DesertBus 11 - Advanced VST Spreadsheet

DesertBus 11 - Day 1

Start TimeEnd TimeEvent TypeDescriptionSubmitter /
Auction Winner
Media Link
00:00TechnicalStream turns on for the first time, Ian test pattern--
00:07TechnicalStream live--
00:0700:09Video/ImageCountdown To Launch intro video[✓]
00:09TechnicalLive in the room--
00:0900:11Behind the ScenesGraham explains the new console - the JVC X'EYE (and The Device is "hecking it up") [✓]
00:1100:13DiscussionGraham explains what Desert Bus is
00:1300:14DiscussionAt what Desert Bus did James to the 24 hour shift challenge?--
00:1400:15DiscussionWhat will the driver be named this year? (Bill, per chat)--
00:15MilestoneThe game finally (truly) begins--
00:1500:17DiscussionJames explains how to donate
00:17Game EventBus stop! - Graham--
00:1700:23PlugJames talks about the new merch in the store, pins, poster, etc. Meanwhile, Graham sets them live.
00:2300:25DiscussionJames explains the Moonbase/Desert Bus space layout--
00:2500:28DiscussionJames explains the plan for prizes this year - there are fewer, but they're just as good
00:2800:29PlugGraham talks about his shift prizes (SDCC2017 exclusive MTG lot and ability to release Desert Bus VR)--
00:30PrankGraham did the wrong thing. Ashley panics.--
00:3100:33Behind the ScenesShowing off the cameras...except the bone zone, which is broken
00:3300:34DiscussionHow to submit Challenges
00:34PrankJames has to talk through a stepladder. Dammit Johnny!--
00:3400:38PlugOverwatch Comicon bag, signed by voice actors--
00:3401:33Drive/Giveaway$5.76 drive for the Overwatch Comicon bag, signed by five Overwatch voice actorsbigwalkingcarpet--
00:3700:37DiscussionThe BONE ZONE--
00:3700:40DiscussionTotals, and how fast can we get the First DesertBuck--
00:4000:42DiscussionThe Challenge System on the website.--
00:4200:43PhysicalThe room salutes the children, completes their first challenge--
00:4400:47Video/ImageIan explains the addition of wireless technology to the RDP button aka Button Mk V (In a Jobsian Way) [✓]
00:4700:49DiscussionAndrew and Ian discuss the RDP button and playlist--
00:4900:49TechnicalThe new button is not perfect system--
00:4900:50RDPRDP: Scatman - Scatman John
00:4900:50TechnicalAndrew didn't think Scatman was still on the RDP list (it is), worries it might be hooked up to the wrong playlist--
00:5200:54DiscussionGraham explains the VST--
00:5400:55DiscussionWhy Tally and Jer are not here (Babbeh) --
00:5500:56DiscussionWhy Graham is doing the first shift--
00:5600:58SkitGraham leaves and re-enters as Finn Bálor from WWE in a totally impromtu, completely unplanned, skit[✓]
00:5801:00PhysicalGraham removes leg gaffer tape - the back was so much worse--
00:5901:01PlugOverwatch bag donation drive--
01:0101:02DiscussionJames licking everything made everyone sick last year
01:02Enter/ExitBengineering is leaving for the day--
01:0301:03PrankGraham admits his entrance was planned--
01:0401:05DiscussionWhat's going to happen during Kate's Shift, things coming up in the run--
01:0501:06PlugCrusaders of the Lost Idols DLC--
01:0601:06TechnicalThe stream can be heard on the stream--
01:0701:10StoryShopping for Graham's outfit
01:1001:10TechnicalJames cannot find the spike tape, Alex investigates.--
01:1101:13DiscussionWhat is Emily knitting? (Wonder Woman Logo Wrap)
01:1301:18SkitGraham has to truly no-scope a random WWE entrance (Failed: Lana, Velveteen Dream; Success: Sasha Banks)
01:1801:23PhysicalLeelee and Graham drive for 5 minutes in the Right Side--
01:1901:23DrawingDraw a bus while your eyes are closed
01:2401:26DiscussionRundown of the shifts and banners
01:2601:28PlugSDCC Bag Plugged again--
01:28TechnicalDesert Bus was not being hosted on LRR, now it is--
01:2901:33SkitCrew tells stories, true or otherwise, about items on the shelves
01:30Game EventBus stop! - Graham--
01:33TechnicalDrawing a winner didn't work. Fugi presumerably to blame.--
01:3401:34RDPRDP: Telephone - Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce
01:3401:35DiscussionFog machine discussion--
01:3601:40PlugSilent auctions: Tiny Temporal Traveler, Fire Keeper Visor, Speak Friend and Enter--
01:39TechnicalMade the front page of twitch--
01:3901:41SkitBeej in 3 words
01:4201:42PhysicalEveryone on the couches, change places--
01:44PlugGraham teases live Qwerpline on Wednesday--
01:4401:45DiscussionGraham having the first shift--
01:4601:47DiscussionAlex and company discuss the dankness of Magic Cards, and the concept of dankness in general
01:4701:49DiscussionDescribe your Desert Bus experience without using verbs
01:4901:49PhysicalEverybody hugs again.--
01:5001:51TechnicalAsking Engineering if mobile camera is working--
01:5201:54PhysicalChain of high-fives from the room to engineering (terrible framerate)
01:5301:53TechnicalMobile cam is very choppy, framerate am 1--
01:5501:59QuizReal or fake highlight titles, created by a Markov chain
01:5902:00PhysicalChain of high-fives from the room to engineering, mark 2
02:0002:00SongGraham tries to sing Gilligan's Island to the tune of Somebody That I Used to Know--
02:0002:00Shift ChangeAlpha Flight enters with traditional dancing and "music"[✓]
02:0102:02DiscussionWhy Alex is now on Alpha Flight--
02:0202:02Enter/ExitAndrew introduces Kolin, The New Assistant Photographer--
02:0302:03DiscussionKathleen explains why they were late for the shift change. No running in the Moonbase!--
02:0302:06DiscussionKathleen introduces Quizzy The Quiz Clock and discusses Daily Quizzes[✓]
02:0602:07SkitGraham gets spooked by Quizzy
02:0802:09DiscussionWhy Graham won't be watching the WWE pay-per view this weekend--
02:0902:16GameA game of telephone to Engineering
02:1102:11GameJordan, Andrew and Alex play Slapbox to stall for time--
02:1602:18DiscussionAlex ranks how cinnamon roll the androids in Nier: Automata are
02:17Enter/ExitEnter Kim--
02:1902:21DanceKathleen subjects Alex to the first Caramelldansen of DB2017
02:2202:22DiscussionKate talks about CAH--
02:2302:24RDPRDP: Run Away - Sunstroke Project & Olia Tira (Epic Sax Guy song)
02:2502:27Behind the ScenesGraham talks about and Johnny shows the many screens, cameras and lights in the room--
02:2802:31DiscussionWho is best "Yuri on Ice" boy and why?
02:3102:32DiscussionName a Rowlet (Pokemon)--
02:3202:33DiscussionDiscussing Penelope's Owl Family
02:3303:33Drive/Giveaway$5.99 drive for a set of knitted Desert Bus coastersDastar0512--
02:3702:38PhysicalAlex sits on the couch like he is riding a sparrow in Destiny--
02:3802:39PrankJordan is now Jerge to mirror Serge--
02:3902:41DiscussionWould you rather: Kathleen has to break Graham's collarbone every year or every song sounds like Alice in Chains
02:4102:51GameGraham demands bowling - Andrew vs Matt
02:4402:45Enter/ExitEnter Carrie from Extra Credits--
02:5202:53DiscussionBowling, equipment, and Alex blinds himself by looking behind the sofa--
02:5402:55RDPRDP: Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) - C+C Music Factory ft. Freedom Williams
02:5502:56RDPRDP: Do the Mario - Lou Albano
02:5602:57DiscussionThe room expains The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!
02:5702:58DiscussionWhere did Kathleen get her dress--
02:5802:58SkitKathleen tells Graham it's all going to be OK
02:5802:59DiscussionMagnum Rewatch--
02:5903:01PlugKnitted DB Coasters, and Kathleen urges folks to Bid Responsibly--
03:0103:02DiscussionUpdate on the DBfH Documentary
03:0303:19DiscussionGraham opines on Survivor Series and makes predictions, plus other wrestling talk
03:04Game Event^ Bus stop! - Graham--
03:10Enter/Exit^ Enter Kate Stark--
03:1603:19Story^ Graham tells a story about The Miz and the WWE Locker Room--
03:2003:23DiscussionSerge explains (from memory) the impact Magic the Gathering card 'Rules Lawyer' from Unstable
03:2303:29PhysicalGraham leaves the room for biological reasons, Jeej drives--
03:2303:33DiscussionMatt and Serge discuss superhero movies
03:2703:27Physical^ Everyone dabs without Graham knowing; Graham saw from engineering!--
03:3403:54QuizKathleen's Trivia ChallengeBlue Team
03:37Quiz^ Who starred in Fast & Furious movies, and died in a car crash? Paul WalkerBoth Teams--
03:38Quiz^ Which book is a classic of Japanese literature, called "The world's first novel"? Tale of GenjiNeither Team--
03:40Quiz^ Which month is a "Taurus" born in? April to MayBoth Teams--
03:40Quiz^ What country brought us the word Hygge, meaning a cozy and convivial atmosphere? DenmarkNeither Team--
03:41Quiz^ What is the world's most religious country? IndonesiaBoth Teams--
03:42Quiz^ What US state is known as "The Grand Canyon State"? ArizonaBlue Team--
03:44DiscussionKathleen explains how to settle intra-team trivia disputes--
03:40PosterPoster Update v2:
03:45Quiz^ What Jewish holiday would you hear the Shofar? Yom Kippor and Rosh HashanahBoth Teams--
03:46Quiz^ How many children did Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have? 6Neither Team--
03:49Quiz^ What is the Sanrio cartoon frog's name? KeroppiBoth Teams--
03:50Quiz^ What is the "devil's interval" better know as? Tritone (Team Blue gets a point for "Diminished Fifth")Blue Team--
03:54Quiz^ Blue Team wins "Kathleen's Top Five list of Yuri!!! on Ice fanfics"--
03:5403:56DiscussionWhat is "Yuri on Ice Fanfics"?--
03:5704:11AuctionSDCC MtG Exclusive Signed Lot - $4200sampy104--
04:0204:05DiscussionKathleen explains how to bid on auctions
04:12PressCHEK news crew visits--
04:1304:15PlugDesert Bus VR release date--
04:15Enter/ExitDammit Liz arrives--
04:1704:17RDPRDP: 99 Luftballoons - Nena
04:2004:22OtherRoom has to say/do nice things about other people in room--
04:22Enter/ExitPaul says good bye for the day--
04:22DiscussionThe temperature of the Moonbase is briefly discussed--
04:23DiscussionGraham discribes MtG card 'Really Epic Punch' from Unstable--
04:2404:27TechnicalSetting up for James to play Desert Bus VR--
04:2704:39GameJames plays Desert Bus VR[✓]
04:32Milestone^ James crashes in Desert Bus VR--
04:3404:34Prank^ Scaring James with Quizzy the Talking Clock--
04:3504:35ShoutoutKathleen gives Child's Play at PAX Unplugged a shoutout who are streaming DB--
04:3604:37Game^ Someone else online is playing Desert Bus VR?! Gearbox?--
04:3905:06GameMatt plays Desert Bus VR--
04:4205:13GuestRandy Pitchford from Gearbox calls in to talk about Desert Bus VR, with Penn on an iPad[✓]
04:4404:46Technical^ Penn can't hear the questions but he's going to answer them anyway--
04:4804:48Shoutout^ Dinosaur who helped code and modelling and stuff--
04:5706:07Drive/Giveaway$6.90 drive for the Gearbox DB VR launch dateDoctorBobtastic--
05:01MilestoneOne Desert Buck (thanks to a $18911 drop from Fangamer)--
05:0605:21GameLeelee plays Desert Bus VR--
05:09PrankRandy asks if he can swear by swearing--
05:1105:13TechnicalStream goes down & then comes back (possible twitch derp)--
05:1305:13DiscussionCall within a call--
05:1305:14SkitAndrew tells Graham "You do you"--
05:1405:15DiscussionFilling Kathleen in on the Fangamer drop and giveaway--
05:16Game EventBug splat! by Kathleen (subbing in for Graham)--
05:17Enter/ExitEnter Ian--
05:1705:22PhysicalAlex dabs for 5 minutes--
05:1705:19SkitEveryone in the back talks to the VR driver Leelee
05:19TechnicalThe overlay goes down and buscam goes away--
05:1905:21DiscussionMeme music genres--
05:2105:22DiscussionWho's your favourite wrestler, and recommend a genre of music--
05:22Enter/ExitDix and Lindsay arrive--
05:2205:27GameIan plays Desert Bus VR--
05:22TechnicalThe overlay reappears--
05:2505:26RDPRDP: Get This Party Started - P!nk
05:2705:27PhysicalGraham nearly dies to soda--
05:2705:28PlugExplaining the "Decide when to release Desert Bus VR & more" giveaway--
05:29Game EventBus stop! - Graham--
05:3105:34PlugUnstable Spoiler Card get! Entirely Normal Armchair
05:2505:35PhysicalLeelee mimicked Kathleen for 10 minutes without her (or anyone else!) noticing
05:3505:42M-M-Multi Challenge!5 challenges in less than 5 minutes[✓]
05:4005:40Discussion^ Serge describes a method of brewing coffee--
05:4105:42Physical^ Lindsay demonstrates "The Lean"--
05:4105:41Skit^ Graham performs Dave's Desert Spokesman--
05:4105:41Skit^ Everyone on the couch provides a "House" style diagnosis of Serge's Leg[✓]--
05:4005:42Physical^ Liz and Ian have a dab-off: Liz wins!--
05:4205:44DiscussionPeople ask Serge coffee questions
05:4405:46DiscussionPlanning a Coffee-tasting challenge and chance for redemption for Serge--
05:4705:48PlugReminder of Desert Bus VR release date giveaway--
05:4805:57SkitThe room has to go 5 minutes without saying "Desert Bus"
05:4905:51Skit^ Describing Desert Bus without actually saying "Desert Bus"--
05:5305:54RDPRDP: U Can't Touch This - MC Hammer
05:5405:57DiscussionThe room tells their favorite simple jokes--
05:5805:59DiscussionEnter Max, as a new role: the "Stage Friend"--
06:0106:03PlugSilent Auctions: Tiny Temporal Traveler, Fire Keeper Visor, Speak Friend and Enter--
06:0306:59Drive/Giveaway$5.24 drive for Two dozen custom cookies from Rockie Mountain CookiesOdysseyOfOddDucks--
06:0806:08RDPRDP: Your Makeup is Terrible - Alaska Thunderhead
06:1006:10OtherGraham asks Matt how pronounce foreign candy name--
06:1006:11SkitAlex and Kathleen do... something
06:1106:18DiscussionGraham gives some Fatherly Advice to a soon-to-be Father
06:1806:19FoodJames delivers ice cream, to everyone's surprise and delight (it's for hitting $10k before the run)[✓]
06:1906:25GuestAdrian from Fernwood Coffee, rescuer of DB coffee--
06:1906:23TechnicalThe stream goes offline, chat picnics as always--
06:2306:23TechnicalStream returns, no sound though--
06:24Enter/ExitExit James, he didn't even get to eat icream--
06:2606:37FoodSerge taste tests multiple coffees and (almost) one tea
06:2706:28PhysicalLiz and Alex equip everyone with silly hats--
06:3406:34PhysicalLet's rotate the hats!--
06:3706:38PlugCustom cookie donation drive--
06:38PhotosKolin announces Photo Drop! --
06:3806:39RDPRDP: Internet Killed the Video Star - The Limousines
06:3906:41DiscussionThe Homeopathic Monty--
06:4106:59ReadingGraham reads Robo-Rosewater MtG Cards as Dave's Spokesman
06:52Game EventGraham gets his 5th Bus Stop!--
06:56Enter/ExitSerge departs--
07:0108:02Drive/Giveaway$12.17 drive for the Kingdom Death Monster 1.5 Board/Miniatures GameZozh--
07:0607:08PhysicalGroup Handshake--
07:0707:08RDPRDP: Don't Stop Me Now - Queen
07:0807:09DiscussionExplaining DBfH for raiders from FerociouslySteph--
07:10Milestone$50,000 Achieved--
07:1107:12DiscussionWhere are viewers from? (Chat floods, of course)--
07:1307:13PlugKDM Giveaway for Raiders --
07:1407:20SkitMatt interviews Skeletor for a job and hires him[✓]
07:2307:24PlugPlugging fangamer DB2017 t-shirt--
07:2407:25DiscussionHow to submit Challenges --
07:26Enter/ExitEnter Jeej--
07:2707:27RDPRDP: Hey Mama! - EXO-CBX
07:3107:31PlugPlugging KDM giveaway--
07:3107:33PlugSilent Auctions: Tiny Temporal Traveler, Fire Keeper Visor, Speak Friend and Enter--
07:3307:34DiscussionWhat is the Dark Souls of dinner
07:3407:36OtherJames Challenges the Chat to beat his DB10 Shift 1 Total--
07:3607:36SkitSlow Clap--
07:3707:39SkitIan gives his best Beej Impression, which leads to a "Noises Beej Makes" discussion
07:3907:41SkitWhy is X the Dark Souls of Y
07:4207:47PhysicalGraham fidget spins for 5 minutes--
07:4307:46PhysicalAlex plays patty cake with Ian while explaining Dark Souls to him
07:4607:47PhysicalKathleen wears a cowboy hat to go with her poncho, looks dapper as bus--
07:4607:50DiscussionLeeLee explains why she is the Best Dan, and Carrie should change her name to Dan, then everyone is Dan
07:5007:50RDPRDP: Mr. Taxi - Girls' Generation
07:5107:53PlugKDM giveaway, silent auctions--
07:5307:53PhysicalKathleen is extremely stylish--
07:5307:54ReadingGift message that should've come with Bob Ross board game--
07:5408:00PhysicalHow many pushups can Dix and Matt do in two minutes? Dix: 56, Matt: 30
08:0108:02RDPRDP: You Are a Pirate - Lazytown
08:0308:06DiscussionIan gets Favorite Bands to help with his challenge--
07:57OtherAlex fidgets with tape measure --
08:0608:07DiscussionIan gives everyone in the room a Stand--
08:07Enter/ExitAndrew leaves without things on fire--
08:0808:09Shift ChangeNight Watch begins! Music but no overlay antics
08:1108:12DiscussionWhy is it DB2017 not DB11--
08:1308:13DrawingAlex reveals an important message: Butts--
08:1408:18PhysicalMoar Pushups! Everyone but Dix and Matt (aka Ian and Alex, then Carrie) for a total of 35
08:1808:19Game EventGraham gets the first Point! The room is astounded by the music that plays when this happens.--
08:19Enter/ExitKathleen leaves to go be Mom --
08:2008:22The DeviceAutopilot engaged, so Graham can do pushups--
08:2008:21PhysicalGraham does Pushups (7 in total)
08:2208:23The DeviceCruise Control, but not actually (so he almost crashes)--
08:2208:26PlugSilent Auctions: Classic D&D Monsters, Heere be Dragone--
08:24OtherGraham RELEASEs--
08:2608:28PlugGraham mentions the upcoming Desert Bus VR Art Challenge on Sunday--
08:2808:35DiscussionEveryone in the room gives their "most amazing" fact
08:3608:37DiscussionMaggot cheese and the ensuing nope--
08:3708:41DiscussionWhat is your favorite snack?
08:4208:45DiscussionWho in the room has eaten bugs? And what other weird things have you eaten--
08:4308:43DiscussionAdditional details in Desert Bus due to the JVC X'Eye--
08:3608:52DiscussionFood Talk--
08:49DiscussionRapidfire favorites, which immediately devolves into--
08:4808:50StoryFugi's Lobster Bis-kay
08:5008:52StoryNo one can pronounce fancy food
08:5210:11Drive/Giveaway$7.29 drive for the Gearbox box (AKA "The Gear Box")Kramburger--
08:5509:05DiscussionIncorrect pronounciations and funny place names
09:0509:07SkitUltimate Warrior Wrestlemania speech as Dave's Spokesman
09:0709:10SongGraham sings A Night On Dildo by Arrogant Worms
09:12OtherKate challenges chat to get to $69,000. Nice.--
09:1209:13Plug"Gear Box"--
09:13Enter/ExitIan gets "well, actually"ed, throws his hat, and gets into the sea--
09:15Enter/ExitIan finally comes back from the sea, is moist and salty--
09:1709:17RDPRDP: Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) - Silentó
09:1809:25DiscussionGirls Generation Bunch, J-pop and K-pop talk
09:2209:22Video/ImageGirls Generation / AKB48--
09:2609:46ReadingMTG cards - layered google translate edition @RosewattaStone[✓]
09:2609:28StoryGraham knew someone in grade 9 with the nickname "Lungs"--
09:33Game EventBus stop! - Graham--
09:37MeltdownGraham "loses his house" and most of his sanity--
09:42MeltdownRock Music--
09:44MeltdownHere's a Lousy Goose--
09:44Enter/ExitBen enters to some sort of Magic cards--
09:4709:48PlugGearbox box of gear donation drive--
09:5010:00ReadingMore google translated MTG cards
09:53MeltdownGraham and Alex, the kids--
09:55MeltdownCoast Guard Souvenirs--
09:58MeltdownWhat Fargo--
10:00MeltdownIt's time to stop it--
10:00Enter/ExitBen leaves to do engineering--
10:0210:07DiscussionDear Dr's (chat asks the doctors in the room questions)
10:07Enter/ExitIan exits to prepare for his driving shift--
10:0810:08RDPRDP: Mo Money Mo Problems - The Notorious B.I.G. ft. Puff Daddy and MaceInclude in Below--
10:0810:08RDPRDP: Steven Universe Theme Song (Year 2) - Rebecca SugarInclude in Below--
10:0810:09RDPRDP: Find You - Zedd ft. Matthew Koma & Miriam BryantUpload this one!
10:0910:11Plug"The Gear Box" giveaway draw with Graham's new Prize Song.
10:12Enter/ExitAlex goes home--
10:1310:16DiscussionUSA state Mottos--
10:1610:23SkitGraham is Krog for 5 minutes
10:18Skit^ Krog's opinion on housing affordability--
10:18Skit^ Krog's opinion on dwindling resources--
10:19Skit^ Krog's thoughts on video/display--
10:20Skit^ Krog's thoughts on rocks, then rock music--
10:20Skit^ Krog prefers Fu Fighters--
10:21Skit^ Krog's finishing move is "Perfect system"--
10:22Skit^ Krog fine with overhead lights, underhead lights not so much--
10:22Skit^ Krog think Agriculture not so special--
10:2311:33Drive/Giveaway$8.24 drive for Magic the Gathering Iconic Masters and Ixalan lotCaptain Handsome--
10:2910:35StoryMatt's Disney adventure
10:32Milestone$69,096. Nice.--
10:34Enter/ExitEmily leaves for the night--
10:36PhotosPhoto dump #2 from Kolin!--
10:3610:37RDPRDP: Love - Psy ft. Taeyang
10:37MilestoneWe've surpassed DB2's total!--
10:3810:38RDPRDP: Groove is in the Heart - Deee-Lite
10:4010:41TechnicalOdd sound coming through the speakers from engineering, it's a mic issue--
10:4210:44PlugSilent Auctions--
10:4410:44TechnicalGraham explains why playing Desert Bus is so boring--
10:4610:47ShoutoutGraham describes coming up with Magic Card or Metal Band guessing game--
10:4710:55GameRoom plays "Magic card or metal band?"
10:46PosterPoster update v3
10:5510:57DanceThrough the Fire and the Flames - Dragonforce
10:5811:01DiscussionThe room does a compliment roast. Ben adds special "punctuation"
11:0311:08DanceDancing to K-pop, song is TT by TWICE[✓]
11:0811:10DiscussionTWICE song discussion, and how K-pop became a thing for DesertBus--
11:1011:13PhotosMatt as Hawkeye during his Disney run
11:1311:15DiscussionDiscussion of physical challenge races--
11:1511:18PlugGraham plugs the Ixalan and Iconic Masters drive, pinny arcade pin, poster, fangamer shirt--
11:1811:21DiscussionTalking about previous DB fangamer shirts--
11:21Enter/ExitEnter Erika; a site volunteer--
11:23Enter/ExitAsh arrives, in the Best Sweatshirt Ever--
11:2311:29DiscussionGraham talks about Rainbow War and Expo '86
11:2511:27Video/ImageRainbow War trailer--
11:2911:29PlugMtG Iconic Masters and Ixalan lot--
11:3011:32DiscussionFurther Rainbow War talk--
11:3211:32DiscussionHow to get into wrestling--
11:3511:35RDPRDP: Vogue - Madonna
11:3711:39DiscussionDBZ AMV lost footage and Matt's dreams are crushed--
11:3911:50DiscussionRoom talk about various Star Trek series
11:47Game EventThe First Dusk--
11:5011:55Video/ImageDragonball Z AMV with Vogue - Madonna[✓]
11:5511:58DiscussionMore Sci Fi shows are discussed. Also fonts.
11:5811:59DiscussionThe Kuleshov Effect--
12:0012:04Driver Shift ChangeGraham's shift ends, Ian's shift begins to Lounge Singer All Star
12:0612:08DiscussionIan weighs in on Star Trek Discovery and The Orville--
12:0813:23Drive/Giveaway$5.20 drive for d20 Dice Boxduaiwe--
12:1312:15DiscussionIan gets caught up on what he missed--
12:1612:17DiscussionRoom introductions--
12:1812:21PhysicalIan drives blind for 2 minutes (with some help from the room), set to O Fortuna by Carl Orff
12:20TechnicalOverlay fire graphics--
12:2212:25PlugSilent Auctions: D&D Monsters, Heere Be Dragone--
12:2412:25RDPRDP: Superman - Goldfinger
12:2512:26StoryLindsay's friend group had a Ska band in high school--
12:2812:32SkitThe couch "explains" different types of wrestling matches, while knowing nothing about wrestling.
12:33Plug$5.20 drive for d20 Dice Box--
12:3412:38DiscussionIan is very extremely excited about Mazinger Infinite + Godzilla talk--
12:3912:42SongIan sings the Mazinger Z themeSektor88
12:4212:43DiscussionDix's Driving Style is discussed--
12:43PhysicalRock Paper Scissors Tournament is discussed and Matt sets up a bracket--
12:4412:46DiscussionJulie discusses her science
12:4612:51PhysicalRock Paper Scissors Tournament, but Epic, Lindsay reigns supreme!
12:5212:52DiscussionIan explains the reason for the new tech with the Genesis setup: Nighttime Busstop capabilities--
12:5212:59DiscussionPeople in the room name their Patronus's. Patronen, Patroni? --
12:5512:57DiscussionGraham attempts to dash Ian's dream of nighttime busstop
13:0113:02Discussionv Ben attempts to google a potoo, fails--
13:0113:12DiscussionDiscussion of odd animals
13:03Video/Image^ The Potoo--
13:05Video/Image^ Pallas Cats--
13:06Video/Image^ Fun facts about the the Kakapo (basis of the Party Parrot)--
13:08Plug^ Giveaway for the d20 dice box--
13:0913:12Discussion^ Facts of the Mola Mola and more animals--
13:1313:14DiscussionGraham discusses his Twitter Avatar--
13:1513:22PhysicalStaring Contests
13:19Game EventBug Splat - by Ian--
13:2013:21Video/ImageNightmare staring contest--
13:2113:21SkitDoes Ian know the Muffin Man?--
13:2313:24PlugDicebox Giveaway and draw--
13:2513:26GameFidget Spinner Showdown - Fugi wins
13:2713:28SkitIan gives a Tourism Promo for Dildo II
13:2913:30RDPRDP: Roar - Katy Perry
13:3113:32SongAll you need is Beej & NBC logo change
13:3213:32RDPRDP: Shake Your Rump to the Funk - The Bar Kays
13:3213:34Game EventFirst night-time bus stop EVER (with speech from Ian)
13:33Enter/ExitEnter Andy--
13:3313:35TechnicalNight-time bus stop crashes chat--
13:3713:37SkitGraham discusses the copilot computer's Slack crashing, ends up as Seinfeld impersonation
13:3813:43SkitAndy performs the St. Crispin's Day Speech from Henry V
13:4513:46RDPRDP: Raining Tacos - Parry Gripp and Boonebum
13:4513:45PhotosAndrew updates us about his first photodump of the run!--
13:4713:48ReadingGraham reads a markov chain generated Steve Austin wrestling promo
13:4913:52SkitIan pitches an anime series by combining two 90's series
13:5213:54ReadingGraham reads a Bee Keeping manual from Object Dreams
13:5514:00SkitActing out a Seinfeld script from Object Dreams
14:0014:03Shift ChangeZETA BEGINS
14:0014:01Enter/Exit^ Enter lots of folks for Zeta (Beej, Cam, Others)--
14:0014:02Physical^ Beej introduces Zeta--
14:0214:02Physical^ Graham injures Cam--
14:0214:03Physical^ Let's rotate the cushions! (With correct music this time)--
14:0414:06DiscussionIntroducing the room--
14:04Enter/ExitExit Matt and Leelee--
14:0714:12DiscussionTalking about Carrie's mother's text to her getting off the Clipper ferry (She has comments about Graham)
14:0814:12Discussion^ Talking about dance belts and the fact LRR doesn't have any of them--
14:1214:13StoryCarrie tells her mom's favorite joke
14:1314:14PhysicalGraham does a clean dab spin for GCU--
14:1414:15DiscussionTalking about dabbing and the punishments for it--
14:1614:16DanceBeej does the worm standing up--
14:1614:16PlugPlugging branded shirts worn by the room--
14:1715:05SkitLATE NIGHT DUB FIGHT. -- Blocked World-Wide by 4 Companies :-( -- Backup on Twitch
14:1814:24Skit^ Cats Don't Dance with Beej, Graham, and Ben (off camera)--
14:2514:34Skit^ Upstart Crow with Andy, Beej, Ocean, and Graham--
14:3514:39Skit^ Star Wars: Forces of Destiny with Beej, Ben (off camera), and Jeej--
14:40Enter/ExitAndrew exits until Alpha Flight--
14:40PhotosAndrew announces the third photo drop--
14:4014:41RDPRDP: ABC - Jackson 5
14:41Enter/ExitCarrie exits--
14:4214:47Skit^ Bahubali Part 1 The Beginning with Graham, Andy, and Rek--
14:4714:48Shame TicketGraham receives a ticket as his 'junk was too prominent'
14:48Enter/ExitJeej exits--
14:4814:53Skit^ Vision of Escaflone with Beej, Ben(off camera), and Rek--
14:5314:55Skit^ Ice cream clip with Graham and Beej--
14:5414:54Game EventNight Bus Stop - by Ian
14:5514:57Video/ImageReal Ice Cream video--
14:57Shame TicketBen issued a shame ticket for swearing too bussing much--
14:5815:05Skit^ Tokyo police PSA with everyone--
15:06Enter/ExitGraham goes to sleep--
15:0616:38Drive/Giveaway$10.88 drive for the Uncut commander sheet heavenly inferno.thenerdemporor--
15:1315:16DiscussionBeej's Zeta shift PSA
15:1615:18DiscussionCam explains why Zeta is the Dark Souls of Desert Bus shifts
15:1815:20DiscussionHighlander bit blast discussion--
15:2015:21DiscussionOcean Dreams is a predictive text not markov chain--
15:2115:23PhysicalSix people attempt to each dab in a different way.
15:2315:28StoryAndy tells a bed time story to Carter[✓]
15:2815:30PrankAndy figures out it's all an illusion, as everyone in the room has left (Device driving)
15:28TechnicalIan engages the Autopilot Cheat Code--
15:30CrashThe Device crashed the bus, Ian takes too long to return and Autopilot disengaged!--
15:3115:31RDPRDP: Yeah 3X - Chris Brown
15:3315:35Plugthe current donation drive--
15:33OtherNew driver: Hubris--
15:35Enter/ExitBeejima, accosting Ian--
15:3515:36DiscussionHow Ian would fight Majima at Desert Bus[✓]
15:35Game EventBus stop! - Ian--
15:3715:39DiscussionIan explains what just happened "The yakuza series"
15:3915:41PlugThe Current Silent Auctions--
15:4115:44DiscussionTalking about Musicals and Les Misérables--
15:4415:48SkitAn improvised Carl Sagan off
15:4915:52SongAndy performs "At least you're not dead" (An Andy Original)
15:5215:55ReadingCam reads Mass Effect 2 "This, recruits, is a 20-kilo ferrous slug..." because Dix went home
15:5515:58DiscussionCam explains the reading, Dan talks about the atomic rockets site, room discusses how to preserve your voice--
15:5815:59SongTheOceanWhoSubbed sings her Hello Song
15:5916:01DiscussionRemembering the rules--
16:0116:05DiscussionIan describes the differences between the Jacketed Lupins, compares them to Canadian historical figures--
16:0516:07PlugTalking about the new silent auctions--
16:0716:08PlugCurrent donation drive--
16:0816:09RDPRDP: Little Wrecking Ball - Isosine
16:0916:17SkitAndy does Arstotzka Border Guard
16:1816:23DiscussionThe room creates a new heritage minute, and explains what a heritage minute is
16:2116:25DiscussionThe room explains ownership of Tim Hortons, having gotten derailed... somewhere--
16:2516:26DiscussionThe CFL vs the NFL, derailment of a challenge--
16:2616:37DiscussionVictorians explain regions with relation to pop culture characters.
16:3416:35DiscussionCam explains the "-aboos": Teaboos, Ouiaboos...--
16:3816:39RDPRDP: Single Ladies (In Mayberry) - Party Ben
16:4016:49Game1 word story interview
16:48Game EventIan gains his fourth Bus Stop--
16:4916:59DiscussionCam analyzes Desert Bus a la Talking Simulator
16:5917:27DiscussionNon-Canadians explain the Canadian Provincial Flags
17:2917:37Drive/Giveaway$9.00 dirve for the D&D World LotChee32--
17:36CrashIan crashes on the right--
17:3817:38RDPRDP: Forgot about Dre - Dr. Dre
17:38OtherIt's me DIO, the bus driver--
17:3917:40SkitIan as Carl Sagen describes Jojo
17:4017:48PhysicalIan, Beej and Andre do Jojo standing
17:4817:50SongLindsay and Ian perform The Confrontation from Les Mis
17:5017:51DiscussionLickability of the die--
17:5217:58PhysicalNo one stands for 3 minutes - fails--
17:5417:55RDPRDP: Painkillr - Erika Jayne(sic)
17:5617:58PhysicalRestarts the no standing challenge--
17:57TechnicalChat has failed in the Moon base--
17:5817:58PrankAndy goes Claw on Ian
17:5818:00DiscussionTechnical discssuion surronding the failure of the wifi and the loss of chat--
18:0018:01PlugSilent Auctions--
18:0118:02PlugThe current Giveaway--
18:0218:07DiscussionWhen was the last time you were awake at 4am
18:05TechnicalChat returns--
18:0518:06RDPRDP: Lone Digger - Caravan Palace
18:0518:07Discussion^ Ian talks about 24 hours at lrrmons (included in 4am talk above)--
18:07Enter/ExitLindsey leaves, leaving just four in the room--
18:0718:08DiscussionAndy wants to play a game, then gets executed
18:0818:08Physical^ Andy gets the axe from Logan--
18:1018:10DiscussionMore of the West Country Doctor Who Crapshots?--
18:1018:12DiscussionRugby tournaments, and cricket exists. Football forever. Sports!--
18:1218:17PhysicalAndy plays with a bowler hat and a top hat
18:1718:19ReadingWest Country Doctor performs the Doctor Who Red Button speech
18:1918:20RDPRDP: Stay - Zedd Ft. Alessia Cara
18:2018:27DiscussionPredicting the rugby tournaments
18:2018:20OtherIt's 4:20--
18:20Discussion^ Italy v Argentina - Italy WinsArgentina--
18:20Discussion^ Georgia vs Wales - Wales winsWales--
18:20Discussion^ England vs Australia - Australia winsEngland--
18:20Discussion^ New Zealand v Scotland - New ZealandNew Zealand--
18:20Discussion^ Ireland vs Fiji - Fiji (cause they need it)Ireland--
18:20Discussion^ France vs South Africa - France (The jellyfish of rugby)South Africa--
18:2718:31PrankHide notes with compliments around the moon base for others to find
18:3118:34DiscussionSugestions on how to feel better with a sinus infection
18:3418:37DiscussionStaying up vs. Going to bed: Part I: Is caffeine a substitute for sleep?--
18:3618:38DiscussionBeej tells us about his job interview on Tuesday--
18:3918:40DiscussionDiscuss what Gundam is what Beer, and why
18:4118:47DiscussionStaying up vs. Going to bed: Part II: The Debate--
18:4718:59DiscussionGiving Beej "Best Worst Interview Tips" for his interview
18:5018:51PlugCurrent donation drive--
18:53Game EventBus Stop - Ian--
18:5919:02SkitBen responds to Weird Al's Canadian Idiot as a Canadian Official
19:0319:04RDPRDP: We Do (The Stonecutters' Song) - Alf Clausen & John Swartzwelder
19:0419:05DiscussionSimpsons songs--
19:0519:12PhysicalIan drives with the controller face-down--
19:0620:15Drive/Giveaway$10.30 drive for the MTG From the Vault Lotwondermoo--
19:1219:13DiscussionHigher resolution Desert Bus and did Ian turn off his mic--
19:1319:13PhysicalBen gets finger gunned
19:1419:15PhysicalCam and Ben share a scarf
19:1519:15Prank^ Ben confesses to Cam, making him super uncomfortable--
19:1519:16DiscussionEducating the room about New Zealand and its culture--
19:1719:25DiscussionEveryone describes their "Planesona" (MtG Planeswalker abilities and lore)--
19:2519:26DiscussionDiscussing the tiny ghost of Emily Carr--
19:2719:32StoryThe one where Andy nearly burns down a hotel - Don't drink to excess, it's not fun
19:3219:33ReadingCam reads "Good Bones" by Maggie Smith--
19:3419:38SkitCam does an Ad for Graphene
19:3819:39DiscussionBeej exposes the sausage--
19:3819:39PlugCurrent donation drive--
19:3919:42DiscussionMtG Cards Cam likes--
19:41Enter/ExitKelly enters--
19:4219:44DiscussionBeej explains MTG combat
19:4419:48SkitAndy and Ben are old style Carnival barkers
19:4819:49RDPRDP: Call Your Girlfriend - Robyn
19:4919:50DiscussionOn the duality of "Call your girlfriend" and "Dancing on your own"--
19:5019:52PhysicalBeej gives Ian a terrible back massage
19:5219:54DiscussionWhat can we serenade James with part 1--
19:5319:53OtherIntroducing the room--
19:5519:56DiscussionThe JVC X'EYE--
19:5620:01DiscussionSerenading James part 2--
19:5819:59PrankZeta shift singing the Dawnguard song before James gets in
19:59Enter/ExitEnter Paul, James and Serge--
20:00Shift ChangeDawnguard Begins!--
20:0120:01PlugCurrent donation drive--
20:0120:03DiscussionIan explains the current situation of the game--
20:0420:05DiscussionSleeping and sleep schedules, Paul had a DB dream--
20:0520:07SongJames sings the Dawnguard song all by himself
20:0720:15SkitIan is asked to explain Jojo's to someone's mom, Ben dressed as the mom
20:1520:18PlugUpcoming events for the shift--
20:17TechnicalChat is broken again--
20:1920:26DiscussionWhat happened last night?--
20:19Enter/ExitEnter Ashton--
20:15Enter/ExitExit Ashley--
20:2620:30DiscussionSports talk--
20:3120:31DiscussionTV news coverage of DB--
20:3220:34SongAndy sings a song about the weather in Tucson, Arizona
20:34Enter/ExitExit Andy--
20:3720:40GameRadio Silence is attempted and fails (they got 5 seconds)--
20:4120:42StoryWhy did LRR choose Desert Bus?
20:4320:49TechnicalBeej hacks the Raspberry Pi that displays chat to be wired in and not on the wifi
20:4420:45DiscussionCam and Dan discuss wolf behavioral science--
20:45Enter/ExitCam leaves--
20:49Enter/ExitExit Beej--
20:5120:51ReadingAshton reads a poem from Fugi
20:5320:53PrankShawn triggers a "Jojo TBC", but it fails (the overlay isn't hooked up to sepia-freeze anymore)--
20:5421:47Drive/Giveaway$6.80 drive for the Lego Desert BusNo Donor Account (b8...)--
20:5821:01PlugSilent Auctions--
21:0221:05DiscussionThe room honors the lost Canadian Rob and discusses depression
21:0521:05RDPRDP: Shut Up and Let Me Go - The Ting Tings
21:0621:07PlugCurrent donation drive--
21:0721:13PlugThings that can be bought on the store, plus T-Shirt--
21:1521:15Story"Release Deep Ian" part 1: What is "Deep Ian"--
21:1521:19DiscussionHow to become a level 1 magic judge, what does a judge do?
21:20Enter/ExitBen leaves--
21:2021:20RDPRDP: The Power - Snap!
21:21Game EventBus Stop - Ian--
21:2221:26DiscussionRoom chooses their favorite pizza toppings (without repeating toppings)
21:2621:26RDPRDP: Hung Up - Madonna
21:2621:26RDPRDP: Ballroom Blitz - Sweet (aborted due to long button press)aborted do not use--
21:2621:27RDPRDP: How You Love Me - 3Lau ft. Bright Lights
21:2721:28RDPRDP: Work From Home - Fifth Harmony ft. Ty Dolla $ign (Serge Crutch Solo)
21:2821:31SongThunderstruck - AC/DC in honor of Malcolm Young
21:3221:34PlugGiveaway and what's coming up later today--
21:3421:37DiscussionThe quiz last night, where is the grand canyon?--
21:3821:39PhysicalVacuum time (Music: Sabre Dance)
21:4021:41DiscussionJames beard award--
21:4221:46SongPaul sings Re: Your Brains acapella
21:4921:49DiscussionAshley tells people why they should have donor accounts--
21:5022:22QuizGameshow #1: Are You Smarter Than Chat?Noy2222 / It's a tie!
21:5221:56Quiz^ Which is not a record set by a Las Vegas Casino?Both wrong--
21:5722:00Quiz^ How long is a weekday 1 transfer 9:05 AM ride between Tucson, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada?Both wrong--
22:0022:03Quiz^ Which of these is a tourist attraction you can not find in Tucson?Both wrong--
22:0322:04Quiz^ How many pockets are on a standard American roulette wheel?Both correct--
22:0422:05Quiz^ Which of these movies was not set in Las Vegas ?Room is correct--
22:0522:07Quiz^ What is the IATA 3-Letter Code for Tucson International Airport?Room is correct--
22:0722:09Quiz^ What is the city nickname of Tucson, Arizona?Chat is correct--
22:0922:11Quiz^ Which of these can you not do in Las Vegas?Chat is correct--
22:1122:13Quiz^ According to the Tucson tourism board, how many tourists visited Tucson in 2015?Both correct--
22:1322:15Quiz^ How many slot machines and mobile gaming devices are in operation in Nevada as of June 2017?Both wrong--
22:1522:16Quiz^ Which of the following TV shows does not have a themed slot machine (yet)?Both correct--
22:1622:18Quiz^ Who or what is a Saguaro?Both correct--
22:1822:19Quiz^ Which of these sitcoms did not have an episode set in Las Vegas?Both wrong--
22:1922:20Quiz^ The Paris Las Vegas casino features a replica of the Eiffel tower at what scale?Both wrong--
22:2022:22Quiz^ Which is not a real museum in Las Vegas?Both wrong--
22:2423:33Drive/Giveaway$9.99 drive for the Attack on Titan Anthology hardcoverRockPusher--
22:2922:29RDPRDP: Dec 4th, Oh What a Night - DJ Topcat
22:31TechnicalThe device almost crashes the bus but Ian recovers!--
22:3322:33DiscussionHow Ian is feeling--
22:3322:34PlugPhil Plait call-in--
22:3422:35DiscussionDesert Bus vs Le Mans
22:3622:37PlugDonor accounts and donating--
22:39Game EventBug Splat--
22:4122:42PhysicalIan must guess who is in front of him by only feeling their hands
22:4322:46StoryHow Paul got the scar on his hand
22:4622:48PhysicalHuman fidget spinner
22:4822:52DiscussionAny other people with scars--
22:52Game EventBus stop! - Ian--
22:5222:53PlugAttack on Titan Anthology donation drive--
22:5322:59Reading@RosewattaStone magic cards
23:0023:07PhysicalIan drives in the middle of the road for a while--
23:01Enter/ExitAndre exits--
23:0223:04PlugAttack on Titan Anthology donation drive, Silent Auctions--
23:0623:11Behind the ScenesCamera Tour
23:1223:12PrankJames' sweatshirt is edited to properly describe him--
23:1323:15OtherJames translates fairytales to make it funny? (Doesn't actually happen)--
23:1623:17DiscussionThe story of Unicode--
23:1723:19PlugPhil Plait call-in, upcoming events of shifts--
23:1923:25ReadingGuessing badly translated fairytales
23:2523:27DiscussionWill Serge have to dance or not?--
23:2823:30PlugAttack on Titan Anthology donation drive--
23:3023:33ReadingMore badly translated fairytales
23:3323:34RDPRDP: Good Time - Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen
23:3423:35RDPRDP: Fabulous Secret Powers - Slackcircus Studios
23:3523:35RDPRDP: Waltz for the Moon - Nobuo Uematsu
23:3623:37RDPRDP: You Should Be Dancing - Bee Gees (Serge Crutch Solo)
23:3723:38DiscussionWhich languages were used for the fairytale translations--
23:3823:39PhysicalReenactment of how Serge was injured--
23:4023:53PhysicalRecreating old DBfH gifs
23:41Physical^ Chair spinning
23:43Physical^ Rolling Over
23:45Physical^ Epic Sax Gandalf
23:46Physical^ Serge strokes James with the Nintendo sign
23:48Physical^ Penelope Booping Ian
23:49Physical^ Paul running in a circle on the floor
23:50Physical^ Jumping off the couch
23:50Enter/ExitEnter Mia--
23:52Physical^ Ian and a skull
23:5323:54StoryMia explains seeing Dickbutt in Andrew's bedroom photobooth at Halloween--
23:54Enter/ExitEnter Harry the Creepydoll and Spoopifer--
23:5523:55DiscussionWhat's the best Gundam to start with? Gundam Origin says Ian
23:5723:57PlugPhil Plait call-in--
23:5923:59RDPRDP: Green Light - Lorde
23:59CrashIan crashes in the last minute of his shift!--