DB13 Prize Archive - Live Auction: Rampaging Bus Beast (with Shift Heroes!)

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DB Prize ID 53
Prize Type Live Auction
Bustime Auction Start 131:02
Local Time Auction Start Wednesday, 2019-11-13 19:02, PST - (GMT-08:00)
Bustime Auction End 131:09
Local Time Auction End Wednesday, 2019-11-13 19:09, PST - (GMT-08:00)
Auction Title Rampaging Bus Beast (with Shift Heroes!)
Alt. Auction Title(s) --
Auction Donator(s) Carrie Emmerich
Auction Description The Bus is back, and it is hungry. Emerging from the sands but once a year, who can stand against this psychotropic fever dream?? Will the Shift Heroes, guided by the hand of the mysterious Omega Prophet, guide this raging bus spirit out of chaos and into, dare we say, Hope!? Or will they fall to sleep deprivation and sick memes? You can decide!

Scaled to size with popular 1:60 RPGs and wargames, this tarrasque nonetheless towers over other miniatures at a whopping 9" tall. Headlights, taillights, and monster eyes have been wired with glowing LEDs, powered by (2) CR2032 batteries easily replaceable on the underside of the base. Figure has been sealed, but avoid rough handling or giving it to small children. (A little lead solder was used for the circuits.)

The set includes 5 Shift Hero miniatures, in the same scale. The figures, like the tarrasque, are all from Reaper Miniatures, modified gently to better fit the bus theme. Try to guess which team members inspired each figure!

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Auction Winning Amount(s) $3,333.31
Auction Winner(s) Grim Bourne 63
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