DesertBus 11 - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 11 - Day 2

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
24:00--Enter/ExitKate enters as a Princess--
24:00--Driver Shift ChangeKate/Matt shift!--
24:00--Enter/ExitEnter Matt, not dressed as a Princess--
24:0324:03PlugPhil Plait calling in in 15 minutes--
24:06--Enter/ExitEnter Kara--
24:0624:07ShoutoutKate says her thanks to all the people[✓]
24:0824:12PlugSilent auctions--
24:1324:15DiscussionThe Room discusses Kate's potential game event acquistions--
24:1724:18PhysicalThe Room stretches for time--
24:1924:20StoryStories of space
24:2125:10GuestPhil Plait Call-in
24:5925:47Drive/Giveaway$6.28 drive for Phil Plait's space collectionaustinpsycho--
25:09--TechnicalLoud Static makes chat cry out in pain, Engineering forgot to mute an audio source--
25:1225:13PlugPhil Plait's space collection drive--
25:1325:15DiscussionThe Solar Eclipse of August 2017--
25:15--Milestone$100 000--
25:1525:16RDPRDP: Peanut Butter Jelly - Galantis
25:1625:19PlugSilent auctions--
25:2025:25DiscussionEmily teaches James to Knit and talks of the many things she has knit
25:2625:28DiscussionLamest jokes
25:2825:29StoryOld music on the radio while Kate drove through the desert
25:2925:30DiscussionKate's favourite Disney Princess--
25:3025:45DrawingLeelee draws everyone in the room as Extra Credits characters
25:3525:37PlugPhil Plait lot--
25:3925:40DiscussionWhy Kathleen is wearing color and Graham's intro attire--
25:44--Milestone$10k Shift Total--
25:4625:46TechnicalThe button broke again--
25:4625:47RDPRDP: Gentleman - Psy
25:47--Enter/ExitLiz briefly, before being shooed away--
25:4925:52PlugTamiyo Canvas Print and Perilous Myr Plush--
25:5325:58PlugKathleen's Trivia, Gary Whitta call in, The Newly Friend Game --
25:5926:00DiscussionPictures of Matt, mostly getting punched--
26:0026:01Shift ChangeAlpha Flight dances in to their traditional music
26:0126:02DanceAlex "dances" (Awoken Male dance from Destiny 2)
26:0727:02Drive/Giveaway$6.11 drive for Perilous Myr Plush made by Tallykataanglover1--
26:0326:03PrankJohnny gives Liz a special sippy cup
26:0426:07OtherKate Watt shows art of her children and discusses the importance of DB
26:0726:11PlugPerilous Myr Plush made by Tally--
26:1126:13PlugKathleen shows off the articulating plushie--
26:1326:13RDPRDP: Bootylicious - Destiny's Child
26:1426:15ShoutoutDance party people--
26:1526:20DiscussionRandom Dance Party and the music Kathleen wishes that she could include
26:2026:24SkitYou laugh you lose - "Bon Jovi - Livin' On A Prayer (Vocals Are a Text to Speech Program)" by Pluffnub
26:2426:27SkitKathleen interacts with Boneathan
26:2726:37PhysicalEpic Rock Paper Scissors Tournament: Part 2
26:3526:37DiscussionRock Paper Scissors pro-strats--
26:3726:38PlugPerilous Myr Plush made by Tally drive--
26:3726:38PrankGet Down Mr. President! (Matt Loses)
26:3826:39DiscussionMatt's health and running in cosplay--
26:3926:40PlugKathleen's Trivia Showdown Day 2--
26:4026:42DiscussionAlex explains why Paper is the Dark Souls™ of Rock Paper Scissors
26:4326:50DiscussionCreate anime characters based on the shifts of DB
26:44--Enter/ExitEnter Kate Stark--
26:4726:48PlugPlush Perilous Myr for $6.11--
26:5026:51SkitAlex gushes over Kate Watt's outfit
26:5226:52RDPRDP: Play That Funky Music - Wild Cherry
26:5326:55OtherRoom roll call--
26:5527:00PhysicalEveryone in the room (except Serge and Kate Watt) are forbidden from sitting on chairs or couches--
26:5626:58DiscussionThe undercut as a hair style
26:5927:01DanceFigure skating-style dancing to History Maker - Dean Fujioka (from Yuri!!! on Ice)
27:0127:02DiscussionYuri on Ice--
27:0427:30QuizKathleen's Trivia Showdown Day 2Blue Team!
27:0728:01Drive/Giveaway$6.13 drive for Tamiyo Canvas PrintTheNerdWonder--
27:09--Quiz^ What was Mercy (from Overwatch) originally going to be called? AngelicaNo Teams--
27:11--Quiz^ What is the term for words with similar pronoucations but different spellings? HomophoneBlue, Engineering--
27:13--Quiz^ Sigma Six was the first name of what band? Pink FloydEngineering--
27:15--Quiz^ Yugoslavia broke up into how many countries? Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovinia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, KosovoNo Teams--
27:18--Quiz^ Who is the first democratly elected leader of Russia? Boris YeltsinBlue, Engineering--
27:19--Quiz^ Who won Super Bowl LI? New England PatriotsAll Teams--
27:20--Quiz^ Who is feminist and Slate columnist "Dear Prudence"? Mallory OrtbergBlue, Orange--
27:22--Quiz^ What is 30 to 50 AU from the Sun? Kuiper BeltOrange, Engineering--
27:23--Quiz^ Which wedding anniversary gift is traditionally wood? 5Blue--
27:25--Quiz^ Which Blur and Oasis singles faced off in 1995, releasing on the same day? Country House and Roll With ItNo Teams--
27:3127:32PlugTamiyo Canvas Print--
27:3227:33DiscussionWhat is the best Blur album
27:3427:35DiscussionFigure skating in Persona 5 and Yuri on Ice
27:3627:47DiscussionNHL predictions
27:37--Discussion^ Stars vs Oilers - Prediction: StarsStars ✓--
27:37--Discussion^ Coyotes vs Senators - Prediction: SensCoyotes ✗--
27:38--Discussion^ Panthers vs Kings - Prediction: KingsKings ✓--
27:38--Discussion^ Leafs vs Canadiens - Prediction: CanadiensMaple Leafs ✗--
27:39--Discussion^ Hurricanes vs Sabres - Prediction: HurricanesHurricanes ✓--
27:40--Discussion^ Islanders vs Lightning - Prediction: IslandersIslanders ✓--
27:41--Discussion^ Pengins vs Blackhawks - Prediction: PenginsBlackhawks ✗--
27:42--Discussion^ Wild vs Capitals - Prediction: CapitalsCapitals ✓--
27:42--Discussion^ Avalanche vs Predators - Prediction: AvalanchePredators ✗--
27:44--Discussion^ Blues vs Canucks - Prediction: CanucksBlues ✗--
27:45--Discussion^ Bruins vs Sharks - Prediction: SharksBruins ✗--
27:46--Discussion^ Flames vs Flyers - Prediction: FlamesFlames ✓--
27:4727:52SkitEngineering comes for Kathleen and stages a coup, Alex and Andrew counter-coup, peace achieved with candy[✓]
27:52--FoodAlex throws candy at the light--
27:5327:56PlugVarious people as Matt plug the Tamiyo Canvas Print (Including Matt himself)
27:5627:57Skit^ Matt Wiggins wins the EGO(a)T (and a Pulitzer) for his performance as Matt Wiggins--
27:5727:57RDPRDP: Katamari on the Swing - Shigeru Matsuzaki
27:58--Discussion^^ Devils vs Jets - Prediction: DevilsJets ✗--
28:0228:16DiscussionThe room gives book and album recommendations
28:0228:06Discussion^ Dr Mia gives book recommendations--
28:0628:14Discussion^ The room give album recommendations--
28:1428:16Story^ Kathleen ruined a band for someone--
28:1728:18PlugUpcoming Wizards of the Coast office tour auction--
28:1828:21DiscussionHow the Persona episode of Commodore Hustle was made
28:20--PhotosPhresh photos up--
28:2228:23RDPRDP: Run Up - Major Lazer ft. PARTYNEXTDOOR & Nicki Minaj
28:24--DiscussionBaxter can't have chicken and fish food any more--
28:2428:26SkitEvil Kathleen and the Grapekeeper arrive to punish the chat[✓]
28:2728:28DiscussionKim has the worst pun - Alex is authorised to use excessive forks
28:2828:30DiscussionKnitting update--
28:3028:37AuctionWizards of the Coast office tour (Sold for $2575)nickthedm
28:3828:39DiscussionDaddy Ashton explains how to bid in a live auction--
28:4028:48SongBohemian Rhapsody - Queen
28:4628:48Discussion^ Why Bohemian Rhapsody is a true meme--
28:4928:51GameLindsay faceoffs with Alex in the Rock Paper Scissors Battle of ChampionsAlex
28:5328:54PhysicalEmily vs Mia arm wrestlingEmily
28:5529:57Drive/Giveaway$5.09 drive for the limited edition "A Life Well Wasted" posterBillTheCat--
28:5628:57PhysicalAndrew deploys 100cc of comedy. Jordan takes him away.
28:5728:57RDPRDP Troll: Jingle Bells (Trap Remix) - Steviie Wonder & Keanu
28:5829:00DiscussionFavourite Led Zeppelin Song and Toto--
29:05--Game EventBug Splat!--
29:0729:18DiscussionSerge explains the difference between Aeropress and French Press coffee, coffee talk ensues
29:1329:14Story^ Kate tells us how she exploded a french press--
29:1429:16DiscussionCan we get the donation total to $111,111--
29:1629:17RDPRDP: Since U Been Gone - Kelly Clarkson
29:1729:18Story^ Serge explains his worst ever coffee accident story (included in Serge story time)--
29:1829:24ReadingThe room reads weird and suspicious fliers from the internet ("Notes From Chris")
29:25--TechnicalStatic happens again, chat panics--
29:2629:28DiscussionIntroducing everyone in the room--
29:28--Enter/ExitSerge leaves to have a secret and/or suspicious meeting off-camera, Emily also leaves--
29:2929:32DanceLiz explains how to do the Kraken
29:3229:32Physical3, 2, 1, dab--
29:3329:34Story5 year olds dabbing
29:3529:36StoryAlex is sore from doing pushups yesterday--
29:3629:37StoryDesert Bus injuries
29:3729:37PhysicalGET DOWN MR. PRESIDENT! Everyone hugs the driver (Matt)Matt
29:3829:46SkitRoom "acts" out a "touching" story of cancer and recovery kiko_369
29:4629:48GameAlex plays Bop it! Score: 44
29:4829:49OtherAlex tells everyone on shift how great they are and that they rock--
29:4929:56GameThe room plays a game of Kitty with Alex guessing (Cori is Kitty)
29:5730:03ReadingAlex unleashes the dreaded Joke Book
29:57--Enter/ExitExit Mia--
30:01--PlugKathleen teases the upcoming Gary Whitta call-in--
30:0430:31GuestCall-in from a very famous person, aka Gary Whitta
30:3230:35FoodThe bus gets a delivery from the Destiny 2 Burger Squad, Serge explains
30:34--ShoutoutBurger Squad shoutout--
30:3634:43Drive/GiveawayMatt and Kate Anime art challenge for the Final Fantasy Lot endsJoTyler--
30:3930:43DiscussionJeej explains how to submit to an art contest--
30:4430:51DiscussionKathleen wants to challenge people to do things they hate--
30:5130:53PlugSilent auctions--
30:5330:54RDPRDP: Anna Sun - Walk the Moon
30:5430:54PhysicalEveryone dabs five times--
30:56--TechnicalController stops working--
30:56--CrashCrash caused by the controller not responding--
30:5930:59DiscussionIs there an actor that will get you to watch a movie and has that ever backfired because they were in a bad film?--
31:0031:53GameNewly-Friend Game! Team Rick/Emily!
31:01--Technical^ Controller stops responding for Kara, recovers with support from The Device--
31:07--Game^ Favorite 80s movie, favorite character in said movie--
31:08--Game^ Place they first met their friend--
31:09--Game^ What item of clothing does your friend wear in public that you hate--
31:1131:12Plug^ Art challenge--
31:1231:14Discussion^ Why Matt won't be seeing any bad movies during this DB--
31:1431:17Discussion^ Horror movie discussion--
31:19--Game^ Kathleen's favorite 80s movie: Ferris Bueller's Day OffCorrect! 🙂--
31:20--Game^ Emily's favorite 80s movie: Princess BrideCorrect! 🙂--
31:21--Game^ Leelee's favorite 80s movie: Empire Strikes BackIncorrect 🙁--
31:22--Game^ Where did Leelee and Carrie meet: PAXIncorrect 🙁--
749:31--Game^ Where did Emily and Rick meet: Desert BusCorrect! 🙂--
31:24--Game^ Where did Kathleen and Jo meet: The ParsonageCorrect! 🙂--
31:25--Game^ What item of clothing does Jo own that Kathleen wants to trash: NothingIncorrect 🙁--
31:26--Game^ What item of clothing does Rick own that Emily wants to trash: A very ratty sweatshirtCorrect! 🙂--
31:27--Game^ What item of clothing does Carrie own that Leelee wants to trash: NothingIncorrect 🙁--
31:30--Game^ Round 2 begins: An item of food your friend will NOT eat--
31:34--Game^ A phrase your friend says way too often--
31:36--Game^ What's your friend's favorite animated character?--
31:40--Enter/Exit^ Graham brings Penelope, the chat floods with owls for her--
31:3031:40Discussion^ Andrew and Matt discuss their answers for each other for the Round 2 questions--
31:47--Game^ A food Emily will not eat: PoisonIncorrect 🙁--
31:47--Game^ A food Kathleen will not eat: CarbsIncorrect 🙁--
31:48--Game^ A food Leelee will not eat: Peanuts (she's allergic)Correct! 🙂--
31:48--Game^ A phrase Leelee says too often: "Boys"Incorrect 🙁--
31:49--Game^ A phrase Emily says too often: "Waggin' My Tail"Incorrect 🙁--
31:50--Game^ A phrase Kathleen says too often: "You do you"Incorrect 🙁--
31:51--Game^ Kathleen's favorite animated character: SnoopyIncorrect 🙁--
31:51--Game^ Emily's favorite animated character: KorraIncorrect 🙁--
31:51--Game^ Leelee's favorite animated character: Game from Extra CreditsIncorrect 🙁--
31:45--Other^ Penelope is fascinated by the chat posting pictures of owls--
31:5331:55PlugGiveaway and silent auctions--
31:5631:59PhysicalPenelope cannot hit the mark, but her owl can--
31:59--Enter/ExitIan enters, unsure what year it is--
32:0032:00Shift ChangeNight Watch: Cheers theme, but the descending chords keep going DOWN (Neil Cic version)
32:0132:04DanceKathleen and Andrew Caramelldansen
32:02--Prank^ ...but it's secretly also Gangnam Style by Psy--
32:03--PhysicalPenelope wears the devil horns--
32:03--PrankJohnny posing like Gendo of Evangelion--
32:05--Enter/ExitExit Andrew--
32:0532:10DiscussionHow has Graham's day been, how long does it take to achieve "Peak Bus"
32:10--TechnicalDriver mic battery probably dead--
32:1332:14PlugWiggins / Watt anime character drawing contest--
32:1533:37Drive/Giveaway$8.83 drive for Stained Glass Metroidkelderek--
32:1832:20PrankLiz tries to tell Johnny he's late for his shift... while he's sitting @ Engineering working his shift
32:2132:24GameAlphabet Game with Anime: Success!
32:23--Enter/ExitLiz departs--
32:2532:27ReadingMore google-translated magic cards
32:2732:30GameAlphabet Game with Video Games: Success!
32:28--Prank^ Graham re-enters with a Coke Zero... which he is drinking (and secretly has another in his pocket)--
32:3032:37ReadingRosewattaStone... yet again
32:3332:34RDPRDP: Ease On Down The Road - Diana Ross & Michael Jackson
32:35--MeltdownGraham cannot stop burping--
32:4232:49SkitGraham reads Destiny 2 exotic lore as Dave's Spokesman
32:3932:42DiscussionBurger wind tunnel gif leads to wind and ferry talk--
32:4332:43DiscussionEveryone shows off their socks
32:4932:51ReadingGraham reads the lore of the Destiny 2 exotic "Lucky Pants"
32:5232:53PlugArt challenge and Stained Glass Metroid plug[✓]
32:5332:59GameMagic Card, Metal Band, or Both - Angel Edition
33:0033:01DiscussionTiny harmonica--
33:0133:10Video/ImageDesert Bus Responds! (Definitely not Reacts) to various videos
33:11--PlugMetroid Stained Glass window--
33:12--SkitIan starts prepping for an anime / car challenge--
33:1433:19DiscussionMore bad jokes
33:1933:26SkitKate explains henshin from Kamen Rider Ghost to the room
33:2333:26Video/ImageWatching Necron and Taco Time henshin--
33:2633:27DiscussionWho is the Best Boy in Kamen Rider--
33:2833:31Video/Image"Re'act"ing to out of context Star Trek clips--
33:3133:36DiscussionTalking about Star Trek: TNG
33:3633:36OtherOne more bad joke--
33:3733:38PlugArt Challenge--
33:38--PhotosNew photos available!--
33:3833:38RDPRDP: Physical - Olivia Newton-John
33:3833:39TechnicalThe lights keep going--
33:4033:41DiscussionChallenges for Kate before she leaves--
33:4133:41RDPRDP: One Way or Another - Blondie
33:4233:45StoryKate Tells PUBG stories
33:4533:47Video/ImageKamen Rider Ex-Aid
33:4733:48StoryAnother Kate and Cam PUBG story
33:48--Game EventDix gets a Bus Stop--
33:4833:53SkitIan talks about Car Parings for his favorite Anime Characters
33:5133:52Video/ImageGundam commercial for Toyota Auris--
33:5333:55DiscussionDiscussing the wrestles, possible wrestle/magic challenge for later--
33:5633:57PlugFoil Uncut Common Magic Giveaway (plan to start @ 8:45 PM)--
33:5734:00Video/ImageMore respond videos: first experiences with Gatorade[✓]
34:0134:09GameMagic card or wrestling move
34:0534:07Video/ImageShockmaster's... entrance (wrestling)--
34:1034:12DiscussionEntire neighborhood EXCEPT for the Moonbase has lost power, chat loses their minds--
34:1334:19StoryKate Watt went on a motorcycle race
34:1934:21Video/ImageLet Me See Your War Face Crossed with Kirin J Callinan - Big Enough--
34:2134:23PlugSilent Auctions--
34:2434:25PrankMatt don't read this
34:2734:27SkitIan tries to come up with ideas of things to discuss. Engineering rebels.
34:2734:28RDPRDP: Dragostea Din Tei - O-Zone
34:2834:37Video/ImageAnother React: Time for Sushi (Going to the Store pt. 3)amative1[✓]
34:3434:37Other^ Graham has a thing, the room stalls, he comes back with "A Present"[✓]--
34:3634:37Video/Image^ Chat is taken to the store--
34:37--Enter/ExitAlex gets done a hit, leaves--
34:3834:39RDPRDP: Red Sweater - The Aquabats
34:4034:43Video/ImageArt contest reveal
34:4334:47DiscussionShoe Talk--
34:4835:53Drive/Giveaway$8.11 drive for Uncut Ixalan Common SheetNo Donor Account--
34:4834:55PlugPlugging the various Magic Sheet giveaways--
34:5535:03DiscussionFont talk with Graham
35:0435:05RDPRDP: You're Welcome - Dwayne Johnson
35:0535:07DiscussionMoana talk--
35:0735:10DiscussionMovie talk: SnowCrash, Ready Player One, etc.--
35:1035:14DiscussionBook talk, including Snowcrash and other related books--
35:1135:13StoryKen Steacy had the visual effects director from Dune visit and give a talk at his house
35:1435:16StoryPlaying Magic Duels with fans, playstation home was... odd
35:1635:17DiscussionSciFi Comics, what are classics?--
35:1735:18PlugDat Sheet Do (Uncut Ixalan Common Sheet)--
35:1835:22DiscussionIan Explains Dune in under 120 seconds (actually well over 120 seconds)
35:2235:22Physical10 people Dab--
35:2335:35DiscussionMatt's opinion on the new Star Wars Land at Disney, and its "cost" plus other Disney Park talk
35:27--The DeviceAuto-honk engaged--
35:3535:35DiscussionMatt's guide to being a healthy human--
35:3635:39PlugDat Sheet Tho (Uncut Ixalan Common Sheet), Silent auctions--
35:3935:41DiscussionMatt talks about DCU
35:42--PhysicalFlip the RDP button upside down to see if it goes offInclude in below, please!--
35:4335:43RDPRDP: Beautiful Now - Zedd Ft. Jon Bellion (In Australia-Vision)
35:4335:44Technical^ Upside-down stream--
35:4435:49DiscussionThe Room asks Chat to say if they are a first time watcher, what are some rituals for first timers?--
35:4935:52SkitGraham and Bengineering's "other thing" turns out to be Shinsuke Nakamura's entrance
35:5435:56DiscussionTalking about that multi-time winner: No Donor Account--
35:5835:59DiscussionGraham Calls out UPS Lynx for being Small Time, and also DIx
35:5936:00DiscussionPodcast Recommendations--
35:59--Game EventBugsplat by matt--
36:0336:11Driver Shift ChangeMatt and Kate's shift ends, Andrew's driving shift begins!--
35:33--PosterPoster Update v5:
36:0336:05Video/ImageLive from Victoria, BC, it's Saturday Night! [Clean version]
36:0336:07Video/ImageLive from Victoria, BC, it's Saturday Night![✓]
36:0436:04Technical^ Everything is black briefly--
36:04--Crash^ Matt crashed the bus? --
36:0436:07Skit^ There is a GOD BUSSED MARCHING BAND - Bučan Bučan--
36:0736:11DiscussionWhy was there a god bussed marching band?
36:1136:12RDPRDP: 1958 (SkalpelRemix) - Skalpel
36:1336:16RDPRDP: IRL Style! Dusty Road - Bučan Bučan
36:1736:18ShoutoutBučan Bučan -
36:18--OtherNew Driver Name - Kanye --
36:19--Enter/ExitKate (Billzmom) departs--
36:2036:21Enter/ExitBučan Bučan play themselves out
36:2236:23ShoutoutJason Chinnock for amazing video work on Andrew's intro
36:2436:26DiscussionHow Andrew found Bučan Bučan
36:2536:26Discussion^ Andrew weclomes everyone to the stream--
36:2736:28TechnicalThe "Desert Bus for Hope" sign is falling. Ian and Ian are on the case. So is Ben.--
36:2836:35DiscussionRoom introductions--
36:28--TechnicalDesert Bus sign makes a leap for it--
36:2936:30PrankDB chair is "not toasty, because toast is both dry and crisp"--
36:30--Enter/ExitExit the Desert Bus sign--
36:3036:32DiscussionBučan Bučan donated to DB on their way out :3
36:3637:53Drive/Giveaway$10.34 drive for 1 of 3 DB10 Hardcover PhotobooksAnonymousless--
36:3936:40GameGraham bop-its and scores 48!
36:4436:47TechnicalMini-Tinker Tailor Solder Fry - How the DB2017 sign is re-hung. Butts are prominent
36:4836:52DanceDestiny 2 Dance Emotes
36:4736:48DiscussionOh dear, Andrew is learning driving habits from Ian--
36:5336:54RDPRDP: We Are The Crystal Hens - Derekotsu [CoRDPi]
36:5436:55DiscussionWhy was the RDP poultry-themed? Wasn't that a troll? Enter Cori's themed alt-RDP list[✓]
36:5536:55Skit"Making it rain" on Andrew--
36:5836:59StoryRuby tells her story of watching Desert Bus many years agoInclude Graham's Self-burn please
37:0137:05FoodIan presents his sandwich(es), that Graham declined earlier, everyone partakes, Julie is overcome
37:0637:07DiscussionWhy does Andrew have one crash already?--
37:0737:10PlugSilent Auctions, upcoming giveaways--
37:1137:14SkitCaption Contest with the Photo Book
37:1437:15StoryGeraldo Rivera's tomb letdown--
37:1537:15PhysicalMax high-fives Graham--
37:15--FoodKombucha Clears the Room--
37:1637:17TechnicalMirrored camera surprises the room--
37:19--TechnicalShould the RDP Button smell like this?--
37:1937:20RDPRDP: Arkansas Traveller (With Chicken Effect) - SimonL [CoRDPi]
37:2037:20RDPRDP: Carol of the Burrrks - Juice Bruce [CoRDPi]
37:2137:21RDPRDP: Chicken Song - Mixtonmusic [CoRDPi]
37:21--PhysicalMany chicken hats--
37:2437:25ShoutoutNicholas and Qahir are cool
37:2637:26RDPRDP: Puffle Chiicken!!!! - Club Penguin CPMusic [CoRDPi]
37:2737:28DiscussionIan gives advice to a young up-and-comer in world domination
37:2837:30PhysicalSeizure Chicken Christmas Hat - Sir Digby Chicken Ceasar
37:30--ShoutoutKatie Ponder and Olive Oddaxe also cool--
37:3137:32Video/ImageJohnny does not remember Seizure Chicken mark-1
37:3237:33PhysicalThe room dabs and has a lightshow to the Chicken Christmas Hat
37:3337:33DiscussionHow has moving Moonbases effected LRR's productivity--
37:33--PhysicalAndrew gets the chicken hat--
37:3437:35PrankHurt - Johnny Cash lipsync is sung at Andrew by Graham
37:34--MeltdownAndrew is broken by the chicken hat/Hurt combo--
37:3637:36ShoutoutShoutout to Louise and her home-cooked roast dinners
37:3737:37SkitGraham explains FoodHacking! Minds blown.
37:3737:38PrankJulie's phone crashed, Mmm Watcha Say plays (Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap)--
37:4037:41Video/ImageOld Spice Bob-Omb Battlefield--
37:4237:44PlugDB10 signed Hardcover Photobook--
37:4437:46StoryMyspace (Andrew's cat) likes to bomb his internet conversations--
37:4637:48DiscussionGraham explains why this Desert Bus was less stressful in the run-up
37:4837:49PlugJames Portnow from Extra Credits calling in soon--
37:4937:53DiscussionThe crafter of the Giant Dickbutt is revealed! (It's Sandra, one of Andrew's guests)
37:5237:53Other^ It's Sandra's birthday! (almost)--
37:5337:54DiscussionAnonymousless won the photobook, after having won the auctions for the last two years' number 1--
37:5537:55PlugLive auction for other hardcover photobook will be 3:30pm on Tuesday--
37:5638:00DiscussionHow to take the perfect selfie - a lecture by Andrew
38:00--Shift ChangeZeta shift begins--
38:0038:02Enter/ExitCam, Beej, Andy, Zeta et all arrive and play the Zeta theme song
38:0138:02Physical^ Rotating the cushions--
38:0338:05DiscussionIntroducing the room--
38:0538:07DiscussionBeej's Zeta shift challenge PSA
38:0739:07GuestJames Portnow - Extra Credits and Indie gaming extraordinaire--
39:08--PrankGraham runs in late with a question for James--
39:0940:02Drive/Giveaway$11.14 drive for the One Punch Gran original artKramburger--
39:0839:09OtherCostume Change
39:1339:13DiscussionBeej explains how to get a Donor Account--
39:1339:17PlugSilent Auctions--
39:17--PrankEngineering got a traffic cone--
39:1739:18RDPRDP: Splish Splash - Bobby Darin
39:1839:20DiscussionTalking about Sandra and Sara's costumes
39:19--Enter/ExitExit stream friend Max--
39:2039:30PhysicalSpoopifer and creepydoll helps drive the bus--
39:2139:22DiscussionCameron and Graham have not read Leviathan Awakes
39:2239:23DiscussionIndroducing the room--
39:2339:24PhysicalIan challenged to go secretly hug Engineering, Ben fights back with a traffic cone
39:2439:27GameBeej riddle challenge for Cori and Andy
39:2739:28PhysicalBeej starts a slow clap without telling anybody
39:2839:28DiscussionDiscussion of leaving the bus driving to Spoopifier--
39:2939:30PhysicalAndrew does 25 crunches while holding Spoopifer and driving the bus
39:3039:31DiscussionWhat's the high score on the Bop-it--
39:3139:33PhysicalCam tries for the Bop-it DB high score, the room dances along, succeeds with 50
39:3439:34PlugCurrent giveaway: One Punch Gran--
39:3439:36SongDuckTales Theme: They bus it up and start over--
39:3639:37SongDuckTales Theme: Attempt 2 Becuase this is Zeta and we do it right or not at all
39:3739:39DiscussionWhat happens to challenges when they are purged--
39:3939:39PhysicalBen tries to spin a fidget on a mic, he fails
39:3939:40DiscussionSaying hello to service dog Katie--
39:4039:42PhysicalIan spins a fidget on a mic. Beej is downrange. Graham does it first try. Ben gives us the ASMR of it.
39:4239:43DiscussionHow much would it take to have the Risk: Legacy players open the "Do Not Open" box: Not enough, it's against the rules--
39:4339:44PlugOne Punch Gran giveaway--
39:4539:47RDPRDP: Cheap Cheap The Cooking Chicken (Remix) - Deejay Verstyle [CoRDPi]
39:46--SkitMia intros an RDP as if on her Radio show--
39:47--PhotosPhoto D-d-d-d-drop--
39:4739:48RDPRDP: Holding Out For A Hero - Bonnie Tyler
39:4939:49Video/ImageRed legion alarm is the air pressure reverb in the toilet in the bathroom at the studio--
39:5039:53Video/ImageDucktales Cover - Saturday Morning Slow Jams--
39:51--Enter/ExitExit Graham, Jordan, Leelee--
39:53--Enter/ExitExit Kolin--
39:5439:56DiscussionThe room tries to say a Dutch phrase
39:5639:57DiscussionTime zones--
39:5740:00DiscussionTease and discussion of upcoming ice cream chords challenge--
40:0040:00DiscussionAndrew asks Ben for advice on driving?--
40:0040:02OtherMcElroy Brothers clip--
40:0340:04PrankA new Giveaway Sound is revealed
40:0440:05RDPRDP: Here Comes a Bawk - Derekotsu [CoRDPi]
40:0540:06DiscussionWhat to give away next--
40:0640:09PlugSilent Auctions--
40:0941:38Drive/Giveaway$5.83 drive for the MTG Conspiracy Lotazninsect --
40:1340:34SongIce Cream Chords
40:2640:29TechnicalMain Camera Frozen, then test pattern--
40:3240:32TechnicalSepia Tone for a hot second--
40:3440:36DiscussionThe rooms lack of pop music knowledge--
40:3640:37PlugThe imminent passing of DB3 and the MTG lot--
40:3840:41DiscussionThe Dutch Are Awake, and are breaking the challenge database
40:4140:42PhysicalBooping the total--
40:4240:42RDPRDP: Give A Little - Hanson
40:4340:44DiscussionEveryone has job interviews Tuesday morning
40:4540:52DiscussionOutfit talk with Sandra, Sara, and Andrew
40:5340:54SongAndy sings Fly Me To The Moon
40:54--TechnicalOur ears--
40:5640:57DiscussionWhy Beej is at DesertBus
40:5740:58DiscussionDid you know Fly Me To The Moon was originally from Evangelion?--
40:5841:06ReadingCam reads a version of The Chaos by Gerard Nolst Trenité
41:0741:08DiscussionBeej talks about Qwerpline ad spots and followup to the reading cam did--
41:0841:10DiscussionTalking about reading a Czech thing--
41:1041:16DiscussionMia evaluates various forms of storage media
41:1641:16PhysicalMassaging the total to 140k--
41:1641:16SongAthletic from Super Mario World--
41:1641:17RDPRDP: Pompeii (Audien Remix) - Bastille
41:1741:19DiscussionContinuation of media storage
41:19--Game EventBug Splat is noticed--
41:1941:25Reading"They're made of meat" with Andy and Cam
41:21--PosterPoster Update v6 -
41:2541:25PrankX-Files sound--
41:2641:37DiscussionVideo game moment that helped you bond with someoneCrazyMax
41:3943:30Drive/Giveaway$7.60 drive for the Copper Overwatch PinInProgress--
41:4041:40PrankAndrew sets up Cam--
41:4541:45DiscussionTalking about the poster moments--
41:45--MilestonePassed DB3 total--
41:4541:46RDPRDP: A Cruel Avian's Thigh - Derekotsu [CoRDPi]
41:4641:47TechnicalAsking for the not Cori playlist--
41:4741:48RDPRDP: Jump Up, Super Star! - The Super Mario Players ft. Kate Davis
41:4841:48DiscussionAsh interogated Mia on her shoe size before hugging her--
41:4941:54DiscussionAndrew and Beej Chat, Beej Zeta PSA
41:5441:59SkitBeej and Andy perform Who's On First
41:5941:59PhysicalCam is a bit uncomfortable with Mia--
42:0042:01DiscussionMia wore the green boots all night ;)--
42:0142:42DiscussionDear Doctors LRR with Chat
42:1142:12PlugCurrent Donation Drive--
42:28--PlugCurrent Donation Drive--
42:4242:42PhysicalCostume Challenge, Impress Andrew--
42:4242:42PhysicalCam escapes from the chair--
42:4342:46PlugCurrent Donation Drive and slient auction--
42:4642:47PhysicalStretching for time--
42:4742:50PhysicalThe Costumed folks re-enter to impress Andrew[✓]
42:5042:51RDPRDP: Better Off Alone - Alice Deejay
42:51--CrashAndrew crashes the bus dancing--
42:5242:53PhysicalAndy juggles his balls
42:5342:54SkitAn inflated Dino-Ben goes on a rampage
42:54--MeltdownJurrasic Park melodica--
42:55--CrashAndrew crashes trying to get a Bus Stop--
42:5643:02PhysicalMore Dino-Ben nonsense
42:5843:00PhysicalBeej and Mia fuse to become dino-Ben--
43:0043:01ShoutoutDriver named after longtime DB supporter, Stephen Toulouse--
43:0143:02OtherDino-Ben deflates.--
43:02--CrashThe device crashes, and so so does Andrew--
43:02--TechnicalThe device or controller are on strike--
43:0143:06PhysicalDino-Ben melts
43:05--OtherDriver named after longtime DB supporter, Stephan Toulouse again--
43:0643:06PrankAndrew thought his joke was funny, but Ben was DINO all along--
43:0643:07ReadingBeej reads out a note of thanks
43:0743:11SkitThe Cult of the Dino is formed [✓]
43:1143:15GameThe room plays "Dino Says"Included in above--
43:1543:16RDPRDP: Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? - RockapellaIncluded in above (feel free to reupload once all others videos are finished)
43:1743:17PhysicalDino-Ben melts again--
43:1843:19PhysicalMORE COSTUMES for Yuri on Ice--
43:1943:21DiscussionYuri on Ice love--
43:2043:22PlugCurrent donation drive--
43:23--Milestone16k shift total--
43:2343:25DiscussionTalking about the director from Excel Saga--
43:2543:26DiscussionMore costume talks
43:2643:28DanceYuri on Ice Skating
43:2843:29PlugDonation drive for Overwatch Pin--
43:2943:30DanceDance Party to The Jackson 5 - ABC (All Instruments Out of Tune & Off Tempo)lunik1
43:30--MeltdownCam can't even--
43:3143:32DiscussionDid Engineering fix the distortion in the chicken noise in the draw audio? Yes--
43:3243:33DiscussionHow Sara made her costume
43:3343:34ShoutoutThe room gives a shoutout to the aromantic and asexual viewers
43:3443:35DiscussionStealing dawnguard's entrance--
43:3543:36DiscussionDabbing when you sneeze and fingers in noses--
43:3643:36DiscussionThe paradox of the challenge system--
43:3643:36DiscussionDesertbus CAH sketches future plans--
43:36--ShoutoutVST (and youtube throttling) & Mod Shoutout--
43:3743:50SkitBeej, Cameron, Andy, Dan, and Dino-Ben perform Act 5 Scene 1 of Titus Adronicus
43:37--TechnicalDino-Ben pulls controller out, but no crash!--
43:4943:50DiscussionAndrew relates a funny tweet to Andy--
43:5143:52RDPRDP: H.E.R - Block B
43:51--DanceDaddy Ashton abuses the dinosaur--
43:5243:53DanceEverybody walk the dinosaur
43:5343:54DiscussionTrivia about Was Not Was--
43:5443:55DiscussionThings to do to Dawn Guard, while Dawn Guard watches
43:5543:56DiscussionSara and Sandra are here for one night only--
43:5643:58DiscussionDefining when the day ends--
43:5843:59StoryPeople getting away with things
44:0044:01Shift ChangeDawn Guard enters in their traditional manner
44:0144:02OtherJames killed Dino-Ben offscreen--
44:0244:02DiscussionBeing nocturnal--
44:0344:05DiscussionAndrew didn't take a photo of the Dawn Guard shift banner for the DB10 Photobook
44:0544:09DiscussionAndrew recaps his crashes and his first time driving
44:0944:11PlugUpcoming events and prizes--
44:1144:12DiscussionGoing to the store sign--
44:1244:12DiscussionThe room roll calls --
44:1244:18StoryWhy is Andrew known as JT
44:1844:20DiscussionWeird Contact Names/Photos in iOS --
44:2144:22DiscussionRecap of Titus Andronicus skit--
44:2344:25DiscussionUsing expertise from James' previous career, critique the decor
44:2545:31Drive/Giveaway$7.77 drive for the Family Party PackNo Name Entered (Nathan)--
44:2844:29DiscussionJames Turner Ice Cream guarantees
44:2944:31PlugUncut sheet of a Preconstructed Commander deck --
44:3344:33RDPRDP: Happy Feet - Al Hudson & The Partners
44:3344:35PhysicalAndrew brings sexy back
44:3544:36SongHappy Birthday to Chris
44:3745:04DiscussionFootball Picks
44:40--Discussion^ Jaguars vs Browns - Prediction: Jaguars by 15--
44:43--Discussion^ Bucs vs Dolphins - Prediction: Bucs by 7--
44:45--Discussion^ Ravens vs Packers - Prediction: Ravens by 3 - Result: Ravens by 23--
44:47--Discussion^ Lions vs. Bears - Prediction: Bears by 6 - Result: Lions by 3--
44:50--Discussion^ Rams vs. Vikings - Prediction: Rams by 5 - Result: Vikings by 17--
44:52--Discussion^ Cardinals vs. Texans -- Prediction: Cardinals by 20 - Result: Texans by 10--
44:53--Discussion^ Chiefs vs. Giants -- Prediction: Giants by 5 - Result: Giants by 3--
44:53--Discussion^ Potomac River Basin Indigenous Persons vs. Saints - Prediction: Saints by 9 - Result: Other one by 3--
44:54--Discussion^ Bills v. Chargers - Prediction: Bills by 6 - Result: Chargers by 30!--
44:55--Discussion^ Bengals vs. Broncos - Prediction: Broncos by 14 - Result: Bengals by 3--
44:58--Discussion^ Patriots vs. Raiders - Prediction: tie game - Result: Patriots by 25--
44:59--Discussion^ Eagles vs. Cowboys - Prediction: Eagles by 2 - Result: Eagles by 28--
45:00--Discussion^ Falcons vs. Seahawks - Prediction: Seahawks by 8--
45:02--Discussion^ Most points: Patriots Least Points: Browns--
45:0445:07PlugFamily Party Pack donation drive, silent auction Nathan (No Name Entered)--
45:0745:07MeltdownCam breaks
45:0845:10PhysicalCam recreates this gif
45:1045:11RDPRDP: Cheesecake - Louis Armstrong
45:12--Enter/ExitExit Ben--
45:1345:15GameJames tries to beat his Bop-it high score - Ben distracts at 62[✓]
45:14--Enter/ExitExit Mia--
45:1545:15PrankFugi confiscates the Bop-it--
45:1545:16PlugFamily Party Pack donation drive--
45:16--Enter/ExitEnter and exit Kelly as a red panda--
45:18--TechnicalChallenges backend is broken, fixed by clearing the challenges--
45:1845:19PrankFugi is a complaining twitch user (facepalms)--
45:1945:24DiscussionD&D discussion
45:2145:21ShoutoutShoutout to Charles and Clint
45:2445:25Discussion"Build a thing" is scheduled. James doesn't seem to know what it is.--
45:2545:27PhysicalSerge challenges James to a duel because he keeps volunteering Serge to dance at milestones
45:31--TechnicalDrawing a winner now triggers a chicken song--
45:3145:39PhysicalBuilding a pillow fort (pillow tomb?)
45:3645:39Physical^ The (gentle) seige of Fort AndrewInclude in above--
45:3745:37SongCan We Fix It - Bob The Builder
45:4145:42RDPRDP: Fascination - Alphabeat
45:4245:44DiscussionThe beverages available at the moonbase--
45:4445:49DiscussionThings left on the room's "Desert Bucket list"
45:4445:45RDPRDP: I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor
45:4945:56PlugThings that can be bought on the store and the t-shirt--
45:5745:57DiscussionRoll call--
45:5745:59DiscussionHave a heated debate about whether the Virtualboy or Jaguar is the better console, ASMR-style
45:5946:01Video/ImageToddler James and the room sing Skinamarinky Dinky Dink
46:02--Enter/ExitEnter Paul--
46:0346:03DiscussionDonation history not showing up? Make sure your paypal email is in your donor account--
46:0446:05DiscussionHas Fugi beaten James' high score on the bop it (no)--
46:0646:08DiscussionHow do you make Kumbutcha--
46:07--PlugMatcha Man--
46:0946:15SkitAndrew swears fealty to Dawnguard
46:11--DiscussionHow long will posters be for sale? Until Monday--
46:1646:19PlugUpcoming giveaway and guest--
46:1946:21DiscussionCelebrate world toilet day
46:2146:25DiscussionPaul's beard care
46:2646:28DiscussionFamily Feud strategies
46:2847:40Drive/Giveaway$11.22 for an Uncut sheet of a Preconstructed Commander deck Mirror MasteryKueller--
46:3446:35RDPRDP: Flying (Poorly) in the sky - Derekotsu [CoRDPi]
46:3546:36RDPRDP: Barbra Streisand - Duck Sauce
46:3747:14GameGameshow #2 Desert Bus Feud - Team Timberlake vs Team DawnguardNoy2222
46:39--Game^ Name something you'd eat with chopsticks (Top answer: Sushi)Timberlake Steal--
46:46--Game^ Name something young children compain about (Top answer: Bedtime/Naptime)Timberlake Win--
46:50--Game^ Name something you'd clip (Top answer: A Twitch stream)Timberlake Win--
46:55--Game^ What is the capital of Austrailia (Top answer: Canberra)Timberlake Win--
47:00--Milestone^ Passed Desert Buck shift total--
47:02--Plug^ Uncut sheet of a Preconstructed Commander deck Mirror Mastery donation drive--
47:0447:14Game^ Fast money--
47:0547:06RDPRDP: I really like you - Carly Rae Jeppson
47:14--PlugUpcoming events and call-ins--
47:16--Enter/ExitSerge "sneaks" out--
47:1747:19DiscussionPossible challenges--
47:1947:20TechnicalMirroring the room
47:1947:20DiscussionJames explains why he likes Yuri on Ice so much
47:1947:20RDPRDP: Pump up the Jam - Technotronic
47:21--MeltdownChat asking "Is Death Grips an anime?" breaks Andrew a little--
47:22--PlugUncut sheet of a Preconstructed Commander deck Mirror Mastery donation drive--
47:2247:28GameMad Libs: Vacation
47:28--PlugDonation drive and silent auctions--
47:3147:32PhysicalTongue-twisters: Irish wristwatch, toy boat--
47:33--OtherJames dares the chat to donate $38--
47:3447:34OtherDeny this challenge
47:3447:35RDPRDP: It's Not Unusual - Tom Jones
47:3547:36RDPRDP: Belleville Rendez-vous - Les Triplettes de Belleville
47:34--Milestone$25,000 shift total!!--
47:3847:38OtherAccept this challenge!
47:3847:38OtherDo not complete this challenge!--
47:3847:40DiscussionAndrew discusses photographers who he admires
47:4247:58ReadingAndrew recites a short poem about youNo Donor Account
47:43--Enter/ExitExit Andre--
47:4447:45DiscussionRisk Legacy and a challenge to open the DO NOT OPEN envelope--
47:4547:46DiscussionBučan Bučan -
47:4847:50DiscussionMake an acrostic poem using the letters D.E.S.E.R.T B.U.S. (Dinosaurs Erratic See Edible Rutabegas Tomorrow Blindfolded Uniform Seriously)
47:51--Milestone$27,000 shift total--
47:5147:51RDPRDP: I Got You (I Feel Good) - James Brown
47:5247:53DiscussionIf you were transformed into an animal, what would it be?
47:54--OtherAshton: code a DB site that allows you to submit challenges on the same page as the stream--
47:54--Enter/ExitSerge's friends: Noell and Twig--
47:4647:57DiscussionAndrew gives a speech to close off his first driving shift
47:5847:58ReadingAndrew recites a haiku: "No Donor Account, Our most generous donor, No Donor Account"Include below--
47:5848:01DanceTik Tok - Ke$ha