DB16 Prize Archive - Giveaway: Double Masters 2022 Bundle

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DB Prize ID 101
Prize Type Giveaway
Bustime Giveaway Start 161:07
Local Time Giveaway Start Saturday, 2022-11-19 07:07, PST - (GMT-08:00)
Bustime Giveaway End 162:08
Local Time Giveaway End Saturday, 2022-11-19 08:08, PST - (GMT-08:00)
Giveaway Title Double Masters 2022 Bundle
Alt. Giveaway Title(s) --
Giveaway Donator(s) Wizards of the Coast
Giveaway Description 2 foils in every pack. 2 rares in every pack. 2 booster displays full of packs!

Double Masters has returned for 2022. This draftable set features powerful and sought after cards from Magic's history, with two Rare or Mythic Rare cards appearing in every draft booster. The winner of this lot will receive a Double Masters 2022 Draft Booster display containing 24 draft boosters, and a Collector's Booster display containing 4 collector's boosters.

Draft the box with your friends or crack them all for singles because drafting is for chumps! The choice is yours.

Craft-Along? --
Giveaway Amount(s) $7.22
Giveaway Raised $21,241.24
Giveaway Winner(s) schosserer
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