DB11 Prize Archive - Silent Auction: Desert Bus Shoes

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DB Prize ID 142
Prize Type Silent Auction
Bustime Silent Auction Start 144:00
Local Time Silent Auction Start Thursday, 2017-11-23 10:00, PST - (GMT-08:00)
Bustime Silent Auction End 152:00
Local Time Silent Auction End Thursday, 2017-11-23 18:00, PST - (GMT-08:00)
Silent Auction Title Desert Bus Shoes
Alt. Silent Auction Title(s) --
Silent Auction Donator(s) L
Silent Auction Description About the shoes: Two colorful pairs of shoes depicting the fun and excitement of desert buss made from pictures and modpodge, with a little pink paint and sharpie on the bottom depicting the tradition of the shame ticket. These shoes show the beauty of desert bus (along with some of the insanity) and challenge people to face the amazing disaster that raises awareness for a perfect cause. While they may seem a mess it fits the chaos of Desert Bus and makes sure your ready for many more Desert Bus to come.
Craft-Along? Yep!
Silent Auction Winning Amount unknown
Silent Auction Winner unknown
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