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DB Prize ID 5
Prize Type Silent Auction
Bustime Silent Auction Start 008:00
Local Time Silent Auction Start Friday, 2017-11-17 18:00, PST - (GMT-08:00)
Bustime Silent Auction End 016:00
Local Time Silent Auction End Saturday, 2017-11-18 02:00, PST - (GMT-08:00)
Silent Auction Title Classic D&D Monsters
Alt. Silent Auction Title(s) --
Silent Auction Donator(s) Nathan Yaussy
Silent Auction Description The powerful Owlbear, the furtive Rust Monster, and the speedy Bulette are iconic creatures of the D&D universe. These needle-felted creations pay homage to the origins of these monsters: cheap, goofy-looking plastic toys. These creatures have been recreated in all their biological improbabilty. The Owlbear and Rust monster have a wire armature to allow for posing and standing.

Also included are the plastic inspirations for the Rust Monster (sourced from the crafter's parent's basement) and the Bulette (sourced from an antique mall). There were difficulties in sourcing an Owlbear plastic toy (they are seriously hard to find), so the crafter's wife made one out of sculpey.

These are made from polyfill stuffing, wire armature, and craft wool, with plastic eyes and felt teeth.

Owlbear: 10 inches (25cm) tall, 12 inches (30cm) beak to tail, 6 inches (15cm) wide
Rust Monster: 4.5 inches (11cm) tall, 12 inches (30cm) nose to tail, 3 inches (8cm) wide
Bulette: 6 inches (15cm) tall, 11 inches (28cm) long, 3.5 inches (9cm) wide

Craft-Along? Yep!
Silent Auction Winning Amount $301.00
Silent Auction Winner Gravity Pike
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Tags dungeons and dragons
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