DesertBus 9 - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 9 - Day 3

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
48:00--Driver Shift ChangeBeej's shift ends, Ashton's begins.--
48:0048:02Enter/ExitEnter Ashton, going bersek on a Darth Vader Piñata with a lightsaber[✓]
48:02--TechnicalAshton's Birthday causes stream issues--
48:05--TechnicalStream is restarted to fix audio sync issues and fails--
48:06--TechnicalStream goes down again, to attempt further audio sync fixes--
48:09--TechnicalStream goes live to Ian test pattern--
48:10--TechnicalStream returns fully, audio is now in sync.--
48:1248:13PrankJames dumps candy over Ashton
48:13--PhysicalDon't Panic--
48:1348:16PlugAshton plugs the Dota 2 Live Auction lot--
48:1848:18ReadingJohnny reads "the funniest message he ever got" from Kara
48:18--Game EventBug Splat! (#4, 2 in a row)--
48:1849:23Drive/Giveaway$12.25 - Hello world stocking giveaway (Raised $796.75)Pixius149--
48:2648:34PlugSilent auction review--
48:3548:35SkitUnenthusiastic reenactment of Ashton's Piñata entrance
48:3948:44SongPaul sings a MTG lyric version of Sixteen Tons
48:4548:58PhysicalCostume Paul with all the costumes from a box[✓]
48:5548:56RDPRDP: Crescendolls - Daft Punk
48:55--TechnicalMain cam freezes for a while--
48:5849:01DiscussionDiscussion about Michael Stevens--
49:0149:02OtherRoll Call--
49:0449:05Video/ImageAwesome gif of Ashton attacking the Darth Vader Piñata -
49:0649:08PhysicalImpersonate an animal starting with the same letter as your name
49:0849:11M-M-Multi Challenge!5 Challenges in 1 Minute!
49:10--Dance^ Jordan and Kate Congo Line--
49:10--Physical^ Other Alex gives Frank a horse ride--
49:10--Dance^ Paul and Jordan do the Can-Can--
49:10--Physical^ James directs Ashton how to drive--
49:10--Song^ Singing the bad Dawnguard song to the Imperial March--
49:1249:12DiscussionCookie Clicker update "CLICK THE GERDEN CERKEY!"--
49:1249:13PrankEntertain someone while in class and Pop a balloon
49:15--Enter/ExitEnter Mia--
49:1649:21DiscussionSoccer Predictions
49:16--Discussion^Denmark vs Sweden - Denmark wins 1-0 (Incorrect. Draw 2-2)--
49:17--Discussion^Slovenia vs Ukraine - Ukraine wins 3-1 (from Kara) (Incorrect Draw 1-1)--
49:1749:19PrankAshton is made into a post-it note monster with varying degrees of success
49:1949:19RDPRDP: Pon De Floor - Major Lazer
49:20--Discussion^Morecambe vs Dagenham - Morecambe wins 2-1 (from Mia) (Incorrect 2-4)--
49:20--Discussion^Newport vs Brackley Town - Newport wins (Correct 4-1)--
49:20--Discussion^Oldham vs Mansfield - Oldham wins (correct 2-0)--
49:21--Discussion^Oxford vs Braintree - Oxford wins (Correct 3-1)--
49:21--Discussion^Estonia vs St Kits - Estonia wins (other Alex) (Correct 3-0)--
49:2249:22Enter/ExitEnter Jeff, with interesting hugging--
49:2349:24SongHappy Birthday to Ashton!
49:2649:28SkitAshton calls everyone in the room a butt, excitedly
49:2949:30RDPRDP: Dancing Queen - Abba
49:3149:31PhysicalMia twirls for time toward the future--
49:3249:48GuestGuest Call-in: Michael Stevens (VSauce)
49:3549:48Prank^ VSauce is greenscreened into the room--
49:46--$9 Nemesis^Someone who judges you based on your cleanliness--
49:5050:44Drive/Giveaway$6.40 donation drive: Minecraft Lot #1 (Raised: $940.80)Pao--
49:5950:03PhysicalPop Balloons on Ashton's party hat as Alpha Flight shift arrives
50:02--Enter/ExitEnter Liz and Johnny--
50:0450:04RDPRDP: Do You Love Me - The Contours
50:0450:06PhysicalA hat pile is built on Ashton's head
50:0650:14PlugSilent Auction Plug Time--
50:1450:15RDPRDP: Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix) - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
50:1550:15RDPRDP: PonPonPon - Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
50:15--Milestone$175k HYPE--
50:2350:23SkitLiz impersonates Andrew
50:2550:26RDPRDP: Never Come Down - Brave Shores
50:2850:30DiscussionLiz explains her sexy dance, The Krakenmums_
50:3150:32PlugMinecraft lot #1 plug--
50:3350:40FoodCake time!--
50:38--Shame TicketAndrew swears on camera (20 minutes ago)--
50:4050:42StoryAshton explains why Cantwearhats can't wear hats.
50:42--PosterPoster Update:
50:4250:43DiscussionAshton commits to not doing any more challenges involving ham.--
50:4950:50DiscussionAshton's Desert Bus birthdays
50:5050:59The DeviceLow Gear--
50:51--Sham TicketAndrew issues chat a forged shame ticket for being a Tattle Tale--
50:5250:55SkitMia re-enacts Star Wars: A New Hope
50:5650:56Enter/ExitNinja Andy appears--
50:56--Other^ Andy does a Yoda voice--
50:59--The DeviceCruise control--
51:01--PlugCustom black and white gaming mats--
51:0352:06Drive/Giveaway$16.11 SDCC Planeswalkers (Raised: $6911.19)Planar_Snap--
51:0951:11SongPaul and Andy sing Follow Me - Fraggle Rock
51:1151:14SkitNature Documentary of the Alpha Flight mascot, The Pacific Northwest Trashbird (played by Liz)[✓]
51:1851:20SkitAndy warms up for acting as William Shatner and then recites the alphabet
51:2151:24Game EventAshton gets presents, and a point! (#3, 2 in a row)--
51:2251:22RDPRDP: Cheesecake - Louis Armstrong
51:23--Shame TicketAshton didn't press Start :(--
51:2351:30OtherAshton gets a b-day prezzie that is all the stuff you need to go to RHPS - Micro-Trans-Ashton
51:24--Sham TicketAndrew wrote a shame ticket for chat--
51:2851:30Song^ Sweet Transvestite - Rocky Horror Picture Show--
51:31--Sham TicketSHAM Ticket - Serge is shamed for thinking he could stop Andrew--
51:3251:37SongEpic Sax Ashton with Accompanying Ducks and Party Horns turns into Duck Army time
51:3551:37Other^Duck Army re-enactment--
51:3751:37RDPRDP: Dragosta Din Tei - O-Zone
51:38--Enter/ExitEnter James--
51:39--Shame TicketEmily brought terrible noise to the moonbase--
51:42--Enter/ExitExit Paul--
51:4651:47RDPRDP: Body Break - Hal Johnson & Joanne Macleod
51:4751:49SongTally and Andy sing Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
51:5051:51PlugSDCC Planeswalkers plug--
51:5151:53GameRock paper scissors lizard spock: James won
51:5551:59DanceAshton & James slow dance to Lady in Red
51:5952:02SkitSobering up with Andy Episode 2
52:0352:05PhysicalARM WRASSLE: "Weak Arm" Johnny vs Liz
52:0552:06RDPRDP: I Love It - Icona Pop Ft. Charli XCX
52:0752:13RDPRDP: ABC - The Jackson 5--
52:1452:17SkitAndy (as Cena) and Ashton re-enact speed as a ragtime 1920s movie
52:1752:18DiscussionAshton's Birthday Wish for Liz's Sultry Voice
52:1952:22SongJeff and Kara Sing My Eyes From Dr. Horrible
52:2352:23PhysicalCan you even?--
52:2452:24PhysicalLiz does a Xena war cry
52:2552:25RDPRDP: Till the World Ends - Britney Spears
52:2852:29PlugUpcoming custom playmat givaway--
52:2952:30SkitAndrew impersonates Liz
52:2952:30RDPRDP: Katamari on the Swing - Shigeru Matsuzaki
52:3152:32DanceFoxtrot Lessons
52:3352:39SkitDaddy Ashton explains scientific terms
52:3952:40RDPRDP: Go Ninja Go - Vanilla Ice
52:4052:43TechnicalSurprise Test Pattern--
52:4252:44SongAndy performs "Everybody Needs Somebody To Love" by Blues Brothers, introduced by Lizlunik1
52:4552:45OtherEverything is Awesome--
52:4752:47SkitDarth Cena is Ashton's father
52:4852:48SkitAndrew has new PHOTOOOOOS
52:4952:49RDPRDP: Dare - Gorillaz
52:4952:50SkitAshton believes it IS butter
52:5052:51TechnicalAttention is brought to the shift clock logo--
52:51--PlugDOTA 2 lot--
52:5352:56ReadingAshton reads the shift clock CSS and javascript code in his sultry voice
52:5652:57RDPRDP: How to Be a Heartbreaker - Marina and the Diamonds
52:5752:58TechnicalJohnny explains the acoustics of the room--
52:5952:59TechnicalBuscam freezes--
52:5953:00The DeviceThe Device: Slippery--
52:5952:59OtherThe length of the scarf is shown to chat--
53:0153:11AuctionDOTA 2 lot Sold for $3500BusTed
53:0153:01RDPRDP: 22 - Taylor Swift
53:0153:01TechnicalThe room accidentally starts an RDP instead of the auction; overlay fun ensues--
53:1353:13RDPRDP: Yey - Beast
53:13--ShoutoutValve for the lots they have donated--
53:14--TechnicalOverlay reset; buscam fixed--
53:14--PlugPlug for the Half Life giveaway on Graham's shift--
53:15--PlugAshton reminds everyone of his transistor art challenge--
53:15--OtherBrendan View--
53:1553:17PlugBrendan discusses custom art playmats and shows examples--
53:18--Milestone$15K Shift Total--
53:2054:25Drive/Giveaway$7.01 Donation Drive for custom playmat (raised $378.54)Sisyphus_NZ--
53:2053:24GameTally has been murdered, whodunnit? (include the start of the dance party in this :D)
53:2353:23RDPRDP: I Got You (I Feel Good) - James Brown
53:2453:28Behind the ScenesJohnny shows the rest of the Lunar Module Mk.II
53:28--Prank^James turns off the lights behind Johnny in the murder hallway--
53:2953:31PhysicalJames and Andy do the "chubby bunny" challenge
53:2953:29Shame TicketThe return of "Johnny Brickfeet"--
53:31--Physical^^Now Kiss!--
53:3153:41DiscussionEveryone's favorite game of all time
53:3453:39Prank^Mr. President, get down! (starring Ashton as President)
53:41--PlugCustom playmats, silent auctions--
53:4753:57The DeviceThe Device: Slippery--
53:4753:48RDPRDP: Happy Up Here - Röyksopp
53:4953:55SkitAndy performs the speech from The Great Dictator, to the Thomas the Tank Engine music... for some reason
53:5553:55RDPRDP: Ride a White Horse - Goldfrapp
53:5553:56RDPRDP: Jump Around - House of Pain
53:5754:00SongAndy and Mia sing and dance to Barbie Girl by Aqua
54:0154:04PlugDonation drive custom play mat plug, sweetening the playmat donation drive--
54:0454:06FoodCake time part 2!--
54:0654:06SkitJohnny tells Ashton to act like an adult
54:0854:11The DeviceAshton has a present from DAISy (Gauntlet Mode)
54:0954:09Reading^"I'm Commander Shepherd, and this is my favorite store in the citadel." --Ashton--
54:10--Physical^James hits Ashton's face--
54:10--Crash^Ashton (or a bug) crashes the bus on Lefty (crash #11)--
54:14--PlugDonation drive custom playmat plug--
54:1654:16OtherAshton starts the wrong game --
54:1854:22DanceIan vs Liz dance off to Bustin' by Neil Cicierga (There are no survivors)
54:20--Other^Ashton names the driver "Daniela" by accident--
54:22--MilestoneAshton finally starts the game after 4 attempts. Desert Bus is difficult.--
54:2554:31DiscussionReminiscing about the 80's and arcades
54:3255:36Drive/GiveawayDonation Drive: $8.05 Ghostly Quartet Pacman mitts (Raised: $652.05)FireFlower[✓]
54:3354:36SongSinging New York New York while playing pattycake, Andy with Mia
54:3754:38DiscussionMore game talk
54:3854:39RDPRDP: Stayin' Alive - Bee Gees
54:4054:43SongTally sings "The Spine" From the Transistor OST
54:43--PlugDonation Drive Plug--
54:4454:45DiscussionAshton's feelings on ties --
54:4654:47StoryEmily shares a story from when she was a little girl
54:48--Enter/ExitEnter Matt--
54:48--TechnicalNormal View --
54:5054:51DiscussionMia's midterm tips and tricks!
54:5154:52SkitTally and Matt are their Lava Bear characters
54:5354:55StoryTally shares a story from when she was a little girl and Matt acts it out as Solid Snake
54:5554:55RDPRDP: Just A Friend - Biz Markie
54:56--PlugDonation Drive Plug --
54:57--Enter/ExitCardboard Box --
54:5755:00PhysicalMatt is Solid Snake, kills Ashton
55:01--PlugArt giveaway --
55:0255:11ReadingStory Time For Hosklings: Little Fugi's Pheasant Bedtime
55:1155:12RDPRDP: Good Feeling - Flo Rida!
55:1255:14StoryIan shares a story about when he was a little boy
55:1555:16FoodAshton's Birthday continues with meat pie--
55:16--Enter/ExitExit Serge--
55:1755:18DiscussionDiscuss Bill Nye the Science Guy
55:1855:22PhysicalPeople balance "medium-sized" things on their heads
55:19--PlugDonation drive reminder--
55:2055:20RDPRDP: Danger! High Voltage - Electric Six
55:20--Enter/ExitEnter Graham--
55:2156:02DrawingRoss-Off! with crayons
55:22--Enter/ExitEnter Kate--
55:2256:01Drive/GiveawayCustom art by Kelly to the Ross Off winner (Earned $748.30)Shlogoth--
55:2655:29Physical^ Simon Says--
55:2855:28RDPRDP: Bustin' - Neil Cicierega
55:2955:30Dance^^ Ian dances an Irish jig--
55:3355:34Physical^^ The Degrees of Frump--
55:4055:41Discussion^^ Bob Ross Original Paintings--
55:4155:45Discussion^^ #BobRossFacts--
55:4555:45RDPRDP: Get Down On It - Kool & The Gang
55:4655:49Physical^^^ Poking to $190k--
55:49--Milestone$190K HYPE!--
55:4955:49RDPRDP: Everywhere You Look - Jesse Frederick & Bennett Salvay
55:4955:50RDPRDP: TURN DOWN FOR WHAT - DJ Snake, Lil Jon
55:5255:58Drawing^^^ Showing off the arts--
55:5856:00GuestDaddy Ashton's Mom and Dad
55:5855:58Song^ Happy Birthday to Ashton!--
55:5956:00Video/Image^^Ashton's babby photos--
56:00--Driver Shift ChangeAshton's shift ends, Tara's shift begins--
56:0256:06Enter/ExitEnter Tara for her shift, to the Ghostbusters Theme
56:02--Enter/ExitEnter Meagan--
56:05--Enter/ExitExit James--
56:07--Enter/ExitExit Mia, who is going back to Vancouver--
56:0756:08RDPRDP: All Star - Seth Boyer
56:0956:12SongAndy sings Fly Me to the Moon
56:12--Enter/ExitExit Andy, who is also going back to Vancouver--
56:1256:13RDPRDP: Thank You For Being A Friend - Cynthia Fee
56:1456:15DiscussionRecap of the day, Talking about crashes--
56:1556:17PlugMikey Neumann Call-In Plug--
56:1856:29StoryTara explains who she is
56:1956:21PrankAshton "Kanyes" Tara and shows off his transistor art winnerWingsOfTheLost
56:2556:29Video/Image^^ "Do sprinkles make _____ taste better?" videos--
56:2664:14Drive/Giveaway^^ Tara 's Bake Off - Prize is 2 dozen custom sugar cookiesBetsy--
56:2856:29Food^^ Tara tries a banana with sprinkles--
56:30--TechnicalDat Mikey Mic--
56:3057:19GuestMikey Neumann Call-In - Part 1
56:51--TechnicalWidespread buffering--
56:52--TechnicalAudio desync--
57:0057:40Drive/GiveawayM15 Foil Uncut Rares Sheet for $15.15 (raised $15937.80)AtlasJackson--
57:04--Milestone200k Donation Total--
57:0757:07DiscussionDesert Bus South First Mentioned (A Mikey Neumann Idea)--
57:0857:08ShoutoutShoutout to Heather and Lee on their wedding in Scooter's voiceQuillpaw
57:12--Milestone15K Shift Total--
57:18--TechnicalStream taken down to fix audio sync--
57:30--TechnicalStream goes live--
57:3057:33PrankMikey is driving remotely, while the Dolls watch. No one is in the room except JOHN CENA[✓]
57:3057:45GuestMikey Neumann Call-In - Part 2
57:37--MilestoneDesert Bus 4 Total Passed--
57:4357:45$9 NemesisHawkeye, because of Rooftop Rendezvous Possibilities--
57:4557:46RDPRDP: The Hamsterdance Song - Hampton The Hamster
57:4657:46RDPRDP: I'm So Excited - The Pointer Sisters
57:4657:47RDPRDP: Mo Money Mo Problems - The Notorious B.I.G. FT. Mase & Puff Daddy
57:47--TechnicalCamera Hiccup--
57:49--PlugPlugging live auction and a call in from Jennifer Hale along with donation drive for her call--
57:50--Enter/ExitEnter Thomas, and Erick--
57:5057:54SkitOne man puppet show with Ian
57:5259:00Drive/GiveawayGiveaway for Hobbit Plushes for $6.13 (raised $760.12)Name Man--
57:54--PlugDesert Bus Bake off plug--
57:5858:00PhysicalThe Room Plays Human Knot
58:0158:03PlugChilds Play and Amazon's CP Shirt--
58:0358:08DiscussionGraham explains "Sweeten the Pig" (turns out origins are unclear)
58:0958:10RDPRDP: Kids - MGMT
58:1158:18OtherFor 10 minutes whenever someone states a fact, the room replies "It is known."
58:1358:16FoodDo Sprinkles Make Fish Tacos Better? - Approved!
58:1658:22ReadingSkeletor reads "Oh The Places You'll Go" by Dr. Seuss
58:2358:26PlugGraham Plugs Silent Auctions as Dave's Spokesman--
58:2658:30FoodDo Sprinkles Make Habanero Jelly Better? - Rejected!
58:3258:37FoodDo Sprinkles Make Ian's Chromed Head Better? - Rejected! (Barber of Seville Overture as background music)
58:3858:39OtherRoll call--
58:39--OtherJOHN CENA kinda...--
58:3958:40RDPRDP: Hot Summer - f(x)
58:4158:47The DeviceThe Device: Autopilot--
58:4258:43OtherEveryone pays Matt a compliment
58:4458:44Video/ImageSlo-mo of Graham Licking Chromed & Sprinkled Ian
58:4558:46RDPRDP: Hey Ya! - Outkast
58:45--Enter/ExitExit Andrew & Jackie--
58:4658:50SongIan Sings "Somebody's Watching Me - Rockwell" while Creepy Doll watches
58:50--Enter/ExitExit Ben--
58:5058:53Song"I Like Bald Headed Men" by Christine Lavin & SIX Bitchin' Babes (Aka the Gaybar Letdown)
58:5358:53RDPRDP: Work It - Missy Elliot
58:5458:55PlugTara infomercial hour (giveaway plug)--
58:55--Milestone20k Shift Total--
58:5658:57DanceGandalf Plushie Epic Sax
58:5859:03PlugSilent auction plug--
59:0459:05RDPRDP: Linus and Lucy - Vince Guaraldi Trio
59:0659:07PrankSudden Duck Army out of nowhere--
59:0659:07RDPRDP: Pompeii (Audien Remix) - Bastille
59:06--MeltdownGraham in engineering--
59:0859:09DiscussionMatt reveals that he's working his full Co-Pilot shift, and then driving for 8 hours.--
59:1159:12DiscussionGraham discusses his feelings about goblins
59:1259:18SongBen sings "Dance Magic Dance" from Labyrinth
59:2059:22FoodDo Sprinkles Make Veggie Burgers Better? - Rejected![✓]
59:2259:25PhysicalIan teaches the chat how to tie a tie, if you know what I mean...
59:27--PlugThe Mass Effect Bronze Normandy Ship is Previewed--
59:3259:35RDPRDP: Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen - The Three Minute RDP!
59:36--Enter/ExitExit Johnny--
59:3759:39DiscussionTara talks about the foods she brought to be sprinkled
59:4059:42PlugSilent auction plug--
59:4260:04GuestGuest Call-in: Jennifer Hale (of Mass Effect among other things)
60:0160:02$9 Nemesis^Donald Trump (his hair counts as a super power) --
60:0360:41Drive/Giveaway$11.07 Donation Drive: Signed ME Alliance Cruiser (Raised: $3498.12)xOccamsRazor--
60:0560:20AuctionLIVE AUCTION - Hyrulean Crest Chainmail Wall-Hanging (Amount: $3560)brigdh
60:20--PlugSigned ME Alliance Cruiser--
60:2060:21RDPRDP: Yeah - Usher ft. Lil Jon, Ludacris
60:2160:30FoodDo Sprinkles Make Hummus Better? - Rejected! (but could be worse)
60:23--Food^Do Sprinkles Make Cauliflower and Chickpea Salad Better? - Approved! (But need bigger sprinkles for croutons)--
60:24--TechnicalEngineering computer reboot, causing EVERY tab to reopen (including ShawarmaSpin very loudly)--
60:27--Food^ Do Sprinkles Make Straight Mayo Better? - Begrudgingly Approved?--
60:3160:33PlugLive Iron Stomach Challenge - Upcoming Challenge--
60:33--Milestone25k Shift Total--
60:34--OtherEmily's Scarf Update--
60:3460:36StoryDAISy tells a story from her childhood
60:3660:36The DeviceThe Device: Slippery--
60:3860:42PlugLive Iron Stomach Challenge: Pickles, Hard Boiled Eggs and Fruit by the Foot is previewed & prepped
60:4060:42Video/Image^The Food Prep is FaceTimed in--
60:4260:45PlugBake off plug--
60:4660:50DanceRoom dances to Electric Shock by f(X)
60:5060:51Enter/ExitExit Ashton, with a group BDay Hug, GRAHAM DECLARES BIRTHDAY OVER AND RIPS BANNER DOWN
60:5160:54PhysicalLive Iron Stomach Challenge: The Room eats the "sushi"ThoughtProt[✓]
60:54--OtherCasualty of K-pop, the Scarf has paused due to needle breakage--
60:5662:00Drive/Giveaway$6.24 Donation Drive - Hobonoichi Planner Set (Raised $842.40)Moretech--
61:0761:08SkitGraham does the TF2 Meet the Soldier
61:0861:09RDPRDP: Short Skirt / Long Jacket - Cake
61:1061:11Enter/ExitExit Andrew with an explanation of his hat--
61:1161:11RDPRDP: Secrets - Mary Lambert
61:1261:16SongRoom sings UHF by Weird Al, with "UHF" replaced with "Desert Bus"Evil Jim
61:1661:17DiscussionRehashing Matt's rant about lyric videos--
61:1861:19Song"Finnish" Duck Tales Theme Song
61:1961:21DiscussionDiscussing Rocky and Creed--
61:2161:22SkitGetting terrible advice about watching Desert Bus and others who are mad about it
61:2261:26PrankReturn of the Duck Army
61:24--Discussion^ Hidden Animal Call Talents--
61:2561:26Skit^ Duck Surgery--
61:2661:32SongRoom sings Nature Trail to Hell - Weird Al
61:30--PosterPoster Update:
61:3361:36SkitDoctor Ian and Doctor Kate Disect Cheech the Cheeky Chicken - As Dr. Bunsen Honeydew & Beeker [✓]
61:3661:38SkitIan is Dr Evil, and then Graham takes a turn.
61:3861:39DiscussionMeagan speaks Finnish
61:3861:41ReadingMatt Reads the Tag from the the Flamingo--
61:4161:43DiscussionDiscussing the poster additions & Graham Discovers that there's been an ImageMap by the VST since the beginning.--
61:4361:45DiscussionGraham talks about Final Fantasy VII Abridged
61:4661:48Enter/ExitEnter Alex, he sits on Ian and they do helping hands
61:48--PlugHobonichi Planner giveaway plug--
61:4861:50DiscussionTalking about who speaks what languages in the room--
61:5161:52RDPRDP: Doo-Wop (That Thing) - Lauryn Hill
61:5361:55SkitSpoken Wording the danish version of Darkwing Duck
61:56--PrankEngineering playing the Cena enterence, a bit--
61:5661:56PrankEngineering OC's the room--
61:5761:58DiscussionAlex asks about Tara's container of Sprinkles--
61:5861:59PrankIan stuffs the chicken in the Flamingo
61:59--Milestone30K shift total EXACTLY--
62:00--Shift ChangeZeta Begins--
62:00--Enter/ExitEnter Beej--
62:0162:02RDPRDP: Kung Fu Fighting - Carl Douglas
62:03--The DeviceAutopilot (DAISy has a crush on Tara)--
62:0362:06PlugSilent Auctions--
62:0662:10PhysicalCheech the Cheeky Chicken Stuffed with marshmallow & sparkles
62:08--Enter/ExitExit Graham--
62:0962:10PhysicalIan makes a marshmellow chicken gun
62:1162:13PlugCurrently ongoing contests and upcoming things--
62:1262:13PrankStuffing the flamingos in the mega cushion
62:1362:14PhysicalIan plays god by putting part of honker pipe in another flamingo--
62:1362:17PhysicalChicken Kombat - Alex makes duck/chicken-chucks
62:1862:18RDPRDP: I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston
62:1862:19SongThe room sings Everything is Normal
62:1962:19SongAlex sings There is No Gameplay
62:1962:20Video/ImageCat trying to escape cage vine--
62:2162:24SkitGibberish scene
62:2562:25DiscussionRoom Roll Call--
62:26--Enter/Exitv Tally enters wih Screaming Doll[✓]--
62:2662:28PrankMeet the Screaming Doll, and huffing super glue[✓]
62:28--Enter/ExitTally Exits--
62:29--Game EventBug Splat (#5, 1 in a row)--
62:2962:30PrankDesertBus for Snorsh
62:3063:30Drive/GiveawayFangamer shirt 5.99 (Raised $299.50)Morendur--
62:3462:36ReadingCam reads an excerpt from NightVale
62:3662:37ReadingDAISy reads some of Shodan's lines from System Shock
62:3762:41PlugSilent Auctions--
62:4262:45PrankChallenge attempt: Double honker pipe (science fail) & other various horn science
62:4262:58DiscussionTales from when the room was young
62:5863:01OtherChecking in on ShawarmaSpin/Cookie Clicker--
63:0163:03DanceThe Chicken Dance, with screaming chicken accompaniment
63:0363:04ReadingJohn Cleese's rant for the Parrot Sketch
63:0463:05PlugPlugging the Current Drive--
63:0563:07SkitThe Brothers Creepy meet
63:0763:10DiscussionWhat is the best rythm game?
63:0863:10Video/Image^Video of Beat mania?--
63:1063:14DiscussionBeej discusses why Water Beds are the Best for a Murderer
63:1463:15PrankAnd his name, is John Cena.
63:1663:16RDPRDP: Call me A hole - Pomdeter
63:1763:23SkitEveryone calls each other their own names for 5 mins
63:1963:21Skit^ Ian and Alex do the Holy Handgrenade bit from Monty Python's Holy Grail--
63:2263:24Discussion^ The room returns to the youth stories--
63:2463:24PlugCurrent drive--
63:2563:27Video/ImageWatching Giraffes Fight to "Whip My Hair - Willow Smith"
63:2763:28RDPRDP: Dec 4th, Oh What a Night - DJ Tophat
63:2763:28PhysicalBeej and Andre fight like giraffes to the dance party
63:3063:31RDPRDP: One Week - Barenaked Ladies
63:3263:57Drive/Giveaway4lb bag of Meeple sprinkles $6.40 (Raised $352.00)ArkonicEnergy--
63:3563:36PrankFrank abuses Beej
63:38--The DeviceDAISy Dissaproves of all the Cena--
63:3863:39PlugSweetening the bag of sprinkles, which may not be possible--
63:3963:43Song"Moegare! Gundam"
63:4463:50SkitMonty Python Argument sketch
63:5063:53SongFrère Jacques - Group sings in a round
63:5563:57StoryHow Tara got involved with DesertBus
64:00--Driver Shift ChangeMatt's Shift--
64:00--Enter/ExitEnter Matt "Frump" Wiggins and exit Tara--
64:02--ReadingReading from the Book of Matt--
64:0364:12PlugPlugging the contents of the Book of Matt--
64:1364:14RDPRDP: Time Warp - Rocky Horror Picture Show
64:1464:16DiscussionDiscussing the Entries for the Bake off with Tara
64:1764:19DiscussionWho would win in a fight - Garnet or Princess Celestia
64:1965:30Drive/GiveawayChocobo Painting $9.14 (Raised $712.92)Tuo2--
64:1964:20DiscussionThe colors of chocobos
64:2364:24DiscussionWhy is there a Vacuum in a lion--
64:2464:29DiscussionComics Matt is reading
64:2964:32SkitBeej and Ian have a battle of wits from Princess Bride
64:3364:38SkitRace Me, Hanna - Intro scene to Zoo Race
64:3364:34PlugChocobo giveaway--
64:3764:39DiscussionAlex explains Zoo Race--
64:3964:40PlugChocobo Giveaway--
64:4064:41Physical"Everyone in the room" (Beej) rubs Matt's hair and comments on its texture--
64:4164:44SkitMost Fire album cover
64:4371:45Drive/GiveawayArt Challenge Album Covers for DB9 Shirt Giveawayergo--
64:4464:45GameMr President Get Down (Matt)
64:4564:46RDPRDP: You Should be Dancing - The Bee Gees
64:4664:48SkitIan's head is a Magic 8 Ball
64:4964:49SkitAlex describes strategies for surviving apocalypse, Ian acts them out
64:5064:53DanceRoom dances to "Flyers - BRADIO"
64:53--Enter/ExitIan and Cory--
64:5364:55TechnicalScreen freeze on crazy filter--
64:5364:55RDPRDP: Funk Soul Brother - Fatboy Slim
64:5464:55TechnicalSplash screen but still frozen--
64:55--TechnicalScreen back--
64:5564:56SongSome kind of BRUH dubstep
64:5664:58DiscussionRoom Roll Call and favourite foods--
64:5864:59PlugChocobo painting giveaway--
64:5964:59PhysicalDeal With It - Beej
65:01--Physical/kill alex.exe--
65:0165:06GameBeej plays Kitty (John Cena is Kitty)
65:0665:07TechnicalChat issues--
65:0865:09DiscussionThe room discusses trying to get John Cena on stream--
65:0965:16PlugSilent Auctions--
65:1665:17DiscussionThe people in the Most Fire album cover--
65:1865:18RDPRDP: Yakety Sax - Boots Randolph
65:1865:23SkitRefer to Beej as Dragon Beej--
65:1965:21SongThe Room sings The Wheels on the Bus in Dutch
65:2365:29ReadingThe room destroys the Finnish language
65:29--Game EventPoint! (#4, 1 in a row)--
65:31--Game EventBus Stop! (#7, 1 in a row)--
65:3467:20Drive/GiveawayComedic Limerick about the concept of 'Limbo'Jacob Currie--
65:4565:47DiscussionDiscussing Limbo--
65:4765:48RDPRDP: Tik Tok - Ke$ha
65:4765:50PrankPayoff from earlier flamingos in the cushions
65:4965:49DanceConga Line following Queen Kate
65:5165:56SongKiss from a Rose - Seal
65:5165:52RDPRDP: Get Ready For This - 2 Unlimited
65:5265:52ShoutoutShipping working to 4am to send prizes--
65:5766:20DiscussionTalking about when Video games made them Feel
66:12--OtherMatt is a sucker, Alex didn't say it--
66:2166:21RDPRDP: What Is Desert Bus For Hope - Graham Stark
66:2166:21MeltdownKate loses it to expert troll--
66:2166:21RDPRDP: Ballroom Blitz - The Sweet
66:2366:34ReadingSpoiling all the Kingdom hearts games, by reading the plot
66:28--MeltdownBen Dies--
66:34--TechnicalPICNIC (~10sec)--
66:3466:50TechnicalAudio desync after picnic--
66:35--TechnicalStream reset to resync audio--
66:3566:36PrankReturn to duck noises from couches--
66:3766:39TechnicalStream goes down to work on audio issues--
66:4166:41TechnicalIan Splash Screen--
66:4166:46TechnicalMore offline time--
66:4666:47TechnicalReturn to test card, Epic Sax playing--
66:4766:47PrankCut to shawarmaspin--
66:4706:48PhysicalCut to AlexSpin and head bobing to Epic Sax--
66:4866:51TechnicalTrying to work out how out of sync we are--
66:51--Enter/ExitExit Andre and Kate--
66:5466:58SongGirl From Ipanema--
66:5566:56DanceBeej and Alex slow dance
66:56--OtherCookie clicker update--
66:5766:58TechnicalOne more restart--
66:5866:59TechnicalIan Splash page--
66:59--PrankSmash return to a bleached white skull in cam--
67:00--OtherTech is blaming Fugi--
67:0067:01RDPRDP: Hot In Here - Nelly
67:0167:01CrashCrash on left - Matt was too busy NOT removing clothing (crash #12)--
67:0267:03SongOnly Time - Enya (Who can say where the road goes)
67:04--OtherEverybody puts on masks to hide sync issues--
67:0467:05SkitPeople kung fu fight with bad dubbing
67:0568:04Drive/GiveawayFrom the Vault Angels $5.15 (Raised $2950.95)GamerMatt--
67:06--Game EventBus stop (#8, 1 in a row)--
67:08--OtherUnicorn Cena--
67:1067:13SkitAlex and Beej - Llamas with Hats 2
67:14--TechnicalDBCommand computer is chugging--
67:1567:20SkitDead Ale Wives D&D sketch
67:1667:16OtherQWERPline has a tvtropes page -
67:2167:28DiscussionTalking about D&D stuff
67:2867:30PlugPig sweetening of Angels lot--
67:3067:32DiscussionLimerick contest results
67:3467:39DiscussionAlex tells Matt about Homestuck, literally bores everyone to death
67:35--Prank^Everyone else disappears, leaving Alex and Matt--
67:37--Prank^Everyone else is dead--
67:39--Prank^Engineering has evacuated--
67:3967:40RDPRDP: Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Astley
67:4067:41DiscussionAlex talks about problem sleuth--
67:4167:43DanceMatt and Meagan slow dance to Thomas the Tank Engine
67:43--MeltdownBeej can't even--
67:4367:47ReadingAlex as a tired streamer reads Speedruning Life tipsekimekim
67:47--OtherAlex Explains that Speed (the drug) does not increase your speed run--
67:4867:49PhysicalAlex Beej Ben and Meagan Play ro sham bo while piggy backing
67:4967:50PlugMatt plugs the FTV Angels give away--
67:5067:50PrankAlex is informed he contains a skeleton
67:5267:53PrankAlex takes Matt's shoe--
67:5367:54RDPRDP: Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) - Beyonc...
67:54--OtherMatt gets his shoe back--
67:5468:02ReadingThe room reads from while Alex tries not to laugh
68:00--MeltdownEveryone in the room breaks out into laughter at the fanfic-ness--
68:02--Enter/ExitEnter Paul and james--
68:03--Shift ChangeShift to Dawnguard--
68:0368:03TechnicalWrong shift change logo--
68:0568:06DiscussionLots of left crashes this year--
68:0768:10DiscussionIs Desert Bus casual? Ways to add "features" to Desert Bus
68:12--OtherCookie Clicker update--
68:1270:00Drive/Giveaway$8.52 - Steven Universe Papercraft (Raised $962.76)Name Not Entered--
68:1468:14RDPRDP: Dance with Me Tonight - Olly Murrs
68:15--TechnicalTrying to restart to fix sync issues again--
68:2068:25SkitDawnguard En Garde - Serge vs Ben
68:26--MeltdownDoes Serge own a waterbed? Because he is a murderer--
68:2768:29PhysicalSerge leads the stream in a stretch for time--
68:3368:37PhysicalLight as a feather stiff as a board (Matt (Volunteer) & Beej)
68:3768:42PlugSilent auctions rundown--
68:4568:53The DeviceThe Device: Low Gear--
68:4868:49DiscussionDiscussion about Final Fantasy
68:4968:51SkitSing the alphabet backwards
68:5469:25GameFamily Feud!
69:14--Enter/ExitAlex and Beej--
69:2569:25PlugShowing off the Steven Universe giveaway--
69:2770:55Drive/GiveawayDraw Steve Harvey as Lightning to win the Lightning Returns lotEmuOnTheLoose--
69:3069:36GameHow well do you know the Fresh Prince of Bel Air Song - Clickhole Quiz
69:3369:34Other^ Cookie Clicker update, we broke the bank--
69:3769:43DiscussionTerrible parenting advice
69:4469:48OtherGoblin chili recipe, one ingredient per person--
69:4869:49PlugShowing off the Steven Universe giveaway--
69:5069:53OtherShwarmaspin check in - fight back against STI--
69:5569:55Game EventBus stop! (#9, 2 in a row)--
69:5569:56RDPRDP: Physical - Olivia Newton-John
69:5669:58SkitMatt gives AGDQ-style commentary on how to speedrun desert bus
69:5970:00PhysicalJames is real-life shwarma spin--
70:0570:08PlugBoo Quilt giveaway--
70:1170:15M-M-Multi Challenge!6 Challenges in 5 minutes
70:13--Dance^Serge chicken dances with John Cena--
70:13--Physical^Serge does any physical challenge--
70:13--Physical^Everyone fails to give Serge a high-five--
70:13--Song^Ben sings a song to Matt to the tune of the chicken dance--
70:14--Physical^Fail to hail hydra--
70:14--Physical^The couch pillows are bees and they attack Serge--
70:1970:23PhysicalKung-fu exercise video
70:19--Skit^Use the bad video sync to make a bad Kung-Fu dub--
70:2470:24RDPRDP: Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson
70:2570:29PhysicalSlo Mo Volleyball tourney set to Danger Zone
70:3070:31PhysicalSerge lays down and relaxes
70:30--Physical^Serge relaxes and takes it easy--
70:30--Physical^James gives Serge a massage--
70:3070:31RDPRDP: Stephen Universe Theme Song (Year 2) - Rebecca Sugar
70:3370:38PlugSilent Auction rundown--
70:4071:48Drive/Giveaway$8.88 donation drive: Boo-Diddily Blanket (Raised $6,970.80)Fenebae--
70:47--Enter/ExitExit Thomas, Enter Andrew--
70:4870:48RDPRDP: Let Your Backbone Slide - Maestro Fresh Wes
70:50--OtherSerge hates duck armies in pillow cushions--
70:50--Milestone$10K for Matt's shift--
70:5070:51RDPRDP: Roar - Katy Perry
70:51--MeltdownAndrew loses it at Matt's quacking--
70:52--OtherAnubis and Serge hide the awesome ducks--
70:5270:55Drive/GiveawayRunners up and winner of Steve Harvey as Lightning art contest
70:53--Enter/ExitEnter Graham Fielding--
70:5671:05OtherCookie Clicker update
70:5971:00PlugBoo blanket giveaway--
71:0171:05OtherUnlocked all the cookie clicker achivements (by hacking the save file)--
71:0571:05Other^30,000 cookie clicks!--
71:0671:13SongPaul sings "Lies" by Stan Rogers
71:1471:15PlugBoo blanket giveaway--
71:1571:16PlugZeta shift band art challenge--
71:1671:17PhysicalPaul does a somersault
71:2071:21RDPRDP: It Takes Two - Bob Base & DJ EZ Rock
71:2271:24PhysicalMatt's chair is the bus and everyone is getting on board
71:2471:24Song^The wheels on the bus--
71:2571:26StoryBus Tales
71:2971:29PrankMr President Get Down (Graham Fielding)
71:3471:35PhysicalWho can do the most star jumps in 20 seconds James: 21 Alex A.: 22 Graham F.: 30
71:3671:37RDPRDP: Shake it Off - Taylor Swift
71:43--MilestoneMatt's shift hits $15K--
71:4871:57Drive/GiveawayJudging Album art challenge entries
71:5771:59DiscussionFangamer T-Shirts, DB9 Poster, DB8 Photobook--
72:00--MilestoneMOVE DAYS--