DesertBus 9 - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 9 - Day 4

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
72:0072:02Driver Shift ChangeMatt's shift ends, Ashley's shift begins, PJ Party!
72:01--Enter/Exit^Ashley won't enter, so Matt drops the controller and walks off, forcing Ashley's hand--
72:0172:02RDPRDP: Bonkers: Dizzee Rascal & Armand Van Helden
72:0372:05SongEnter Sandman - Metallica (was supposed to be Ashley's entrance song, but it wouldn't play)--
72:06--Game EventBug Splat! (#6, 1 in a row)--
72:0672:13PlugGiveaway rundown--
72:1372:55Drive/Giveaway$5.10 Donation Drive: Mario Party 10 and Amiibo (Raised $295.80)machacker24--
72:1380:23Drive/GiveawayJade & Buster Art Challenge (Shift challenge)Kv1nn4--
72:1672:17SongJames plays music that Ashley hates (Shawarmaspin)
72:1772:18OtherCouch roll call!--
72:1872:20DiscussionAnubis teaches everyone how to be British
72:2072:25ReadingPaul, Andrew and James each write one line of a haiku, Kara reads the haiku dramatically
72:21--Enter/ExitEnter Kara--
72:2672:28OtherSecretly ignore Graham for 10 minutes--
72:2672:27DiscussionAshley talks about her failed shift entrance--
72:2972:34GameThe room plays truth or dare - part 1
72:3272:33The DeviceNormal view?--
72:3372:34RDPRDP: Blister in the Sun - Violent Femmes
72:3472:34The DeviceLefty - (broken, causes crash)--
72:34--CrashAshley crashes on the left due to Lefty bug, not being counted against her total (crash #13 of the run)--
72:36--Enter/ExitEnter Liz--
72:36--Shame TicketThe device is shamed for crashing the bus--
72:37--TechnicalJames can't figure out how to start a Sega CD--
72:38--PlugMario party 10 pack plug--
72:3972:40RDPRDP: Shots - LMFAO Ft. Lil Jon
72:4072:40RDPRDP: Let's Dance to Joy Division - The Wombats
72:4172:45GameTruth or Dare part 2
72:44--PlugKris Straub call for questions--
72:4872:49PlugSuperheroes stocking lot--
72:4972:53DanceAndrew / James breakdance battle
72:54--PlugMario Party 10 pack plug --
72:5572:57SkitAct out the plot of Event Horizon in 45 seconds
72:5973:00RDPRDP: Jump Around - House of Pain
73:0373:05PlugMario question block animal bed plug--
73:0573:29GuestGuest Call-in: Kris Straub
73:2374:26Discussion^ Secret identity discussion--
73:2673:28$9 NemesisIron Man - He'd be a villain that makes things rusty, called The Toucher--
73:2974:35Drive/Giveaway$10.23 drive / Mario ? Block Cat Bed (Raised: $1739.10)Kuroji Zero--
73:3573:47TechnicalJohnny talks about room mics and audio sync, swaps room mics, and more!--
73:3673:36RDPRDP: Shoop - Salt N' Pepa
73:41--Enter/ExitEnter Tally--
73:4173:43DiscussionSleeping temperature?--
73:4373:44RDPRDP: Hot Stuff - Donna Summer
73:4473:51PlugSilent auctions plugged--
73:4473:44PhysicalJohnny jumps Liz from the ladder, Tally follows
73:5373:55DiscussionVictoria's weather explained
73:5674:02DancePeanut butter jelly time with James until $240k
74:00--Shift ChangeAlpha Flight begins! CAWWW!--
74:0274:03Dance^^ James continues dancing as a banana to Ride of the Valkyries (Welcome to Alpha Flight!)--
74:0374:03RDPRDP: We Like to Party! (The Vengabus) - Vengaboys
74:0474:05PhysicalAlpha Flight team pose
74:05--OtherPaul and Johnny are twins--
74:0674:06RDPRDP: Where Are U Now - Jack U Ft. Justin Bieber
74:08--Enter/ExitEnter Kristin from Child's Play!--
74:1474:19SongLiz and the room sing "Someone Like You" by Adele
74:2074:21PhysicalTally tries to remove a piece of tape from the wall
74:2074:21Physical^ Mike (IQ2000) succeeds in removing a piece of tape from the wall--
74:2174:22PlugMario block pet bed plug--
74:2774:28PhysicalTally spins in a chair while wearing a shark hat
74:3074:30RDPRDP: Mr. Taxi - Girls' Generation
74:31--OtherAll-female room--
74:3174:32PlugMario block pet bed plug--
74:3374:34DiscussionIf blue and green were sentient objects, who would win in a fight?
74:34--Enter/ExitEnter John Cena, in Pajamas--
74:3674:39TechnicalIntentional stream downtime--
74:3974:39PrankStream return prank: Birds' nest
74:3974:40RDPRDP: Traction - Redflag
74:40--TechnicalSync clap test: perfect! Yay Johnny!--
74:4374:44ReadingTinder marketing quotes
74:4375:10OtherAndrew creates a Tinder profile for Harry the Creepy Doll--
74:4674:50DiscussionWhat would Creepy Doll's dating service be called? The room settles on Spoopr
74:5174:55SongLiz sings "Come And Get Your Love" by Redbone
74:5675:01PlugDonation drive: Magic uncut sheet: foil Battle for Zendikar uncommons - 2:30pm PST--
75:0175:03TechnicalJohnny explains the limiter, Liz is upset. Supposedly it was plugged into itself.--
75:0475:04RDPRDP: The Twist - Chubby Checker
75:0575:08SongTally and Kara sing "Call Your Girlfriend" by Robyn
75:1075:28GameLiz starts a game of Jenga--
75:1576:08Drive/Giveaway$9.34 Donation Drive: Harry Potter lot (Raised: $934)thefaceofthedoctor--
75:1575:15RDPRDP: Disco Inferno - The Trammps
75:1575:15The DeviceLow Gear--
75:1775:35GameJenga actually starts
75:1975:20OtherShawarmaspin update: HAX from
75:2075:21TechnicalJames explains that Low Gear is bugged--
75:2375:24PlugPlugs for the Harry Potter lot--
75:2475:28DanceJPop dancing to Saigo No Ice Cream - Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
75:2875:29PlugPlugs for the giveaways, and lots of crosstalk--
75:3175:35DanceThe room dances to Single Ladies - Beyoncé
75:3675:40PlugSilent auctions plugged--
75:4275:42OtherAshley is shocked at a Tinder profile--
75:4475:46DanceJohn Cena does the chicken dance
75:4675:47RDPRDP: Thriller - Michael Jackson
75:4875:49DiscussionThe cleanliness (or lack thereof) of the driver chair--
75:5375:54RDPRDP: Do It Again - Röyksopp, Robyn
75:5475:56PlugHarry Potter Lot--
75:5775:59SongThis is why I'm Paul
76:0176:07SongPaul sings a lullaby while having a staring contest with Andrew
76:0776:07RDPRDP: The Incredible Hulk - The Daniel Caine Orchestra (Sad Hulk Music)
76:0876:09RDPRDP: Ooh La La - Goldfrapp
76:1076:11PlugUpcoming BFZ Uncommon foil uncut sheet donation drive--
76:1176:13RDPRDP: Bootylicious - Destiny's Child
76:1676:17PhysicalAshton kisses and licks the driver's chair
76:1976:20PhysicalThe chair is cleaned--
76:19--ShoutoutDB's PR team--
76:21--Enter/ExitExit Paul--
76:21--TechnicalThey ran out of RDPs, RDP play status reset--
76:2276:22RDPRDP: Rockin' Robin - Bobby Day
76:2376:24StoryHow are Creepy Dolls born?
76:2476:28TechnicalJohnny Tests Lefty Mode, verifies it is working.--
76:2876:30ShoutoutSerge announces cold brew coffee on tap - Thanks to Lord Hosk--
76:3077:23Drive/Giveaway$12.04 Uncut foil sheet of Battle for Zendikar uncommons (raised $6092.24)1y1e--
76:3676:36RDPRDP: Fight On! (FF7 Boss Battle Theme) - Nobuo Uematsu
76:3676:37RDPRDP: Go All Night Ft. Jennifer Hudson - Gorgon City
76:3776:38RDPRDP: One Way or Another - Blondie
76:3876:39RDPRDP: Sunglasses At Night - Cory Hart
76:4276:46SongSkeletor sings a slow version of Wrecking Ball
76:4876:48RDPRDP: Where's Your Head At? - Basement Jaxx
76:4976:51DiscussionThe people in the room try to remember the DawnGuard song--
76:5176:51RDPRDP: Happy Little Clouds - Bob Ross / John D. Boswell (melodysheep)
76:5376:57SkitRichter Hammockslam and Dammit Liz do Welcome to Night Vale
76:5776:58PlugCurrently running BFZ foil uncut uncommons sheet giveaway--
76:5877:00RDPRDP: Gangnam Style - PSY
77:0177:08StoryAshley tells about her engagement
77:0177:02MilestoneFangamer shirts sell out, second printing arranged--
77:02--Enter/ExitJames goes to the Moonbase to see if their shirts are there--
77:0577:08Story^^ Ashley explains the final ultimate club at her wedding--
77:0977:10RDPRDP: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Opening Theme - Jeff Richmond
77:1077:11SkitRichter Hammockslam teases an intro for DB Traffic on QWERPline later
77:1377:29DrawingPeople in the room make a collaborative crayon drawing
77:1577:19StoryAshton tells us about Andrew not realizing Ashton did Desert Bus
77:2077:20RDPRDP: Bye Bye Bye - N'Sync
77:23--Enter/ExitEnter Ash--
77:16--OtherJohn Cena starts getting progressively more ridiculous--
77:27--Shame TicketJohnny - "I am unsafe. I jump off ladders on camera"--
77:27--Shame TicketTally - "So am I"--
77:2777:28RDPRDP: Married to the Music - Shinee
77:2977:30RDPRDP: Voice Memo 03 - Andrew Ferguson
77:2977:30Video/ImageCollaborative challenge art showed off
77:3277:47Drive/Giveaway$9.99 Fangamer ShirtPandasAndPancakes--
77:3577:35OtherThe room shows off Emily's scarf--
77:3777:41DanceJordan and room dance to Gee - Girls' Generation[✓]
77:4377:48Milestone$250K Total Raised, Party!
77:4377:44RDPRDP: Hungry Like The Wolf - Duran Duran
77:4477:48Dance^ Room dances to Shake It Off - Taylor Swift--
77:44--Enter/ExitEnter Tara--
77:46--Enter/ExitEnter Fugi--
77:48--Game EventBug Splat! (#7, 1 in a row)--
77:4877:53PosterPoster update review--
77:5377:59PlugSilent auctions!--
77:5877:59Plug^ Room proclaims the awesomeness of BeerFest--
78:0378:06SkitA catwalk walk-off happens (music: I'm Too Sexy - Right Said Fred)
78:06--Enter/ExitEnter Kate Stark--
78:07--PlugCurrently running DB9 shirt donation drive--
78:09--Enter/ExitAndrew leaves to get food before photo book auction--
78:0878:09OtherAndrew updates us on the Creepy Doll Tinder--
78:0978:20StoryKristin tells us about working at Penny Arcade in its early days and PAX
78:2278:26SongLiz sings "Man or Muppet" from the muppets, a song that's close to her heart
78:22--OtherKate Stark confirms no Desert Bus South--
78:25--Enter/ExitEnter Gibb and various puppets--
78:3078:32ShoutoutRoom appreciates the chat mods and VST
78:33--PlugUpcoming photo book auction--
78:35--OtherKate is not a lie--
78:3578:36RDPRDP: No One is Lost - Stars (exactly 40 minutes after the last one)
78:3778:38Behind the ScenesJohnny explains that there is a backup plan in case the power goes out
78:39--OtherGibb touches Liz (in the belly)--
78:40--PlugCurrent t-shirt donation drive and art challenge--
78:40--OtherLiz wants attention--
78:4178:42SkitJordan professes his love to (kisses) the new furniture
78:45--PlugLive auction for DB8 hardcover photo book in 15 minutes--
78:45--Enter/ExitEnter James, back from the moonbase with shirts--
78:46--OtherBasically James basic basic basic basic basic basic--
78:4778:48RDPRDP: Más Que Nada - Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66
78:53--OtherTendonitis for the children!--
78:54--Enter/ExitEnter Ian--
78:5478:54DiscussionAshley's eyes feel like fire--
78:55--TechnicalJohnny encounters Error 525--
78:5678:56DiscussionFood, it's Greek night--
78:56--PlugRoom plugs KEN STEACY POWER HOUR--
78:58--OtherAshley did NOT almost crash the bus. EVERYTHING IS FINE™.--
78:5878:58DiscussionTally talks about duck-face and duck army--
79:0079:12AuctionHardcover Desert Bus 8 Photo Book (Sold for $3000)anonymousless
79:1279:13PlugJade and Buster art challenge --
79:1379:14DiscussionSecret Message Slack conversation between Ashley and James--
79:1579:15DiscussionHow does one even DO 12 hour shifts?--
79:1579:16RDPRDP: DVNO - Justice
79:1679:22GuestBuster the pug
79:1879:19TechnicalEngineering static kills everyone--
79:1979:20DiscussionAsh is being censored? What is the black square... Engineering's preview screen?--
79:2079:20OtherBOOF! Many BOOFs--
79:2179:21Video/ImageBuster really doesn't like Horses--
79:2179:26PlugSilent Auctions get plugged--
79:2279:24TechnicalOverlay suddenly resets, launches all the overlays, test card, static?--
79:24--PrankVisual static--
79:25--Enter/ExitSuddenly Ian with tape AND MYSTERY--
79:2779:28SkitIan's crystal ball head predicts the future again
79:2879:29PlugFangamer shirt preorder --
79:3079:31PhysicalThe bus is a ship that is rocking side to side as it sinks
79:3179:34SongRoom sings Everything is Awesome - Lego Movie
79:35--TechnicalFlickering green screen chroma keying on the balloons--
79:3579:35GuestA chef that is providing fruit platters this year?--
79:3679:38OtherAshley hates fun and also the Screaming Doll
79:3979:42PlugSuperheroes stocking lot--
79:41--Enter/ExitExit Buster the Pug with Ash--
79:4279:47SkitCreepy Doll leads a fitness class
79:4779:50PhysicalFloor is Lava and Everything is Fine song
79:48--OtherEngineering visually swears on stream--
79:49--Enter/ExitHarrison Krix enters! AKA Volpin Props--
79:5279:53PrankThe room tries to trick Harrison Krix into saying John Cena--
79:5479:57DanceHarrison is introduced to modified lyrics Caramelldansen
79:5779:59PhysicalHarrison is taken to the store (but he's seen it. Buster looks very confused though!)
80:0080:04SongEveryone goes deaf from Africa! Yay? Not Yay
80:00--Driver Shift ChangeAshley's shift ends, Fugi's shift begins--
80:04--Enter/ExitFugi, Grant, Alex, Ben--
80:0580:08PrankFugi shirts are revealed. Gaze into the abyss. The Nightmare begins.[✓]
80:0980:11DiscussionDiscussion about the shirts--
80:1180:12PhysicalAlex and Andrew chest bump Fugi Shirts
80:12--Enter/ExitEnter Dengler--
80:13--Shame TicketFugi got a shame ticket for not bringing his prizes upstairs--
80:14--Shift ChangeSticker switch to Night Watch--
80:1480:18DiscussionDengler talks about Star Trek Continues
80:1980:22SongFugi Shirts sing "God Only Knows" barber shop version from Bioshock Infinite (A Mighty Wind)
80:2180:23RDPRDP: Feel The Vibe - Bob Sinclair Ft. Dawn Tallman
80:2280:28Drive/GiveawayJade and Buster art challenge results
80:2480:30The DeviceVeer--
80:2480:26StoryAsh finds she is afraid of flying while Harrison and Steve were flying
80:26--PosterJoke poster update, Fugi's face--
80:30--PrankIan "Hey Neighbors" Fugi--
80:30--PlugPrize Quiz? Fangames t-shirt--
80:3188:28Drive/GiveawayWindwaker Fan Art for DB9 ShirtEskar--
80:3280:33ReadingGraham reads the Nightwatch Oath from A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones)
80:3480:35DiscussionWhy did Fugi return from his time "living in the woods"
80:3580:36DiscussionThe Fugi shirts "don't run but do make people uncomfortable"
80:3580:37Discussion^ Andrew explains why he made the Fugi Shirts--
80:36--Enter/ExitEnter Jer--
80:3780:38DiscussionDiscussion of model for Kappa--
80:3880:40ReadingFugi reads the Repercussions of Evil Doom fanfic
80:3980:40Prank^ Fugi shirts make out in the background (Ian & Ashton)--