DB16 Prize Archive - Giveaway: Invincible Ink Card Game Collection

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DB Prize ID 84
Prize Type Giveaway
Bustime Giveaway Start 145:50
Local Time Giveaway Start Friday, 2022-11-18 15:50, PST - (GMT-08:00)
Bustime Giveaway End 147:02
Local Time Giveaway End Friday, 2022-11-18 17:02, PST - (GMT-08:00)
Giveaway Title Invincible Ink Card Game Collection
Alt. Giveaway Title(s) --
Giveaway Donator(s) Invincible Ink
Giveaway Description Invincible Ink has assembled a hand picked collection of games and accessories exclusively for Desert Bus! This collection includes:

- A copy of "Senpai! Notice Me", an extremely pink game about communication and set building

- A copy of "Queer Coding", a cooperative icebreaker game about getting to know the other players

- A "Lily x Blade" bundle, which includes six decks played in a head-to-head game about young ladies having unlicensed fencing duels

- A copy of "Cafe Romantica", a tableau builder game about managing a host club full of beautiful anime boys

In addition to the games you also get a set of 6 photo prints of Lily x Blade character art, a set of 21 photo prints of Cafe Romantic character art, a set of pastel d6 dice for Cafe Romantica, and it all comes in a custom box feature the adorable chibi avatars of the Desert Bus shifts!

Craft-Along? --
Giveaway Amount(s) $6.21
Giveaway Raised $2,744.82
Giveaway Winner(s) ClodiumSoride
Notes --
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