DesertBus 4* - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 4 - Day 1

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
00:0000:02MilestoneStar Wars Intro[✓]
00:0200:14TechnicalExplaining Desert Bus and challenge system--
00:03--Milestone1700 Viewers--
00:07--Driver Shift ChangeJames start driving First driver: Rocko--
00:15--TechnicalFeed goes down to fix a lag issue--
00:16--TechnicalFeed back up, all better--
00:1500:29TechnicalTesting the tech, answering questions--
00:1601:17PhysicalSocks-on-Hands James while driving[✓]
00:1800:21DiscussionDear Dr. Time from chat--
00:20--Milestone1365 viewers--
00:2100:26DiscussionReviewing current challenges--
00:2200:26PlugMatt reviews the list of call-ins they have this year--
00:26--OtherJames: "Yes we should be recording notable events" Tally: "I think we've all learned if you really, really want to watch something later, you should record it at home"--
00:26--Milestone1784 viewers--
00:2800:30DiscussionKathleen explains Kroze's chat rules--
00:30--TechnicalGraham plugs in speakers, trips breaker in power bar, chat monitor dies--
00:30--Milestone1821 viewers--
00:3100:34DiscussionBeard Talk with Paul, Tally, and Kathleen & Questions from Chat--
00:3400:35DiscussionKathleen challenges chat to gear Top Gear hosts to do DB run and call her--
00:3500:40SongRoom sings Cee Lo Green's Fuck You as "Bus You"
00:4000:41Discussion^ Ian (from senapticChaosTheater) was "the good" singer--
00:4100:42ReadingKathleen reads letter from Child's Play
00:4300:45SongRoom sings Sailor Moon theme with Ian on kazoo[✓]
00:4500:48DiscussionDiscussing challenges, and questions from chat--
00:4800:50DB4 bus pointsKathleen discusses Alexander Ditto's point challenge
00:5100:51DiscussionPaul answers viewer question about Movember--
00:51--Enter/ExitEnter: Buster the Puppy--
00:5300:53AchievementOVER 9000!--
00:5300:54DiscussionTalking about how PuppyCam did so much better than them--
00:54--Enter/ExitEnter Jer, who just posted all the over 9000 milestone pictures--
00:55--Milestone1914 viewers--
00:5600:56PlugTalking about the upcoming call-in from Mark Rosewater--
00:5600:57PlugTalking about who to pie on the Escapist's pie challenge--
00:5800:58DiscussionTalking about how Giveaways will be handled--
00:58--Enter/ExitEnter Dale, the chat is very happy to see him--
00:5801:00DiscussionCurrently trending Twitter topics--
01:0001:02DiscussionTalking about that Kathleen does not currently have to drive the bus at all--
01:0201:03DiscussionEveryone introduces themselves--
01:0301:40Drive/GiveawayHaiku Challenge: Best haiku about dating a geek, Prize: "A Girl's Guide to Dating a Geek" bookRobert McNeery--
01:0401:04DiscussionTalking about all the trouble Alex had writing the timer for the overlay--
01:0501:35GuestCall in: Mark Rosewater & Auction (Local Recording)[✓]
01:0501:35GuestCall-in: Mark Rosewater
01:2301:34Auction^ Live Auction: MtG: From the Vault: Dragons & Premium deck: Fire & Lightning (Sold to hungryhungryhobo for $500)hungryhungryhobo[✓]--
01:25--Discussion^ James "likes" the BID_### bid amounts (starts the bidding standard)--
01:3601:40PlugHaiku Challenge Results
01:4001:46PhysicalEveryone talks like a DragonBall Z character for 5 minutes
01:41Drive/Giveaway^ Giveaway for: 2 Full magic decs Phirexia vs. The Coalition for: 10,000 Milestone artMichael Tailford (sp?)
01:43--Physical^ Paull goes Super-Sayin for $10,000--
01:45--Plug^ Tally reminds everyone they have until 02:00 to submit for the $10,000 Milestone art--
01:4601:46Enter/ExitEnter Bill--
01:4601:47DiscussionTalking about how to film / setup for the people playing MtG on camera challenge--
01:4701:56DiscussionGraham reviews some new challenges & Questions from Chat--
01:5201:53Discussion^ Discussion about the Vancouver Island Film Festival--
01:5601:58PlugTally recaps silent auctions (they last for 4 hours)--
01:5902:00DiscussionIan is happy to be there... in downtown Victoria at the LRR moonbase--
02:0002:02SongGraham sings the Galaxy Song from Monty Python's Meaning of Life (Local Recording)[✓]
02:0002:02SongGraham sings the Galaxy Song from Monty Python's Meaning of Life
02:03--MilestoneKathleen now has to bus for at least one hour (Hour 97 unlocked)--
02:0402:08DiscussionQuestions from chat time--
02:0802:09PrankBuster is NOT a fan of the slide-whistle Ian has--
02:0902:13SongGraham and Paul sing Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life (Local Recording)Warhamster40k[✓]
02:0902:13SongGraham and Paul sing Always Look On The Bright Side Of LifeWarhamster40k
02:13--PlugPlugging the DB4 T-Shirt which says "Stupidity for the Children" in latin--
02:14--DiscussionDiscussion about Laser sounds (and that they are dissapointing in real life)--
02:1402:16DiscussionKathleen talks about her cats (Graham joins in)--
02:1602:18Video/ImageRoom looks at results from milestone art challenge (we don't see it)
02:19--Milestone1894 viewers--
02:1902:21ShoutoutShoutout to the Cookie Brigade--
02:2102:22DiscussionJames explains Salmon Security--
02:2202:24FoodEveryone enjoys Cookie Brigade provided cookies--
02:23--DiscussionWhy is Kathleen afraid of bears?--
02:2402:25PhysicalGraham puts James in a "crippler crossface" and James can't crashRob[✓]
02:27--Enter/ExitThe real Octopimp appears in chat--
02:2702:28PlugKathleen talks about the upcoming Fangamer auction--
02:2803:09Drive/GiveawayKathleen announces Twitter challenge (#desertbus on twitter) to win a Sega Wii prize packs [Jambo Safari, Planet 51] (3 random winners)HoursTeh1337, JohnnyWaistCoat, User2006--
02:3002:31SongJames gets Bad Horsed without his knowledge (Local Recording)
02:3002:31SongJames gets Bad Horsed without his knowledgeTPRjones
02:3102:32Enter/ExitExit Paul, to go sleep--
02:3302:35SongJer sings the Pokémon theme song a cappella while Kathleen does an interprative dance (Local Recording)Remy
02:3302:35SongJer sings the Pokémon theme song with Kathleen dancing and Ian on kazooRemy
02:3602:38DiscussionReviewing new challenges and questions from chat--
02:3802:57GameGraham and Morgan play a game of Magic (Morgan wins!)[✓]
02:39--Other^ It's snowing outside!--
02:41--Enter/Exit^ Exit Ash and Buster for the evening--
02:46--Milestone^ $11,000!--
02:51--Other^ They'll eventually slow down the milestone pics to once every 5k or every bothan spy--
02:52--Other^ James: "None of us play Magic on-line, and I don't think any of us will"--
02:5202:54Discussion^ Resize your milestone pictures to something reasonable, people!--
02:5702:59DiscussionQuestions from the chat time, again--
02:5803:24PhysicalJames is challenged to wear a tower of hats for 30 mins--
03:0003:04SongKathleen and Matt sing "Danger! High Voltage" (Local Recording)
03:0003:04SongKathleen and Matt sing "Danger! High Voltage"
03:0603:08SongGraham sings Nations of the World from Animaniacs
03:0803:09PlugKathleen announces Twitter contest winners (HoursTeh1337, JohnnyWaistCoat, User2006)--
03:09--ShoutoutShoutout to Hix's BallsGdub--
03:10--DiscussionJames says the driver chair needs a little coffee table next to it for drinks n'stuff--
03:1103:13DiscussionDiscussion about accents (and how where they live lacks the "traditional" Canadaian accent--
03:1303:16SongRoom sings DuckTales theme song
03:1804:21Drive/GiveawayRatchet and Clank (2 PS3, 1 PSP) prize pack ($5 challenge)Tyson Foster--
03:2003:21DiscussionA $100 challenge for a Breakfast Iron Stomach Challenge comes in--
03:2203:28DiscussionGraham reviews more challenges, twitter trending updates--
03:23--Enter/ExitExit Ray to go sleep--
03:2503:28DiscussionQuestions from chat time--
03:29--OtherAshton is working on a script to automatically draw a winner from random draws, he has 1 min to finish--
03:2903:31DiscussionAsking Graham what his favourite Magic themed deck is--
03:31--Video/ImageThe room views the image of the 30lb cat
03:3203:33Other$250 to do Tomb of Horrors came in, and a pledge from chat for $1 per point of acid damage--
03:34DiscussionChallenge review, and Questions from chat--
03:3603:40Drive/GiveawayKathleen Bear-Hat Pin-Up Art Challenge announced--
03:3603:37PlugPlugging the Desert Bus 4 poster, by Micheal Lunsford--
03:3803:41DiscussionQuestions from chat, which cons will you attend?--
03:4103:45PhysicalShowing off tattoos, Kathleen and Morgan--
03:4603:51SongIan sings Skullcrusher Mountain dedicated to Jessica Roupe
03:5203:53PhysicalKathleen talks about her hair dye--
03:5303:53DiscussionUpdate on the who gets pie'd challenge--
03:5304:00DiscussionMore dear Dr. Time--
04:0004:00PhysicalAlex invents the swear hat--
04:0004:01PhysicalAlex demonstrates his magic trick skills--
04:0104:02SkitRe-enacting a crapshot ("The Punishment")
04:02--Milestone100 hours unlocked!--
04:0304:06SongRoom sings Another One Rides The Bus
04:0604:06Enter/ExitEnter Dale--
04:0604:07DiscussionReviewing challenges with Dale--
04:08--DiscussionTalking about the chat monitor they used last year vs this year--
04:0804:15DiscussionEven more questions from Chat--
04:11--Discussion^ They think Duke Nukem: Forever is going to be pretty good--
04:12--Plug^ John St. John will be calling in to tell you how good Duke Nukem: Forever is!--
04:1504:19PlugTally plugs the silent auctions (Companion Cube, Katamari Ball, LRR Hat)--
04:18--DiscussionQuestions from chat while tally retrevies the prizes to show off--
04:1604:16PhysicalMorgan almost kisses, and then for real kisses James (was a challenge)
04:1904:21DiscussionTalk about Dale's devil voice (including demonstration)--
04:2204:24DiscussionMore questions from chat--
04:2304:24ReadingDale says "High Haylee" in his devil voice--
04:2404:26PlugShowing off what's in the Namco-Bandai Xbox 360 Prize pack--
04:2604:35AuctionLive Auction: Namco-Bandai Xbox 360 Prize Pack [restarted due to fake bid] (Sold for $200 to vxicepickxv)vxicepickxv[✓]
04:35--PhysicalDale is just idly solving a rubik's cube--
04:3504:37DiscussionMore dear Dr. Time--
04:3704:39PhysicalDale solves Rubik's Cube--
04:3804:41DiscussionQuestions from chat and reviewing challenges--
04:4104:45SongDale sings I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General from The Pirates of Penzance (Local Recording)
04:4104:45SongDale sings Modern Major General
04:46--Enter/ExitExit Dale, he has work at 6am--
04:4604:47DiscussionGraham interviews James "how's he doing 4:46 in?"--
04:47--DiscussionWhat's everyone's favorite alcoholic beverage?--
04:4704:52DiscussionRandom questions from chat time.--
04:48--Food^ There are peanut butter chocolate cupkcakes upstairs! (From Mary)--
04:49--Enter/Exit^ Exit Ashley to go sleep--
04:50--Food^ Morgan hands out candy--
04:5204:53PlugTally shows silent auction Doctor Who items (from Mary)--
04:5304:56DiscussionMore challenge review time and Questions from Chat--
04:55--Food^ Lemmon cookies on wednesday!--
04:56--PhysicalMorgan gives James a wet-willie "for the children"--
05:07--Game EventBugsplat #1 (Determined from chat logs)--
05:2905:32SongThe room sings The Time Warp from Rocky Horror Picture Show (Local Recording)
05:4305:45DanceTally and Kathleen Caramelldansen (Local Recording)
05:4305:49DanceCaramelldansen #2
06:0006:58GameD&D Time! - The Tomb of Horrors[✓]
06:0007:00Drive/Giveaway^ $6.66 Challenge for All the character sheets (2 each) of the D&D game & 3 copies of Clash of the Titans--
06:5807:02Discussion^ Discussion about The Tomb of Horrors--
07:0507:08DiscussionIron Stomach breakfast Challenge sweetened & other challenge discussions--
07:1707:21PhysicalMinistry of Sillywalks
07:1907:20DiscussionName something that is delicious by itself, but disgusting if you add juice to it.--
07:2507:53SkitScenes from a Chat - James Decides[✓]
08:07--Game EventJames gets the first point!--
08:08--PrankWe've lost another Bothan Spy![✓]
10:4810:49SkitLets summon Cthulhu, what could go wrong? --- FIX times[✓]
10:49--Crash^ James crashes, controller unpluged --
10:5110:52Other^ New driver's name: Cthulhu[✓]--
10:5210:54DiscussionTalking about the max number of points they've scored.--
10:5310:54DiscussionReviewing current challenges--
11:2111:24SongThe room sings Weird AL's White & Nerdy
11:24--SongBad happy birthday by Matt--
11:2511:30DiscussionDear Dr. LRR--
11:3011:31SongSinging Happy Birthday to Allen as badly as possible.
15:52--Game EventBugsplat #2 (1 in a row) (Determined from chat logs)--
18:3218:41ReadingRoom reads a random full Wikipedia article
18:5318:53Game EventPoint! James gets the 2nd point (1 in a row)--
19:12--Drive/GiveawayMagic Card Creation contest, prize: Betrayal at the House on the Hill--
20:3520:38DanceDoctor Who Dance Party
20:3920:39Enter/ExitEnter Alex with blender for Iron Stomach Challenge--
20:4020:41PhysicalIron Stomach Challenge explanation for Breakfast Iron Stomach Challenge--
20:4920:52PlugSilent Auctions Review--
20:58?GameGame of Magic--
21:3921:42FoodPreping for the Iron Stomach Challenge
21:4221:50FoodIron Stomach Challenge[✓]
21:4321:43Behind the ScenesKathleen, UberBeth, and Johnny try the smoothie (Graham's cell phone view)
21:4721:47Behind the ScenesPaul tries and reviews the smoothie (Graham's cell phone view)
21:5221:57Drive/GiveawayWinner for the Great Designer Search : Garith Greg - Desert Bus Legendary Artifact card--
21:5621:57SkitIs it playable with Alex for the card:
22:00--GuestTycho from Penny-Arcade calls in (footage lost)[✓]--
22:26--TechnicalGraham needs to bring in a HDD for more storage for making clips--
22:3022:36SkitJer and Matt re-enact Twilight with Graham as narrator
23:2323:35GuestYahtzee Call-in
23:0323:06AuctionLive Auction for a signed copy of Mog World sold to: SuperMario for $250SuperMario--
23:1623:34AuctionLive Auction for a signed copy of Mog World & a Lymeric by Yahtzee sold to: NoDeath for: $1120NoDeath--
23:54--Game EventBugsplat #3 (2 in a row) (Determined from chat logs)--