DB11 Prize Archive - Silent Auction: Speak Friend and Enter

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DB Prize ID 25
Prize Type Silent Auction
Bustime Silent Auction Start 000:00
Local Time Silent Auction Start Friday, 2017-11-17 10:00, PST - (GMT-08:00)
Bustime Silent Auction End 008:00
Local Time Silent Auction End Friday, 2017-11-17 18:00, PST - (GMT-08:00)
Silent Auction Title Speak Friend and Enter
Alt. Silent Auction Title(s) --
Silent Auction Donator(s) Tichtac
Silent Auction Description Ever want to have a door with a password? This is your chance to get one! Directly coming out of Tolkien's books and movies adaptations. Transform your home entrance with this woodcraft. Separate your geek friends from the rest by putting it next to your door. Only open them when they say the right password! Since it never disappear in your wall, you can test everybody, not just under the moonlight!
Craft-Along? Yep!
Silent Auction Winning Amount $775.00
Silent Auction Winner Eruantano
Notes --
Tags lord of the rings
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Import By Sokar
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