Desert Bus Video Strike Team

Video Uploaders and Content Aggregators for "Desert Bus for Hope"


Q: How do I contact the VST?
A: 3 Ways: The VST Twitter Account || The community IRC || If you prefer mail you can contact feedback.

Q: When did the VST start?
A: Like a lot of things it was a combination of ideas that came together over time, but the first formal VST was formed 10 hours before the DB6 (2012) run started.

Q: How does one become a member of the VST?
A: The sigunup form usually goes out in the IRC channel first. After that it may also be posted in the LRR discord server in the #desert bus channel.

Q: How is the VST organized?
A: The VST has an Organization Committee just like Desert Bus does, the first meeting for the next year usually takes place in December or January to review the previous year, and plan for the next.

Q: How many people are on the VST?
A: That varies year-to-year but DB13 (2019)'s VST was 55 people.

Q: How much space does the VST website take up?
A: As of (2020-11-04) the VST website takes up 8.4GiB of space.

Q: How long did recovering and cataloging the pre-DB6 runs take?
A: A little over 4 years.

Q: How much data is missing from the pre-DB6 runs?
A: See our Missing Data page for a detailed answer.

A: Because we think accurately preserving the event is historically important.