicalSits in silence--
20:3020:31DiscussionDB Gameshow explanations --
20:3120:33DiscussionPredict winner of New Zealand vs England rugby match (guess New Zealand)New Zealand - ✓--
20:3420:42DiscussionPredict the outcomes of tonight's NHL games6-5 (with 2 spreads)
20:34-Discussion^ Blackhawks vs Flyers (Flyers win by 1) [Gritty HYPE]Flyers by 4 - ✓--
20:35-Discussion^ Canucks vs Sabres (Canucks win by 2)Sabres in SO - ✗--
20:35-Discussion^ Predators vs Stars (Tie game, Stars win in shootout)Predators in OT - ✗--
20:36-Discussion^ Coyotes vs Penguins (Penguins win by 1)Penguins by 4 - ✓--
20:37-Discussion^ Islanders vs Panthers (Panthers win by 2)Panthers by 2 - ✓✓--
20:38-Discussion^ Rangers vs Blue Jackets (Rangers win by 2)Rangers by 1 - ✓--
20:38-Discussion^ Golden Knights vs Canadiens (Golden Knights win by 1)Canadiens by 1 - ✗--
20:39-Discussion^ Senators vs Lightning (Senators win by 2)Senators by 2 - ✓✓--
20:40-Discussion^ Red Wings vs Hurricanes (Hurricanes win by 2)Red Wings in SO - ✗--
20:40-Discussion^ Maple Leafs vs Bruins (Maple Leafs win by 3)Bruins by 4 - ✗--
20:41-Discussion^ Flames vs Kings (Flames win by 3)Flames by 1 - ✓--
20:42-Discussion^ Previous scores of hockey games--
20:4320:44SongSing happy birthday to Naomi
20:4420:47DiscussionChallenge for "Coffee Pong"
20:47-OtherRoom roll-call--
20:4720:50DiscussionLazy old man's version of Desert Bus/Crazy Point Get version--
20:5020:56StoryPaul explains the Origin of the 7% per hour cost increase leading to memories of DBfH 1
20:5620:57DiscussionCouches from the Friend Zone in the Moonbase--
20:5720:59DiscussionSerge's "Man's Romance" sounds fishy
20:5821:45Drive/GiveawayNeedle Felted Thor's Mjolnir Hammer $6.21 donation driveAdmiralMatt--
20:58-Burn!^ Matt doubts James' worthiness --
20:59-Enter/ExitStephanie enters--
21:02-Enter/ExitEnter Colin--
21:0321:08PlugStore items and Thor's Mjolnir Hammer Donation Drive--
21:0921:10PhysicalFortnite and PUBG player movements
21:1121:12SkitJames impersonates Adam impersonating James
21:1221:12DiscussionHockey and Rugby--
21:1221:17DiscussionPUBG: movements, unexpected deaths, and the Maintenance Blues
21:1721:18PlugThor's Mjolnir Hammer (with DBloon)--
21:1821:20ReadingPaul reads "Good vibes for those writing their thesis" from Jackson
21:18-Game EventBug Splat - by Matt--
21:2021:22DiscussionSerge made up the term "roadmark"--
21:2221:28DiscussionUpdate on Road Quest--
21:22-Burn!^ Matt Wiggins is offended by the concept of the "Better, Faster Matt" being Matt Griffiths--
21:23-Enter/Exit^ Enter Matt Griffith, and exit--
21:25-Behind the Scenes^ GoPros--
21:2821:29DiscussionDoes Fangamer restock shirts during the run?--
21:2921:30SkitSerge impersonates Cameron
21:3021:31DiscussionRecap on Beej and Ian roasting each other--
21:3121:35SkitPortray Serge's Romance. with people in the room dressed as fish
20:5721:35SkitSerge's Romance: The Full Story
21:3421:35RDPRDP: Body Break - Hal Johnson & Joanne MacLeod
21:3621:38PhysicalStretching/Chaos Yoga
21:3821:39DiscussionLog/Bus drivers waltz--
21:3921:40PlugThor's Mjolnir Hammer--
21:4021:45OtherRoom (James) read names of donations--
21:4121:42PhysicalSerge gives Matt a shoulder rub--
21:4421:45StoryDoes Matt remember the location he went "Ugh, no thank you" 8 years ago (Saskachewan)
21:46-OtherSerge drives so Matt can have breakfast--
21:4821:49DiscussionPoints scored over the years--
21:5021:51DiscussionNight-time bussing strategy--
21:5121:58Behind the ScenesTalking about the lunar module and previous DBs
21:53-Discussion^ The suspicious pineapple--
21:54-Plug^ The DB instragram--
21:55-Discussion^ Previous DB locations--
21:56-Discussion^ Dengler memories and explanation of the Houseboat at DB8--
21:5922:01DiscussionWould you sign Beth's cast? (14 signatures)
22:00-Physical^ Everyone signs Beth's "cast"--
22:0122:08DiscussionSuperpowers and Alter-Egos
22:0922:18GameGame Show! - You Don't Know Jack setup starts, is difficult--
22:10-Milestone$76667 chaos vs order#teamOrder--
22:1222:14TechnicalJames plays "Find the right Slack channel"--
22:1522:16PlugMatt's Art Challenge--
22:1822:33GameGame Show! - You Don't Know JackNoy2222
22:18-Milestone15K Shift Hype--
22:3323:30Drive/Giveaway2017 SDCC Planeswalker Pack $6.17 Donation Drivebv310--
22:35-MilestoneExactly $77,000.77 get!#teamOrder--
22:37-MilestoneHour 127 get!--
22:3722:38DiscussionTeam Order and Team Chaos battle for $77,777.77#teamChaos
22:3822:39RDPRDP: Don't Leave Me This Way - Thelma Houston
22:38-PrankSerge says he isn't going to trigger the dance party since Team Order didn't hit 77777.77 (but then does anyway)--
22:41-Enter/ExitEnter Stephine--
22:4122:41DiscussionChaos vs. Order $80,000 or $80,008#teamChaos
22:41-Milestone$80,000 exceeded--
22:4222:43DiscussionPlanning the Neverending dance challenge: Kernkraft400 - Zombie Nation--
22:4322:44PlugGiveaway and Art challenge--
22:4422:53DanceKernkraft400 - Zombie Nation, The Launch - DJ Jean
22:4622:46Discussion80808 avoided!#TEAmChAoS
22:5322:54RDPRDP: Where's Your Heat At? - Basement Jaxx
22:54-Plug2017 SDCC Planeswalker Pack Donation drive--
22:5522:59DanceExistence (VIP) - Excision & Downlink
22:57-Milestone^ $81818 get!#teamOrder--
22:5722:59Dance^ Beej teaches Serge to crabcore
22:59-Milestone$20000 shift total--
23:0023:01Plug2017 SDCC Planeswalker Pack Donation drive with DBloon--
23:01-DiscussionRugby prediction was correct--
23:0223:07DancePollyanna (From "MOTHER") - insaneintherainmusic feat. Sab Irene, Adriana Figueroa, and FamilyJules and are both valid emails.
23:0923:10DiscussionDo you believe in life after love? - Cher--
23:1023:12SkitTell Matt you love him and WHY you love him
23:1223:16DanceBelieve - Cher
23:12-Burn!"If Cher doesn't need lyrics we don't"--
23:15-PrankReplacing lyrics with "Beej"--
23:1623:17DiscussionSteal Matt's Desert Buck--
23:1723:23Plug2017 SDCC Planeswalker Pack Donation drive with DBloon--
23:1923:21DiscussionWays to get a DBLOON--
23:2023:20PrankReading off the engineering message monitor like a teleprompter
23:2223:23PlugUpcoming live auction of SDCC Planeswalker lot--
23:2323:30DiscussionMatt reveals the runners-up and winner of the drawing challenge
23:25-Video/Image^ Art Challenge Honorable Mention, Runners-up and WinnerDallasthedjt--
23:2423:25Discussion^ Serge succesfully guesses what most of the entries look like--
23:28-Game EventDawn--
23:3123:37OtherMatt reads out and thanks all the donors--
23:3223:33RDPRDP: I Really Like You - Carly Rae Jepsen
23:3423:35DiscussionName for a competition Craft Beer --
23:35-Enter/ExitBeej waves out, Enter Emily and Kate--
23:3723:37ReadingThe creator of one of the art submissions sent the transcript of the words at the bottom--
23:3723:40PlugSilent Auctions (DnD Dragon Baby Set, Gamer Girl Handbag and Stained Glass DB Logo)--
23:4023:42DiscussionSerge Calls Engineering out on their Lies #teamOrder
23:4223:43DiscussionMatt wants to stay after his shift to get another point, into ACTUALLY driving in the desert
23:4323:46StoryKate tells us a story about Tuscon
23:4623:49DiscussionGetting to $85k before the end of Matt's shift--
23:4723:48DiscussionCan Serge do a handstand? - Yes
23:48-MilestoneDesert Buck for the shift--
23:4923:50RDPRDP: Kanye - The Chainsmokers ft. SirenXX
23:5023:50DiscussionWe missed 84848, it's OK#TeaMcHAoS
23:50-Milestone$85K HYPE!--
23:5123:51SongSpeedrun Dawn Guard theme
23:5223:57DiscussionDesert Bus speedrun strats, and realism of DB
23:5724:00DiscussionWhat Matt's really going to do after he leaves and the Driver's chair
23:57-Discussion^ Turner lickability scale--
23:59-Enter/Exit^ Ashton enters--