VST DB11 Prize Archive

Global Notes:
To our (the VST) current knowledge the DB11 Craft-Along participants did not recieve anything extra for being a crafter.
VST ID Image Title Donated By Given To Associated with Prizes Price Craft-Along?
0 Desert Bus 2017 Pinny Arcade Pin Penny Arcade All Prize Winners
All$25.00 -
1 Desert Bus 11 Fangamer On-Site Crew
None$24.00 -
2 Desert Bus 2017 Poster! LoadingReadyRun MerchNone$12.00 -
3 Desert Bus Shifts Playmat LoadingReadyRun MerchNone$15.00 -
4 Desert Bus 10 Softcover Photo Book LoadingReadyRun MerchNone$45.00 -
5 Desert Bus ELEVEN [DB2017 remix] Big Giant Circles MerchNone$1.00 -