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DB Prize ID 76
Prize Type Giveaway
Bustime Giveaway Start 147:30
Local Time Giveaway Start Thursday, 2021-11-18 21:30, PST - (GMT-08:00)
Bustime Giveaway End 149:00
Local Time Giveaway End Thursday, 2021-11-18 23:00, PST - (GMT-08:00)
Giveaway Title Dwarven Coffer
Alt. Giveaway Title(s) --
Giveaway Donator(s) Chris von Seele
Giveaway Description A mighty coffer fit for the safekeeping of your most precious treasures, crafted from bonded stone and set with intricately-detailed cold-cast bronze plates. Khuzdul wards are emblazoned in all the right places to ensure that your various and sundry heirlooms and prized possessions are reliably guarded from any who might seek to abscond with them. Interior space measures 9cm deep x 17cm wide x 7cm tall. Delve deep, secure in the knowledge that anything shiny you find can be kept securely in this coffer!
Craft-Along? --
Giveaway Amount(s) $6.51
Giveaway Raised $26,313.42
Giveaway Winner(s) LostCheshire
Notes --
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Updated By Ugh Sunlight
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