DesertBus 11 - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 11 - Day 4

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
72:00--Driver Shift ChangeAlex shift starts!--
72:0072:02Video/ImageAlex intro - Desert Bus: The Anime (Neon Genesis: Evangelion OP parody)[✓]
72:0072:02Video/ImageAlex intro - Desert Bus: The Anime (Neon Genesis: Evangelion OP parody) [clean version]
72:0272:05DiscussionAlex's intro ideas and choices
72:0472:05DiscussionDiscussing Alex's new daytime driving shift--
72:0672:13PlugPrizes, Ken "Value Added" Steacy power hour(s), silent auctions--
72:1472:14DiscussionDriver is human--
72:1672:22FoodThe cookies have arrived! From Rocky Mountain Cookies
72:2373:34Drive/Giveaway$7.93 Full Art Commanders donation driveMordranian--
72:2672:26DiscussionAlex and Serge ostracize James for being mean to Serge
72:2872:29DiscussionSerge wants to hit $234,567 (since we already hit $111,111 and $222,222 exactly)
72:2972:30RDPRDP: Barbie Girl - Aqua
72:3172:34DiscussionSerge discusses why Fastbond is only one point in Canadian Highlander
72:3572:47DiscussionWhat should James and Ashley's shift intro be?
72:3972:41Plug^ Full Art Commanders donation drive--
72:42--Discussion^ Goat yoga--
72:43--Video/Image^ Dog yoga--
72:46--Discussion^ Beej's intro and Ashley's first Zeta--
72:4772:48SkitAshely shouts at James for being mean to Serge
72:4872:52DiscussionGangnam Hell and Zeta is a state of mind
72:5272:52OtherThanks to Alex for his streams--
72:5272:55Video/ImageMore RosewattaStone
72:5572:55StoryAlex explains how he became aware of Firesign Theater (His father listened to them)--
72:5672:58DiscussionSerge explains the legality of altered cards in MtG
72:5873:00PlugLive Qwerpline coming up during Kathleen's shift--
73:0173:03DiscussionThe unicorn cookie poops glitter, and other cookie tidbits
73:0373:05PlugFull Art Commanders donation drive, Ken "Value Added" Steacy, Paul and Storm Call-In--
73:05--Game EventAlex gets a night bug splat--
73:0573:06RDPRDP: I Gotta Feeling - The Black Eyed Peas
73:0773:09DiscussionMorgan snorting curry powder
73:1073:12DiscussionHow to open a can with a brick
73:1273:12PrankHave Alex smooch a picture of Ben
73:1373:13DiscussionAlex and Ben stream rules: no smooching--
73:1473:17PlugThe Mystery Box--
73:1773:19DiscussionDesert Bus haiku
73:17--Meltdown^ James breaks himself by forgetting 'for Hope'--
73:1973:25PlugFull Art Commanders, T-Shirt, LRR Store--
73:22--Enter/ExitEnter Andrew--
73:2573:26DiscussionDB10 photo book missing the Dawn Guard poster and how Andrew plans to fix it--
73:2673:27PhysicalRoom needs to match Andrew's forehead curl
73:2773:29DiscussionGame progress and the dynamics of crash attribution
73:2973:31DiscussionAlex names the 15 best goblins
73:3173:34Video/ImageThey play Alex's Intro again, because why not--
73:34--MeltdownAndrew finds out the donation overlay has been "updated"--
73:35--Enter/ExitEnter Brett, the new co-pilot--
73:3573:37SkitJames is the new site volunteer
73:3773:39Video/ImageSide by side of Alex's Intro and the Original Evangelion Intro
73:3973:39SkitJames re-enters as a Site Volunteer to Clean
73:39--Enter/ExitEnter Kathleen--
73:4073:40DiscussionHow Alex's intro was created
73:4173:42DiscussionBrett's first year as a site volunteer--
73:4173:43DiscussionAll of the Better James'
73:4373:43Video/ImageJames's picture of Bengineering with a heart drawn on it--
73:4373:46DiscussionWhy should people play Nier: Automata
73:4673:51DiscussionWhat is Alex's #2 game of the year, other people's current favorite games
73:47--Enter/ExitEnter Kate Watt--
73:51--Enter/ExitEnter Lee--
73:5273:53DiscussionLee wants to know how they did on the sports picks
73:53--Enter/ExitEnter Leelee to add to the total Lees--
73:5373:57DiscussionI haven't played Magic since the Clinton administration: What is Jund em Out
73:5773:57RDPRDP: Nobody to Love - Sigma
73:5873:59DiscussionHighlander decks, and Magic show talk
73:5974:01Shift ChangeBird Noises
74:0174:03PlugUpcoming Giveaways, Paul & Storm call, Trivia, Let's All Feel Pretty, Ken Steacy Power Hour(s)--
74:0374:04PlugKathleen and Ian are going to play HQ again (lives donated to continue)--
74:0574:06DiscussionWhat is HQ?--
74:0774:08DiscussionHow nice it is to know which camera to look at--
74:0874:10DiscussionWhat kind of stream are we trying to run here? PG13
74:1074:11DiscussionTactical deploymnets of F bombs in movies--
74:1174:12DiscussionCanadian movie rating system
74:12--DiscussionIntroduce the room--
74:1374:16DiscussionKnitting update--
74:0574:28FoodAlex eats, Lee drives--
74:1674:18StoryKate tells a story about James
74:1874:20DiscussionLee: Why is red the best color in Magic
74:2074:23DiscussionHow to safely drive the bus at night, and old car's high beams
74:22--Enter/ExitEnter Kate Stark--
74:23--PlugPaul and Storm Call coming up--
74:2374:25DiscussionHigh scores in Desert Bus
74:2574:28DiscussionThere won't be any Kate-Vlogs this year, but Heather has been shooting for Loading Time
74:2874:28DiscussionWhat is an ISO monitor, and other tech talk
74:2874:35DiscussionBeard Off between Lee and Paul, Kris Straub wins.
74:3575:54Drive/Giveaway$8.40 donation drive for Commander Lot of Awesomeidentity--
74:4174:42RDPRDP: Blame it on the Boogie - The Jacksons
74:4274:43RDPRDP: Money - That Poppy
74:4374:44RDPRDP: In the Navy - Village People
74:44--PlugPaul and Storm Call coming up--
74:4474:45RDPRDP: Hungry Like The Wolf - Duran Duran
74:4674:49DiscussionWhat is a Half A press
74:4974:50PlugKate and Kathleen (and Alex) give Horrible Advice is going to happen--
74:5074:58SkitAlex gets some Gadgets so he can be James Bond
74:54--Meltdown^ Cervical collar contraceptive--
74:5774:58RDPRDP: Yakety Sax - Boots Randolph
74:58--PlugCommander Lot of Awesome; Paul and Storm Call--
75:01--Milestone$10k shift--
75:0175:01RDPRDP: Go All Night ft. Jennifer Hudson - Gorgon City
75:0275:05DiscussionLive North 100 later (maybe?) and what is North 100
75:0575:06DiscussionDonor accounts--
75:0675:06DiscussionEngineering takeover--
75:0775:07DiscussionSome North 100 planning--
75:0775:46GuestPaul and Storm
75:0775:08Technical^ Storm is frozen--
75:40--Meltdown^ Alex dead over Poster with Googly eyes--
75:41--Meltdown^ A long bear--
75:42--Prank^ Paul and Storm look different...--
75:4675:47DiscussionShipping long bears--
75:4775:50StoryPenelope: stuffed animals and picking clothes
75:5175:54PlugSilent auctions: Stained Glass Hylian Shield; MtG Swords Set; Attack on Titan Anthology--
75:5675:57PhysicalDo a barrel roll without crashing the bus
75:57--ShoutoutChild's Play has partnered with Random Acts to support a school in Nicaragua--
76:0076:05DiscussionHow do the Kates make their hair look amazing
76:0577:12Drive/GiveawayCookie Brigade: a Taste of PAXTPRJones</